Check out these Prey power combos, including the good ol' GLOO-and-levitate

Prey is one of those games that's all about choice, and not just the kind you make from a list of dialogue options. It takes place in a space station is full of aliens, robots, and high-tech, repurposed gear, and how you use those things to deal with each other is up to you. The latest trailer shows a few options, and may I recommend you...

GLOO your enemies then smash them with a lift field

Get aliens nice and brittle with heaps of GLOO (no, I don't know what that stands for) then send them up and crashing down for an instant kill. What a mess!

Confound a robot with your Nerf gun then hack it

Technically speaking the Huntress Boltcaster doesn't do any damage, and is only good for distractions or pushing buttons from afar. But it has to be at least a little perplexing for a robot to get a foam dart right in its face-ish area, right?

Make your own Phantoms and let them fight for you

Sure, go ahead and turn the twisted remains of your fellow TranStar employees into creepy shadow phantom things to fight and kill for you. I'm sure they don't mind fragments of their former selves persisting in ethereal servitude!

Tease an alien with your double then light them on fire

This combo is the ultimate twofer: there's nothing Typhon aliens love more than feasting on cowering humans and nothing they love less than being exploded.

Distract an alien and break it down into little bits

Mm. That alien looks nice and plump. Bet it's full of all kindsa resources. Why waste them with a shotgun blast when you could break it down with a handy recycler grenade? It's like a muon trap from Ghostbusters crossed with a auto-butcher.

All that's just the start. Once you have the full arsenal of weapons collected and ample points invested into your preferred powers, who knows what heinous acts of alien annihilation you'll be capable of!

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