WWF Attitude FAQ/Movelist Version 1.0 12/8/99 E-Mail: DreThug@hotmail.com Sections: 1. Introduction 2. The Wrestlers 3. Controls 4. Moves 5. Codes 6. Credits 7. Legal Information --------------------------------- 1. Introduction --------------------------------- Welcome to my WWF Attitude FAQ for Dreamcast. This is the only FAQ for WWF Attitude for the Dreamcast console. I will be making numerous updates weekly. If you have looked at other Dreamcast FAQs you probably know who I am because I have made many FAQs for Dreamcast. --------------------------------- 2. The Wrestlers --------------------------------- There are all the wrestlers in WWF Attitude for Dreamcast. 1.) Gangrel 2.) B.A. Billy Gunn 3.) Steve Blackman 4.) Big Bossman 5.) Bradshaw 6.) Christian 7.) Chyna (hidden character) 8.) D'Lo Brown 9.) Dr. Death 10.) Droz 11.) Edge 12.) Farooq 13.) Godfather 14.) Goldust 15.) Head (hidden character) 16.) Owen Hart 17.) HHH 18.) Mark Henry 19.) Jacqueline (hidden character) 20.) Jeff Jarrett 21.) Kane 22.) Kurrgan (hidden character) 23.) Jerry "The King" Lawler 24.) Mankind 25.) Marc Mero (hidden character) 26.) Shawn Michaels (hidden character) 27.) Taka Michinoku (hidden character) 28.) Mosh 29.) Paul Bearer (hidden character) 30.) Road Dogg 31.) The Rock (hidden character) 32.) Sable 33.) Sgt. Slaughter (hidden character) 34.) Ken Shamrock 35.) Al Snow 36.) Stone Cold Steve Austin 37.) Test 38.) Thrasher 39.) Too Sexy 40.) Undertaker 41.) Val Venis 42.) X-Pac --------------------------------- 3. Controls --------------------------------- The controls for this game are very easy to learn. The DC controler is an excellent controler to play Attitude with. It is easier to pull of the moves then with the N64's and the PSX's controlers. Y= Punch B= Tie up A= Block X= Kick Start= Pause/ Options Screen R= HOLD to run L= HOLD to pick up weapons/ TAP to cycle attention from one player to the next Analog Pad= TAP left to leave the ring/ climb/ TAP right to dodge Directional Pad= Move around A + B + Y + X + START= return to the title screen --------------------------------- 4. Moves --------------------------------- Here are the moves for the wrestlers. FINISHING MOVES- CAN ONLY BE PULLED OFF IF YOUR OPPONENTS HEALTH METER IS IN RED TRADEMARK MOVES- CAN ONLY BE PULLED OFF IF YOUR OPPONENTS HEALTH METER IS IN A SHADE OF YELLOW OR RED ------------------------ Gangrel ------------------------ Standing Moves ------------------------ SIDE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX- LEFT, RIGHT, B SNAPMARE- UP, DOWN, Y CRUCIFIX PIN- LEFT, UP, X OVER HEAD BELLY SUPLEX- LEFT, DOWN, X IMPLANT DDT (FINISHING MOVE)- UP, DOWN, X TREE OF WOE (IN CORNER)- UP, DOWN, Y DROPKICK (ON THE TURNBUCKLE) P + B Tie Up Moves ------------------------ POWER BOMB- LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, B T-BONE SUPLEX- LEFT, UP, X FISHERMAN'S SUPLEX- LEFT, Y CHESTBREAKER- LEFT, Y FLOATOVER VERTICAL SUPLEX (TRADEMARK MOVE)- LEFT, B Tie Up From Behind Moves ------------------------ REVERSE VERTICAL SUPLEX- UP, DOWN, X SLEEPING NECKBREAKER- LEFT, B NECKBREAKER LEFT, Y ROLLING PRAWN HOLD- LEFT, X Opponent Down Moves ------------------------ TOEHOLD HALF GRAB (BY HEAD)- UP, DOWN, UP, Y ELEVATED CRAB (BY LEGS)- LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, X KAMLKAZI HEADBUTT (ON TOP TURNBUCKLE)- Y+B _______________________________________________________________________ ------------------------ B.A. Billy Gunn ------------------------ Standing Moves ------------------------ RUNNING KNEE HIT- LEFT, UP, Y GORILLA PRESS SLAM- LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, Y