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Hardaway E-Mail: goldsounds@hotmail.com #*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~# # TABLE OF CONTENTS # #~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*# 0) Updates 1) Introduction 2) Walkthough 3) Numbers 4) Extra Info 5) Copyrights @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ @ 0) Updates @ @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ **Version 1.0** jan 24th, 2007 Completed Chapter 1 **version 1.2** jan 25th, 2007 Completed Chapter 2 **version 1.5a** jan 26th, 2007 completed Chapter 3 Completed Chapter 4 Completed Chapter 5 Started Chapter 6 **version 1.6** jan 27th, 2007 Completed Chapter 6 **Version 1.8** Jan 29th, 2007 Updated parts of the guide added Numbers section Completed Chapter 7 Completed Chapter 8 **version 2.0** Completed Chapter 9 Completed Chapter 10 (final chapter) **version 2.1** Feb 6th, 2007 added extra info update use of blacklight @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ @ 1) Introduction @ @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ This game is like an interactive book. Or more like maniac mansion, or any type of game like that. You have a notebook to write down info (which in these types of games is very handy). The setting is in a crappy hotel. You are kyle hyde, and you are a salesman for red crown. Sometimes you do things on the side for your boss ed. This is one of those times. You used to be a Cop, but you got fired, because of something to do with your partner Bradley. now you are searching for bradley, and cant get it off of your mind. I'm not going to go through all the details of all the characters, this walkthrough will be long enough. You'll learn the characters during the game you can even go into your notebook if you forgot someones name in game. This is the walkthrough of how I played the game. When I get a game over, I'll mention it and tell you the correct path. The numbers in this game seem to be random. The Code to the cabinet in Chapter 2 is random, (i've seen 123, 133, 136, 138) in the fourms. Also the secret numbers seem to be random also. I'll tell you the numbers I recived, but they could be different than yours. If you'd like to email me the numbers you got during the game, I'll add them to the FAQ under a new content and give you proper credit. Goldsounds@hotmail.com. The art of this game reminds me of that AHA video, Take on me. But thats Aside the point. Quick Hint: You can use the directional arrow to move through the text if you get tired of tapping. You can also move hyde around this way. And we're off. Good luck, its a well made game and worth the buy. Chapter 1 ---- Front desk (CH1FD) ---- Lobby (CH1L) ---- Central Hallway (CH1CH) ---- Kid on Stairs (CH1KOS) ---- Guy on second floor (CH1GOSF) ---- room 219 (CH1219) ---- room 215 (CH1215) ---- 5:10pm (CH1510pm) ---- Package (CH1P) ---- Kid 2 (CH1K2) ---- Front Desk 2 (CH1FD2) ---- 5:20pm (CH1520) ---- room 216 (CH1216) ---- room 215 2 (CH12152) ---- Package 2 (CH1P2) ---- Call Rachel (CH1CR) ---- Chapter 1 End Quiz (CH1EQ) Chapter 2 ---- Search (CH2S) ---- Whistle (CH2W) ---- Cecily lee (CH2CL) ---- 5:40pm (CH2540) ---- room 212 (CH2212) ---- Main Office (CH2MO) ---- Utility Closet (CH2UC) ---- Main office 2 (CH2MO2) ---- Louie (CH2L) ---- Rosa (CH2R) ---- Call Rachel (CH2CR) ---- 5:50pm (CH2550) ---- Left Hallway (CH2LH) ---- Louie's Room (CH2LR) ---- Chapter 2 End Quiz (CH2EQ) Chapter 3 ---- room 215 (CH3215) ---- Front of Resturant (CH3IFR) ---- Resturant (CH3R) ---- Iris (CH3I) ---- Inside Resturant (CH3IR) ---- Piano (CH3P) ---- Mila (CH3M) ---- 6:20pm (CH3620) ---- Box (CH3B) ---- Doll (CH3D) ---- 6:40pm (CH3640) ---- Noise (CH3N) ---- Melissa (CH3ME) ---- Melissa's Dad (CH3MD) ---- Roof (CH3RF) ---- Chapter 3 End Quiz (CH3EQ) Chapter 4 ---- Start (CH4S) ---- Jeff (CH4J) ---- room 217 (CH4217) ---- room 215 (CH4215) ---- Rachel (CH4R) ---- Jeff 2 (CH4J2) ---- TV (CH4TV) ---- Rosa (CH4RO) ---- 7:20pm (CH4720) ---- Summer (CH4S) ---- 7:40pm (CH4740) ---- Right Hallway (CH4RH) ---- Summer 2 (CH4S2) ---- Iris (CH4I) ---- Rosa 2 (CH4RO2) ---- Summer 3 (CH4S3) ---- Chapter 4 End Quiz (CH4EQ) Chapter 5 ---- 8:00pm (CH5800) ---- Hallway (CH5H) ---- Rosa (CH5R) ---- 8:20pm (CH5820) ---- room 215 (CH5215) ---- 8:40pm (CH5840) ---- room 217 (CH5217) ---- Chapter 5 End Quiz (CH5EQ) Chapter 6 ---- 9:00pm (CH6900) ---- Bar (CH6B) ---- Jukebox (CH6JB) ---- Helen (CH6H) ---- Matches (CH6M) ---- Iris (CH6I) ---- 9:20pm (CH6920) ---- Rosa (CH6R) ---- Dunning (CH6D) ---- Rosa 2 (CH6R2) ---- Helen 2 (CH6H2) ---- Chapter 6 End Quiz (CH6EQ) Chapter 7 ---- 10:00pm (CH71000) ---- Summer (CH7S) ---- Melissa (CH7M) ---- 10:20pm (CH71020) ---- Storage Room (CH7SR) ---- Mila (CH7MI) ---- Dunning's Room (CH7DR) ---- 10:40pm (CH71040) ---- Iris (CH7I) ---- Kevin (CH7K) ---- Chapter 7 End Quiz (CH7EQ) Chapter 8 ---- Envelope (CH8E) ---- Bar (CH8B) ---- Iris (CH8I) ---- 11:20pm (CH81120) ---- Roof (CH8RF) ---- 11:40pm (CH81140) ---- room 215 (CH8215) ---- Chapter 8 End Quiz (CH8EQ) Chapter 9 ---- room 215 (CH9215) ---- 12:20am (CH91220) ---- room 111 (CH9111) ---- Mila (CH9M) ---- Kevin (CH9K) ---- 12:40am (CH91240) ---- Dunning's room (CH9DR) ---- Pantry (CH9P) ---- Chapter 9 End Quiz (CH9EQ) ---- Wine Cellar (CH9WC) Chapter 10 ---- 2:00am (CH10200) ---- Wine Cellar (CH10WC) ---- Secret Passage (CH10SP) ---- Louie (CH10L) ---- Secret Door (CH10SD) ---- Hunt (CH10H) @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ @ 2) Walkthrough @ @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 1: 5:00pm - 5:30pm December 28th, 1979 It starts when Rachel calls Hyde to go to Hotel Dusk to pick up a package. We find out that Hyde was a Cop, and now he is a salesman for Red Crown. He does extra things for his boss ED sometimes on the side. When the door comes, start by touching the door handle to open the door. You'll find yourself by the front desk of the hotel with nothing around. You will then get your first "?" "Is Ed's Package here yet"? -CH1FD- when you gain control, turn left, and use the spyglass to see whats around. look at everything you want. Look at the sticker and write down the number in your notebook. I'll explain what the number is for later. Front Desk number(+11) go back now and head to the front desk. Look at everything on the desk. Check the TV, and you'll find out that the TV has operational hours. 7:00 to 9:00pm, make a note of this. Touch the Bell when you get a chance, and ring for the owner, (3 times). He thinks you are Rosa. (who is rosa?). A little yellow arrow will pop up, giving you the choice to ask 2 questions. I choose "did you call me Rosa?" and you'll find out she's the hotel maid. You'll also find out now that the owner's name is "Dunning Smith". He'll ask you if you want a room, then give you a sales pitch about a suite. you'll get 2 more choices here, I picked: "Suites are for chumps." next you can fill out the reg card, touch the pen to pick it up just click in the boxes. (you'll get 215 anyways) "kyle hyde" "340 E. AVE 48" "Los Angeles, CA" "dec 28" Dunning seems to know your name. You'll get 2 more choices here. I picked: "What's your problem?" and you'll find out that he had a guest with the same name before. (most likely a lie). You'll also get "?" #2 He'll hand you the keys to room 215, touch them to get them. The keychain says "wish" on them and you will find out that all the rooms have names and 215's name is wish. There is a story behind the room 215, but he wont tell you right off. you'll get 2 choices here. I picked: "what story?" you'll find out the rooms history. and you will get the 3rd "?". Dunning will then give you an hotel brochure, with a map of the hotel on it. Touch it to get it. Now he'll tell you some info about the hotel. Resturant opens for dinner at 6:00pm and breakfast at 7:30am Bar opens at 9:00pm. checkout is at 10:00am. Now you can ask dunning the 3 ?'s you have. 1) "I'm waiting for a package" - 2 choices I picked: "what problems?" and you'll get another "?" (#4) 2)"what wont you talk about?" - dunning describes a guy that hyde says maybe bradley. 