Christopher Cantwell and David Nakayama join Hero Initiative pro-fan experiences line-up

(Image credit: Hero Initiative)

Limited seats to six new pro-fan live experiences are going on sale this week from the Hero Initiative, the charity dedicated to helping comic book creators in medical or financial need.

Creators participating in their 11th week of events (July 7-13) include writer Tom King (Batman, Strange Adventures), TV and new Iron Man comic book writer Christopher Cantwell (Halt and Catch Fire), and artists David Nakayama (X-Men), writer/artist Declan Shalvey (Deadpool), and writer/artist Dan Jurgens (Superman, Batman Beyond), the last three of whom will create an original bust sketch for each attendee of a character of their choosing.

Seats in each of these events are limited to between four to five fans. 

And writer/editor Fabian Nicieza will be holding the latest edition of his comic book writing and editing bootcamp, which includes up to 20 seats.

Their live fan-pro experiences feature comic book creators providing question-and-answer sessions, tutorials, and original art in Zoom online web conference rooms. 

"The limited experiences serve the dual purpose of generating much-needed revenue for Hero, while providing fans with face-to-face meetings with their favorite creators at a time when the usual convention circuit is on lockdown due to global pandemic," says the organization's spokesperson. 

Creators and industry professionals who have participated in the Hero Initiative Live events include Brian Bendis, Nick Bradshaw, Kevin Smith, Agnes Garbowska, Art Adams, Mark Waid, Marv Wolfman, Joëlle Jones, Scott Snyder, Donny Cates, Dan DiDio, Megan Hutchison, Dave Gibbons, Katie Cook, and Chip Zdarsky. 

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