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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean Game released by Namco Bandai for the Sony PSP FAQ/Walkthrough written by Adrian Garcia Document Version: 1.0 – 4/10/2007 Gold-baller@hotmail.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents: Introduction [intro1] Characters from LoH I [loh1] Characters from LoH II [loh2] Characters from LoH III [loh3] Adventures you can do [adv4] History [hist5] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction: [intro1] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Im Adrian, this is my first walkthrough so I hope you enjoy it!!! Please contact me if you see any mistakes, you want to complain, or give me some more tips or anything. Certain characters can only be found from doing a certain chapter. All characters start at level 1 from LoH I & II. You can only do this if you have save files from Legend of Heroes I or II. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters from LoH I: Location: Cathedral [loh1] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Avin: Found upstairs close to the altar. Mile: Found at the entrance of the cathedral up against the pillar. Douglas, Lucias: Both are found in an open field. Go left then north. Mitchell, Conrad, Gawaine: All are found around a table. Just north of the entrance. Martie: Just East of Mitchell, Conrad, and Gawaine. Silver-Haired Mile: Found in the underwater way. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters from LoH II: Location: Castle Amdera [loh2] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jurio, Lodi: You can find them both in the room at the far west. Chris, Filly: You can find them both in the kitchen of the castle. Alf: Found in the basement. Shirla, Goose: Found in the basement close to the bottom wall so it is hard to find them. The thing you can see is there talk bubbles when you get close. Roule: Found in the basement. King Alfred, Morrison: Can both be found upstairs in the throne room. Durzel, Joanna: Can both be found upstairs in the one of the far west rooms. You can only go upstairs if you have Jurio or Chris in your party. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters from LoH III: Location: Racos Palma [loh3] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Una: Found in the northwest houses of Racos Palmas. McBain, Jan: Both can be found in the south planks. Jan & Rick, Mitchell: Both can be found in the shipwreck (Fortes house). Avin, Mile: Both are found north of the traders close to the cliffs. Adia: In the house just north of Avin and Mile. Altos: Found in the house just south of Adia. Shao, Rachel: Found just southwest of McBain and Jan. Forte is the main character so you always have to have him in your party. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adventures you can do: Location: Teleportation Portal [adv4] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Capital Road Monster Battle on Ship Scotia Shrine Idun Shrine Nephtys Shrine Zar Shrine Silver-Haired Wizard Sealed Land God of Darkness You must be at a certain level to gain access to these adventures. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History: [hist5] My history so far is only 98%.If you know the remaining 2% please contact me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --Genesis: Much of the land is said to have been formed in an epic battle between a giant and a monstrous snake. --Pre-BG: Bardus and Octum have a battle, resulting in Octum being locked up in the Sealed Land. --Pre-BG: After Bardus and Octum fall into sleep, the “Blue Tribe” develops their own magic civilization and conquers the land. --BG 59: No longer prevented so by the Gods, the “Blue Tribe” completes the concept of the Resonance Spell. --BG 56: The Resonance Spells see wider use, mostly in the Wetluna region. Their influence is seen worldwide, and transfer gates are built in numerous locations. --BG 47: The existence of Another World is confirmed. --BG 2: The existence of “Harmful Frequencies” is confirmed. Use of Resonance Spells is banned henceforth. --AG 1: Viola Ruhm, which was under construction, and a part of the Harmful Frequencies are used to transfer an aggregate of Harmful Frequencies to Another World. The resonance generated by part of the Harmful Frequencies which went out of control create the grand fault known today as Gagharv. The remaining Harmful Frequencies are locked up and sealed in Selbart, in Ohstern. They are henceforth known as the “Dark Sun”. --AW 0: Some