Version 1.0, Last Updated 1999-06-29 Liked this FAQ? Click here to recommend this item to other users. Kita e. White Illumination. (To the North. White Illumination) Dreamcast version by Hudson FAQ v 1.0 by hq9 June 29, 1999 Up to Date versions can be found at and my website Kita e. White Illumination is (c) 1999 Sega Enterprises, (c) 1999 Hudson Soft & (c) 1999 Red Unpublished work Copyright 1999 hq9 All contents are fan made for informational purposes only. This FAQ may be distributed and reproduced only if this disclaimer, and the body of the text remains intact. This FAQ may not be altered in any way without my permission. This FAQ is written and owned by me, hq9. Please follow proper 'netiquette' and give credit where it is due. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. WELCOME II. BACKGROUND III. GAMEPLAY IV. MAIN MENU V. COMMUNICATION BREAK SYSTEM VI. CHARACTER DATA & WALKTHROUGHS A. Kotori Haruno B. Tanya Lipinski C. Kaoru Shiina D. Yuko Sakuramachi E. Megumi Aida F. Ayu Kawahara G. Hayaka Sakyo H. Kozue Satonaka VII. SUPPORTING CHARACTERS VIII. MINI GAMES & JOBS IX. CREDITS & THANKS I. WELCOME Welcome to my [Kita e. White Illumination] FAQ. First of all I would like to address the fact that some people call this game "Kita he". A "he" in Japanese is a fart. The hiragana character is "he" but when used as a particle, prounouced, and romanized it is "e" which means to (directionally). *A place word + e corresponds to "to" in English as it indicates "direction" toward which one moves. (Simon, 24) The same deal goes with the hiragana characters "ha" and "wo" when used as particles they are pronounced and romanized as "wa" and "o". I just had to get this off my chest. Seems like people don't know elementary Japanese 101. In the game Kita E, the hero travels from Tokyo to Sapporo. Sapporo is located in Hokkaido, which is the northern most Island of Japan. Tokyo is on Honshu Island which is south of Hokkaido. So from the Hero's point of view Kita E means Heading North or To North, I prefer "To the North" as it sounds more colloquial. From an American perspective phrases like"I'm Heading West" would mean I'm going towards California or "I'm heading East" which could mean New York. Kita e, is the first of many (hopefully) life simulations for the new 124 bit Sega Dreamcast. This game has beautiful character designs, digitalized real life backgrounds of the many beautiful locales in Hokkaido, and a very interesting innovative Communication Break System (CBS). *WARNING* This FAQ does contain spoilers so don't read it if you don't want to know what happens. II. BACKGROUND Kita e. White Illumination was released March 13, 1999 by Hudson exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast. Kita e retails for 5800 yen and is played on 1 GD rom disk. You play yourself, a 2nd year High School Student (17 years) from Tokyo, on your summer vacation, August 1-14. You "Kita e" head north to the beautiful island of northern Japan, Hokkaido. You stay with the Haruno family in Sapporo. You can explore the whole Island, play video games, karaoke, go shopping, and most importantly find a special someone to share your heart with. At the end of the summer you go back to school, but on December 28 you return to Sapporo to witness the "White Illumination Countdown" on New Years Eve. The White Illumination Countdown is similar to the New Year's Eve Apple Drop in Times Square New York. The climax of the game occurs on New Years Day. Your goal is to have the girl you fall in love with during the summer meet you at the Odori Koen, during the White Illumination Countdown, New Years Eve, 12/31 and kiss her at 12:00 am, New Years Day 1/1. You always wonder who you can truthfully say "I love you" to, Will you be able to say those three romantic words? Your tour begins... III. GAMEPLAY You basically go where you want and interact with the people that happen to be in the area at the time. If nobody is present you can move or let the time pass and wait. At night you can sleep and take a bath and think about the day. If someone is available to talk to you choose what you want to say, when you want to say it. If there is no one to talk to you get the menu screen. Which prompts you to do an action, the available actions are: Guide book- The Big Run 99 Tells you information of the various locales. Includes Real life information. Its a great tour book if you are going to visit Hokkaido. I figure the JTB had something to do with this game. The information is unnecessary when playing Kita E. Move: Go to various places. This prompts the map or a room in a specific building. A lot of the locations aren't available unless you visit them someone. PHS: Call a girl or the fortune teller. The phone numbers aren't available until it is given to you System: System options. Voice on/Voice Off, Message speed Slow/Fast, Window Color, Contrast of Window Color Save & Load: Save and Load a game 20 memory card blocks 3 games per card Items: Items collected, these items will be sentimental or prizes won which will be given as gifts Wait: Let time pass, this makes it from morning, to before noon, to noon, to afternoon, sunset, and night Sleep: This option is available at night before bedtime Read: This option is available if a book is given to you Back to the menu- This takes you back to the action Depending on what you say, or what you choose to do will determine your fate on New Years Eve, and the girls' behaviours during the game. IV. MAIN MENU When you press start the available options are: -Start a new game -Continue -System -Picture counter -Mini games The Mini games become available after you conquer them. V. COMMUNICATION BREAK SYSTEM (CBS) Kita E incorpororates an innovation in communications within the dating simulation genre. With the CBS you can actually interupt a person in mid sentence, adding in your two bits, this feature enables more twists and turns into the game. If you don't initiate the break the girl will assume you are ignoring her and generally nothing will come out of it. Miss dinners, dates, and all that other good stuff. To utilize the CBS, when the girl is talking you hit the X button after a question, then available answers will appear. However, sometimes when the girl is telling a long story these options are available to choose from after initiating a break: Say it again... Change Topics... Umm nothing... Give a present... VI. CHARACTER DATA & WALKTHROUGH The character designs in this game are the cutest I have ever seen. Megumi, Tanya, and Ayu especially. The walkthrough tells you what to say and will win the game but the picture gallery counter could be in the 60th percentile or less, to get it higher you have to choose different paths which could result in a lonely night New Years Eve... During the Sapporo date, If you do the Karaoke songs each girl sings a song corresponding to her BGM, its really cool! Don't miss out on them!! During the Winter dates [I think] you can pick whatever you want and it won't affect the outcome. If you choose to cancel the dates, There will be no 12/29-1/1. The summer isn't really 8/1-8/14 it actually depends on the sequence of events revolving the female you choose to be with. These events can vary. For example, if you choose to meet Tanya on 8/7 instead of 8/4 the same sequence of events will happen, they will just be in a later time frame. Girls like Kozue and Megumi, timing is very important. If you miss the opportunity, it is over. The opening meetings are vital. You can juggle around a few girls at once, but it is much easier to concentrate on what at a time. These walkthroughs promote monogamy. A. KOTORI HARUNO Birthdate: September 3 Age: 15 Occupation: 1st year High School Student Height: 152 cm Weight: 42 kg Blood Type: O Hobby: Cooking Kotori is the heroine of this game. She lives alone with her mother only because her father passed away. Yoko is always working so Kotori keeps her self busy cooking. You have feelings for Kotori, however, she has a love a younger sister has for her older brother. Things change... 8/1 JR Station say "Sore Ja ikouka" Train pick Shumi ni tsuite kiku say "Un. Hajime da yo" pick Gakkou ni tsuite kiku Subway say "Amidana ga nai" Royce Hills Living Room say "Un. Kawaii ne" say "Suki da yo" say "Tomato nano ni choutte namae na no?" say "Un. Oishii yo" Royce Hills Bedroom say "Un. Ii yo" Raruzusutaa pick Kaimono ga go o motsu Raruzusutaa outside say "Sou da ne" Royce Hills Dinner Eat anything and ask about anything in any order say "Un. Ii ne." Bedroom say "Un. Ii yo" You get the guide book 8/2 Bedroom AM say "Ii yo" say "Mochiron obieteru yo" Odori Koen say "Ayu-chantte dare?" say "Un! Yakusoku suru yo!" Street say "Zenbu kiite ta yo" Sugai building Pick UFO First try to get the Panda for Kotori :) Just give em all to Kotori Pick Shooting then Quiz (Doesn't matter) Karaoke Time The girls both sing a song press start to skip...these songs are great!! Koe no dancing!! After you sing say "Mochiron Suki da yo" say "Sore ijou no [suki]" The girls sing a lovely duet the Kita E opening :) This is my favorite part of the game :) Kita E ikou ran raran... Royce Hills Dinner say "Un suki da yo" say "Umai! Saikou da yo!" say "mora oukana.." say "Hai. Umai desu" say "Zen Zen. Shuujitsu free da yo." 8/3 Otaru Date Living room say "Mochiron oboeteru yo" Otoru Eki say "Sore ja ikouka..." Street say "Sousou! Imouto nan desu yo" say "Kuwashin da ne" That Gai-jin with the "Konnichiwa" T-shirt cracks me up :) pick Chanto kiki tore ta say "Dai joubu. Narereu yo" Glass Shop say "Sou da ne" Restaurant: say "Hontou da ne" say "nan to naku wakaru yo" pick sakki no maskotto ni tsuite kangaete mita say "Sono mae ni chotto toirei..." Glass Shop pick Toire ni ikitai to iuno wa kojitsu de....kojitsu wa pick Masukotto o kau koto