_____________________________________________________________________________ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv PitFall: The Lost Expedition Walkthrough For Playstation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube Final Version Copyright 2004 YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel (YuGiOhAngel@yahoo.com)(YuGiOhFm2002@yahoo.com) (If you Email one of us or both of us.) (Please add Game Name or Guide Name in Subject) (to let us know which game you need help with.) First Created: 2/20/04 Last Updated on: 1/13/05 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***************** Table of Contents ***************** I. Legal Info II. Introduction III. Walkthrough ____________ |*I. Prelude*| ------------ 1. "Ruins of El Dorado" vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv II. Heart of the Jungle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Crash Site 2. Jungle Canyon 3. Punchau Shrine 4. Plane Cockpit ___________________________________ |Chapter 01: *Welcome To the Jungle*| ----------------------------------- 5. Native Jungle 6. Altar of Huitaca 7. The Great Tree 8. Statues of the Ayar 9. Bittenbinder's Camp _______________________________________ |Chapter 02: *The Rescue Mission Begins*| --------------------------------------- 10. Statues of the Ayar & The Great Tree (second time) 11. Altar of Huitaca (second time) 12. Mouth of Inti ______________________________________ |Chapter 03: *A Torch to Light the Way"| -------------------------------------- 13. Altar of Huitaca (third time) 14. Battered Bridge 15. Mama-Oullo Tower 16. Jungle Trail vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv III. Native Territory ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Flooded Courtyard 2. Monkey Temple ________________________________________ |Chapter 04: *Extending the Olive Branch*| ---------------------------------------- 3. Flooded Courtyard (second time) 4. Twin Outposts 5. Turtle Monument 6. Native Village __________________________________ |Chapter 05: *A Princess in Danger*| ---------------------------------- 7. Turtle Monument (Second Time) 8. Butterfly Glade _______________________________ |Chapter 06: *The Royal Welcome*| ------------------------------- 8a. Butterfly Glade 9. Turtle Monument (Third Time) 10. Native Village (Second Time) ____________________________________ |Chapter 07: *Into Hostile Territory*| ------------------------------------ 10a. Native Village (Second Time) 11. Butterfly Glade (Second Time) 12. Renegade Fort 13. Renegade Headquarters _______________________________________ |Chapter 08: *The Snowy Mountains Await*| --------------------------------------- 14. Renegade Headquarters 15. Mama-Oullo Tower (Second Time) 16. Ladder of Miles vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv IV. Snowy Mountains ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Penguin Den 2. White Valley 3. Cavern Lake ________________________________________ |Chapter 09: *The Search for the Caverns*| ---------------------------------------- 3a. Cavern Lake vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv V. Heart of the Jungle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Jungle Canyon (Second Time) vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VI. Lost Caverns ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Underground Dam 2. Abandoned Cavern 3. Crystal Cavern 4. Eyes of Doom 5. Scorpion Temple 6. Eyes of Doom (Second Time) 7. Mountain Overlook _______________________________________ |Chapter 10: *The Mission Gets Personal*| --------------------------------------- 8. Eyes of Doom (Third Time) 9. Crystal Cavern 10. Abandoned Cavern 11. Underground Dam 12. Cavern Teleporter vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VII. Snowy Mountains ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Mountain Teleporter 2. White Valley (Second Time) 3. Spinja Lair 4. Viracocha Monoliths 5. Penguin Temple ________________________________ |Chapter 11: *A Fork in the Road*| -------------------------------- 5. Viracocha Monoliths (Second Time) 6. Valley of the Spirits 7. Copacanti Lake 8. Mountain Sled Run 9. Apu Illapu Shrine ___________________________________ |Chapter 12: *Revisiting Old Haunts*| ----------------------------------- 9. White Valley (Third Time) 10. Cavern Lake (Second Time) vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VII. Heart of the Jungle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Jungle Canyon (Third Time) 2. Chameleon Temple _________________________________ |Chapter 13: *The Mystery Deepens*| --------------------------------- 3. Jungle Canyon (Fourth Time) 4. Bittenbinder's Camp (Second Time) 5. Mysterious Temple ______________________________ |Chapter 14: *A Desperate Plan*| ------------------------------ 6. Bittenbinder's Camp (Third Time) vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VIII. Native Territory ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Flooded Courtyard (Third Time) 2. St. Claire's Excavation Camp ___________________________________ |Chapter 15: *The Road to El Dorado*| ----------------------------------- 3. Flooded Courtyard (Fourth Time) vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv IX. Heart of the Jungle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1. Mama-Oullo Tower (Way to many times) 2. Fire-bombed Towers 3. Gates of El Dorado 4. Ruins of El Dorado IV. (Idol/Explorer/Shaman) Help/Locations I. "Heart of the Jungle" A. "Crash Site" B. "Jungle Canyon" C. "Punchau Shrine" D. "Plane Cockpit" E. "Native Jungle" F. "Altar of Huitaca" G. "Mouth of Inti" H. "The Great Tree" I. "Statues of Ayar" J. "Bittenbinder's Camp" K. "Battered Bridge" L. "Mama-Oullo Tower" M. "Jungle Trail" N. "Fire-Bombed Towers" II. "Native Territory" A. "Flooded Courtyard" B. "Twin Outposts" C. "Turtle Monument" D. "Native Village" E. "Butterfly Glade" F. "Renegade Fort" G. "Renegade Headquarters" H. "St. Claire's Excavation Camp III. "Lost Caverns" A. "Underground Dam" B. "Abandoned Cavern" C. "Crystal Cavern" D. "Eyes of Doom" E. "Mountain Overlook" IV. "Snowy Mountains" A. "Penguin's Den" B. "White Valley" C. "Cavern Lake" D. "Spinja Lair" E. "Viracocha Monoliths" F. "Valley of the Spirits" G. "Ekkeko Ice Cavern" H. "Copacanti Lake" I. "Mountain Sled Run" ============================I. Legal info================================= This document may not be altered, copied, published, sold nor reproduced for profit in any way shape or form without advance permission from me. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited. If you steal any part of this Guide, FAQ, you will be punished to the full extent of the law. Plagiarism is illegal, and I really detest it. If you do Email us for our permission, We have nearly no problems in allowing you to post it on your site as long as full credit is given to us (YuGiOhFm2002 & YuGiOhAngel), and you are not charging or profiting off of Gamers/Users to access it directly or indirectly in any way shape or form. However, you may print this document out if it is for your own personal use. If you see a site using this without our permission let us know. ========================================================================== vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv II. Introduction ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ You take on the role of Pitfall Harry the Adventurer, Hero, Lady charmer and Croc Jumper. This adventure will be unlike one that you might have with "that Jones guy". You will jump, swing, fight foes, dodge traps, save the world, and the girl of course. You will be traversing through the thick jungle of the Native Territory, The Snowy Mountains and The Dark Lost Caverns. I will be your guide through these vast areas. I will be guiding you from start to finish of the story. You should do the exploring part on your own. I tried correcting all the errors in this, but there probably is still some. If you find any other big errors let one of us know and we will take care of it. III. Walkthrough When you start out this game it doesn't even give you the normal intro movie instead you get a boss battle to start off with. ____________ |*I. Prelude*| ------------ *********************** 1. "Ruins of El Dorado" *********************** A. Boss Battle "Demon Jaguar" in the Very easy battle you have infinite life I'd recommend practicing on this Jaguar as in see his pattern you will be fighting him much later. 2. After you beat him you get the "Charming" Intro Movie. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv II. Heart of the Jungle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ************* 1. Crash Site ************* A. Go straight and avoid the first opening and closing pits and the monkeys swinging over them. (towards where the flares are firing from) B. Next two pits you need to double jump to the vine and swing over them. Note: There is a hidden treasure here I won't be covering where they are until you get all your tools because it will be easier for me that way to explain where to get each one. C. You can sneak past the monkey up ahead or fight him it is up to you. D. Make your way through the plane breaking the pots that are in your way. E. Hit the door on the left to open it. F. Head through the cave here. **************** 2. Jungle Canyon **************** A. Jump into the water ahead and quickly swim to the slanted/submerged part of the plane wreck to get on it. B. Get on the little desert island here and Jump to the grass covered block. C. Jump onto the back of the Crocodile's back that is next to this block and jump to the area the Crocodile is facing. D. Knock down the pillars and go around the corner. E. There is a monkey here sleeping next to a pit. Hit him into the pit and walk over the pit. F. Follow this path and use the first vine you come to. G. Next use the two vines on your right. H. Use the Three vines to continue to the next ledge. I. From here jump to where the fountain is. J. Use the vine to get over the pit and jump on the three Crocodile's back to get across the water here. K. Break down the pillars and roll into the next cave. ***************** 3. Punchau Shrine ***************** A. Go through this passage way jumping over the spikes, rolling past the ones on the left and finally jumping over the spikes on the right again. B. In this part the Green tiles collapse jump and touch only the gray tiles on the floor to get across this room. C. When your across roll through the little hole. D. In this next area you need to do this fairly quickly. Jump on the first button and stand there until it goes down. Jump to the next button and wait for it to go down. Do the same for the third button. after all three of those buttons went down quickly run into the next room and jump onto the lowering pillars to get up to the higher area in this room. Note: this room with the lowering pillars in front of them there is a web to burn. This is where you access original pitfall when you get the mysterious item from the shaman. E. Jump down the pit with the ladder here (high falls don't hurt you) or climb down the ladder your choice. F. Follow the tunnel to the next area. **************** 4. Plane Cockpit **************** A. Avoid the scorpions or hit them into the pit. B. Use the two vines and land on the nose of the plane. C. Crouch/roll at the window here and sweep kick it to break it. D. Roll on into the cockpit. Scene ___________________________________ |Chapter 01: *Welcome To the Jungle*| ----------------------------------- E. You have just got the Canteen. F. Jump and break the Glass in front of you to leave the plane. G. jump kick the rotting tree here to make a bridge for you to use to go to the next area. **************** 5. Native Jungle **************** A. Jump to the Vine in front of you and jump and roll pass these rolling logs. B. Sweep kick the natives here and drop down into the pit. C. Sneak past the monkeys here and climb up onto the ledge with the wooden natives. D. Avoid the pit around the corner. E. Break the pillars here and roll through the small opening. F. Use the vine here to get across and go through the curtain to the other side of this area. Scene G. Mini Boss Battle "Ambush" (If we can even call it boss battle that is) Take care of the Natives that show up and then go where the native that ran from you in the scene. Tip: Hit the pillars at them if you haven't destroyed them yet. ******************* 6. Altar of Huitaca ******************* A. Jump over the pit in front of you and make your way over to the large structure in this area. You need to get to the center of this structure. B. Use the ledge that is near the Fire Area and use the two vines that are there to get to the center of the structure and flip the lever. Scene C. You can guess what to do next. Go through that gate that just opened through those natives. ***************** 7. The Great Tree ***************** A. Go to the right and jump on the mushrooms growing from the tree trunk. B. There will be a vine to use to the left of the last mushrooms. C. After the rushing water stops jump over to the next few ledges. D. Use the Vine and swing over to the mushroom on your right. E. Make your way around the trunk by using the Mushrooms and branches. F. At the last branch you will need to go to the very edge of it and jump to a branch to the left of it. G. Use the Vine here to get up to the higher ledge where the fountain is on your right. H. Jump over to the branch and take care of the two monkeys up here. I. Use the three vines to your right to get across to the ledges. J. Make your way across these ledges and the branches here to the main trunk of the tree. K. Use the mushrooms to get around the trunk to the big branch farther up and go to the tip of this branch and jump to the branch to your right. L. Climb up the ledge and into the cave. ********************** 8. Statues of the Ayar ********************** A. Go straight and follow the tracks. Scene B. Go down the Holes and to your right. C. Jump to the hand of the statue and use the vine to get to that circular platform. D. Jump to the vine and use it to get to the hand of the statue near it (try not to use the the very bottom of the vine to swing to the hand climb up if you are at the very bottom). If that does not work try swinging backwards towards the hand and jumping to the hand. E. Use the vine up here to get up to where the head is broken off of the statue. F. Jump to the branch/root of the tree near by and jump on the head of the statue that is holding up the circular platform. G. Use the two vines to get to the head of the statue and continue on to the next area. ********************** 9. Bittenbinder's Camp ********************** A. jump down and go into the water and quickly swim to the opposite side of this area where you can get up on. B. Jump kick the Tree's here to get across to the Gizmo tank is. Scene C. Use a Rising Strike to get up to where the wire is connected from the gizmo tank and rising strike on the wood beam of the pillar to get it unstuck. Scene D. You got the Slingshot. Go back across the tree and jump over to where leech is stuck up in the tree. E. Hit the Airplane in the bullseye on the wing. Scene _______________________________________ |Chapter 02: *The Rescue Mission Begins*| --------------------------------------- F. Use rising strike to get up on the tree that Leech broke to leave this area. Use your sling shot to daze the porcupines before crossing over to get out of here. ***************************************************** 10. Statues of the Ayar & The Great Tree (second time) ***************************************************** A. Go back out onto the head and jump to the branch on the right and make your way back out of this area. Next drop down off of the Great Tree after you have shot that little Target it shows you in the mouth of the head on the wall with your slingshot (If you do it right the water will go away). Go out to the Altar of Huitaca area. ********************************** 11. Altar of Huitaca (second time) ********************************** Scene A. Take care of the natives here and use your sling shot on the engine they were throwing coconuts at until it lines up with the ledge near the propeller that your spinning. Use your rising strike to either jump up to the propeller or to the engine from the stairs or blocks. Go through the door way up here on the ledge. ***************** 12. Mouth of Inti ***************** A. Use the Fountain if you need it. Walk over to the edge of the cliffs. Scene B. Boss Battle "Jonathan St. Claire" Equip your slingshot use your R2 and L2 buttons to avoid the dynamite that is thrown at you when you run out of cover with those pillars. All you need to do here is use your sling shot and keep hitting the four support beams on the front of that platform he is standing on. Hit each one about ten times each to make them break. Scene C. Use your slingshot on the parachute to get Nicole down out of the tree. Scene ______________________________________ |Chapter 03: *A Torch to Light the Way*| -------------------------------------- D. You now have the Torch. E. Use your Torch on the Gunpowder pile. F. use your torch and jump kick the stone stalagmites to get through this dark bcave (be sure not to double jump). ********************************** 13. Altar of Huitaca (third time) ********************************** A. Burn the spider Web in front of you. B. Use the torch on the spider web near the vines you used earlier to get to the battered bridge area. ******************* 14. Battered Bridge ******************* A. Cross the broken bridge here and use the torch on the spider webs on the cave to go in it. ******************** 15. Mama-Oullo Tower ******************** A. Quickly Swim out to the green pillar in front of you. Jump on to the back of the Crocodile to get to the center area. B. Jump to the pillar on the other side of this area and jump on the crocs back to use the vine swing up to the ledge with the fountain. C. Locate the Lever it showed you when you first got here. D. After flipping that lever locate and use the path leading to "Jungle Trail". **************** 16. Jungle Trail **************** A. Roll Under the trees and go follow the path around. B. Sneak past the monkeys and use a rising strike to get up on the other side. C. Fall into the hole that is around the corner. D. Use your torch in this cave and go out the other side. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv III. Native Territory ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ********************* 1. Flooded Courtyard ********************* A. Jump out to the platform in the middle of the fire. Scene B. You now have earned your Heroic Dash (You will be using this alot so get use to using it). C. Dash over the hot coals and climb up on the block next to the fountain. You see there are two fire circles burning high up on the sides of the building in the distance you need to jump from pillar to pillar getting up to both of those and light the bowl in front of them with the torch. D. Go into the door that opens up. ***************** 2. Monkey Temple ***************** A. Step on the gold circle. Scene B. Run Straight ahead to confront your evil self. Scene C. Boss Battle "Evil Monkey spirit Harry" Just keep jumping and grabbing onto him until you get turned back to normal. D. Go get the item at the end of the pathway that the evil Harry was trying to get and then leave this place. Scene ________________________________________ |Chapter 04: *Extending the Olive Branch*| ---------------------------------------- *********************************** 3. Flooded Courtyard (second time) *********************************** A. Swim out to the door that opened and go in it. ***************** 4. Twin Outposts ***************** A. Jump into the Well that is directly in front of you down the ramp. B. When you come back up from swimming Dash across the coals and use your Rising Strike to grab the broken ladder to climb up and continue on. ******************* 5. Turtle Monument ******************* A. Go into the mouth of the big turtle. Use the rising strike to get on the stone heads in here to get up to the higher part of this room and head left to get your Heroic Dive. Scene B. You now have your Heroic Dive. C. Go to the "Native Village". It's to the left of where you entered "Turtle Monument" from. This next step is asked alot so I'll add this D. step for those needing to know how to get the explorer in this area. D. To get the Explorer here you need to break the pot to the right of the green pillar to reveal a bush warrior. Lead him over to where the button is and let him stand on the button to get to the pot the explorer is in. E. To get out of here leave the way you came with using the heroic dive and roll out the eye hole of the monument. ****************** 6. Native Village ****************** An Amusing "Kill" Scene (don't be alarmed it's not what you think) __________________________________ |Chapter 05: *A Princess in Danger*| ---------------------------------- ******************* 7. Turtle Monument (Second Time) ******************* A. Face the Turtle Monument to the left of it along that wall there is a broken pillar along the wall you need to get a baby monkey to grab you or hit one and then roll underneath this wall so the mother monkey breaks it. B. Once she has done that roll on into the hole that was opened up. ******************* 8. Butterfly Glade ******************* A. Follow Path to the left. Scene B. You are told you need to collect butterflies. You need to collect 12 butterflies. C. You see the grass ledges in the water jump across to where the tree is. It will tell you to use your heroic dive here if you haven't gotten it. I recommend getting it now from "Turtle Monument" even though you can pass this area without it. D. Do a heroic dive under the tree. D (Alternative). To get by the tree without the heroic dive do a heroic run off the ledge under the tree and right before touching the water do a double jump to land on that next ledge. E. Keep jumping to the grassy ledges in front of you. To your left is a burning torch jump over to it and destroy it. Now take out your torch out and make sure the three butter flies here follow you. You need to keep your torch out until you have brought them to the princess. F. Jump back the way you came over those grass ledges making the two other butterflies you come across follow you. G. You are at the tree again do a heroic jump to get to the next ledge. Jump to the ledge to the area to the left with the swinging monkeys. Locate and get the five butterflies here follow you. Leave this area and hope back along the grassy ledges back to the princess getting the final 2 butterflies to follow you. G (Alternative). If you do not have the heroic dive to get passed the tree look to your right. Where the princess is standing you will also see a mound of dirt that you use to come out of the water. Do a heroic run off the ledge right before touching the water do a double jump and you should land right on that dirt or in the shallow water. Take the butterflies you have so far. Go back across the grassy ledges to the tree again and go to the area to your right. Get the 5 butterflies in this area and head back to the prince getting the remaining 2 butterflies. Scene _______________________________ |Chapter 06: *The Royal Welcome*| ------------------------------- ******************** 8a. Butterfly Glade ******************** A. Head to the Native Village. Leave here the way you came in. ******************* 9. Turtle Monument (Third Time) ******************* A. Go right to where the native village is. ******************* 10. Native Village (Second Time) ******************* Scene A. Go into the village and climb up the ladder you see to your left leading to the chief. Scene B. You received the Shield. C. Equip your shield and hit the spiked pillars in front of you. D. Go across the narrow beam and hit the porcupines on the other side with the shield. E. Roll under the gap. Use the shield to put it over your head to protect you from the monkeys throwing coconuts. F. Jump over the log to the right and hit the gong. Scene G. You have unlocked access to the mini games now. ____________________________________ |Chapter 07: *Into Hostile Territory*| ------------------------------------ ******************* 10a. Native Village (Second Time) ******************* A. Head to Butterfly glade. I will assume by now you know where it is at. ******************** 11. Butterfly Glade (Second Time) ******************** Scene (A boingy boingy good time) A. Make your way over the grassy ledges to where the spiked pillars are and use your shield on them and continue on. ***************** 12. Renegade Fort ***************** A. Destroy the Spiked Pillars in front of you. B. Jump up to the higher part this structure here. At the higher ledge there is a rope with a watch tower near it swing on that rope to get to that tower with the native on it. Use the lever you find here. C. You will need to do this next part quickly. Jump to the rope you just used swing and jump to the higher ledge you can see in front of you to your right. From there jump to the tower near it to the right. To your right is another rope jump to it and swing over to where the closing gate is. Quickly roll under it to not get hit and to get to the next area. ************************* 13. Renegade Headquarters ************************* A. Jump to the vine to swing and jump past the gas plants. B. Follow the path to the right avoiding rolling boulders. C. You will eventually come to a large structure to climb up on your left. Climb up it and get to the top area. (For those having a hard time finding the shaman of this area. Right before you reach the top look to your left there is a hut he is in there.) D. There is a very big Pit here you need to drop into. Scene E. Mini Boss Battle "Ambush II" F. This will seem familiar as you have had this kind of fight before this one is a bit tougher. I recommend putting on your shield and hitting all the natives you can with the pillars around. You will first face four on top of four of the pillars. Just knock the pillars down they are standing on to kill them. Next will be two more natives hit pillars at them if you can or just go up to them and hit them. Finally four more natives take them out however you can. Scene G. Go into the back room to get an item. _______________________________________ |Chapter 08: *The Snowy Mountains Await*| --------------------------------------- ************************** 14. Renegade Headquarters ************************** A. You have now Received the Gas mask. B. You need to now head a very long way back to "Mama-Oullo Tower". Use your map to get back to it. During your back tracking through the Flooded Courtyard. Use a Heroic Dash and Rising Strike combo to get up to the ledge that you jumped down from before getting your Heroic Dash. Just