============================================================================== FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY: WILD AMBIT ION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY : WILD AMBITION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION THE LE ============================================================================== ========================= FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION ========================= FAQ/Movelist v1.0 by EX Andy ============================================================================== GEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVE S FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY: WILD AMB ITION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION THE LEGEND OF TH E LONE WOLVES FATAL FURY: WILD AMBITION THE LEGEND OF THE LONE WOLVES FATAL FU ============================================================================== Fatal Fury has finally hit SNK's Hyper Neo*Geo 64 platform, and in a big way. Having learnt from the mistakes it made in its previous Samurai Shodown 64 titles, SNK has equipped Wild Ambition with big, colorful, healthy-looking character models that run at a frame rate faster than 30 fps. Wild Ambition is also packed full of beautifully detailed background stages and a host of gameplay options. This FAQ/Movelist will reveal as many of those options -- and provide as much character-specific information -- as possible. Table of Contents: I.) BASICS: CONTROL LAYOUT AND COMMONLY-USED TERMS II.) HEAT METER EXPLAINED III.) STANDARD GAME FEATURES IV.) CHARACTER INFORMATION ANDY BOGARD BILLY KANE GEESE HOWARD JOE HIGASHI KIM KAPHWAN MAI SHIRANUI RAIDEN/BIG BEAR RYUJI YAMAZAKI TERRY BOGARD TOJI SAKATA TSUGUMI SENDO XIANGFEI LI V.) CHARACTER PROFILES VI.) VERSION HISTORY, CREDITS, LEGALESE ====================================================== I.) Basics: Control Layout and Commonly-Used Terms ====================================================== CONTROL LAYOUT AND COMMON TERMS Joystick: (directions indicated while character is facing right) up-bk up up-fwd O O O BUTTONS: \ | / bk O- n -O fwd A B C D / | \ Light Light Heavy 3-D Movement O O O Punch Kick Attack dwn-bk dwn dwn-fwd Abbreviations Key: n = joystick "neutral" (centered) A, B, C, D = Buttons A,B,C,D up = joystick up dwn = joystick down bk = joystick back fwd = joystick forward up-bk = diagonally up-back up-fwd = diagonally up-forward dwn-bk = diagonally down-back dwn-fwd = diagonally down-forward AB = press buttons A and B at the same time ABC = press buttons A, B, and C at the same time , = perform moves in normal succession (e.g.: qcb, hcf means perform a qcb followed normally by an hcf) + = perform simultaneously (e.g.: fwd + C means push joystick forwards and press button C at the exact same time) ~ = perform moves in rapid succession (e.g. dwn-fwd + B ~ C means perform a dwn-fwd + B followed immediately by pressing C) qcf = quarter-circle forward (dwn, dwn-fwd, fwd) qcb = quarter-circle back (dwn, dwn-bk, bk) hcf = half-circle forward (bk, dwn-bk, dwn, dwn-fwd, fwd) hcb = half-circle back (fwd, dwn-fwd, dwn, dwn-bk, bk) fwd, dwn, dwn-fwd = forward, neutral, down, down-forward bk, dwn, dwn-bk = back, neutral, down, down-back tap = quickly tap the joystick in a direction push = push the joystick in a direction hold = hold the joystick in a direction, or press and hold the specified button(s) hold briefly = hold the joystick briefly in one direction (usually used for "Charge Moves") standing = perform maneuver while standing up crouch = perform maneuver while character is crouching (joystick in dwn position) jump = perform maneuver after your character has jumped mid-air = perform maneuver if your character is in the air (something x2) = do something twice n/a = not applicable ------------------- ABOUT THE JOYSTICK: ------------------- Wild Ambition's basic joystick control is as follows: n = stand dwn = crouch bk = standing block (defend against High and Mid attacks) dwn-bk = low block (defend against Low attacks) fwd = walk forwards up = jump vertically upwards up-fwd = jump forwards up-bk = jump backwards tap bk, hold bk = backdash (quickly retreat away from opponent) tap fwd, hold fwd = forward dash (quickly advance towards opponent) tap up = hop vertically upwards tap up-fwd = hop forwards tap up-bk = hop backwards ------------------ ABOUT THE BUTTONS: ------------------ Wild Ambition uses a modified version of the Real Bout Fatal Fury/Fatal Fury 3/RB2 button setup: A = Light Punch C = Heavy Attack B = Light Kick D = 3-D Movement/Quick Recover - Where the C-button "Heavy Attack" may be either a Kick or a Punch depending on the character and situation. - Where the D-button represents "3-D movement," that is, movement along the Z-axis (side-rolls), or Quick Recover when knocked down. * Side-Roll Left = n + D, or up + D * Side-Roll Right = dwn + D * Quick Recover = when knocked down, press D to quickly get back on your feet (you may have to tap the button repeatedly). Quick Recover may not be performed after getting hit with a Super Power, Overdrive, Normal Throw, and certain special move attacks, like Andy's Shoryudan. Quick Recover may also be done in mid-air(?). * Normal Throw = fwd + C - NOTE: Wild Ambition has front- and back-throws. Performing a fwd + C throw from the back of your opponent may look different from a fwd + C throw from the front. * Heat Blow (unblockable) = when POW meter is full, ABC - NOTE: Heat Blow is a totally unblockable attack that often sets up a Juggle or Stun combo on a successful hit. Heat Blow can only be performed with a full POW meter, and if used, will almost completely empty out the POW meter immediately afterwards to Danger level. * Pursuit Attack = while opponent is on the ground, dwn-fwd + C (note: Some characters may be able to perform other sorts of pursuit attacks in addition to dwn-fwd + C) * Taunt = AB (charges up your own POW meter) * Counter Attack = while blocking, fwd + AB (uses up some Heat Meter) ADDITIONAL ABBREVIATIONS: WA = Wild Ambition (this game), the only Fatal Fury game to appear on the Hyper Neo*Geo 64 platform; all other Fatal Fury games appear on the 16-bit Neo*Geo console RB2 = Real Bout 2, Wild Ambition's immediate predecessor RBS = Real Bout Special, Real Bout 2's predecessor RBFF = Real Bout Fatal Fury, RBS' predecessor and the first of the Real Bout Games FF3 = Fatal Fury 3, RBFF's predecessor FFS = Fatal Fury Special, FF3's predecessor FF2 = Fatal Fury 2, FFS' predecessor FF1 = Fatal Fury 1, the first Fatal Fury game KoF = The King of Fighters (fighting game series, also by SNK, only appears on the 16-bit Neo*Geo) ============================ II.) HEAT METER EXPLAINED ============================ Wild Ambition has abandoned the old POW Meter system of Fatal Fury and replaced it with the Heat Meter. Here's how it works: - The Heat Meter starts at 50% full at the beginning of every match, though it can change between rounds of the same match. (e.g. if, by the end of the first round, I have a full Heat Meter, I will keep the full Meter and start the second round with a full Meter. But at the beginning of the next fight against the next opponent, my Heat Meter will again start at 50%.) - Attacking and dealing damage causes your character's Heat Meter to fill up. Performing Taunts also fills your own Heat Meter. - Getting hit or thrown and taking damage causes -BOTH- your character's Lifebar -AND- Heat Meter to deplete. - After being hit or thrown for damage, if your character is not hit again for several seconds, your depleted Heat Meter will gradually increase towards 50% full. - When your character's Heat Meter becomes completely full, the "MAX OK" message appears. Your character may then perform either an Overdrive Power or a Heat Blow. - After performing either an Overdrive Power or a Heat Blow, the Heat Meter becomes almost completely empty. The same also applies if your character has taken a great deal of damage or performed one too many Counter Attacks. In cases like these, the "Danger" message appears over your Heat Meter. - If a character with a "Danger" message gets hit by just a few more attacks or throws, his/her Heat Meter will empty out completely, causing Overheat. The Overheat message will appear onscreen, and that character will be dizzy (unable to move, attack, or block, and vulnerable to the opponent's attacks). SUPER POWER ATTACK vs. OVERDRIVE POWER: The DM/SDM system has changed somewhat from the standard Fatal Fury system. In the old Fatal Fury system, there were two 'levels' of "super move": the "S. Power" and "P. Power," otherwise known as the "DM" and "SDM." In the original Fatal Fury system, S. Powers: - could be performed if a character had --EITHER-- a full POW meter, --OR-- a flashing red lifebar depleted