Soul Calibur II Move List version 1.2 (8/21/02) by rev -=/ Message of the Day /=- -------------------------- All characters are present and accounted for. The NOTES are a bit sloppy and need some touching up. I plan on going back through each character and adding better NOTES. Things like SCUB/levels will be added, and maybe even one day i'll add hit locations(h/m/l) and damage. I'm also missing a couple of stance names. If anyone could help me out with that, I would be greatly appreciative. If anything has come out wrong, missing, backwards, or you think something else should be added to someone/something, please e-mail me at Note: This FAQ must be printed in monospace format, otherwise it will come out ugly as hell and not lined up.. 1234567890 .......... -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- ================================== | WHAT'S NEW IN REVISION UPDATES | ================================== 1.2: Fixed Stance names and touched up the sidenotes. Also fixed typos. 1.0: All character moves are added. 0.9: Ivy, Kilik, Maxi, Mitsurgi, Taki, Cervantes and a comment about Charade added. Also updated the Time Release information. -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- THE CONVENTIONS =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This happens to be one of the more common notations for Soul Calibur as of right now. It is kinna confusing at first, but you'll eventually get the hang of it. As for me, I'm still used to Tekken notation. -=/ BUTTON CONVENTIONS /=- -------------------------- __________________ | BUTTON LAYOUTS | ------------------------------ | ARCADE | | | A - Horizontal Punch | ___ ___ ___ | B - Vertical Punch | / \ / \ / \ | K - Kick | | A | | B | | K | | G - Guard | \___/ \___/ \___/ | | | | ___ | | / \ | It's very important to | | G | | become familiar with the | \___/ | lettering of the buttons. | | | | | | ------------------------------ -=/ MOVEMENT CONVENTIONS /=- ---------------------------- 7 8 9 ub u uf Number Pad 4 6 = b f Joy Stick 1 2 3 db d df 7 = upback 8 = up 9 = upforward 4 = back 6 = forward 1 = downback 2 = down 3 = downforward -=/ LINKING & SPECIAL CONVENTIONS /=- ------------------------------------- + - Moves must be done together , - Moves must be done right after the other _ - Or (When used between two moves, they are interchangable) * - return joystick to the neutral position [] - Hold down the selected button(s) for possible delay or change up > - possible delay between moves ~ - buttons pressed immediately after the other () - Parenthesis indicates optional moves in a string : - Requires Precise timing FC - Do move during full crouched position WS - While standing up (Returning the stick to neutral from a crouch) WJ - while jumping (pressing ub_u_uf and G) WL - while landing (coming down from a jump) RN - While running BK - Back facing the opponent -=/ NOTES CONVENTIONS /=- ------------------------- GI - Guard Impact GB - Guard Break GP - Guard Push (blocked hit pushes opponent back, but remains in block) CH - Counter Hit SC - During Soul Charge JF - Just Frame (only a small window in animation to perform move) ! - Unblockable [] - goes into or ends in the stance indicated between the brackets / - seperates comments # - followed by a number means comment reference in NOTES () - Parenthesis indicates optional moves in a string {} - Curved brackets indicate buttons needed to break a throw -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- TIME RELEASE =-=-=-=-=-=- Yoshimitsu 10 days of play Charade 20 days of play Cervantes 30 days of play Conquest Mode 30 days of play -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- General Moves for Everyone =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 44 Dash Backward 66 Dash Forward 6[6] Run Forward K Slide Tackle 8* Sidestep up 2* Sidestep down A+B+K Soul Charge A+B+K,G Soul Charge Cancel 6+G High Guard Impact 4+G Low Guard Impact 8+G (against wall) Wall Jump Recovery =-=-=-=- 8_2 Roll up or down while on ground G get up in guard (press upon impact) (8_2)+G Tech Roll up or down (press upon impact) 1+G get up in lowblock (press upon impact) (hold any direction) move in the air to avoid juggle or ring out (8_2)+G Tech Roll against Wall -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- The Characters =-=-=-=-=-=-=- ============ | Astaroth | ============ GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} B+G,F {A} B+G,B. {B} B+G air throw only 214+A {A} 2+G+A {A} 2+(A+G_B+G) {A_B} must be ducking 3+(A+G_B+G) {A_B} must be ducking 2+(A+B_B+K) {A_B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: [A] GP A>A A,[A] ! A>B 6+A>B 6+A,[B] ! 66+A 66+[A],B (9_3)+A (9_3)+[A] ! 2+A 1+[A] 1+[A],A 1+[A],B 4+A 4+[A] GP 44+[A] 214+A,A,A,A,A [B] B>A #1 B>(8_2)+A B,[B] B,B,6 B,6 B,6+K 6+B 66+B 3+B 3+[B] #1 / GP 2+B 2+[B] ! 1+B 4+[B] 44+B 44+[B] #1 / ! 44+B(8_2) 44+B(8_2)K 9+[B] K [K] #1 / GP 6+K 66+[K] 3+[K] 3+[K],A 3+[K],[A] 2+K 1+K,A 4+K,K 44+K A+B 3+A+B 3+[A+B] (throw) 4+A+B 4+[A+B] ! (throw) 6+[A+B] B+K B+K only on BK opponent 6+B+K 6+[B+K] GI 3+B+K B to throw 236+B+K #1 / ! FC+A FC+B FC+K FC+3+K WS+A WS+B WS+K,A BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+K 8-WAY RUN: (6_9_3)+[A] (6_9_6)+[A],B 6+B 6+K slide 6+B+K 6+[B+K] GI (9_3)+B (9_3)+[B] ! (9_3)+[K] A+B [A+B] ! (8_2)+A,A (8_2)+B (8_2)+[K] (7_1)+[A] (7_1)+[A],A (7_1)+[A],B (7_1)+B (7_1)+B,K (7_1)+K 4+A 4+B 4+[B] #1 / GP 4+B(8_2) 4+B(8_2)K 4+K 4+A+B 4+[A+B] ! (throw) 4+B+K NOTES: #1: G to cancel ============= | Cassandra | ============= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} 66+B+G {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A A,A #1 A,B>B A,B,K A,K 6+A,K stun on CH 66+A 3+A,B 2+A 1+A 4+A GI to reversal 44+[A] 44+[A],A 44+[A],B B B~A,A>A B>[B] B,6 stun on CH B,2+B,B,B B,2+B,B,B,K B>6+B stun on CH B,K 6+B 66+B,B 3+B 2+B,B,K JF 2+B~B,8+B 2+B~B,8+B,A,A 2+B~B,8+B,A,K 1+B 4+B GI to reversal 44+B 44+B~A stun on CH K stun on CH 6+K 66+K 3+K 2+K 1+K #1 44+K (8_9)+K,K 7+[K]_B~K B SC A+B 66+A+B 3+A+B 8+[A+B] #1 / ! B+K,[B] 44+B+K WS+[A] stun on CH WS+B WS+K FC 3+B GI to reversal BK [3] BK 2+B BK A BK 2+A BK K BK 2+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+k WL+A WL+B WL+K ANGEL STEP: 236 #2 / #3 A (8_2)+A A,B (8_2)+A,B B K (8_2)*B (8_2)*B,A (8_2)*B,A,A (8_2)*B,A,K (8_2)*K,K ANGELIC TWIRL: 214 G GI shift to Angel's Strike 4 Angel's Strike B *B SC 8-WAY RUN: 2+A,A 2+A,A 8+A,A (7_1)+A,K 4+[A] 4+[A],A 4+[A],B 4+B 4+B~A #1 6+B,B 6+B,B 6+B~A,A,A 6+K 6+A+B (6_9_3)+A (9_3)+B (9_3)+K,K (8_2)+B (8_2)+K,K (7_1)+A,K (7_1)+B (7_1_4)+K K~B K~B,B SC A+B B+K NOTES: #1: G to cancel #2: end with (8_2) to side step #3: end with (88_22) to wall run ============= | Cervantes | ============= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A #1 A,A A,4 A,4+B A,4+B,B A~B 1+A 1+A,B 1+A~B 1+A~[B] ! 2+A 3+A 3+A~B 3+A~[B] 4+A 4+A~A 6+A 44+A 66+A A~G~A B #1 B>B,A B~G~B,B B,B,4+B B~G~B,4+B B,4 air throw if opponent in air 1+B 2+B 3+B CH at close distance causes another attack 4+B,K 6+[B] 6+B,B 44+B 66+B (throw) K #1 K,6 K~G~K 66+K~B 1+K 2+K 3+K 4+K,K 6+K 44+K 66+K A+B,A A+B,B 1+A+B #1 / ! 2+A+B 3+A+B 44+A+B 44+[A+B] ! 