Chris Marquette battles an Infestation

Not content with us Brits making one of the greatest horror comedies ever conceived in Shaun Of The Dead, and thus negating the need for any other comedies where slackers battle nasty creatures to be made (we’re in hyperbole mode today, clearly), America is going ahead with Infestation.

It’ll star Alpha Dog’s Chris Marquette as a lazy layabout who awakes one afternoon to finds himself trapped in a webbed cocoon against the wall of his office. He discovers that massive alien insects have taken over the world and decides to fight back along with a group of strangers. We hope they’ve all watched Starship Troopers several times.

Kyle Rankin, who “won” US TV filmmaking show Project Greenlight (can you really be said to win a show where none of the films really make an impact at the box office?) wrote the script and will handle the megaphone chores, while Icon Productions is making sure we all get to see it.