ClassicRadar: The many faces of Mario

The Donkey Kong Junior Era

As Donkey Kongquickly became one ofthe most successful games of all-time, a sequel came pretty fast, only this time Mario was the villain. And he reveled in it, probably because it was the only chance he ever got to be evil. He is constantly seen with whip in hand, ready to abuse the caged Donkey Kong while trying to kill DK's son.

Above: This child approves of animal cruelty

Despite Nintendo's official characterization of Mario as a short, fat, round, scared coward in the Junior artwork,once again he ended up even more lost in translation in the home console ports. Perhaps Nintendo got in the console game just to stop Mario from looking so weird.

Above: Is that Mario or Snidely Whiplash?Also, why is he referred to as "little Mario?"

Above: Fisher-Price Mario taunts handicapped monkey, news at 11:00

Above: Mario is Gargamellian in his evil here

The only real constant is that Mario’s a total dick and Jr often looks more mentally handicapped than childlike. But none can compare to this nextpiece of merchandise for sheer incompetence at drawing Mario.

Above: Is the puzzle how this got on the cover?(Image

Special Bonus Weirdness

Even that puzzle book at least got Mario’s outfit right, while this commercial seemed to just assume what the villain of the game looked like after playing it for a second and then spinning around in a circle five times. Still, this live action recreation has some cute, surrealistic touches, even if Mario’s a Carnival Barker for some reason.

Above: Save Papa!

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