CM Punk, Bobby Roode, AJ Lee: the 15 WWE 2K17 creations you have to download right now

One of the most impressive elements of WWE 2K17 is its colossal roster, with 156 past, present and future stars of the squared circle spread across the disc and DLC. Even so, it's possible to bolster your line-up by another 100 'rasslers using the Community Creations feature – opening the door to missing legends, TNA rivals, and those who've fallen out of favour with WWE, such as real-life couple CM Punk and AJ Lee.

Below we've rounded up the best 15, such 'CAWs' from the PS4 version of the game, and listed the creator – making it super easy to search for in-game. Let's get this digitised Royal Rumble underway…

CM Punk

Unlikely to see a WWE return anytime soon, after a huge falling out with bosses Vince McMahon and Triple H saw him walk away from wrestling in January 2014. Has since lost his only UFC fight. This excellent piece of work is from Maik--999.

AJ Lee

Lasted a year longer in WWE than her now-husband Punk, and triggered the 'Divas Revolution' by publicly challenging CBO Stephanie McMahon to take the women's roster more seriously. (Something the company never, ever acknowledges.) thehdog83 made this doppelganger. 

James Ellsworth

Introduced over the summer as a comedy opponent for Bruan Strowman, Ellsworth's cameo outing – and bizarre facials – proved so popular that he's now a regular on Smackdown. He even has wins over WWE Champion AJ Styles to his name. bradford928 coined this tribute.

Boddy Roode

Owner of the greatest theme in WWE, Roode's popularity in NXT is second only to Japanese import Shinsuke Nakamara – despite efforts to impress his nefarious ways on the audience. The above clone of the former TNA champ is by hayworthgang. Glorious.


With The New Day on the verge of breaking the longest tag-title reign in WWE history, it seems fitting that the holders of said record get one more chance to protect their streak. IrritableEwok's Ax and Smash transform that fantasy into (virtual) reality.


While 2K did an excellent job on this year's roster, one glaring omission was former Divas champion Maryse – now enjoying her second spell in WWE as real-life husband The Miz's onscreen manager. She'll surely be in WWE 2K18; for now, this robberr22 CAW will more than suffice.

Brian Kendrick

It's been a bad week for Paul London's former tag partner, who like Maryse is shining in a second WWE stint – but dropped the Cruiserweight title to Rich Swann on Tuesday's Smackdown. Hopefully this excellent recreation of his likeness by BahmDaddy soothes the pain.

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