more than 50% - if performed with full POW Meter but not with a flashing lifebar, would empty out the POW Meter completely - if performed with a flashing red lifebar, could be performed an unlimited number of times, without using up any POW meter In the original Fatal Fury system, P. Powers: - could --ONLY-- be performed if a character had --BOTH-- a full POW meter --AND-- a flashing red lifebar - would always empty out the POW Meter completely afterwards - were usually substantially stronger than S. Powers Wild Ambition has changed things a bit; it has Super Power Attacks in place of S. Powers and Overdrive Powers in place of P. Powers. For the most part, each former Fatal Fury character's S. Power is now his/her Super Power Attack (e.g. Andy's Chou ReppaDan, formerly his S. Power, is now his Super Power Attack; Kim's Houou Tenbukyaku, formerly his S. Power, is now his Super Power Attack); and each Fatal Fury character's former P. Power is now his/her Overdrive Power (e.g. Terry's Triple Geyser, formerly his P. Power, is now his Overdrive Power). In Wild Ambition, Super Power attacks: - can only be performed if a character's lifebar is flashing red - can be performed an unlimited number of times once the lifebar is flashing red - CANNOT be performed if a character's lifebar isn't yet flashing red (i.e. if that character has 51% or more of his lifebar); not even if his/her Heat Meter is full - do not use up any Heat Meter Overdrive Powers: - can only be performed if a character's Heat Meter is full - as long as the Heat Meter is full, can be performed at any time, regardless of how much life a character has - will almost completely empty out the Heat Meter to "Danger" level ============================== III.) STANDARD GAME FEATURES ============================== The game features several real-time animated cutscenes; in the game's opening sequence, Geese's black helicopter lands atop Geese Tower. Geese disembarks from the helicopter, flanked by Ripper and Hopper (who look exactly as they did on the cover of RBFF). He strides confidently from the helicopter along the roof, remembering the day when two children (a young Terry and a young Andy) watched their beloved stepfather die at Geese's hands (screen display alternates between scenes of Geese walking along the rooftop, and sepia-tone flashbacks of an anguished Terry and Andy). The scene changes abruptly to the adult Terry, carrying his satchel (which he has carried with him since Fatal Fury 1, released 1990) headed for the mysterious "King of The Fighters" tournament to confront Geese. Cut to title. 1P vs. CPU play in Wild Ambition gives the player 8 CPU opponents; the 8th opponent is Geese. After the 3rd opponent, the player is treated to one of two cutscenes. If the player is using Geese or one of Geese's men (Billy or Raiden), the now legendary scene of Terry getting out of a taxi on Angel Street (the wooden fence in the background is covered with posters of Geese from the cover of RBFF) with his satchel on his shoulder is shown. As he begins walking down the street, Geese's black helicopter swoops past him, kicking up a gust of wind that forces Terry to clutch at his hat. If the player is -not- using Billy, Geese, or Raiden, the cutscene instead shows the black helicopter landing atop Geese Tower (similar to the game's intro). Geese dismounts, flanked by Ripper and Hopper, and the music comes to a loud, ominous crescendo as the camera closes in on Geese's face. In terms of actual gameplay, Wild Ambition features an impressive array of basic features, each of which merits its own explanation. COUNTER: Command: interrupt an opponent's attack with your own Description: on a successful Counter, the blue "Counter" message should appear onscreen. An attack that Counters may sometimes either launch the opponent upwards in the air (Float) which allows the attacking player to follow up with a juggle, or stagger the opponent briefly, which renders them vulnerable to an additional attack (Stun). HEAT BLOW: Command: with full POW meter, press ABC Description: as described above, a totally unblockable attack that requires a full POW meter to perform, will pull up the blue "Heat Blow" message onscreen, and may Stun or Float if successfully connected. Note that Heat Blow can be used to escape from hit stun; i.e. if you are getting hit with an attack, you can immediately break out by performing a Heat Blow if your Heat Meter is full; similar to the ABC Rage Explode of Samurai Shodown 4. COUNTER ATTACK: Command: block, then fwd + AB Description: defending character blocks, then immediately counterattacks his/her opponent. Though Counter Attacks resemble KoF's CD Counters (because you must block in order to activate Counter Attack), Counter Attacks only use up a portion of your Meter, instead of emptying it out completely. GUARD IMPACT: Command: block an opponent's attack at the last possible moment(?) Description: resembles the push-block system of Capcom's X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Guard Impact may be used in place of normal blocking (I'm not sure of the exact circumstances); if used successfully, the blue "Guard Impact" message should appear onscreen. The defending character takes no damage, and the attacking character is pushed away. GUARD DESTROYED: Command: attack a blocking opponent repeatedly Description: as with the Guard Crush system of the recent installments of the KoF series, if a character blocks too many attacks within a short enough period of time, the blue "Guard Destroyed" message will appear onscreen, and that character will stumble about briefly, unable to block (and vulnerable to additional attacks). OVERHEAT (dizzy): Command: when Heat Meter is empty, either by using it up with too many Counter Attacks, performing an Overdrive/Heat Blow and getting attacked afterwards, or simply by getting hit too much Description: when the Heat Meter empties out completely, your character becomes Overheated (dizzy), and may not block, attack, or do anything else. Overheated characters are completely vulnerable to attack. Overheat can be shaken off by wiggling the joystick and tapping buttons. ESCAPE: Command: when grabbed with a Normal Throw, do fwd + C(?) Description: as with the throw-escapes in the recent installments of the KoF series, a character may escape from a normal throw without damage if s/he properly executes the Escape command (I'm not completely sure of the exact command yet). The blue "Escape" message should appear onscreen, and the defending player will shrug off the throw without taking any damage. MEGA POWER ATTACK: Command: fwd + C for most characters Description: A fancy name for a character's old Fatal Fury-style far standing C attack. For example, Yamazaki's Mega Power is his standing back-kick from FF3/RBFF. "PURPLE REPEL": Command: ??? Description: I've only performed this once or twice on accident; most of the times I've seen this done, the CPU did it against me. When "Purple Repel" is performed, the defending character makes as though he/she is going to block the attack, but instead knocks the opponent away (does no damage). There is a brief flash of purple light. This is different from Guard Impact, which has an onscreen Guard Impact message and no purple light. STUN COMBOS: Command: after hitting an opponent with an attack that stuns, follow up with another attack Description: seems to be quite a few of these in the game. Almost every character has at least one normal or special move attack that briefly stuns the opponent when connected. Examples are Terry's fwd, fwd + C or Round Wave, or Kim's Destruction Drubber. Experiment with your favorite characters' stun attack(s) and see. ============================= III.) CHARACTER INFORMATION ============================= NOTE: Moves marked with a "?" indicate that I am not sure of either the exact Japanese translation of the move's name, or the exact instructions/circumstances [in Japanese from the SNK Japan homepage] required to perform that move. (Or that I'm not yet sure about a certain aspect of that move; whether it's blockable, exactly how many hits in a combo, etc.) NOTE: The combo lists are by no means meant to be exhaustive. I have only listed combos I have performed and can confirm myself. They are not the only combos in the game, and I'm not claiming they are either. For the most part, in addition to character- specific combo listings, the following combos seem standard for most characters, though they aren't guaranteed for all. (Chain Combos) Standing A -> Standing B -> Standing C (Rush: 3+) -> Special Move Attack (Rush: 3+) Standing A -> Standing B -> Crouching C Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Special Move Attack (Rush: 3+) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Crouching C (Rush: 3+) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Standing C (Rush: 3+) Standing C -> Standing C -> Standing C (Rush: 3+) -> Special Move Attack (Rush: 3+) -> Super Power Attack (Rush: 3+) -> Overdrive Power (Rush: 3+) (Juggle Combos) Standing A -> Standing B -> dwn-fwd + C (Float) -> Special Move Attack (Rush: 4+) dwn-fwd + C (Float) -> Special Move Attack (Rush: 2+) NOTE: About combos: Standing A -> Standing B -is- a chain combo (the same goes for Crouching A -> Crouching B). Combos like B -> C or C -> C are definitely Chain Combos, so any combos involving such chains have been recorded as such. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ANDY BOGARD: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: KOPPO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS qcb + A = Hishoken qcb + C = Geki Hishoken fwd,dwn,dwn-fwd + A = Shoryudan (cannot Quick Recover) hcf + B = Kuuhadan hcb + B = Bakushin (unblockable?) dwn-bk, fwd + C = Zaneiken ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: fwd + B = Shower Kick bk + B = Spinning Buddhist's Robe Kick dwn-bk + C = Reverse Spin Kick bk + C = Reverse Mid-Air Returning Leg Lift fwd, fwd + A = Rolling Flipkick while standing, = Rapid Palm Combo Attack tap A x 3 (first A is a normal standing A, second A initiates the Rapid Palm, third A completes it) dwn-fwd + C = Upward Palm Strike (floats) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NORMAL THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Leg-Cutter fwd + C (back) = Shiranui Spider Clutch ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: fwd, bk + C = Ripe Melon Strike ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: qcb, dwn-bk, fwd + BC = Chou ReppaDan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: qcf, dwn-bk, fwd + C = Zantetsu ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAIN COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Close standing C -> Hishoken (Rush: 2) Close standing C -> Zaneiken A/C (Rush: 2) Standing A -> Standing B -> Hishoken (Rush: 3) Standing A -> Standing B -> Zaneiken A/C (Rush: 3) Standing A -> Standing B -> Kuuhadan (Rush: 4) Standing A -> Standing B -> Shoryudan (Rush: 6) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Hishoken (Rush: 3) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Crouching C (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Hishoken (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Zaneiken (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> DanDaDan (Rush: 9?) Rapid Palm Combo Attack -> Standing B -> Hishoken (Rush: 6?) Standing A -> Standing C -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing B -> Standing B -> fwd + B (Rush: 3) Standing B -> Standing B -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Crouching B -> Standing C JUGGLE COMBOS: dwn-fwd + C (Float) -> Shoryudan (Rush: 4?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Andy seems like a cross between his RB2 and RBS versions. He has the RB2 (or RBS EX) Geki Hishoken and the RB2 qcb,hcf+BC ChouReppaDan (does not require a charge). Andy's hcb + B "Shiranui Slide Grab" is his hcb + C special attack from RBS; it doesn't seem comboable but may be unblockable. Zaneiken does not have a finisher. In addition, SNK Japan's page makes a particular mention about the defensive properties on the Geki Hishoken, though I'm not sure exactly what those properties are yet. Note that Andy's A-button palette-swap (white clothes) has the FF2 long hair, while the D-button palette (black) has the RBFF short ponytail. For whatever reason, Andy's background stage is in a snowy field in Norway at night; you can just see a cabin peeking up over the horizon. Fans of Andy's voice actor (or "seiyuu") should be pleased; Andy is still voiced by Mr. Keiichi Nanba, who has voiced Andy since FF2. According to SNK Japan's Page, Andy's Geki Hishoken apparently has certain defensive properties associated with it. What those properties are, I'm not sure (about the translation); maybe a Guard Cancel? I have seen two special character-intro sequences with Andy; against Terry, he and Terry clasp arms, and Andy says the same sample he did in the RBS Terry/Andy intro; Terry agrees, "OK!.....Andy--..." When Andy fights against Mai, she prances about and says something to him that causes him to cover his eyes in disbelief/disgust. Win Poses: (I've seen 3) #1: Andy clenches his fists at his sides, and says "Yoshi!" ("All right!") (from FF2) #2: Andy dusts off his leg, turns away, and mutters "Shoushi!" ("Pathetic!") #3: Andy spreads his arms apart and exhales. (from FF3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BILLY KANE: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: SELF-TAUGHT STAFF-FIGHTING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: hold bk briefly, fwd + A = 3-Section Cane Mid-Level Thrust after Pole Extend = Flaming Stab attack: bk, fwd + C qcb + A = Sparrow Drop qcf + A, tap A = Whirlwind Cane dwn-bk, qcf + B = Super Cane Attack (or hcf + B) while doing Super Cane = Super Whirlwind Cane Attack, press C (flies over low attacks) while doing Super Cane = Super Flying Sky Cane Attack, at apex of jump(?), up + C qcb + B = Fire Dragon Pursuit Cane (aka Dragon Rave) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: bk + B = Head Splitting Low-Aimed Attack fwd + B = Great Spin Kick dwn-bk + C = Back-Hopping Kick bk, dwn-fwd + B = Steep Dragon Opposite Kick fwd + C = Pole-Vault Kick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Fishing Rod Throw fwd + C (back) = 3-Section Cane Over-Shoulder Throw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: fwd, bk + C = Hell Drop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: fwd, hcf + BC = Super Flaming Whirlwind Cane fwd, dwn-fwd, dwn + C = Crimson Flower ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: fwd, hcf + C = Salamander Stream ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing C -> Dragon Rave (Rush: 4) Standing C -> Whirlwind Cane (Rush: 8?) CHAIN COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing A -> Standing B -> Dragon Rave (Rush: 5) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Dragon Rave (Rush: 5) Standing C -> Standing C -> Dragon Rave (Rush: 5) Standing C -> Standing C -> 3-Section Cane (Rush: 4) Mid-Level Thrust -> Flaming Stab Standing C -> Standing C -> Salamander Stream (Rush: 7?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Billy seems to most closely resemble his RB2 version. He has the Dragon Rave as an offensive special attack, not a reversal; in fact, there is no sign of his Real Bout/KoF '97 reversals anywhere. As with RB2, he has the Sparrow Drop, Whirlwind Club Twirl, Super Cane Attack, Mid-Level Cane Thrust with Finisher, and Whirlwind Fire Club Twirl and Salamander Stream. Note that his A-button palette-swap is the old RBFF outfit of brown boots, black leather pants, and a black leather jacket (worn over Billy's bare chest) with the "No Smoking" symbol on the back. The D-button palette is the outfit that Billy wore on the cover of RBFF; pimped out in black dress shoes, black dress slacks, and a black waistcoat vest worn over a night-blue dress shirt with a yellow tie and cuffs. Billy's stage takes place at dusk on Southtown Bridge; a "King Of The Fighters" poster hangs prominently over the arch, while a crowd of spectators holds up signs to spell out the word "VICTORY." Billy is still voiced by Mr. Atsushi Yamanishi, the same actor who provided his voice in RBFF onward. Billy has at least two special character-intro sequences; Kim gives him the usual "Aku wa yurusan!" pose. Billy also bows to Geese (as in RBFF-RB2); Geese simply beckons Billy impatiently, "Come on!" Win Poses: (I've seen 3) #1: Billy stands tall, taps his pole on his shoulder. (from FF2/KoF '95) #2: Billy spins his pole, plants it firmly on the ground, and turns away. (from RBFF/KoF '97) #3: Billy leans on his pole, points towards his opponent, and says something that sounds like "Hey, chill!