CCCCCCC P E R F E C T EEEEEEEE CCCCCCC EEEEEEEE CCC HH HH EEEEEEE SSSSSS SSSSSS MM MM AAAAAAA TTTTTTTT EE CC HH HH EE SSSSSS SSSSSS MMM MMM AAAAAAA TT EEEEEEEE CC HH HH EE SS SS MM M M MM AA AA TT EEEEEEEE CC HHHHHHH EEEEEEE SSSSSS SSSSSS MM M MM AAAAAAA TT EEEEEEEE CCC HH HH EE SS SS MM MM AA AA TT EE CCCCCCC HH HH EE SSSSSS SSSSSS MM MM AA AA TT EEEEEEEE CCCCCCC HH HH EEEEEEE SSSSSS SSSSSS MM MM AA AA TT EEEEEEEE Table Of Contents 1: Introduction 2: Computer Characters 2a: Bunny 2b: Zack Little 2c: The Bull 2d: Katie Lomax 2e: Marvin Johnson 2f: Lizzy 2g: Emily Ferrel 2h: John Stiegel 2i: Mark Stiegel 2j: Sloane Silverman 2k: Miss Morris 2l: Nigel Grey 2m: Rita Firebaugh 2n: Henry Chapman 2o: Bjorn 2p: Theresa Simms 2q: Bill Purcell 2r: Ivan 2s: Vicky Love 2t: Rock Simon 2u: Colin James 2v: Miss Jenkins 2w: Gino Perelli 2x: Barry Blackwell 2y: Jessica Chen 2z: Are You Ready? 3: Create An Opponent 4: Human Opponent 5: Your Profile 6: Conclusion 7: Version History 8: Copyright Information __ /1 \_______________________________________________________ =========================================================== Introduction =========================================================== The information for Perfect Chessmate is finally up! I can now do this FAQ I have been wanting to do for a while. Now, why did I buy this game? It's quite simple; the game was about $5.00 and I always wanted a chess simulation game. Was this worth the $5.00? OF COURSE IT WAS!!!!!! This is definitely the best chess simulation game I've played. They have almost 100 different board designs, amazing and challenging characters, an opponent editor, move searches, self-profiles, online play, and much more! I am only going to cover strategies on defeating the opponents the game comes with and help with the opponent and self-editor. Common sense will tell you how to change boards and offer draws etc. Okay let's get on with the guide! __ /2 \_______________________________________________________ =========================================================== Computer Characters =========================================================== Here's a reference section to the computer characters in the game. The information on the guide can be found on the game itself so you this as a quick reference, but I do list strategies on how to defeat them which the game does not. __ /2a\_______________________________________________________ =========================================================== Bunny =========================================================== Character: Bunny Profile: She's a college student who plays pickup games in the student union when she can find the time. Always up for a quick game. Rating: 1841 Search Depth: 6 Center Control: 50 Aggressiveness: 75 Experience: 75 Randomness: 25 Mobility: 50 King Safety: 100 Pawn Safety: 25 Contempt For Draw: 0 Strategy: She always likes to open the game with her Knights and then the Pawns. I would suggest using your Pawns against her Knights and sweep them away at the beginning. About in the middle of the game her Bishops will play a big role, you need to get these out of the way as soon as possible! She will not, let me repeat, she will not let her King out of her control, she is known for Castling a lot so be prepared. Her Queen plays a big role at all stages of the game and she is very good with using it. There is a good chance she will not draw during the game, so if the situation on your side is hopeless try drawing. Do not play her if you just want to draw, because she won't accept all the time. She is definitely NOT recommended for beginners. Speed Play: She plays a hard speed chess games that will leave you scratching your head unless you're a very good chess player, but in the speed rounds she does leave her self open for captures quite a bit. __ /2b\_______________________________________________________ =========================================================== Zack Little =========================================================== Character: Zack Little Profile: Plays a lot more chess these days now that he no longer follows his band on tour. Plays a solid game although an occasional flashback will cause a bad move. Rating: 1825 Search Depth: 6 Center Control: 100 Aggressiveness: 50 Experience: 50 Randomness: 75 Mobility: 75 King Safety: 50 Pawn Safety: 100 Contempt For Draw: 50 Strategy: He will always start out by moving his Pawns towards the center. Make sure you try and play towards the corner of the board because he has great center control. He loves