Begin Document---------------------------------------------------- FORSAKEN Version 1.0 Forsaken: tm 1998 Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. Acclaim is a registered trademark of Acclaim Entertainment, Inc. FAQ by Trey, Sponsored by the AsC-33- E-mail for comments, additions, and permission to display FAQ on you site. Please visit ------------------------------------------------- CONTENTS I. STORY II. CHARACTERS III. WEAPONS IV. CODES V. HAD TO SAY. I. STORY The human race had existed for so many millennia in the relative safety of their Terran Solar System. For so long they had lived on their home planet of Earth, and more recently Mars, in constant speculation of other, extra terrestrial life forms. Soon this speculation turned to fear, and they extended their military efforts towards the vast distances of space. They pillaged and plundered the minerals from all of the Terran planets, refining them into weapons of warfare. They had constructed such an impregnable web of satellites, minefields and restless computerized warships, which patrolled the system constantly, capable of destroying any object which appeared suspicious. This defense served remarkably well, yet it could have no influence on the one thing that destroyed them. With the expansion to other planets, there was no shortage of minerals for the exploitation of humanity. However no other planets contained the vast energy sources present their own world, Earth. As such, they had the materials to use, but very little power to use. For years the physicists had been exploring the enormous energies that could be released by a simple atom, and had begun a test which would bring about an end to the system's energy shortages. The experiment proceeded well --- a little too well, and the physicists had no way of controlling the overwhelming power of the reaction. The reaction consumed more and more of the earth, growing in strength with each atom it consumed, until the heat became so great that it exploded, leaving the Earth a deadly mess. Having rocked the planet out of its orbit, and consuming its entire atmosphere, the explosion sent a shockwave into space. Like a ripple on water, it consumed other colonies in the system, the intense radiation eradicating all life. The Earth itself, rocketing through space and spinning in unpredictable directions, was ruined. All remaining life quickly was destroyed due to a lack of oxygen and exposure to the sun's deadly rays. A traveler who had come off course passed through the system and, discovering its emptiness, send the information to the High Senators of the Imperial Theocracy (the governing body of the multi-verse). They began an investigation into the matter, gathering data about the explosion and removing all the valuables on the planet. After concluding that the explosion was self-incurred, they deployed sentry robots to look over the planet until they could remove the remaining precious goods. Soon after, the system was condemned, the Imperial Theocracy had grown tired of the investigation. This was an invitation to all the pirates, mercenaries and bounty hunters to plunder the planet, looting all they could before anyone else could arrive. Being high in precious metals, the stakes were high. The scum of the universe had all converged here, ready for battle. With their zero gravity pioncycles and their deadly arsenal of weapons, they will combat each other and the robotic scientists, for the treasure of a lost civilization. To the winner will go endless wealth and power; to the losers will go death and humiliation. II. CHARACTERS III. WEAPONS GUNS Laser Powerful, long distance double beam. Power Pod Collecting Power Pods increases the power of the players weapons, up to a strength of three. Pulsar Standard weapon - bikes equipped with weapon at start of game. Pyrolite Short range flamethrower. Suss Gun Fires a multitude of low powered shots with a large range. Transpulse Powerful pulsar - one shot wall deflection. Trojax Extremely powerful charge-up weapon. MISSLES Gravgon Missile-Creates an orb which traps all that pass through it. M.F.R. Launcher-Fires a number of missiles at an extremely fast rate. MUGS -Standard rocket ordinance. Scatter Missile-Homes in on enemy and scatters all their collected weapons. Solaris -Heat seeking missile. Titan Missile -Highly powerful missile which generates deadly shrapnel on detonation. MINES Pine Mine -Fires missiles at enemy craft in the vicinity. Purge Mines -Standard mines - detonate on contact. Quantum Mine-Very deadly mine - detonates with huge explosion. IV. CODES V. HAD TO SAY Well alot of people like and help me with the Critical Blow FAQ so I decided to do another FAQ for a game that was worthy of doing one for. The AsC-33- Sponsored me in doing this FAQ and let me tell you the cash was much appreciated. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>