ni shita Restaurant say "Sono mae ni watashi tai mono ga..." say "Mochiron" Outside the shop pick Kotori-chan no hou ga kawaiina to omoutta. Outside of Aquarium say "Boku mo tanoshii mida yo." Aquarium say "Nanto naku wakaru yo" say "Sou iunotte nan ka ii yo ne" Street say "Sou da ne" See Tanya pick Shironai hito no made kizukau... Royce Hills say "Tetsuda ouka? Watch that lame TV show...can skip it by pressing start Royce Hills Dinner say "Hajimete da yo" say "Oishiikatta yo" She gives you the melons you bought :) Room say "AA okiteru yo" Kotori goes away for 4 days so you can do what you want... 8/7 Royce Hills Evening...Tada ima! Kotori returns Dinner Pick whatever you want to eat first say "Kaimono tski aouka?" say "Mochiron!" 8/8 Before Noon Sappori Eki say "Mochiron!" Assam say "Un. Ii ne" say "Nantonaku wakaru yo" say "Isshou ni kaerou ka" Royce Hills Dinner say "Saikou da yo" say "Zehi ikitai yo" 8/9 Royce Hills Bedroom Night say "AA okiteru yo" say "Sore wa choutto..." say "Moji ga chouto ne..." say "Sore wa eigo no slang nan da" 8/10 Royce Hills AM say "Un. OK da yo" Restaurant say "Hai. Umai desu" Prince Hotel say "Un. Ii yo" Room say "Ii yo" [AWW how cute does Kotori look] Tenisu ni jikan da yo :) Play the mini game Restaurant say "Nomi ya yori baa no hou ga koukyuo" 8/11 Restaurant say "Kon ki osore tara boku ga moraimasu" Lake Mashu pick Omou wa zugiyutto dakishimeta Royce Hills pick Kotori no heya ni itte ayamarou to omoutta Kotori's Room Yatta...Oops this isn't Pia Carrot ! Yatta-janai! say "Kotori-chan...sakki wa gomen ne" she starts to break... say the phrase that pays "Kotori-chan no koto suki da yo" some cool flash backs about the matching clocks... 8/12 Royce Hills AM say "Mochiron" Beach Date say "E? Doko?" ...Yes I am ecchi!! 8/31 The summer Ends...Kotori's picture is pinned to your wall Part I over 12/24 Tokyo Kotori sends you a Christmas Card 12/28 Kita E... Airport say "Kotori-chan kirei ni natta yo ne" Train say "Yuki ga futte ureshii koto wa?" say "In front kick?" say "Sore demo Sapporo wa chikai yo ne to iu." Station say "Mochi ni nan to mo omowanakatta." sat "sou da ne." Royce Hills say "Zehi!" say "Un. Kimete aru yo" Room pick "Mochiron Kotori-chan da." pick Sapporo Living room You get the Upbeat Kotori theme now :) say "Un. Kimatta yo" 12/29 Sapporo Date Sugai Building say "Mochiron karaoke da yo" Koi no dancing...this song rocks Spa Land Outside Pool say "Sui o kowagaranai koto-janai kana?" Indoor Pool say "Zora o miageru tame da yo" Sauna say "sou shouka" On the way...Yatta hold hands :) Assam say "un" say "Kotori-chan no yume wa?" say "Boku mo sono o mise tetsuda ouka? say "Kotori to kekkon o shitai yo" [JOKE] pick this one say "Yappari ai no aru seikatsu...kana Clock Tower say "Dou omoutta to kikarete mo.." On the way say "Shibarerutte nani?" Sabaroso say "Toruko ryouri kana?" say "Benkyou wa nigate da yo" say "O-mise ni tsuite mou sukoshi kikasete" say "Kenkoutekina kanji da ne" Royce hills pick Mochiron Kotori-chan da 12/30 Hakodate Date Beieria say "Kitto sugoku tanoshii yo" Motomachi say "Kotori-chantte irunna koto kangeru ne" Onzen pick Sore demo genki ni henji o shita Hakodate Mountain Lets try this again...say "Kotori-chan ga suki da yo" Bah! she likes you like a brother 12/31 White Illumination Countdown Day Odori Koen 11:30...11:40...Yatta!!! Kita yo!! 1/1 YATTA you get your Kiss...Congrats! Happy Ending FIN Atarashii nen ga hajimaru...soshite Bokura futari no atarashii jinsei ga hajimaru...Happy New Year!!! B. TANYA LIPINSKI Birthdate: November 27 Age: 16 Occupation: Glass Craftsman Height: 158 cm Weight: 45 kg Blood Type: A Hobby: Taking strolls Description: Tanya is a Russian girl. She skillfully works at the glass shop trying to recapture the shade of the sunset colored pendant given to her by her father. Tanya really misses her family. Being a foreigner in Japan has its downsides. 8/2 Royce Hills Dinner Go to Otaru with Kotori tomorrow say "Zen Zen. Shuujitsu free da yo." 8/3 When you see Tanya pick Yaku onna no utsukushii sa ni iki o nonda. When you see her again pick Boku wa nanto nanku yaku onna no koto ga ki ni natta. 8/4 Go to the Glass Factory then pick uriba pick kabin o mamoruto te o deshita [nice catch] Tanya introduces herself... -pick Kabin o hameru -pick Kabin o uketoro -pick O-rei o iu no wa kocchi no kata da yo to tsukkomu. Leave the -building...can wave to Tanya if you go to the shop again Go to the Yuhi no meru koen Evening: -pick Yaku onna ni koe o kaketa...then pick Kireina yuuyake da ne to iou then say "Dai suki da yo" -pick Yaku onna o warawase you to omoutta hehe Enzel Yatta Dinner Date! -pick kyouryoku suru yo to iu -pick shigoto ni itsute kiku -say "Iya..Boku ga okuru yo" 8/5 Go to the Glass Shop AM -say "sukina no wa grasu-jyanakute..." -pick Tanya o hiki tomeru -say "Sorejaa o tetsuda ishiyou kana" Inside the workshop -give her a present if you have one -say "Zehi onegai suru yo" -pick "Glass no iro ni tsuitte atsukaete" Don't fantasize :P Yuhi no meru koen Evening say "Kyou wa betsu no mise ni ikitaina" Street: Uuh oh...don't be a wimp! -pick Tanya o Mamoru.. 