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Anyone is free to publish my Faq on their site as long as they don't change any of it or sell it to anyone for a profit of any amount. <><><><> Updates <><><><> (29 October 2003) Started writing my very first Faq (3 Feburary 2004) Started the Video Section Put in the list of all the different tutorials (5 Feburary 2004) Included a list of what you do in the different tutorials Put in the hidden song code Put how to record your songs to the PC ^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^ C = O = N = T = E = N = T = S ^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^=^ <- 1 -> Controls <- 2 -> Getting to grips with the tutorials <- 3 -> Different Modes of Play <- 3.1 -> Music Creation <- 3.2 -> Music Mixer <- 3.3 -> Music Credits <- 3.4 -> Music Stack <- 3.5 -> Music Setup <- 3.6 -> Music Lesson <- 4 -> The different genre's for creating your song <- 4.1 -> Drum <- 4.2 -> Bass <- 4.3 -> Melody <- 4.4 -> Vocals <- 5 -> Creating Video's <- 6 -> FAQ (coming soon) <- 7 -> Copyright and Legal Info <- 8 -> Codes (coming soon) <- 9 -> USB Mike (coming soon) (- 10 -> Recording your songs to the PC (coming soon) <- 11 -> Crediting People On we go then ^]^ v @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 1: The Controls @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ The controls should be fairly easy to remember if you havent't picked them up already, but just in case he they are: Default Controls ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ X = Edit and area O = None Triangle = Cancel an action Square = Delete an area Up on D-Pad = Scroll Down on D-Pad = Scroll Left on D-Pad = Scroll Right on D-Pad = Scroll L1 = None L2 = None R1 = None R2 = None L3 Clicked = None L3 Moved = None R3 Clicked = Action R3 Moved = Pointer Start = Play your song Select = Select an area / mute Music Mixer Controls ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ X = Hold for Volume O = Hold for Filter Triangle = Exit Square = Hold for Chorus Up on D-Pad = Increase Value Down on D-Pad = Decrease Value Left on D-Pad = None Right on D-Pad = None L1 = Mute L2 = Mute R1 = Mute R2 = Mute L3 Clicked = None L3 Moved = None R3 Clicked = Move Deck to Group R3 Moved = Navigate Start = None Select = Change Loop @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 2: Getting to grips with the tutorials @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ As Music 3000 takes quite a bit of getting used to it comes with 19 built in tutorials in the Music Lesson section. I'm not going to say much in this section but I do recommend looking at every lesson just so your familiar with the basics of the game. Also the Sampling tutorial's will only work if you have the USB microphone which you can buy at Jester Interactive's main site or on Ebay. Here I'll just give a brief description of what each tutorial involves 1: Song Writing - The Basics / Here you just learn to insert music riffs. Easy enough 2: Video Writing - The Basics / Here you just learn to insert video riffs. Easy enough 3: Cut,Copy and Paste - Large Scale Editing / Here you just learn how to cut, copy and paste different groups of riffs which saves you time having to insert them again 4: Song Name - Naming your songs / Here you just learn how to put a name to your song 5: Memory Card (PS2) Manager / Here it just tells you about putting your songs onto a memory card and using them 6: V2M - Sing new riffs using a microphone / Here you can record a melody using the USB Mike and see how it sounds for when you use the USB Mike for creating your songs (USB Mike) 7: USB Sampler - Grab some new sounds / Same here except you can record a sound effect for your songs such as a door opening or something cool (USB Mike) 8: Music Mixer - Mix on 6 Virtual Decks / Basically how to use the Music Mixer mode 9: Stack - Play new songs in Jukebox Mode / How to use the Music Stack mode 10: Tempo and Volume changes - Editing the BPM & Master Volume Tracks / Basically how to change the volume your song 11: Mix the song - Edit the Mix Layer / How to change the Mix Layer in your song 12: Effects Editing - Change the main song effects / Here you get shown how to change the effects for the song such as looping and other stuff 13: Song Riff Creation - Create your own riffs / Here you get shown how to create your own song riffs for your songs 14: Video Riff Creation - Create your own visuals / Same here except you get shown how to create your own video riffs for your song 15: Video Effects - Blend your video tracks / Basically how your video tracks lookie: make them bigger, fatter or smaller. Like creating a video riff really except your just changing the way the footage looks 16: Instrument Creation - Create your own sounds / Basically the same as creating a Song Riff 17: Pallets - Easy riff access / Basically a shortcut for when you want to choose a riff out of selection that you have used in your song 18: Block Size - Changing your view / Basically how bigs the music blocks are where you insert your riffs 19: Labels and Bookmarks - Useful tools / Basically creating shortcuts to different things @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 3: Different Modes of Play @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ ~~~ 3.1 Music Creation ~~~ The Music Creation section is the main section of the game, and you will be spending most of your time here. As this section is explained in detail in the tutorials I'll just let you find out for your self how to insert tracks, copy them and all that other stuff. There will however be a seperate section for creating video's later in the FAQ as it is a bit more complicated then making your song ~~~ 3.2 Music Mixer ~~~ The Music Mixer section is basically where you choose a preloaded song already on the game and fiddle around with it, for example, changing the sounds, muting the sounds. I tend not to go on this section much as it get's quite boring after a while but it might be fun with a few friends round. ~~~ 3.3 Music Credits ~~~ I don't know why anyone would look at this section, but for the record, this contains a list of the people who made and produced the game. Enough said. ~~~ 3.4 Music Stack ~~~ This section is basically a jukebox where you pile together a selection of premade songs on the game or you own songs that you made and play them one after another. This section is quite when you've made a couple of songs and want to hear them all at once to see which one sounds best. This mode is also good when you have a couple of friends round and you have a party, disco or something. ~~~ 3.5 Music