Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- The Doom 64 Information Center Text FAQ Revision 1.2 (04/25/97) By The IceMaster =============================== Disclaimer and Copyright Notice =============================== I, the writer of the Doom 64 Information Center Text FAQ, am in no way associated with Midway Home Entertainment, any other division of WMS Industries, nor id Software, Inc. Doom is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. (C)Copyright 1993-97 id Software, Inc. All other names mentioned in this FAQ are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved. This FAQ may be re-distributed both printed and/or electronically, as long as the contents remain completely unaltered, and no fee is charged. You may use the material in this FAQ as long as the original source is properly credited. ================= Table of Contents ================= Section 1: Introduction [1.1] What is Doom 64? [1.2] Who made Doom 64? [1.3] What's New in Doom 64? [1.4] What's the difference between a 2D hack and a True 3D Engine? [1.5] Can I Save Games in Doom 64? Section 2: The Story Section 3: Firearms, Items, and The Opposition [3.1] Weapons [3.2] Artifacts [3.3] Miscellaneous Items [3.4] The Monsters [3.5] Basic Tips and Strategies Section 4: Cheating [4.1] The Features Menu (4.1.1) Finding Level 32: Hectic (4.1.2) Walkthru: Obtaining the three keys in Level 32: Hectic (4.1.3) Options in the Features Menu (4.1.4) The Ultimate Password [4.2] Super Password Section 5: Secrets [5.1] The Staging Area -- Three Secrets [5.2] The Terraformer -- Two Secrets [5.3] Main Engineering -- Five Secrets [5.4] Holding Area -- Three Secrets [5.5] Tech Center -- Two Secrets [5.6] Alpha Quadrant -- Two Secrets [5.7] Research Lab -- Five Secrets [5.8] Final Outpost -- Two Secrets [5.9] The Bleeding -- Five Secrets [5.10] Terror Core -- Three Secrets [5.11] Altar of Pain -- Two Secrets [5.12] Dark Citadel -- Two Secrets [5.13] Eye of the Storm -- One Secret [5.14] Dark Entries -- One Secret [5.15] Blood Keep -- One Secret [5.16] Watch Your Step -- Two Secrets [5.17] Spawned Fear -- Six Secrets [5.18] Breakdown -- Four Secrets [5.20] Pitfalls -- Three Secrets [5.21] Burnt Offerings -- Four Secrets [5.22] Unholy Temple -- Two Secrets [5.23] No Escape -- Three Secrets [5.24] The Lair -- Three Secrets [5.25] Outpost Omega -- Three Secrets [5.26] In the Void -- One Secret Section 6: Passwords Section 7: Resources on the Internet [7.1] The World Wide Web [7.2] E-Mail Section 8: Credits ======================= Section 1: Introduction ======================= [1.1] What is Doom 64? ---------------------- Doom 64 is the 64-BIT port of the classic PC game that swept the gaming world in late 1993. Doom made the 3D Shooting genre what it is today, with many games following in its footsteps including the recent 3D Realms game, Duke Nukem 3D, Monolith's Blood, and id Software's own Quake. Doom was ported to the Sega 32X, Atari Jaguar, 3DO, Macintosh, Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and even the SuperNES. But none have come close to a port for the power of the extremely successful and advanced Nintendo 64, making use of its true 64-BIT system capabilities, and graphical effects such as Anti-Aliasing. "The best way to describe [Doom 64] is to simply say that it will rock in every way over PlayStation's, the PC's, and every other machine's comparably primitive version." "[Doom 64] has an immersive feel unlike any of the other Doom versions, or any other first-person shooters." -Andrew Hoolan "The action [in Doom 64] runs at a consistently smooth 30fps no matter what's on screen," -Knightmare, GameFan Online [1.2] Who made Doom 64? ----------------------- The PC gaming veterans of id Software have entrusted the DOOM title to Midway Home Entertainment for a conversion to the N64. MHEI is the home division of a arcade/home gaming giant, WMS Industries, Inc. Known for such past games as Pong, Defender, NARC, Mortal Kombat, and NBA Jam, and having distributed a few console conversions of Doom in the past. But this is the first time Midway has developed a Doom game themselves at MHEI in their development house located in San Diego, California. Despite the absence of a multiplayer mode, a large percentage are definitely happy with the resulting product. "This is Doom! The control and gameplay have been left simple for a reason, and a damn good one at that - action!" -Knightmare, GameFan Online "The artists at Midway's San Diego development house also excelled at creating sprites for enemies. The combination of using high-res sprites, like the characters in DKC 3, and super-detailed texture maps on polygons turns out to be a winner. You get the best of both methods." -Nintendo Power, Volume 93 [1.3] What's New in Doom 64? ---------------------------- The Doom 64 Design Team at Midway Home Entertainment has designed 32 completely new levels from scratch, an improved version of the Doom engine that takes advantage of the N64 system's capabilities, added one new weapon, one new monster, a new final boss, mood-setting music and sound effects, and the most textures to ever be put into a single 3D shooter. The project was done completely in San Diego with the creative input and approvals of id Software every step of the way. Of the 32 levels, 25 are normal ones, 7 are hidden. The Nightmare Imp makes his debut as Mother Demon takes over as final boss of the game, and you can find the Laser Gun in Level 12: Altar of