8/6 AM Glass Store -pick Tanya o hagemasu She passes out don't worry she's ok...Kaoru will call you during the evening and update you on Tanya's status... 8/7 go to the Otaru Kokusai Byooin...go hang out afterwards 8/8 Go to the Glass Shop 8/31 Trainstation...Das Vidana The summer ends...part 1 over, a picture of Tanya is pinned to your corkboard. 12/24 You receive a Christmas card from Tanya 12/28 Airport -say "Tanya mo kirei ni natta ne" Train-say "Kimochi ga kawattan-jyanai ka na? Royce Hills Room pick mochiron tanya da, then pick Sapporo, call Tanya ask her out 12/29 Sapporo Date Train Station say "Jitsu wa anmari..." Assam say "Boku wa motto kimi no koto shiritai na..." Kyuu Hokkaido Cho: say "Demo jissai ni wa yowaikon ga naishi.." Mama Saburoso: say "Boku mo Russia go oboetaina..." Clocktower: say "Shinda ato no koto-nainte kangaecha dameda" Beetlebum: Reveal yourself say "Tanya ga suki da" Royce Hills Room: pick Mochiron Tanya da, call her up 12/30 Hakodate Date Trainstation say "Jitsu wa anmari..." Hakodate Trainstation say : "Un. Hajmeteda yo" Beiria: say "Mochiron" then say "Dai jaa bu jishin matte." Motomachi: say "Hontou da ne" Yu no kawa Onzen: say "un" Skyline follows say "Boku wa Tanya ga suki da"...damn she keeps dissing me! 12/31 White Illumination Countdown day... pick Tanya as your main squeeze Television Tower: 11:30, 11:40, 11:50...uhh did I screw up...nah there she is...what an angel 1/1 Kiss Tanya...Omedetou! Happy Ending FIN Atarashii nen ga hajimaru...soshite Bokura futari no atarashii jinsei ga hajimaru...Happy New Year!!! C. KAORU SHIINA Birthdate: October 25 Age: 24 Occupation: Medical Student Height: 164 cm Weight: 49 kg Blood Type: O Hobby: Driving & reading Mysteries Kaoru is a Medical Student at the University. She seems very cold and always has her head in a book. At first Karou is very unapproachable, but as you see her more and more, she opens up and falls for your persistent charms. 8/1 Airplane, meet Kaoru pick sukasazu ayamaru pick tonari no josei ni hanashi kakeru pick jiko shokai suru say "Iie" 8/2 Before Noon College -pick chikazuku -pick Shiina Kaoru-san da -pick Hanashi kakeru -say "Koko yoku kurun desu ka?" -say "Gomennasai" -pick Mada koko ni iru -pick it again... 8/3 Before Noon College -pick Hanashi kakeru -pick mada koko ni iru -again -again 8/4 Before noon College -pick hanashi kakeru -pick mada koko ni iru... -pick myouna shinkinkan ga wakaite kuru Phone Call pick Ki ni shitnai koto ni shita 8/5 Before Noon College -pick Hanashi kakeru -say "tada nan to naku" -say "Riyuu ni made riyuu o motometeru yo" -pick tobideshite kanojo o kabatta Hospital -say "Sono Skuutaa no hito wa daijabu?" -say "Dokusho demoshou kana..." -say "Omoshirosou da ne" 8/6 Hospital -say "taikutsu de shini sou" -say "Un. Ii ne" Garden -say "Ki ni shinaide yo" -give her a gift if you have one -say "nanka...iji ni nachyatte" -pick Hidarite de kanojo o... YATTA! Pick the right hand for the lame version Hospital -say "Mochiron" -say "Daijoubu" 8/7 Hospital say "Un. Ii ne" Teahouse -pick Shumi ni tsute kiku -pick Mystery -say "Usou de shou?" 8/8 Mama Saboroso -say "Itsumo hitori de kitteru no? -say "Nan de boku o sasotta no?" -say "Suki da yo" -say "Skuutaa to moputsu ga risou ni nattashi ne" -say "Un. Ii yo" Get her Phone Number 8/9 Hirigishi Eki Morning meet The Summer Ends part 1 Over 12/24 Receive a Christmas Card from Karou 12/28 Kita E... Air Port say "Arigatou" Car say "Kono kuruma...nan te iuno? Sugai Building -say "Sore ja karaoke ni ikou ka?" pick your song Sweet Dream ... amai yume ni..." Mama Saboruso say "Ganbatte ne" Spa Land Outside Pool say "Doushita no?" say "Massagie shouka?" Inside Pool say "Chouto tereru" Sauna say "Kuwaishin da ne" BeatleBum say "Tomadachi no sei ni shicha dame da yo" say "Ki ni shisugi da yo" On the way pick "Inai yo" twice :P Assam say "Nan de sonna jiken ga okotta no?" say "Boku wa Kaoru-san ga suki da" (You go boy!) Royce Hills PM pick Kaoru again call her 12/30 Hakodate Date Beiria say "60 gura-janai? Motomachi say "Nanto naku wakaru yo" say "O-Mise no hito ga..." Onzen say "nani o-basan kusai koto iutteru no" Hakodate Mountain Yatta!! She says she loves you :) 12/31 White Illumination countdown day pick Karou TV Tower 11:30...11:40...11:50...Kaoru-san doushtan darou ? 