4+A+B 66+A+B 6+A+B,B (7_8)+A+B 9+A+B 9+[A+B] jumps over opponent SC 8+A+B B JF B+K GI to counterattack 3+B+K 1+[B+K] 2+[B+K] 4+B+K #1 6+B+K A+K GI to counterattack FC+A FC+B FC+K FC+A+B FC+A+B,B WS+A,[B] WS+B WS+K BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K wall jump+B GUN LOAD: 214 GUN LOAD / #1 A #1 4+A,4+A 4+A,A,[B] B B,(8_2) K 6+B+K B+K GI to counterattack A+K GI to counterattack 8-WAY RUN: 6+A 6+B 6+K slide (6_8_2)+A+B B+K GI to counterattack A+K GI to counterattack (9_3)+A GI (9_3)+B B JF (9_3)+K (9_3)+A+B (9_3)+[A+B] jumps over opponent (8_2)+A,A (8_2)+A,B (8_2)+B (8_2)+K GI (7_1_2)+A (7_1)+B (7_1)+K (7_1)+A+B Gun Load 4+B 4+K 4+A+B 4+[A+B] ! NOTES: #1: G to cancel =========== | Charade | =========== Charade has no normal throws or techniques of his own. He mimics the moves of other fighters in the game similar to that of Edge Master from the first Soul Calibur. Every round he switches forms. ======= | Ivy | ======= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} 376231+A+B {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A #1 A,[A] (throw) on ch / [SS] if miss 1+A [WS] 1+A,A 2+A 3+A 4+A 6+A 44+A 44+[A] [WS] 66+A 214+A #1 / ! B #1 B,B B,[B] [WS] B,[B],(any direction) [SS] B,6+B [WS] if miss B,6+B,K [WS] 1+B 1+[B] 2+B 3+B 4+B 6+[B] 6+[B],(8_2) 44+B [WS] 44+[B] [SS] 66+B 66+[B] [ST] 214+B 214+[B] [SE] 236+B 236+B,(8_2) K #1 1+[K] 2+K 23+K 3+K 4+K 6+K 44+K lays down 66+[K] K,2 1+A+B 2+A+B 3+A+B [WS] 3+[A+B] [LS] 4+A+B #1 to [WS] / GI 4+A+B,B 4+A+B,[B] ! 6+A+B 66+A+B #1 to [WS] 66+A+B,4 changes position after throw (7_8_9)+A+B,A 44+A+B 44+[A+B] ! 3+[B+K] ! only possible at close range 4+B+K #1 6+B+K 6+[B+K] GP 8+B+K air throw / [WS] if fail 8+B+K,K air throw / [WS] 44+B+K [WS] 44+[B+K] [LS] (1_2_3)+A+K FC+A FC+B FC+3+[B] FC+1+B FC+K FC+3+K FC+3+A+B [WS] FC+3+[A+B] [LS] WS+A WS+B WS+K WS+A+B,(A_B) WS+B+K GI, can move any direction BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+K WHIP STANCE - [WS]: 214 Whip Stance 376231+A+K [WS] if fail B+K GI / [WS] A+K A+B [LS] SPIRAL LUST STANCE - [WL]: Hold buttons maintains stance Hold buttons to max ! Release buttons do before ! Any direction do before ! SPIRAL SERENADE STANCE - [SS]: A+B A [ST] B,B [WS] K A+B_B+K (throw) SPIRAL TRIBUTE STANCE - [ST]: A [SE] 2+A [WS] B B:B:B JF B:6B:4B:6B:4B JF K A+B [WS] SERPENTS EMBRACE STANCE - [SE]: A,A 2+A B [B] ! K 66+K A+B B+K 4+B+K 6+B+K 6+B+K,8 extra hit on CH 8-WAY RUN: 6+A 6+B 6+[B] [ST] 6+K slide A+B [SS] 6+B+K 6+[B+K] GP (9_3)+A (9_3)+B (9+3)+[B] [SS] (9_3)+K (8_2)+A #1 to [WS] (8_2)+A,4 (8_2)+B (8_2)+[B] [ST] (8_2)+K (7_1)+A [WS] (7_1)+A,A (7_1)+B (7_1)+[B] (7_1)+K 4+A 4+[A] [WS] 4+B [WS] 4+[B] [SS] 4+K lays down 4+B+K [WS] 4+[B+K] [LS] NOTES: [WS]: shift to whip state [LS]: shift to Spiral Lust Stance [SS]: shift to Spiral Serenade [ST]: shift to Spiral Tribute [SE]: shift to Serpents Embrace #1: G to cancel ========= | Kilik | ========= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A #1 A,A,(8_2) A,A,B 6+A,A,A 6+A,A,B 6+A,A,B,8 6+A,A,B,8+(A_B) 6+A,A,B,2 6+A,A,B+K 66+A 3+A,B 3+A,B+K 2+A 1+A 4+A 44+A,A A~A,B A~B B,A #1 B,2+A B,B B,B,(8_2) 6+B 6+B,8 6+B,8+(A_B) 6+B,2 66+B 66+[B] GP 3+B,B 2+B 1+B 4+B 44+B (8_2)*B,B,B,B (8_2)*B,B,4+B B~K GI 7+B K #1 6+K 6+K~B 66+K,K,B 3+K 2+K 1+K,B 4+K>B GI 44+K K~B A+B #1 / move any direction but 4 6+A+B 2+A+B 3+A+B {A} 1+A+B {B} 4+A+B,B,B 214+A+B #1 / ! laying+A+B #1 laying+A+B,K B+K #1 F+B+K (1_2_3)+B+K (1_2_3)+B+K,8 (1_2_3)+B+K,2 lays down 4+B+K A+K 6+A+K (3_1)+A+K 2+A+K 4+A+K laying+A+K laying+A+B #1 laying+A+B,K G+K G+K,(A_B) FC+A FC+B FC+3+B FC+1+B FC+K FC+A+B WS+A WS+B WS+K,B BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K during perpendicular WJ+K during slant jump WL+A WL+B WL+K MONUMENT: 236 Split Stance / GI A B K A+B #1 A+B,K B+K #1 A+K A+G,46+A,41236+B {A} B+G,46+A+B {B} TRIBUTE: 214 Pole Jam / GI A B K,K PHEONIX FAKE: 4+[B] #1 B ! 