Pain. The new engine is a real 3D one, like that of Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Blood, and other newer 3D shooters. What this means is that the levels can have parts where you can go to an area directly over another area. "In short, Doom 64 is a whole new Doom." -GamePro Magazine, Number 96 "I've played literally thousands of Doom WADS over the years, and I'm not kidding when I say that these are among the best I've ever seen - and that includes id's own." -Knightmare, GameFan Online "Because the [Doom 64 Monsters] are created by sprites, more of them can be shown onscreen simultaneously, a problem Quake suffered as players faced one creature at a time (in 1-player mode)." "The realism of the textures used on the walls, floors, ceilings, and other structures in the game world are simply the best we've ever encountered in a video game." -Nintendo Power, Volume 93 "Astonishing is the best way to describe the graphics and action in Doom 64." -Electronic Gaming Monthly, Number 91 "Play it loud, with the lights low, and I guarantee you'll feel the fear like never before!" -Knightmare, GameFan Online [1.4] What's the difference between a 2D hack and a True 3D Engine? ------------------------------------------------------------------- The original Doom engine was a 2D hack, which means maps are defined in three parameters: X, Y, and Z. X and Y defines the placement on the map, Z defines how high it is above ground. Therefore, only one floor can be located at a single X/Y location, whereas in a true 3D engine, you can be on a high ledge, walk off, turn back, and be able to enter an area directly under it. [1.5] Can I Save Games in Doom 64? ---------------------------------- Yes, you can save your game if you have controller memory packs. If not, you can just jot down the passwords given at the completion of a level and use that to return to where you left off next time you play. If you're using the controller packs, be sure the pack is properly inserted before turning on the system. ==================== Section 2: The Story ==================== Your fatigue was enormous, the price for encountering pure evil. Hell was a place no mortal was meant to experience. Stupid military doctors: their tests and treatments, were of little help. In the end, what did it matter - it was all classified and sealed. The nightmares continued. Demons, so many demons; relentless, pouring through. The planetary policy was clear. An absolute quarantine guaranteed by apocalyptic levels of radiation. The empty dark corridors stand motionless, abandoned. The installations sealed. A long forgotten relay satellite barely executing, decayed by years of bombarding neutrons, activates and sends its final message to earth. The satellite's message was horrific, from the planetary void there came energy signatures unlike anything sampled before. The classified archives are opened. The military episodes code named "DOOM" were not actually completed. A single entity with vast rejuvenation powers, masked by the extreme radiation levels, escaped detection. In its crippled state, it systematically altered decaying dead carnage back into corrupted living tissue. The mutations are devastating. The Demons have returned even stronger and more vicious than before. As the only experienced survivor of the DOOM episode, your commission is re-activated. Your assignment is clear: MERCILESS EXTERMINATION! ============================================== Section 3: Firearms, Items, and The Opposition ============================================== [3.1] The Weapons ----------------- CHAIN SAW - Cuts down the bodies like standing timber, but you have to get close. It now has two blades and boasts the logo of the United Aerospace Corporation (UAC). YOUR FIST - Your bare hand wearing a glove, balled into a fist. It's possible to defeat the weaker enemies with the fist, but it's not recommended. The only exception is when you're "Berserked". You can destroy most minor monsters with a single punch. PISTOL - You begin with this little weapon. Plain old pistol to blow away relatively weaker monsters. One bullet per shot. Max Ammo: 400 SHOTGUN - This is the second weapon you'll find. Delivers a generous pelt from a distance and a heavy punch from up close. One shell per shot. Max Ammo: 100 SUPER SHOTGUN - It's a double-barrel shotgun. This is the third weapon you'll find. It uses two shells per shot. Max Ammo: 100 CHAINGUN - Directs heavy firepower into your opponent, making him do the chaingun cha-cha. Rapidly fires bullets. Max Ammo: 400 ROCKET LAUNCHER - Delivers an explosive rocket that can turn one bad dude inside-out. Max Ammo: 100 PLASMA RIFLE - Rapidly fires rounds of plasma energy. Max Ammo: 600 (Energy Cells) BFG 9000 - The prize of the military arsenal, firing enough radiation to eliminate a crowd. Great for clearing the room of an unwelcome guest. Uses 40 energy cells per shot and takes a second or two before firing the ball of radiation. Max Ammo: 600 (Energy Cells) LASER RIFLE - Pick up Hell's advanced technology at the Altar of Pain. A futuristic firearm made of a small skeleton and a chunk of flesh with a Pentagram carved on it. Good rapid fire weapon. Max Ammo: 600 (Energy Cells) [3.2] Artifacts --------------- HEALTH POTION - Provides a small boost to your health. Can go up to 200%. SPIRITUAL ARMOR - Provides a little extra protection above and beyond your normal armor. SOUL SPHERE - Rarely encountered objects that provide a large boost