Hunter: The Reckoning - Redeemer By: Alex "Joker" Hall Started on: October 29, 2003 Completed on: E-Mail: - First and foremost I have to get this outta the way......please ask for my permission to use my guide on your site. I have no prob with letting you use this guide on your site so long as you ask me first. Also I'm writing this guide for GameFAQs and GameFAQs only. If there are any updates that I make to this guide it will be only at GameFAQs. I can't help you if the other sites don't update my guide when I update it at GameFAQs. If you ask me questions that I know I've answered in my guide, then I'll just tell you to go to my guide and that's it. If you have a problem with going to GameFAQs then hey, get your info elsewhere. This is where I write for, and I'm not planning on changing sides. - Now that that's outta the way, lets move on to the newest installment of Hunter: The Reckoning. I just beat this game a few minutes ago with the help of my friends of course. LOL......the very first day I bought it and I've already defeated it......BUT.....there's alot of replayablity here as well. From what I can tell there's more than just two characters that you can earn which I'll get into later in the guide, but they may not be what you expect. This game blows all the doors off of the other two Hunter titles, the original for the X-Box, and the contiuation of the story on the Playstation 2. This game is flat out badass, with alot to run into in the game. Best of all you can use your Hunter that you leveled up from a previous game into a new game to make them even far more deadly. But enough of all this, lets get down to the reason why you're here help to getting you out of Ashcroft alive one more time. I'll do what I can to make this without as many SPOILERS as I can, but no promises. Also if you're a fan of Hunter: The Reckoning then goto for more on all things Hunter. - The Hunters that survived: Martyr - Alex Hall Avenger - Levi Thomason Judge - John Linton Defender - Lee Hollar This is the team that beat the game and showed me the info of what to expect in this game. We fought long and hard to once again make it out on top of the evil that lies inside Ashcroft, plus the info needed to make this walkthrough possible. Though we argued alot we still managed to defeat the game, so you should be able to follow the same path that we took to glory. Good luck fellow Hunters....... Table of Contents 1) Story 2) The Controls 3) Game Modes 4) Weapons 5) Edges 6) Characters 7) Enemies 8) Bosses 9) Stages 10) Meet the Hunters of the World 11) Cheats, Secrets, and Tips 12) Credits 1) The Story.... - It's been five years since the Hunters last came together in the city of Ashcroft. Back then it was to combat a supernatural evil from the Shadowlands. Since then, a corporation called Genefex has moved in and revitalized the shattered city. They have purchased the abandoned prison grounds and renovated and expanded it to hold their corporate offices. Genefex, which manufactures everything from cosmetics to toys has given jobs to the people of Ashcroft and brought back stability to their lives. The streets are clean, and the commercial district is thriving. With the rebuilding of the Old Town, newer and larger buildings have sprung up all over the River District. It is a prosperous time for all of Ashcroft this holiday season...but Genefex and it's CEO are discovering that evil is never far from Ashcroft and all that the corporate might of Genefex can do little against the forces of supernatural evil. - That's how things stand for you and other Hunters in this game. For those of you that are new to the Hunt, let me recap on the past incidents that you had to fight in Ashcroft. There are plenty of references to the first incident that happened in Ashcroft where you went one on one with a vampire out for his own happiness (The first Hunter: The Reckoning that was on X-Box and later on GameCube) to the second incident where the original team of Hunters that calmed the town of Ashcroft the first time battled against a cult that had nestled itself inside Ashcroft (The version that was only on the Playstation 2). I myself have fought through both incidents and know the story pretty well. For those that are new, here's where to get caught up...... - Ten years before the battle that you're about to face, a team of Hunters by the names of Kassandra Cheyung, Spencer "Deuce" Wyatt, Samantha Alexander, and Father Esteban Cortez fought against the evil that had plagued Ashcroft for 50 years. Since the 1940's a group of vampires made Ashcroft their home. They had gained control over the local Ashcroft Prison and used that place as their own personal feeding ground. The inmates that were sent there were either used as food or for sick and twisted experiments. No one on the outside knew about what had been going on in the prison for close to 50 years, until a prisoner by the name of Nathaniel Arkady was sent there for execution. Arkady was "different" compared to the other prisoners and the vampires wouldn't go near him. They would push his execution date up more and more to get rid of him faster. A year before the incident occured Nathaniel Arkady was set for execution. The resident prison chaplain was Father Esteban Cortez himself. He was the last person to speak to Arkady before his execution. He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he knew there was something "off" about Arkady. A local officer that day named Samantha Alexander was allowed to bear witness to Arkady's execution and watched from the room. A drifter also by the name of Spencer "Deuce" Wyatt decided to also be a witness to Arkady's execution since Deuce basically lived for this stuff. Also present that day was Kassandra Cheyung, a teenage girl who was the sole heir to her parents fortune and company Fairday Manufacturing. All of them were not prepared for what was about to happen to them for watching Arkady's execution. It may of been that somewhere down the road they would be "imbued" with supernatural powers, but due to circumstance of that execution they were all four imbued by the Messengers to become Hunters. Arkady was to be put to death by the electric chair. When he was killed, spirits that had been occupying his body were released and sent out on a rampage. The four new Hunters didn't know what to exactly expect, but they succeeded in putting the spirits to rest. They boarded up the Prison and all decided to go their own ways from there. They all thought that the nightmare was over in Ashcroft, but they were all sadly mistaken. A year after Arkady's execution some high school kids decided to have a rave setup inside the prison. The rave woke the spirits up and they attacked not just the prison itself, but the entire town of Ashcroft as well. Cortez was staying in Ashcroft since his imbuing and when he caught wind of the evil that was awaken he sent out for the other three that had promised to return should the evil ever awake again. It took the other three Hunters some time to get there, and when they did the town was already in shambles. The people were not able to see the possesed for what they really were, and called the whole thing a riot. The Hunter's first objective was to get the trains working again. They would need about 50 people to go back and work on the train in order to get it running again for all the innocents of Ashcroft to escape. They hit the streets and came across a teenage girl that was babysitting a young girl named Kaylie Winter. The four Hunters gave their word to find the young girl, and with a lead they headed to the elementary school. They were first greeted by a hulking creature that was sent out to destroy the Hunters, but they managed to defeat the creature. With it gone a new face entered the fray. A man who called himself Carpenter appeared before the four Hunters with Kaylie safe and sound. The Hunters knew that Carpenter was a rot, but he talked and was extremely intelligent. They didn't know what to make of him or what he wanted. Carpenter gave them some inside info on how the incident happened and where to take Kaylie. Her parents were waiting for her at the nearby church. From the elementary school the Hunters made their way to the churchgrounds. They had to cross the massive Ashcroft Cemetary that surrounded the church itself. The cemetary was very old and since it was occupied by so many dead people, you could expect that they were all up and running about. The four Hunters managed to get through the cemetary and safely escort Kaylie to the church. Kaylie was overjoyed to see her parents and ran for them with her arms wide open dropping her favorite stuffed teddy bear along the way. Her parents embraced her lovingly and were glad to see that she was safe from the riots. but things were not going to stay happy for long. Her teddy bear that she had dropped became possesed and grew to enormous size. The teddy bear reached a full ten feet tall with nasty powers to boot. The bear looked down at Kaylie and her parents and with one quick and powerful swipe, killed Kaylie's parents. Kaylie who at first couldn't see any of the monsters or rots that the Hunters were fighting throughout the cemetary, she could now see this demonic teddy bear for what it was. This was the moment that Kaylie became imbued with the powers of a Hunter. The four Hunters fought and eventually killed the Teddy Bear, but they could not bring back Kaylie's parents. Carpenter showed up soon after they had defeated the bear and showed them a way into the prison to get at the source of what was behind all of this evil. They left Kaylie in the care of a nearby survivor and instructed them to go to the subway to help out with the train. They ventured forth into the Catacombs of Ashcroft, and found a way through this underground maze to the very entrance of Ashcroft Prison. They had to battle a clan of vampires that occupied the Catacombs as their home, but they made out due to Cortez's priest hood. Now that they were back to where it all began they searched out for the one person that they believed to be behind all of this: Nathaniel Arkady. While they searched the grounds for Arkady, battling hordes of rots, raver rots, and rot dogs, they came across an old mansion situated inside the prison. This was suppose to be the Prison Warden's home, and the four Hunters decided to check there for any leads. When they went through the mansion they finally came across the Prison Warden himself thought to be dead: Degenhardt. After a brief discussion with him they found out that he was in fact a vampire himself. Since they were Hunters they couldn't allow for him to live, and fought against him. The Hunters defeated Degenhardt and went on to Death Row of the prison where Arkady was suppose to be. They traveled through the Cell Blocks and then to the Hospital Wing via the rooftops. As they traveled through the Hospital Wing they stumbled across Hadrian, a doctor that was working for Degenhardt. He was responsible for making creatures such as the Skitters and the creature they fought at the elementary school. Hadrian was working with three corpses when the Hunters walked in on him, and a battled ensued. The Hunters succeeded in killing Hadrian, but they didn't know what he was using those corpses for. Rather not find out if they were to be new creatures to fight later on, the Hunters soon burned the corpses into ashes. From