members of the Blue Tribe relocate to Another World to keep watch on the transferred “Harmful Frequencies”. The transferred aggregate of Harmful Frequencies is named the “Otherworldly Moon”. --AW 50: Reports are heard of babies being born with natural talent for wielding magic. --AW 75: Reports are heard on the effects of the Otherworldly Moon. --AW 147: The existence of a rift in space is recognized again. --AW 149: Travelers successfully reach the world of our forefathers by traveling through the rift. Thus begins our pilgrimage to the shrines. --AG 149: Visits by beings arrived through the Rift become commonplace. The shrines are built, and the Witches begin their pilgrimage. --AG 210: Various villages in Tirasweel begin pilgrimage rites based on the Witches pilgrimage. --AG 200: Around this time, Tempest the Warlock plots to fuel unrest within the Red Tribe. War rages throughout El Phildin. --AG 251: Tempest is defeated by the combined efforts of Miligan and the giant dragon Albrecht. --AG 258: The warrior Miligan unites the Red Tribe as a kingdom, supported by the Church, and is crowned King. He later comes to be known as “Flame King”. --AG 417: The Durga Temple is discovered in northern Boreas, encased in ice. --AW 276: Activity detected in the Harmful Frequencies contained in the Otherworldly Moon. Use of magic is confirmed to result in a direct discharge of Harmful Frequencies. --AW 464: Enlargement is seen in the now-saturated Otherworldly Moon. --AG 502: The Grand Cathedral in Valkd is completed, becoming the headquarters of the Church of Bardus. The Cathedral is used as holy grounds for training priests. --AG 703: Captain Bale discovers the Southern Route, as well as Gagharv itself. Many sailors attempt to navigate around Gagharv, but none succeed. --AW 739: Part of the land is contaminated by the Otherworldly Moon, widening the “Neverdawn Land”. The capital city is moved to Esfin. --AG 802: The School of Sorcery is founded with the royal familys support, contributing to numerous advances in magic in El Phildin. --AG 873: Grabadel is hit by a massive fire that continues to burn for ten days. The fire burns down the entire town and castle, and destroys numerous assets. --AG 890: Leone completes the “Water Melody” a recreation of the “Lost Melody”. The tune is divided into 24 phrases and each segment is engraved on a stone, so as to prevent its misuse. The stones are named the Resonance Stones. --AG 893: Grandpa Rayzen meets Leone. ??? ???????? --AG 893: Leone visits Selbart. --AG 893: McBain meets Leone. The encounter inspires McBain to become a musician. --AG 923: The Rect Island Prison is closed off. --AG 898: The sage Lemuras grants the role of advisor to the Church to Dinerken. He builds the Lookout Cottage in the Notos Mountains and retires there. --AW 908: Leone, adrift at sea, is rescued by villagers from Aprout. --AW 908: Leone is appointed Court Musician for the Royal Family of Merveel. --AG 913: Miligan the Sixteenth ascends to the throne after seven years of traveling. --AG 915: Gawaine, the Hero of the Sea, is granted the title of Sage by the royal family and the Church. He succeeds Dinerken as Advisor in the same year. --AG 916: The Oracle Bellias receives a revelation at the Isle of Truth and leaves the Church of Bardus. --AG 921: Kanaphia Island is attacked by Octums Apostles. --AG 924: Avin and Eimelle are orphaned. The High Priest Esperius takes them in and they start to live in the Cathedral. --AG 929: The Cathedral is attacked by Octums Apostles. A dark barrier blocks entry to the Cathedral, rendering the holy grounds inaccessible. --AG 932: DeMille is elected as the new mayor of Kavaro. --AG 933: Hostile monsters appear in a quarry in Greysul. The quarry is subsequently sealed off. --AG 933: Rish Campbell visits Kavaro. --AG 933: A child gets lost in the swamp, yet manages to return to Kavaro alone. --AG 935: Rauzens plot to overthrow the Royal Family succeeds, and he assumes power as Emperor. --AG 936: Avin embarks on a quest to find Eimelle with Mile. --AG 936: At the end of a year long journey, Avin and his companions witness mankind finally rising to stand on its own feet. --AG 940: Ryutom Island is attacked by pirates almost daily. The island becomes a private property of Rish. --AW 954: Isabelle, as well as a girl with silver hair, are born. --AW 955: Isabelle is chosen to be the next Queen. Leone and the girl with silver hair go missing. --AG 943: McBain receives a package from Shao containing the book “Water Melody” by Leone, which McBain had