3)"my room grants wishes?" - you'll find out that other guests have had things happen in that room. 4)"what was the trouble?" - seems like the last package was from a crook, and cops shot up the place. As you head out from the lobby to the North, an old lady will walk in. She'll ask for room 215, but because you have if she cant get it. If you go talk to them, dunning or the old one eyed lady, they'll be too busy to talk to you. So head north to the Lobby. -CH1L- On your left will be a table and chairs, skip it. On your right there is a vending machine, click on that and use the spyglass. Move the slider bar all the way to the right to read a poster. You will learn that you can get change at the front desk, and you'll find out about the 7 hidden numbers around the hotel. we already found one (+11). Now move the slider bar all the way to the left to find the next number. Vending machine secret number (+25) -CH1CH- There is not much else to do in this room as all the doors are locked. So move through the central Hallway. In front of you is the resturant, its still closed. So go ahead and move to the south. You'll find the next secret number. Central hallway number (-21) Go back and head North and head up the stairs. -CH1KOS- You'll be blocked by a kid on the stairs. And get 2 choices. I picked: "Is something wrong?" she'll tell you she's playing and soon you'll get 2 more choices I picked: "Why wont you tell me?" and she'll say something about not talking to strangers. She'll give you two choices after you say you'll call her mom. I picked: "Oh, give her a break." - and you'll find out she cant move until she finishes her puzzle. And you'll get a "?" which you can ask right away. Then you'll get 2 more choices I picked: "Let me Help" - then you get to do the easy puzzle. On the top left and right you can rotate the peices, and they'll fall into place when you have it correct. She'll throw the puzzle down and run away. You'll get a "?" wondering who the kid is. And you can get a puzzle piece she dropped, which has writing on the back. -CH1GOSF- Right away you'll get 2 choices I picked: "Hey, you OK?" - his name is Jeff Angel. And 2 more choices. I PIcked: "a place like this?" - now you can ask him about the kid on the stairs. you'll find our her name is Melissa (rm 219). -CH1219- Head over to room 219. and the kids father will shut the door in your face. After this head all the way to the left to get the next secret number its on the side of the cabinet. Second floor left secret number (+30) -CH1215- Go ahead and get your room key, and place it on the doorknob to unlock the door, touch the doorknob to get inside. You put your suitcase down and The phone rings (its by the bed) it rachel. She tells you about the package. You'll find out that they she doesnt know that Hyde was a Cop at one point, its just rumors. She wants you to remember to take the client list out of the box, and put it in your suitcase. Write that down. THe phone rings again. Its Dunning. He wants you to pay for your room before 6pm. (if hes not at the front desk hes in his office). now you can expore your room, When your done, head to your suitcase. Use your suitecase key on it. (its in your bag). The key will break. You'll need to pick the lock. So go back over to the phone, and get the paper clip off of the brochure by the phone. Go ahead and click on the paper clip in your bag and "straighen it out". Head back to your suitcase and use the "thin wire" to try to pick the lock. (it wont work). Head towards the bathroom and there will be a knock on the door. Its your package. Now its 5:10pm -CH1510pm- Open the door to get your package. Take the box on top to help the guy out. you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "You sound Familiar!" you'll get to grab the guys face. its Louie a pickpocket. You'll get a "?". Next you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "Bad Memories of me. eh?" - you'll get another "?" (this question contracdicts something dunning said eariler). You'll get another 2 choices. I picked: "Just work" - and you'll get another "?" Now you can ask Louie the ?'s 1) "You're doing better?" - and you'll get 2 choices, I Picked: "So what Happened?" - and you'll get another "?" 2) "Different vibe?" - you'll find out that bradley was most likely hydes partner. 3) "No guests had my name?" - yep, i was right, dunning was lying earlier. 4) "What won't you talk about?" - you'll get 2 choices I picked: "I hung it up" - then you'll get a movie sequence about why Hyde got fired. Seems like bradly either got killed or killed someone. Its pretty vague. You don't tell louie. Louie askes you to keep quiet about his past. -CH1P- seems like louie gave you the wrong package, you get a "?" to head to the front desk. You take the notebook. Something about a secret word. Now go check to the right of the door, notice that the hanger is made of "thick wire". But you cant get it right now. Back to the front desk. -ch1k2- on your way back to the front desk a door will open. Its from 219. its the little kid. Go talk to her. You'll get 2 choices. I picked: "Why cant you see your mom?" - you'll get a "?" 1) "why cant you see your mom?" - 2 choices, I picked: "where did you mom go?" - and you'll get another "?" 2) "whats your old man do?" - the kids mom is named Grace. now you have a drawing of the kids mom in your notebook. Now you can give her back the puzzle piece. The dad comes out now and takes melissa inside. Check your notebook on page 4 to see the drawing melissa did. -CH1FD2- There is the girl from the intro now in the front desk room. head over there and talk to her. Tap her somewhere. Now you'll meet Rosa. You'll find out the girls name is Mila. and you'll get a "?". Talk to Rosa again, and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "A salesman, huh?" Now you can ask about your "?" 1) "I got the wrong package" - She'll look into it. 2) "Her Name's mila?" - it looks like shes wearing the bracelet bradly was wearing. and you'll get another "?" 3) "Drop her in my room?" - and you'll get another "?" 4) "What guy brought her?" - you'll find out Jeff brought her (213). and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "Yeah, we met" - you'll get your package soon after a call -CH1520- So start heading back to your room. Go ahead and stop at 213 and talk to Jeff. You'll get a "?". 1) "You didn't know her?" - and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "She asked?" - and you'll get a "?". 2) "She knew about this hotel?" - thats how he got here. -CH1216- A woman comes out of room 216. Her name is Iris. You'll get a "?" from her. 1)"What are you confirming?" - then you'll get two choices I picked: "I'm a salesman" - shes happy you wont take her picture. Louie will show up and you'll get another "?". So go ahead and Knock on 216. Iris will come back out so you can ask her the "?". 2) "Why is the princess staying here?" - she'll slam the door on you. go ahead and head to your room. -CH12152- Right as you get inside there is a knock on your door. Its a beardy guy. His name is Martin Summer room 211. and you'll get a "?". Next you'll get 2 Choices. I picked: "Don't read my stuff" - and you'll get 2 choices.\ I picked: "sorry, I got carried away" - your package is by his feet. time to ask a ? 1) "I've heard of you" - you'll get a "?" 2) "You're a writer?" - 2 choices I picked: "Nope" - pick up you box. (now you have both boxes) -C1P2- Head over to the bed and open your package. Click on the order sheet, and it will ask you to find 2 things. 1) a small red box 2) a magazine with cecily lee on the cover (december issue). Now click on the client list, (when you get your case open, put it in there). Now head to the phone to call Rachel. -CH1CR- Rachel answers. You figure you've gotta find these items so you can start at the front desk. -CH1EQ- After the call you'll get a quiz of sorts. 1) "The reason you're here is" a. To get some rest b. To find certain items c. To meet my dad (b) a tone will sound when you answer right. then hyde will sum up his job 2) "the story of the history of room 215 is.." a. That it grants wishes b. That it's a suite c. That cops where there (a) Hyde will sum up what dunning said. 3)"What was hyde's parteners' name?" a. Summer b. Dunning c. Bradley (c) Hyde says brad is his partner, they were investigating art thefts. 4) "wierd thing about mila" a. Her name was Mila b. She wore a bracelet c. She wore a white dress (b) Kinda looked like the bracelet that bradley was wearing. 5) "one thing was a pin up mag with cecily lee, the other was...: a. a small red box b. an old notebook c. a pager (a) now you can save your game (which you should do often anyways). @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 2 5:30pm-6:00pm December 28th, 1979 -CH2S- Go ahead and leave your room. Someone's in the hall!.. its only Rosa. Might as well go talk to her. You'll get a "?" when she mentions louie. Then you'll get another "?" because louie is "in love" with Mila. 1) "Tell me about Louie." - you'll get 2 choices I picked: "What Stories?" - and you'll get 2 more choices (you can pick the shorthanded if you want. it will end the conversation) I picked: "You can't talk?" - and you'll get 2 more choices I picked: "Ok I wont push it!" - and that ends the conversation about that (if you pick spill it, it will end the game) 2) "How's Mila Doing?" - shes in rosa room, you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "The bracelet" - she'll let you see Mila after 8pm. you can get to Rosa's room from the lobby, go through the door that says staff only and walk down the hall. First room after the hallway bends to the left. She has to cook now, so she leaves. -CH2W- After you talk to Rosa, you'll hear a whistle. Walk to the end of the hall and check the linen closet, the whistling is comming from there. Go ahead and open the door. Its louis. Go ahead and talk to louis. you'll get a "?" You'll also get 2 choices. I picked: "This your hiding spot?" - you'll get another 2 choices. I picked: "What did you clean?" - and again with the stories for another "?" 1) "Stuff gets left behind?" - you'll find out that lost and found stuff is in dunnings office. 2) "what stories did you mean?" - you'll get another "?" (ghosts???) 3) "When was the incident?" - and another "?" 