the Sewer ways the Hunters made their way into the Prison Workshop where the very mechanical parts themselves came alive and attacked the Hunters. After traveling through this area and onto another Cell Block, they made it to Death Row. There they were first greeted by Carpenter who congratulated them on surviving this far. Carpenter told them about his history with Ashcroft and the Prison. He was once a prisoner of Ashcroft Penitentiary that like the other inmates was tortured and used as food. When Carpenter moved to the other side he wanted nothing but revenge, and he slowly started to become a living entity of destruction. He came back to this side on his own without the help of whatever force was causing the evil spirits to rise. He came back to give Hadrian a lesson in pain by giving him days of nonstop torture, the same that Hadrian did to him once before. But to Carpenter's surprise the Hunters had killed Hadrian before he could even get to him. Carpenter's plans of revenge were destroyed and he was more than upset with the Hunters. In a rage Carpenter attacked the Hunters to exact out his revenge that he had planned for Hadrian on them. It took the Hunters all they had to actually defeat Carpenter and kill him. From the room that they fought Carpenter in, they moved on to the very room that Arkady was executed in, the very place that all this trouble started over a year ago. Arkady was sitting in the electric chair that had supposedly killed him in the first place, but there he was, alive like it never happened in the first place. Arkady talke to them for a moment about how the tear into the Shadowlands happened and helped them to realise who was originally behind the entire Ashcroft mayhem: Degenhardt. He helped them to realise why he did it. Degenhardt wanted his family back from the dead, and he needed Hadrian to come up with new bodies for them to occupy. That's what Hadrian was working on when the Hunters interupted him. They all thought to themselves that they defeated Degenhardt already, but if he was the cause of it, then why hadn't all the creatures and even Arkady himself been taken back to the hell that they all came from? Degenhardt wasn't dead and he was controlling Arkady to lure the Hunters away from him. He had Arkady attack the Hunters then and there. They fought a tiresome battle with Arkady, and eventually won over on him helping him regain some of his conscious self back. He ordered the Hunters to run from him and to get Degenhardt once and for all. The Hunters made a bee line for Degenhardt's mansion, with Arkady himself getting in the way often enough. The Hunters eventually made it to the mansion, and there they watched as Degenhardt himself killed Arkady once and for all effortlessly. Degenhardt was furious with the Hunter's intervention of his plans and opened up a portal to the Shadowlands that he was going to use to not only bring back his dead family, but to send the Hunters to an eternal hell. The Hunters watched as Degenhardt transformed into his true self. They attacked with everything they had, but nothing would work since he had that portal open, it feeding constant energy to him allowing him never to die. The Hunters were running out of options until they noticed a boarded up window with sunlight beaming out of the few cracks. They immedieately tore the boards off and flooded the room with sunlight, exterminating all of Degenhardt's vampiric powers. The portal that was open would not let him die from the sunlight, but since the sunlight drained him of all his powers he couldn't control the portal no longer, and in a violent burst of energy, was thrown into the portal. All the spirits and creatures that were running loose throughout the town of Ashcroft was violently and suddenly taken back to the other side. The Hunters managed to get enough people to help with the repairs of the train, and at the last possible second they all escaped from the town of Ashcroft as wave of energy was sent in a radius miles around from the town. The Hunters were protected by a barrier that would keep them safe from the energy's harm thanks to the Messengers. As the four Hunters looked out at the new day's dawn they all knew that it was finally over and that they could all rest from the hell that once occupied Ashcroft...... ......or so they thought....... - Close to about 5 years later two Hunters that were taking on the forces of darkness by the names of Joshua Matthews and a man known as Devin in the town of Ashcroft. They had come across a plan that was beyond their comprehension and needed help. Joshua decided that the only people that could help were the ones that originally fought against the forces of evil that once occupied Ashcroft. Joshua sent out an e-mail to Deuce, Kassandra, Esteban, Samantha requesting that they come to Ashcroft immedieately. Though Sam, Deuce, and Kassandra were reluctant to come to Ashcroft once again, they decided that they should investigate what was going on there. When they got to Joshua's apartment they found it empty and no real clues as to where either of the two Hunters went. They found various maps and videos of what they were investigating and decided to start off in the area that they had recently checked through. They picked up some extra tapes and clues giving them information that a cult of some sort had taken up residence in the town of Ashcroft. They were still a bit puzzled by things and decided to search the area for more clues. They soon came across a woman named Emma that could see the creatures for what they were, but she didn't Hunt like Hunters, rather she assisted them from the sidelines. Emma gave the Hunters a new location to start searching for in hopes of finding Joshua and Devin. She said to look for a man in the Apartment District by the name of Le Roi. She said that he should be more helpful in getting them into a few areas of the city as well as finding the missing Hunters. After a thurough search of the area the find Le Roi and eventually Joshua. Joshua lets them in on what happened to him, telling them about how they were surrounded in the graveyard and taken prisoner by a werewolf. They were then taken into the prison where the cult leader was taking an affection to Devin for some reason. Joshua soon blanked out again, but was resuced by none other than Carpenter himself, the man that was thought to be killed by the Hunters 5 years ago. Carpenter had his own reasons for helping out Joshua and trying to destroy the cult, but rather than waste time thinking about why he was around, the Hunters with the help of Le Roi, busted into the prison. It was there that they traveled through the familiar ground that they once came through 5 years ago to stop Arkady. They made their way through the Cell Blocks until they reached the Inner Sanctum that was the base of the cult's operations. A Witch was the leader of the cult and was holding Devin hostage. The Hunters fought bravely against this supernatural woman, and killed her after a tough battle. They rescued Devin, but then Devin turned on the Hunters and decided that the only to actually save the world is by killing all the people that the Shadowlands creatures wanted. The Hunters could not allow for Devin to harm people, and they followed him around the Hospital Wing resucing innocents and stopping Devin. Then on the roof of the Hospital, they had a final showdown with Devin killing him after a grueling battle. The Hunters thought that now their troubles were over, Devin's dead body soon floated into the air and released a surge of energy that the Witch had previously endowed inside him. This surge caused a huge Tower to shoot out from under the ground and high into the sky. This medievil tower was where the Hunters knew that the final battle with whatever was behind all of this was going to be. With great effort they climbed the tower and soon reached the top. To there surprise, Carpenter was there to stand before the creature known only as Nephrack telling it that no matter what it tried to do to get to the world of the living, it was going to fail. It may have been a type of deity in the Shadowlands, but on this side, it lost all it's holy glory. Carpenter vowed that once it was defeated he would wait for Nephrack on the other side in the Shadow lands to give it more doses of pain. The Hunters stood before Nephrack and saw that it was only staying on this world because it still had the Witch's body intact, and used it as an anchor. The Hunters fought against Nephrack, knowing that this was a battle that none of them ever expected. After some time of fighting, the tide moved into the favor of the Hunters and they slowly but surely defeated Nephrack, sending it back to the Shadowlands never to be heard from again. After the long and tiring battle, the Hunters rested momentarily at Joshua's apartment. There they talked about where they would go from there, and soon left on their own ways knowing that they once again destroyed the evil that had once plagued Ashcroft. - With that you know enter the town of Ashcroft once again, but this time it's nothing like it use to be. Everything that you once knew about Ashcroft has changed due to it's industrialization. A whole new hell awaits for you as once again you must travel to the town of Ashcroft. 2) The Controls - Can't become a successful Hunter without knowing the proper controls. Here's where to learn the various ups and and downs of the game. - Basic Controls Movement - Left Thumbstick Aim - Right Thumbstick Walking Backwards - Hold the Left Thumbstick in one direction and the Right Thumbstick in the opposite direction Strafe - Hold the Left Thumbstick in any direction and then press the Right Thumbstick at a 90 degree angle from the left thumbstick Jump - Left Trigger Roll - While Strafing press the Left Trigger Melee Attack - Select your Melee Weapon with X and then use the Right Trigger Ranged Attack - select your ranged guns with X or B and then use the Right Trigger to fire Action - press the A Button to do various actions throughout the game, and to reload your guns Camera Zoom - Use the D-Pad to zoom the camera *Special Note* - In this game you can only carry three weapons that you find laying around. You can't carry all the weapons in the game at once like before, so keep that in mind and be ready to trade out with weapons as you see them come to you in the game. To trade out weapons, you must first use up all the ammo on one weapon to clear up a spot, then pick up the weapon. This is the only way to get upgraded stuff through out the game. Also in order to pick up ammo for say the Combat Shotgun you must find other Combat Shotguns. Unless you're carrying two different shotguns to share ammo with, then you must that specific gun laying on the ground in order to pick up ammo for it. - In-Game HUD - You character's current weapon in use will be displayed in the center of the circle in the corner of the screen. On the top of half of the circle is a red outline. This is your health meter. The health meter will slowly dwindle down until your health is depleted and you are dead. The bottom of the circle is outlined in blue. This is your Conviction Meter. It shows how much energy you have left to do your Edge Attacks. This depletes only when you use an Edge or when a certain enemy attacks you. To gather up more life and Conviction, you can pick up red, blue and purple orbs that