to your health. BLUR ARTIFACT - Strange orbs that make it difficult for others to spot you. They can still see you from up close so keep your distance. INVULNERABILITY SPHERE - Makes your view predominately white and you're temporarily invulnerable. MEGASPHERE - Combination of Combat Armor and a Soul Sphere! [3.3] Miscellaneous Items ------------------------- STIMPACKS - Quick injection of booster enzymes. MEDKITS - Bandages, Anti-Toxins, and other Medical supplies to restore your health. SECURITY ARMOR - Light weight kevler vest perfect for riot control. COMBAT ARMOR - Heavy duty jacket composed of titanium derivative, useful for protection against the kinda of firepower you'll be facing. RADIATION PROTECTION - Protects against radiation, heat, and other forms of low-intensity forms of heat. Basically, you can walk around in radioactive ooze without taking damage. Will eventually expire. BACKPACKS - Packs of ammo for your firearms. BERZERK - Heals you and pumps you up even more. You'll be able to punch monsters into chunks of flesh on the ground for the rest of the level after a small red flash. COMPUTER MAP - Gives you a full map of the current level. Areas you have yet to visit are mapped in grey. NIGHT VISION GOGGLES - Increases your vision to temporarily be able to see even in pitch dark. [3.4] The Monsters ------------------ ZOMBIEMAN - Once a Marine, always a Marine. Except in this case. These guys may look like your old buddies, but now they're nothing more than pistol-troting, bi-pedal maggots. Waste 'em! SHOTGUN GUY - Ditto. Except these guys are meaner, and tougher. These walking shotguns will provide you with a few extra holes if you're not careful. IMP - You thought an imp was a cute little dude in a red suit with a pitchfork. Think again. This Imp heaves balls of fire down your throat and takes several bullets to die. It's time to find a better weapon than a pistol, if you're going to face more than one of these mutants. NIGHTMARE IMP - Imps were bad enough, but picture a faster, more aggressive, harder to spot one! BULL DEMON - Sorta like shaved gorillas, except with big heads and lots of teeth. They don't kill easy. Get too close and they'll rip your sorry head off. SPECTRE - Great! Just what you needed. A virtually invisible monster. These beasts will eat your face off while you're trying to see where he is. Did you expect a walk in the park? LOST SOULS - It's Tough. It Flies. It's On Fire. 'Nuff Said. CACODEMON - They float in the air, belch ball-lightning, and have one horrendously big mouth. If you get too close to one of these monstrosities, you're toast. The Laser Rifle is great against them. PAIN ELEMENTAL - What a name. And what a pain in the butt. Killing him is almost as bad as letting him live. Watch out for the Lost Souls too. HELL KNIGHT - Tough as a dump truck and nearly as big. These goliaths are the worst things on two legs since the Tyrannosaurus Rex. BARON OF HELL - You thought the Hell Knights were bad? These guys make them look like choir boys. You better have a good supply of ammo and armor to take on this demon. MANCUBUS - The only good thing about this fat tub of demon is that he's a nice wide target. He pumps out missles like nobody's business. A few rockets will do. ARACHNOTRON - Think of the pain a Black Widow causes when you disturb her nest. Then think what happens when you stir up one the size of a M60 tank. Rapidly fires plasma energy at you. CYBERDEMON - Half machine, half raging horned devil. This walking nightmare has a rocket launcher for an arm and will definitely reach out and touch you. Make sure you're fully loaded before you take on this guy. MOTHER DEMON - Like a giant flying crayfish shooting a constant stream of homing missiles and fireballs. The fireballs go along the ground and fling you in the air when they hit you. Be prepared for the Final Battle! [3.5] Basic Tips and Strategies ------------------------------- - Straffing is the best fighting tactic. - Get everything back after dying by going to the password screen, and loading the game again, or if you aren't using a memory pack, press any button to re-enter your last password. - The blue key in Level 13: Dark Citadel only appears in the room where darts fire all over, and only when the darts are firing. Pick up the invulnerability sphere from the large room before you enter this room so the darts won't hurt you. - Some walls are illusions. - Some monitor panels will allow you to view the contents of other rooms. - You can obtain the three Special Switch Keys for use with the Final Level to make the fight with Mother Demon easier, See sections 5.24, 5.25, and 5.26 for details. =================== Section 4: Cheating =================== [4.1] The Features Menu ----------------------- There are no Key Sequence Cheat Codes in Doom 64. However, there IS in fact a cheat menu in the game. In order to reach the menu, you do NOT enter a key sequence like in most games, but rather, you must first discover the hidden Level 32: Hectic, then be able to survive it and collect all three keys in it before leaving. Once done, you will then have access to the "Features" cheat menu. (4.1.1) Finding Level 32: Hectic -------------------------------- To reach Level 32: Hectic, you must start a new game. Go through Level 1: The Staging Area and destroy ALL the barrels in the level except the one to the right of start. There are a total of 10. Remember the secret areas, the room where the exit is, and the alcove in