SILHOUETTE MIRAGE WALKTHROUGH Walkthrough by Shyna2 Contents A Short Note Introduction Chapter 1: General Tips Chapter 2: Controls & Game Screen Chapter 3: Characters Chapter 4: Parasites & Prices Chapter 5: Possible Paths Chapter 6: Walkthrough Chapter 7: Controlling Zohar at the Credits Chapter 8: Options & Secret Mode Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Extra Information A Short Note _________ When I got stuck playing the game and writing this walkthrough, I had to look for some help. Two walkthroughs really helped me out in the tough spots: Faust and Subatomic Brainfreeze (if you guys are reading this walkthrough, I hope you don’t mind if I included some of your info in my walkthrough. Your walkthroughs really helped me through the game!). You can read more about these walkthroughs in the Extra Information section. Introduction Silhouette Mirage is one of the most bizarre games I’ve ever played. It is also one of the coolest! Most people would probably overlook this game because of its 2D graphics. What’s wrong with 2D graphics? There aren’t many 2D games for the PlayStation. I find that 2D games are really fun to play (take Parappa the Rapper, for example) and Silhouette Mirage is one of those games. Everything in this game, from music to graphics, is really awesome. This game deserves more praise than it gets. Anyway, about the game’s story line. In the year 2000, the computer system known as Edo goes crazy and turns all living things into Silhouettes and Mirages. They start fighting each other until two people take control of them. Hal controls the Mirages and Megido controls the Silhouettes. During all this, the Messenger of Justice, Shyna Nera Shyna is in a dormant state. She has both the Silhouette and Mirage attributes so she can exist in either of the two worlds. After the failure of the Edo system, Shyna is awakened and is supposed to repair Edo. However, some of her memories are erased during her suspension period. One of these memories happens to be the location of the Edo computer system. Now, Shyna has to find the system and repair the damage. That’s pretty much the basic story line. And that’s all for the intro! Chapter 1: General Tips These are just some tips to help you through the game. 1. ALWAYS have at least 200-300 credits on you. 2. Fight the Reaper on the first path. 2/5 paths will then be completed. 3. To fight Geluve, just let the time run out in the core battle, fight Serah and then restore Edo. 4. Don’t get careless when fighting bosses. They might trap you in a corner, then kill you and then you waste continues. Then you aren’t going to get 5/5 paths! 5. When fighting bosses, try to drain all or most of their spirit so they can’t use any lethal attacks on you (unless it is a boss you can’t drain spirit from). 6. As you go through the game, remember where shops and bosses are. This way, you can replenish your health and spirit before a hard fight. 7. SAVE WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE!! Just be careful that you don’t save when you are on your last continue and not far into the game (let’s say, the 3rd path). You will have to start over at this point. 8. The special bonus you get at shops when buying items/weapons is a boost to your spirit bar (the bonus is 30 spirit). Chapter 2: Controls & Game Screen _____ This is the list of controls. You can look in the instruction book for the same results, but sometimes when you rent a game, the instructions aren’t there! This has happened to me before and I find it a little annoying, especially if it is a game you haven’t tried before. BTW, this game will support the Analog controller. I’ve listed the Analog controls underneath the regular controls. Control pad: Moves Shyna across the screen (doesn’t the control pad always do that?) and controls the direction of weapon fire. (Analog: Left stick) Tap left or right twice: Dash. You can climb up walls while dashing. (Analog: Left stick while pushing the L3 button) Tap down twice: Crouch. You can crawl around and climb walls while crouching. (Analog: Left stick down + L3 button) Tap up twice: Get up from crouch. You can also jump or press O. Down + X: Slide. You can slide further if you are dashing. This command can be used to jump down from some platforms. (Analog: Left stick down + X) Left/Right twice while crouching: Crouch dash. You can drain spirit and kill enemies with this attack (although it takes a few hits.) (Analog: L. stick left/right + L3 button while crouching) X button: Jump. You can jump up to 3 times. Square button (stealing spirit): To steal spirit from a Mirage enemy, use a pink shot. To steal spirit from a Silhouette enemy, use a blue shot. Note: Some enemies and bosses can’t have their spirit drained. Square button (killing enemies): To kill a Mirage enemy, use a blue shot. To kill a Silhouette enemy, use a pink shot. Watch your enemies run away bawling when you beat ‘em! O button: Reflector (!). Yes, using this can get a little annoying (“Reflector! Reflector!” That yelling does get irritating after a while.). Use this to reflect same attribute attacks (pink reflects pink, blue reflects blue) or normal (green) attacks. I’m not really sure how to do it, but you can use the reflector to push enemies away from you. I’ve done it before, but I’m not exactly sure how to. Grab an enemy at close range (Shyna uses her hair to grab enemies. Well, she’s not the only one! Take Sindel, for example, off of Mortal Kombat games.) Once you grab an enemy, you can use one of these commands: Cash Bash: Press O repeatedly (“Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!”) to pound money out of the enemy. If you hold O down, your punch becomes more powerful and it will take out 50 – 100 credits per hit. Careful! Your enemies can pound money out of you, too (although it’s only 1 credit per hit) Power Punch: Press O + left/right to throw your enemy across the screen. This does no damage (well, none of the throws do damage, but they can help you out!), but it is good for isolating enemies. Tactical Toss: Press O + up to throw your enemy upward. It is also good for isolating enemies. Grand Slam: Down + O button. This move is supposed to do different things on enemy bosses. The only boss I’ve seen it work on is Pablo. It will slow an enemy down for a moment so you can shoot them. Samurai Sling: L2/R2. This move will flip you over the enemy and you end up facing the opposite way (Let’s say you were on your Mirage side. You would now be on your Silhouette side). The Samurai Sling can be a useful move, but it can leave you vulnerable if your enemy breaks free halfway through it. Triangle button: Change attribute. I find that this move is quite useless, unless a single attribute boss traps you in a corner. All it does is switch the sides your attributes are on (if your Mirage side faces right, it will face left after pushing the triangle button) and it consumes a lot of your spirit. L2 + R2: Parasite Bomb attack. This will attack a few enemies at once, or do a fair amount of damage to a single enemy or boss. It takes about 1/3 of your spirit power. (Analog: Rotate the right stick clockwise) Left + right when grabbed by an enemy: Break free from the enemy’s hold. (Analog: Move L. stick left + right) Note: Some holds cannot be broken until the enemy has completed the attack (this can drain your life a lot if the attacks are continuous!). Start button: Pause the game. While the game is paused, the enemies around you are identified as Silhouette, Mirage, or Normal. Start + Select + all shoulder buttons: Reset to title screen. Oookay! I think that’s all the controls. Now about the game screen (I’ve included all this information for people who haven’t played the game and aren’t really used to the controls. There isn’t an option to switch button functions so the instructions can be really helpful.) The game screen is pretty simple. It looks like this (this isn’t really the best diagram. It might be a little better to look in the instruction book): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MONEY (CREDITS)______________________ //////////////////////// LIFE //////////////////////////////////// \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SPIRIT \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [] [] [] PARASITES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MONEY (CREDITS): This is the amount of money you have. The money you use is credits. LIFE: Self-explanatory. If this runs out, you’ll have to use a continue or you can give up. You can buy Mana at shops to replenish your health. SPIRIT: This is the energy you need for using parasites. The more of it you have, the stronger your parasite is. This affects your reflector and dash attack power as well. If it runs out and you are carrying more than 2 parasites, or the one you are using is not Surosa, it dies and refills the spirit bar. If Surosa is your only weapon, you will just have a weak weapon. You can steal spirit from some enemies or buy Fatima at a shop. Note: When fighting bosses, their life/spirit will be displayed at the top right, as well as the amount of money they are carrying. PARASITES: These are your weapons. You can purchase parasites at shops and you can hold up to 3 in your inventory. Also, the more parasites you have, the better your Parasite Bomb will be. : The character you control. : The character you must pound money out of and beat on if you want to survive. Chapter 3: Characters __ I’m going to talk about the characters you’ll meet in the game. I think the characters in this game are as wacky as the characters in Parappa the Rapper (I find that the more interesting/wacky the characters are, the better the game is!). I’m also going to mention some of the characters that aren’t in the instruction book. Shyna Nera Shyna: This is the main character and the one you play as. She is 15.8 kg and 1 meter tall. Her outfit is red/magenta on one side and violet/blue on the other and her hat has wings. Also, her hair is curly on one side and straight on the other. Yes, very different character design, but cool none the less. Shyna is the Messenger of Justice (although almost everyone calls her the Messenger of Destruction) and is supposed to repair the Edo system before it can cause any more damage to the world. She is very determined to succeed in her mission and has some pretty funny dialogue (like when you first meet Dynamis and beat Zohar Metatron.). I have to say some of the dialogue in the game can cause you to laugh a little, or a lot. Gehena: Although Gehena isn’t really a character (Gehena is the program inside Shyna), she can provide info about what is going on around you. When your life or spirit get below 100, she warns you about it. If you are fighting a boss, she’ll tell you when the boss is below 1/3 of their life or spirit. This can be helpful if you are to busy pounding enemies to look at the top of the screen. Also, before fighting a boss, Gehena will identify it as a Silhouette, Mirage or Normal and she mentions important info sometimes in the dialogue before a boss. Bug: Bug is the second boss of the game and decides to help Shyna out after he’s betrayed. He uses a wand with a star on the end of it to create portals to different places and he likes to finish off each sentence with a “yes” or “emm?” He’s also pretty small and looks sort of like