4) "What's Mila Like?" - and you'll get 2 choices here. I Picked: "Nothing Changes?" - hyde likes girls with issues (pick the other one a louie talks about mila like shes a butterfly) 5) "tell me about the incident." - another "?" about a vanishing girl 6) "A girl Disappeared?" - and another "?" about the girls body 7) "did they find the body?" - and 2 choices.. I picked: "dusk went bankrupt?" and dunning bought hotel dusk, 5 years ago. (if you pick the other one you'll get the same answer) Then they'll talk about bradley, and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "you understand?" - he had a buddy who died 3 years ago. (pick the other one and same answer) -CH2CL- When louie leaves, check the room to find the Cecily Lee mag on your list. cleaner and bleach on the shelf. Heavy Iron, spray bottle. Check the locker and check the toolbox, and grab the pair of pliers, and the crowbar. Leave the screwdriver for now. -CH2540- Time change. (It says helen peeks out, but she POPS out) Head toward your room. A door will open. its the old one eyed lady. she asks what time the resturant opens (6pm). Her name is Helen parker, (no relation to peter parker.. stupid spiderman joke, sorry). Shes in room 212, angel(not you reading, the name of the room is angel). You get a "?". -Ch2212- knock on room 212 and ask the old lady the ?. 1) "Why stay here?" - and it comes to another "?". 2) "What kind of memories?" - they are a secret. -CH22153- Head back to your room and use the pliers on the wire hanger by the door. Just cut the bottom for a straight line. Head back to your suitcase. (you are done with the pliers so you can take them back to the tool box if you want), Now use the thick wire on the suitcase. move the plungers to unlock the case. Grab your money. Also make a note that you have, a pencil, a tie, a clean shirt, a razor, whiskey, and socks. The top of your case holds a Red Crown Brochure, a map of L.A., Recipts, yesterdays paper, and a photo. Go ahead and put your client list inside your case. Now time to go to the front desk. (save if you havent in awhile). -CH2MO- Head to the first floor and to the main office, and knock on the door. Dunning will answer. You pay the man 40.00. You'll then get 2 Choices. I picked: "I don't follow you?" - you'll get free dinner tonight for the package mix up. Dunning then goes to his room and closes the office. -CH2UC- Now there is a lull in action, so head up to the now unlocked utility closet. its across from the linen closet where you found louis and the nudie mag. there is not much to do here, just look around. -CH2MO2- Now its time to go snoop around the main office while dunning is away. Check the file cabinet A to find out that there was someone with your name who stayed here. Next head over to the desk and click on the birthday card you'll get a "?" for this. Click on the notebook to learn that lost and found is in cabinet 3. Now click on the calender, and click on it again when its big to get another "?". Now check the keys to see that the spare 215 key is missing. Head over to cabinet 3, and notice its locked. Move the slider left to see a paper under the cabinet. Use the crowbar to lift the cabinet, (bottom right corner), and get the memo. Now connect the dots, dots to dots, triangles to triangles, stars to stars. now you have the combination to cabinet 3.((136), this number is random so it may not be 136 (133 my 2nd time playing). Inside is the small red box you've been looking for. Touch the box to get it. After you leave the office you'll be confronted by louie.** *(there may be a glitch here, it involves getting) (the box without doing everything else. If you leave the office and you) (dont get an immediate conversation with louie, go back in and make sure) (you've done everything in this room.)* -CH2L- Right away you'll be presented with 2 choices. I picked: "you know.. work" - louie is worried that you were talking to dunning about his past. This will lead to 2 more choices. I picked: "Nah, it wasnt about you" - so now you have to choose if you can trust this guy. You'll get 2 more choices. I picked: "I guess I can trust him..." - then you'll get a flashback. its the same, get a call, shoot a guy flashback. Then louie will press you more and you'll mention "nile" which will give you 2 choices. I picked: "Knew about that, huh?" - which louie will figure out that bradley was undercover, and give you 2 more choices. I picked: "What Makes sense now?" - rosa will barge in and louie wont say a word. -CH2R- Go ahead and talk to Rosa now. and you'll get 2 choices right off the bat. I picked: "What's wrong?" - she wants to know if you knew louis before. I picked: "Nope! never met him!" - (in keeping with the trust with louis) She'll find out that louis called you officer and want to know about his past. I picked: "Don't tell her anything" - you'll get 2 more choices. I picked: "You think he's shifty?'" - you'll tell rosa that louie worked as a pizza boy. Now you can ask rosa some questions that you picked up in the main office. 1) "Who's Jenny?" - she doesnt know anything 2) "What's with Dec 5th?" - and nada Your pager then goes off, and its time to head back to your room. (especially now that you have both items from the order). -CH2CR- You'll call rachel in your room, she'll put ed on. Ya'll talk awhile about Louie, and now we find out that louie may know something about Bradley. Ed then askes if you go the stuff on the order form. Then he Hangs up.\ You'll get a "?" at this point. And the time changes. (save) -CH2550- Head out of your room, and go down to the first floor. Someone will come down the hallway. Its Dunning. Go ahead and talk to him. You can ask him some questions. 1) "Who's Jenny?" - dont ask this, or it'll be Game Over. 2) "What's with december 5th?" - also, dont ask this or Game Over. 3) "Where's Louie?" - He knows you knew Louie. He'll tell you where to find Louie. Then he'll leave. -CH2LH- Enter the left hallway and head to the Pantry. This will take you to the kitchen. Rosa is inside, go ahead and talk to her. She'll want you to get out but not before you can ask a "?" 1) "Where's Louie?" - she'll tell you how to get to his room, although its got a huge label on it that says "Louie's Room". -CH2LR- Before you go to his room, explore a little. Stop by the laundry room first. Nothing of interest in there yet, head over to the Electrical room. You'll notice that the cover has been taken off one of the switch boxes. Make a note of that. Now to the boiler room. You'll see 2 boiler handles, that you should make note of for later use. Now on to louies room. Knock on his door, and he'll come out. Then he'll let you inside. Go ahead and talk to him. You'll get 2 choices about Nile. I picked: "C'mon, Louie. Why not?" - it will go in a circle from here and make you pick: "Oh, you'll talk to me" - you'll get a "red" "?" this time And you'll tell him about how nile is looking for him and get 2 choices. I picked: "your suprised?" - and again a circle, so pick the other one : "That's what LAPD says" - and another red "?". You'll also get another 2 choices. I picked: "Did you take that money?" - and you'll get another red "?" After some more talk you can ask louie the questions. (save) 1) "Who killed danny?" - you'll get 2 choices I picked: "I don't think it was you" - he'll tell you J killed danny. and you'll get a "?" about J. 2) "who's J?" - then you'll get another "?" asking why danny was killed. 3) "Who stole the money?" - and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "I don't think it was you" - it was the guy who kiled danny (j) 4) "Why'd you leave the city?" - and you'll get 2 choices, I picked: "Cause Danny got killed" - and you'll get another "?" about the last big job. 5) "why was danny killed?" - and you'll get a "?" about a painting. 6) "whats the angel painting?" - he doesnt know much about it 7) "what was the job? - danny wanted to do more, then they talk about how hyde doesnt understand, so louie explains. (to me J looks an aweful lot like bradley, but this is just an opinion, and not to be taken to heart). Then he hands you a picture. well I was right, J is bradley.... oh noes!!!!!!!... (creepy music).. Then we find out that Hyde shot Bradley. And then the same flashback. And now we know why Hyde is looking for Bradley/J. -CH2EQ- 1) "Whats the cute girl that cant talk's name?" a. Iris b. Mila c. Helen (b) 2) "When did the ghosts start appearing?" a. 10 years ago? b. 5 Years ago? c. 3 years ago? (a) 3) "what did you get in the cabinet?" a. crowbar b. paper clip c. small red box (c) 4) "what did you learn new about louie?" a. he would get fired b. nile was after him c. he was in love (b) 5) "what was the name of louie's pal?" a. Danny b. Dunning c. Jeff (a) save your game, end of chapter 2 @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 3 6:00pm - 7:00pm December 28th, 1979 -CH3215- Your phone rings. Answer it. Its rachel. She wants to know who Bradley is. You'll get 2 choices. I picked: "Forget it, Rachel" - Hyde asks rachel for Ed to page him when he gets back in. -CH3IFR- Head down to the first floor. Melissa and her dad are standing in front of the resturant. You'll get 2 choices here. I picked: "why so angry, kid?" - and she runs off. Then you turn and talk to the dad, who gives you 2 choices. I picked: "Nothing to appologize for." - and you find out the guys name is Kevin Woodward. After you tell him your name you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "what's wrong?" - and he says hes heard your name before and you get a "?". Soon after that you'll get 2 more choices. I picked: "Nothing special" - and now you'll get to ask him the "?" 