the hallway leading to the exit. Be sure to collect the Soul Sphere and Combat Armor for a better chance at surviving Level 32. Once you've destroyed all of the level's barrels, take the teleporter that you can access from the secret area behind the Blue Door. When you reappear, destroy the barrel ahead of you on your right and enter the door behind you. A secret area will temporarily open on the left wall that leads to Level 32: Hectic. (4.1.2) Walkthru: Obtaining the Three Keys in Level 32: Hectic -------------------------------------------------------------- At the beginning of Level 32: Hectic, enter the door to the right for the Red Key. Once you pick it up, you'll be dropped into a room with three Arachnotrons. Quickly go left or right to get the Rocket Launcher. Destroy the Arachnotrons and return to the door that leads to this room. Beware of the crushers that come down from the ceiling, search the wall to lower it and let it raise you back to the main room. Enter the door on the other side of the room to get the Blue Key. As soon as you get it, run back to the door you entered from. The ceiling will crush you if you stay in the alcove where you find the Blue Key. Four Hell Knights will appear and the door you came in from will be closed. Destroy them with your Rocket Launcher to be able to leave the room. Enter the door on the left side of the room, at the opposite wall is the Yellow Key. The floor rises in different parts of the room, and darts will fire from the faces in there. Try your best to avoid damage while getting the Yellow Key. Exit the room to return to the start. Directly across from you is a switch you will now be able to access. Having the keys, you can now remove the bars and press the switch to exit Level 32: Hectic and gain access to the "Features" cheat menu. Pause the game and "Features" will be the fourth selection down. (4.1.3) Options in the Features Menu ------------------------------------ Warp to Level: This is the ONLY way you can access Level 25: Cat and Mouse, Level 26: Hardcore, and Level 27: Playground. Three secret "fun" levels in between Level 24 and the final level, 28: The Absolution. Invulnerability: Turn "God Mode" ON/OFF using Button A or B. This is equal to using IDDQD in the original PC Doom. Health: Use Button A or B to restore your health. Weapons: Use Button A or B to get all weapons and ammo for each. This is like using IDKFA in the original Doom PC. Map Everything: Turn Map Everything ON/OFF using Button A or B. You will have a full map of the level. (4.1.4) The Ultimate Password ----------------------------- It takes skill to cheat in Doom 64, but... For those of you who are either too lazy to try level 32 or tried it and just plain and simply can't get through it, here's the password to obtain access to the "Features" cheat menu as well as all weapons and full ammo for each. ?TJL BDFW BFGV JVVB It takes you to Level 1: The Staging Area with all weapons and ammo, just pause and the fourth selection down is "Features". Thanks goes out to Dave Senger for this password. [4.2] Super Password -------------------- Here's a little password for those of you who like to take shortcuts for better chance of survival. W93M 7H2O BCYO PSVB It takes you to Level 28: The Absolution, and gives you 100% Health, 200% Armor, all weapons, full ammo, backpack, and all three Special Keys (from Levels 29, 30, and 31) which pumps up the Laser Rifle and allow you to seal off the gates from which monsters enter the area where you'll be fighting Mother Demon. ================== Section 5: Secrets ================== [5.1] The Staging Area -- Three Secrets --------------------------------------- 1. From start, go forward into the hallway. Head down the hallway and enter the first door on the left. Walk to the far side of the room and go up the steps on the left. Run back towards the door along the ledge to reach the smaller ledge and search the wall. You'll find a secret alcove with a powerup. 2. Enter the Blue Door and follow the right-hand wall. As soon as you go up the steps, turn around and you'll see an alcove in the pillar. Run into the alcove, press the switch, back out, turn right and go forward. You'll enter a hidden area with a powerup. 3. From start, exit room and go down the hallway to the end. Press the switch and ride the elevator up. Walk forward all the way, then turn left. Follow the left-hand wall, searching as you go. You'll find a secret room with a powerup. [5.2] The Terraformer -- Two Secrets ------------------------------------ 1. Go through the Blue Door and head to the end of the hallway. Once you're through the door, head forward until you have to turn left. As you go down the hallway, search the right-hand wall to open a secret area. 2. From the Yellow Key, follow the left-hand wall until you find a new alcove with powerups. [5.3] Main Engineering -- Five Secrets -------------------------------------- 1 and 2. From start, go down the stairs and enter the next room. When the two staircases appear, go up either, pressing against the walls. You'll find one secret area on each staircase. 3. In the room with the Red Door, press both switches and enter the room that opens up. As soon as you enter that room, a section of wall to the right of the Red Door will open up for a secret area, and a small step appears allowing you to reach this area. The step only stays there for a very short while, so it may take a few tries to get to the step in time. 4. Enter the Blue Door and follow the left-hand wall around the corner. Search until you hear the sound of a door opening, and quickly go past the corridor that leads back to the Blue Door. You'll find a secret area with some powerups. 