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Colin McRae Rally 2005

On: PS2, Xbox - OUT: Autumn

THE PITCH: Codemasters' annual rally-fest throws up dirt for its 2005 incarnation. The main additions are online console head-to-head fun and the new non-linear Career Challenge mode. Taking place over 23 individual rally events, you'll participate in a daunting 300+ stages.

The anticipated graphical upgrade appears to focus on the cars and the inevitable collisions. Each car has its own unique damage model and the scenery will reflect this, receiving a hefty whack with posts bending and breaking and trees dropping leaves (yes, trees tend not to budge even when pummelled by a car at 100mph).


  • Online for up to 8 players on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.
  • More modes, cars and stages, plus two new cams - bonnet and chase.
  • New non-linear Career Challenge with 23 individual rally events taking in over 300 stages.
  • Nine international locations (eight stages in each) in Rally game mode(new German rally joins events through UK, Sweden, USA, Finland, Australia, Spain, Greece, and Japan).
  • Improved graphics engine that features an individual damage model for each car and realistic collision reactions.
  • THE BUZZ: The best rally series EVER gets its annual update and we expect nothing less than greatness. It's easy to get blase about a product that knocks out quality titles every year but we've no doubt this will be an excellent game. Whether it's worth upgrading for those who have already bought into the franchise remains to be seen.