1) "You know somebody with my name?" - he says he may have had a patien with the same name, and leaves. After he leaves you think about what kevin said. And you wonder what kevin is so worried about. -CH3R- Now head inside the resturant, remember you get a free meal tonight. Right as you walk inside, louie is there waiting for you. You'll talk to him automatically, and you'll get a "?" about the bar. You'll then get 2 choices about some rooms being messed up. I picked: "Six months?" - and you'll get a "?" when he mentions room 217 the other 2 messed up rooms are 220 and 218. Time to ask the "?". 1) "Where's the bar?" - Bar opens at 9pm. Louie wants to grab a drink with you. 2) "Room 217 isn't being used?" - Thats the room that kyle's dopleganger stayed and louie warns you "you cant go running around the hotel like your ass is on fire!" -- haha. You want him to bust into 217 for you so you can poke around. -CH3I- As you approch the resturant, Iris is standing there. 2 choices right away. I picked: "What is it?" - and you'll get 2 more choices asking about her depression. I picked: "Depressed? You?" - she gets sad when people dont like her. and you'll get a "?". 1) "Who said she hated you?" - and you'll get another "?" cause it was an awful childs fault. 2) "an awful child, huh?" - you'll get 2 choices I picked: : "you mean melissa?" - and you'll get another "?" because melissa threw her doll at iris. 3) "She Threw her doll?" - and you'll get 2 choices I picked: "I bet you hate kids" - and she runs off. -CH3IR- Right away when you enter, check the right table to get melissa's doll. You'll automatically sit down in the middle. And Rosa Shows up and gives you dinner. When you are done rosa comes back and takes your empty plate. She then brings you "tea chiffon cake". After you eat that Summer shows up. You get a "?" during this talk, that you may have overlooked something in the box that his notebook was in. And then you'll get another "?". 1) "What am I looking for?" - its a bookmark "?". 2) "what was in the notebook anyway?" - you'll get 2 choices I picked: "I just looked at the cover" - 3) "what kind of bookmark?" - its an angel bookmark. blue with a ribbon. Remember summer is in 211. Rosa comes back to take the desert plate away. You'll get 2 choices. I picked: "I think he's a writer" - Rosa recognises summers name and you'll get 2 more choices. I picked: "You know this guy?" - and you'll get 2 "?"'s. 1) "you're a fan of summer?" - His first book was "the secret word". now 2 choices, I picked: "The secret word?" - and you'll get another "?" 2) "what about the guy with my name?" - she doesnt remember. 3) "Whats the book about?" - its about revenge on a friend. -CH3P- Once rosa leave, time to explore. Check the piano for another secret number. (+77) (thats 5 number, only 2 left.). Now you can leave the resturant. -CH3M- As you leave, louie and mila will be standing there. She wants to help but louie makes her go back to rosa's room. Talk to louie. And the time changes. -CH3620- Leave the resturant. And mila will be at the end of the hall. Go ahead and talk to her. You start talking about art, and Rosa shows up. And they both leave. Go ahead and head back upstars, to get stopped by someone comming down. Its one eyed old lady. She asks you to walk her to the resturant. You'll get 2 choices. I picked: "well.. maybe..." - and she'll think you said yes. So then you walk her to the resturant. louie is gone. When you get to the resturant, she'll want to buy you a drink. 2 choices. I picked: "A free drink? Im in!" (cause thats what I'd really say in real life) - and you'll say you'll meet her in the bar later. As you walk out, louie will stop you. He'll give you a nice fountain pen.\ Rosa will call louie away. Now take a look at where louie was standing for another secret number. (-11) (thats 6, one more). -CH3P- On your way out, stop by the chalkboard and use the fountain pen on the chalk at the bottom. And you can do a rub on the fountain pen to find out what it says. ("To Alan, with love"). (side note, you can also use flour from the pantry to read the pen). (Save). Go back to find louie. Hes at the podium right inside the resturant. And you give louie the pen while louie checks on if anyone named alan is around. head back to your room. -CH3D- Head to room 219 to give melissa back her doll. Knock on the door, melissa will answer and tell your her dads not in "?". 1) "Where'd you dad go?" - she thinks her dad hates her. Give her the doll. When you try to leave she invites you in her room. go ahead and talk to her when you get in. She wants you to do the puzzle. Take this time to explore the room. When you are done, head over to the puzzle. And now you get to play. She tells you her birthday is june 29th. Hyde will remember there is something on the back of the puzzle. And pop the puzzle will appear. It looks like you cant do anything right? Try closing the DS... wahlaaa now you can read the writing on the back of the puzzle. (goodbye melissa). and you'll get a "?". Just as the dad walks in. and you'll get another "?" (its grey) 1) "You worried about melissa?" - and you'll get another "?" as kevin is worried you talked about her mother with her. 2) "why did your wife leave?" - and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "Easy! dont scare melissa" - and you'll be forced to leave and you cant get the other "?" answered, time will change. -CH3640- Now head back to your room. And you can check out the box now. Just flip it around and hit it a bunch and you'll find the bookmark. and you'll get a "?" Now head to summers room (211). 1) "who painted the bookmark?" - he'll say its a replica, and you'll get a "?". (osterzone painted it). 2) "so who is osterzone?" - he'll talk about the painter and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "Angel opening a Door?" - He'll talk some more about the painting and then he'll ask for his bookmark. Give him the bookmark. And head back to your room. -CH3N- You'll hear a noise. Head to 218 and knock, you'll hear melissa crying. Shes stuck in the room. Now you've got to help her, so head down to the resturant and talk to louie. "Aw, Sweet chrispy crap!" louie will say. He'll talk about turning the lights on, he'll give you 2 choices. I picked: "I know enough." - he'll want you to fix the switchboard. Its in the electrical room, (next to the kitchen we've been in there already) You have to hit both switches at the same time to get them to turn on. Head back up to 218 and knock again. The lock is stuck, so you pick the lock. Just push the bars until they click, and it will open righ up. If you go too slow you'll have to start all over. -CH3ME- Head over to melissa once you get inside the room and talk to her. You'll get 2 choices about melissa not wanting to be with her dad anymore. I picked: "things arnt going well?" - she says her dad is a liar. and a "?" will come your way. You'll get 2 more choices. I picked: "why do you think that?" - and you'll get another "?" about where melissa's mom is. 2 more choices. I picked: "you stay here before?" - and it will push you back around to ask the other question so I picked: "Did Dad know this place?" - and you'll get another "?". 1) "know why your dad Lied?" - 2 choices I picked: "He hated to see you sad." - hyde promises not to lie to her 2) "know why your mom left? - 2 choices I picked: "It wasn't your fault" - and you'll get another "?" 3) "lets talk about your mom leaving." - 2 choices I picked: "I'm sure your dad knows" - she liked that 4) "your parents argue alot?" - she'll tell you she said some bad things to her mom and thats why she left. melissa will leave, and you can explore 218 if you want there is nothing around though. -CH3MD- Melissa's dad will be standing outside of his room. Go ahead and talk to him. You'll get a "?" for talking to him. 1) "Where were you?" - he'll tell you he was on the roof. -CH3RF- well, time to head to the roof, and someone will be up there. Its Iris. Go talk to her. 2 choices. I picked: "Just needed some air" - and you'll get 2 more choices. I picked: "you need air too?" - and time for a quiz. (pick the other one and hyde will ask about kevin, but still she'll) (leave) -CH3EQ- 1) "I ran into kevin, and he asked me about.." a. The dinner menu b. Melissa c. Work (b) 2) "At dinner summer came and yapped at me about... " a. A bookmark b. drinking together c. Showing him around (a) 3) "what artist painted the angel on the bookmark?" a. Alan b. Pinki Rabbit c. Osterzone (c) 4) "what room was melissa locked in?" a. 219 b. 218 c. 217 (b) 5) "where was kevin?" a. on the roof b. looking at a painting c. solving a puzzle (a) End of Chapter 3 (save) @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 4 7:00pm - 8:00pm December 28th, 1979 -CH4S- Time to explore the rooftop. Get to the exit and your pager will go off. Keep exploring then head back to your room. When you get there, call rachel. When you are done there will be a knock on your door. Its louis. He brought you the spare key for room 217. And you get the fountain pen back. If you have not done so already, put the small red box in your suitcase. Dont go into room 217 yet, or you'll get Game over when you leave. -CH4J- Walk down the hall a little and jeff will be standing outside. Go ahead and talk to him. This will make him go back inside his room. Now you can go into room 217. -CH4217- first check the dresser for bradley's lighter. Next head over to the bed and check the painting on the floor. on the bottom right on the floor behind the painting is an old photo. Get that and you're done in here. -CH4215- OOooo Someone was in the hall. Walk to your door to see its open just a little. Walk in and the floor is wet, its comming from the bathroom. So head over to the bathroom. Click on the toliet, and try to flush it. It wont so push the top all the way to the left using the right corner closest to you. And click on the money inside the tolet. And then the phone rings. Before you answer the phone, put the stack of cash in your suitcase. -CH4R- Answer the phone its rachel. She tells you that she has a friend in an art museum checking on the painter for you. Now its time to wander the hotel. -CH4J2- Head down to the front desk to find Jeff. He'll give you 2 choices. I picked: "Fill me in" - and he makes you go away. -CH4TV- Remeber at 7:00pm the TV is working, so while you are here, lets veg out a little. Click on the TV, then click on the knobs. Hit the power button on the far right to turn it on. Now flip through the channels. News and a cartoon, nothing special. -CH4RO- After you check the TV, head back up to the 2nd floor to find Rosa. Talk to her. you'll get a "?" 