Red Line Racer Menu Explanation Guide Sega DreamCast (import) By Nick DelCore This is in no way a direct translation. I am fully illiterate in japanese. I simply went through all the menu's and tried each option. This is a basic explanation of each option, to help those who are just starting the game. I hope this can help players navigate the menu's and save/restore their games more easily. TITLE SCREEN (some of the only english you will see) 1. Press start MAIN MENU 1. Tournament mode 2. Single race 3. Two player 4. Options SUB MENU 1. Tournament mode A. Start new tournament (select class, rider, etc.) B. Continue restored tournament (select class, rider, etc.) C. Select VMS: load data (A button loads, B button cancels) D. Select VMS: Save data (A button saves, B button cancels, if a save exists already You will be asked if you wish to overwrite. A button to choose overwrite) Tournament mode pause menu A. Continue race B. Quit race NOTE: YOU MUST MANUALLY LOAD YOUR GAME UPON STARTUP! YOU MUST MANUALLY SAVE YOUR GAME AFTER EACH CLASS YOU FINISH! 2. Single race A. Start race B. Select track C. Select cycle D. select rider Single race pause menu A. Continue race B. Restart race C. Quit race 3. Two player 4. Options A. Control setup B. Music/sound volume adjust C. View track records CONTROLLER DEFAULTS L-TRIGGER = BRAKES R-TRIGGER = ACCELERATE Y = CHANGE VIEW B = TURBO A = UNUSED X = UNUSED ANALOG THUMB PAD = STEERING TURBO GUAGE There is a small gray bar located within the speedometer, this is the turbo guage. Press B button to use turbo. Hold down for constant mad speed. This refills slighty when you pass through a check point. THIS GUIDE WAS WRITTEN BY NICK DELCORE (AERIALRAVE@HOTMAIL.COM). IF HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, OR INFO THAT I NEGLECTED, PLEASE CONTACT ME. !!DREAMCAST!!</p>