keep practicing it you should eventually get up there. If you don't want to take the flooded courtyard way you can also go by way of the underwater tunnel at the renegade's Fort to get back to Mama-Oullo Tower the longer way. ******************** 15. Mama-Oullo Tower (Second Time) ******************** A. Locate the "Ladder of Miles" Entrance to the left of "Fire-Bombed Towers" entrance and go into that (Ladder of Miles) area. ******************* 16. Ladder of Miles ******************* A. Get pass the Toxic plants and up the ladder to "Penguin Den". vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv IV. Snowy Mountains ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ *************** 1. Penguin Den *************** A. Run past the penguins and jump and kick the ice on the ledge in front of you. Get across these ledges in here the same way by jump kicking them. Do not double jump or you won't be able to kick. B. Once you have reached the rope swing across to the second rope from this rope swing to the fountain if you need it. C. Make your way across the remaining ice cubes in the water and go to the next area. *************** 2. White Valley *************** A. Go up the hill and to your left. To your left you will see a tunnel with water. You need to go towards this cave and to the right of it is a cave that is covered with ice. Sweep kick the entrance and roll into the cave. *************** 3. Cavern Lake *************** A. Use your torch in here. To your left is a rope you need to use. B. Swing and jump over to the ice bridge in front of you. C. Make your way across the ice bridges to make it to the area to the right of where the fountain is. D. There is a Frozen tree here. Use your sling shot and hit the thing area of the tree trunk to make it fall over. E. Go into the area it opened up. Scene ________________________________________ |Chapter 09: *The Search for the Caverns*| ---------------------------------------- *************** 3a. Cavern Lake *************** A. You have now received the Raft. B. Use your Raft at the edge of the water and paddle into the cave to your left. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv V. Heart of the Jungle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **************** 1. Jungle Canyon (Second Time) **************** A. Go under the waterfall and go into the cave here. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VI. Lost Caverns ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ****************** 1. Underground Dam ****************** A. Walk a few steps forward into the shallow water and use your raft to get to the little island in front of you. B. Jump to the next ledge and use a Rising strike to get up to the next ledge on your right. Get all the way up these rock ledges. You will come to a metal ledge on your left. Use a rising strike to get up to it. C. Look out for the guys that throw TNT at you. D. Make your way across these wooden ledges. use your torch here to see better. Use the motorized lifts to get across the big gaps of water. E. Make your way all the way to the far end of this Cave. I kind of figure you can make it the rest of the way on your own. ******************* 2. Abandoned Cavern ******************* A. Drop down to the ledge below. There is a fountain to your left if you need it. Use your Heroic run and dive over the wooden platform that drops down if you stand on it too long. B. In front of you there is a conveyor belt. YOU use that when your ready to get out of here. To your left is a ledge you need to jump to with swinging cargo nets. C. Get passed the cargo nets to the other side. There is another wooden platform do the same as you did before to get over it. D. Go up the crumpled metal to your left and up the ladder. E. Take care of the porcupine here (use your shield). Look down at the edge there is two big hanging crates here. Jump down to the closest one and then jump to the next one. Do a Heroic Dive to the lighted area down below with the porcupine. Use your shield to take care of the porcupine. F. Next to the conveyor belt here is a lever you need to move. Scene G. You have caused a crusher to start up. (Note: There is two ways you can do this next part.) G1. The more difficult way of passing this next part is by running on the conveyor belt that you started the crusher on and using a heroic dive to grab the rope to get to the ledge that leads to the next area. G2. This is my own easier way of doing this part. When facing the lever look to your right there is a big boulder with ropes near it. Jump to the first rope and swing and jump to the second rope. You can either jump to the large crate in front of you or jump to the moving platforms directly to your right. Once you are on the moving platforms wait for the crusher to drop and quickly jump on top of it. Run to the far side of the crusher when it lifts up there is a rope to your left jump to it. Swing and jump to the very high ledge that is lighted. Try to grab the left side of the ledge. From this ledge you can get the idol to your left or jump down to the ledge that continues to the next area. Remember how to get up there. I will refer to it at a later time. ***************** 3. Crystal Cavern ***************** A. Use your torch in here to see. B. Jump across those three ledges to your left. C. At the last one there is a rope to jump to. D. From that rope jump to the next rope to your right. E. Next jump to the rope to your Left. F. From this rope jump to the ledge in front of you. G. Jump over to the next ledge. Turn to your left there is a rope to jump to. H. Jump over the ledges to your right to get to where the fountain is. Be sure to use the fountain and fill up your canteen if you used it. You will see why in a Moment. I. From this rope you need to jump to the lighted ledge across on the other side. J. Facing the fountain go to your right Scene K. Boss Battle "St. Claire and Pusca" This battle is not as hard as it may look. If you know what to do. First thing you need to do is beat up the henchmen that Pusca sent out after you. After you have taken care of them run up and rising strike up to where St. Claire is to hit him once. Pusca will teleport you back to where you were. He will send out even more henchmen after you. Just keep killing off the henchmen and then hitting St. Claire until St. Claire's Life meter is gone. Scene L. Head into the cave St. Claire was in front of. *************** 4. Eyes of Doom *************** (Note: If you played the demo this place should be pretty easy for you it hasn't changed much since the demo. A. In this place you need to flip/Move levers to stop traps, bring out steps from the wall, and open up the exit door. B. You can do these in any order. Here is a Diagram of which ones I did first: 1 3 2 S Legend S = Starting point 1, 2, 3 = Levers you need to flip (To flip a switch grab it with the Right analog stick and move into the direction it needs to be flipped to) 1. Watch and learn the pattern of the spikes. Make your way over the narrow ledges Over to the Lever directly in front of where you started from. Scene 2. Watch and learn the fire trap that has started. Make your way to the left avoiding the fire. Scene 3. In this final trap the eye shoots black magic spheres at you. Avoid being hit by these spheres making your way to the Lever (Double jumping and not jumping in a straight line at the right time usually helps with avoiding the spheres being thrown at you). C. Once you have pulled those three levers. Go over to the steps that came out of the wall. Climb all the way up to the ledge. There is two fire traps here you need to deactivate to unlock the exit door. D. You can either do a regular run and jump or a Heroic Dive. Use the chains to swing over to the Ledges with the fire. Watch the pattern and time it when there is no fire. E. Flip the second switch the same way as the first. F. Go through the exit door that opened. ****************** 5. Scorpion Temple ****************** A. Step on the golden circle Scene (Watch for what the scorpion does in the scene) B. Go into the next room. C. Boss Battle "Evil Scorpion Harry" You start on the ceiling of this battle. Over every torch is a trap door if you walk over one it will drop a rock onto a torch. Your objective in this room is to run over those trap doors to drop rocks onto any of the torches that Evil Harry lights up. While you are putting out those torches try to predict which torch Evil Harry will go to next and quickly drop a rock on it to hit the torch and Evil Harry. If you do this correctly you will see Evil Harry get dazed (seeing stars). Quickly make your way down from the ceiling to the floor and sting Evil Harry. Quickly run back up to the ceiling and put out the torches and daze him again to sting him. Repeat this method until he is defeated. D. Light three of the torches with your torch. E. Go into the door that opens. F. Get the Item at the end. Scene G. Leave the Scorpion Temple. *************** 6. Eyes of Doom (Second Time) *************** A. Go through the door that opened up. ******************** 7. Mountain Overlook ******************** Scene _______________________________________ |Chapter 10: *The Mission Gets Personal*| --------------------------------------- A. You have received the Pickaxes (One more tool to go). B. Go back to "Eyes of Doom" *************** 8. Eyes of Doom (Third Time) *************** A. Go to Crystal Cavern. ***************** 9. Crystal Cavern ***************** A. Make your way back to Abandoned Cavern. ******************** 10. Abandoned Cavern ******************** A. You need to make your way back to Underground Dam. I've seen many have trouble making it back to underground dam. I decided to put directions on how to get back out of here. There is 2 ways you can get back: 1. Jump down from this ledge to where the conveyor belt is. Go to where that big boulder is. Use the ropes here to get up to those large boxes. When you are on the higher box jump kick the cage wall to get into the cage. Use your smash attack (if you got it by now). Make your way out of this cage rolling out at the end. Climb up the ladder and heroic dash and dive over the wooden platform to get back to where the swinging cargo nets are. Go past the cargo nets to the conveyor belt nearby. 