a Christmas Elf. Hare Warez: This is the guy you buy items from. You’ll find him in different places, but usually it is before a boss. When you see him and your life and spirit could use a little boost, buy some Mana or Fatima. You’ll easily know if you’ve found a secret shop: When you’ve reached the Fatima item, you’ll still be able to scroll up. Keep scrolling up until you come to the secret item. Be prepared to shell out a lot of money, though. Zohar: Well, Zohar is pretty much 2 characters in one: a male and a female. “He” or “she?” I don’t really know. Shyna refers to Zohar as “he” after you beat Raquia (Even if you beat Sandalphon before meeting Dynamis.). I guess I’ll go with this (unless Sandalphon is being referred to.). Again, different character design. Zohar carries both attributes and when one of the characters functions, the other is dormant. Also, Zohar is the main boss you’ll be fighting throughout the game. If you manage to beat him in less than 2 min. in one battle, Zohar will be turned into Cypher-Za/-Ha Zohar (one of the most difficult bosses in the game.) One problem, though. Zohar can’t have his spirit drained. If you try to drain Zohar’s spirit, you will only refill his spirit bar (this just makes things more difficult than they need to be.). As I said before, Zohar is pretty much 2 characters in one and carries both attributes. I’ll explain them both a bit. Zohar Metatron: He is has the Silhouette attribute and a sword for a weapon. I find that his attacks are usually the stronger of the two characters, although most are close range. He is usually meaner than most other characters and really hates following Hal’s orders. He hates the fact that Shyna also has both attributes and he doesn’t seem to be able to tolerate the Guardian Angels (as you can see in the cut scene where you first meet Dynamis). Zohar Sandalphon: She has the Mirage attribute and a gun for a weapon. Her attacks aren’t extremely strong, but they can get very annoying. She also doesn’t like following Hal’s orders, but she is a little bit nicer than Metatron. Sandalphon doesn’t really seem to hate the fact that Shyna has both attributes, but she is a little upset by it. She can also tolerate the Guardian Angels a little more (again, the cut scene where you meet Dynamis is where you see this) Hal/Har: He is the ruler/strongest of the Mirages and he is also Megido’s brother. Hal doesn’t appreciate Megido being around and it is mentioned that Hal really hates him. He created the Guardian Angels to stop the progress of Shyna. Hal thinks that Shyna will be defeated eventually, but he doesn’t know that he is only making Shyna more determined to succeed by trying to stop her. He is also planning to eventually rule the Silhouettes and their world so everyone will be under his control. Megido: Megido is the ruler/strongest of the Silhouettes and he is Hal’s brother. He hates Hal a lot and disagrees with his ways. He can be violent at times, and he doesn't trust anyone but himself. Megido seems to admire Shyna’s ability to defeat each opponent she faces and is happy to see that Hal is being defeated. He also appears to want Shyna to complete her mission (he’ll say this when you first meet him after beating the Yona Division.). Polly Peeper: One of the main enemies you’ll fight throughout the game. They are Mirages and they can be extremely annoying. I find that they seem to follow you everywhere you go (you can even jump up on a platform, and they’ll follow you!). They look like innocent little dolls (I think they look like porcelain dolls), but would a doll try to kill you with a handgun? They even ride motorcycles and in huge robotic contraptions. Sometimes, when you kill one, her mask will fall off and she will run away crying, covering her skull face with her hands! Spectre: The other main enemy you’ll be fighting. They are Silhouettes and they don’t seem to be as annoying as the Polly Peepers unless they are in a group. Draining their spirit seems to keep them from being annoying in the first place. They look like little scarecrows with green pumpkins for heads. They’ll try to kill you with pumpkin head bombs, bullets (they spit them at you) and wooden mallets. They also have a reflector, which is a board/sign with an arrow on it. They’ll sometimes run away crying with just a candle for a head (this is after you kill them, of course.)! Grigg: A weird looking punk frog. He is a Silhouette and the first boss you fight in the game. He’s the leader of a group that is trying to get to the shelter where Shyna stays by tunneling underground. He isn’t extremely tough, but if he hits you with his boomerang attack (his hair comes at you!) while you are on your Mirage side, you’re pretty much dead because it can and will juggle you for a few hits. Nardo: A Silhouette who is part of the Samurai security. He goes around the city looking for troublemakers and will get rid of them as soon as possible. Nardo seems very serious about his job and he makes sure that everyone in the city follows the rules. He uses a sword for a weapon, but most of his attacks are easily reflected. Goliath: A strange looking Silhouette. He has the job of guarding the attribute gun that is supposed to defeat Shyna. He relies on his brute strength and brags about how strong and clever he is (although he’s not really that clever). His attacks consist mostly of energy blasts, throws and tossing Spectres and Peepers at you. Pablo: A scrawny little boy with ragged clothing. He is a Silhouette, but he can use his sword to reflect Mirage and Silhouette shots. Although he looks wimpy, he will morph into a werewolf and then he can use more attacks. His is much meaner in his werewolf form compared to his human form. He’ll use energy blasts once in a while, but he’ll mostly pounce all over the screen. Delia: The star attraction of Media City (a.k.a. Cute Little Town). He is a Mirage and is somewhat stuck up and bossy. You don’t really end up fighting him directly; you just try to kill him using Silhouette soup. It’s kinda funny watching him yell at Sampson when you are riding the limo. Samson: Delia’s bodyguard and chauffeur. He can’t really talk (he just says “Ungh.”) and he sort of resembles one of the characters off of Toshinden 3 (I can’t really remember his name. I think it might have been Judgement). His attacks are just swipes and an energy blast that sends out geysers when it hits the ground. Sara: The hostess of the popular game show You Die, You Lose. Sara is a Mirage and she is addicted to gambling (doesn’t that slot machine come in handy?). She can be a little mean and she really ticks Shyna off by calling her the Messenger of Destruction. Sara doesn’t have many attacks, but the marbles she throws out will either explode, or they will sit on the ground and trip you. Just reflect them and they will slow Sara down. Faust: The guy living under the game show studio. He is a Silhouette and he is a master of shadow tricks. He isn’t really all that hard unless he gets on the right side of the screen and uses the satellite attack (your Mirage side usually faces right and this is when you might have to use the Attribute Change.). You fight Faust before you fight Sara. The Reaper: A Silhouette who carries a scythe and rides around in a chariot. He is rather small, but his attacks can be pretty damaging (especially his scythe). The only way to fight The Reaper is to get to the fight with Megido and beat him without using ANY continues throughout the game. Edo: She was a sacrifice for the Attribute Experiments and she is the one who divided everyone into Silhouettes and Mirages. Hal and Megido were born of her and now she wants to take revenge on everyone because of the suffering she endured. Edo controls both Hal and Megido and both of them have their own set of attacks. Hal has the most troublesome attacks (the jellyfish things, for example), as some of them can be hard to dodge. Guardian Angels Dynamis: Um, this is an unusual boss. She has a fish body with tentacles on each side. She isn’t smart at all and she thinks she is a florist (I think Goliath is MUCH smarter) The right and left sides of her body have Silhouette and Mirage attributes. The body itself is normal. Dynamis uses her tentacles to attack you as well as her fin. She will fire energy blasts at you and will sometimes grab you in midair and attempt to pound you. Malak: A yellow smiley thing that controls a giant lizard. He will create his own attribute by absorbing either Silhouette or Mirage attacks. Malak’s voice is high-pitched and I find it a little irritating. He has a few irritating attacks, too, like the homing missiles and swishing his tail around. It becomes even more difficult when he goes invisible. Geluve: She is the strongest of the Guardian Angels (depending on which path you take, she might not be mentioned) and she has both the Silhouette and Mirage attributes. Geluve is upset by the fact that Shyna was chosen to be the Messenger of Justice and she has thoroughly planned on destroying Shyna. She uses “arms” made out of Polly Peepers and Spectres to attack you. Some of the attacks consist of tossing the Spectres and Peepers at you, pounding the ground to form geysers and grabbing and slamming you into the ground if you get to close. Chapter 4: Parasites & Prices_______ In this section, I’m going to give some info on each parasite and how much they cost. This can help out in the game, but after you beat it 5 times, you won’t need to worry about prices and pounding money out of enemies. Surosa: A little thing with a circle for a head, a pointed nose and skinny arms and legs. It is red on one side and blue on the other. You start the game with Surosa in your inventory. This parasite fires bullets directly at the enemy. This is the most basic weapon in the game and it is also the least expensive. It may sound like the weakest weapon in the game, but Surosa can be fired multiple times and it won’t even take one out of your spirit. Surosa can cause a good amount of damage and it can drain spirit fast from enemies (while your spirit bar fills up in a short time). This is one of the best weapons in the game and it should always be in your inventory. When used in the Parasite Bomb attack, it will fire shots quickly at enemies. Prices: Lv. 1 50 Lv. 2 100 Lv. 3 150 Lv. 4 200 Lv. 5 250 Lv. 6 300 When Surosa is at Lv. 6, it becomes more damaging and it can drain spirit extremely fast. If your spirit is above 2/3 full, you just have to hold down the square button to rapid fire. The bullets are also bigger. Cavitas: A little duck with blue eyes and a feather on its head. This parasite acts like a homing missile. You get the enemy in your sight and then let go of the square button to fire. This can really help in a large group of enemies, but what’s the use of wasting time getting the enemy in your sight when another weapon could have hit already? I find that this parasite doesn’t do a whole lot of damage either (it takes about 2 or 3 missiles to wipe out a Spectre or a Polly Peeper). It does help in slowing your enemies down, though. In the Parasite Bomb, Cavitas locks on to enemies and fires multiple missiles. Prices: Lv. 1 100 Lv. 2 200 Lv. 3 300 Lv. 4 400 Lv. 5 600 Lv. 6 1200 When Cavitas is at Lv. 6, the sight is much bigger and I think the missiles do a little more damage. I don’t know where