Childs Play videogame progressing

Rumours of a new instalment in the Child’s Play franchise have been tantalising gore geeks for years, but unfortunately nothing's actually materialised.

But fear not horror fans, there's some good news on the horizon... Chucky is hitting the small screen in the form of a new video game.

According to developers TikGames, the game will see players controlling our favourite Good Guys doll allowing them to “use his full repertoire of stealth and guile to dispatch victims in a multitude of distinctive methods.”

Which we're fairly sure will get The Daily Mai l in bit of a tizz, but we think it sounds like a lot of fun.

Alex Tikhman, co-founder of Tikgames has said that he is proud to be embarking on such a venture, reassuring us that it will be one of the most "downright gory experiences with this brand."

So, Charles Lee Ray will be terrifying the Y-Fronts off us in the comfort of our own living rooms soon… how very exciting!