Chris Pratt, Christian Bale, Bill Hader, and more - the kids from the It movie pick their adult counterparts

It (opens in new tab), the film adaptation of Stephen King's novel about an extradimensional monster that often takes the form of a clown named Pennywise and eats children, is currently doing gangbusters at the box office. It's breaking records left and right and by all counts is a major success - yet it only tells half the story, and everyone's already curious about how chapter two will be handled.

For those who haven't read the book or watched the 1990 mini-series version starring Tim Curry, SPOILERS AHEAD. In It, the terrifying and otherworldly Pennywise survives his run-in with the Losers Club (the groups of misfits at the center of the story), returns to haunt the town of Derry years later, and the children who fought it to the brink of death must return as adults to vanquish it for good.

Speaking to MTV (opens in new tab), director Andy Muschietti said that, should he be chosen to helm the sequel, the film would be much darker than the first. "It won't be a comedy," Muschietti said. He also went on to say that he'd want to occasionally flash back to 1989, keeping the narrative more back-and-forth between timelines like it is in the novel. "For me it's very important to keep the characters engaged emotionally."

But the real question is who would play the adult versions of our heroes? The kids themselves gave their answers to CinemaBlend (opens in new tab), and I gotta say, if this dream team of Hollywood A-listers is down for it, so am I.

Christian Bale as Bill

Bill Hader as Richie

Jake Gyllenhaal as Eddie

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Stan

Chris Pratt as Ben

Chadwick Boseman as Mike

Jessica Chastain as Beverly

In-universe, the kids of the Losers Club are meant to be 11 years old when they're children and 38 when they return as adults. And yup, most of those actors are right in that age range (Bale and Boseman are a bit older at age 43 and 42 respectively, but I think they could still pull it off). Who would you suggest?

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