11:55 Yappari kaorusan...kinai no kana...AA!!Kon ban wa! 1/1 Omedetou Gozaimasu!! YATTA Happy Ending FIN Atarashii nen ga hajimaru...soshite Bokura futari no atarashii jinsei ga hajimaru...Happy New Year!!! D. YUKO SAKURAMACHI Birthdate: July 5 Age: 20 Occupation: Public Defense Force Height: 173 cm Weight: 55 kg Blood Type: B Hobby: Taking pictures with her camera Yuko is a member of the Public Defense Force. She rides a bike and is extremely cool. Yuko is always with her camera and enjoys taking pictures of you and all the locales you visit together. She's very easy going and jokes around with you alot. 8/2 Dinner Royce Hills say "Zen Zen. Shuujitsu free da yo." 8/3 Otaru Date see Yuko for the first time 8/4 Do the whole "Yuki" incident...see section H for 8/4 8/5 Before Noon Sapporo Station pick - Koe o kakeru Street pick - Koko ni nokoru say "Maaa souda ke do..." say "Kimi ni kyoumi ga aru kara" say "Un. Ii ne." Restaurant say "WAF tte nani?" say "Toshi wa ikutsuna no?" say "Nan to naku wakru yo" say "Doko ni sunde iru no?" say "Mongen wa aru no?" say "Chouto igai datta." Outside Restaurant say "Sorejaa...O Kotoba ni amaete" Street say "OK!" Yatta! Get Yuko's Phone Number Hang out till 8/8 8/8 Evening Yuko calls say "AA. WAF no..." say "Un. Ii yo" 8/9 Go to Hirigishi Station Ocean Front pick "Yuko ni tsuite kiku" pick "Kouhou no shigoto ni tsuite kiku say "Un. Shiteru yo" Moss Gate say "Zehi" Onzen pick Nozokanai de kureto tonomu Magic Spice Outside say "Sou da ne" Magic Spice Inside say "Soreja...choutto dake" say "Itsu mo kono mise ni kuru no?" say "Jieitai ni haitte yokatta kototte nani?" say "Un. Ii yo" 8/10 Morning go to to JR Sapporo Station Air Defense Base say "Mochiron" say "Mochiron" In front of the Club say "Motto mitaina" 8/11 Do what you want 8/12 Early Evening Yuko calls she sounds very tipsy... say "Un. Ii yo" then go to Susukino Susukino say "Yuko-san...yapparattru no? Cubic say "Yuko-san...Kibun wa dou? 8/13 Royce Hills Night Yuko calls say "Un. Ii ne." 8/14 AM go to Hirigishi Station... The Summer Ends part I over picture of Yuko is pinned to your board 12/24 Tokyo: Receive a Christmas card from Yuko 12/28 Return to Hokkaido Airport say "Ki no seida yo" Train say "Boku mo biku suki da yo" say "Boku wa...irunda!" (Just kidding) say "Inai yo" Royce Hills PM pick Mochiron Yuko-san da" Choose your date...Sapporo or Hakodate 12/29 Sapporo Date Sapporo Station say "Ze Kouchou" Sugai Building pick "Soreja Karaoke ikou ka?" Dynamito ga go man ton [attara]!!! This song is her bgm its awesome!! tebaka BANG! pick your song Spa Land pick outside pool say "hontou da ne" pick inside pool say "Sugoi yo Yuko-san" pick Sauna say "hontou da ne" pick Yappari deyou! On the way Yatta hold hands :) Assam say "Sore wa mocha beecon datte..." say "Daijoubu" Jishin o matte.." Mama Saboroso say "Boku no ha mo kuroi kara daijoubu" Take some pictures aim for her nose :) on the way say "Kitto Ishoou ni aruiteru yo" Former Hokkaido say "Chouto ooke saka mo" Royce Hills PM pick Yuko again call her 12/30 Hakodate Date Sapporo Station say "Ze Kouchou" Hakodate Station say "Kitto Ika to hito ga..." say "Soko ni aru monumento ga ikananda yo" say "Hontou da ne" say "Hontou da ne" Motomachi say "Hontou ni Megu" Just do it :) Take it off Beriea say "Yoshi...Kiai irete tabeuzo!" On the way she says "Dai suki da yo!" Yatta!! Onzen say "Maa... ii kedou..." Hakodate Mountain say "Ii yo" say "Ribon no [N]" say "Ringo no [G]" say "Furushiki no [Ki]" say "Usagi no [gi]" say "Kujara no [ra]" say "suisu no [su]" 12/31 White Illumniation Day call Yuko Odori Koen TV tower 11:30...11:40...11:50...Yuko-san Doushtan darou? 11:55...Yappari...Kinai :( Chigau...!!! Asoko ni! 1/1 Omedetou Gozaimasu!! YATTA Happy Ending FIN Atarashii nen ga hajimaru...soshite Bokura futari no atarashii jinsei ga hajimaru...Happy New Year!!! E. MEGUMI AIDA Birthdate: May 19 Age: 15 Occupation: 3rd year Junior High Student Height: 143 cm Weight: 35 kg Blood Type: 0 Hobby: Animals & Collecting postcards Megumi is a cute little clumsy girl. You go to her house and help her family out, because Megumi's mother is pregnant. Megumi loves animals & stargazing She is cheerful, sweet, and very innocent. 8/1-8/3 Can just hang out and do nothing. 8/4 Royce Hills AM, say "Hai, Ikimasu", receive Megumi's phone number, go to the JR station and choose Tenshya ni noru. (Yoshi! Biei ni ikou!) Biei Station: say "Kuro-chantte dare?" then pick Neko o naderu. Farm: say "Nan-hiki dobutsu ga iru no?" Living room: say "Itadakimasu!" twice Room: say "un. ii kata da yo." 8/5 AM wake up, Work starts Living Room Afternoon: Go with Megumi say "Iku" Furano Date Farm Tomita say "Hontou da ne" Furano: say "nan ka sugoi mono michattayo ne." then say "Donna tomodachi ga dekita no? Bedroom: say to Megumi's mother "Wakarimashita. Kiitemimasu." 