the Lv. 6 Cavitas is in the game. I only found out about its damage and stuff by using the Shop Items option. Angara: A little bullet-shaped thing with a frown on its face. Angara acts like a grenade when fired. When it hits the ground, it blows up in your enemy’s face. As an extra bonus, press down + square to place an Angara Mine. The mine sits for about 2 seconds, then it blows up. Angara can do quite a bit of damage, but it has that weird arc on it. You have to line up exactly right in order to hit an enemy. You can only fire one at a time, which means you’ll have to wait for the blast to go out before you can fire again (this doesn’t take too long.). I find that this is a pretty good weapon for when you are stuck in a huge group of enemies. In the Parasite Bomb, Angara will throw grenades in a circular pattern. Prices: Lv. 1 150 Lv. 2 250 Lv. 3 350 Lv. 4 450 Lv. 5 550 Lv. 6 650 When Angara reaches Lv. 6, the blast is bigger and more damaging. It still has that weird arc and the one-at-time firing limit. Rasti: A little skeleton with a red cape. This parasite creates a cloud that hovers in the air for a few seconds. You can fire up to 3 at a time and they can be fired into one area, or in multiple spots. It can do a fair amount of damage, but if your enemy moves around too much, they won’t be damaged a lot. Don’t start pouting yet if you are a Rasti fan, you can still grab your enemies! Just grab them and hold them in the blast (make ‘em pay for beating on you!) or punch them into it if you are far away and dash after them to hold them in. It takes a lot of spirit to fire just one, but if you also have Surosa, then you can drain spirit from an enemy. I find that it can be a useful weapon on some of the large bosses. When Rasti is in the Parasite Bomb, it will place gas clouds in a circular pattern around you. Prices: Lv. 1 100 Lv. 2 200 Lv. 3 400 Lv. 4 600 Lv. 5 800 Lv. 6 1000 At Lv. 6, Rasti creates a bigger cloud and it becomes more damaging. Envia: A little angel thing with blonde hair, pink wings and a blue dress. Envia is a close range weapon that creates two diagonal beams (they look like wings) that can be spread apart or put together. It damages and drains spirit fairly well, but it can be somewhat frustrating when you’re trying to hit enemies that fly and move around a lot. When Envia is in a Parasite Bomb, two wings come out of you from the left and right and they flap up and down. Prices: Lv. 1 100 Lv. 2 200 Lv. 3 300 Lv. 4 400 Lv. 5 500 Lv. 6 600 At Lv. 6, the beams become longer and wider and they are a little more powerful. That’s about it, though. Priday: A yellow thing wearing sunglasses with hooks for hands. Priday fires circular boomerangs directly at an enemy. The boomerangs will juggle an enemy on the way there, and on the way back to you. Priday can damage and drain spirit well and it can be fired multiple times. This is an extremely useful weapon to have. Priday does have some drawbacks, though. It is a little slow and it uses up a lot of spirit. I find that this weapon is great on tough bosses. Priday will fire boomerangs in a circle around you when you use the Parasite Bomb. Prices: Lv. 1 250 Lv. 2 500 Lv. 3 650 Lv. 4 750 Lv. 5 850 Lv. 6 950 At Lv.6, Priday causes more damage. The boomerangs are also bigger and they go further. Grattoni: A little dragon thing made out of blue energy. With Grattoni, just hold down the square button to fire an energy beam at your enemies. This weapon looks cool when fired, but there are some big drawbacks. Your spirit keeps going down the longer it is fired and it can’t really drain spirit well (your enemy’s spirit goes down, while yours just hovers between 2 numbers). It doesn’t do a whole lot of damage either (I find that Surosa or Priday can do more damage in half the time.). Grattoni can be used to destroy shots that are coming your way (to destroy a shot, use the opposite color/attribute on it) and it can destroy them quicker that the other parasites. When used in the Parasite Bomb, Grattoni fires an energy beam that locks on to the nearest enemy. Prices: Lv. 1 300 Lv. 2 450 Lv. 3 600 Lv. 4 750 Lv. 5 900 Lv. 6 1000 At Lv. 6, Grattoni’s energy beam becomes much bigger and it is a little better at damaging. Your spirit still hovers between 2 numbers when draining. You can also see a clearer outline of Grattoni’s head when you fire! Chapter 5: Possible Paths____________ This is just a diagram (a poor one) showing how to beat all 5 paths. Note that fighting The Reaper on the first path will automatically clear 2 out of 5 paths, but I think you need to fight him at least once in order to clear all 5 paths. I rated the bosses with this scale (from easiest to hardest): easy, tough, hard, difficult. Boss: Edo (hard) // Restore Edo // Win ------ Fight Za/Ha Zohar Boss: Megido (tough) // (difficult) \\ // Zohar (tough) Abandon Edo \\ Lose ------Fight Serah (easy) ------- Restore Edo ----- Boss: Geluve (easy) \\ Abandon Edo ------- Boss: Megido (tough) Chapter 6: Walkthrough This is a complete walkthrough. It tells you where you can go, how to fight bosses (don’t mind me putting some of their voice-overs down) and a bunch of other stuff. Just read through and find out what you need to. Area 1: Shamain If this is your first time playing, you will be introduced to Gehena and Shyna with some short dialogue. You will also get to practice Shyna’s attacks, throws, etc. If you feel confident, just skip the training session and you will find out the shelter is being attacked. Well, go kick some butt!! A gang of Polly Peepers starts to attack the shelter (although they aren’t good at it). The shelter will then open and Shyna will come out on an elevator, which meteors soon destroy. A huge piece of it starts to fall towards the Peepers. They retreat and their leader gets blasted away by the elevator debris. Shyna eventually makes it to the ground. Section 1 You are told how to destroy Mirage enemies and then Polly Peepers will jump out from behind the rocks. While you are fighting, grenades will occasionally be thrown at you (just keep your eye on the background and you will see when the Peepers throw the grenades). Make sure to pound money out of them because you will be able to pick up the Lv. 6 Surosa shortly (it costs 300) at a secret shop. To get money easier, drain their spirit and then grab one and punch it to one side of the screen (this will leave it isolated for a bit). Go after it and take your money, then kill it. As soon as you’re done here, dash up the wall (there will be some Peepers trying to shoot you from platforms. Take their money.). Buy something at the shop if you want, but try to save 300 for the Lv. 6 Surosa. Get through the group of Peepers and then make your way over to the right. There will be another group of Peepers (they are really scared of Shyna now!) and then a walker jumps in, followed by another walker. The ground will collapse and you will fall under ground. Section 2 One of the walkers will come after Shyna for a short distance. Shyna slides under a spiked log and it destroys the walker (Don’t worry! You’ll get to fight one soon.). Some Spectres pop their heads out from behind some rocks, and then Gehena will teach you how to destroy Silhouette enemies. Just do like you did with the Peepers (drain spirit, isolate one, take money, then repeat on the rest.). Once you’re done, dash up the wall, and you will come to a group of them in a place with 2 ledges beside each other. This group will respawn if the area goes too far off the screen. Do as before, but don’t jump down to the right just yet. Stand on the right ledge, and then move to the far right edge of it. Triple jump up and over the wall on the right and there will be a shop. This shop has the Lv. 6 Surosa for 300 (now it’s time to just breeze on through the bosses!). Just keep scrolling up until you come to it. As soon as you go back down, the Spectres should be back. Take their money if you want it (you should take it) and then go down to the right. There will be some Spectres on ledges. Fight them if you want to. When you get down to the bottom, watch out for the Spectre and the spiked log. Make your way up the wall (Spectres on the left) and to the shop. Purchase healing items now if you need them because a boss is coming up very shortly (Purchase Mana if your life bar is below ½ full.). Continue going up and some Spectres will come in (hanging from the roof while dropping bombs on you). Kill them and then continue down to the boss. Boss 1: Grigg_ (“Let’s get it on, baybee!!!!) Some Spectres will appear on a spiked log and then Grigg jumps down and knocks them all off. Grigg will talk about what he’s doing and then he’ll attack you. Grigg is a Silhouette. When fighting Grigg, watch out for his tongue and boomerang attacks. If you are on your Mirage side, they will inflict heavy damage, and they might also kill you. He’ll hop around the area mostly, so just try to drain his spirit so he can’t use many attacks (this is no problem with the Lv. 6 Surosa). When he jumps up onto the spiked log, get down to the lower area to avoid being hit. After he’s done spinning, he might try to puke on you (that’s pretty gross…). Just reflect it back in his face. Take his money, then finish him off. When you kill him, he’s thrown into the air and he’s gone (“You’re not playin’ fair lit’le lady!!!”)! Then you have to fight a walker (Told you you’d get to fight one!) The walker isn’t really a boss, just a tough enemy. To defeat it, just reflect its shots back at it (watch the gun barrel so you know which attribute will be coming out.). The chain gun bullets will do a lot of damage if a few of them hit. If you have Surosa (the Lv.6 one makes this easier), you can just push it up the right wall a few times and it will blow up. Section 3 This isn’t really a level. You’ll see some Polly Peepers retreat to the cliff and jump down. Don’t follow them just yet. Dash and then triple jump over the pit to get to a shop. Buy Mana if you need to and purchase the Lv. 6 Priday if you want it (and if you have enough money.). Then go into the pit. Boss 2: Bug (“Doh doh doh doh yea!”) When you get to the bottom of the pit, Bug will emerge from his teleporter. There will be some dialogue between him and Shyna, and then you have to fight him. Bug is a Mirage. Bug only has four attacks he can use. Mostly, he will fly around the area yelling “Summon!” making Peepers appear to throw grenades at you. His other attacks are the Avalanche, Energy Spring and Battleship. When he summons the avalanche, dash up one of the walls until you are above the blue portal, then just use your reflector to float above it until the avalanche is done. With the battleship, stand still until you see the missiles get fired, then run to the side furthest from you, dash up the wall and then float in the air with the reflector. When he summons the energy spring, just reflect it back at him to inflict big damage. If you drain all of his spirit (again, an easy task with the Lv. 6 Surosa), he will just wonder around yelling “Summon!” which does absolutely nothing (Oh no! He’s going to use a super attack!) Take all of his money, then get rid of him. He will fall to the ground and get a little upset (“Oh! How embarrassing! Emm?”). Bug will say how upset he is and then both him and Shyna notice something. Some weird writing flashes in