enemies drop when you defeat them, or when you find the right glyphs hidden throughout the stage that will give you back your health and Conviction. You can also use the Rejuvenation Edge to regain health if your Hunter has that Edge. The three meters beside your main HUD is what lists your level up for Melee, Ranged, and Conviction attacks. This determines how you will level up throughout the game. The meters go like this: Purple - Melee Yellow - Ranged Green - Conviction When you constantly Melee attack opponents, only your Melee meter will rise. Once a meter is full the Hunter gains more power in that area. In order to learn new Edges, the Hunter must gain levels in Conviction. At levels 15 for both Melee and Ranged, the Hunters weapon becomes more revamped and powerful. At level 15 the Hunter's Melee weapon gets more powerful and gains a new look. At level 15 the Hunter's Ranged weapon gets a bayonet at the end of the gun's barrel making it more powerful to jab at opponents while making the shot a little more powerful as well. Your Hunter will do a type of taunt when you hit level 15 for either Melee or Ranged to signfy that you've gained a new weapon. I'm not sure at this moment about later levels, but I'll get right on it since I've only played through the game once at this moment. Here's lists for all three meters and how they level up: - Melee - LVL 1 - Starting Melee weapon LVL 15 - Weapon becomes stronger and more detailed. A new weapon is basically born here. LVL 30 - Weapon becomes even stronger and more detailed. LVL 45 - Weapon becomes stronger. LVL 99 - Weapon reaches maximum strength and can no longer gain exprience - Ranged - LVL 1 - Starting Ranged weapon LVL 15 - Hunter's unique Ranged weapon gets a bayonet at the end of the barrel for more jabbing power and more shot power. Also, your Ranged weapon gets a bigger clip size, holding more bullets than before. LVL 30 - Hunter's unique Ranged weapon gets a bigger clip size to hold more ammo. Power goes up just a bit more than the previous weapon. LVL 99 - Weapon reaches maximum strength and can no longer gain exprience - Conviction - LVL 1 - Starting Edge LVL 7 - Second Edge Gained LVL 10 - Level 2 of 1st Edge gained LVL 13 - Third Edge Gained LVL 17 - Level 2 of 2nd Edge gained LVL 21 - Level 3 of 1st Edge gained LVL 23 - Level 2 of 3rd Edge gained LVL 25 - Fourth Edge gained LVL 27 - Level 3 of 2nd Edge gained LVL 33 - Level 3 of 3rd Edge gained LVL 35 - Level 2 of 2nd Edge gained LVL 45 - Level 3 of 4th Edge gained - Start Menu - - At the Start Menu you have access to various things: Resume - Unpauses game Options - Allows you to adjust the volume settings, gameplay options, and contoller options. You can also view a list of all the combos in the game here. Character Stats - View your character's personal stats and their progress throughout the game. Game Stats - This displays the number of kills and rescues made by a player. It also shows how many lives a player has left. This is also the screen that you can compare to other players playing with you. Restart - restarts the stage End Game - Ends the game then and there - Combo Attacks - - This game allows you to use unique combos rather than use the same combo over and over. Here's the list of all the combos in the game... Glossary of Terms: Run = Left Thumbstick Aim = Right Thumbstick Attack = Right Trigger Charge Sweep - Hold the Attack Button, then Release Charge Sweep 2 - Attack, Attack and hold, Release Simple Combo - Keep pressing the Attack Button Running Combo - Aim forward, Attack continuously Stick and Slice - Run forward, Attack, Aim forward, Attack Flurry - Run forward, Attack, Attack, Aim forward, Attack Haymaker - Run forward, Attack, Attack, Aim backward, Attack Flurry w/ Haymaker - Run forward, Attack, Attack, Aim forward, Attack, Aim backward, Attack Uppercut - Aim forward, Run backward, Attack Uppercut Charge - Aim forward, Run backward, Attack and Hold, Release Diving Attack - Run forward, Attack, Attack, Jump - Glyphs - - Througout the game you will come across glowing symbols on the ground known as glyphs. If you have the game manual, you can look in the back of it to see how each glyph in the game works and looks. For those of you that don't have the manual, here's the info on each glyph you can find in the game. Remember that these glyphs have only four charges in each of them until they run out. Once you've used that glyph four times you can't use it again until you find another one elsewhere. - Health Glyph - O I - - / I \ {-----} \ I / - - I O - This is somewhat of how the Health Glyph looks like, except that it's more circular in the middle with a cross in it's middle. This will help you to refill your life gauge. - Conviction Glyph - O O O I I I ----O---- - Like a W or an E on the ground, this glyph replenishes your Conviction gauge so that you can use your Edges again. - Speed Glyph - I --I-- I - - I / - \ I ---{ [ ] }--- I \ - / I - - I --I-- I - This glyph gives you a boost in speed for a short period of time. A very useful glyph and new to the Hunter games. - Armor Glyph - O / \ O---O \ / \ / O - This is the easiest glyph to make for me. This glyph adds a green bar over your life bar to signify that you now have armor. You will now be able to survive alot longer thanks to this. This is like the flack jackets that you can find in Wayward. This too is a new glyph to the Hunter games and is by far quite useful. - Unlimited Ammo Glyph - O O O I / \ I I /( )\ I ()-----() \ / \ / \ / O - Also new to the Hunter games is this little badass glyph. This glyph allows the Hunter to have Unlimited Ammo with all guns. That means that you can now go crazy with any gun that you picked up throughout the stages. This glyph last for a short period of time so make good use of your unlimited ammo time. - Invulnerabilty Glyph - O /I\ /-I-\ /I/I\I\ //I I I\\ O-----------O \\I I I// \I\I/I/ \-I-/ \I/ O - It looks something like that, so bear with me since I couldn't get it down just right. It's ver royal looking and the most detail out of all the glyphs. This glyph makes you Invicible to all enemies for a short period of time. Get to work hacking and slashing to your fullest while you have this on, because you don't want to let this glyph go to waste do you? 3) Game Modes - Here's all the things you can do in the game with detail.... - Main Menu - New Game (starts a new game) Continue Game (load up a previously started game) Options (mess around with a few of the game's features here) Special Features (Take a glance at some of the special things you can earn or have already earned) - Starting a New Game - -'s not that hard of a thing to do here. Simply choose your Hunter and begin the game. The reason I'm putting this here is for those of you that want to start a new game with a Hunter that you've used in a previous game. To use your beefed up Hunter, first goto the game that you have saved onto your X-Box Hard Disk. In the character select menu choose to Export a Hunter. Choose whichever Hunter you've built up and select to put them on your X-Box Hard Disk. Then whenever you want to use them in a new game, goto Import. Just pick your Hunter off of the Import list and replace them with the freshly new Hunter in the second list. After that look at their stats in the character select screen to make sure that you did everything right. If you see all your stats there from the previously played gamed, then continue the Hunt with your character. Also, there are some hidden characters in the game that you can earn that you may not be able to get through certain stages with should you play as them. When you've earned them (and I will go over them later on in the guide) and you want to play as them, a warning will show up on the screen telling you what I just said. These characters, I'm not sure which stages you can't use them on, but look here to find which ones when I've gathered more information about this. - Options Menu - - Here's where you can mess around with the various options of the game. - Gameplay - - The layout of the Gameplay Menu is like this: Difficulty Bar (Toggles the game difficulty. Choose either Easy, Normal, or Nightmare) Vibration (Shows all four player slots allowing each player to chose if they want to have their controller vibrate throughout the game) Show Blood (You can make the game less gory and more of a Teen rated game by turning the Blood off. That is.....if you're from one of those Religous freaks households that find any form of violence bad....) Friendly Fire (Here you can toggle between how you want the friendly fire in this game between you and your friends. The intial setting is at No Friendly Fire, meaning the other players can't hurt you no matter what. The second setting of this just Hit Reaction. This means that the other players can hit you and you will react, but it won't bring down your health in any way. The final option of this is Friendly Fire. Both Hit Reaction and Damage are on and you can kill your friends if they get in your line of fire, or too close to you. It's bad enough that all of you are arguing, do you really need to have this on to waste those preciously needed continues?) - Audio/Video - - Here's where you can screw around with a few of the in game type stuff as well.... Music Volume (Move the meter to where you want the volume of the in game music to be) Speech Volume (Move this meter to where you want the volume of the character's voices in the game) SFX Volume (Move this meter to where you want all the sound effects of the game either turned down or up) Brightness (Select how bright you want the screen to be in the game if you can't see it normally) - Controller Options - - Here's where you can learn how your Controller is currently configured for the game. If you don't like the current control style, you can change it to suit your needs in various other Configurations. How you want to have your controller configured is up to you, but my suggestion is to keep it at it's default settings if you're a veteran of the orignal Hunter games. - Special Features - - Here's where you can look at various little things of the game that you can either earn, or is there already. Here's how the menu looks for Special Features... Credits (Take a look at the geniuses that made this game and bow down with respect) Collectable Cards (Throughout the game you can find cards by defeating certain numbers of enemies. Here's where to go when you've found one) Intro Video (You can watch the video that is shown before the Main Menu over and over and over.....) Download Manager (If you have X-Box Live, then you can use this to download various things for the game. I don't have X-Box Live unfortunately, so I can't tell you what you can find to download. If someone would be kind enough to tell me what you can download, then that would be great) (*Update* Thanks to an e-mail from DeMon71687, it seems that at the moment you can download new outfits for the Hunters in the game. Thanks Demon for the info. Also I'd like to thank Ken K. AKA Fiery Phoenix for also giving me this info making things final and well confirmed. I thank both of you Hunters for the info and await any and all other tidbits that you two would like to e-mail me anytime. That doesn't mean that any of you shouldn't e-mail me with info, this guide is made for the people and without the help of the people it's bound to fail. So please be kind and send in