5. In the exit room, stand with your back to the exit switch. Walk along the left-hand wall, searching it to open up a secret area. [5.4] Holding Area -- Three Secrets ----------------------------------- 1. Right at start, search the wall behind you to find a Berserk Pak. 2. With your back to the Blue Door, go forward to the staircase, but don't go down it. Search the wall to the left of it to open two small rooms behind you with some ammo and powerups. 3. Stand with the Blue Door to your right. There are four switches between the Blue Door and the staircase. Press the second switch from the Blue Door, then the one closest to the stairs. Now press the one next to you, and finally press the switch closest to the Blue Door. You can now take the teleporter to access the other doorway, which is another exit to Level 29, Outpost Omega. [5.5] Tech Center -- Two Secrets -------------------------------- 1. Down one of the hallways you'll see a Combat Armor above you. While standing under this item, search the wall to the left of you to find a secret passage. 2. As soon as you enter the room, go right and ride the platform up. Turn left so that the Soul Sphere is to your right. Go forward, stand on the lighted square and then turn left. Shoot one of your weapons at the vent and a section of the floor will raise you up. Now turn right and shoot the vent there to temporarily remove the bars blocking the Soul Sphere. [5.6] Alpha Quadrant -- Two Secrets ----------------------------------- 1. Once you get the Yellow Key, go slowly up the stairs to exit the room. You'll hear the sound of a door opening, so quickly go up the stairs and run to the right. A section of wall has temporarily lowered, allowing you to get a powerup, the Mega Sphere. 2. Once you get the Blue Key, go back into the room with the pillars. Go across to the switch, then turn around. Go forward onto the first pillar, then turn and run off towards the raised room. You'll land in the raised room, so press the switch in there to open the locked door. Go through the door to get the Soul Sphere and a secret area percentage. [5.7] Research Lab -- Five Secrets ---------------------------------- 1. From start, exit the room you're in and enter the door on the right. Go through the room to the next door but don't enter it. Search the left-hand wall to find a secret passage. 2. The wall behind the Blue Key drops when get that key. Pick up Soul Sphere for extra life points and secret area. 3. While facing the Blue Door, turn left and walk forward to the wall. Turn left and walk forward. Take the first right, then go forward all the way. Turn right, walk forward and enter the second door on your left. There will be a ledge in the center of the room, allowing you to go onto the small ledge on the side of the room. Push against the walls along this ledge to find a room with the Computer Map. 4. While facing the Blue Door, turn left and walk forward to the wall. Turn left, walk forward and take the first right. Head forward all the way and turn left to find a switch. Press it and run back to get the Combat Armor that's next to the Blue Door. 5. While facing the exit, turn left and walk forward. Search the wall to lower the elevator, then immediately search the left-hand wall before the platform rises. This secret area has some ammo and a powerup. [5.8] Final Outpost -- Two Secrets ---------------------------------- 1. Enter the first teleporter and drop down onto the water. Head to the opposite end and stand in the small alcove. Search the walls in here to find a secret room with a powerup. 2. With your back to the Blue Door and the teleporter, walk all the way forward to the wall. Turn right, walk forward a few steps into the wall and search it. You'll find a secret area with a few powerups and the Chain saw. [5.9] The Bleeding -- Five Secrets ---------------------------------- 1 and 2. From start, enter either of the two doors that you can open. Walk forward into the wall and turn to the right. Walk backwards until you hear the sound of a door opening, then run forward to find an opening in the wall. You do the same thing for both doors. [Image] 3 and 4. From start, destroy the enemies and enter the next building. With the door behind you, walk forward until you reach the wall. Now walk backwards slowly until a section of the wall in front of you opens. Run into it to get a Combat Armor, then let an elevator carry you up. Search the wall to the left of the switch to find a Rocket Launcher. Now press the switch to drop back down. 5. When you enter the third building, you can see the Yellow Key but not get it yet. Go up the left-hand staircase to the top and turn left. Search the face to open that section of wall. [5.10] Terror Core -- Three Secrets ----------------------------------- 1. Right at start, examine the wall behind you for a Berserk Pak. 2. From the Red Key, head back up the staircase and stop at the corner. Position yourself so that you're looking down the stairs, on the left-hand narrow ledge along the staircase. Walk along that corner ledge to make a small alcove open up on the ledge near the room where the Red Key was. Once you enter the room, turn around and go forward without stopping to reach the other ledge. Walk along this ledge back towards the top of the stairs to find a hallway. This will lead you to the Combat Armor you saw earlier on a ledge. 