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GEESE HOWARD: (Boss character, selectable by code, see below) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: KOBUJUTSU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: qcb + A = Reppuken qcb + C = Jaeiken hcf + B = Atemi Nage Rasen Reversal (high) hcf + C = Atemi Nage Kogetsu Reversal (mid) hcf + A = Gedan Atemi Uchi Reversal (low) qcf + A/C (in mid-air) = Shippuken ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: dwn-fwd + BC = Apocalyptic Murder Two Part Kick while crouching, fwd + B = Reckless Flying Kick jump, press C, then C,C, = Rapid Hop Palm then dwn + C bk + B = Lightning Spin Kick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Tiger Killer Throw fwd + C (back) = Spinning Ring Drop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: bk, fwd + C = Vacuum Throw fwd, bk + C = Tiger Killer Palm ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: dwn-bk, hcb, = Razing Storm dwn-fwd + BC hold dwn-bk briefly, = Reppugorenha bk, fwd + BC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: hcb,fwd + A, = Deadly Rave A,A,B,B,B,C,C,C, qcb + C fwd, hcf + C, then = Razing Deadend Atemi Nage (high or mid: hcf + B/C) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMBOS: hcf + A (reversal) -> Jaeiken -> dwn-fwd + C (Rush: 7) CHAIN COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing A -> Standing B -> Jaeiken -> dwn-fwd + C (Rush: 7) Standing C -> Standing C -> Reppuken (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Jaeiken -> dwn-fwd + C (Rush: 7) Standing A -> Standing B -> dwn-fwd + C (float) ->(Rush: 5) Standing A -> Standing B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: GEESE IS SELECTABLE! If he isn't immediately visible at the Character Select Screen, put the cursor on Billy, then move the joystick to the right. Geese should appear. Geese is back, and I think he turned out great. He has all the essentials: Reppuken, Jaeiken, Atemi Nage Reversals and Pursuit Throw. He also has the FF3/RBFF "circular cage" Razing Storm as his Super Power; not the "angled forward cage" of RBS/RB2; what's more, the Razing Storm is back to its rightful joystick motion (dwn-bk, hcb, dwn-fwd + BC). It might have been nice for him to get his RB2 360 + A Vacuum Throw, but it can be done using bk, fwd + C anyway. Deadly Rave can in fact be performed as soon as the Heat Meter fills up; it is not necessary to perform the Deadend first. After performing the fwd, hcf + C Razing Deadend, Geese's body emits swirls of glowing smoke (much like RBS Geese). Certain of Geese's Reversals are powered up, and I believe that Geese may only be able to do the unfinished Deadly Rave Combo (which involves Geese performing the first 7 hits of the Deadly Rave, then going right into a normal chain combo) after he has performed the Deadend. Geese's A-palette is his old FF3/RBFF white kimono tunic/orange hakama pants. His D-palette is his RBFF grey kimono/dark blue hakama. For whatever reason, Geese's fighting stance most closely resembles his KoF '96 stance; Geese stands tall, opens his hands into loose claws, and lets his arms hang at his sides. His background stage takes place in Geese Tower; in a 1P vs. Com fight, he is the 8th opponent, and before that last fight, the player is treated to a real-time animation sequence of Geese performing several Kobujutsu demonstration attacks. Geese Tower resembles the RBFF Geese Tower stage; a simple, open area with lots of polished hardwood floor. As mentioned previously, Geese has a special character-intro when fighting against Billy, Terry and Toji. Geese has a hidden outfit: to choose it, put the cursor on him at the character-select screen, and press and hold start. Then use button A to choose Geese in a black suit (RBFF...?), or D to choose him in a brown suit (FF3...?). NOTE: This outfit is apparently only available after a certain number of days/weeks; in other words, it's time-released. Geese is voiced by Mr. Kong Kuwata, the same gentleman who has provided his voice since FF3. Win Poses: (I've seen 4) #1: Geese turns toward the player, beckons with his hand, and grunts "Come on!" (from FF3) #2: Geese puts his hands on his hips, closes his eyes, and tosses his head back and laughs (from FF3) #3: Geese crosses his arms and sneers at his fallen opponent. #4: Geese wags his finger at his opponent and scolds him/her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ JOE HIGASHI: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: MUEI THAI ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: dwn-bk, fwd + C = Slash Kick qcb + B = Golden Heel Hurter fwd, dwn, dwn-fwd + B = Tiger Kick hcf + A = Hurricane Upper after Hurricane Upper, = Bakuretsu Hurricane hcf + C tap A repeatedly = TNT Punches after TNT Punches, = TNT Punches Hook Finisher qcf + A (cannot be blocked low) after TNT Punches, = TNT Punches Elbow Finisher qcf + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: bk + A = Vertical Upper dwn-fwd + B = Sliding (must be blocked low) bk + B = Tiger Sword fwd + B = Slide Deep after Slide Deep, = Gold Knee Child press C dwn-fwd + C = Uppercut Punch (floats) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Joe Special fwd + C (back) = Spinning Flame's Top ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: fwd, bk + C = Joe Cut (dwn-fwd) x 2 + C = Neck Sumo after Neck Sumo, = Hell Knees press B x 2 after Hell Knees, = Joe Final fwd + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: fwd, hcf + BC = Screw Upper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: fwd, hcf + C = Turbulence Upper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAIN COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing A -> Standing B -> Tiger Kick (Rush: 4) Standing A -> Standing B -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Hurricane Upper (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing A -> Standing B -> Standing B Crouching A -> Standing B -> up + C Standing A -> Standing C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Joe most closely resembles his RBS version, though his Overdrive Power most closely resembles his SDM Muei Thai Storm of KoF '97/'98 (in Wild Ambition, Joe tosses a Screw Upper, then viciously pummels his opponent with wild punches and kicks, and finishes with a tremendous uppercut). He has the unstoppable, unquestionable, extremely high-priority RBS Tiger Kick, single and double Hurricane Uppers, the Golden Heel Hurter and the Screw Upper. The Slash Kick only has one version (the strong double-kick version). He also has his old Taunt pursuit. The only difference between the A- and D-versions of Joe is a simple palette-swap: A-palette Joe wears the RBFF saffron trunks, while D-palette Joe wears the RBFF/KoF '95 purple trunks. Joe's stage is a clearing in a Thailand forest at sunset. Joe still has his RBS Taunt Pursuit and RBS "Nanchatta?" taunt. Joe is still voiced by Mr. Nobuyuki Hiyama, who has done Joe's voice from FF3 onward. Win Poses: (I've seen 3) #1: kneels forwards, raises fists in the air, and shouts "Yoshaa!" (from FF1) #2: puts hands on hips, tosses head back and laughs hysterically (from FF3) #3: performs a few kicks, clenches his fists, and says something. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ KIM KAPHWAN: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: TAEKWONDO ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: qcb + B/C = Hangetsuzan hold dwn briefly, up + B = HienZan hold dwn briefly, up + A = Kuusajin after Kuusajin, = Ascension Kick dwn + A (cannot be performed if Kuusajin is blocked or whiffed) jump, dwn + B = Hishokyaku after Hishokyaku, = Commandment Kick dwn-fwd + B qcf + B = Ambition Kick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: fwd + B = Neri Chagi (cannot be blocked low) when opponent is behind = Ring-Style Kick you, press B during taunt(?), = POW Chargeup(?) press BC dwn-fwd + B = Half-Moon Kick (ed. note: the kana for this move reads "bandal chagi," which is incorrect Korean, should be "banwuhl chagi") if Half-Moon Kick hits, = Razorblade Kick press C jump, BC = Paired Dragon Kick (must be blocked backwards as a crossup) dwn-fwd + C = Upward Thrust Kick (floats) fwd, fwd + A = Dora Yup Chagi (bufferable into ground specials/Overdrive only) dwn, dwn = Out/In (turn around) after Out/In, press C = Axe Kick after Out/In, press A,B = Pushaway kicks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Body Drop fwd + C (back) = Crescent Moon Kick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: NONE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: jump, hcf + BC = Houou Tenbukyaku ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: qcb, hcf + C = Hououkyaku ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAIN COMBOS: (except for the last two, these can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Hienzan (Rush: 3) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Hangetsuzan B (Rush: 4) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Kuusajin -> Kuusajin Spin Kick Finisher (Rush: 5) Standing C -> Hououkyaku (Rush: 15) (Standing A) x 2 -> Standing B (Rush: 3) (Standing A) x 2 -> Standing B -> (Rush: 3) Hangetsuzan B Standing C -> Standing C -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Hououkyaku (Rush: 16) Standing C -> Standing B -> dwn + B -> (Rush: 5) dwn-fwd + B (Hishokyaku, Finisher) Jump A -> Jump B -> Hishokyaku -> Finisher (Rush: 5?) Jump C -> Hishokyaku -> Finisher (Rush: 4?) Out/In -> Pushaway Kicks (Rush: 2) Standing C -> Standing B -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Jump A -> Jump B -> Jump C (Rush: 