8-WAY RUN: 6+A (6_9_3)+B (6_9_3)+[B] GP 6+K slide (6_9_3)+B+K 9+A,A (9_3)+K,K,B 3+A,A (8_2)+A,A,A (8_2)+A,B #1 (8_2)+B (8_2)+K (8_2)+K~A (8_2_7_1)+B+K #1 (7_1)+A (7_1)+[B] (7_1_4)+K 4+A,A 4+B 4+B+K NOTES: #1: G to cancel ======== | Maxi | ======== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A #1 A,A [RC] A,A,B A,A,K,K 1+A 2+A 3+A 4+A [BL] 4+A,B 4+A,B~B [LO] 4+A,B,[4] #1 / [LI] 4+A~B,A,A>[B] 44+A 6+A [RO] 66+A #1 236+A [BL] A~K [LO] A~K,[4] B #1 1+B 2+B 3+B 4+B [LO] 4+B,[B],K #1 44+B [RC] 6+B 6+B,[4] [LO] 6+B~A,A>[B] 66+B [LO] / #1 shift change 236+B #6 / #1 shift change K #1 1+K 2+K,B [RO] 2+K,K 3+K 4+K 44+K 6+K 66+K,B [RO] 236+K #1 K~B,A K~B,[K] A+B A+B,[2] [RC] 4+[A+B] 6+A+B [BL] / #1 shift change B+K,B,B,B,A [RO] 2+B+K,B 3+B+K 3+B+K~B [RO] 4+B+K #1 / ! 66+B+K 3+A+K FC+A FC+3+A,A,A [RO] FC+1+A,B [LO] FC+B FC+K FC+A+B [LI] WS+A WS+B [LI] WS+K,K WS+A+B [LI] BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B [LO] WJ+K WL+A [RC] WL+B [RO] WL+K wall jump+K,B [RO] wall jump+K,K RIGHT OUTER LOOP - [RO]: loop stops if no action is taken 2+A+K Right Outer Loop / [BL] A [BL] A,[K] B,[B] [RC] B,[B],K #1 K,A K,[K] BEHIND LOWER LOOP - [BL] loop stops if no action is taken A B [LO] K,K RIGHT CROSS LOOP - [RC] loop stops if no action is taken A #1 B K,K LEFT OUTER LOOP - [LO]: loop stops if no action is taken A,K [B],K #1 K LEFT INNER LOOP - [LI]: loop stops if no action is taken A+K Left Inner Loop (4_6)+A+K Left Inner Loop A A~A [RC] B [RO] B #1 to [RO] K>K INFINITE LOOPS: [6] during any loop [LI] to [LO] to [BL] to [RC] to [RO] [4] during any loop [LO] to [LI] to [RC] to [BL] to [RO] [A+K] during any loop [RC] to [LI] to [BL] to [LO] to [RO] 8-WAY RUN: 6+A #1 6+B [LO] / #1 shift change 6+K slide 6+A+B [BL] / #1 shift change (6_9_3)+B+K A+K [BL] (9_3)+A (9_3)+B [BL] / #1 shift change (9_3)+K (9_3_8_2)+A+B 8+A (8_2)+B [LO] (8_2)+B,[4] [LI] / #1 shift change (8_2)+B~A,A>[B] 8+K (8_2_7_1)+B+K #1 2+A [LI] 2+K,K (7_1_4)+A (7_1)+B (7_1_4)+K (7_1_4)+[A+B] 4+B [RC] 4+B+K #1 / ! NOTES: [RO]: Right Outer Loop [BL]: Behind Lower Loop [RC]: Right Cross Loop [LO]: Left Outer Loop [LI]: Left Inner Loop #1: G to cancel ============= | Mitsurugi | ============= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A #1 A,A A,6 GI 1+[A] 1+[A],B 2+A 3+A 4+A 4+A,6 [MS] 6+A,A 44+A 44+[A] [RS] 66+A,(8_2) [HMD] 66+A,A 236+[A] [B],B [B],B,(8_2) [HMD] B,B,6 [MS] 1+[B] 2+B 3+B 4+[B] 4+B,6 [MS] 6+B 6+B,8 6+B,2 44+[B]>B 66+B,B,[B] 66+B,B,(8_2) [HMD] B,6 236+[B] B~A K 1+K 2+K,B 2+K,B,6 [MS] 3+K 4+K,B 6+K K,6_66+K K,B A+B #1 66+A+B 2+A+B B+K (throw) 4+B+K GI A+K (throw) A+K,6 change position after throw 4+A+K GI FC+A FC+B FC+3+B FC+1+B,B FC+K FC+1+A+B WS+A,A WS+B WS+K WS+A+B BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+K (9+G)+A+B RELIC STANCE - [RS]: 4+A+B Relic Stance A A,B [MS] B [K] [A+B] ! B+K A+B+K_66+G GI to counterattack MIST STANCE - [MS]: 6+A+B Mist Stance A,B A,B+K [RS] A,K B (throw) B,6 change position after throw K A+B GI B+K [RS] HALF MOON DEATH - [HMD]: (8_2)+B+K_63214+A Half Moon Death A,A A_63214+[A] immediately into the stance B,B B~A K FULL MOON DEATH: 6+B+K_63214+B Full Moon Death A ! B ! K CROUCH DASH: 236 Crouch Dash [A] [B] NOTES: #1: G to cancel [RS]: Relic Stance [MS]: Mist Stance [HMD]: Half Moon Death ============= | Nightmare | ============= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} FC A+G_B+G {A_B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: [A] #1 / [RNS] A,A>B A,A>[B] [NLS] A~G,A A~G,[A] [LNS] A,2+A,A A,2+A,A,4 [NBS] 6+A 6+[A] [RNS] 66+A 3+A GI to throw 2+A 3+[A] 4+A #1 4+[A] #1 / [LNS] B #1 B,7 [NBS] [B] [NLS] B,B B,6 B,4 B~G,B,B B~G,B,[B] [NBS] B~G,B,K B,2+[A] B,2+A,4 [NBS] 6+B 66+B 3+B 3+[B] [NBS] 2+B 2+[B] [NBS] 1+B throws on CH 4+B #1 4+[B] [NBS] 44+B,B 44+[B] [NLS] 44+B,[B] [NBS] 236+B #1 / ! K #1 6+K 66+K,B 66+[K] [NBS] 66+[K],2 [NBS] 66+K,B 66+K,[B] [NBS] 66+K~K 3+K,K,B (2_1)+K 4+K,K 4+K,[K] [NBS] 4+K,2+[K] [NBS] 44+K,A GI to throw 44+K,(8_2)A 236+[K] ! 