3. As soon as you have the Yellow Key, face the switch on the other wall. Holding your Run Button, go forward and press the switch right when you reach the wall. If you time it right, you'll open a wall next to the teleporter which leads to the Yellow Key. Walk into this wall opening to be able to reach the Soul Sphere, which is on another ledge. Use your map to figure out the shortest distance to the Soul Sphere. Face the Soul Sphere, then turn so that the door is to your right. Back up as far as you can, then hold the Run Button. If you bring up your first map, you'll see the shortest distance is between two small corners. Keeping the door to your right, run forward and turn at the last second, going over the small corner to reach the other side. (Note: Reaching the switch, and especially the Soul Sphere, will take quite a few tries. It can be frustrating, but keep at it if you want the powerup. Even if you don't get the Soul Sphere, you'll still get the secret area percentage). With your back to the Red Door, go forward and turn right. Open the door and then go straight back without stopping. The other door opened up, revealing a secret area and a Rocket Launcher. [5.11] Altar of Pain -- Two Secrets ----------------------------------- 1. From start, go into hallway behind you. About halfway through, start searching the right-hand wall to find a secret area with a Soul Sphere. 2. You won't be able to get this secret until you get the Yellow Key. While standing on the spot where you got the Yellow Key, go forward quickly to reach the pedestal with a Soul Sphere. If you bring up your map, you'll see the pedestal is shaped somewhat like an arrow. Run forward into the far wall to find a second exit to Level 30, The Lair. [5.12] Dark Citadel -- Two Secrets ---------------------------------- 1. From start, go down the left hallway. When you come to the first corner, where the hallway turns right, search the corner to lower a section of wall. It has ammo in it. 2. From start, press the first switch and enter the door that has opened on the other side of the level. Turn left, walk forward, turn right and walk forward a few steps to the wall. Turn left so that the fence is behind you. Walk a few steps into the archway, then search the left-hand wall before you walk into the next room. You'll find a long, narrow passageway with a BFG 9000 and a Mega Sphere. [5.13] Eye of the Storm -- One Secret ------------------------------------- 1. While facing the weapon you can't reach, turn left so that the Blue Key switch is to your back. Walk forward to the wall, turn left and follow that wall until you come to a yellow, rectangular section. Search the right side of it, then quickly turn around and run off the balcony. The bars blocking a room will be removed temporarily. [5.14] Dark Entries -- One Secret --------------------------------- 1. As soon as you take the first teleporter, walk forward to the Blue Key. While facing the Blue Key, follow the right-hand wall, searching as you go. You'll find a room with some ammo in it. [5.15] Blood Keep -- One Secret ------------------------------- 1. Go through Blue Door, then up the stairs at the back of the room. Enter the second door, then head straight ahead. Search the bookcase to find a room with ammo. [5.16] Watch Your Step -- Two Secrets ------------------------------------- 1 and 2. Enter Blue Door, ride up the platform and take teleporter. As soon as you teleported, fire one of your guns and walk backwards. The door will now be open and you can press the switch inside. Repeat for the other side to open the two doors in the one-way hallway. This will allow you to reach the Mega Sphere. [5.17] Spawned Fear -- Six Secrets ---------------------------------- 1. From start, exit the room and head left. Go past the stairs and take the next right. You'll see two doors on the left-hand wall. Walk up against the right-hand wall to find a secret area with powerups. 2. From start, exit the room and head down the stairs in front of you. Go through two door and then search the left-hand wall. The bookcase on the right side will lower, revealing a secret area with some powerups. 3. When you enter the Yellow Door, turn left and walk up the stairs slowly. As soon as you hear the sound of a door opening, go back through the Yellow Door and follow the left-hand wall around the corner. You'll enter a small room and see another exit, which leads you to Level 31, In the Void. This exit will only be open for a couple seconds, so it may take a few tries. 4. Go through the Red Door and go through the bookcase as well. Walk up the stairs and stop at the top. You can go left or right. Turn left and walk forward until the red spear sticking out of the ground is directly to your right, which will just be a few steps. Go straight forward and search the wall to find a secret area with some powerups. 5. Go through the Red Door and go through the bookcase as well. Walk up the stairs and stop at the top. Follow the left-hand wall until you come to a switch. Press it and go back around the corner to find a new section with some items. This is just past Secret 4. 6. Once you get the Red Key, turn around 180 degrees. Head back into the hallway you just came from and search the first left-hand statue. You'll find a Plasma Gun inside. [5.18] Breakdown -- Four Secrets -------------------------------- 1. Enter the Blue Door, go down the stairs and turn right. Head forward to the end of the hallway and search the walls to find a secret room with a powerup. 