Chris Claremont has a "zany" pitch for a Batman revamp that is "total teen angst"

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Chris Claremont may be exclusive to Marvel Comics these days, but that doesn't mean he's not prone to ideas for DC characters from time to time.

"Here's a zany thought: imagine the Wayne murders — not a casual accident but the first stage of a corporate takeover," Claremont writes on Facebook. "Young Bruce isn't found by cops but by a pair of street kids, Selina Kyle & Harline Quinze (street-name, you guessed it, Harley Quinn)."

Claremont has never written a Batman comic book per see - the closest he's come is writing 'The Tenth Circle' arc of JLA, which featured Batman, in the early '00s. But his pitch for this teen Batman wouldn't be anything like that - or really anything else DC has done before.

"[Bruce] grows up with them, on the shadow side of the law. Best thieves/con artists ever; the crazy-mad guardians of Gotham's lost, heisting the rich to help the poor," the writer continues. "Bruce is a brilliant improviser, born tactician; a truly dark knight. Selina, the strategic brain. Harley [is] crazy-inspired inspiration."

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Batman's arch-enemy the Joker would be there, but leading a very different army as "the core of Gotham's elite."

"Kids in revolutionary conflict with the Establishment," Claremont pitches. "Imagine young Bruce as the only person able to continually outwit the flying alien from across the bay in Metropolis. Drives Superman completely bonkers but also earns his respect."

Like all classic Claremont comics, it's as much about heroes vs. villains as it is about love - and love triangles.

"Imagine the love-triangle between Harley, Selena, and Bruce — total teen angst!" the writer adds. "Make it outrageous, make it fun!!!!! For characters and readers. Ahhh, the DC that never was, likely will never be again. Total fun while it lasted…"

Claremont uses the word "imagine" several times, which reminds us of the time DC hired Stan Lee for a series of reboots of its top characters, billed as "Just Imagine Stan Lee creating...." 

Would you want to read this story by Claremont... or an entire series of Claremont reimaginings of DC's top heroes?

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