236+K,K,K,K,K,K 66+K~B A+B [RNS] A+B,A 2+A+B land laying down 3+A+B A+K,[A] [RNS] A+K,A,A>B A+K,A,A>[B] [NLS] A+K,A,d+A,A A+K,K FC+A FC+B FC+[B] [NLS] FC+K WS+[A] [RNS] WS+A,A ws+A,A,2 cancel Ws+B WS+[B] [NBS] WS+K BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+[B] WL+K walljump+B,B walljump+[B] [NLS] walljump+B,[B] [NBS] NIGHT BEHIND STANCE - [NBS]: B+K Night Behind Stance (8_2)+B+K A [A] [RNS] 2+A 2+[A] [RNS] B K,K (any direction)+[A] [RNS] (any direction)+A,A (any direction)+B NIGHT RIGHTSIDE STANCE - [RNS]: 2+B+K Night Rightside Stance A,A A,2+A B [B] [NBS] B~A K A+B [A+B] [LNS] NIGHT LEFTSIDE STANCE - [LNS]: 8+B+K Night Leftside Stance A,A A,2+A B [B] [NBS] B~A K A+B [A+B] [RNS] NIGHT LOWER STANCE - [NLS]: 4+B+K Night Lower Stance A [A] [RNS] B [B] [NBS] 6+B K [K] [LNS] A+B 8-WAY RUN: 6+A 6+B 6+K slide 6+K~B land laying down A+K 9+A (9_3)+B (9_3)+[B] [NBS] (9_3)+[K] [NBS] (9_3)+K,B (9_3)+K,[B] [NBS] (9_3)+K,K (9_3)+B+K [NBS] 3+A 8+[A] [RNS] 8+A,[A] [NBS] 8+A,A,B 8+A,A,[B] [NLS] (8_2)+A,A,6+B (8_2)+[B] [NLS] (8_2)+B,B,B (8_2)+B,B,[B] (8_2)+B,G~[B] [NLS] (8_2)+B,G~B,B (8_2)+B,G~B,[B] [NLS] (8_2)+B,B,K (8_2)+B,G~B,K (8_2)+B,6 (8_2)+B,4 (8_2)+B,2+A (8_2)+B,2+A,4 cancel to [NBS] (8_2)+K,[A] [RNS] (8_2)+K,A,A,B (8_2)+K,A,A,[B] [NLS] (8_2)+K,A,2+A,A 8+B+K [RNS] 2+[A] [RNS] 2+A,[A] [NBS] 2+A,A,B 2+A,A,[B] [NLS] 2+B+K [LNS] (7_1_4)+[A] [LNS] (7_1_4)+A #1 (7_1)+B (7_1)+K 4+[B] [NLS] 4+B,B 4+B,[B] [NBS] 4+A+K NOTES: [NBS]: shift to Night Behind Stance [RNS]: shift to Night Rightside Stance [LNS]: shift to Night Leftside Stance [NLS]; shift to Night Lower Stance #1: G to cancel =========== | Raphael | =========== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A A,A #1 A,B A,[B] [P4] A,2+A A,6 [A],6 [P2] 6+A 66+A 66+A,A 66+A,A,B 66+A,A,[B] [P2] 3+A 2+A 1+A 4+A stun on CH 44+A stun on CH 44+A~B #1 B #1 B,B 6+[B] [P4] 6+B,B 6+B,[B] [P2] 6+B,B,B 6+B,B,[B] [P3] 66+B 66+[B] [P3] 3+B 2+B 1+B 1+B,B 4+B 4+B,B 4+B,[B] K 6+K 6+K 3+K 2+K 1+K 4+K stun on CH 44+K 44+K,214 [RS] A+B A+B,A 66+A+B #1 3+A+B 3+[A+B] [P2] 1+A+B GI B [B] [P2] B,B B,[B] [P3] 4+A+B 9+A+B GI 9+[A+B] [P2] WS+A WS+B WS+K FC A FC 3+A FC 3+A,A FC 3+A,[B] [P2] FC 3+A,A,B FC B FC 3+B FC 3+[B] FC K BK 2+A BK 2+B BK 2+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+K PREPERATION 1: A 6+A 6+A,B [B] GI 2+B PREPERATION 2: A [P1] 6+A 6+A,B 4+A GI [B] K (8_2) [P2] PREPERATION 3: A 6+A 6+[A] [P2] B K K,214 (8_2) [P2] PREPERATION 4: A [P1] f+A B [B] [P2] K (8_2) [P2] SPIRAL ENVELOPMENT: A+K Spiral Envelopment A #2 A,A #2 B #2 [B] [P3] K #2 A #3 A,B #3 A,[B] [P3] B #3 [B] [P3] K #3 236 #3 / [AS] 214 #3 / [RS] CIRCULAR ENVELOPMENT: B+K Circular Envelopment A #2 A,A #2 B #2 [B] [P3] K #2 A #3 B #3 [B] [P3] K #3 236 #3 / [AS] 214 #3 / [RS] ADVANCE STEP - [AS]: 236 Advance Step A A,B B K A+B RETREAT STEP - [RS]: 214 Retreat Step A [B] GI K 8WAY RUN: 6+A,[B] [P2] 6+A,A,B 6+B 6+[B] [P3] 6+K slide 6+A+B #1 (9_D3)+A,A (9_3)+A,B {9_3)+A,[B] [P2] (9_3)+B (9_3)+[B] [P4] (9_3)+K (9_3)+A+B GI (9_3)+[A+B] [P2] (8_2)+A,A (8_2)+B (8_2)+A,B (8_2)+A,[B] [P2] (8_2)+K (7_1)+A (7_1)+B,A,B (7_1)+K (7_1)+K,214 end in Retreat Step (7_1)+[A+B] [P2] (7_1)+A+B B B,B B,[B] [P3] 4+A 4+B 4A~B #1 4+K NOTES: [P1]: shifts to preparation 1 [P2]: shifts to preparation 2 [P3]: shifts to preparation 3 [P4]: shifts to preparation 4 [AS]: shifts to Advance Step [RS]: shifts to Retreat Step #1: G to cancel #2: Only during successful evasion of vertical/thrust attack #3: Only during successful evasion of horizontal mid/low attacks ======== | Taki | ======== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} 66+B+G {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A #1 A,A>B 6+A,A,B A,A>6+B_6+A,A>6+B A,6 A,B,B #1 A,A,B,214 [PO] A,A,4+B+K #1 A A,214 [PO] A,B,K 1+A 2+A,K 3+A 4+A 44+A 44+[A] position change 66+A,214 [PO] 66+A,A 66+A,A,214 [PO] 66+A,B>B B,214 [PO] B,B,B #1 B,B,B,214 [PO] B,6 44+[B] 4+B B,A,214 [PO] B>A,A B,A,[K] B,A,(8_2_6)+A+B [ST] B,A,6+K B>K,A B>K,A,214 [PO] 2+B,A 2+B,A,214 [PO] 3+B 6+B 66+B 41236+B #1 / ! SC B,[2] A K #1 K,K,214 [PO] K,K,K K,K,2+K 3+K,K,K 3+K,B+K [WR] 3+K,K,B+K [WR] 3+K,(8_2)+B+K [SWR] 3+K,K,(8_2)+B+K [SWR] 2+K,K 4+K,K 6+K,A 6+K,A,214 [PO] 66+K 44+K SC K,B SC 7+[K] if hits wall, automatic attack 4+B+K #1 A A,214 [PO] FC+A FC+B FC+K FC+A+K,K FC+1+A+K WS+A,A,214 [PO] WS+A,A,A WS+B WS+B,(8_2_6)+A+B [ST] WS+K BK A BK B,A BK B,A,214 [PO] BK K BK K,6 [WR] B+K must be facing opponent's BK 2+A+K must be facing opponent's BK BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+B,214 [PO] BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K,K,214 [PO] WJ+K,K,K WL+A WL+B,(8_2_6)+A+B [ST] WL+B,B WL+K,K,B+K [WR] WL+K,K,(8_2)+B+K [WR] WL+K,K,K wall jump+K POSSESSION - [PO]: 214 Possession 6 4 to cancel / #1 A_(8_2)+A 4+A 4+A,214 [PO] B K 8+K,A 8+K,214 [PO] 2+K A+B #1 / ! A+K A+G_B+G {A_B} ([8]_[2]) run up wall (8_2) A B K STALKER - [ST]: A+B_(8_2)+A+B Stalker [A+B] jump off wall A B K WINDROLL - [WR]: B+K B+K,214 [PO] A A,214 [PO] (8_2)+A 4+A [PO] B,B,B B,K K 6+K,K,K 6+K,K,K,214 [PO] SIDE WINDROLL - [SWR]: (8_2)+B+K 4 STANCE (8_2)+B+K,214 [PO] A 4+A [PO] K,A A+B [ST] 8-WAY RUN: 6+A,A 6+A,A,214 [PO] (6_9_3)+B (6_9_3)+K slide (9_3)+[A],214 [PO] (9_3)+[A],B,B,B (8_2)+A,A,A 8+A,A,[8]+B+K [SWR] 2+A,A,[2]+B+K [SWR] (8_2)+A,K (8_2)+B (8_2)+B~A (8_2)+K,A (7_1)+A (7_1)+B,K (7_1)+B,K,214 [PO] (7_1)+K,K 4+A 4+[A] position change 4+[B] 4+K NOTES: [PO]: shift to Possession [ST]: shift to Stalker [WR]: shift to Windroll [SWR]: shift to Side Windroll #1: G to cancel ========= | Talim | ========= GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} 236+A+G {B} 236+A+G,46+A+B {B} 214+B+K JF (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A,A #1 A,A,B A,A,B,(8_2) [SP] A,A,B A,A,B,K #2 A,B 1+A 2+A 3+A #3 3+A,A 4+A,A 4+A,[K] 6+A,A 6+A,B 44+A,A,A 44+A,A,A,236+B 44+A,[A] B,A #1 B,B,(8_2) [SP] B,B,A B,B,K B,B,K,6 [FF] B,B,4+K [BT] 1+B(8_2) [SP] 1+B,6 [FF] 1+B,4 [BT] 2+B 1+B,6+[B] 6+B,A,(8_2) [SP] 6+B,A,6 [FF] 6+B,A,4 [BT] 6+B,B 4+B,(8_2) [SP] 4+B,6 [FF] 4+B,B 44+B 66+B 236+[B] 214+B #1 / ! K 1+K 2+K,A 2+K,[A] 3+K 4+K 6+K 44+K 66+K A+B #1 / #3 / GB 6+A+B #1 66+A+B 3+A+B 1+A+B 2+A+B 2+A+B,(8_2) [SP] 2+A+B,6 [FF] 2+A+B,4 [BT] 4+A+B #3 B+K #1 / GB (9_7)+B+K half-spin #3 4+B+K FC+A FC+B FC+3+B,B FC+K WS+A WS+B BK A,A BK A,A,(8_2) [SP] BK A,A,6 [FF] BK A,A,4 [BT] BK d2A BK B,B BK K BK 6+K #3 BK A+K GI to stun BK B+K GI BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+A.(8_2) [SP] WJ+A,6 [FF] WJ+A,4 [BT] WJ+B WJ+B,K #2 WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+K FRONT FLIP - [FF]: 6+B+K Front Flip A B K #4 4+K #3 BACK TWIST: B GB 8-WAY RUN: 6+A,A# 6+B 6+K Slide 6+A+B 6+B+K [FF] (9_3)+A (9_3)+B,6+[B] (9_3)+K,A A+B (7_8_9_1_2_3)+B+K Full Spin A (8_2)+B+K Can run up wall B+G (throw) (8_2)+A,(8_2) [SP] (8_2)+B (8_2)+B,6 [FF] (8_2)+K (7_1)+A (7_1)+B,(8_2) [SP] (7_1)+B,6 [FF] (7_1)+K 4+A,A,A 4+A,A,A,236+B 4+B 4+K 4+B+K NOTES: [SP]: halfspin up or down [FF]: if attacked, will do front flip [BT]: if attacked, will do back twist #1: G to cancel #2: k at end of string against wall will add extra hit #3: leaves you in BK #4: if connects, performs another front flip ========= | Voldo | ========= (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} K+G {A} db+[B] grounded