been long searching for. --AG 943: Forte and Una help Grandma Shela and deliver some dye to Grandma Kapero in Cranka. --AG 943: Una plays a tune on her piccolo on a riverside along the Ruth Road. --AG 943: McBain defeats a monster on the roof of the lighthouse, accidentally creating a hole in the terrace, which allows access to a secret room inside the lighthouse. --AG 943: Explored the bottom of a well in Racos Palma, and discovered an old key. Escaped from the cave under the well, thanks to McBains “Rock Crash”. --AG 943: Discovered a Magic Map in the chest in the secret room inside the lighthouse. --AG 943: The waterways in Cranka are contaminated by a large discharge of poisonous fluids. --AG 943: Halted the waters in the waterways of Cranka, and found the Resonance Stone of “Purification” in the underground waterway. --AG 943: The new McBain Company begins its tour of Wetluna. ??? ???????? ??? ???????? --AG 943: The McBain Company holds a concert in front of the fountain in Pinzel for some female fans of Fortes. --AG 943: Gave a performance in a tavern in Fargot. --AG 943: Passport stolen at the dock in Fargot. --AG 943: Boarded the Stomach from the port of Fargot. Held a concert on the deck of the Stomach. --AG 943: Met Shao and Rachel in Trim. --AG 943: Rescued a child in front of the Glysis Cave. --AG 943: Found the Resonance Stone of “Minds Eye” in the Glysis Cave. --AG 943: Put up advertising posters for a concert in Trim. --AG 943: The McBain Company holds their “Open Your Mind” concert in Trim. --AG 943: Rescued a desert rat on the Forest Road. --AG 943: Ended up taking a part-time job arranged by Shao in Viento. --AG 943: Gave cookies to a desert rat in the basement of the mansion. --AG 943: Una is kidnapped by the Swing Gang. --AG 943: Rescued Una from the Aquaharp Cave, with help from a mouse. --AG 943: Found the Resonance Stone of “Water” in the Aquaharp Cave. --AG 943: The desert “Rick” joins the McBain Company in Arbencottle. --AG 943: Met Shuber in Kantus. --AG 943: The Swing Gang attacks a concert organized by the Music School. --AG 943: The McBain Company performs at the concert organized by the Music School. Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Life”. --AG 943: Reunited with Altos in Bozerl. --AG 943: Confronted Boss Dunk and received permission to enter the quarry. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Earth” at the quarry. --AG 943: Knocked out by the Swing Gang at the quarry. Robbed of the Resonance Stone of “Earth”. --AG 943: Faced the Swing Gang at the old quarry. Obtained the Resonance Stones of “Earth” and “Lullaby”. --AG 943: Rescued Viscount Egool from an attack by monsters in Levanpasso. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Perseverance” from Viscount Egool. --AG 943: Found Uto, who had been reported missing, in the Cave Path. --AG 943: Received a reference letter from Viscount Egool, along with a personal letter from the Viscount to the Duke. --AG 943: Reported back to Viscount Egool. Received a small velvet bag. --AG 943: Distributed bread to the people of Envorin, and held a concert. --AG 943: Handed the small velvet bag to the Duke of Pensola. --AG 943: Received the Resonance Stone of “Technique” from Edger. --AG 943: Set off for Ryutom Island. --AG 943: The McBain Company holds a concert on the deck of the Grumble. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Bind” on Ryutom Island. --AG 943: The McBain Company participates in the concert on Ryutom Island. --AG 943: Overheard a conversation between Bureger, Ramon and Rish on Ryutum Island. --AG 943: The Banquet is attacked by the pirate Ramon. --AG 943: The McBain Company boards the Black Dragon and faces Ramon. --AG 943: The Planetos II appears and drives away the pirates for good. --AG 943: Met the real Diplomat Slade in Polka. --AG 943: Saw a girl with a clear singing voice at Lake Wyolina. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Target” at the Lakeside Shrine. --AG 943: Encountered Palman and his troops in the Swamp. --AG 943: Chased away Nue at the Shrine of Lightning in the swamp. Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Light”. --AG 943: Saw Commander Zenon in Kavaro. --AG 943: Found Captain Palman, wounded, in the swamp. --AG 943: Initiated an operation to rescue Aria. --AG 943: Successfully escape from Kavaro with Aria. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “March” past the Grass Barrier. --AG 943: Arrived at the hidden village of Shulf. --AG 943: Met a mysterious man looking at the fault of Gagharv. --AG 943: Heard about the Water Tribe from Oratorio, the Tribe Chief in Shulf. Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Force”. --AG 943: Reunited with Shao and Rachel at Rozets Workshop. --AG 943: Jan smells Bang Bang in the underground waterway in Ekyul. --AG 943: Found Bang Bang in Giraffe Cave. --AG 943: Rozet is kidnapped. --AG 943: A battle with Bureger and Necross at the lighthouse in Giraffe. Rescued Rozet and obtained the Resonance Stone of “Wind”. --AG 943: The new McBain Company performs for a newlywed couple on the Grim Bridge. --AG 943: The McBain Company holds a concert in Selbart. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Fire” in the Underground Ruins beyond the Lava Cave. --AG 943: Discovered the Dark Sun in the Underground Ruins. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Darkness” in the Oasis. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Spirit” in the Lake Cave near the Grim Bridge. --AG 943: The Numerous Army and Zenon appear in Selbart and take away the Dark Sun and Aria. --AG 943: Caught up with the Numerous ship in Ened, but were unable to prevent the enemy from escaping. Saved by the Planetos II. --AG 943: Escaped using fake wood soldiers with Krotos yarn. --AG 943: Found Kapuri in Cleda. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Mirror” in the Mirror Cave. --AG 943: A battle with resonance wood soldiers in Cleda. Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Confusion”. --AG 943: A battle with Bureger. Kapuri and Pedro are broken. --AG 943: The McBain Company enlists in the Numerous Army. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Quagmire” in the Mud Cave. --AG 943: The Dark Sun runs amok. --AG 943: Received the Resonance Stones of “Quagmire” and “Love” from Captain Naresa. --AG 943: Witnessed the Witchs Island Phenomenon at the North Wall of Castle Grabadel. --AG 943: Aria collapses in Castle Grabadel. --AG 943: Received the Resonance Stone of “Time” from Prince Duorl. --AG 943: Traveled to Rect Island in search of a Resonance Stone. --AG 943: Obtained the Resonance Stone of “Hermit” on Rect Island. --AG 943: Learned how to travel to Another World in the Calendar Room. --AG 943: Traveled to Another World on Planetos II. --AG 943: Mitchell Lap Haven travels to the Witchs Island. --AG 943: Met Queen Merveel of Another World. --AG 943: Passed the Ancient Ruins and reached Leones Cabin. --AG 943: A battle with three assassins sent to eliminate Leone. --AG 943: A battle with Revas the Fourteenth, who had became a monster, in the Fossil Forest. Obtained, the Resonance Stone of “Birth” from Revas the Thirteenth. --AG 943: Prince Duorl operates the barometric pressure adjustment system. --AG 943: Reunited everyone at the Water Cloister. --AG 943: Caused the Viola Ruhm to rise in the Water Throne. --AG 945: Mitchell Lap Haven visits the Shrines. --AG 955: The Warlock Geppeus is defeated by the Sorcerer Ortega in a wizardly duel. --AG 955: The Sorcerer Ortega joins forces with the Warlock Geppeus to defeat a Demon. --AG 958: The Sorcerer Ortega founds Oldos, City of Sages. --AG 961: The Sorcerer Ortega leaves Oldos and goes into retirement at Ragpick Village. He entrusts the village mayor with a silver dagger. --AG 961: Durzel visits Ortega during his training, and is entrusted with the sword “Esperancer”. Ortega changes his name to Lap. --AG 964: Durzel is named Court Swordsman of Pholthia. --AG 969: Isabelle of the Rift is washed up on the Witchs Coast. She marries King Rudolf of Pholthia. 6 months later, Revas is summoned to Castle Roudo and appointed Royal Astrologer. --AG 971: Gueld arrives in Tirasweel through the Rift. She travels around various areas in Tirasweel, leaving prophecies in her wake, and eventually comes to be known as the Moonlight Witch. --AG 972: The Moonlight Witch passes away at the young age of 18. --AG 972: Durzel entrusts Lap with Guelds staff. --AG 977: Revas and Kajim attempt to control the sea monster Galga near Negar Island. --AG 982: Lap rescues Shinons family from a pack of wolves. --AG 989: Durzel is imprisoned in the Tower of Dorufes. --AG 992: Jurio and Chris leave Ragpick Village for their pilgrimage. --AG 992: Jurio and Chris complete their three-month-long pilgrimage. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well this is the end of my Walkthrough. I hope you had as much read this as much as me writing it. Please dont copy this onto another walkthrough without my permission. I am nice you just need to ask. PEACE!!! Thanks to Robert for helping me.</p>