2. If you remember I told you to remember how to get up to a certain place earlier. If you don't remember I will explain it here. This is the way I use to get out of here. It's much quicker. From the ledge you start on go right and jump on the rope to your left. Wait for the masher on the conveyor belt to go down and jump on top of it. When it raises all the way up jump to the rope to your right. Swing and double jump up to that high ledge you can see in front of you (you won't land on it but you will grab the ledge. Try to jump to the darker part of that ledge.) From this ledge go left jumping from ledge to ledge with the crates on them. At the end of these ledges is an Idol just so you know your going the right way. Jump down from here where the cargo nets are swinging and make your way across to that conveyor belt you passed earlier going through here. B. Jump on the conveyor belt jumping and diving to get to the ledge on the right of the far end of the conveyor belt. From this ledge jump up to the next ledge to your right. Use the three ropes in front of you to reach the top ledge (If you are having trouble with the ropes be sure to time your double jumps if needed to reach any that your not getting close enough to). Jump over the gap to the next ledge. Go to the edge (near the light) and look down there is a ledge to jump to near the exit jump down to that ledge and go through the exit cave. ****************** 11. Underground Dam ****************** Scene A. It showed you where you need to go. Go halfway back out of Underground Dam and use your torch on the pile of gunpowder in front of the pile of rocks if you haven't done so already. Go down that cave lined with purple crystals. Climb up the purple crystal wall with your pickaxes. Go into the cave here. ********************* 12. Cavern Teleporter ********************* A. Use the Teleporter to get to the snowy mountains. B. These teleporters aren't real useful unless you are looking for idols, explorers and shaman because it beats backtracking many areas. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VII. Snowy Mountains ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ********************** 1. Mountain Teleporter ********************** A. Leave from this room. *************** 2. White Valley (Second Time) *************** A. Use your Torch on the Gunpowder pile. B. Go to your left and up the hill here to the Spinja Lair. ************** 3. Spinja Lair ************** A. Use your raft in the shallow water locate a little patch of land to land on behind that pillar on your left. B. Use your pickaxes and climb the ice pillar. Jump to the farther ice pillar by either a heroic dive or a well timed heroic dash and double jump. Do the same to get to the area where the guys are throwing tnt at you from. C. Kill all the guys here if you want continue on and jump to the little ice berg in the center of the river to get across it. You will meet up with some spinjas. You can either run past them or fight them I recommend your pickaxe spin move. Continue to the next area. ********************** 4. Viracocha Monoliths ********************** Scene A. It showed you where you need to go next. B. Go to your left crossing over that snow covered black arch. C. There is two ways you can get across to where you need to go. 1. Use the ice slide that is to your right. You can get on it by knocking over a frozen tree on the far side. 2. Use the small black arch near that frozen tree that goes partially across the river and jump to the ledge on the other side of the river. Go to your right from there and jump down to the area down below. This is the way I use not as much jumping. D. Whichever way you used make your way over to the door it showed you in the scene. ***************** 5. Penguin Temple ***************** A. Step on the gold plate I think you know what is going to happen here. Scene (When I first saw this I was thinking Awww isn't he cute even though I think Harry would disagree.) B. Take notice of which button to use to make him slide. C. Follow the path to where you need to go. Scene D. Boss Battle "Evil Penguin Harry" (I found this next part kinda funny/ironic in a scientific way they make you use a King penguin but yet ice water kills you off in this boss battle. They should have put ice spikes or something) First part Evil Harry will start climbing the pillar. You need to knock him off it by sliding and running into the pillar. When he falls off slide into him and knock him off the edge into the water. Second part he will come charging at you trying to hit you wait until he gets close and then slide away from him. If you did it correctly he stops chasing you and looks around slide towards him and try hitting him into the water again. Third part he tries to climb the pillar again. This time wait until he gets much higher on the pillar then knock him off. The higher he is the closer to the edge he will be when he falls off. This will make it easier for you to you guessed it push him into the water yet again. Final part he does a Pickaxe spin attack against you. Just keep sliding away from him. He will eventually get dizzy. When he does knock him into the water for the last time. E. Climb up the ice pillar yourself and stand on the button in the center of the pillar. F. Jump to the bridge you made and go and collect the item in the room at the end of the hallway. Scene ________________________________ |Chapter 11: *A Fork in the Road*| -------------------------------- G. Leave the Penguin Temple the way you came in. ********************** 5. Viracocha Monoliths (Second Time) ********************** Scene A. It showed you were you need to go next. The doorway to your left. B. Go to the water fall in front of you get in the water and quickly use your raft. C. Paddle over to that door it showed you. D. Knock down the tree here and climb up onto it and go in the doorway. ************************ 6. Valley of the Spirits ************************ A. To your left is a lever covered in ice break it and use the Lever. Scene B. You will see there is four more Levers you need to locate to unlock a door. C. Take the path to the right. Use a Rising strike to get up to the next ledge from here use a Rising strike to get up to the next ledge. D. In front of you is a black bridge/archway Go to the right on it and get past the penguins to the next lever covered in ice it's to your right. Scene E. Rising strike to get up to the next ledge. Go to your right and Rising strike onto the black pillar after using the fountain if you needed it of course. D. Go left around this black circular platform and before jumping down look off the edge in the pit you will see another lever to use. Scene E. make your way to the next ledge and go to your left there is another lever to use. Scene F. The final lever is near the door you should be able to find your way there. Scene G. Now that the door is open go in. ***************** 7. Copacanti Lake ***************** A. Climb up the ice wall on your right. Go left and climb up the black temple type structure here. Stand on the button that is on top of it. B. Get off this temple and go to your left to a ledge that overlooks the temple building you passed going to the ice wall you need to jump on it's roof and stand on a button there. Finally go to the temple structure on the far right of this area to stand on that button there. C. Use your raft or heroic dive to get over to the tower that now has stairs. D. Climb up to the top and use the lever. E. Stand on the button when it comes up. F. Use your slingshot to shoot the ice blocking the stone heads that appeared. G. Be sure to account for gravity if your rock isn't going far enough aim higher to hit the