2. Enter the Blue Door, go down the stairs and turn left. Drop into the room, destroy the enemies and then press the switch that appears. A small alcove near the doorway opened up, so go up there and get the powerup. When you collect this powerup, another alcove on the other side of the room opened up. This is a secret area with some ammo. 3. Enter the Red Door and press the switch. Go up the staircase that appeared and head forward past two intersections. When you get to the third intersection, turn left and go up the small staircase. Press the switch, quickly go back down the stairs and turn left into the doorway in the wall. A section of wall goes down temporarily, revealing the BFG 9000. 4. From Secret 2, continue down the hallway. As soon as you enter the next door, press against the left-hand wall to go through it. This allows you to get the Mega Sphere on the pillar. [5.20] Pitfalls -- Three Secrets -------------------------------- 1. Once you enter the Yellow Door, drop down into the radioactive waste on your right. Follow the right-hand wall to a switch. The wall to the left of the switch will lower, allowing you to enter a secret area with several powerups. 2. While facing the Blue Door, turn left and go down the hallway. Turn left, then take the first right into a small area. Search the left-hand to find a secret room. 3. With the Blue Door to your right, walk to the end of the hallway and turn right. Continue forward to the end of the hallway then turn around so you're facing where you came from. On the left-hand wall are some faces. Shoot the middle one facing you, then go forward and a small alcove has appeared on the right-hand wall across from the door. You'll find a powerup inside and get some secret area percentage. [5.21] Burnt Offerings -- Four Secrets -------------------------------------- 1. Search wall to right of the Blue Door to find a teleporter. This allows you to get the Mega Sphere. 2. From the Blue Door, go down the stairs and turn left. Go up to the top of these stairs and search the right-hand wall for a secret room. 3. Enter the Blue Door and go through the door at the far end of the room. With the door to your left, follow the right-hand and search repeatedly to find a secret room with a powerup. 4. Enter the Blue Door and follow the left-hand wall before you do anything else. As soon as you pass the first candle, continue along the wall but start searching. You'll find a room with a switch that raises some barriers in the room. These barriers protect you from the darts that shoot once you get the Rocket Launcher. [5.22] Unholy Temple -- Two Secrets ----------------------------------- 1. Once you get the Yellow Key, enter the room opposite the Red Door. Go up the stairs, turn left and enter the room ahead of you. Walk forward into the wall in the middle of the room to be teleported to another area of the room with some ammo and a powerup. 2. Directly across the room from the exit, search the wall to find a secret with some ammo. [5.23] No Escape -- Three Secrets --------------------------------- 1. From start, turn around so that your back is to the switch. Go through the door and turn right. As you go right, search the wall to lower an elevator. Ride it up and press the switch. Turn around and head forward to go through the new doorway. Enter the door and work your way down the staircase. After you've gone several steps down, begin searching the wall as you descend. You'll find a secret area with some ammo. 2. From start, turn around so that your back is to the switch. Go through the door and turn left. Head forward to find some steps that lead up into a room with rows of pillars. Follow the left-hand wall and you'll see a pillar with three switches on it. Search the only side that doesn't have a switch on it to lower a pillar with a backpack and a secret area. 3. While facing the radioactive waste area, turn left and walk ahead to a small raised platform with a Rocket Launcher. Stand between the Rocket Launcher and the center building where you started this level, with the Rocket Launcher to your back. Walk forward and search the wall to lower it. Stand on the lowered wall and turn around, facing the pillar to the left of the door ahead of you. After you ride up the wall, shoot this pillar. A section in the radioactive waste area will temporarily open, revealing the BFG 9000. [5.24] The Lair -- Three Secrets -------------------------------- 1. From start, go through the Blue Door, down the stairs and into the next room. There are three staircases in here. Go to the top of the middle staircase and follow the right-hand wall into a room. Turn right in the room to look out the window towards the staircase you just went up. Go out this window and walk to the bottom of the stairs. There is now a Plasma Gun in the far-left corner of the room. 2. Once you get the Combat Armor in the basement, turn left and go into the second passage on the right. At the end of the passage will be a Soul Sphere. 