3) Dash, dwn + B -> C (Rush: 2?) Dash, dwn + B -> fwd + C (Rush: 2?) (Standing A) x 4 (Standing A) x 3 -> Crouching A while...? Standing A/B -> Standing B while...? fwd + B JUGGLE COMBOS: dwn-fwd + C (Float) -> Hienzan (Rush: 3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Kim is most similar to his RB2 version; the Kuusajin is a charge move, and has a finisher (as in RB2), while the Hienzan does not have a finisher. Note that, as in RB2, the Hienzan has very little horizontal range in from of Kim, so it is probably best used as air-defense, or at very close range (as in RB2). To my knowledge, Kim is the only character with an aerial chain combo (jump A, B, C). His fwd, fwd + A Dora Yup Chagi is a bit different from the KoF version, in that it can only be buffered into ground special move attacks [and his Overdrive Power], as opposed to the KoF version, which could only be buffered into aerial specials/DMs. Kim's A-button palette-swap is his old white/blue uniform, while his D-button palette is canary yellow (no trace of green, unlike the KoF '97 D-button palette). Kim's stage is a Korean country market; fish and produce merchants ply their wares underneath an inflatable outdoor "roof." Though Kim sounds very different in Wild Ambition, the game's ending credits confirm that Kim is again voiced by Mr. Satoshi Hashimoto, who has voiced Kim since the beginning (FF2). Kim has a special character-intro sequence when fighting against Geese, Yamazaki and Billy (possibly Raiden too, I'm not sure): he clenches his fist, and grunts "Aku wa yurusan!" ("Evil can't be forgiven!") Win Poses: (I've seen 4) #1: Kim shouts, performs a quick backflip, and stands ready, #2: Kim performs two quick kicks in the air, then mutters something. #3: Kim humbly gives the Shaolin Monk's bow, and says "Nakanaka ote maede." ("Such formidable skills.") (from RBFF) #4: Kim stands at attention, grunts, and takes the Taekwondo "junbi" stance. (from FF2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MAI SHIRANUI: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: SHIRANUI NINJUTSU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: qcb + A = Ryuenbu hcf + C = Hissatsu Shinobibachi qcf + A = Kachosen hold dwn briefly, up + C = Kagero No Mai in mid-air, dwn + AB = Musasabi No Mai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: fwd + B = Flying Swallow Kick after Flying Swallow = Flying Swallow Rapid Kick Kick, fwd + B, then fwd + B again from the final hit of the kick bk + B = Rising Dragon fwd + A = Concealed Cherry Tree during Concealed Cherry = Cherry Raid Tree, press B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Windmill Demolisher fwd + C (back) = Night Cherry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: mid-air, dwn-bk/dwn/ = Dream Cherry (air throw) dwn-fwd + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: fwd, hcf + BC = ChouHissatsu Shinobibachi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: fwd, hcf + C = True Flower Tempest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAIN COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing A -> Standing B -> Ryuenbu (Rush: 3) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Ryuenbu (Rush: 3) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Kagero no Mai (Rush: 3) Standing A -> Crouching B Standing A -> fwd + B Standing B -> Standing C Crouching A -> dwn-fwd + C Crouching B -> dwn-fwd + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Mai resembles a cross between her RBS and RB2 versions. She has her standard Ryuenbu, Kachosen and Musasabi no Mai special attacks. She also has the RBS version of her Kagero No Mai, while her Overdrive Power is the SDM from RB2. Otherwise, she seems about the same as always. The A- and D-versions of Mai are simple palette-swaps. Her A-palette is her standard red outfit (resembles the RBS/RB2 outfit); D-palette is the RBS/RB2 blue outfit. Mai's background stage is a snowy field in Japan (resembles Toji's background). Mai is still voiced by Miss Akoya Sogi, who has provided her voice since FF3/KoF '95. As noted, Mai has a special character-intro sequence when fighting against Andy. Win Poses: (I've seen 2) #1: Mai shakes her head, and says "Mada mada, ne?" ("Not [quite able to beat me] yet, huh?") #2: Lies down on the ground, flutters a fan, and says the same voice sample from her RBS/RB2 win pose. (from RBS/RB2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RAIDEN/BIG BEAR: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: qcb + A/C = Dokugiri (Poison Breath) (A = horizontal (Stuns on a Counter) C = diagonally upward) dwn-bk, fwd + C = Giant Bomb (crouches under high attacks) press and hold B for = Super Drop Kick at least 5 seconds, then release button near opponent, = Thunder Death Driver rotate joystick 360 degrees + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: fwd + B = Double Sledgehammer jump, dwn + C = Buffalo Sentoun(?) dwn-fwd + B = Hammer Swing dwn-bk + B = Buffalo Ball (roll) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Front Suplex fwd + C (back) = Scrap Driver ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: bk, fwd + C = Death Rake Stomp fwd, fwd + C = Dr. Bomb fwd, bk + C = Buffalo Carry while crouching, = Neck-Hanging Three dwn-fwd + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: fwd, hcf + BC = Thor's Hammer near opponent, = Berzerker Trident rotate joystick 360 degrees + BC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: near opponent, = Circle Hurricane fwd, bk, dwn, up + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAIN COMBOS: Standing A -> Standing B -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing B -> Standing B -> Standing C (Rush: 3) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Raiden has turned out beautifully in my opinion. He has moves from FF1 (Dokugiri Poison Breath) and FF2 (several of his command throws, Giant Bomb), and some new grapples that look and feel great. Thunder Death Driver is a modified leaping piledriver that goes up quick and comes down quicker with a satisfying crash and a bit of camera movement at the very last second to give the move a touch of vertigo. The Thor's Hammer super Power is utterly pathetic; Raiden performs his very slow Standing C -> Standing C chain animation, then punches the ground, creating a billowing cloud of blue lightning. The move itself is very slow to come out and can be countered easily. The Berzerker Trident, on the other hand, is quite impressive; Raiden grabs his opponent by the wrists and, without letting go of the wrists, slams his opponent on to the ground, then lifts the opponent up by the wrists over his back, snapping his opponent's elbows in the process, does a leaping forward flip (still gripping his opponent's wrists firmly) and smashes his opponent face-first into the ground with great conviction. The Circle Hurricane is another satisfying attack; Raiden grabs his opponent's ankles and begins swinging him/her around in a Giant Swing, but does a rather sloppy job of it; instead of cleanly lifting his opponent off the ground and whirling him/her around, he allows the back of his opponent's head to scrape painfully along the ground several times before hurling him/her into the horizon. Interestingly, if Raiden whiffs (misses) the Circle Hurricane, he does not lose any Heat Meter. Both Raiden's A- and D-button palettes wear the FF1 mask, though the A-palette wears the full spandex bodysuit (as in FF2), while the D-palette fights barechested (as in FF1). Raiden's stage is a mountain valley in the Australian outback in the late afternoon (resembles his old FF2 stage); the rocks in the background bear intricate carvings [presumably by Aborigine tribesmen]. Raiden is voiced by a Mr. John Hulaton. Win Poses: (I've seen 4) #1: Raiden jets his arm in the air and points upward, shouting "Whoa!" (from FF2) #2: Raiden flexes his muscles and laughs. (from FF1) #3: Raiden faces the opponent, gets down on one knee, and slaps his bicep. #4: Raiden leans back, flings open his arms and spouts a Dokugiri cloud in the air. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ RYUJI YAMAZAKI: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: SELF-TAUGHT FIGHTING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: qcb + A = Upward Snake Arm qcb + B = Mid Snake Arm qcb + C = Downward Snake Arm (after any Snake Arm, hold down button to increase power) (after holding a Snake Arm, press D to cancel) hcf + B = Sadomazo (reversal) qcf + C = Baigaeshi Double Return (press C to absorb projectile, hold C to reflect) fwd, dwn-bk, fwd + A, = Doukushu Poison Hand tap A repeatedly (formerly the Judgement Dagger) near opponent, = Bakudan Pachiki Exploding Headbutt fwd, bk, dwn, up + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: fwd + A = Bussashi Overhead Swipe while getting up from = Metsubushi Eye Injury being knocked down, (wakeup attack) press C dwn-fwd + B = Dokkan dwn-fwd + A = Kachiwari Headsplitter while dashing, BC = Jigoku Geri Hell Kick while jumping, BC = Kachyage Head Lift ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Bun Nage fwd + C (back) = Kamahori ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: NONE (See Exploding Headbutt Throw in Special Move Attacks) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: fwd, hcf + BC = Guillotine hold dwn-bk briefly, = Shovel bk, fwd + BC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: near opponent = Drill rotate joystick 360 (if whiffed, player can continue degrees + C tapping button C to perform only (tap C rapidly to the leaping Drill attack; may increase power) be unblockable, I'm not sure yet) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAIN COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing A -> Standing B -> Snake Arm B (Rush: 4) Standing C -> Standing C -> Snake Arm B/C (Rush: 4) Standing C -> Standing C -> Judgement Dagger -> tap A (Rush: 9?) Standing C -> Standing C -> Guillotine -> (Rush: ?) C-Snake Arm Standing C -> Standing C -> Guillotine -> (Rush: ?) Shovel STUN COMBOS: Guillotine -> Snake Arm C (Rush: ?) Guillotine -> Shovel (Rush: ?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Yamazaki seems similar to his RB2 version; his chain combos are shorter than they were in RBFF/RBS, but still deadly. He has all three Snake Arms, and can, as usual, "hold" them by holding down the button (I'm not sure if that powers up the Snake Arms); and can cancel a held Snake Arm by pressing D (true to Fatal Fury fashion, Yamazaki receives no additional Meter if he cancels a Snake Arm). The Double Return seems more or less the same, as does the SadoMazo (Yamazaki flicks his tongue like a snake now). Unfortunately, Ryuji has apparently decided to stop using a knife (I have yet to see it); the Judgement Dagger is now a lunging open-handed punch with red "Drill" coils around his hand; Yamazaki "stabs" his opponent through with his hand, and lets him/her drop unless you tap button A, in which case he "stabs" his opponent repeatedly with his hand before dropping him/her. The Exploding Headbutt causes an orange bitmapped explosion (each orange explosion is pixellated, but fairly well-animated), and Yamazaki rubs his head in pain, as usual. The Guillotine seems to have been modified somewhat; Yamazaki can barely catch a standing opponent with it, and only if that opponent is standing very close (otherwise Yamazaki will go clean over him/her). On the other hand, the Guillotine is readily comboable from a Standing C -> Standing C chain, and sets up a Stun Combo afterwards. The Drill finishers have all been, to my knowledge, completely redrawn. There seem to be 5 levels so far; I've only seen what appear to be the top 3. Level 3 is the Headbutt variation, in which Yamazaki tosses the opponent on the ground, then walks up behind his prone opponent and gives him/her several headbutts to the back of the neck before Drilling the opponent away. Level 4 is a new finish; Yamazaki grinds his opponents face into the ground, presses his opponents head to the ground and drags him/her forwards (as with the Guillotine, except that the opponent's face is scraping along the ground) then hurls the opponent forward, so that s/he lands upside-down, on his/her face. Yamazaki then Drills the opponent's ass away. Level 5 is the Snake Arm variation: Yamazaki goes completely insane and pummels the opponent with a two-armed barrage of Snake Arms before Drilling the opponent away. NOTE: Unlike Raiden, Yamazaki loses all of his Heat Meter if he whiffs (misses) his opponent with the Drill; instead, he will crouch down briefly, then leap forwards and only perform the Drill's last leaping punch. I'm not sure, but I think this last punch may be unblockable. Shovel, Yamazaki's other Super Power, is completely new. In it, Yamazaki leans forward as though to perform a C-button Snake Arm, then "scoops" wildly about along the ground, kicking up "sharp" blood-red gusts of wind that buffet the opponent about for multiple hits. Yamazaki has decided to lose the fur coat, and now begins each round wearing sunglasses; at the beginning of each match, he takes them off and glares at his opponent. His A- and D-palettes are simple color-swaps; the A-palette is the old FF3 black shirt/pants/shoes; the D-palette is the FF3 dark red shirt/pants/shoes. His background stage seems similar to the stage from RB2; a rooftop somewhere in Hong Kong in the dead of night, lit only by clusters of neon billboards in the background. As mentioned, Yamazaki has a special character-intro sequence when fighting Kim. Yamazaki is still voiced by Mr. Koji Ishii, who has provided Yamazaki's voice since FF3. Win Poses: (I've seen 4) #1: Yamazaki stares down at his fallen opponent, winks, and sneers "Hyakunen haiyandayo." ("You're a hundred years too early [inexperienced to challenge me].") #2: Yamazaki leans back, grabs his head with his hand, and shrieks/laughs maniacally. (RBS) #3: Yamazaki grins and gives a thumbs up, then his face suddenly becomes sullen, and he gives a thumbs down. #4: Yamazaki kneels over his fallen opponent, mutters something, then looks up and grins evilly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TERRY BOGARD: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: JEFF BOGARD/TUNG FU RUE HAKYOKUSAKEN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: qcf + A = Power Wave qcf + C = Round Wave qcb + A/C = Burn Knuckle hold dwn briefly, up + A = Rising Tackle dwn-fwd + B ~ C = Power Dunk (see Additional Attacks) qcb + B = Crack Shoot bk, dwn-fwd + A = Power Charge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: fwd + B = BackSpin Kick fwd, fwd + C = Charge Kick (cannot be blocked low) dwn-fwd + B = Jumping Knee Kick (floats) after Jumping Knee = Power Dunk Kick, press C bk + C = Fire Kick ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Buster Throw fwd + C (back) = Neck-Hanging Crusher ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: fwd, bk + C = BackSpin Attack while dashing forwards, = NeckBreaker Drop press AB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: qcb, dwn-bk, fwd + BC = Power Geyser ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: qcb, dwn-bk, fwd + C = Overheat (Triple) Geyser fwd, hcf + C = Heat-Up Geyser ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAIN COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing A -> Standing B -> Burn Knuckle A (Rush: 3) Standing A -> Standing B -> Crack Shoot (Rush: 6?) Standing A -> Standing B -> Standing B (Rush: 3) Standing A -> Standing B -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Burn Knuckle A (Rush: 3) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Crack Shoot (Rush: 6?) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Rising Tackle (Rush: 7?) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Crouching C (Rush: 3) Crouching A -> Crouching B -> dwn-fwd + C (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Burn Knuckle A (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Crack Shoot (Rush: 6?) Standing C -> Standing C -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> Heat Up Geyser (Rush: 5) Standing A -> Standing C Standing B -> Standing B Crouching A -> Crouching C Crouching B -> Crouching C Standing A -> fwd + C -> Standing C Standing A -> Standing B -> Standing B Standing A -> Crouching C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: In Wild Ambition, Terry seems more like his RB2 version than anything else. He has the Power Charge (bk, dwn-fwd + A), but it seems to be of limited use, and [to my knowledge] only Floats on a Counter. According to SNK Japan's page, Terry can apparently cancel it into another special move, though I'm still not sure of the specifics. Terry has the "two-part" Power Dunk, and the Fire Kick, similar to his RB2 version. Unfortunately, the Fire Kick is nowhere near as useful as it once was; it's only a one-hit attack (Terry does not perform the low-hitting slide kick at all). He sways slightly to the side, then performs a spinning back-kick. Also, according to SNK Japan's page, Terry's Round Wave has additional uses; it can be used as a pursuit attack to hit a fallen opponent, and it can be "held" (hold down the C-button) to power it up. One last note: Rising Tackle has also changed; the first hit is a low-hitting sweep kick, which forces a defending opponent to block low. Terry's A-button palette-swap is his old red cap & jacket light-blue denim jeans; his D-palette is the FFS/RB2/KoF '97 dark gray cap & jacket and light-grey jeans. Terry's background is in "U.S.A." (exactly where I'm not sure); in the middle