opponent (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B_G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUE: NOTES: A #1 A,A A,B,A A,B,A,4 [BL] A,K 6+A [BL] 66+A 3+A 2+A,K 2+A,A,A 2+A,K,K,K 1+A 4+A [BL] 4+A,A 44+A B #1 B,B B~A 6+B,B 66+B 3+B,B 2+B,4 [BL] 2+B,B 1+B,K [MC] (away) 1+B,K,K 44+B,A [BL] 44+B,A,A 4+B 4+[B] [MC] (face) 44+[B] ! K #1 3+K 2+K 1+K [BL] 1+K,6 cancel to BK 4+K 4+[K] [MC] (away) 66+K [BL] 44+K #2 A+B 6+A+B [BL] 66+A+B 66+A+B,K 2+A+B 3+A+B #1 / #3 3+[A+B] GI / #3 4+[A+B] [A+K] #1 4+A+K #1 66+A+K,K B+K 2+B+K 8+B+K 6+B+K 6+[B+K] [MC] (away) 4+B+K 4+[B+K] [CR] FC A FC B FC K FC 3+B [BL] FC 3+A+B FC 3+[A+B] #1 / ! / #3 FC (1_2_3)+B+K FC (1_2_3)+[B+K] [MC] WS+A WS+[B] [MC] WS+B,B WS+K [BL] WS+K,6 cancel to BK BK FC+K #2 BK FC+1+K BK FC+3+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+K #2 CALISTRO RUSH - [CR]: d,df,f Calistro Rush FC db,d,df Calistro Rush A,A A,3+A A,4+A,A A,4+A [BL] B,B,B B,[B] [MC] (away) K #2 A+B B+K [B+K] [MC] (away) A+G [A+G] B+G [B+G] [MC] (away) BLIND STANCE - [BL]: d,db,b Blind Stance B+G A 6+A 66+[A] 4+A,B 6+B 66+B 66+B~A 4+B [BL] 4+B,B 4+B,[B] [BL] 3+K 1+K 4+K [BL] 2+K #2 A+B #1 2 2+A+B [A+K] 2+A+K [MC] B+K (8_2)+B+K [MC] 4+B+K 4+[B+K] [MC] (face) 6+B+K MANTIS CRAWL - [MC]: 3+A+K Mantis Crawl (face) / #1 2+A+K Mantis Crawl (away) / #1 A B K (away) K (face) / [BL] A+B #1 2 66 66+B+K 6_4 B+K (face) / GI (8_2)+B,B,B (away) / #2 (8_2)+(A_B) (face) / #2 A K B+K 8-WAY RUN: 6+A (9_3)+A (8_2)+A (4_1_7)+A (4_1_7)+B,A,A (4_1_7)+[B] (4_1_7)+A+B (4_1_7)+[A+B] (6_9_3)+B (8_2)+B 6+K Slide (9_3)+K (8_2)+K (7_1)+K [BL] (7_1)+K,6 cancel to BK B+K #2 (6_9_3)+A+B (6_9_3)+A+B,K 4+K (8_2)+A+B NOTES: [BL]: shift to Blind Stance [MC]: shift to Mantis Crawl [CR]: shift to Calistro Rush #1: G to cancel #2: shift to laying #3: extra hit against wall ============ | Xianghua | ============ GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} 214+B+G {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: NOTES: A,A,(8_2) [LT] A,A,B #1 A~B A~K,(8_2)+B A~K,B A~K,K A,A,4+B,B #1 A,A,4+B,B,B 6+A 3+A 3+A>K #1 2+A 4+A 1+A 66+A 44+A 44+[A] B,B #1 B~A GI B~A>A B~K>B B~K,B,B 6+B>A 6+B>B 3+B 2+B 4+B,B #1 4+B,B,B 66+B,B 66+B,4_(66+B,B,4) GI 44+B 44+B,4 GI 1+B>A #1 1+[B],A #1 K #1 K~B,B_(K~B,u,B) 6+K 3+K 2+K 4+K 1+K 1+K~A,A,B 1+K~A,A,(8_2),B 1+K~A,A,K 66+K,B #1 / [LT] 44+K [A+B] 6+A+B 66+A+B 3+A+B 2+A+B 1+A+B 1+[A+B] shift to laying down laying down+A+B 4+A+B GI 44+A+B B+K 6+B+K #1 6+B+K(8_2) [LT] 66+B+K GI 3+B+K #1 2+B+K 1+B+K #1 4+B+K #1 / ! 4+B+K GI 2+A+K,K 2+A+K,2+K FC+A FC+B FC+B~A FC+3+B FC+3+B~B FC+K FC+A+B,B FC+A+B,2+B WS+A,A WS+B WS+B~A #1 WS+[K] WS+A+B,B WS+A+B,2+B BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K,B_(WJ+K,2+B) WL+A WL+B WL+K against wall+8+[K] LOWER GREATWALL: A+K [A+K] increase rotations B inside 1 rotation B inside 2 rotations LOTUS TWIST - [LT]: B 8-WAY RUN: 6+A 6+B,B 6+B,b_(6+B,B,4) GI 6+K Slide 6+A+B 6+B+K GI A+K [A+K] increase rotations (9_3)+A (9_3)+B #1 (9_3)+K,A (9_3)+K,A,B+K GI (9_3_8_2_7_1_4)+A+B (9_3_8_2_7_2)+B+K (8_2)+A (8_2)+B 8+K,B_(8+K,2+4) (7_1)+A (7_1_4)+B (7_1_4)+B,4 (7_1)+K (7_1)+K~A,A,B 7+K~A,A,(8_2),B (7_1)+K~A,A,K (7_1)+K~A,A,(8_2),B 4+A 4+[A] 4+K 4+B+K GI NOTES: [LT]: shift to Lotus Twist #1: G to cancel ============== | Yoshimitsu | ============== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES: (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} 66+A+G {A} 214+A+B {A} 6+K+G {A} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: A #1 A,A 1+A,A,A,A,A 2+A 3+A>B 4+A,A,A,A,A 44+A 6+A 66+A 214+A B #1 B,B B~A (throw) on close CH 1+B 1+[B] ! / damage increases over time 2+B 2+B~A 3+[B] 4+B GB 6+B 6+B,8 6+B,2 66+B 66+B,B+K 66+B,[B+K] shifts to BK 66+B,B+K,A+B 66+B,B+K,A+B,K 66+B,B+K,6+[A+B] ! 