8/6 Living Room Afternoon: Go with Megumi say "Iku" Hokuryu Date Sunflower: Run around and try to find the exit...this gets me dizzy Restaurant: Say "Tokoro de Megumi-chan. Kareshi iru no?" Bedroom: Pick Soto ni deru, Forest: Then ushiro o tsukeru, then ushiro o tsukeru again then say "Un, Ii yo." 8/7 Go with Megumi say "Iku" Shin Furano Prince Hotel Date Shin Furano Prince Hotel: Say : "Hajimete da yo." Air Baloon: Say "Demo ochitara iminai yo." (Yatta!..not exactly :P) Air Balloon Ride Give her a UFO Catcher Prize if you have one Waiting room: Say "Mata Kaieru yo" Bedroom: Say "Un, ii yo.", say "Un, ii yo." Go see the stars... Megumi's Bedroom: Say: "Ima nan te iotosita no? Bedroom: Pick kitto [tsuite kimai] tte ioutakttanda. Bedroom: Pick neko o oi-kakeru Outside the barnyard: Pick neko o oi-kakeru, Witness a miracle 8/8 Trip to the beach Your stay with the Aida family ends...say good bye to Megumi-chan at the train station...Megumi writes you "Dai suki" in the window :). 8/31 The summer is over...Part I complete 12/24 Receive a Christmas Card from Megumi 12/28 Dai sukina onna no ko ni autameni...Kita e... Airport: pick Megumi no mune o miru Train: Say " Megumichan wa ima demo kawaii yo" Train Station: Say "Megumi-chan no kata ga sutto kirei da yo." Royce Hills: Say "Un, kimete aru yo." Choose where you want to take Megumi Living Room: Say "Un, Kimatta yo" Ask her out... 12/29 Sapporo Date Go to Spa land: pick shitsunai puuru Indoor Pool: pick Shikaeshi ni sui o kakeru, then pick Okugai puuru. Outdoor Pool: Say "sou ka mo ne" then pick Sauna Sauna: say "Sou da ne" Goto Assam: Say "Sou da yo" Assam: Say " Boku mo bokujo ga sukida yo" Goto Mama Saburoso: say "Kitto kawaii onna no ko ni naru yo." Goto Kyuu hokkaido cho: say "Megumi-chantte hoshi ga sukida yo ne." Goto: Beatle Bum say "Juken daijabuna no? Beatle Bum: Say "Iku tok wa issho da yo" Beatle Bum: Say "Boku wa Megumi-chan ga sukida" Revelations unfold :) Royce Hills: Pick Mochiron...then say "Un, kimatta yo." 12/30 Hakodate date... Goto the Beiira: say "Mochiron da yo" Goto Motomachi: say "baumukuuhen?" Goto Yu no kawa onzen, Skyline Ride follows 12/31 White Illumination Countdown...pick Aida Megumi. 11:30...11:40...11:45...11:50... 11:55 (doko ni iru no Megumi chan?) 1/1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! YATTA! Kissu o suru yo-Happy Ending FIN Atarashii nen ga hajimaru...soshite Bokura futari no atarashii jinsei ga hajimaru...Happy New Year!!! F. AYU KAWAHARA Birthdate: January 27 Age: 15 Occupation: 1st year High school Student Height: 155 cm Weight: 48 kg Blood Type: AB Hobby: Karaoke, Tennis Ayu is Kotori's friend and teammate on the Tennis Club. Ayu loves to karaoke and would really like to become a singer. You sample her music and add your support for her audition. If you haven't guessed Ayu is my favorite :) 8/1 Royce Hills Dinner: say "Un. Ii ne." Bedroom say "Un. Ii yo" 8/2 Bedroom say "Ii yo", then say " Mochiron..." Oodori Koen : say "Aya-chantte dare?" Street: Meet Aya, Say "E...nan no koto? Sugai Building: Game Center-Pick Quiz Game , then either UFO or Shooting, Game Center- UFO game try to get the Angel, give Ayu the Angel...earn some brownie points :) Karaoke Bar: The girls sing a song, you do your best! (You can skip it by pressing start) Karaoke Bar: Get lost Kotori...Say "Mochiron, suki da yo" then say "Shinseki to shite no Suki" Karaoke Bar: She asks you out Yatta! say "Un yorukonde" Get Ayu's phone Number, the girls sing a Kita E duet...this is memorable :) 8/3 AM go to the JR Sapporo Station Sapporo Station: pick Otousan ni tsute kiku Train : pick Shumi ni itsuite kiku then pick Sukina dansai no tapu ni itsite kiku, then say "Ki ni naru" Teineorina: Pick Plaza 1 or 2 doesnt matter, If you picked Plaza 2 choose Super Tamahawk, then choose the dai Kanran kuruma Car Ride: say "Boku mo sou omou yo" Pick Plaza 1 then Virtua, Techno Maze, impress her by hitting the goal...this is Tedious and makes me dizzy! Goto Ohanake Yashiki then pick Aya o susumemasu. Watch the hero show say "sou shoyou ka.." Go Go Power Rangers! say "Uun..." Train: say "Un, Ii yo." Royce Hills dinner: say "Boku wa Aya-chan kara kiita yo" then say "un." Ayu and Kotori go away for the 4,5,6, and 7th...just chill out play games etc Don't go to Beei, unless you want to meet Megumi , don't listen to that Psycho Yuki 8/7 Room PM Call Ayu, say "Un. Ii yo." 8/8 Afternoon go to the Television Tower Tower: Pick Souda have some lunch and she sings for you. say "Saisho no yatsu ga iina" say the same again when she asks. Karaoke Time...say "Unn ii ne" Sugai Building: She sings again..can skip by pressing start, but why would you want to her voice is angellic. Pick the Song Hikouki Kaze...its much easier than Move On. say : Ayachan no uta saiko da yo!" Royce Hills Dinner: Don't go with Kotori Bedroom call Ayu say "uun ii yo." 8/9 Morning Go to the JR Sapporo Station Station say "Hontou ni yonde miru" Train: say "Sou da ne", then say "Masaka" Otaru Station: say "Amai mono wa...chotto..." Ice Cream Parlor pick "Ice cream o taberu"--Its not ice cream WO Taberu either (Reference to Kita HE stuff in Intro :P) Street: Say "Un. Ii ne" Store: Say "Un. Aru yo." then say "ryokai" On vehicle going up mountainside: say "un", say "Sou da ne" Bench Lunch: say "dai joubu da yo. Kitto!" then say "Ki ni suru koto nainjanai? Ayu's apartment: say "sonna koto nai yo", say it again Bedroom PM Call Ayu, then say "un ii yo" 8/10 Morning go to Sapporo JR Station Dream Beach: pick Sore de mo Aya-chan o miteita., then pick Aya-chan no koto ga sukiday to omuotta, then say "Mochiron Iku yo" Ayu's apartment: Yatta-janai! pick suru 8/11-8/13 Ayu goes away ...just chill out during this time 8/14 Bedroom AM pick Yoshi, sasate miyou. Royce Hills: say "Sonna kotonai yo" before noon go to Tanuki yoji Buy her a sweet... Messe Hall: pick Ayu o hiki tomeru- Say "Mochiron"... 