the air and then Zohar Metatron appears. He promptly destroys the shelter and then insults Hal and Bug. Shyna isn’t really worried about the shelter and she isn’t afraid of Zohar. Then Zohar Metatron brags about how powerful he is and then gives Shyna a “demonstration” of his power by transforming into Zohar Sandalphon. She talks about her power and then shoots a laser into the ground to blow it up and sends Shyna falling down a deep hole. Bug decides to help Shyna and teleports her out of the area. Zohar talks to Hal for a second and then she is told to follow Shyna and Bug. Bug’s Nexus Bug and Shyna introduce themselves and Shyna will learn a little bit about Zohar. You will then be teleported to Raqia. Area 2: Raqia____________________ Section 1 You will have to go right at the beginning of the level. There will be some flying Polly Peepers (just keep draining their spirit and they will lose their wings). Keep making your way right and you will eventually come to a place with two platforms, one on top of the other. To make taking money easier, take a Peeper and throw it up to the top platform to isolate it. Follow it up, take the money, kill and repeat on others. Eventually, a whole bunch of Peepers will come running from the highway, but it collapses and you can move on. The next place will have 2 light poles. Jump on top of the first one and some Peepers will come at you on motorcycles. Just stay on top of the pole for now and knock them off the bikes by draining their spirit. Grab the money, kill and then get back up on the light pole to dodge the motorcycles. Finish them off and continue on. There will be a shop so buy what you need. Keep going right and fight the Polly Peepers. When you come to a brown brick building and you hear crickets chirping, you are close to the boss. Boss 3: Nardo (“Yooou shall become the rust on my sword!”) Nardo will jump in and tell Shyna that she is being too noisy and that he has orders to destroy her. Nardo is a Silhouette. This is a pretty easy fight. Usually the first attack he starts with is a huge wave of energy. Reflect it back at him and his health and spirit will be at 1/3 (easy enough). Drain what’s left of his spirit, take his money and kill him. If you didn’t reflect the wave back at him, just continue draining his spirit and taking his money. Be quick about this, though. The people in the building will get ticked off if you’re too noisy and they will fling things at you from the windows (the objets range from baseballs and soccer balls to wooden cabinets and refrigerators). The objects will also hit Nardo and cause some damage. When you’ve defeated him, he gets even madder and attempts to charge up his Judgement Blade. He screams some gibberish at the top of his lungs and the people fling some things at him. He gets buried in the stuff and the bridge collapses. Guess he won’t be bothering you for a while. Go to the shop and buy whatever you need now because a boss is coming up. Keep going right and you will see a blue streak of light go through a building. The building falls apart and Zohar Metatron will be on the other side of it. There will be some brief dialogue between him and Shyna. He will transform into Sandalphon and then the fight starts. Boss 4: Zohar (“Ah hahahaha! Go easy on me.”) Zohar is a pretty tough boss. He has both attributes, you can’t drain spirit from him and some attacks are hard to dodge. Once in a while, when you are pounding on him, he will jump off the ground and keep hopping over your shots. To get him to come back down, stop firing until he reaches the ground (make sure he doesn’t stomp on you when he comes down because it will inflict some damage.) All you can really do when fighting Zohar is reflect, attack and make sure that your spirit isn’t drained much (well, this is sometimes impossible with a boss you can’t drain spirit from!). Try to take all of Zohar’s money since it is quite a lot. When you’ve inflicted 500 damage, the fight will stop. This isn’t really important, but depending on who you defeat (Metatron or Sandalphon), the dialogue between Zohar and Shyna will be slightly different. Zohar will mention how much he/she is enjoying the battle, then Dynamis will appear and ask if anyone wants to buy flowers from her. Depending on whom you beat, there will be slightly different dialogue (I find Shyna’s dialogue funnier if you beat Metatron), but both Metatron and Sandalphon will explain what the Guardian Angels are. As soon as he/she is done explaining about them, Zohar will disappear from the area and Shyna jumps down from where she is. Dynamis will be a little confused, but then Hal tells her to go after “the little one with the funny hat”. Section 2 You will now be on a moving truck. Purchase some items if you need to, then head left. Some Peepers on motorbikes will board the truck so get on one of the ledges to avoid being run over. When you’ve finished with them, go to the left part of the screen and wait for a moment. A Spectre will unhook the part you are on. Run and triple jump to where the Spectre is and take his money if you want (or just punch him off the truck!). A walker will come to attack you. Reflect its shots back, or push it off the truck a few times (Just use Surosa to do this) continue to the left and you will see another vehicle go by and then come back. Goliath and a group of Spectres and Peepers are riding the vehicle. Boss 5: Goliath (“I squash you like tiny puppy!”) Goliath will mostly brag about how strong and clever he is. He also says he is a slave for the Mirages, and Shyna tries to tell him that Hal is manipulating him. You will then have to fight him. Goliath is a Silhouette. One word of caution when fighting Goliath: if you grab him to try and take his money, he will probably grab you and throw you, inflicting some damage and draining some spirit. I have broken out of his hold before the throw, but it is very difficult. It’s not really a lot of money anyway (if you’ve been pounding money out of most of your enemies, and got those 500 credits from Zohar, then you don’t have too much to worry about.) Goliath’s attacks are pretty simple. He’ll fire a small energy blast at you and he will yell “Muscle load!” and charge at you. Reflect the energy blast if you can, and get out of the way when he charges. He will also jump back to the vehicle with the Spectres and Peepers and will toss them at you. Don’t bother reflecting them back at Goliath, as they will rarely hit. When you defeat him, he will land face first on the other vehicle and it will be destroyed. A shop will land right in front of you (yaaay!). Purchase what you need, and go to the next place. Section 3 When you get to the next place, you will see a whole bunch of pink and blue things in cages (they’ll watch you as you go by them.). As soon as you go far enough, they will get out of the cages and run inside the huge box. The box will blow up and reveal the Attribute Gun. Boss 6: Attribute Gun The gun is the first Normal attribute boss in the game (unless you count the robots). To destroy it, you must reflect the shots back at it. It’s sort of like playing Russian Roulette (which shot is a Silhouette shot and which is a Mirage shot?). It looks hard, but there is a little trick you can do to make things easier. Run to the stairs and start firing shots at the “bullets” as they run for the stairs. The Silhouette bullets will be destroyed and only the Mirage bullets will be loaded into the gun (this is assuming that your Mirage side is facing right. If your Silhouette side is facing right, then only the Silhouette bullets will be loaded into the gun.). Run back to the left side before the gun has a chance to fire. Then, get ready to reflect the shots. Be careful when standing near the front of the truck. There is a Polly Peeper driving and it will punch you if you get too close. You will have to repeat this process a few times until the gun blows up. It looks like you’ve finished the area! Well, almost… Boss 7: Dynamis (“Regenerrration!) She’s baaack! And she still wants to sell you some flowers! Dynamis has both attributes, which are in her tentacles. One word on the Guardian Angels: When you are fighting them, you can drain spirit from them continuously, even if their spirit is at 0. Dynamis starts the fight with two Mirage tentacles. Sometimes, she will use a Silhouette and a Mirage tentacle, which makes it hard to dodge attacks. Her attacks consist of trying to smash you (“Smash, smash, smash!”), firing a lot of small energy blasts (“Sending, sending, sending!”), or one big energy blast at you (“Mommy, my leg is hit.”). She will also charge at you with her fin (just watch the glass buildings in the background to see where she is, then listen for that WHIRR-RR sound so you know when to dodge it.). To dodge her fin attack, triple jump straight up and hold down the reflector button. Drain most of her spirit, then start pounding her. If one of her tentacles is attached to the truck and you drain a lot of life or spirit from Dynamis, the tentacle will disintegrate and the claw will be left behind to fire energy blasts at you. If this happens, destroy the claw so it won’t be firing at you while you are busy trying to kill Dynamis. Once you kill her, Dynamis will smash into a building (“I like flowers very much…” BANG!). The truck has had no driver for some time now and it goes flying off the edge of the road. Shyna jumps to another building where Bug’s teleporter waits. Megido will be sitting on a nearby building wondering if Shyna will be able to keep destroying each enemy she meets. Bug’s Nexus Shyna tells Bug about Dynamis and Bug gives her a little more info on the Guardian Angels and Hal’s power to create lifeforms. You will then be teleported to Shehaqim. Area 3: Shehaqim _____ Section 1 You will land outside on a castle’s roof. Spectres will smash through the windows and the Peepers in the background will toss grenades at you (to keep them from throwing grenades, just go to the right because there is some sort of ledge there.) Just keep draining spirit from the Spectres and they will lose their wings (or just fire Mirage shots at them to kill them quickly.). Take their money, kill them and then dash up the slanted roof. Spectres will slowly come towards you. Get rid of their wings and take their money. Before you kill them, make sure you are standing at one of the sides so you don’t fall down through the trap door to the next level. After killing the Spectres, go to the left (if you are on the right side of the roof, double or triple jump over the middle part of it) and down the other side of the roof. This will be the exact same setup as before, except there will be a shop. This is a secret shop and it has the Lv. 6 Angara. As soon as you’re done with the Spectres here, go back up to the top of the roof. You should go back to the left and fight the Spectres again for some extra money because you might need it after some of the stuff that’s going to happen. When you’re done, go to the top of the roof and head down the trap door. Section 2 The next area you will be in contains both Spectres and Peepers at the same time. While you are running, keep firing ahead of yourself so enemies won’t slow you down. To get to the secret shop with the Lv. 6 Rasti, follow the path on this diagram (it isn’t very good) <<< = Path goes left >>> = Path goes right *v* or *^^* = Way to secret shop ^^ = Path goes up | = Short drop in path !!SHOP!! = Secret shop v = path goes down Note: Stay on the bottom area of path 2 until you see the short drop. Drop down and then you can jump down through the floor SHOP ________ ^^ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> *v* >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2. !!SHOP!! | 3. *^^*<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 4. END Section 3 There will be another shop so if you didn’t go to the secret shop, buy healing items here. Continue on to the right and you will see someone hiding behind a pillar. To make him come out, just stand over at the left and don’t do anything (he will hide behind the pillar again if you fire at him or get too close.) He will eventually come out. Boss 8: Pablo (“MY BLOOD IS BOILING!!!”) Pablo is a little scared of you, but he is friendly (for now.). He and Shyna will talk for a bit. After Shyna learns about Megido, Pablo will tell her that he has something for her (it will be a big Mana or Fatima item) and he’ll go digging through his pockets. Some Spectres will come and smash the wall down and the moon will be out. Pablo gives you the item, but then he morphs into a werewolf. He’ll get angry when Shyna calls him Pablo (so much for him being nice!) and then you fight him. Pablo is a Silhouette. Mostly, Pablo will just hop around and howl, trying to attack you. He’ll sometimes fire a huge energy shot at you that you can reflect back at him. Drain his spirit and take his money, but before you kill him, you can smash him into the ground a few times (use the Grand Slam throw) and the painting of the moon will fall down (some Spectres will slowly put it back up. When it’s up again, Pablo will be a werewolf again.). When he turns into a human, start firing Mirage shots at him quickly. He will eventually stand up and then swing his sword around like crazy if you fire at him (your shots will be bounced back at you, so don’t fire at him while he’s standing.). You can get three different things to happen after beating Pablo: 1. Just kill him without having the painting fall. 2. Kill him in his wolf form after having the painting fall once. 3. Kill him in his human form. Section 4 Purchase anything you need right now because as soon as you go down that hole, it’s time to fight another boss! Boss 9: Malak (“Yaaay! Yaaaay!”) Shyna will be falling, and then something will teleport in and falls into the water underneath the bridge. A yellow smiley thing will fly up and there will be some dialogue between him and Shyna. Some Spectres detach the bridge and they carry it into the air. You will then have to fight. Malak has both attributes, but it depends on you which one he starts with. To give him an attribute, just fire at him until he changes color and joins onto the lizard contraption. You can also continuously drain spirit from Malak, just like you could with Dynamis. Malak will either annoy you with his yelling, or he will annoy you with stupid attacks. The attacks consist of firing homing missiles at you, firing four huge blasts of energy out of his sides (these blasts move around slowly and are easily reflected) and swishing his tail around. His tail acts like a reflector, so be careful when firing at him. Once in a while he will fire a beam (much like Grattoni) out of his mouth or he will go invisible. Drain most of his spirit and pound on him (if he gets close enough.). While fighting, try not to get a lot of your health or spirit drained because you’ll have to fight another boss very shortly. After you defeat him, the lizard contraption explodes, and falls from the wall (“OOHH, NOOOO!!!”). Malak will be angry and he will spit out Bug’s teleporter. After a little more dialogue, he will fly away and the Spectres will drop the bridge. Bug will teleport Shyna out of the area. Bug’s Nexus While you are talking to Bug, he’ll say someone is trying to break into the nexus. A blue streak of light will go across the background (I wonder who that could be?). Shyna will get sucked into the other nexus and she will meet Metatron. Boss 10: Zohar (“I wonder how many seconds you’ll last this time?”) There will be some short dialogue between Shyna and Metatron before the fight. The fight is basically the same as the first time, except that Zohar has some new attacks. Metatron will spin and then charge at you. Sandalphon can now fire a bolt out of her gun that will follow her around. The bolt is the attack you have to watch out for. Sandalphon might fire 2-3 of them and then transform into Metatron. If this happens, you are going to have a real hard time because you will either be hit by the bolts or Metatron’s attacks. Again, the fight will stop when you’ve inflicted 500 damage. The dialogue will be different depending on who you beat, but Zohar will delete the nexus and leave Shyna to be deleted with it. Bug will come and teleport her out before the nexus is totally deleted. Bug’s Nexus _____ There will be some dialogue between Shyna and Bug before you are teleported to the next area. Area 4: Machonom (??)______ Section 1 I don’t really know what the name of this area is. It’s called Machonom, Cute Little Town and Media City. Oh well. When you get into the area, Shyna will mention some things about the town and then you can go to the right. Buy some stuff if you need it now because there is a boss coming up. Keep going right. I think the bosses around here are more imaginative than some of the other bosses in the game (I find the next boss really fun!) Shyna will stop for a moment and then a car sends her flying (it’s a limo, too!). Delia will tell Samson to be more careful with the car (shows how much he cares about ramming a person!). He will tell the Polly Peepers to lure Shyna to the broadcasting studio and then he’ll leave. Boss 11: Samson (“ROAR!”) Shyna falls back on the car and Delia tells Samson to find out what’s happening. Samson busts through the roof of the car and Delia gets a little upset with him (I think it’s pretty funny when Delia leans out of the car to yell at Samson!) Samson is a Silhouette. Samson isn’t really that difficult. He mostly just swipes at you and then fires an energy blast (the blast will send out geysers if it touches the car.). Sometimes, he’ll spread his hands apart and then he’ll try to squish you (I think. I don’t really know what this attack does because I always dodge it.). Don’t try to drain all of his spirit because it takes too long. While you are fighting him, go to the lower part of the car and crouch (when the car is heading up, you will still be able to go to the lower part of the car by pressing down + X.). The swipes won’t hit you and you can continuously fire at Samson. Just be sure to destroy the energy blast before it hits the ground (just fire some Mirage shots at it.). When you defeat him, he’ll fall and totally destroy the top half of the car. There will be some dialogue between Shyna and Delia. When it’s over, the car will continue going until it smashes through a barricade and goes sailing through the air (Wheee!) and then crashes right into the broadcasting studio! Section 2 You will land right in the middle of a room that contains Spectres dropping bombs on you and Peepers firing machine guns at you. Drain spirit from all of them before taking their money. After you kill all of them, another group of Spectres will come in (again, dropping bombs on you.). Do as before and then proceed to the right. Sara will be standing next to a huge slot machine and then she will start the game show. There will be some dialogue and Shyna will go to fight Sara, but there is a trap door she falls down. Section 3 You will be in on a floor that you can jump down from. Go all the way to the bottom of the room and buy what you need at the shop. This shop has the Lv. 6 Grattoni if you want to buy it (it’s not cheap. It costs 1000.). Go to the right and the lights will eventually go out. Boss 12: Faust (“Behold! The beauty of shadow!”) A spotlight will shine on Faust (“Surprise!”) and he will talk a bit. Faust is a Silhouette. When fighting Faust, be careful that he doesn’t get on your Mirage side and start up an attack or else you will be in a very bad position. Faust has a few attacks (he uses shadow tricks that make the audience cheer.) which include a dragon that breaths fire, a satellite beam, a machine gun and a tank. Drain his spirit so he can’t attack you, then take his money. If you want, you can reflect his attacks back at him (the satellite beam will cause a good amount of damage and drain a lot of spirit.). After you kill him, he will turn himself into a bomb and blow up (“Ha ha ha ha, BWAA HA HA HA HAA!”). Boss 13: Sara (“Let’s make this a good one!”) Sara will talk a little and then the fight will start. Sara is a Mirage. First of all, Sara will move left and right across the screen. Knock down the cutout with a few Silhouette shots. Sara will then have access to more attacks. She will throw out marbles on the floor sometimes. Just reflect them and they will trip Sara. Sometimes she’ll also throw out a bomb that will explode when it hits the ground. Her least used attack is the cards. She will throw out four cards (one card has an angel. This is the safe spot.) and they will rapidly switch around. You can try to follow the angel card with your eyes (it’s a little hard) or you can turn to your Mirage side and reflect. Drain her spirit to prevent her from using these attacks. When she opens the box on her head, you can fire any attribute to fill up the bar on the slot machine. This bar represents how many items you will get from it if you win. Usually, when the bar is filled up, Sara will automatically jump up and start the machine. To stop it, jump, reflect or fire (notice that you can’t really control the machine. It’ll usually decide what you get, which can get a little annoying.) To win, you must get 3 identical pictures in a horizontal or diagonal row. Here’s what you can win: Mana symbol: Mana triangles will fall out. Fatima symbol: Fatima spheres will fall out. Coin picture: Money falls out (I think each coin is about 50 or so credits) Polly Peeper picture: Polly Peepers fall out (money!) Spectre picture: Spectres fall out (more money!) Lucky: Silhouette energy will hit Sara and cause about 50 damage. Black happy face: Mirage energy will hit you and cause about 50 damage or drain about 50 spirit (I reflect it, but I don’t think it helps a whole lot.) Before you kill Sara, make sure you take her money. Yes, it is a little hard, but that’s a lot of money to leave behind. Be careful when you’re taking her money. Every now and then, she’ll hit you with the sign she’s holding, which will inflict a little damage and drain some of your spirit. After you’re finished, Sara will give you one more try at the slot machine, then she’ll smack you with the sign and knock you out of that part of the studio (“Thanks for playing--- loser!”). Buy anything you need at the shop and then proceed to the right. Boss 14: Delia There will be some dialogue between Delia and Hal and then Shyna will come in. There’ll be a little more dialogue and then you’ll fight Delia. He is a Mirage. Pick one side of the screen to stand on (go to the side where your Mirage side is facing the bowl of soup. This is so you can reflect Delia’s