Colin Trevorrow talks Jurassic World

Colin Trevorrow has disclosed a few nuggets of information regarding how Jurassic World will shape up, revealing on Twitter that it will be set some 22 years after the original.

“Reboot is a strong word,” said Trevorrow on the social networking site, addressing the term that has most frequently been associated with the project.

“This is a new sci-fi terror adventure set 22 years after the horrific events of Jurassic Park .”

Trevorrow doesn’t shed any more light on the details of the plot itself, although it is thought the film may cover the ill-advised re-opening of the park on Isla Nublar.

With Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard rumoured to be starring, Jurassic World is expected to open in the US on 12 July 2015, with a UK date to be confirmed.