Child of Light oculi crafting guide

Child of Light's oculi crafting system is simple, but without a recipe list in-game you may be left wondering, "how did I make that citrine gem again?" And that's where we come in. Just keep scrolling down and you'll find the combinations of all the gems in the game. These gems will help you with your boss battles, so be sure to equip them according to the enemies that you'll be facing!

You can equip oculi to your weapon, shield and accessory. Depending on where you slot the gem, it will yield different effects, so the effects below for each gem are listed in this order: weapon, shield, accessory. There are only 3 slots to play around with so it's relatively easy to get the gems you need since they're littered all over the map. What you'll need to know is that if you combine 3 rough gems together they make a tumbled gem, and 3 tumbled will turn into a faceted gem. Each upgrade will increase the stats %s when equipped. Now let's get to the combos! Also keep in mind the circular rock/paper/scissor effect of the elements. lightning/earth > water > fire > lightning/earth

Gem list

Sapphire (adds water damage, water resistance, evade attack when casting)

Ruby (adds fire damage, fire resistance, increase max HP)

Emerald (adds lightning damage, earth resistance, increase max MP)

Amethyst (increase physical damage, reduce physical damage, increase magic damage when hp drops below certain %)

Diamond (increase speed, earn additional xp from battle, increase casting speed)

Citrine (light damage, increase chance of dodging when defending, increase chance to bump creature back on timeline)

Tournamline (chance for paralysis, reduce magic damage, increase magic)

Onyx (increase spell power, reduce physical and magic damage when hp low, increase chance of dodging while casting when HP drops below certain %)

Spinel (increase attack power, speed up when interrupted, begin turn ahead on the timeline)


Sapphires, rubies, and emeralds can be picked up around the world in rough, tumbled, or faceted form.

Note: you have to combine gems of the same quality, so rough with other rough gems, and tumbled with other tumbled, and faceted with other faceted.

3 rough gems of the same kind = 1 tumbled gem

3 tumbled gem of the same kind = 1 faceted gem

sapphire + ruby = amethyst

sapphire + ruby + emerald = diamond

ruby + emerald = citrine

sapphire + emerald = tourmaline

amethyst + citrine + tourmaline = onyx

onyx + diamond = spinel

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