attack.) and then start tossing Spectres into the soup to turn it blue (use your Power Punch.). Bubbles will rise from the soup often and Delia will inhale them (blue soup kills him, pink soup fills his spirit meter.). Sometimes, Delia will sprinkle salt into the soup and then it will go completely pink. Just toss a few Spectres in and it will be blue again. When his spirit meter is completely full, he will fire blasts of Mirage energy at you. Just reflect it and it won’t drain your spirit. Unfortunately, you can’t take Delia’s money (Why? I don’t know. You could do a lot with 5000. This made me real happy knowing that 5000 credits was right there and I couldn’t get it.), but you can take money from the Spectres. You are on a ledge, but just face away from the edge and pound on the Spectre quickly and then toss him in the soup. Once you’ve killed him (“Ooof! I’ve underestimated the power of soup!”), the bowl of soup falls down on the stove. The room starts shaking and the stove blows up. The bottom part of the building is blown up. Shyna is caught in the blast with debris from the room. Bug’s teleporter flies toward her and Bug teleports her out of the area. Bug’s Nexus______ Bug will say he won’t be able to take Shyna any further because Hal will detect their presence. Bug will teleport Shyna to Edo (or so he thinks…) Area 5: Mathey (this is from the instruction book.) Section 1 Shyna will notice that the place she is in doesn’t look like Edo. Hal will say he teleported Shyna before Bug could do anything about it and then he tries to hack Shyna’s program. Prinsdam will come toward you (destroying everything in his path.). After some dialogue, you will get a choice of going left or right. Go right because this is where the secret shop with the Lv. 6 Envia is located. If you go left, then you will just get regular shops. After you go as far as you can, one of Prinsdam’s heads will pop up. He’ll then “eat” Shyna. Section 2 You are now inside Prinsdam. If you took the left path, you’ll have to head right inside and if you took the right path, you’ll have to head left inside (the paths are pretty much the same, except for the direction you have to head.). I’m describing the right path. You will have to fight robot enemies here and there. These enemies can’t have their spirit drained, but you can take their money and kill them. If you are on the bottom part, go back up as far as you can. There is a shop in the upper section, so buy what you need now. Keep proceeding to the left and you will run into the Spider. Boss 15: Spider The Spider is a normal boss. The only way to kill it is to reflect its shots back at it. The Spider will mostly jump around and fire a string at you. If this string hits you, you will be caught and a bomb will be fired along the string (it moves pretty slowly.). Wiggle the control pad back and forth to break free (if you were too close, the bomb will probably hit you.). Sometimes, the Spider will lower itself down on a string, then a green light will flash on its head and bullets will shoot out in all directions. Get as close as possible when you see the light flash and reflect as many bullets as you can back at it. The Spider will also drop small webs of a certain color (this is rare though.) around the area. Reflect them with the appropriate color and they will cause big damage (especially if you hold the Spider in the web!). Now, this is the attack to watch out for. The Spider will sometimes fire a large web out and it will catch you if you get too close. You will then be stuck and the Spider will do what it wants (it’ll usually fire a string and a bomb at you.). Just wiggle the control pad like crazy and you will eventually break free. Take the money if you need it and then kill the Spider. It will probably drop an item for you so pick it up. Go down as far as you can and then make your way left until you come to a wall. Dash up the wall and you will come to the secret shop with the Lv. 6 Envia. Buy what you need (you can get money from the robots around the area.) and then keep going left. You will eventually come to a group of green robots. Boss 16: The Yona Division (“Witness our power microbe!”) The leader of the robots will come in and there will be some short dialogue. The other robots toss bombs at Shyna and the ground blows up form under her. The robots follow her down. All of the robots have the Normal attribute to start with. First, get into a corner and reflect the shots that are fired at you. If the leader uses Attribute Wave, then kill the robots roaming around with Silhouette or Mirage shots (this depends on what the leader used for the Attribute Wave. Just watch the rings that radiate out from the leader. The Normal attribute can also be activated with the Attribute Wave.). The leader will mostly jump around placing bombs and shooting at you (“Redrum! Redrum!”). Just reflect the shots and bombs and they won’t hurt you (if the bombs can’t be reflected, then it will release a robot when it blows up.). Once in a while, the leader will release a whole bunch of little grenades. Reflect most of them and they will inflict a good amount of damage on the leader. Take the leader’s money and then kill him by reflecting all of his shots. Once you’ve killed it, (“Power depleted! Initiate self-destruct mode!”) the leader releases grenades and blows the place up. The side of Prinsdam Shyna was in blows up and the other side flies towards her. Megido will teleport in. Boss 17: Megido (“Time to test your mettle!”) There will be some dialogue between Shyna and Megido and then he will say he wants to test Shyna. She complains a bit, and then the fight starts. Megido is a Silhouette. One word before you fight Megido. If he starts spinning, he will reflect your attacks. All you have to do is fire a few shots at him (2 – 4 should be enough.) and then quickly activate your reflector. Megido will eventually give up and the shots will hit him. Get on to you Silhouette side right away. This way, you can reflect most of Megido’s attacks (especially the Kill Wave.). If Megido charges at you, he will either use a sliding attack, or he will toss you into the air and flip you to your Mirage side. He will mostly use the Kill Wave and hand attacks. Just reflect them (you should reflect the Kill Wave whenever it is used because Megido will probably use it a few times in a row.). Megido will sometimes throw out a bunch of Spetres (“Surprise!”) that you can drain spirit and take money from (if you are aiming to fight The Reaper, don’t get too greedy, since you will probably get hit.). To get rid of them, just reflect Megido’s Kill Wave or just reflect their attacks back at them. Sometimes, Megido will jump into the air (“Watch this!”) and he will do one of two things. He might sit in the background and throw cutters at you or he will use the Burning Arrow. I just reflect the cutters. When he uses the Burning Arrow, turn to your Mirage side and dash that way. When Megido disappears into the ground, turn to your Silhouette side and reflect before he comes up. Repeat this process until he’s done attacking. After he’s done one of these attacks, he will either land on the ground or he will toss a few roses at you (I don’t know what to do about the roses. Sometimes you can reflect them, but then sometimes you can’t.). Take Megido’s money and then kill him. The fight will stop when you’ve inflicted 500 damage (“Oh, you are good.”). There will be some dialogue and then Megido will destroy Prinsdam. Now, if you defeated Megido without using a continue and you got through the game without using any continues (whew!), then you’ll get a chance to fight The Reaper (3 bosses in a row with no break in between. Sounds like fun!). You’ll have to answer some questions correctly in order to fight him. If you answer one of them wrong, he’ll teleport you out. Here are the correct answers: No, no, yes. Boss 18: The Reaper (“Let me taste your power!”) The Reaper will appear if the questions were answered correctly. Shyna asks why he thought up such stupid questions and then he’ll challenge her to a fight. The Reaper is a Silhouette. If your life is low from the last 2 fights, you might be using a continue here if you’re not careful! If you’ve still got at least 8 continues, then 1 isn’t really going to hurt, even if you’re on the first path. If you are on the first path, defeat The Reaper and you will automatically clear 2 of 5 paths when you finish the game. When you start the fight, The Reaper will jump into his chariot. Turn to your Silhouette side right away and reflect (I’ve heard you can reflect with Mirage, but I’ve never tried it. Just reflect with Silhouette to be safe.). He’ll swipe at you with his scythe a few times and then he'll jump out. Drain his spirit when you get the chance and take his money if you want it. Remember when you fought Nardo and he sent out that wave of energy? Well, The Reaper has a similar attack, except the wave is much bigger, and it will split into pieces when it hits the other wall. Reflect the big wave back at him when he uses it and it will inflict a good amount of damage. When he stops, holds his scythe up and yells, “Come forth!” he is charging up his Soul Stealer attack. When this happens, turn to your Silhouette side and get on the reflector (it helps, but I’ve noticed that some of my spirit still gets drained.). If you are pretty far away from him, then some of the reflected shots will hit him. The Reaper has some attacks that can be annoying and deadly. The first one isn’t really a problem, but it can drain your spirit. He will swing his scythe and then geysers will come up from the ground (I reflect them, but they are pretty close together and a geyser will usually hit me from behind.). Now, the attack you must dodge at all costs. The Reaper will throw his scythe at you. You cannot reflect it and it will cause BIG damage to you because it will juggle you for a few hits (it also drains your spirit.). If he is up above the top platform and you are on the ground, just run so you are behind him. When he comes down and says, “Return!” jump up to the top platform to avoid being hit. This also works if he is on the ground and you are on the platform. Get behind him and then jump down when he comes up towards you. If you can’t do either of these things, then do your best to jump over the scythe. After you kill The Reaper, he will compliment Shyna’s fighting skills and then teleport her out. Area 6: Eruza (Zebul in the instruction book.) Shyna falls towards the ground and then drops into a building. Section 1 Shyna will think she’s made it to Edo, but Gehena explains that Shyna is in Eruza. Gehena also confirms that multiple targets are roaming around. Proceed to the right but be careful. There will be some Peepers firing machine guns at you. Take their money, kill them and keep heading right. As you go up the wall, watch for the shop on a platform. Buy anything you need and then go up. There will be some more Peepers firing machine guns and then there’s also a treat for you: 2 walkers to fight! Get rid of the Peepers first, and then kill the walkers. If you kill one, then just push the other one up one of the walls a few times (or you can try pushing both up one of the walls). Dash up the wall and after a short time, there will be 2 Peepers firing machine guns. Take their money, kill