any info!) Concept Art (Here's your very own Art Gallery to look at when you've earned a page or two to look at) - Collectable Cards - - Ok, throughout the game you will find at a random time a card dropped by an enemy. This card is one of a set of three cards in this section of the game. There are six spots with three card slots each. When you have found all three cards for that spot, you will have unlocked both information on the creature that you have unlocked, as well as the ability to play as the creature in the game. These creatures are the ones that are the ones that you get a warning for before moving on to play as them. Scroll up to the Starting a New Game part for more info on this. This is a replayabilty factor of the game since it is hard to find all the cards in one romp through the game. I figured out the procedure to unlocking the cards. The 6 monsters that can be seen in the cards are the ones that you must kill to get cards. I'll list from the easiest to earn to the hardest Foot Soldier (Since they're all over the game, you can collect all three cards in one game) Zombie (The Zombies don't appear as often as you'd think, but they appear more than enough and in swarms. It is possible to get all three cards in one game depending on the difficulty setting. You'll most likely collect two cards on one game and the third on another game) Throwback (They appear more and more often the farther in the game you get, but most likely since they don't appear in swarms or often enough, you may just get one or two cards the first game. You will most likely have to play an extra game or two to earn all these cards) Security (This would seem easy to earn since they appear just as much as the Foot Soldiers, but it seems that you have to kill them like crazy in order to earn just one card. It took me an extra game to earn all of the Security's cards, so you will probably have to go through the game again to get them all) Vampire (You will have to play extra games in order to get all of these cards. The Vampires don't show up but only on certain parts of the game. Sicne they do this it's hard to collect any cards from them in one game. The best thing to do is to save the game going into the Ripper's Club Stage, and keep killing as many Vampires as you can throughout the whole stage. Then when you're asked to save again, save in a new spot leaving the Ripper's Club Stage still open. This way you can keep going back there to kill Vampires since this seems to be the stage that they show up on the most) - Blade Beast (By far the hardest one to get due to the fact that they are rare to see in this game. That's good when you don't want to fight them, but bad since you want to collect their cards. When you're going to fight the Toxic Mutation Boss, save the game before you start this stage since you can kill up to twenty Blade Beasts at a time. This is the only stage in the game where you'll get swarmed by these things. Just keep replaying the stage, or Restart the stage over and over until you've collected all the cards for them. This is will take you the longest to get, and even longer if you keep playing the game over and over to try and collect their cards. You're lucky enough to get at least one of theirs in a game, so don't start thinking that you can just get them all in a game or two. I wouldn't even know how many times it'd take for you to get all three cards by playing the game over and over) - Concept Art - - There are six pages to view, and they're all locked. In order to unlock them you must first defeat a boss in the game. You will get a message saying that you have unlocked a gallery when you've unlocked a page. The unlocking procedure goes in order so no worries about finding page 5 on one stage, and then page 2 on a stage far in front of it. This too is also hard to get all of them on one game, so this too has a replayabilty factor to it. 4) Weapons - Time to get down to the weapons that you can pick up in the game. Now remember, all of these weapons have a limited amount of ammo, so don't go needlessly wasting it all. You may need it later on down the road. - Double Barrel Shotgun (This shotgun has a short range, but sprays a volley of buckshot that often destroys enemies in one shot. Careful, you only get two shots before you need to reload!) Clip: 2 - Riot Shotgun (This weapon was made for more than just hunting, as its generous eight-round magazine indicates) Clip: 8 - Combat Shotgun (This sturdy weapon fires military ammunition that is even more powerful than law enforcement loads, and can fire up to eight shots before a reload) Clip: 8 - Submachine Gun (This weapon can empty its 32 rounds of ammo in a matter of seconds, but lacks accuracy at long range) Clip: 32 - Assault Rifle (The assault rifle uses a powerful military cartridge and is accurate at long range. Its magazine carries 30 rounds, and it is capable of fully automatic fire) Clip: 30 - Bull-pup Assault Rifle (With its 30-round magazine placed behind the trigger, the bull-pup retains accuracy and range of the assault rifle, while it's size is reducedto that of a submachine gun) Clip: 30 - Chainsaw (Watch your gas gauge, this weapon is useless when out of fuel) Clip: Gas Gauge - Flamethrower (This weapon does staggering damage to those it hits, but its fuel runs out quickly, so watch your fuel gauge) Clip: Gas Gauge - Rocket Launcher (This weapon is heavy, slow to reload, and fires only one shot at a time. The rocket also delivers explosive damage, so don't shoot it at anything that gets too close) Clip: 1 - Flare Gun (The flare gun, which sets single targets on fire at long range, can destroy most objects with a single shot) Clip: 10 - High-Powered Rifle (This rifle cuts through armored enemies easily. If it hits weaker enemies, its bullets continue right through them, looking for another home) Clip: 4 - Grenade Launcher (This is the weapon to use on enemies behind objects or grouped en masse. The grenade it fires will bounce, so be careful and work on your bank shots) Clip: 6 - Chain Gun (This is the fastest machine gun in the game, but watch your ammo, it goes fast) Clip: 500 - Ammo Boxes - - You can also find four types of Ammo Boxes dropped by enemies when you defeat them. These boxes add a special effect to your default Ranged Weapon for a short period of time. - Incidierary Ammo (This Ammo adds a fire element to your shots that when the enemy is hit, their life slowly dwindles away while the fire is affecting them) - Paralyzing Ammo (This Ammo adds a paralyzing effect much like the Burden Edge. The enemy is surrounded by a purple haze that signifies that they're stuck. While they are like this, they can't attack or move. This doesn't work against Mini-Bosses and Bosses) - Poison Ammo (This Ammo makes the target weaker after the first shot. Their defense takes a nose dive each time they're hit by the shot. This also makes your normal shots alittle more stronger. This doesn't work on Mini-Bosses or Bosses either) - Holy Ammo (This makes killing Specters and Toxin Specters much easier with a Ranged Weapon. It also causes a possesed innocent to be freed from whatever is controlling them. If you see an orange aura around an innocent, they are possesed and will attack you. If you shoot the possesed innocent with Holy Ammo, the Specter controlling them will shoot out of their body and you can now safely kill the Specter without harming the innocent) 5) Edges - Now it's time to learn about the various Edges that Hunters use in the game. All Edges in the game can reach a maximum level of three, and you can earn these levels or new Edges by constantly using your Edges in the game and working up your Conviction Meter (the green meter in the HUD). - Respire (Hunters draw on the mystical energy of the monsters in the area, healing themselves in an amount equal to the damage they do.) - Abjure (The Hunter glows with a pure white light, and there is a hazy image of an angelic like figure behind him. All monsters in the area burst into flame from the explosion of pure energy) - Shame (The Hunter sends out a wave of "shame" against the monsters in the area, driving them into a frenzy of self-loathing and causing them to attack each other in earnest. At later levels the area of effect increases, and like most behavior Edges, does not work on bosses) - Cleave (Imbues the Hunter's weapon with raw power, greatly increasing the damage the weapon does. Cleave affects only hand-to-hand weapons; when activated, it casues the weapon to burn with a supernatural power) - Smite (Unleashes a powerful wave of energy that radiates from the Hunter's body in a 360 degree arc. All creatures of darkness caught in the wave will be damaged, often being thrown back by the wave's powerful force) - Ward (This Edge creates a barrier between the Hunter and beings tainted by evil. It surrounds the Hunter and prevents weaker creatures from making physical contact with him) - Impact (This the ranged-combat version of Cleave. When activated, it greatly increase the damage done by the Hunter's basic ranged attack) - Burden (Passes judgement on the evil near the Hunter. Creatures caught in the radius of this Edge are frozen) - Word of Power (Focuses the power of goodness and purity into a weapon against evil. When a hunter utters the Word of Power, it extends forth on a cone of light) - Blast (Allows the Hunters to discharge from thier hands powerful bolts of electric energy that fan out to damage enemies in front of them) - Demand (Boosts the Hunter's speed and perfomance to superhuman levels. A Hunter who activates Demand can attack at great speed and do additional damage) - Retribution (When this power is activated, all creatures that inflict damage on the Hunter have pat of that damage reflected back upon them) - Rally (This augments the damage resistance of all Hunters within its radius. Hunters affected by Rally will sustain less damage from all forms on enemy attacks) - Rejuvenate (When this Edge is activated, the Hunter recieves a boost to current health) - Blaze (This causes concentrated light energy to rain down on the Hunter's enemies) - Phantom (Surrounds the Hunter in a purple mist protecting them from an enemies nearby. Acts much like the Ward Edge) - Purify (Enhances the Hunter's Melee and Ranged skills to hit harder than normal for a short period of time.) - Crescendo (Fires a mist of poisonus gas from the Hunter's mouth to harm the opponents. Much like the Word of Power) - Immitiate (Increases the Hunter's speed, melee, ranged, strength, and stamina for a short period of time. More powerful than the Demand Edge) - Pinpoint (Whatever enemy that's caught within the arc thrown from the Hunter, they will become pinpointed or marked. All enemies that are effected by this move will take more damage from attacks than normal. Basically this is a move that lowers enemy defenses for a time. This works on bosses as well) - Enrage (Use this to boost your strength and accuracy for a period time This also effects nearby Hunters as well. This move is something that you want to save your energy for for boss fights. It's a very useful move and gets better as you level it up) - Spiral (Damages all enemies caught in the radius blast. This move is unlike other radius blast type moves, as it takes off a percentage of the enemy's life. Basically you could say that this is a Demi attack from the Final Fantasy series) 6) The Characters of the