8/15 Meet Ayu at the Television Tower , she reveals her feelings 8/31 The Summer Ends...Part I over 12/24 You receive a Christmas Card from Ayu 12/28 Airport: say "Ureshikatta yo" Train: say "Sugouko ii yo." Room: Pick Mochiron Ayu-chanda, then Sapporo, can chose Hakodate if you want, call Ayu 12/29 Sapporo Date Go to Spa Land: Pick Shitsunai Puru Indoor Pool: Say "ki ni shinakute mo iinjyanai?" Pick Ayu-chan no kao o miteta then pick Outside pool Outside pool: say "semai kara iin da yo", then pick Sauna Sauna: say "Doushite nakai chattano? then go to Assam Assam: say "Un" then say "Tonoshisou da ne" then go to Mama Saburoso On the way to Saburoso...say "Choutto samui kana.." Yatta a little hug :) Saburoso: say "sou ioumon nanda..." Goto the Clocktower Clocktower: say "Sansei da yo" then goto the Beetle Bum On the way to beetle Bum say "un" BeetleBum: say "Un. Matteru yo" Reveal yourself! say "Boku wa Ayu- chan ga suki da!" Room: Pick Aya again and call her 12/30 Hakodate Date Hakodate Station: Say "fufufu...sore wa dou kana? Aundou: say "Daijabu. Jishin machana yo." Go to the Goryokaku Goryokaku say "Un" Goto Moto machi Motomachi say "Shiretomoki saki" Goto Yu no kawa onzen, Skyline Ride follows 12/31 White Illumination Countdown... Room: Pick Ayu as your girl. Television Tower: 11:30...11:40...There she is! 1/1 Shinnen Omedetou! Kiss o suru Yatta!!! Happy Ending FIN Atarashii nen ga hajimaru...soshite Bokura futari no atarashii jinsei ga hajimaru...Happy New Year!!! G. HAYAKA SAKYO Birthdate: April 4 Age: 17 Occupation: 2nd year High School Student Height: 165 cm Weight: 50 kh Blood Type: B Hobby: Knitted Things Hayaka appears to be a very unpleasent girl, heck she wears a patch over her eye. Her restaurant is in some trouble with the local thugs and you help her with new restaurant recipes and advertisng ideas. Go with Kotori when she offers to guide you. 8/2 Meet Hayaka for the first time 8/6 Game Center UFO CATCHER PM pick Futari no aida ni katsute hairu say "Sakyo Hayaka-chan da" say "Sukina dansei no taipu wa...?" Hokkainoki Ramen Shop say "Un. Umai" 8/7 Evening Hokkainoki Ramen Shop -say "Juugyoin ga ki ni haitta kara ne." Susuki no eiki say "Atarashi menu to ka dou darou? say "Mochiron. Kyoryouku suru yo." 8/8 Tanuki Kouji Afternoon Beatle Bum say "Toriaesu ramen no koto kangaeru no yousou yo" Hoteru??? Yatta! NOT! say "Tokoro de nan de itsumo kan tai shiteru no?" Furano Prince Hotel give her a gift if you have one say "Iro iro na mon ga taberareru kara?" Get Hayaka's Phone Number :) Go back to the Ramen Shop say "Sore ja deeto shyou yo" 8/9 Before Noon Sapporo Station hey no eye patch say "Are...Kan tai wa???" Busride say "Soto shita hou ga zutto ii yo" Go Shopping for a bathing suit Mall say "U-n"..wait its gets better say "U-n"...I like this one :P say "U-n"...pick your favorite pick Kon or Kuroi, shiroi...any color, this color determines the scarf later 8/31 The summer ends Part 1 Over, Hayak's picture is pinned to your board 12/24 Receive a Christmas card from Hayaka 12/28 Airport say "Ureshii yo" say "Boku no sukina iro obettekurete arigatou iutta" Train say "Ma ma kana" say "Gomen ne" say "Sounattara kimi no koto inochi gakede mamaru yo" Royce Hills Room pick Hayaka, pick Hakodate or Sapporo call Hayaka 12/29 Hakodate Date Hakdoate Station pick Boku-tachi datte kappuru da yo" Asaichi say "Deeto nakannda kara sono godai wa yo sou yo" say "Te o tsunaidari surun da yo" Moto Machi say "Boku wa meruhenna koishii you yo" say "Futsu ni shita hou ga kawaii yo" say "Sono mama de juubun miroyoku teki da yo" Cable Car say "kissu suru" Front of onzen say "Onzen ni hairu" Mountainside Go for it say..."Boku wa Hayaka-chan ga suki da" Royce Hills pick Hayaka then call her 12/30 Sapporo Date Mama Saboroso say "Sore mo Ichiri aru ne" Kyuu Hokkaido say "Misa no namae no kata o kaetara dou?" Clock Tower say "Emi cha shitsurei da yo" say "New York de..." Assam say "Un" say "Ki ni suru kotonai yo" say "Dai kangai da yo" Beetle Bum say "Hayaka shoubai nesshin da yo ne." say it again... "Boku wa Hayaka-chan ga suki da" YATTA we exchange sukis :) 12/31 White Illumination Countdown Day Royce Hills Room pick Hayaka Television Tower: 11:30, 11:40...11:50...11:55 uh oh...where did I go wrong??? Restart...JK there she is!! 1/1 Happy New Year Congrats Happy Ending !!! FIN Atarashi nen ga hajimaru...soshite Bokura futari no atarashii jinsei ga hajimaru...Happy New