them and then proceed down to the shop. Buy anything you need and then go to the right. When you reach the bottom, flying Spectres and Peepers (3 of each) will come to attack you. When you’ve finished with them, some more will come. Get rid of them and then dash up the wall on the left. When you get to the top, I can only give you this advice: Run as fast as you possibly can and hope you don’t get hit by the falling rocks (if you’ve got at least 300 credits, then you don’t have much to worry about since there will be a shop in the next section.). Section 2 Head to the right and there will be a shop. Buy whatever you need and keep going right. Shyna will jump back and Hal will appear. Hal will tell Shyna that his real name is Har and that Shyna’s real name is Messiah. He also shows Shyna a picture of Edo. After all that, Hal will release Gargantuan. Boss 19:Gargantuan Gargantuan is sort of like a machine with 2 lizard heads. He even has both attributes. To destroy Gargantuan, feed him Polly Peepers and Spectres, depending on what color his “wings” are. They start of blue, so feed him Peepers. Each time he is damaged, his wings will change color. Take money from the Spectres and Peepers every now and then because you will probably need the money later. Gargantuan has a few attacks, which are all easily avoided. He’ll shoot a laser into the ground, which will make geysers fly out of the ground and he’ll fire out two balls of energy that can be reflected or destroyed. The green ring he fires will latch on to you and keep you from jumping high. Gargantuan will also fire out an energy blast in the shape of a spiral, after it sits for a few seconds, it will split into pieces, fall to the ground and create explosions around the area. He’ll mostly use the ring spiraled energy blast. After you’ve killed him, Hal will tell Shyna that the core is going to explode and that she’ll meet an old friend. Zohar Sandalphon will tackle Shyna and they both fall into the core. Boss 20: Zohar There’ll be some dialogue between Shyna and Sandalphon and then the core starts to explode. You now have 2 minutes to defeat Zohar (this time, the fight will not stop when you’ve inflicted 500 damage.). Now, this is the battle that will determine which path you are going to take (refer to Chapter 5: Possible Paths.) The fight is pretty much the same as the other fights with Zohar, except that there are a few new attacks. Sandalphon will throw out a bunch of mines and then fire a laser that will bounce off them and eventually come at you. Right after she throws out the mines she stops for a few seconds, which means you get a chance to attack. While the mines are out, Sandalphon will fire a laser that will bounce off the mines and eventually hit you. The mines will also reflect your Mirage shots back in your face (it can get really difficult if you are trying to hit Metatron while the mines are flying around.), but they will eventually disappear. Metatron’s new attacks are pretty powerful. With the first one, he’ll swing his sword and geysers will go across the screen for a short distance. He’ll also stab his sword into the ground and a huge geyser comes up around him. Now, the next attack is the one you have to watch for (it’s rarely used, probably because Zohar’s spirit bar needs to be past the 2/3 mark and it takes about 30 spirit for each beam he sends out.). Metatron will hold his sword to the side and it will flash. Then, he’ll send a whole bunch of fast energy beams across the screen. As soon as he starts the attack, he is invincible until it is finished (even if he doesn’t have enough spirit.). To dodge this attack, all you have to do is turn to your Silhouette side and get on the reflector as soon as you see the flash. If you don’t reflect, you’re going to lose about 150 spirit. It’s even worse if you are on your Mirage side (about 150 of your life will be gone.). Take Zohar’s money (try to get most of it) and try to kill him before time runs out (if you want to fight an easier boss, just try to dodge the attacks and let the time run out.). Again, depending on whom you won against/lost to, after the fight the dialogue will be slightly different. Hal will tell Zohar to teleport Shyna out of the core. The dialogue will also be different if you beat Zohar in less than 2 min. Area 7: Eden (Araboth in the instruction book) Hal will explain what would have happened to Shyna if she hadn’t been teleported out of the core. Shyna would have gone into the second mode and her body would be turned into a bomb that would neutralize the Silhouette and Mirage attributes. Shyna doesn’t believe any of this. Now, depending on how you did in the last battle, one of two bosses will be summoned: Serah or Cypher-Za/ -Ha Zohar. I’ll start with Serah. Boss 21:Serah Zohar will say that he/she can easily defeat Shyna now. Hal says that Zohar will never be able to defeat Shyna because her power is greater than Zohar’s. Hal will then delete Zohar and then summon Serah. Serah has both attributes, which are in her wings. Serah isn’t that hard to fight. You can continuously drain her spirit (even if it is at 0.) and the “worms” she sends out will sometimes drop Mana triangles when you kill them. Make sure that Serah does not eat these worms (she’ll pick one up with the snake thing attached to her) because they will restore her life. Mostly, Serah will use the Energy Probe, Containment Beam and Genesis Phase attacks. Energy Probe will fire out some balls of energy that are easily reflected and Genesis Phase sends out the worms. When she uses Containment Beam, two energy beams will appear. You’ll have to go under Serah to avoid being hit. She’ll also use the Amplitude Ray. When she does, run to either side of the area and then double jump so you are facing in, then reflect. If you drain most of her spirit, then you won’t have to worry about this attack. After you drain a little over ½ of her spirit, she will get angry and she will become larger in size. She’ll also be able to use Destruction Declairion, which will do random things (if it is a circle of flames, reflect as many of the flames as you can and they might do damage to Serah.). While she is starting the attack, she will be invincible. Continue beating on her and you will eventually kill her. --------------------------------------------------OR----------------------------------------------------- Boss 21: Cypher-Za/ -Ha Zohar (“You shall not prevail!”) Zohar says that he/she has all the time in the world to defeat Shyna. Hal agrees and says that Zohar can become the strongest of the Guardian Angels. He mentions that Zohar has flawed programming because he/she has the ability of independent thought. Hal will then transform Zohar into Cypher-Za Zohar (if you beat Metatron, it will be Cypher-Ha Zohar.). Well, this looks like fun! Metatron has 2 swords that can cover an entire area and they can do 30-40 damage per hit! Sandalphon has 2 guns and she can now shoot a laser into the ground and cover the entire area with geysers! And you can’t drain spirit from Zohar unless you reflect his attacks (well, this’ll be nice trying to get through!). If you attempt to, you’ll refill a lot of his spirit and then you’ll be sorry! I’ll start by describing Metatron’s attacks. Metatron only has two attacks he can use (yay!). The attack he’ll use most is swiping his sword at you. If you watch, you’ll see a pattern in his attacks (they don’t always repeat, but you do pretty much the same thing when dodging the attacks.). What you can do is double/ triple jump over the first swipe (make sure you are on your Silhouette side!) turn to your Mirage side quickly and fire a few shots, then return to your Silhouette side (I can’t really explain this well.). Be careful, though because sometimes, he’ll decide to take his other sword and hit you with it. The other thing to do is get on your Silhouette side and just reflect the attack. Metatron’s second attack is when he goes to the top of the screen and swings his swords across the screen. A whole bunch of projectiles will be released (in order for him to use this attack, his spirit must be above the 2/3 mark.). This attack is easily reflected. All you have to do is this: As soon as Metatron starts heading to the top of the screen, immediately dash to the side opposite your Silhouette side (in other words, turn to your Mirage side and dash that way.). Quickly turn to your Silhouette side and then triple jump and reflect. This way, you have a better chance of not getting hit by the projectiles and you might hit him with a few. Now for Sandalphon’s attacks. She has more than Metatron, and they are easily reflected. Her most common attacks are the guns (“DIE!”) and the homing beam. Just reflect these attacks. Sometimes, she’ll stop and fire a small ball of energy out of one of her guns. If it hits the ground, it will explode. You can reflect either the energy ball or the blast itself. The blast will do more damage so reflect that if you can. Now, Sandalphon’s most annoying attack is the laser (“Embrace the void!”). When it hits the ground, geysers will cover the ground, which means you’ll have to triple jump and reflect to avoid getting hit. Once you’ve inflicted enough damage, the lower part of the body will come off and fly across the screen, attempting to hit you. Each time Zohar changes his attribute, the lower body will also change its attribute. The lower body only has one attack that you need to watch for. It will fly to the background and release some energy balls, which will then turn into huge beams and blast down on you. I just reflect the attack. You have to be careful though. This attack can put you in a dangerous spot. If the energy balls have been released and then Zohar decides to change his attribute, the energy balls won’t change their attribute. You are in a tight spot because Zohar will be trying to attack you and the beams of energy will also be coming down at you. I’m not really sure what you can do in this situation. I’ve run to the edge of the platform, triple jumped off and then prepared to reflect Zohar’s attacks. Let’s say the lower body was Mirage and was preparing to fire the energy balls. Sandalphon then transforms to Metatron and the energy balls have been fired. You would turn to your Mirage side and then dash towards the edge of the platform, triple jump away from it and then turn to your Silhouette side quickly and reflect. This is the best information I can give you in getting out of that situation. Continue hitting Zohar as best you can and you’ll eventually win. After you defeat Serah or Zohar, Bug will teleport in and he’ll also give you a shop! Buy what you need now because this is the last shop in the game. Final Area: Edo Hal will be waiting for Shyna and he will reveal a little information on the Attribute Research and why Armageddon happened. He’ll tell Shyna that restoring the world is useless, but Shyna will disagree with him. Hal will then present 2 choices: Restore Edo or Abandon Edo. If you pick Restore Edo, you’ll end up fighting Geluve or the Edo System. If you pick Abandon Edo, you’ll end up fighting Megido. Here are the possible bosses you can fight: Final Boss 1: Geluve (“I will not lose to a waste like you!”) There will be a little more dialogue between Hal and Shyna and then Megido will teleport in. There will be some dialogue