1) "why do you need summer?" - she hands you summer's book and wants you to get his autograph for her. and time changes. -CH4720- **** you can only do this at this time******** Show Dunning your own cash when you can to get 4 coins. **** you can only do this at this time******** Head to the front desk to see jeff yelling at dunning about something of his that was stolen. You'll get a "?" Talk to dunning. 1) "what was that about?" - 2 choices. I picked: "What Happened?" - and you'll get another "?" summer will show up and want the newspaper. 2) "why was jeff so angry?" - and you'll get another "?" 3) "what was stolen?" - 2 choices. I picked: "You suspect me?" - he's gonna handle it. -CH4S- When you're done with that talk to summer. You'll ask about the autograph and he'll want you to come to his room later. Read the news paper. Then time will change. -CH4740- Head back to your room to encounter Rosa in a doorway. Dont talk to her, just try to walk past her, and she'll get all uppity on you. Then you'll get 2 choices about another set of stairs. I picked: "other stairs?" - and you'll get a "?" about the back stairs. 1) "there are more stairs?" - You'll find out about the stairs but to remember that they are locked on the 2nd floor side. -CH4RH- Go through the right hallway to find another part of the hotel. The stairs to the 2nd floor are directly on your left. You can exlore here but you cant get inside any of the doors. Right as you get up the stairs a door opens and Dunning comes out. Talk to him and you'll get a "?" about missing tools. 1) "what's missing?" - you'll get 2 choices, I picked: "You mean Jeff?" - and you'll get a "?" 2) " what was stolen?" - you'll find out it was Cash. he leaves. Go ahead and put the tools back in the tool box in the linen room. And if you havent already, put the stack of cash, the small red box, and the room 217 key, and the memo in your suitcase. -CH4S2- head to 211 and summer will let you in his room. Go ahead and talk to him. You'll get a "?" 1) "you like signing stuff?" - and you'll get 2 choices I picked: "An unknown Hotel?" - and you'll get a "?" 2) "you just ended up here?" - he says he is staying here on a whim but how would he get a package if that were true. Talk to him again to get him to sign the book. He does not have a pen so give him the fountain pen. It ends up being his. and you'll get a "?" 3) "that was your pen?" - and you'll get 2 choices I picked: "What's your name?" - and he admits that alan is his real name. talk to him again. and then show him the book again. He will go to the restroom, so while he is there, explore his room. Click on the notebook on the table. Then you'll leave. -CH4I- Head down the stairs, and iris will stop you. She'll tell you that dunning is searching people. He'll stop you as you go down the stairs. If you have ANYTHING, you took from the hotel, it'll be GAME OVER. so Make sure you have hidden everything well and save before you go downstairs. If you did it correct, dunning wont be there. So head to the kitchen. -CH4Ro2- When you get to the kitchen talk to Rosa so you can give her the book. You'll get a "?". 1) "are you really that thrilled?" - she'll tell you she has 50 autographs got her first one 16 years ago. now give her the book. and you'll get a "?" about summers handwriting. 2) "how is his signature special?" - its how he writes the "er" in summer. come to find out summer's pen name is fake. head back to summers room. -CH4S3- Go inside and talk to summer. And hyde will go into some act asking summer to teach him the craft of book writing. and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "But if you can do it..." - you'll get a "?" and 2 choices. I picked: "Different Handwriting." - and you'll get another "?" and 2 choices I picked: "Your name's not Alan!" - and you'll get another "?" 1) "Why are you so angry?" - you'll get 2 choices, and I picked: "It exposes you" - and you'll get another "?" 2) "who wrote the novel?" - 2 choices I picked: "c'mon. who really did it?" - he asks for proof. so he signs his name in your notebook. and you now get to compare the signatures circle the "er" in both, make sure you get all of it in the circle. 3) "Who wrote the novel?" - ask again and you'll get another "?" 4) "who's alan?" - he doesnt answer. 5) "Who sent the notebook?" - and nothing again 6) "how do you know alan?" - he'll tell you his story. -CH4EQ- Now that that story is over, its time for a quiz. 1) "other than the lighter, what did was in 217?" a. 20k cash b. old photo c. newspaper (b) 2) "rosa insisted that.." a. get an autograph b. look for stolen goods c. let her clean (a) 3) "what did summer loose?" a. novel b. crowbar c. fountain pen (c) 4) "what did rosa talk about?" a. her collection b. summer's real name c. back stairs (b) 5) "summers big secret was.." a. stole friends work b. odd handwriting c. hotel holds memories (a) (save) @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 5 8:00pm - 9:00pm December 28th, 1979 -CH5800- The phone rings. Its rachel. She has some info on the artist. You talk to rachel about bradley and ed's still out. Time to go see rosa. -CH5H- As you head down to the 1st floor you are stopped by jeff. 2 choices. I picked: "whats wrong now?" - and you'll get 2 more choices. I picked: "like what?" - and you'll get a "?" 1) "What was taken from you?" - 2 choices follow I picked: "Come on, tell me." - you'll find out that dunning is going room to room now. Dunning comes from behind. and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "what's the problem?" - and you'll get an "?" 1) "What makes him off- kilter?" - he says he'll think it over for an hour and walks off. -CH5R- I think you have a date with Mila now. So head to rosa's room. Its through the right hallway. Rosa is standing in front of her door. Talk to her. She wants you to watch rosa while she is away getting medicine for mila. 2 choices, I picked: "Sure" - (well you need to talk to mila anyways). Time changes -CH5820- its now 8:20pm. Head inside rosa's room to see mila. Shes on the sofa sleeping touch her to wake her up. You ask abou the bracelet, she cant talk so she writes in your notebook. It says "papa". She then writes the name of her father. Then rosa comes back and makes you leave. On your way out Dunning will stop you. He tells you to go back to your room. -CH5215- Once you get in there is a knock on your door. Its melissa. She ripped her doll. So head to your bed and open your box. And get the mini sewing machine. Head back over to melissa and talk to her. She hands you her doll. Then you get a little sewing mini game, just follow the lines. When you're done melissa will ye'll YAAAAAAAY!. Then she'll tell you she saw jeff comming out of your room.. Time changes 8:40pm. -CH5840- save your game. and head out to confront jeff. (hes in room 213) knock on the door to find that hes not in. But you get a clue that he came from the left. Head down to the laundry room on the 1st floor. Click on the linen cart to search it. Mini game time. Just toss the sheets out. Touch the cloth at the bottom, then touch the top right of the inside of the linen cart to find a pistol. Louie will come in right after this. 2 choices I picked: "I found something good" - you'll get a "?" asking who used the laundry. 1) "Who did laundry today?" - he'll say jeff from 213 did. And then there will be lots of talk, and then 2 choices I picked: "create a distraction" - so now the plan is made. Head to your room to get the keys for 217. -CH5217- save. once inside 217 louie will make a loud noise, then you rush over to 213. Check his bag to find the spare 215 keys. Check his coat to find his student ID. jeff seems to be the larry damon's son, the guy who in the paper's house was robbed. When you try to leave, jeff will stop you. Talk to him to get a "?". then you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "you hid cash in my john" - and you'll get a "?" and 2 choices. I picked: "i got an eyewitness" - and you'll get another "?" about the gun. 1) "I know about the cash" - He'll want proof so show him the cash, the gun, the keys, and the id. He wont budge. before you talk to him again go and get the newspaper from the front lobby. You'll read the article about the robbery and pick it up. Go back up to 213 and, (save) Knock on the door and he'll let you in. Now show him all the proof. Newspaper, ID, Cash, Pistol, Keys. Now if you get any of these questions wrong its GAME OVER. 1) "I know about the cash" - 2 choices I picked: "you wanted trouble" - and you'll get a "?" 