Year!!! H. KOZUE SATONAKA Birthdate: July 29 Age: 17 Occupation: 2nd year High school student Height: 154 cm Weight: 50 kg Blood Type: AB Hobby: Cosplay, games, e-mail on her personal computer. Kozue is a spoiled little rich girl. Kozue is into anime and all that other good stuff. She always got what she wanted until she met you... 8/4 Receive a phone call from "Yuki" Go to the Royce Store purchase the nama chocolate and the nama choco orore -pick buy the chocoore -pick Tenen ni hanashikakeru Goto the 4 Choume Plaza say - "Un" say - "Sou da yo" say - "Komatteru kimiki datta kara" say - "Mochiron" say - "Chigau yo" Royce Hills Room Yuki calls again... say "Yuki-chan?" say - "Handopatte nan?" 8/5 Afternoon Sapporu Station pick - Koe o kakeru pick - Oi-kakaeru pick . . . . . . . . Cafe say "tada no tomodachi da yo" say " ............." pick Ikari o bakuhasaseru say "Gomen, Kozue-chan" Royce Hills Room, Kozue calls say "un maa" say "sou da ne" say "un..ii yo" 8/6 Afternoon Hirigashi Station Hills say "koibito desutte kaiite oite yo" say " Jaa nande itsumo issho ni iru no?" say "Tokumeidttara hontou no jibun-jyanai yo" say "Nan itteru no" say "Nan" say "Ma I shinide yo" say "Nagaruso" say "Hontou ni naguruso" pick Hontou ni naguruso (Shut that brat up!) You can hang out with Ayu or Kotori if you want...Ayu all the way hehe 8/7-8/12 pm Royce Hills pick "hyototshite...Kozoe-chan? 8/13 Afternoon Sapporo Station See Kozue... pick - Oi-kakaeru say "Sono mama de ii yo" 8/14 Kozoe calls say the biggest "Denwa de Pon!" say "Kozue-chan da" then go to the Teisen hall...She tells you she likes you...that was easy huh? 8/31 The Summer is over, you head back to Tokyo...part I over 12/24 You receive a Christmas Card from Kozue 12/28 Airport say "un" say "ii yo" Trainride say "Mochiron" say "Sonna koto-naitte" say "Mochiron", get her Phone Number Yatta! Royce Hills pick Mochiron Kozoe-chan da, pick Sapporo 12/29 Sapporo Date Mama Saboroso-say "Sonna koto ga attanda" Clocktower-say "Souka moshirai ne" on the way say "Dai jou bu" Assam -say "Jibun de shirebetanda yo" -say "Un, kiita yo" Spa Land Outside -say "...Sonna koto iwaretemo..." Inside-say "Un...raburabu" Sauna -say " Un, souda ne." On the way say "Un" Beetle Bum-say "Kantan da yo" -Reveal yourself say "Boku wa Kozue-chan ga suki..." pick Kozue again 12/30 Hakodate Date Motomachi -say "un souda ne" -say "souda yo ne" -say "Mada haru ni kuru yo" Bereia say - "Murishite kau mon-janai yo ne" Yuno kawa in front ...say "Sore ja betsu no koto ikou ka?" Hakodate Yama say "Kozue-chan mo kirei da yo!" (You charming fellow) say it again..."Kozue-chan ga suki da yo" 12/31 White Illumination Countdown Day Royce Hills pick Kozue Televeision Tower 11:30, 11:40, 11:50...Kozue-chan..doushitan daru? Ano...Asoko ni ! 1/1 Happy New Year Yatta ! Happy Ending FIN Atarashi nen ga hajimaru...soshite Bokura futari no atarashii jinsei ga hajimaru...Happy New Year!!! VII. SUPPORTING CHARACTERS Yuko Haruno = Kotori's mother she works all the time very busy woman, not much of a cook either :P Satoko& Kosaku Aida = Megumi's parents. Satoko is pregant and they need extra help on thier farm Aoki & Carefully = Otaku friends of Kozue. They mess around with Tanya too VIII. MINI GAMES & JOBS One of the coolest features of Kita E are the number of high quality mini games available. Quiz Marugato Hokkaido A question will show up and you press Y,X,or the A button corresponding to the correct choice. You cannot get three wrong or you will not be able to choose again. There are 10 - 30 ( You decide the length) questions and the game ends, high score wins UFO Catcher press the A button which moves the Claw left and right. Then press the B button o move the claw back and forward. If you grab hold of a prize press the A button repeatedly so the meter isn't gone or on too long There are 6 prizes available Guardian Wing (Shooting Game) Press the A button to shoot down the enemies. You must shoot down all the enemies to gain back time. Karaoke Game Press the appropriate buttons according to the beat displayed. You will be scored upon the timeliness and accuracy. Tennis Rally Game This game is available when you go on the trip with Kotori. 3-D Technomaze Touch the 4 goals and then find the exit. If you press the X button the girl you are with adds support 3-D Himawari-maze find the exit and press the X button and your girlfriend adds support. Milking game Pick up the hay and feces. The amount of milk the cow makes depends upon her happiness. Her happiness relys on being well fed and a clean stable. IX. THANKS & CREDITS I would like to credit the following websites which provided me with an incredible amount of resources. *"E" lecture quote taken from: Simon, Mutsuko Endo. An Introduction to Modern Japanese. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan, 1986. pp. 24 Check out my website for more Kita E. Info 1999 Unpublished Work hq9</p>