Game - Here's where you can learn about all the characters that you can play as in the game. I will list them with their info as go through the game and collect them. - Kaylie Winter - Creed: Redeemer Height: 5'6 Weight: 118 Sex: Female Age: 18 Melee Weapon: Broad Single Bladed Sword Ranged Weapon: Shotgun Pistol Clip: 4 Starting Edge: Shame Edges Earned: Abjure, Respire, Smite Strength OO Speed OOO Stamina OOO - At the tender age of 8, Kaylie watched as her parents were butchered by a demonic 10-foot teddy bear. At that moment, she was imbued and thrust into the ranks of the Chosen. For the past ten years, she has trained under Father Esteban Cortez. Her fighting and deductive skills have been honed razor sharp. While the other Hunter led relatively "normal" lives before their imbuing, Kaylie has few memories of her past. The only life she knows is of the Hunt on the path of Redemption. Kaylie's motivation when she confronts monsters is not to kill, but to understand what makes them work in order to defeat her enemies. Her hope is that a nonviolent solution can be reached whenever possible. Edge Progression: Shame - LVL 1 Abjure - LVL 1 Shame - LVL 2 Respire - LVL 1 Abjure - LVL 2 Shame - LVL 3 Respire - LVL 2 cleave - LVL 1 Abjure - LVL 3 Respire - LVL 3 Cleave - LVL 2 Cleave - LVL 3 *** Here's an e-mail from Mike "Wirebrain" Stevens with info on what I already got. (Sorry dude that you were a little late on the draw there....) But he does put in some useful info in his e-mail that I feel if I did not mention already, then he adds to it, so here it is in it's original format, and hasn't been altered in any way. *** *** Hello... I played through the game yesterday as Kaylie, I was rather disapointed that the cinematics didn't change per person like it did in the first game. (that and the ammo is no longer interchangable... grrrr) anywho... here's the data you need for Kaylie- 1st edge- Shame 2nd edge- Abjure 3rd edge- Respire 4th edge- Smite Her weird double shot pistol works like this- normal- 4 shots, slow fire level 15- 6 shots, resonable rate of fire, a edge bayonet is now at the end of it. level 30- 8 shots, Pretty fast, just a step below a submachine gun. I suggest people go through their edges like mad, since once they improve a stat, that character will get a "free refill" on both meters. Timing what attacks you use can be also helpful, so you can get that free boost (especially if you don't have Samantha or Estaban in your party) when you really need it. *** - Spenser "Deuce" Wyatt - Creed: Avenger Height: 7'0 Weight: 330 Sex: Male Age: 45 Melee Weapon: Long Axe Ranged Weapon: Single Barrel Shotgun Clip: 8 Starting Edge: Cleave Edges Earned: Smite, Ward, Impact Strength OOOO Speed OO Stamina OOOO - When Spenser was 14 years old he watched as his mother was murdered by a vampire on the cold tiled floor of Gertie's Diner. On the same night Spenser drove a butcher knife into her killer's heart and began his hunt. With the passing years, the rage that fuels him has only increased, and he's found it easier to venture forth on his own. His comrades are concerned about his explosive temper and wonder if Deuce is succumbing to the madness that has consumed other Hunters. But despite their misgivings, the Hunters cannot afford to be without his undeniable strength and raw power. Deuce is, and has always been, a living engine of destruction. Edge Progression: Cleave - LVL 1 Ward - LVL 1 Cleave - LVL 2 Smite - LVL 1 Ward - LVL 2 Cleave - LVL 3 Smite - LVL 2 Impact - LVL 1 ward - LVL 3 Smite - LVL 3 Impact - LVL 2 Impact - LVL 3 - Samantha Alexander - Creed: Defender Height: 5'9 Weight: 120 Sex: Female Age: 39 Melee Weapon: Samurai Sword Ranged Weapon: Colt '45 Magnum Revolver Clip: 6 Starting Edge: Rejuvenation Edges Earned: Ward, Demand, Blast Strength OO Speed OOO Stamina OO - As a child, Samantha was often singled out for being different. Unwilling to bow to adversity, she learned to defend herself both mentally and physically. And when the bullies moved on to easier targets, Samantha defended those kids as well. She has never been able to look away when anyone needed help. Samantha has spent the last few years focusing her efforts on the younger victims of supernatural creatures. She's discovered that creatures who masquerade as humans often take in children under the guise of foster parents and then twist and abuse them for their own ends. Samantha has made it a personal quest to seek out and eliminate these supernatural threats to innocents. Edge Progression: Rejuvenate - LVL 1 Ward - LVL 1 Rejuvenate - LVL 2 Demand - LVL 1 Ward - LVL 2 Rejuvenate - LVL 3 Demand - LVL 2 Blast - LVL 1 Ward - LVL 3 Demand - LVL 3 Blast - LVL 2 Blast - LVL 3 - Kassandra Cheyung - Creed: Martyr Height: 5'2 Weight: 105 Sex: Female Age: 29 Melee Weapon: Twin Short Swords Ranged Weapon: Dual Berettas Clip: 20 Starting Edge: Demand Edges Earned: Retribution, Burden, Blaze Strength OO Speed OOOO Stamina O - Kassandra is the sole heir to the Fairday Manufacturing fortune, but her parents are nowhere near letting her manage it. They still think thier daughter is an irresponsible and shallow party girl, traveling the world in search of a good time. Of all of the Hunters, Kassandra is the only one who still has to maintain the pretense of a "normal" family. Unable to work at a company that is crawling with monsters pretneding to be human, and unwilling to put her family in danger, Kassandra uses her parents' resources to travel in search of other Hunters and new prey. If her family has to believe that she is a screw up in order to keep them safe, it is a sacrifice that she is willing to make. Edge Progression: Demand - LVL 1 Retribution - LVL 1 Demand - LVL 2 Burden - LVL 1 Retribution - LVL 2 Demand - LVL 3 Burden - LVL 2 Blaze - LVL 1 Retribution - LVL 3 Burden - LVL 3 Blaze - LVL 2 Blaze - LVL 3 - Father Esteban Cortez - Creed: Judge Height: 5'11 Weight: 175 Sex: Male Age: 55 Melee Weapon: Double Edge Sword Ranged Weapon: Crossbow Clip: 12 Starting Edge: Word of Power Edges Earned: Burden, Rejuvenation, Rally Strength OOO Speed OO Stamina OO - Father Esteban was the chaplain of Ashcroft Penitentiary. It was his job to counsel and administer last rites to inmates scheduled to die by electrocution. The priest was the last person to speak to Nathaniel Arkady before his execution. He believed that Arkady was either channeling spirits or that they were actually occupying his body. Little did he know that Arkady's execution would trigger an insurrection of the undead. For the past 10 years Father Esteban is the only Hunter in Ashcroft. He has taught his ward, Kaylie Winter, all he knows about the Hunt and has tried to instill in her a sense of justice and balance, but he ahs allowed her to choose her own path. Edge Progression: Word of Power - LVL 1 Burden - LVL 1 Word of Power - LVL 2 Rejuvenate - LVL 1 Burden - LVL 2 Word of Power - LVL 3 Rejuvenate - LVL 2 Rally - LVL 1 Burden - LVL 3 Rejuvenate - LVL 3 Rally - LVL 2 Rally - LVL 3 - Carpenter - *** CONFIRMED UNLOCKING PROCDURE: Get your Melee Weapon level up to 99 and you'll get a message that tells you that you've unlocked Carpenter. *** Creed: Unknown Height: Unknown Weight: Unknown Sex: Male Age: Unknown Melee Weapon: Double Knives Ranged Weapon: Twin Silenced Uzi Clip: 48 Starting Edge: Phantom Edges Earned: Purify, Crescendo, Immitiate Strength OOOO Speed OOOO Stamina OOOO - Carpenter's got a deep rooted history with Ashcroft since he really can't leave it. He was originally a mafia hitman that was arrested and sent to Ashcroft Penitentiary. It was there that he was tortured and killed by Hadrian in his sick and twisted experiments. When Carpenter crossed over to the Shadowlands, he became so obssesed with the idea of revenge on Hadrian that he gained great power some how and began hunting him down. Then during the original Hunter game he came back to Ashcroft to hunt down and torture Hadrian the same way Hadrian did to him. It was then that he met Kassandra, Samantha, Deuce, and Esteban directing them to the prison to have them fight off the source of whatever caused Ashcroft to become what it is and leave him free and unwatched to find Hadrian. But as fate would have it, the four Hunters got to Hadrian first not knowing of Carpenter's revenge plans and killed him before Carpenter could ever find him. In a rage Carpenter attacked the four Hunters and lost to them. He was supposedly killed in this moment, but what really happened was that he went back to the Shadowlands instead of being permantly wiped out of existence. He then showed up during the incident involving the Cult and the Witch, helping Joshua Matthews out of imprisonment and getting whatever the source was out of Ashcroft behind the scenes while the Hunters fought it up front. Carpenter promised Nephrack that once it crossed back over to the Shadowlands that he'd permantly take care of it, and I'm pretty sure he did since he's still around in this game. He's made a deal with the entity that's helping out Xavier Lucien, and is running Ripper's Club putting the toxin into the drinks of the people for the entity to control. - Carpenter may have his own spot waiting for him in the character select screen, but he isn't an original Hunter. So with that said he doesn't have all the moves that the Hunters have. He lacks almost all the Melee Combos except the following: Attack, Attack, Attack Attack, Attack, Jump Attack and Hold Attack, Attack and Hold He's basically what the series starting off as back in Reckoning. All you had then is all you have here with Carpenter. He can use guns and glyphs so no worries there. Edge Progression: Phantom - LVL 1 Purify - LVL 1 Phantom - LVL 2 Crescendo - LVL 1 Purify - LVL 2 Phantom - LVL 3 Purify - LVL 2 Immitiate - LVL 1 Purify - LVL 3 Crescendo - LVL 3 Immitiate - LVL 2 Immitiate - LVL 3 - Joshua Matthews - *** CONFIRMED UNLOCKING PROCEDURE: You do have to allow 250 innocents to die in one or more games. The CPU of the game counts each and every innocent death in the game whenever it happens. You can get this 250 by playing multiple games, but I'm here to show you a much faster path to getting it done in only one game. In the stage where you have to get a certain amount of Genefex workers out safely, turn on the Friendly Fire option to full (Allies will take damage when you hit them) and stand at the gate where they'll run to to escape (it's the big double doored entrance behind you when you start the stage). Take out any nearby enemies since they'll try to kill you more so than the innocents, and wait for innocents to start to appear. Use whatever you want, but I prefer using Melee weapons, and start killing the innocents yourself. After awhile you will have to restart the stage since you allowed too many innocents to die, but that works in your favor. Just keep doing this until you get the message saying that you have earned the Wayward. When this happens you can turn off the Friendly Fire and continue on your way as normal. *** Creed: Wayward Height: ??? Weight: ??? Sex: Male Age: ??? Melee Weapon: Crowbar Ranged Weapon: Auto-Pistol Clip: 24 Starting Edge: Cleave Edges Earned: Pinpoint, Enrage, Spiral Strength OOO Speed OO Stamina OOO - Joshua Mattews was one of the Hunters that called for the original 4 Hunters in the second Ashcroft incident involving the Witch and Nephrack. Joshua's mainly a workaholic type of person and lives for the