of a busy downtown street flanked by parked cars and large brick apartment buildings covered with billboards, posters, and graffiti. Watch for a small poster reading "RB" and for Mr. Peanut (the Planter's Nuts[tm] mascot) somewhere on a wall. Terry's Super Power and Overdrive Power are fairly straightforward and resemble the old Power Geyser and Triple Geyser. The Power Geyser is a bit better than the RBS/RB2 version; it has hit-frames above and in front of Terry, so it can be used as air/ground-defense on anticipation old-school style, though it is still an excellent move to use to trade hits (as it was in RBS/RB2). The Overheat Geyser resembles the RBS/RB2 version, except that it comes out a bit more slowly and is -NOT- normally comboable from a 2-in-1 with a bufferable normal move. The Heat-Up Geyser Overdrive is a brand-new move: Terry delivers a wrenching one-two punch to the opponent's gut, then blasts the opponent away with a Power Geyser. Doesn't look quite as impressive as the Overheat Geyser, but it is comboable. According to the game's ending credits, Terry is still voiced by Mr. Satoshi Hashimoto, who has voiced Terry since FF2. As mentioned, Terry has a special character-intro sequence when fighting against Andy, as well as a special intro against Geese, in which he angrily shakes his fist at Geese (as in RBFF); Geese grins and nods knowingly. Win Poses: (I've seen 4) #1 Terry tosses away his cap and shouts "OK!" (from FF1) #2 Terry dusts his cap off on his knee, puts it back on and turns away from his opponent. (from FF3) #3 Terry performs two kicks, then flips his opponent off ("gives his opponent the forearm") #4 Terry shrugs, then waves off his fallen opponent (similar to KoF '98 Yashiro) and says a stilted "Goodbye!..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TOJI SAKATA: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: KITANTAN-RYUU/DAINANRYU-AIKI JUUJUTSU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: qcb + A/C = Dual Pair Rapid Slash fwd, dwn, dwn-fwd + A = Aiki Mirror Slash hcf + A = Tornado Capture (reversal) fwd, bk, dwn, up + C = Roaring Heaven Slash (throw) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: dwn, dwn = Two Sides while opponent is = Upward Throw behind you, press BC while opponent is = Ankle Splitter behind you, press AB while opponent is = Any Direction Slash behind you, press AC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Every-Direction Throw fwd + C (back) = Knee Spin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: bk, fwd + C = Self-Attack Throw while opponent is = Reverse Self-Attack Throw behind you, dwn + C after Reverse = Single Feather Split Self-Attack Throw, dwn + C after Reverse = Concealed Center Slash Self-Attack Throw, up, dwn + C in mid-air, dwn-bk/dwn/ = Raven Drop (air throw) dwn-fwd + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: qcb, dwn-bk, fwd + BC, = Buddhist God of War hcf + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: rotate joystick 360 = Irreconciliable Rivals degrees + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing C -> qcb + A (Rush: 3) CHAIN COMBOS: (can all be preceded by a deep jump C for an additional hit) Standing C -> Standing C -> qcb + A (Rush: 4) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Toji is basically the same as Jubei Yamada of FF2/FFS; a slight, elderly Japanese grandfather who has several devastating grapples that he performs seemingly effortlessly. He has apparently lost one eye (one of his eyes is red, like Rugal's from KoF), and wears a shirt with a picture of a kabuki demon on the back (either a reference to Jubei "Judo Demon" Yamada, or to the Japanese "Yakuza" Mafia, or both). Toji also carries about a small black fan in one hand which he occasionally uses to swat his opponents. His Super Power resembles the Snowfall Slash attack of Ukyo from Samurai Shodown; he slashes quickly and repeatedly outward with his fan, creating a long cutting arc out in front of him; the hcf + C is a final tremendous slash that Toji delivers with a leaping somersault. In Toji's Overdrive, he waves his hands about in mystic gestures, and levitates his opponent in the air before blasting him/her away with a single burst of light, not unlike Geese's Rashoumon SDM from RB2. Toji's A-palette wears a green shirt, dark green pants, brown shoes and a tan hat; the D-palette wears a tan shirt, dark brown pants and shoes, and a brown hat. His background stage is an empty Japanese field in the dead of winter. Toji has a special character-intro sequence against Geese; the two sneer at each other; Toji brandishes his fan and says something to Geese, who nods and grins. (Can't remember any of Toji's win poses) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ TSUGUMI SENDO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLING ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: bk, dwn, dwn-bk + = To The Heaven's Palace Driver A/B/C hold bk briefly, fwd + A = Naniwa Lariat qcf + C = Octopus Heat qcf + A = L'il Tsugumi Elbow hold dwn briefly, = Making Okonomiyaki up + B,B,B,B,C ("okonomiyaki" is the Japanese 'equivalent' of pizza) qcb + B = Hunting Bridge press and hold B for = Super Drop Kick Lite at least 5 seconds, then release button ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: fwd + B = Rolling Sobat bk + C (hold for up to = Straightforward Head Attack! 3 seconds) when Straightforward = Rolling Breaker Head Attack! hits, dwn + C fwd, bk + C = Catch (reversal) after Catch, = Body Slam dwn + C after Catch, = Ground Pass fwd + C after Catch, = Rope Throw bk + C after Rope Throw, = Re-Pulling bk + C when opponent attempts a = Pulling Riser pursuit attack, dwn, dwn + A if your timing on the = High-Up Sobat Pulling Riser is near perfect, press B bk + B = Straightforward Strongman Attack! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd + C (front) = Tsugumi Driver fwd + C (back) = Tsugumi Suplex ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: dwn-fwd, dwn-fwd + C = Monkey Flip bk, dwn-bk, dwn + C = Tripping Up/Power Bomber (hcf + C) (Move may be different depending on whether opponent is crouching) druing Tripping Up, = Tsugumi Hip up + C while opponent is behind = Rainbow German you, and is crouching, (dwn-fwd) x 2 + C during Rainbow German, = Hold press C x 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: fwd, hcf + BC, hcf + C = Flying Tsugumi Drop after Tripping Up, = Naniwa Deathlock hcf + BC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: qcb, dwn-bk, fwd + C = Loop Line Crush ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CHAIN COMBOS: Crouching A -> Crouching B -> Making Okonomiyaki (Rush: 7) Standing A -> Standing B -> Standing C (Rush: 3) Standing C -> Standing C -> up + C Standing B -> fwd + B -> dwn + C When crouching, B -> C -> up-fwd + C B -> C -> hcf + C ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: Tsugumi is essentially a combination of KoF '96-'98 Yuri, KoF's Kasumi Todo, and Galaxy Fight's Roomi. She is a "cute," irrepressibly cheerful high-school girl who is always smiling, winking, waving and giving a "V" ["Victory"] sign with her fingers. In terms of actual play, Tsugumi resembles Blue Mary; she has no command throw with any really complex joystick input, but several throws and grapples that are started from blockable specials, and some that are started from reversals. She has Roomi's Twirling Punch (Tsugumi's is simply bk + C, hold down button C) and she performs various "cute" attacks from her reversals and other specials; most of which end with a very silly "boing" sound. Tsugumi's A-button Palette wears a white jacket with blue sleeves, red shorts and red gloves. The D-palette wears a white jacket with fluorescent green sleeves and shorts and red(?) gloves. Her stage takes place in a dimly lit dance club named "Cosmic Bowling" (the name of the club is written in large neon letters in the background). For whatever reason, Tsugumi has a special character-intro with Raiden; she bows playfully, then waves and says something. Win Poses: (I've seen 3) #1: Tsugumi does Yuri's/Roomi's twirl punch followed by a "V" sign. #2: Tsugumi enthusiastically gives several "V" signs. #3: Tsugumi puts one hand on her hip, and points a finger with the other hand. She wags her finger at her fallen opponent (playfully scolding) and dances about gleefully. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LI XIANGFEI: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FIGHTING STYLE: WU SHU/KUNG FU ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MOVELIST: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SPECIAL MOVE ATTACKS: qcf + A/C = Nanpa qcf + B = Spinning Kick (?) after qcf + B, qcb + A = San Ri Chuu Ou Kankuu (hit) after qcf + B, qcb + B = San Ri Chuu Ou Shinsaiha (throw) after qcf + B, = Tenbau Zan cancel fwd, dwn, dwn-fwd + B fwd, dwn, dwn-fwd + B = Tenbau Zan qcb + C (for about 6 = Esaka (?) seconds, reversal if attacked) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL ATTACKS: fwd + A = Chi Mon Chou Chuu bk + B = Kou Sou Tai ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THROWS: fwd or bk + C (front?) = Ryoku chi kou en ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ = COMMAND THROWS: ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Super Power Attack: fwd, hcf + BC = Taitetsujin standing C, = Chouubairou (fwd, dwn-bk, fwd + AB) x2 ????? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Overdrive Power: near 360 + C = Majinga (101 hits!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMBOS: ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ADDITIONAL NOTES: I haven't actually seen Xiangfei in action, but I have received reports from reliable sources, and have in fact seen a screenshot from another version of Wild Ambition that clearly shows both her portrait and Geese's portrait in the character select screen, so her existence is confirmed. Apparently the mystery "? ? ? ? ?" voice talent, Mami Kingatsu, is the actress who provides Xiangfei's voice (a change from RB2, in which Xiangfei was voiced by Ms. Haruna Ikezawa, who also provided the voice for KoF '98 Athena). Though I haven't seen Xiangfei in action with my own eyes, I own the original RB2 on Neo*Geo home cartridge, and from the sound of it, Xiangfei hasn't changed much. It is not known at this point whether or not she has her 3-part Chouubairou Super Power from RB2, though it is entirely possible (which is why it is tentatively included in the movelist). Xiangfei apparently has two taunts; one in which she turns away from her opponent with her arms crossed; and one in which she makes a "funny face" at her opponent (sounds like both parts of her old RB2 taunt). Xiangfei's A- and D-versions are apparently palette-swaps; the A-palette is her RB2 red dress; the D-palette is a green dress. Two of Xiangfei's win poses have been described to me: #1: Xiangfei draws two wushu swords and dances about (sounds similar to her RB2 win pose) #2: Xiangfei stands and laughs.(?) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ========================== V.) CHARACTER PROFILES ========================== (special thanks to Kao Megura for the info!) TERRY BOGARD Nationality: America Fighting Style: Martial Arts + Jeff-style Kenka Sappou (Deadly Brawling Arts) Birthday: March 15 Height: 182 cm Weight: 82 kg Blood Type: O Hobby: Video Games Favorite Food: Fast Food Dislikes: Slugs Of Importance: Jeff's gloves Best Sport: Basketball ANDY BOGARD Nationality: America Fighting Style: Koppo Birthday: 8 / 16 Height: 171 cm Weight: 67 kg Blood Type: A Hobby: Shugyou (Training / Discipline) Favorite Food: Nattou Spaghetti Dislikes: Dogs Of Importance: Photograph of him and Hanzou Shiranui back from his early days of training. Best Sport: Short Track BILLY KANE Nationality: England Fighting Style: Boujutsu (Pole Techniques) Birthday: 12 / 25 Height: 179 cm Weight: 77 kg Blood Type: B Hobby: Doing laundry Favorite Food: Boiled eggs Dislikes: Order (being ordered around?) Of Importance: His younger sister Best Sport: Pole Vaulting JOE HIGASHI Nationality: Japan Fighting Style: Muei Thai Birthday: 3 / 29 Height: 180 cm Weight: 71 kg Blood Type: AB Hobby: Fighting Favorite Food: Fried Wani Dislikes: Seishousurukoto (Well-dressed people?) Of Importance: His headband Best Sport: Any kind of fighting KIM KAPHWAN Nationality: Korea Fighting Style: Tai Kwon Do Birthday: 12 / 21 Height: 176 cm Weight: 78 kg Blood Type: A Hobby: Karaoke Favorite Food: Yakiniku (Japanese cooked meat dish) Dislikes: Evil Of Importance: His two sons Best Sport: Physical exercises MAI SHIRANUI Nationality: Japan Fighting Style: Shiranui-style Ninpou (Ninja Arts) Birthday: 1 / 1 Height: 165 cm Weight: 46 kg Blood Type: B Hobby: Dieting Favorite Food: Ozouni (New Year's dish) Dislikes: Spiders Of Importance: Her grandmother's "Keiken no Kanzashi" (?) Best Sport: Badminton RAIDEN Nationality: Australia Fighting Style: Wrestling Birthday: 3 / 3 Height: 202 cm Weight: 210 kg Blood Type: O Hobby: Amusement Park "Chimeguri" (Security? / Rides?) Favorite Food: Beef Au Jus Dislikes: Koalas Of Importance: Wrestling Mask collection (defeated foes' masks?) Best Sport: American Football TOJI SAKATA Nationality: Japan Fighting Style: Kitanan-ryuu Aikido Jutsu (Great Southern Style Aikido Techniques) Birthday: 10 / 17 Height: 162 cm Weight: 52 kg Blood Type: AB Hobby: None Favorite Food: Monaka (?) Dislikes: Old people being mistreated? (Toshiyori atsukaisuru yakko) Of Importance: Himself Best Sport: None TSUGUMI SENDO Nationality: Japan Fighting Style: Wrestling Birthday: 9 / 10 Height: 162 cm Weight: 43 kg Blood Type: O Hobby: Cooking (but she's not very good at it) Favorite Food: Octopus dumplings (takoyaki) from the neighboorhood store Dislikes: Ghost stories Of Importance: Special photograph of her and her mother Best Sport: Swimming RYUJI YAMAZAKI Nationality: Japan Fighting Style: Self-made Fighting Karate Birthday: 8 / 8 Height: 192 cm Weight: 96 kg Blood Type: A Hobby: His knife collection Favorite Food: Umazashi? (Sliced Horsemeat) Dislikes: Labor (working) Of Importance: He's only concerned with making money for himself? (Jibun no rieki ni kakawaru nito) Best Sport: None =========================================== VI.) VERSION HISTORY, CREDITS, LEGALESE =========================================== VERSION HISTORY OF THIS DOCUMENT: v0.0 Completed 12:20 A.M. 20 January, 1999 Based solely on marathon sessions at Sunnyvale Golfland and partially translated movelists of SNK of Japan; many glaring omissions, including combos and special move names v0.1 Completed 9:52 P.M. 25 January, 1999 Added Darklancer's information on Xiangfei, the "other" secret character, as well as his info on Geese's hidden outfit. Also added a handful of combos and extra info on some characters, also cleaned up some formatting and spelling errors. v1.0 Completed 5:37 P.M. 26 February, 1999 Added lots of updated info, including combos and move properties I discovered during play. Also added a great deal of translated information from SNK of Japan's Page thanks to Kao Megura, who took the time to translate a lot of Kanji. STILL MISSING FROM THE GUIDE: -A few more Kanji translations -Toji and Tsugumi's seiyuu -More Combos -Might add a strategy section CREDITS: SNK OF JAPAN http://www.neogeo.co.jp For not only providing [incomplete] movelists for me to source, but also for turning out such a great game. SNK U.S. TECHNOLOGIES http://www.snkusa.com For (presumably) also playing a pivotal role in Wild Ambition's development, and for being quick enough to send it to Sunnyvale as early as they did. Sunnyvale Golfland (408) 245-8434 For getting in Wild Ambition as soon as they did, as well as being an excellent arcade overall. Let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby, let's all go to the lobby, and get ourselves some snacks! The Professor mmcafe@deathsdoor.com http://mmcafe.telnet.or.jp For providing information on the fighting styles of Toji and Tsugumi. Greg Kasavin For helping me get to (and defeat) Geese Darklancer gamer@technologist.com http://home.pacific.net.sg/~lancer For providing movelist and additional info on Li Xiangfei, the mysterious "other secret character," as well as for providing corrections for Geese's movelist and the hidden code to use Geese in a suit. Kao Megura kmegura@hotmail.com http://i.am/kao A big thank-you to Kao for the character profile info and all the kanji translations from SNK Japan's site, including Additional Character Info I had completely overlooked. LEGALESE This document is intended for entertainment purposes, and may not be copied, modified or distributed without express written or verbal consent from the author. (Or to put it another way: don't try to steal from this FAQ/Movelist. If you want to source this document or use it on your site, you have to contact me and ask me first.) It may NOT under any circumstances be reproduced or distributed for any sort of profit. In other words, this guide may not be sold in any way, shape, or form, whether reprinted in your crummy old magazine or posted to your crummy old pay site. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Neo*Geo, Fatal Fury series, The King of Fighters (KoF) series, Samurai Shodown series and all characters from these series copyright 1999 SNK Corporation. X-Men vs. Street Fighter copyright 1997 Capcom. Mr. Peanut copyright 1999 Planters Nuts. Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition FAQ/Movelist v1.0 Copyright (c) 1999 by Andrew S. Park aka EX Andy END OF FILE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>