66+B,B+K,6+[A+B],(2_4) [RS] 66+B,B+K,4+[A+B] ! 44+B #1 / ! 44+B~A #1 44+B~B 236+B ! K #1 K,K,K 1+K 2+K 3+K 4+K,B 4+K,[B] ! 6+K 6+K,K 6+K,2+K 66+K 2+[A+B] GB 2+A+B,B 2+A+B,A [PG] 6+A+B 6+[A+B] possible 6+K+G 9+A+B ! 2 ! 4 ! (7_8)+A+B GB 66+A+B #1 66+A+B,A [PG] 66+A+B,B [SS] 66+A+B,2+B 1+B+K 3+B+K 4+B+K spins but you take damage B_K more spins but you take damage 44+B+K #1 44+B+K,A [PG] 44+B+K,B [SS] 6+B+K,B,B,B 9+B+K 9+B+K,4 jumps back after hit 9+B+K,A [PG] 9+B+K,B [SS] 9+B+K>K 9+B+K>K,4 jumps back after hit 9+B+K>K,A [PG] 9+B+K>K,B [SS] 66+B+K 66+[B+K] shift to BK 66+B+K,A+B 66+B+K,A+B,K 66+B+K,4+[A+B] ! 66+B+K,6+[A+B] ! 66+B+K,6+[A+B],(2_4) [RS] while laying+B+K [PG] A+K GI 66+A+K 66+A+K,A [PG] 66+[A+K] ! / you take damage 2+A+K ! / you take damage A,A,A,A ! / you take damage FC+A FC+14+A FC+B FC+3+B FC+K FC+1+K,K,K,K,K FC+3+K WS+A WS+B WS+K BK A BK B BK K BK FC+A BK FC+B BK FC+K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+K RANDOM STANCE - [RS]: K+G_4+K+G Random Stance random1 random2 A for additional attack random3 random4 random5 ! random6 8+B+K for additional attack random7 random8 ! random9 #1 random10 random11 ! random12 random13 Failure POGO STANCE - [PG]: A+B Pogo Stance A [B],(8_4_2_6) K 66 6+A+B [A+B] B+K [SS] SITTING STANCE - [SS]: B+K #1 / recovers life (4_6) A B ! K A+B,K [A+B],6 ! [A+B],(2_4) [RS] 8 [PG] 8-WAY RUN: 6+A 6+B (6_9_3)+B,B+K (6_9_3)+B,B+K,A+B (6_9_3)+B,B+K,A+B,K (6_9_3)+B+K,4+[A+B] ! (6_9_3)+B+K,6+[A+B] ! (6_9_3)+B+K,6+[A+B],(2_4) [RS] (6_9_3)+B~A (throw) on close CH 6+K slide 6+A+B #1 6+A+B,A [PG] 6+A+B,B [SS] 6+A+B,2+B 6+B+K 6+[B+K] shift to BK 6+B+K,A+B 6+B+K,A+B,K 6+A+K 6+A+K,A [PG] 6+[A+B] ! / you take damage (9_3_8_2)+A (9_3)+B (9_3)+K (9_3)+A+B ! (9_3)+B+K (8_2)+B (8_2)+K (8_2)+K,A [PG] (8_2)+K,B [SS] (8_2_1)+B+K (7_1)+A (7_1)+B,A,B #1 (7_1)+B,A,B,A [PG] (7_1)+B,A,B,B [SS] (7_1)+B,A,B,2+B (7_1_4)+K,B (7_1_4)+K,[B] ! (7_1_4)+A+B #1 (7_1_4)+A+B,A [PG] (7_1_4)+A+B,B [SS] (7_1_4)+A+B,2+B (7_4)+B+K #1 (7_4)+B+K,A [PG] (7_4)+B+K,B [SS] 4+A 4+B #1 / ! 4+B~A #1 4+B~B NOTES: [RS]: shift to Random Stance [PG]: shift to Pogo Stance [SS]: shift to Sitting Stance #1: G to cancel =========== | Yunsung | =========== GRAPPLING TECHNIQUES (front) A+G {A} B+G {B} B+G,4 {B} (left) A+G_B+G {A_B} (right) A+G_B+G {A_B} (back) A+G_B+G {Astroth & Voldo can escape} NORMAL TECHNIQUES: A,A,4 [ST] A,A,B #1 A,A,K>K 6+A,4 [ST] 6+A>A #1 B #2 66+A 3+A 1+A d2A 4+A 44+A B>B #1 B,B,4 B,6 B,4 B>K #1 6+B,A 6+B>B 66+B,B 3+B 1+B 2+B,B 4+[B] 4+B #1 9+B K,6 K,K K,K,6 K,4+A+B K~G~K K~G~K,6 [CR] 6+K,4 6+K,K,A,6 6+K,K,A>A #1 B #2 6+K,4+A+B 6+K,K,K 66+K,6 [CR] 66+K,K,6 [CR] 66+K,(8_2),A 66+K,(8_2),B 66+K,(8_2),K,K 66+K,(8_2),K,4 [ST] 66+K,(8_2),K,K,6 [CR] 66+K 66+K,K,(8_2) 66+K,K,(8_2),A 66+K,K,(8_2),B 66+K,K,(8_2),K,K 66+K,K,(8_2),K,4 [ST] 66+K,K,(8_2),K,K,6 [CR] 3+K 1+K,A #1 1+K,A,B 1+K,K #1 1+K,K,6 [CR] 1+K,K,B 1+K,K,4+A+B 2+K 4+K 4+K A+B 6+A+B GI 4+A+B #1 / GI f,f+A+B B+K 2+B+K 44+B+K #1 2+A+K FC+A FC+B,B FC+K WS+A,B GI WS+B WS+K WS+A+B BK A BK B BK K WJ+A WJ+B WJ+K WL+A WL+B WL+K STEPBACK TAUNT - [ST]: 214 Stepback Taunt A B K,K>K B+K #1 CRANE STANCE - [CR]: [A] B K K JF 2+K,K 2+K,K,6 2+K,A 2+K~K A+B 66 Lunge Step A,B B K 44 Back Flip B 8WAY-RUN: 6+A 6+B,6 6+B>B 6+B>4+B 6+K Slide (9_3)+A,[B] (9_3)+[B] (9_3)+K (8_2)+A,6 [CR] (8_2)+A,B (8_2)+B (7_1)+A (7_1)+B (7_1)+K 4+A 4+B #1 4+K 4+B+K #1 NOTES: [ST]: shift to stepback Taunt [CR]: shift to Crane Stance #1: G to cancel #2: only works after G cancel -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Thanks go out to: ----------------- Catlord: for allowing me to use his TTT FAQ setup. 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