Hunt. Joshua "God_45" Matthews is a scary man. Like most "Wayward" Josh has lost a bit of his humanity in the hunt. But with this loss comes "the ability to set ones emotions aside and do what needs to be done." - The Wayward is the other question mark spot in the character select screen. *** More Characters will become available as I earn them, so look here often for updates on the characters to earn *** - Creatures - - Other than being normal Hunters, you can also be some of the monsters that you fight on your way to victory. In order to first become one of the creatures, you must of first collected all three cards for it. To know how many you've collected for each monster, look in the Card Collection in the Special Features. Now when you play as monsters, you are basically doing it for fun. The monsters can't level up at in anything, nor can than use weapons or Edges. In fact, the entire control style is different for the monsters than they are for the Hunters. The Aim Thumbstick is no longer in use with these monsters, and all the buttons have different uses except for the A Button which is still the Action Button. So far I only know that the creatures can use the Health Glyph and pick up red spheres to regain health, but I will update with more info as I go through with them. *** Not all creatures are listed, so check back regularly as I update this guide for more info on the creatures *** - Zombie - Strength OOO Speed O Stamina OOO L Trigger - Lunge Attack R Trigger - One - Two Combo X Button - Lunge Attack Y Button - N/A B Button - Shin Kick White Button - N/A Black Button - N/A - Foot Soldier - Strength OOO Speed OO Stamina OOOOO L Trigger - Giant Lunge Attack R Trigger - Clothesline X Button - Headbutt Y Button - N/A B Button - Shotgun Blast White Button - N/A Black Button - N/A - Security - Strength OOO Speed OO Stamina OOOOO L Trigger - Backward Movement Assault Fire R Trigger - Forward Movement Assault Fire X Button - Assault Fire Y Button - Sniper Shot B Button - Rally White Button - N/A Black Button - N/A - Throwback - Strength OOOOO Speed OO Stamina OOOOO L Trigger - Running Rampage R Trigger - Strong Claw Swipe X Button - Standard Claw Swipe Y Button - 360 Degree Ground Pound B Button - Lunging Scissors White Button - Giant Swipe Black Button - Half Lunging Scissors - Vampire - Strength OO Speed OOO Stamina OOOOO L Trigger - Combo R Trigger - Machine Gun Spray X Button - Bicycle Kick Y Button - Rolling Attack B Button - Standing Side Kick White Button - N/A Black Button - N/A - Blade Beast - Strength OOOO Speed OOO Stamina OOOOO L Trigger - Somersault Kick R Trigger - Bommerang Throw X Button - Spinning Top Y Button - N/A B Button - N/A White Button - N/A Black Button - N/A - Were-Wolf - *** CONFIRMED UNLOCKING PROCEDURE *** (Unlocked by getting to LVL 99 in Conviction with any character) Strength OOOOO Speed OOO Stamina OOOOO L Trigger - Lunging Bite R Trigger - Quick Combo X Button - One-Two Combo Y Button - N/A B Button - N/A White Button - N/A Black Button - N/A - Vincent - *** CONFIRMED UNLOCKING PROCEDURE *** (Unlocked by getting to LVL 99 in Ranged with any character) Strength OOOOO Speed OOO Stamina OOOOO L Trigger - Forehand Swing R Trigger - Backhand Swing X Button - N/A Y Button - N/A B Button - N/A White Button - N/A Black Button - N/A 7) Enemies - Time to learn about the nasty lot that you'll encounter throughout the game. Think you can handle hordes of the undead? - Zombie - - Standard monster of the first two games, is now only found on certain stages. This monster is still as weak as ever and easily defeated with either your default Melee and Ranged weapons. Since they seemed so easy to defeat, they don't make many appearances in the game. When you do manage to come across them, think of it as a break from all the other creatures you have to fight. - Skitters - - The ever popular Skitters have not changed much. They are still suicidal walking bombs of massive damage, but now they are easier to kill than in the previous two games. Back in the first you didn't dare to even try to use Melee Weapons against them, and in the second game you used Melee Weapons against them only on occasion. In this game though you can use both Melee and Ranged to your hearts content. The Skitter don't explode upon getting close to you, instead they have to physically jump at you and touch you to explode. They are weaker than anything else in the game. One shot at them or Melee swipe will render them dead. Do try to get rid of them quickly, as you do not want them to get situated long enough to make a jump at you. - Foot Soldiers - - You fight these bad boys right off the bat in the first stage. The Foot Soldiers are taking the place of the Zombies as the most used enemy in the game. The Foot Soldiers can use Shotguns at times in the game, but they mainly stick to using their Melee Attacks. The Foot Soldiers are alot stronger than the Zombies in terms of Strength and Stamina. It takes much longer to kill a Foot Soldier and the Foot Soldier can cause much more damage than the Zombie. Use whatever means necessary to defeat these things. Avoid getting swamped and surrounded by these things as well, or you may be handing over a continue or two. - Security - - What starts off on your side, soon ends up as the enemy. Security are all long ranged fighters, using their assault rifles and smoke grenades to fight against you. It is recommended that you use any and all Ranged Attacks against these guys, unless you can dodge their fire long enough to get in close to Melee Attack them. After awhile the Security members get Riot Shields which protect them from Ranged fire except Grenade and Rocket Launchers. Also their shields protect them from some offensive Edges. One instant was when my friend used the Word of Power on the shielded Security and didn't even scratch any of them. Security memebers also at times use Rally to make themselves more defensive and offensive alittle. Try to avoid their Smoke Grenade attacks or you'll be in for a coughing fit. You can tell where they're aiming at by the lasers they use on their guns. - Werewolves - - At some parts of the game you will have to "standard" werewolves. They look like the smaller versions of Werewolf that appear in the opening movie when you start a new game. They do appear in packs most of the time, so whenever you see one werewolf, expect there to be another or two close by. Later on in the game the werewolves become blue colored and are a bit more stronger than the ones you previously fought. They have all Melee Attacks, but are very fast so don't think you have much of an advantage on them. You can use any means necessary to take out these things, and avoid staying too close to them unless you have a plan of Melee Attacking. You don't want to stay too close to them while they Melee Attack you, because these guys are powerhouses. - Throwback - - Looks like a giant sewn up Zombie with long shiny claws and chains. This thing is basically the living engine of destruction for these low class beings. It has no long range attacks, but who needs them when you're a fricken powerhouse on steroids! Do not stay close to this thing for long. If you must Melee Attack it, then use the Retribution Edge or any other Defensive Edge before getting in close to it. Other wise you better stick to a Ranged game against these bad boys. They also have a 360 degree ground pound. You can avoid the radius by staying out of range, or by jumping the radius if you're too close. They have great Stamina so be prepared for good amount of ammo used on these bastards. - Specters - - An old school enemy from the previous two titles is back and better than ever. That's not a good thing. The Specter has been given a much sleeker image than the previous two games, and it's blue hue is much more faded than the other two games making harder to see. You can literally see right through it more so than before. These things have a high tolerance to gun fire, so using any sort of Ranged Weapon is not recommended. Sure you can harm them with any gun, but it would take you longer to kill them off with a gun than it would with a Melee Weapon. Melee Attacking is the way to go with these things. They still have the same method of attacking... ranged. They can fire three consecutive shots of blue spheres at you that either take off your Health Meter on each hit, or your Conviction Meter. Though it goes without saying that either is bad, you'd much rather have them take away your COnviction than your Health. They don't have any Melee Attacks to speak of, so get in close and stay close to them. Everytime you get in close, they want to fly away so they can Range Attack you. Also the Specters can fly right through walls. If you didn't defeat a Specter in a previous room, they will fly right after you through the wall and finish the fight that was started with them. When you see one show up, take them out then and there or you will have a monster that just doesn't know when to leave you alone. - Toxin Specters - - New to the scene are the Toxin Specters. These Specters are much bigger and meaner than the normal Specters. Rather than have a blue hue to them, the Toxin Specters have an orange hue, and are much more built than the normal Specters. They have horns and seem to emit a small flame from their bodies as well. They have the attacks of the Specter with the Ranged stuff, but they also have Melee attacks if you get in close to them. They're much more powerful than normal Specters so get rid of them as fast as you can. Use Melee Attacks since Ranged doesn't work so well against them. Do not allow them to become a swarm and attack you as a team or you will be faced with dire consquences. To put it blankly, these guys are like the 2.0 version of the Specter. - Vampires - - The Vampires haven't changed a step since the last game and are still as deadly as they were in Wayward. They have tons of martial arts type moves and tote around machine guns to either spray all over the place, or simply target one person and take their health all the way down with one clip. The Vampires come in different appearances, from blonde to brunette vampires, to the bondage gear color and design that they all wear. No matter how they look, they're all the same in strength and stamina. Use any means necessary to kill these things because they are born and bred to kill you by any means necessary as well. They have great speed and technique, so you have to be on your game in order to defeat these bitches with minimal damage. - Blade Beasts - - These things are born and bred for one purpose and that's wipe the floor with your ass. They're not going to take any shit from you or any of your little friends. They have these huge long blades that they carry on both arms and use them for deadly and accurate attacks. They are mainly all Melee attacking, but they can use their blades as boomerangs. They're powerfuly strong and have deadly speed. About the only thing that's good about them is that they rarely show up in the game. They only show up in about two or three stages, and swarm only on one stage. So be thankful that the makers of this game goofed in not using their most lethal creature more often. 