Cobra Kai season 3 will dive deeper into the stories of iconic Karate Kid characters, hints Kreese actor

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A large part of the appeal of Cobra Kai – a sequel series to the Karate Kid trilogy that’s suddenly found a new lease of life on Netflix – is finding out how major Karate Kid characters ended up decades down the line. Some were destitute, others a success – while a few are no longer with us.

Cobra Kai season 3 will aim to go “further” in that regard. Martin Kove, who plays Sensei Kreese on the show (Kreese is now, spoilers for season 2, in sole charge of the Cobra Kai dojo) teased a little of the upcoming season to Collider.

“You’re going to see a lot of leadership [from Kreese]. Unquestionably there will be a lot of – I can’t expound on how much action – but there’s a terrific amount of that, and you’ll see the prowess. I can’t really say very much, but it’s quite exciting. And it’s very surprising. All the elements, very surprising. And you’ll be very happy because it goes further into the stories of the characters you love.”

Despite being understandably tight-lipped on a third season that will be bundled with more expectation than ever before, Kove’s words will absolutely pique the interest of those who looked beyond the gis and black belts of the competitions and into the human stories behind them.

With the way season 3 is poised – Kreese as the villain of the piece with Johnny and Daniel potentially reconciling to reclaim Cobra Kai – it stands to reason that we’ll delve deeper into the past histories of the trio, as well as those that came before.

After all, we now sympathise more with Johnny after hearing his side of the story – what other hidden aspects of Karate Kid’s past will be teased out next and make us rethink everything from the original trilogy? We’ll find out when season 3 hits Netflix in 2021.

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