to use his Queen so make sure you try to do something to get rid of it, he'll more than likely get out of any trap you plan though. His Bishops are played like a joke and can be taken out immediately, so can his Knights. His Rooks are played superiorly so watch out for them, he will more than likely turn a Pawn or two into something before the game is over so be careful. He will rarely draw; the only time he will draw is if the situation is really hopeless. He is NOT recommended for beginners. Speed Play: He leaves a lot of open moves during a timed game, look for the many opportunities to capture his pieces. __ /2c\_______________________________________________________ =========================================================== The Bull =========================================================== Character: The Bull Profile: Ex-con who played a lot in prison to earn smokes. Organized tournaments in the pen and was released early on good behavior. Needless to aggressive player. Rating: 1517 Search Depth: 5 Center Control: 50 Aggressiveness: 100 Experience: 50 Randomness: 25 Mobility: 50 King Safety: 75 Pawn Safety: 50 Contempt For Draw: 75 Strategy: He will start out by moving his Knights all around the board making confusing situations; his Pawns also do some confusing traps. He doesn't move his Queen as much as his other pieces, he doesn't move his Bishops much either. If a trap is setup correctly his Queen can be taken out quickly. His aggressiveness is where it's going to get a lot of people. His Rooks are just plain annoying as is his King that likes to Castle a lot. He will very rarely draw; the only time he will draw is if he's down to basically a King and another piece and if you have a full board. He is NOT recommended for beginners. Speed Play: His major weakness is his timed games. He moves his pieces open a lot and his Pawns are a joke and getting him in Checkmate with two Rooks is disgustingly easy. But beware HIS Rooks still are very confusing and his Knights are about twice as hard. __ /2d\_______________________________________________________ =========================================================== Katie Lomax =========================================================== Character: Katie Lomax Profile: Katie is a junior at a small southern high school. Although quiet and withdrawn, chess is her escape into a world where she can be aggressive and controlling. Rating: 1340 Search Depth: 4 Center Control: 50 Aggressiveness: 80 Experience: 50 Randomness: 0 Mobility: 80 King Safety: 50 Pawn Safety: 50 Contempt For Draw: 50 Strategy: She loves to open the game with Pawns; her Knights don't play a big role until about the middle of the game unlike other players where they use their Knights at the beginning. Her favorite piece is the Queen, she will use this and her Bishops to set up very difficult traps. Her Queen cannot be taken out easily; the only way to do it is to basically set up a trade trap. Her powerful aggressiveness and mobility will confuse you. She uses her Rooks to put up trap trades a lot. She won't draw unless it is hopeless for her to win. So don't bother offering if you're down on pieces. She is NOT recommended for Beginners. Speed Play: This is her specialty, she always likes to confuse her opponents with confusing opening and ending moves, you need to get rid of her Queen and Rooks as soon as possible even if it means trading because they will cause big problems later on. __ /7 \_______________________________________________________ =========================================================== Version History =========================================================== Version - .1 - 4/29/01 This long anticipated FAQ was finally started, but for now I only have the section on Bunny up, look for the next update sometime in the next couple of days. Version - .3 ñ 5/1/01 I added the sections on Zack Little and The Bull. I also corrected some grammar and spelling mistakes. Version - .4 ñ 5/2/01 I added the section on Katie Lomax. __ /8 \_______________________________________________________ =========================================================== Copyright Information =========================================================== This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2001 Alex Shapiro. This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It may NOT be used on any website other than the following sites: GameFAQs: My site: Neoseeker: Game Advice: If you would like to post this FAQ on a site, book, magazine, etc. Please contact me at</p>