8) Bosses - Time to know what you're truely dealing with on your road to Redemption.... - Carpenter - - Found: Ripper's Nightclub - Carpenter returns as expected to the Hunter games. He is the first boss that you will fight. He is much more powerful and faster than the previous game that you fought him in. Not even the Martyr's speed can contend with his speed. He still has the same knife combo that resembles the Martyr's basic combo, except he can get it off in much quicker time than you could. He runs around crazily fast so don't stand still too long or he will kill you off quickly. He also has a machine gun or some type of automatic gun that he uses to spray in a wide range in front of him rather than just shoot directly in front of him. He also now has some sort of poison spray that he shoots from his mask. This spray drastically takes down your life, but he telegraphs it to a point. He'll lean forward with his face far out and then use the Poison Spray. Do what you can to avoid this, because this is his strongest attack. He doesn't go for it as often as he does his Melee Attacks, but you still don't want to get caught by it. The one thing he doesn't use that often is his Automatic Weapon. When he starts to run in circles around you before attacking is when you want to use your Ranged Weapon, but keep moving while firing. When he starts to close in the gap with you use your Melee Weapon and carve his life down. If you try to keep the gap closed in on him and use your Melee Attacks more often than Ranged, you may be sacrificing some continues unless you have a healing Edge for your character. The best way to take him out is by going back and forth between Ranged and Melee. You should mainly stick to about 60% Melee and 40% Ranged with him. His life does shoot down rapidly with Melee attacks which does make it that much more enticing to Melee Attack him, but I'm trying to make sure that you keep those continues that you may need later on down the road, so even though it may take just a little longer to kill him, use those Ranged Weapons when he tries to stay away from you. - The Toxin Mutation - - Found: Genefex Compound - This boss stays stationary and is surrounded by a pool of blood. You can't use any Melee Attacks on it, so don't bother getting in close to it. The closer you get, the more powerful its attacks are. This an all Ranged fight. Make sure you have a Submachine Gun or an Assault Rifle for this battle since they are by far the most useful against this thing. To start the fight off defeat all the enemies that are helping this boss out by staying on the outskirts of the stage. The best places to fight these enemies are the two platforms that have a Conviction Glyph on the left on and a Health Glyph on the right one. They should drop a Bull-pup or two and this way you don't have to worry about them to attack you while you're going after the boss. A Shotgun is ok to use, but Machine Guns and even the Chain Gun is the way to go on this boss. Keep your distance as best you can from it, or it will let loose these greenish-brown poison balls that hack at your life in one hit. If he hits you good enough with this attack, it can kill you in one blow. His other attack is the one you'll dodge most of the time. It's like the Poison Ball, except that it's red and he fires it in a direct line at your general vicinity. This thing is easy to dodge so keep an eye out for it. It's not his strongest move, but if it hits you just right, it'll take up to half your life in one shot. When you've knocked it out of it's first bar of life, you'll get a cutscreen with it showing it's true self. Now it's gained an attack that when the Dog Half of it jumps out of the blood, it'll use a beam of energy that reaches the entire stage from it's mouth to the wall. This beam starts off on the right side of the room and makes its way quickly to the left side. You can jump over the beam if you time it just right as it's getting to you. All you have to do though to defeat this boss is keep enough distance between the two of you and keep firing your Ranged weapons at him. About the only Edge that I think would work against it is the Impact Edge. That's it. Don't bother trying to use any Edges against it. - Santa Claus - - Found: Central Plaza - You first start off by fighting a normal looking mall Santa, freeing three hostages from him. He then makes his way to the Central Plaza where the real fight begins. You'll see a cutscene where he morphs into his very disturbing true form. The first thing to do when fighting Santa is take out the Teddy Bear he lets loose. The Teddy Bear doesn't have as much life as you'd think, but it's still alittle bit too much for my own taste. In any case Santa Claus stays stationary in the back of the area, so take the Teddy Bear to other side of the area directly opposite of Santa. If you get within a certain distance of Santa, he'll start to attack you. Handle the Teddy Bear first on the outskirts of the area. The Teddy Bear uses strong Melee Attacks, a 360 degree ground pound, and it's deadly shit mouth attack (I don't know what that stuff is, but it looks like crap!). Avoid the shit mouth attack by any means. He'll bend over when he's about to throw up crap in a direct line, so when you see him start to bend over, get out of the way. You can jump over the waves that the Teddy Bear makes when he jumps into the air for the ground pound. The only thing that you'd actually want to take is his Melee Attacks since they're relatively weak, and you should be able to take a few hits before you'd need healing. Use Melee Attacks against the Teddy Bear since it seems to die faster if you use Melee Attacks. Once you've got the Teddy Bear out of the way it's time to take on Santa. Santa has a special shield that will either take most of the damage that you send at him, or will take all the damage all together. Melee Attacks work great against him, especially if you're using the Cleave Edge. Santa will try to attack you with those mouth things that hang down from his moustache or will attack you with a 360 degree ground pound. He does not telegraph the ground pound in anyway, so you'd have to be extremely watchful of the ground to notice the ground pound in time. His moustache attack is nothing to worry about if you're keeping a close game with him by Melee Attacking. Santa will use an unlimited amount of Teddy Bears since his life is only one life bar instead of the regular two or three. It will be a repetitive thing of taking out the Teddy Bears and then attacking Santa, but it's just something that you have to put up with. You can if you want to use your Ranged guns against Santa, but due to the shield you rarely get that many full hits on Santa. Melee Attacking is the way to go for both Santa and the Teddy Bears. - War Ghoul - - Found: The City Ruins - This enemy makes an appearance from the previous two games. It's nothing to really talk about in this game since it lacks the ability to make and send out Skitters. It still has it's flailing Melee Attacks that will harm you pretty good, and it has the 360 degree ground pound also. It telegraphs this move way too easily. It'll first make a loud growl and then raise it's arms into the air to slam them down to the ground. You can easily see this coming and jump it or avoid it totally. This thing is really a mini-boss of sorts, and you can easily put it out of commission with a few Melee attacks to avoid wasting any ammo. Just make short work of this thing because it's really nothing much at all to worry about. - Tainted Werewolf - - Found: The Forest and Genefex Warehouse - This boss you have to fight two times, the first being in the forest. You'll see a cutscene showing the blue werewolf so you'll know about the upcoming fight. The second one is when you're inside the Genefex compound, and you don't get a cutscene for this one. In anycase this Werewolf Boss acts like the smaller werewolves that you've fought so far, with the exception that he uses huge ass knives in his Melee Attacks. He also uses a giant fireball attack which can kill you in one hit if it hits you correctly. This boss has great speed and power, but Melee attacking it seems to be the way to go here. If you have a Chainsaw on you, then it's life is going to take a nose dive with every slash you do to it. This boss isn't really that hard to defeat, but it is annoying to fight. More than likely you will use up a continue or two on it, but by the time you fight this thing you should have a nice stock of continues to use. Just watch out for it's "Magic" attacks and you'll be fine. - Xavier Lucien - - Found: The Final Boss - This is what you've been boiling down to. The final boss that flies! First off let me start off on his shield. Lucien has a giant shield that absorbs great amounts of damage, and has to be weaken first before you can attack him. Lucien hovers above the ground slightly, so hitting him with a whole Melee combo might be hard to do with certain Hunters. Use any means necessary to defeat him since you can kill him in any way you want. Melee Attacking seems to bring his shield down quicker than Ranged Attacking. His shield will stay down for only a short time before it regains some strength back to take the hits for him again. Lucien uses Melee attacks that will devestate you if you get caught by the entire combo. He also uses a one hit Meteor attack. He telegraphs this move by flying high up and then motioning for the meteors to drop. It's a random spot each time where they will all drop so watch out for the shadows and move. The second magic attack that he uses is a Tri-Flame attack. From his position he'll stand flat footed on the ground and then release three giant flame lines from his spot. They travel directly in front of him and branch out to his left and right. This move too can kill you in one hit if it hits you correctly. You can avoid it by either getting to the farside of the Tri-Flame, or by getting in between the flame shots. The last magic attack that he uses is a type of Psychic beam. It does the least amount of damage out of all his moves, only taking 1/4 of your life bar. I've yet to find a way to dodge this move, but there has to be a way and I'll put it up when I find out. Like I said before, this is the final boss so defeat it by any means necessary. This is what you've saved up all your continues for, and with this being the last part of the game, just go ape shit on him until he dies. Defeat Lucien and you've defeated the game. All that's left to do is watch the final movie and the credits. 