ice. H. Go through the door that opens up. ******************** 8. Mountain Sled Run ******************** A. Run down the hill. B. No advice here have fun I enjoyed this area. Just keep your raft on the course/track (To jump higher on ramps jump right before you jump on them). C. At the end If you made the jump you will need to go right and drop down to a doorway. Open the doorway with the button in the fountain and go in. ******************** 9. Apu Illapu Shrine ******************** A. Clear all the Spinjas in this area (use your pickaxe spin move). To do this Spin Move Equip your Pick-axes and spin/rotate the analog stick to start spinning. Scene ___________________________________ |Chapter 12: *Revisiting Old Haunts*| ----------------------------------- B. You now have received TnT the final Tool of the game. C. Use the TnT on the frozen section that was to the left of the door you entered this area from. D. Go into the geyser you opened up. *************** 9. White Valley (Third Time) *************** A. You need to head all the way back to "Jungle Canyon" The best way to get there is by way of the shortcut. B. If you have forgotten where the shortcut was go into "Cavern Lake" entrance. It's almost directly in front of you from this ledge. *************** 10. Cavern Lake (Second Time) *************** A. Drop down to your right to a little ledge where you can use your raft at. B. Paddle out straight and to your right and go into the cave. C. If you happen to take the long route back and can't get back through the cockpit. You need to roll through the same window you came in from at the start of the game to exit it. At the far end of the Cave you need to use a Rising strike to get up to the ladder. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VII. Heart of the Jungle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ **************** 1. Jungle Canyon (Third Time) **************** A. Paddle to the little desert island and jump to the green block in the water. Jump on the Crocodile's back to get to the ledge. B. Kick the monkey into the pit. C. Run past Momma Monkey here and try to avoid it's baby as best you can or just use TnT on them (so cruel). D. Use the vine to get over to the platform. Use the next two vines to get to the next platform with the birds jump to the area in front of you and use the TnT on the doorway you come to and go inside. ******************* 2. Chameleon Temple ******************* Kissing scene ("In your dreams") A. Awww no fight (sniffle sniffle) I was hoping to see what kind of ability a chameleon would have to fight with darn. _________________________________ |Chapter 13: *The Mystery Deepens*| --------------------------------- B. Leave this temple and head to "Bittenbinder's Camp" **************** 3. Jungle Canyon (Fourth Time) **************** A. I'm not going to be listing all the areas you need to pass. I'll just say you need to go from: Jungle Canyon > Punchau Shrine > Plane Cockpit > Native Jungle > Altar of Huitaca > The Great Tree > Statues of the Ayar > Bittenbinder's Camp. ********************** 4. Bittenbinder's Camp (Second Time) ********************** Scene A. Head into the ruins right in front of you. Extra tip: If you stand next to bittenbinder will make comments from the porcupine hitting him. The same kind he makes if you hit him. B. Throw TnT at the wall you come to and dive down into the water past that wall (You throw by pushing back on the stick that you throw TnT with when you have the tnt equipped). ******************** 5. Mysterious Temple ******************** A. Swim past the Debri, Spiked pillars and Dead Porcupines to get through this temple. B. Go to end of corridor. You will enter the "Altar of Ages". If you did not get there and instead ended up back at Bittenbinder's camp. You better go back in because you doubled back and came out the same way you went in. Scene ("The one" "What one?") ______________________________ |Chapter 14: *A Desperate Plan*| ------------------------------ ********************** 6. Bittenbinder's Camp (Third Time) ********************** A. You need to make your way back to the "Flooded Courtyard". B. Here is the path you need to take: Bittenbinder's Camp > Statues of the Ayar > The Great Tree > Altar of Huitaca > Battered Bridge > Mama-Oullo Tower > Jungle Trail > Flooded Courtyard vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv VIII. Native Territory ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ******************** 1. Flooded Courtyard (Third Time) ******************** A. There is a Waterfall in the far left corner of this area. Swim to it and swim under it. Use TnT on the rocks blocking the way and walk in. Scene ******************************* 2. St. Claire's Excavation Camp ******************************* (Note: In this part of the game you will need to sneak around. I will let you handle that. I will just be telling you where to go, what to get and how to continue on. Use your sneak button anytime your near a howler monkey cage especially. To take care of guards you might want to try using your slingshot to stun them and go up and hit them.) A. It showed you where all your tools are in various areas of the camp that you need to get back. B. Kick the door open of your cell. C. Drop down to the ground and go to the other side of this area the guard here is guarding a little hole you can roll into. Break the boards in front of it and roll in. D. Run up the hill to the next area. In this area after taking care of the guard in here. You need to locate your Shield in the tent that isn't blocked. E. Use your Shield on the Spiked Gates at the end of the waterway. F. In this next area locate the lever near the Gate to open the gate (it's near the howler monkey cage). Notice the purple crystal wall you can climb. You will be back here in a minute to use it. G. Once you have gone through the gate look at the far end you will see a truck. Behind that truck is your pickaxes. Get them and jump up onto the truck jump from pillar to pillar to make it to the tent on the far end of area to get your raft. AS long as you stay on the pillars no one will hear you on the ground not even the howler monkeys. Be sure to also use any of the levers near the other gates to give you shortcuts. if you need them if you get caught. H. Go back to where that crystal wall was to use your pickaxes. I. Jump into the hole in the roof of the tent and get your sling shot. Use your slingshot on the target on the wall of the waterway. J. Go into the gate you just opened. Heroic dive over the first part of water. Use your raft on the other part of water. K. In this next area locate your gas mask and your torch they are both inside their own tent. L. Use your gas mask to get by the gas and use your torch on the bowls on each side of the wall to open up the doorway. M. Sneak around to the right to locate the four Animal Artifacts inside crates and your canteen in the fountain around this tent. Scene ___________________________________ |Chapter 15: *The Road to El Dorado*| ----------------------------------- N. Grab your TnT and blow up the door you came into this area from with it. Use TnT to destroy the Gas Blocks. Go straight out the gate and continue straight to the center of this big area. To your right there is a big pile of explosives throw TnT at it. Scene O. Escape from this place. ******************** 3. Flooded Courtyard (Fourth Time) ******************** A. Go all the way back to "Mama-Oullo Tower". B. The path to take is: Flooded Courtyard > Jungle Trail > Mama-Oullo Tower vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv IX. Heart of the Jungle ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ******************* 1. Mama-Oullo Tower (Way to many times) ******************* A. Take the hot coals path the one leading to "Fire-bombed Towers" ********************* 2. Fire-bombed Towers ********************* Note: Before doing this final step. I highly recommend you make sure you have all the health you could buy from the Shamans. You will need all of it in a bit. You are near the end of the game and Big boss battles will be taking place once you go through the Gates of El Dorado. Don't say I didn't warn you. The game doesn't warn you of this but, I am so be prepared. A. Make your way across these ruins to the "Gates of El Dorado". There is only one path just look for ledges to jump to and you should be able to make it with no problem. Scene ********************* 3. Gates of El Dorado ********************* A. Go into through the Gates. ********************* 4. Ruins of El Dorado ********************* Scene A. Boss Battle "Demon Jaguar (Continuation)" You know I thought at first this guy was real tough but I found out the easiest way to beat him. Walk up towards him, right before he swipes you with his paw jump over and hit him on the side. Walk towards him again and jump over his paw again to hit him in the side again. Keep doing this until he is dead. YOU need to do this quickly so he has no time to do any charging at you. Boss Battle "Pusca" You needed all your health for this battle because he usually gets cheap shots in. He is fairly easy though A. Only thing you need to do here is hit pillars at Pusca. B. When he sends out his Minions hit the pillars at them. C. Once they are all gone hit the pillars back at Pusca. D. Repeat those steps until he is no more. Congratulations you have now completed PitFall: The Lost Expedition. Enjoy the Ending Movie. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( )IV. (Idol/Explorer/Shaman) Help/Locations( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) (Note: We added this part just for those that have not seen the Tools and Idols FAQ yet or don't know how to find it from locating it through a search engine instead of a specific site.) I. "Heart of the Jungle" (20 Idols / 4 Explorers in this area) _____________________________________________________________________________ vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv A. "Crash Site" A1. Idols 1. You come across this on the path that you start on after the final pit. 2. Follow the Gizmo Tank Tracks up to the shortcut to the Plane cockpit. It's located at the entrance to this shortcut. A2. Explorer 1. After you have gone through part of the Plane He's in a wooden cage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- B. "Jungle Canyon" B1. Idols 1. From the little island jump on the backs of the Crocodiles to get to this one. 2. Swim out under the waterfall to get it. B2. Shaman 1. Can't miss him, he's on a ledge in the area with all the vines. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ C. "Punchau Shrine" C1. Idols 1. You get this from playing Original Pitfall and getting the gold bar on the opening and closing pit screen after the snake. 2. You find this by rolling into the mouth of the big head that is in the area after those ledges you had to climb after pushing the three buttons down. C2. Explorer 1. You find him down a pit that is near where Idol #2 is found. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ D. "Plane Cockpit" D1. Shaman 1. Find him after you used the shortcut from the "Crash Site" area that leads to this area. Follow the Gizmo tank tracks to a wall at the "Crash Site". You need to use a Rising strike to get up to the cave that it goes into. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E. "Native Jungle" E1. Idol 1. Use the vines on the Right (if you are facing where the logs are rolling from) to get this one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. "Altar of Huitaca" F1. Idols 1. You find this at the fire area of this area. 2. Sweep kick the doorway of the Big structure/Altar in the center to get this idol. F2. Shaman 1. At the very top of the big Structure/Altar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ G. "Mouth of Inti" G1. Idol 1. Inside a Pillar near the hole that St. Claire Jumped down into. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- H. "The Great Tree" H1. Idol 1. This idol is at the very top of the Great Tree. Use the vine near the last mushroom to get up to the top branch where a monkey is sleeping. H2. Shaman 1. Go inside the Great Tree at it's base. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I. "Statues of Ayar" I1. Idols 1. From the hand you jump on when you first entered this area look up in front of you, there is a room there that you need to get up to. 2. Behind the Statue with no head is a waterfall, jump through that waterfall ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. "Bittenbinder's Camp" J1. Idols 1. This one is near the toxic gas plants. 2. Use the log in the water near where the Gizmo tank is to get up to this one ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ K. "Battered Bridge" K1. Idol 1. If you notice there is a glowing idol statue sunken down on the other side of the bridge surrounded by bird statues. You need to locate the Orange birds hiding in Green plants in this area. Everytime you scare one, a bird statue will rise. Once you have gotten all of them up, you can get the idol. Don't miss the plant on one of the small pillars of the walkway near where you get the idol. K2. Shaman 1. Underneath the beginning part of the bridge. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- L. "Mama-Oullo Tower" L1. Idol 1. Use the Vines you find at the top of the archway of the bridge near the path that leads to the jungle Trail. L2. Shaman 1. After using the lever in this area, use your rising strike to get up to the higher part of the tower that turned. There is a place here that you can break on the ground to get to him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ M. "Jungle Trail" M1. Idols 1. Hit the sleeping monkey above one of the pits to get this idol. 2. Get this one while sneaking past the monkeys. It's to the right of the sleeping monkeys. M2. Explorer 1. Down in a pit, behind some rocks after sneaking past the monkeys part ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- N. "Fire-Bombed Towers" N1. Idol 1. Inside the tent near the door leading to the "Gates of El dorado". N2. Explorer 1. Blow up Spike pillars with TnT that is near a blimp (when coming back from the Gates of El Dorado, you will find the spiked pillars). ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ | || || || || || || || || || || | |O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O| | v || v || v || v || v || v || v || v || v || v || v | \===/ \===/ \===/ \===/ \===/ \===/ \===/ \===/ \===/ \===/ \===/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ II. "Native Territory" (16 Idols / 6 Explorers = 46 Idols total in this Area ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. "Flooded Courtyard" A1. Idols 1. Use the shortcut from the Jungle Trail to get this. 2. Inside a cracked pillar near some boats. A2. Explorer 1. Use the shortcut from the Jungle Trail to free him from his cage. A3. Shaman 1. Use the Vines on the far end of this place near the Monkey Temple. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B. "Twin Outposts" B1. Idols 1. Under the Walkway leading to the well that you go swimming in. 2. Use the vines to get up to this one. B2. Explorer 1. At the Fire Outpost, free the explorer in the hut the natives are throwing stink bombs at. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. "Turtle Monument" C1. Idols 1. Make Momma Monkey Destroy another pillar near the one that took you to "Butterfly Glade" Climb up the ruins here and get an Idol 2. From #1 Climb over the Turtle to the other side of the ruins for the second idol. C2. Explorer 1. Inside the Turtle Monument let a Bush Warrior follow you and let him stand on the switch to hold the green pillar down. Get the explorer inside the pot that is there. C3. Shaman 1. To the right of Turtle Monument way up high. Get to him the same way you got to the Idols. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D. "Native Village" D1. Idols 1. Complete Hard setting of Kaboom Mini-Game 2. Complete Hard setting of Pickaxe Race 3. Complete Hard setting of Raft Bowling 4. Complete Hard setting of Tuco Shoot (for this one be sure to use your super slingshot attack on the porcupines to get the points you need) 5. Complete Hard setting of Whack-a-Tuco ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ E. "Butterfly Glade" E1. Idol 1. It's under the Waterfall. Use the rocks behind it to jump to it. E2. Shaman 1. Take the path behind the Toxic Plants. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- F. "Renegade Fort" F1. Idol 1. On a little island in the quicksand. F2. Explorer 1. He is on one of the watch towers being guarded by a native. F3. Shaman 1. From one of the watch towers, you can see a Shaman in the distance. Near one of the towers is a grass ledge to jump to. This grass ledge has a hole you can roll through. Use it to get to him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ G. "Renegade Headquarters" G1. Idol 1. Use the Ropes on the Windmills to get up to this Idol G2. Explorer 1. From the Headquarters, take the high road back to where you came in from. Use TnT on the rock wall to find the Explorer in a cave (To the left of the big rocks sticking out of the wall). G3. Shaman 1. Climbing up the walkway on the far side of this area to your left is a little hut. The shaman is in that hut (right before you get to the top with the windmills. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- H. "St. Claire's Excavation Camp H1. Idols 1. Inside one of the tents blocked by boxes. 2. This one is behind a wall you need to break. It's in the corner in the area with the toxic gas block and the howler monkey. Blow up a wall there and you will find the idol in there (If you face the toxic gas block from the howler monkey cage the wall is to your left behind you). H2. Explorer (Note: This Explorer many have ran into a glitch with. It seems sometimes when you get this explorer and save it ends up not counting it in the book. We have heard from many people as the game does count the explorer still. It just may not count it in the stats in the book. Basically if you have gotten him and it still tells you that you didn't get it don't worry about it.) 1. Inside a cage directly in front of you on the ledge from the cage you break out of. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ | || || || || || || || || || || | |O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O||O Y O| | _v_ || _v_ || _v_ || _v_ || _v_ || _v_ || _v_ || _v_ || _v_ || _v_ || _v_ | \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \VVV/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ III. "Lost Caverns" (7 Idols / 1 Explorer = 12 Idols Total in this area) __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( )( ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. "Underground Dam" A1. Idols 1. At the very back of this area is some Green crates. Right before the green crates there is a cage. Go down to the bottom of this cage and sweep kick the little area to roll into the cage. Collect this idol in the back of it. 2. For this one, climb up the green crates that I referred to in the one above. Climb up onto the support beams here and run along where that upper lift's track is (the thing with the X design on it). Run along it's track to the end. Turn to your left and slowly go across this single beam. At the end of this rail is a hole to roll into here. Avoid the pit and grab the idol. A2. Shaman 1. This shaman is right above where Idol #1 is at. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B. "Abandoned Cavern" B1. Idols 1. From where you start this area way up high there is a broken statue that was holding a idol. It no longer has the idol if you look down there is an quicksand pit with a black spot in the center with part of the statue there. Sink down into that pit in the center to get the Idol. 2. On the far side of this Area, there is a big block on a conveyor belt you move with a lever that is next to the conveyor belt. You need to jump on the top of that block. When the block is at the highest position, use the rope there to get up to the high ledge. To the left on those ledges the idol is behind some blocks. B2. Explorer 1. There is a big cage in this area. Where there are big boxes that are hanging on the side of the cage area. After you get by the porcupine, Break the fence from that higher hanging block on the side to get into the cage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. "Crystal Cavern" C1. Idol 1. Drop down to the bottom part of this room, make your way across to the other side of this area. You will come to a ladder. Climb up it, if you are in the right place there is mangled metal here. Jump over to the ledge to your right and use the rope that is next to this ledge to get to the idol that is behind a box. C2. Shaman 1. It's at the end of the Tracks behind some rocks near the door that is heading to the "Eyes of doom" area ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D. "Eyes of Doom" D1. Idol 1. When you first enter, look up and you will see the rope on the left with the blocks on the wall sticking out. That is where you need to climb up to get this idol. You will need to go around to the other side of these ledges to get to it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. "Mountain Overlook" E1. Idol 1. Break the Ice surrounding the idol on the high ledge. Climb the Ice wall that leads to the exit of this area to the far left to get this idol. You can also just do a heroic dive from the Exit cave to the statue instead of climbing over to where the idol is. (__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__)(__) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ___/ \___ ___/ \___ ___/ \___ ___/ \___ ___/ \___ ___/ \___ ___/ \___ \* \*/ */ \* \*/ */ \* \*/ */ \* \*/ */ \* \*/ */ \* \*/ */ \* \*/ */ >--X--< >--X--< >--X--< >--X--< >--X--< >--X--< >--X--< / * * \ / * * \ / * * \ / * * \ / * * \ / * * \ / * * \ '--/*\--' '--/*\--' '--/*\--' '--/*\--' '--/*\--' '--/*\--' '--/*\--' \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / v v v v v v v IV. "Snowy Mountains" (20 Idols / 4 Explorers = 40 Idols total in this area) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- A. "Penguin's Den" A1. Idol 1. Destroy an Ice wall that an idol is behind (it's located on the opposite wall from where the fountain is). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B. "White Valley" B1. Idols 1. Use the ice wall near the Spinja Lair Entrance (Use the black pillars to get up to it). Smash through the floor to get to it. 2. Use the same black pillars to jump to the ice wall to the right of the ice wall you just climbed for #1. B2. Explorer 1. Use the water passage way to the left of Cavern Lake's entrance to find him. B3. Shaman 1. After you have done the Sled Run and get the TnT, you will be sent to where this shaman is. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- C. "Cavern Lake" C1. Explorer 1. Use the Ice wall to the right of the entrance to this area. Follow it. Jump to the next ledge and kill the killer penguins that are surrounding the explorer. C2. Shaman 1. Use your raft and go to the darkest part of this cave. He is there. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ D. "Spinja Lair" D1. Idols 1. From the second Ice pillar make a heroic dive to the ice wall that leads to the little ledge. Sweep kick the ice and roll into the room to find this Idol. 2. It's in the middle of the stream here on the path to the other side of this area. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E. "Viracocha Monoliths" E1. Idols 1. Kill all the Natives in this area to reveal this Idol. 2. Inside the crack of the big Ice ramp. 3. In the very far right corner of this area from where you first entered from (near the frozen crocodile waterfall) E2. Shaman 1. On the far side of this area, you will see a waterfall with frozen crocodiles coming down. Cross over to there by using one of those curved pillars and heroic dive to the walkway on the other side. Make your way up to the waterfall. Break the snowman to find the Shaman. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ F. "Valley of the Spirits" F1. Idols 1. This one is near a bridge. The bridge you have to jump onto. The idol is under it. The idol is on a very thin/narrow ledge (It's right between switch 1 and 2). 2. Break the Ice ball on the wall near the Copacanti Lake doorway. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- G. "Ekkeko Ice Cavern" G1. Idols 1.-7. These are easy to find. Use TnT to knock the icecles into the water and just search in every possible path and in every little area you can (find/get to) on the way through this area (Once you have made the full round and found everything you can leave). If you have the mountain notes that would help tell you if you got everything). The hardest part is jumping from ice block to ice block (There is 3 on the lower level and 4 on the upper level with the explorer and the Shaman). To get the higher area look for the area that the camera angle changes, it will show you a ledge to rising jump up to. G2. Explorer 1. Locate the area to use your Rising strike and jump all the way up to the top to locate this explorer stuck in ice. G3. Shaman 1. This shaman is with the four Idols on the higher part of this area. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ H. "Copacanti Lake" H1. Idols 1. (Look on the Far side of this area there is a big statue) This idol is on the left shoulder of the big statue. 2. Climb up the Icewall that is near the doorway you entered. This idol is on the top of the big pillar at the top of this wall. H2. Explorer 1. He is inside the mouth of the Big statue. Raft over to the Ice wall and climb up to it's mouth and break the ice build up in it's mouth. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. "Mountain Sled Run" I1. Idol 1. Get this by going through the mouth of the big head when you get to the fork in the road while sledding down. Hit the statue holding the idol to get it. If you happen to miss/pass the mouth, you can still push jump rapidly and push up the hill and you can get back up to the mouth. I2. Shaman 1. Make the final big jump at the end of this sled run to find this shaman. You should now have used all your Idols with the Shamans You will get a mystery Prize. Head back to Punchau Shrine to use it. (Pitfall II: Lost Caverns) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ _____________________________________________________________________________ ========================================================================= Only sites allowed to use this at this time (in no particular order): IGN.com Neoseeker.com Gamefaqs.com Psnation.com Cheathappens.com Cheatplanet.com Sorry if we missed listing you, but as long as you are not listed below and you got our go ahead to post you are fine. If we find a site that wasn't given our permission they will be added below. 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