3. From start, go through the Blue Door, down the stairs and into the next room with the pillars. Walk up the center staircase and turn left. Follow the left-hand wall into a small alcove with a switch. While facing the pillars, walk forward slowly to make a switch temporarily appear on the far side of the room. Shoot it, then immediately turn left to look through the small window that overlooks the center staircase. Another switch temporarily appears here, as well, so shoot it through the window. This causes the center pillar to lower, which allows you to get a secret area and Special Switch Key 2. [5.25] Outpost Omega -- Three Secrets ------------------------------------- 1. From start, enter the door on the right and press the switch. Exit that room, turn right and walk forward towards the next room. Before you enter the new room, search the square on the right-hand wall to lower a section of wall on the other side of the new room. This is where you get the Red Key. 2. From the exit, go back up the stairs and turn left. At the end of the hallway, press the switch to open a section of wall with some ammo and powerups. 3. With the Red Key, go through the Blue Door and get the Combat Armor. See Common Questions for directions. Go back onto the ledge you came from and turn right and go forward a few steps. You can drop off to the right or left here. Turn right and go forward onto the small ledge and press the switch. Quickly, turn around and head to the second ledge, then turn right onto the platform that lowered. When you've been raised, shoot the switch that appeared and drop down. Turn left and go onto the next ledge, then turn right, go forward and drop down. You can now search the door on your right for a secret area, which allows you to get a Special Switch Key 1. [5.26] In the Void -- One Secret -------------------------------- 1. After you press the switch that requires the Yellow Key, walk onto the exit area to cause an earthquake. Now return to the area where the Special Switch Key is to find a switch. Once you press the switch that makes the Special Switch Key disappear, quickly turn around and run back through two teleporters. Go down the walkway to return to start, then turn right and enter the Red Door, taking the teleporter at the end of the walkway. Continue forward to find a small platform that has temporarily appeared, allowing you to walk out onto the wooden walkway. The Special Switch Key 3 is at the end. Be careful, though, because a bunch of enemies will appear a few seconds after you get the Special Switch Key. Secrets Compiled from The Nintendo Power Source. ==================== Section 6: Passwords ==================== Level 1: "The Staging Area" ?TJL BDFW BFGV JVVB Level 2: "The Terraformer" CL7K LBPT S2PT Q0T8 Level 3: "Main Engineering" B6MB 8G3P WV0J M2?0 Level 4: "Holding Area" F3CR TLPB N0GH G6KW Level 5: "Tech Center" FPVD TLPV Z0KH RK2W Level 6: "Alpha Quadrant" B3L7 8M7? M6DY 4GKC Level 7: "Research Lab" BNJ0 4SVX 64CD PBTC Level 8: "Final Outpost" F394 K1X1 DKX? X0SC Level 9: "Even Simpler" FPSZ F1DD 3KH? KLSC Level 10: "The Bleeding" D3PN K50B GGBQ FDJC Level 11: "Terror Core" NTLG HXWD 3FVS PFQB Level 12: "Altar of Pain" M?HC HSVJ XDML YQ7B Level 13: "Dark Citadel" 4QZM F1P5 DBG9 4PLB Level 14: "Eye of the Storm" 3?2H ?108 62GS FPBB Level 15: "Dark Entries" 3T5F CSH5 1D4L 2QLB Level 16: "Blood Keep" 29D0 ?1R1 66MM WYBB Level 17: "Watch Your Step" 2RWN 61RJ HYM4 3S3B Level 18: "Spawned Fear" 19BL BDHR BBNZ ?ZVB Level 19: "The Spiral" 1SJG HX0N 3FNL F1LB Level 20: "Breakdown" 09VF HS11 1FZS YDLB Level 21: "Pitfalls" 0SY1 4515 8576 6BVB Level 22: "Burnt Offerings" Z8L3 DDL8 BC00 CQ3B Level 23: "Unholy Temple" GGRS P3Q7 Q0C6 89QB Level 24: "No Escape" Y1ZL VBGY CL11 FWBB Level 28: "The Absolution" WO4R 6HRZ P9R9 ZSLB Note: The "fun" levels (25, 26, and 27) can only be reached using the "Features" cheat menu, see Cheating section for details. ==================================== Section 7: Resources on The Internet ==================================== [7.1] The World Wide Web The Doom 64 Information Center This is the web site for which this FAQ was written. The site is updated whenever new information on the game is found, and is part of the Midway Gaming Source - a site on games by Midway Games, Inc. and all its subsidiaries, with information FROM gamers TO gamers! Midway Home Entertainment's Doom 64 Site The web site covering the game by Midway. Part of Midway's great web site. The Nintendo Power Source Doom 64 Page Nintendo of America's page for Doom 64. Part of the Nintendo Power Source. [7.2] E-Mail The Doom 64 Information Center E-Mail Help For help with particular parts of the levels in Doom 64, feel free to e-mail the address above. You will be given as much information as we could supply you with regarding the part of the level you need help with. Remember, the more detail you give us on what you're stuck with, the more we can help you get through it. ================== Section 8: Credits ================== Midway Home Entertainment for service and an informative effort on the Internet through its new World Wide Web Site, and ofcourse, for making this great sequel to id's successful PC series. Nintendo of America for the information on Level 32: Hectic and the Features menu, as well as the secrets in the Doom 64 FAQ at the Nintendo Power Source. This document is a compilation of info from miscellaneous sources which I have obtained information from by phone and the World Wide Web, along with a lot of material I have discovered for myself through days and nights of playing the game. I hope you all enjoy Doom 64, and look forward to Midway's follow-up to this great game, Final Doom II! Coming this fall ONLY for the Nintendo 64! 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