Chrono Cross and Final Fantasy Origins rated for release on the North American PSN

There's more than one way to discover a game is coming out. While we don't recommend you regularly comb the ESRB website in search of motes of new information, that won't stop us from doing so. Today the site has revealed that Square Enix has registered Final Fantasy Origins and Chrono Cross for North American publication, which means we're likely to see them here soon.

Both games have been listed for PS3 and PSP, which indicates they'll most likely appear on the PlayStation Network, but so far Square Enix has remained silent. We don't know when to expect the games, how much they will cost, or if there will be any changes made for the PSN versions, but we're pretty sure that they exist, that they'll contain animated violence, and that they're appropriate for Teenagers.

Chrono Cross was released on the PSN in Japan last July. It's the Playstation's sequel to the classic SNES RPG Chrono Trigger, and follows the adventures of a teenage boy named Serge as he threads his way through multiple dimensions and timelines. Final Fantasy Origins is a twofer containing the first two NES Final Fantasy games. It came out on PSN in Japan in 2009, and if you've never played them, they'll be well worth investing some time in when they hit the PSN of the west.

Sep 23, 2011