Check out the Nintendo Switch touchscreen in action for the first time

The Nintendo Switch has a touchscreen. And not a DS or Wii U-style resistive touchscreen that makes you press your thumb or stylus hard into the screen, oh no. This is a proper capacitive touchscreen like on your smartphone or tablet, and thanks to YouTube channel GamingWithMe, we can see it in action for the first time (skip to 6:30):

It's interesting that, as GamingWithMe points out, we didn't see this feature demonstrated on-stage or in any videos from Nintendo. The screen seems responsive and quick, so it's not like the feature wasn't working.

Mayhaps (and this is just speculation on my part) Nintendo didn't want to show off too many features or non-traditional interfaces so that it could keep its message focused on its core audience. The company is doing something similar by launching without Netflix, and I'm okay with Nintendo focusing on what gamers want instead of trying to be a jack of all trades right out the gate.

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Sam Prell

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