SIDEWALK SLAM- LEFT, DOWN, X FRONT BACKBREAKER- UP, DOWN, B FAME ASSER (FINISHING MOVE)- LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, Y POWER SLAM (OPPONENT WHIPPED)- B OVERHEAD PRESS (IN CORNER)- UP, UP, Y ASS KISSER (IN CORNER) (TRADEMARK MOVE)- UP, UP, X Tie Up Moves ------------------------ HANGING POWERSLAM- UP, DOWN, B HANGING VERTICAL SUPLEX- UP, DOWN, X BULLDOG- LEFT, B INVERTED ATOMIC DROP- LEFT, Y NECKBREAKER- LEFT, X Tie Up From Behind Moves ------------------------ REVERSE VERTICAL SUPLEX- UP, DOWN, X REVERSE DDT- LEFT, B SLEEPER HOLD- LEFT, Y ROLL UP PIN- LEFT, X Opponent Down Moves ------------------------ FLIPOVER NECK WHIP (BY HEAD)- UP, DOWN, Y KNEE DROP (BY HEAD)- LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, X STEPOVER TOEHOLD (BY LEGS)- Y+B _______________________________________________________________________ ------------------------ Steve Blackman ------------------------ Standing Moves ------------------------ REVERSE TIGER SUPLEX- LEFT, UP, X HURRICANRANA- LEFT, UP, B SNAPMARE- LEFT, RIGHT, Y SPINE BUSTER- UP, DOWN, Y SMALLPACKAGE- UP, DOWN, X DROP TOE HOLD- LEFT, DOWN, X PUMP KICK (FINISHING MOVE)- LEFT, DOWN, B TACKLE WITH PUNCHES (WHILE RUNNING)- B POWER SLAM (OPPONENT WHIPPED)- B FOUR KICK COMBO (IN CORNER)(TRADEMARK MOVE)- UP, UP, B MISSILE DROP KICK (ON TOP TURNBUCKLE)- Y + B Tie Up Moves ------------------------ OVERHEAD BELLY SUPLEX- LEFT, B THREE KNEE COMBO- UP, LEFT, Y BACKBREAKER- LEFT, X Tie Up From Behind Moves ------------------------ BEAST CHOKER- LEFT, Y ROLLING PRAWN DIVE HOLD- LEFT, X Opponent Down Moves ------------------------ SCISSORED SLEEPER (BY HEAD)- UP, DOWN, Y LEG LOCK (BY LEGS)- LEFT, RIGHT, DOWN, B SPINNING TOEHOLD (BY LEGS)- UP, DOWN, Y _______________________________________________________________________ The other moves will come soon. --------------------------------- 5. Codes --------------------------------- Thanks to GameSages (www.gamesages.com) for supplying these codes. Career Mode Bonuses Win the following events in Career mode with any wrestler (on any difficulty setting) to unlock wrestlers and bonuses. European Title Additional items in "Create a Wrestler" mode Squeak mode (high-pitched voices) Wrestle as "Jeff" the Trainer Intercontinental Title Additional attributes in "Create a Wrestler" mode Big Head mode King of the Ring (pay-per-view event) Wrestle as Kurrgan and Taka Michinoku Royal Rumble (pay-per-view event) Wrestle as Jerry Lawler and Paul Bearer Summer Slam (pay-per-view event) Wrestle as Sgt. Slaughter and Shawn Michaels WWF Heavyweight Title Beep mode (censors foul language) Ego mode (as wrestlers gain/loose momentum, the size of their heads swells/shrinks) Wrestle as Head, Al Snow's dummy Extra T-shirts To get an additional shirt, place a logo onto a blank one. (Note: This works particularly well on black Ts with "Attitude" tattooed on them.) Fake Stun To pretend to be stunned by your opponent, press Dodge button while they are pounding on you. Royal Rumble Elimination With your back to the ropes, perform a Back Body Drop on your opponent to eliminate them from the Royal Rumble. Taunts To taunt your opponent(s) during a match, hold Kick + Tie-up and press either Up, Left, Down, or Right. --------------------------------- 6. Credits --------------------------------- GameSages.com for supplying the codes. --------------------------------- 7. Legal Information --------------------------------- This FAQ is for private use only. It may not be sold nor used in anyway to earn a profit. You may not use this on your website without my written permission. Copyright 1999.</p>