2) "I know abou the gun" - 2 choices I picked: "you wanted it found" - and you'll get a "?" 3) "your real name is." - 2 choices I picked: "jeff damon" - and you'll get another "?" 4) "who do I sound like?" - he'll say his "poppa" (like mila) and give you another "?" 5) "why put the gun there?" - he thinks they'd call the cops if it were found. 6) "You hate your dad's name?" - he hates his dad. 7) "Your old man that bad?" - then you'll talk to him for a bit, and gain his trust and he tells you everything. Turns out his old man is working for the Nile mob. time for a quiz. -CH5EQ- 1) "What did jeff ask?" a. whats wrong b. did dunning say anything? c. look after mila, will you? (b) 2) "whats mila's fathers name?" a. robert evans b. kevin woodward c. martin summer (a) 3) "what did i find in the laundry room?" a. crowbar b. 215 master key c. gun (c) 4) "what did i find in jeff's jacket?" a. mini sewing kit b. student ID c. newspaper (b) 5) "what does jeff's dad do?" a. lawyer b. doctor c. writer (a) (save) end of chapter 5 @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 6 9:00pm - 10:pm December 28th, 1979 -CH6900- time to head to the bar. but before you go, answer the phone. its rachel. now you can talk to Ed. Ya'll talk about Bradley/J and what you and louie talked about. Its a pretty long chat, when your done head out to the bar. -CH6B- enter the bar, and louie is waiting for you, and gives you a drink. Then you talk to yourself a bit. Soon you'll talk to louie again and get 2 "?". Then you'll get 2 choices about when bradley stayed under your name. I picked: "you called in sick?" - but he had a vacation so pick that one 1) "Tell me about the jukebox" - jukebox is freeplay 2) "tell me about the matches" - he gives you another drink. and the door opens. its helen (one eyed lady). -CH6JB- go check out the jukebox, on the right side is the final secret number. (-91). Lets add them up. +11 +25 -21 +30 +77 -11 -91 ____ = 40 now these can be random, so dont rely on my numbers, this is just what i got in the game. You can play with the jukebox too, its just the music from the game. if you have not encounted the music yet it will show ???. Now you can go to the vending machine. If you got the coins in chapter 4 you can use them now. You will get a "pinkie rabbit" doll for your trouble. (on the second playthrough you'll get a lipstick, which you can give to one of the girls. iris, rosa, helen, but it doesnt do anything special.) -CH6H- Now walk over to helen. Talk to her for a "?" about family. keep talking for another "?". 1) "How long have you been alone?" - to get a "?" 2) "What;s your wish?" - she wont say 3) "you had family once? - louie will come and then she'll want to play a game with you. so you'll have coins like this o o o b o a to win just move coin labled as "a" and put it on top of "b" , thats it. she'll start talking about her past, and right away you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "you stayed here before?" - and you'll get 2 more choices I picked: "what did you do?" - she was a magician, and then she'll leave. -CH6M- when louie and helen leave, check the shelf to the left of where you are standing and click on the matches for a minigame. __ ! ! -- -- ! I ! !x x! ! I ! -- -- ! ! -- just remove the matches labled "I" and "x" to win this game and make 3 boxes. When you win iris will come in. -CH6I- Iris askes if you want to have a drink. 2 choices I picked: "No Thanks." - and time will change. 9:20pm -CH6920- (save). click on the other matches for another minigame. try to make 3 triangles by removing 6 matches /\ /--\ / \x x /x \x /x x \ /\ -- -- -- /\ /--\ / \ / \ / \ /\ -- -- -- <-- remove the ones labled "x" should look like ^this when finished (sorry im not perfect at ascii art). someone else will come in the bar when you complete this puzzle. Its summer. Iris will leave at this point. And you'll get 2 choices from summer. I picked: "What's not right?" - and you'll get 2 "?" 1) "what all makes sense?" - he thinks you are looking for the painting. 2) "how do you know Iris?" - he cant remember Now go to the bar and click onthe burbon, and the door will open again. louie is back. Time to leave the bar. As you leave you can see rosa doing something. -CH6R- walk over to rosa to talk. After some talking you'll get a "?" about the bar. 1) "When was the anniversary?" - you'll remember about the story of the missing kid, how it happened 10 years ago. and another "?" 2) "Tell me about the story." - she tells you the ghost story is a rumor. Time to find dunning. -CH6D- Head into the resturant to talk to Dunning. You'll get a "?". After you get the "?" walk up to Dunning and talk to him. You'll ask about the hotel history And you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "When was it built?" - you'll get a "?". 1) "when did you take over?" - and you'll get another "?" 2) "what were you looking at?" - the pictures above the piano 3) "what did you do before?" - and you'll get 2 choices I picked: "how'd you get this place?" - he wont tell you then he'll tell you that jeff called and all of his stolen stuff was in his room the whole time. -CH6R2- head out of the resturant, and back to rosa, and she'll stop you. And you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "what's perfect?" - she'll ask you for a favor. and you'll get a "?" about Helen in room 212. 1) "who did helen come here with?" - and another "?" 2) "she's just like you?" - and another "?" about rosa's son 3) "What's your son like?" - she talks about him for a bit and the time changes. -CH6940- I'll tell you where all the bottles are. time to look for wine bottles. (save.) In the resturant there is a bottle of rosé "?" head into the kitchen. on the middle counter is a bottle of white "?" and by the microwave is a bottle of red "?" Now time to talk to summer and iris. Iris first (215): 1) "what wind did you drink?" - she had the rosé (she wants hyde!!) summer next (211): 1) "what wine did you drink?" - he had white. so head to your room, and open your product box and get the adhesive remover. and back down to the kitchen. and use the remover on the bottle of wine. And a little minigame will start. Just coat the label, then peel it slowly about halfway peeled it will do it on its own. Head up to helen's room (212). -CH6H2- Go an knock on her door. She'll invite you in her room. Talk to her. You'll get a "?" about 10 years ago. 1) "what happened back then?" - hand her the wine label after she wont tell you didddly. if you get any of these wrong its Game OVer. after you give her the label, hit the back arrow to talk some more. and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "c'mon, I'm just curious." - and you'll get a "?". and 2 choices I picked: "you don't know, do you?" - and you'll get a "?" 1) "who was the person?" - 2 choices I picked: " you care about him?" - and you'll get a "?" 2) "why don't you contact him?" - 2 choices I Picked: "You miss him too much." - and another "?" 3) "how did you betray him?" - she left him 4) "who is this mystery person?" - you'll find out it was her son (alan) 5) "you son's name is alan?" - you'll tell her about the fountain pen head over to summer's room (211). you'll take the pen from him. Head back to rosa's room. Show her the pen. and you'll get a "?" 6) "its your sons pen, huh?" - and another "?" 7) "you had to be reunited?" - because she left him behind. you'll talk about how summer stole his book and how he is missing. then she'll trust you and tell you everything. -CH6EQ- 1) "who came into the bar next?" a. Iris b. Helen c. Summer (b) 2) "when did dunning take over?" a. 5 years ago b. 6 months ago c. 3 years ago (a) 3) "what kind of wine was helen drinking?" a. white b. rosé c. red (c) 4) "what was her companion's name (helen)" a. dunning b. alan c. kevin (b) 5) "why did helen leave her son, to become a.." a. magician b. bartender c. detective (a) end of chapter 6 (save.) @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 7 10:00pm - 11:00pm December 28th, 1979 -CH71000- When its 10pm head back to the bar. You'll get 2 choices when you talk to louie. I picked: "I'll have a scotch". - then you'll get 2 more choices. I picked: "A guy like me?" - 2 more choices. I picked: "I might..." - then you'll get a "?" after you drink. (man they make alcohol sound so good. it makes my beer seem less friendly) 1) "what story is that?" - 2 choices I picked: "I don't remember this" - and you'll get another "?" 2) "I told you about my father?" - and another "?" 3) "you belived my story?" - 2 choices I picked: "Its true" - 2 choices I picked: "I dont get it" - bowling tonight, 11pm. somone enters. summer. -CH7S- Walk over and talk to summer. and you'll get a "?" and 2 choices. I picked: "Talk about Alan." - 2 choices I Picked: "Tell him the truth" - louie comes an gives summer his drink 1) "What did you want to talk about?" - he says the woman looks like the naked girl in your nudie mag, cecily lee. and another "?" 