9) Stages -'s the meat and potatoes of this guide. If you don't have to complete certain missions to get a certain stage done, then it'll have BONUS marked off to the side of it. - The Warehouse: In the Beginning... - Missions: Get Xavier Lucien safely out of there Activate all the Blue Glyphs in this stage - BONUS - Get Xavier Lucien safely out of there: This is a simple mission to do. All you have to do is move into the second room of this stage and wait for a message to appear saying that the streets are cleared. You can do this by killing off as many enemies as you can in this room. - Activating the Blue Glyphs: When you start off the game you'll see a Blue Glyph right in front of you. Activate it to start things off. There are four Blue Glyphs in the first room and two in the second. The second Blue Glyph that you should get is located to the far left of the one you just got. Go to the left side of the room and make your way down til you see it. The third one is located at the top of the ramp in the first room, and the fourth one is off to the right of the third one, just right before you get to the door leading you to the second room. In the second room the fifth glyph to get is located on the right side of the room in front of a window and Inciendiary Ammo Box. If you're at the Conviction Glyph then you went too far. It is just below the Conviction Glyph. The final glyph to get is located in front of the left staircase in the second room. You should see a message confirming that you've completed the mission. You get an extra continue for doing this. - The Wall: - Missions: Retrieve the Explosives Set the Explosives and Destroy the wall - Getting the Explosives: To start things off go down once the stage starts to the Security soldiers. Talk to the one that has a blue glyph underneath him to get the monsters to appear that has the explosives. Just keep on killing the monsters until you've collected all the explosives you'll need. If you fall just a little bit short, goto the prak entrance at the top of the screen where two or three explosives sit. - 10) Meet the Hunters of the World - There are many people all over the world that are taking on the forces of evil and this is the place for them to leave their names to be recognized. All of us have fought and succeeded in stopping the nightmares that roam the streets from bringing harm to the countless and ignorant innocents, and it's time that they were given a little recognition for their actions. So here's where you can become immortalized in the pages of Hunter history by e-mailing me with the corresponding info that you see below to have your name among the Chosen..... Name Creed Height Weight Sex Age Location Survived - That's all there is to it. Now onto the list of those that survived the horror that walks the nights and plagues the streets of our world. Alex Hall Martyr 5'10 150 lbs Male 20 Greenville, South Carolina, USA Reckoning, Wayward, Redeemer Levi Thomason Avenger 6'1 185 lbs Male 16 Greenville, South Carolina, USA Reckoning, Redeemer Lee Hollar Defender 5'10 160 lbs Male 18 Greenville, South Carolina, USA Reckoning, Redeemer John Linton Judge 5'11 170 lbs Male 18 Greenville, South Carolina, USA Reckoning, Redeemer Corey Demontigny Fanatic 5'10 220 lbs Male 16 Palm Springs, FL Reckoning, Wayward, Redeemer Ryan Smith Defender 6'2 160 lbs Male 16 Garland, Texas Reckoning, Wayward, Redeemer Jason Maiden Avenger 5'7 235 lbs Male 19 Clayton, Ohio Reckoning, Wayward, Redeemer 11) Cheats, Secrets, and Tips - This section is to list various extras on unlocking things in the game and giving you that extra cheating edge on the competition. - Cheats - - LVL 99 Conviction: Press Y 4 times and then Up, Down, Up, Down on the D-Pad - All Secrets Unlocked: Press X, B, X, B and then Up, Up, Down, Down - Secrets - - Unlocking the Art Galleries: Art Gallery 1: Kill the War Ghoul once Art Gallery 2: Kill Xavier Lucien once Art Gallery 3: Kill Santa Claus three tiems Art Gallery 4: Kill the Toxin Mutation Art Gallery 5: Kill the War Ghoul three times Art Gallery 6: Kill the Tainted Werewolf (?) three times (All are the bosses you encounter throughout the game) - Unlocking Carpenter: - You have to get your Melee Level up to 99 with any Hunter character that can level up their Melee skill. This is by far the easiest thing to do since Melee goes up quite fast in this game. Just keep going through the game over and over using just your Melee attacks and you should have it no time. Also the Chainsaw adds extreme amounts of Melee meter, so use it whenever you find it. - Unlocking Vincent: - You have to get your Ranged Level up to 99 with any Hunter character that can level up their Ranged skill. This is a bitch to get up. Most of all the regular starting Hunters lack a decent Ranged Weapon that adds on big amounts to your Ranged Meter when they shoot an enemy. Only the Marytr and, if you have them by now, Carpenter and the Wayward have the better guns that level up fast. Other than that the best route to go is to use guns that you pick up. Use only these guns if you're looking to level up your Ranged skills fast with anybody; Sub-Machine Gun Assault Rifle Bull-pup Rifle Combat Shotgun Assault Shotgun High Powered Rifle Flamethrower Chain Gun These weapons have been confirmed by me to level yuor Ranged skills faster than using your default Ranged weapon. You will have to go through the game a few times to level up your Ranged skills, but by using these guns like crazy when they show up, you should be done with it before you know it. It is worth the effort. - Unlocking Were-Wolf: - You have to get your Conviction Level up to 99 with any Hunter character that can level up their Conviction skill. Ok.....this one's the hardest to get up with any character. I suggest that you use the Conviction Cheat posted above in the Cheats part of this guide if you want to get the Were-Wolf the easy way. If you're like me and decided to do things the right way, then be ready to play the hell out of the game to do so. I'll list which Edges you should use and how with each character. It goes in a 1st to Last order, with 1st being the best to use and last being the worst to use in order to move your Conviction Meter up. - Redeemer - (1st) Respire This one is in first because not only does it heal you (healing does wonders for anybody's meter if you have a healing power) but it also attacks surrounding enemies. So if you have it at LVL 3 then you're basically set. Use it to heal yourself when you need to, or use it to attack a group of enemies. (2nd) Cleave This came in a very close second. If it wasn't for the healing power of the Respire, then this would be first. If you have a great Melee level then your meter will go by pretty fast depending how much damage you can do in the short time. It pretty much goes by how much pain you can dish out on your victims. (3rd) Abjure This seems like it should be up there close to first, but dues to its lack of power behind it, it falls down to third. It does great due to its distance advantage, but sometimes you'll find yourself not killing the enemy off and just damaging them, even at LVL 3. Use this one only if you have to or if you want to pick off enemies from a distance using your Conviction, but don't use this if you're looking to level up your Conviction Meter quickly. (4th) Shame Great power, bad meter build up. Use this only when you have to to save yourself or to put up an offensive, but don't use this to level up your meter. It has the lowest meter build up out of all of them. - Martyr - (1st) Demand Since it does help your attacking power with both Melee and Ranged, this is the one of choice. Depending on how much damage you can dish out before the effects wear off depends on how high your meter will build up. (2nd) Retribution This one should be used for big bruisers of the game or when you're swarmed by enemies. Situations for this do arise, but you are better off using Demand to level up faster offensively rather than defensively with this. (3rd) Blaze Useful, but lacks the amount that can be given to you by the other to Edges before this one. You can still use this one to gain some meter build up, but don't expect it to be as much. (4th) Burden Just because you can freeze alot of enemies in an area doesn't mean that it'll shoot up fast. This one falls short of all of them, but not by much. It does depend on how many you can hit with this at a time, but even so, the others do more for you. - Defender - (1st) Demand Same reasons stated for the Martyr (2nd) Rejuvenation Healing comes into play constantly in this game, and since she is the best at healing, you're in for a great treat. This Edge does give you a good amount of meter build up, and if you have multiple Hunters around, you'll get just a tad bit more. Only the Demand Edge could beat this out. (3rd) Blast It does the damage to enemies, but lacks the right amount of meter build up. Use this move for offense only and not for meter build up. (4th) Ward You're trying to gain exprience here, not scare it away! The only exprience you get from this is just for using it and nothing else. Use this move only for defense and don't use it for building up your meter - Avenger - (1st) Cleave Avenger dishes out alot of Melee damage, so with this Edge giving him more power, it makes for the best one to use to level up your meter. Make sure you dish out alot of damage when using it, or it'll be for nothing. (2nd) Smite It attacks lots of enemies if used right, and those enemies hit helps to put up just a tad bit more to your meter. Using this will help you but stick to the Cleave for a faster build up. (3rd) Impact This would be good if didn't go off after one shot. Still it does have a tie in my book despite the 3rd placing with Smite. (4th) Ward Same reasons stated for the Defender - Judge - (1st) Word of Power Just do the damn move and you'll see. I hate it when my "partner" in the game uses it, but I've always noticed that it does send his meter soaring. A great move all around I must say. This is basically the only thing going for the Judge. (2nd) Rejuvenation Same reason stated for the Defender (3rd) Rally It does give to a group of Hunters if any are around, so use this for then. Don't expect it to give you that much though, even if you do give it to a group. (4th) Burden Same reason stated for the Martyr - Wayward - (1st) Cleave Same reason stated for the Avenger (2nd) Enrage Since this move is like the Demand Edge in most ways and can be given to multiple Hunters, you should use this move for level up purposes. (3rd) Spiral Great for offense, bad for meter build up. Not exactly like the Smite building up since it takes a percentage. (4th) Pinpoint Again, great for offense, bad for meter build up. - Carpenter - (1st) Immitiate Really all of them do great for his meter except for Phantom. This is the best of the best in terms of meter build up. (2nd) Purify Like Immitiate except a little less. Not by much, but just a bit. (3rd) Crescendo Great for offense and does ok in the build up department. (4th) Phantom Again....YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSE TO SCARE AWAY YOUR VICTIMS!!!!! THEY'RE THERE FOR YOU TO USE AS LEVEL UP MATERTIALS!!!!! - Well there you have it. That's the way to getting yourself to LVL 99 in Conviction after a few games. 12) Credits - First creds goes to the book and the game itself, because there's some info that I could only get from that. - Second goes out to all those guys that made this sequel to the first game even greater than the first. You guys are truely on your game and I'm really looking forward to any and all future additions to this series. - Third goes out to the rest of my team of Hunters. I'm just recently turning to the age of 20, and leaving behind my tender years as a teenager. Now I'll soon have to go into the world alone and take on the forces of evil by myself. It was great having you guys there to have my back for all those years. - Finally I'd like to give out credits to all of you that read this guide and my other guides. I hope that I've done what you would consider a great guide and to keep the Hunt alive for us all. We don't need casualties in this war on the nightmares that walk the Earth. - If I've made any mistakes, or you feel that there's something that you want to add, then e-mail me at with the info and you'll get the creds you want plus the info put on this guide. Sees Yas Alex "Joker" Hall</p>