Setup ~~~ These are all the options which you can twiddle the game around such as, setting the background skin or if you want to turn the video mode off completly and other stuff in the game. Here are all the different options Sound Options Video Options Storage Space Options Master Volume Full Screen Info Clear Song Tracks FX Volume Video mode Clear Video Tracks Time Signiture Video Editor Clear Song Metronome Clear Video Riff Editor Clear All Interface Options Controller Options Skin Selection Screen Position Here you just asign Here you just Track Editor Grid the different buttons choose various Riff Editor Grid to the actions backgrounds for Pointer the game ~~~ 3.6 Music Lesson ~~~ These are just the 20 tutorials already included in the game. As I said earlier it's highly recommended you look at this section if your going to get used to the game. @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 4: The different genre's for creating your song @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ ~~~ 4.1 Drums ~~~ Garage Hiphop Indie Metal Pop Trance Kick Drum Kick Drum Crash and Ride Crash and Ride Kick Drum Kick Drum Loops Loops Fills Kickdrum Loops Loops Percussion Percussion Kick Drum Loops Percussion Percussion Snare Snare Loops Percussion Snare Snare Percussion Snare Snare On the memory meter the premade drum riffs usually take up quite a lot of space, so I would usually just have 1 premade drum riff and make the others drum riffs using the riff creator. ~~~ 4.2 Bass ~~~ Garage Hiphop Indie Metal Pop Trance Loops Loops Loops Loops Loops Loops The Bass is usually quite nice to have strumming away in the background but usually try to make sure you can hear it when you put in your guitar riffs or you can just leave it out if your doing a country type song or if you have a melody that sounds great on it's own ~~~ 4.3 Melody ~~~ Garage Hiphop Indie Metal Pop Trance Harmony Harmony Harmony Harmony Harmony Harmony Lead Lead Lead Lead Lead Lead When you pick the Melody it's usually the main structure of your tune so you should have something out going, which sounds nice but doesn't down the bass in the background unless you into heavy metal or something. It should generally stay the same throughout until the chorus which usually has a different melody ~~~ 4.4 Vocals ~~~ -- Male -- Adams Blewitt Dr Scoll Lincoln -- Female -- Campbell Langham I can't really offer any advice on the Vocals because I'm still having trouble picking the right one out for my song, so just pick one, experiment with it in the riff creator, and suit it to your needs Using the USB Mike in this section will help you quite a bit but as I haven't bought one yet I am just assuming this. Usually recorded vocals are better than the actual vocals in the game themselves @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 5: Creating Video's @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ Here we come to creating Video's. In this version of Music Jester have given the video section a complete overhall to give it a new leash of life. Now you get vibrant DVD clips and footage and with a bit of help from the USB Sampler you can put in your own footage but it does take up quite a lot of space on the memory card like creating your own music riff's When you create a video you basially insert different riffs until you get the right combination. There are 3 different places where you can put the riff in. The foreground, the middleground and the background. Preferably you should use a still image for the background and then put some footage happening in the middle ground and then one main picture in the middle ground. It's quite useful to have one image to start off with and then let all the other images blend in with it. We now get on to creating video riffs. First off all just press X in any square in the video mode to get to the video making riff selection. Then select if you want to create a text riff,movie riff or a. Then when you have chosen a riff to use, click on the bar to move any part of the riff somewhere else and then you can loop it,make it transparent,make it completely solid and lot's of other features. You can control the speed off the movie by clicking on one of the buttons below the pannel of buttons. Then you can select the video riff length in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Finally we come to blending your different footage together. Basically Just press X in the square next to your video riff and it'll come up with what the riff look's like. Here you can set the different colour tones, make it fatter or thinner or put some other footage over it which basically like making a video riff. You can also set the riff length as well @-@-@-@ 6: FAQ @-@-@-@ Coming soon ! ( as soon as I get some questions to answer by e-mail ) @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 7: Copyright and Legal Info @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ This faq is copyright to Tom Evans@2003 and may be distributed freely if none of it is altered or tampered with or sold for any profit @-@-@-@-@ 8: Codes @-@-@-@-@ Hidden skin 2 Press select, left x2, right x2, left x2, right x2, left x2, right x2 Hidden skin 3 Press select, left x3, right x3, left x3, right x3 Hidden skin 4 Press select, left x4, right x4, left x4 Hidden skin 1 Press select, (left, right x6) Hidden Song 1 = Press select, (up, down left, right x3) @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 9: The USB Mike @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ Coming soon ( when I purchase one ) @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 10: Recording your songs to the PC @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ Credit to GT3nut You get a AV to headphone jack wire You then connect it from the audio out to your PC You then connect the video to the TV if you want to see what you are doing You then get a decent sound recorder (GT3nut suggested CDex) You then play the track and record the song to your PC here's a link to CDex @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ 11: Crediting People @-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@-@ Credit is hereby given to: Gamefaqs for hosting this FAQ Jester Interactive for making such an inovative game Gamewinners for the codes to get the secret skins and the hidden song GT3nut for how to get the songs to the PC ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ My next update will probably include: Hopefully the start of my FAQ section and the all the other stuff I'll also try and make a section on the USB mike when I manage to purchase one. Signing off Tom :-)</p>