2) "who is cecily lee?" - he wonders why shes hear alone. (you can show him the nudie mag if you want but he just confirms that) (its her) -CH7M- Leave the bar to find melissa. 2 choices. I picked: "I'm not a present kind of guy." - and 2 more choices I picked: "Dad's a Jerk, huh?" - and you give her the pinkie rabbit doll. ** you may only get this conversation if you grabbed the doll out of** ** the vending machine right after you found the last number, you ** ** will most likely get it again, if you have the coins from ch4** Time changes. -CH71020- On your way out you will run into rosa. And you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "Her dad's a jerk." - and 2 more choices. I picked: "what drove his wife off?" - and you'll get a "?" 1) "You know people's problems?" - 2 choices I picked: "maybe one or two." - and you'll get 2 more choices I picked: "she didn't get one." - she'll tell you that the tree and christmas stuff can be found in the storage room. -CH7SR- Head to the storage room, by rosa's room. Once inside the storage room click on the lockers and search the one you can click on to get a black light. Then click on the boxes for a mini game, and just move them out of the way so you can get the tree in the back. you can stack the boxes pretty high. Melissa will then walk in. Then another decorating the christmas tree minigame so now decorate away!. (there is a yellow hook on the left thats kinda hard to see, the bow goes on a red hook). Mila then walks in and louie. Talk around, when you get to melissa she'll fall asleep, and you'll make louie take her back to her room. Now its just you and Mila. -CH7MI- Talk to mila about christmas, and she'll write stuff down in your notebook. "i have no one" she says. You ask her about her father. and she asks you. "where is dad now?" you ask her some more questions about her dad. "santa monica" "gallery may". Rosa will then come in. as you leave you'll see an open door. -CH7DR- Walk into dunnings room. Check out the picture of the young girl in the back. Once you do dunning will make you leave and time will change. -CH71040- Head into the lobby to find Kevin. Lol hes drunk!. Follow him into the front desk area and he'll ignore you. Now head into the bar to find who Kevin was drinking with. Iris will be in there, when she leaves talk to louie for a "?". 1) "whos the girl in dunnings photo?" - no idea 2) "Who was drinking in here?" - Kevin and Iris. and a "?" 3) "what were they talking about?" - kevin said something about gallery may in santa monica 4) "what about the gallery?" - they talk about stuff., now your off to talk to the 2 drunkards. -CH7I- When you leave the bar head up to Iris's room. Iris knows someone that works at the gallery. and you'll get a "?". Then she'll invite you in her room. Once inside talk to her. and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "What's odd?" - and you'll get a "?" 1) "was anything stolen?" - she lost a small envelope. 2) "what about the gallery?" - 2 choices I picked: "whats the owners name?" - nada 3) "what was in the envelope?" - she cant tell you 4) "who gave you the envelope?" - grace gave her the envelope. her name is on the back of it. 5) "who is grace?" - shes a friend. -CH7K- Kevin will be in the hall when you leave. and he'll run off. Head to the front desk to confront Kevin. and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "you two had business?" - and a "?" and 2 choices I picked: "i got reasons for asking" - you get a "?" about kevins wife. 1) "talk about iris" - 2 choices I picked: "I belive you just met" - but she knew grace "?" 2) "talk about gallery may" - 2 choices I picked: "you never worked there." - and another "?" 3) "who is grace?" - and another "?" 4) "talk about grace." - and 2 choices I picked: "it was you" - and you'll get a "?" 5) "why did grace leave?" - nada 6) "how was it your fault?" - and bam, he tells you everything. time for the quiz -CH7EQ- 1) "after leaving the bar you ran into?" a. rosa b. melissa c. iris (b) 2) "what was the room called with the christmas tree?" a. storage b. rosa's room c. kitchen (a) 3) "who else came to see the tree after mila?" a. kevin b. dunning c. louie (c) 4) "what was the name of mila's fathers business?" a. seven stars b. gallery may c. moonlight grill (b) 5) "what was stolen from iris?" a. small envelope b. matchbook c. fountain pen (a) end of chapter 7 (save.) @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 8 11:00pm - 12:00am December 28th, 1979 -CH8E- Time to look for the envelope. Before you leave your room the phone will ring. Again. Its rachel. And you'll talk to ed about mila. As you leave your room you'll hear a noise. Head to the utility closet. You can look around or just check the trashcan to your right as you walk in. Grab the tape. And grab the brown paper (envelope). You'll see that the tape is unwound. Head to your room and grab the red pencil out of your suitecase. -CH8B- Now head to the bar and talk to louie. You'll ask about a cassette player. and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "someone else wanted it?" - it was dunning. Head to Louis's room to use the tape player. The tape is unwound so to fix it use the pencil you grabbed from your room on the tape which is now sitting next to the tape player. And you'll get a little tape winding minigame. Just stroke down to wind it. Use the tape again on the deck to play it. Listen to side A, its just music. Now try side B. Its jibberish but you get a clue. Time to find iris. -CH8I- When you talk to iris you'll get a "?". 1) "why did you have the tape?" - she cant believe you listened to it Give her the envelope and the tape if you want to. Then she invites you in. start talking for 2 choices. I picked: "why bring it here?" - and you'll get a "?" and 2 choices. I picked: "you didn't know?" - and you'll get a "?" about the doll. you'll get one more "?" by the end of the talk. 1) "lets talk about the plan." - 2 choices I picked: "the tape is insurance" - and a "?" 2) "lets talk about the doll." - 2 choices I picked: "you recognized it" - another "?" 3) "lets talk about grace." - 2 choices again I picked: "its because she's vanished" - and another "?" 4) "who gets the tape?" - give it to the man who painted the angel. 5) "you had that doll?" - grace and here were kids together. 6) "where did grace get the money?" - turns out that iris and grace are sisters. Then she tells you everything. Time changes. -CH81120- Time to bowl with louie, Head down to his room and knock to get inside. you'll tell him about grace, then you'll bowl. Just head outside to start the minigame. If you lose too much hit the back arrow on top to start over. During the 3rd match louie will break a plant, but you'll find a key. If you want to know where to go, read on. -CH8RF- Mila is missing, so its time to look for her. Up to the roof you go. Touch mila to talk to her. She'll write stuff in your notebook, rosa tells mila that she knows her father. Time will change. -CH81140- Escort mila to rosa's room. Knock on the door for her to let you in. rosa askes you to wait in the back room, its the door just past mila. Look at all the pictures (3), and then try to leave. Rosa comes to talk to you and you ask about the pictures. Soon you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "C'mon, Rosa. Don't Lie." - and you'll get a "?" and 2 choices I picked: "Rosa, Come on, now." - then 2 more "?" 1) "Talk about the pamphlet [pam-flit]." - 2 choices I picked: "Mila's Brochure" - another "?" 2) "Talk about mila's father" - 2 choices I picked: "You DO know something!" - another "?" 3) "Talk about the promise." - 2 choices I picked: "someone I know" - and another "?" 4) "what did the pamphlet tell you?" - someone stayed at dusk along time ago 5) "what did you remember?" - talks about trust 6) "whats your big secret?" - the she spills everything. time to leave the room, (lots of talk about apple painings.) head up to your room, cause your pager is going off. -CH8215- when you get to your room call ed. And talk about robert evans. time for a quiz. -CH8EQ- 1) "what was one of the 2 things i asked ed to look for?" a. Kevin woodward b. robert evans c. iris (b) 2) "who sent the tape to iris?" a. grace b. melissa c. rosa (a) 3) "what did hyde and louie find in the planter?" a. tape b. pencil c. old key (c) 4) "where was mila?" a. resturant b. roof c. lobby (b) 5) "when did robert evans go missing?" a. 7 years ago b. six months ago c. 2 years ago (a) end of chapter 8. (save) @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 9 12:00am - 2:00am December 29th, 1979 -CH9215- There are 5 apple painings, hyde will remember rosa saying. If you search the paining you will find a letter. Time to hunt for apple painings. The one in 215 has the letter - Y and 5 apples (its in a middle apple) The one in 217 has the letter - N and 4 apples (on the left near an apple) Middle of 2nd floor Hallway - E and 2 apples (top right corner) 1st floor end of hallway - N and 3 apples (middle apple) Head out to the lobby to get stopped by louie. Hes got some info on the key. "?", and another "?" about melissa's mom. 1) "where's the other apple panting?" - he does not know 2) "what's the old key for?" - its the key to the booze cellar. 3) "what's the story with grace?" - nada tells you to go to the cellar after 1am. Dunning shows up and time changes. -CH91220- Head to rosa's room to check on mila. You and rosa talk for a bit. 1) "where's the other apple panting?" - and you get another "?" 2) "you have a special room?" - she says its in room 111. now you'll have to be sneaky. so dont go directly to room 111. -CH9111- now you have mila with you, if you head direclty to the lobby dunning will catch you and its game over. So go up to the 2nd floor and back down to the 1st. Then open room 111. Its in the back, so head through the other door in room 111. Find the 5th paining by the bed. The one in 111 has the letter - J and 1 apple (its on the bottom left of the apple) Ooo, it spells something. Mini game time. its pretty easy, the anwser is to touch the letters in the correct order. The number of apples gives away the order letters = J-E-N-N-Y apples = 1 2 3 4 5 when you leave the room, mila faints. and another minigame. Think of the puzzle to figure this one out, "put your face next to hers" Just close the DS to revive mila, and she talks!!! zomg! -CH9M- Talk to Mila and you'll get a few "?". 1) "what did you remember?" - and you'll get a "?" about Jenny. 2) "what do you mean, "like that time?" - and you'll get another "?" 3) "why couldnt you speak?" - she was scared 4) "Who's jenny?" - a strange man took jenny. 5) "Where's your father?" - and you'll get another "?" 6) "Over there, where's that?" - she woke up and noone was around. 7) "when did you wake up?" - and she tells you robbins hospital. -CH9K- as you leave 111 kevin will stop you. and you'll get 2 choices I picked: "you knew about mila?" - and you'll get a "?" 1) "how do you know mila?" - and another "?" 2) "why was she in the hospital?" - mila was 10 years in a coma. 2 choices I picked: "did you reach her family?" - and you find out some other hyde visited mila. Ed pages, and time changes. -CH91240- Head up to your room to call ED. Hes got some info about evans. after you hang up there is a knock on the door. Its rosa. She tells you that dunning took mila. Time to find them. -CH9DR- Head to dunnings room and knock on the door. Louie will be there to talk. you tell louie to check the wine cellar. Now you can search dunnings room. Check the fridge for some old paint. Head through the red door, and look at the desk. take a look at the old brochure, and you'll get it. Then read the newspaper. and you'll get that also check the desk drawer to see a bunch of birthday cards. WHen you're done leave the room, time to head to the wine cellar. -CH9P- head to the pantry to find the wine cellar. Check the door to the right as you enter the pantry from the left hallway. once you do its time for a quiz. -CH9EQ- 1) "where was the last painting on the 2nd floor?" a. utility closet b. 217 c. 214 (b) 2) "what did the letters in the paintings spell?" a. JENNY b. HELEN c. KEVIN (a) 3) "when mila first came here, she was how old?" a. 19 b. 33 c. 9 (c) 4) "what was the name of the hospital" a. red crown b. robbins c. nile (b) 5) "what was in dunnings desk?" a. birthday cards b. brochure c. newspaper (a) -CH9WC- When you get inside the cellar after the quiz, you'll find louie on the floor. and you'll get knocked out by a shadowy figure. End of chapter 9. (Save.) @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Chapter 10 2:00am - December 29th, 1079 -CH10200- Rosa will wake you up. Louie will get up too. then they'll talk about mila not being found yet. Then kyle goes over the entire mila story. Its pretty long. just read along. -CH10WC- Time to explore the wine cellar. Check the back shelf to find a whiskey box that has one missing. Check the shelf on the east wall to get a half empty whiskey bottle. Now check the shelf behind rosa. Use the half empty bottle on the other bottle behind rosa to make a whiskey bottle. Now head back to the back shelf and put the full whiskey bottle in the case with the other bottles. You'll hear a sound. Now click on the shelf itself and it will move showing a secret passage. -CH10SP- Head down the stairs. You'll come to a basement door. move the bar out of the way and enter the door. Walk to the shelves. Take a look at the red book. To learn some things you'll need to know. Now click on the blue book. when you do someone will lock you in, so you'll need to get out fast. (Save). Check the blue book again and its a book by robert evans. You'll also find a photo in the book. grab it. There is a date on the back of the card. May 18, 1967. Head to the desk to see the machine. It wont turn on. Move the slider to the right to check the power cord. its not making contact. Move it over again to check the toolbox. Grab the hammer. now examine the cabinet on the desk. (hard to breathe) The code to the lockbox is the date on the back of the picture, (518) get the old envelope inside the box. Its from Robert Evans. there is a code on the letter. Mine is: Cghsfncbs wg Ribbwbu Gawhv I'm not sure if this is random or not. Now examine the bottom drawer, there are scissors and a file. Use your pencil on the file to get some graphite (what it said in the red book earlier.) A minigame will start, just move the pencil back and forth. And you'll get some graphite. Now use the graphite on the plug under the table. Once that is done click on the paper next to the machine. Use the blacklight you got from the christmas tree room to read it. It will have a number on it. (you can also adjust the angle of the DS to read it) I had the number 12. Use the letter from evans to put the letter in the left side of the DS screen. Now change the number above power to what the number was on the paper. and type in the code on the letter from evans. The answer will be: "Osterzone is dunning smith" when you do it right, louie will let you out of the basement. -CH10L- Once louie lets you out walk down the hall to trigger an event. some of the bricks have fallen. Use the hammer to break down the wall in a demolition mini game. Knock away the bricks to reveal a door. -CH10SD- You and louie will talk, so now you need to search for proof that dunning painted the angel painting. Walk to the desk to find a knife. Use the knife on the big white "thick" paninting to find the Angel Painting. Its a scraping minigame, just scrape all the white off. You'll talk to louie about how dunning is osterzone. (its pretty long) -CH10H- Its time now to hunt for Dunning and Mila. (SAVE SAVE SAVE) Walk back torward the room where you got locked in, and you will stop. You'll see a line running through a wall. When its open you'll see dunning and mila. You will start talking and you'll get 2 choices. I picked: "you talked to him here?" - and you'll get a "?" about jenny. you'll also get 2 choices. I picked: "it was bradley" - and you'll get a "?" and after some words from mila you'll get another "?". You have to get them all right or its game over. 1) "what did you and Evans discuss?" - 2 choices I picked: "It was the nile." - and you'll get another "?" 2) "what did bradley say?" - 2 choices I picked: "you lied" - and another "?" 3) "is evans going to contact you?" - 2 choices I picked: "he didnt say a thing"- and you'll get another "?" 4) "Why did you stop painting?" - osterzone took all the credit, dunning is mad. 5) "question about evans" - evans secret name with the nile is norman 5) "why did he keep mila a secret?" - no clue now he'll tell you everything! now you can say goodbye to everyone. Thanks for Reading, I hope I helped you lots! @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ @ 3) Numbers @ @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ The secret numbers in this game are random, Here are some of the numbers people have emailed me: (iqyqyr - me) 1st playthrough - Main Office Cabinet: 136 +11, +25, -21, +30, +77, -11, -91 total = 40 2nd playthrough - Main Office Cabinet: 133 +16, -39, +48, -28, -54, +53, +47 total = 43 (chaos_havok) +19, -21, +30, +25, +77, - 11, -9, total = 28 (PinkPixie) Main Office Cabinet: 227 -43, +10, -12, +14, +25, +23, +34 total = 51 @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ @ 4) Extra INfo @ @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ --- If you decide to play again with newgame + there are some changes. *instead of pinkie rabbit from the vending machine you'll get a lipsick which you can give to iris, helen, or rosa. *the tape will give you a new code for the code breaker that will allow you to get into room 220. In there you will find Mila's treasure. *some conversations have changed, just a little. --- other info --- *during the game you can use your other 3 coins to get potato chips, chocolate, and a nugat bar, which you can give away to various people (i.e. give dunning the potato chips), but has no real impact on the story. *the Screwdriver, scissors, and the old paint you can pick up but have no impact on the story. These are just random obtainable items. *the boiler room has no impact on the story --- @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ @ 5) Copyrights @ @~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@ Email me if you'd like to use this FAQ in any way. As of Now only GameFaqs Has permission to post this FAQ. Please leave the FAQ in the same way you see it. If you want to give me more info just email me at goldsounds@hotmail.com and I will give you proper credit. All of this information I gathered on my own. 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