between him and Hal and then Shyna says that the reboot sequence cannot be stopped by anyone. Hal says that she has underestimated his hacking abilities and then he calls Geluve to come and destroy Shyna and Megido. He then hacks into Edo and becomes one with the system. Geluve is around somewhere and she destroys Megido, then she appears. She says some things about how Edo had made her and some others suffer because the system picked Shyna to be the Messenger of Justice. Hal asks Geluve why she is speaking this way and then Geluve tells him. She then destroys Hal and the Edo system. Geluve has both attributes, which are in the “arms” she uses (when you pause the game, Geluve is identified as a Mirage. Ignore this.). Geluve isn’t hard to defeat. All you have to do is kill the Spectres and Peepers she uses for arms. To drain her spirit, just drain it from the Spectres and Peepers. Every now and then, Geluve will summon more. Most of Geluve’s attacks are easily dodged. When she starts throwing Spectres and Peepers at you, just dash towards her and then keep dashing under her. She’ll also smash the arms into the ground and create geysers that cover a lot of the area. Just jump above the geysers and use the reflector. You’ll also have to be careful when you are around her. She will either grab you and smash you into the ground, or she will plant both the arms (one on each side of you) and the Spectres and Peepers will start firing at you (just jump use the Dash Attack to get out.) Geluve’s most annoying attack is when she creates 2 circles of Spectres and Peepers around herself. The outer ring will have reflectors and the inner ring will be firing at you. All you can do is dodge the shots until the attack is finished, then resume pounding on her. When you finally kill her (“How could I’ve been such a fool?!”), there will be some dialogue between her and Shyna. Geluve says she needs to defeat Shyna and she says there needs to be a sacrifice in order to accomplish this. Geluve kills herself, leaving Shyna alone in the place. Shyna asks Gehena a few questions and then Gehena says that the fate of the world still rests in Shyna’s hands. Shyna is a little upset by this remark, then a flash of light ends the game and you get the bad ending (I’m only calling it the bad ending because the world doesn’t get restored.). Final Boss 2: Megido (“You are of no use to me now.”) Hal will tell Shyna she made the right choice, but Gehena activates the reboot program. Shyna freaks out a little, and then Megido teleports in. There is some more dialogue and then Hal will merge with the Edo System. The place starts to explode and Megido wonders why Hal would want to get into the Edo System and be killed in the explosion. Shyna and Megido get out before the place is totally destroyed. Megido takes Shyna to the roof and there will be some dialogue, then the fight will start. Megido is a Silhouette. Why does he have a whole bunch of money? I don’t know. There’s no point in taking it because you won’t be able to use it. The fight is exactly the same as last time, except that the fight doesn’t end when you’ve inflicted 500 damage. After you inflict 500 damage, Megido says that the Attribute cycle is going out of control because Hal is no longer around to balance everything out. Megido then transforms into his super form and gets access to a whole bunch of new attacks. Get on to your Silhouette side immediately because Megido’s attacks can inflict some serious damage. Don’t fire at Megido because he has a reflector (it will also reflect Mirage shots.). Be careful because he has a roar attack that will drain spirit and inflict damage. Just reflect it and it won’t hurt you. The rest of Megido’s attacks have been improved. He no longer throws roses at you, but when you see the giant rose come out of him, get on the reflector because a whole bunch of Silhouette bullets are going to be shot at you. His hand attack has been replaced with a spiked thing that he’ll fire up to 3 times. The most important attack to reflect is the cutter he sends after you (this attack has replaced the Kill Wave.). Be careful that the cutter doesn’t hit you on your Mirage side because it will hurt quite a bit. Just keep reflecting the cutter and it will slowly kill Megido. After you win, Megido will lose his power and he will tell Shyna that he and Hal once shared the same body. He will tell Shyna not to worry about what has happened and then tells her to leave him alone so he can die in peace. Shyna will talk to Gehena for a bit and then says she has to find Bug and then the game ends (doesn’t that sound like there should be a sequel to this game?). You will get the bad ending. Final Boss 3: Edo System (“You have outlived your usefulness, Messenger.”) Hal will tell Shyna that she won’t be able to take the new world from him and his subjects. Shyna tells Hal that he doesn’t care about his subjects, only the power he has, but Hal says she is wrong about that. Megido teleports in and tells Hal to let Shyna complete her mission. Shyna will restore Edo and there will be some short dialogue between Hal and Megido. Shyna says that Edo is coming and then Hal and Megido disappear. Edo confirms the reboot sequence, and then confirms Shyna as an intruder. Edo consists of 2 parts. The first part is a bunch of robotic spheres that come at you. Each sphere you destroy will cause 200 damage to the system. First, 2 spheres come at you. They will hover around on opposite sides of the place, then stop and fire Normal shots at each other (the shots will sometimes break apart when they hit each other.). If one of them is just above you or just below you, use you reflector and the shot will hit the edge of your reflector and bounce back at the sphere. You can also turn towards one of them and reflect one of its shots back at it, then quickly get out of the way, but this is a little difficult. If you destroy one of these, then the one that’s left will go all over the place (with afterimages) and fire Normal shots at you. Even if you don’t destroy the first 2, the elevator you are on will move up and then there will be 3 spheres. This time, they will form a triangular shape and they will join together via an energy fence. They will then fire Normal shots. They will eventually separate and then join again. You can get inside the fence before it is formed and then reflect the shots back at the spheres, but this is dangerous and it can cost you a lot of life and spirit. You’re better off standing to the side while using your reflector. The elevator will eventually move up again, and now 4 spheres will come to attack you. These spheres will join together and form a “snake” that flies around the area. All you need to do here is just stand to one side and use your reflector. If you destroy one of these spheres, then you’ll have to deal with 3 again. The elevator will eventually continue up again (okay! That’s the first part!). When the elevator stops, the girl inside Edo will thank Shyna for restoring the system. She will tell Shyna that she was used as a guinea pig in the Attribute Research and that Hal and Megido were born of her. The girl says that the experiments failed and Edo suffered, then Shyna thinks that this caused everyone to become Silhouettes and Mirages. The girl says that she caused this and it was her way of getting revenge for what happened during the experiments. Shyna tries to tell the girl that she could return to her old life, but she doesn’t listen. You will then have to fight her. She has both attributes, which are the images of Hal and Megido. Now, this boss may look hard, but just turn to your Silhouette side, stay on the top platform of the elevator and then move as close as you can to the edge of the platform, then you’ll be fine. When the Megido image is being used, don’t do anything. If you just stand there, then none of Megido’s attacks will hit you. When the Hal image comes out, then start firing. This method will make the fight take a long time because you need the girl to use the Hal image. The only thing that really makes this battle hard is the fact that you can’t drain spirit. The Megido image only has two attacks: the hand attack and the cutter. These attacks are easily avoided. The Hal image has 3 attacks, and they can be very annoying. He’ll throw out little energy orbs that will turn into arcs of energy if you get too close to them. He’ll also toss out some sphere things that will just sit in the air until they disappear or until you destroy them. Now, the most troublesome attack of them all: the jellyfish things. The jellyfish will roam around the area looking for you and they will suck the life and spirit out of you if they latch on. If some are released, they will usually ignore you. Don’t try to drain their spirit (you can’t drain from them) because then they will come after you. Try to destroy them if they are released, or just let them float away if they aren’t bothering you (it’s better to destroy them because they will drop items.). After you win, the girl will say that the world can go back to the way it was, but Shyna might never be normal again. She also tells Shyna that she won’t be noticed or appreciated by anyone. Shyna says that she doesn’t care, as long as her mission is completed. The girl will then say something (“If only…Sis…”), then she’ll disappear, and then the place starts to collapse. The game ends here and you will get the good ending (the one where the world is restored.). Now, I’m not sure, but I think the girl called Shyna “sis.” What’s that supposed to mean anyway(a sequel to Silhouette Mirage, I hope.)? I don’t know if she is Shyna’s sister, but if you look at their pictures when they are talking, they do sort of look like each other. Chapter 7: Controlling Zohar at the Credits Now, about the credits. You get to control Zohar! Don’t you feel happy now? Well, here are the controls (I don’t really know the Analog controls): Both Metatron and Sandalphon: R = Right L = Left Triangle button: Change attribute O at close range: Throw. Use the control pad to control direction of throw. Control pad: 8 directional flying Double tap any button on control pad: Teleport Control pad + X: Faster flying R, diagonal up/R, up, X or L, diagonal up/L, X: Jump attack. I don’t know if that is the correct sequence. You do have to rotate the control pad something like that, though. L1 and R1 buttons: These seem to distort Zohar a little. I don’t know if they actually do anything important, though. Metatron: Square : Slash Square + up: Upward slash Square + down: Downward slash Square + L or R: Sideways slash Square (x2) + L or R: Sideways slash followed by upward slash. O: Spin attack. Press Square to charge L/R + O: Geyser attack Down + O: Downward stab with geyser Up + O: Energy beams across the screen (Cool!) Sandalphon: (The sequences need to be entered in a smooth motion. Ex. Down, up, square) Square repeatedly: Fire gun. Use the control pad to change direction of firing (you have to use the control pad just before you fire.). O: Fire homing beam. Use the control pad to change direction of firing (you have to use the control pad just before you fire.). Down, up, square: Bolt attack. This can be used up to 3 times. Down, diagonal down/R, R, square or Down, diagonal down/L, L: Charge attack. L2: Release mines L2 after releasing mines: Fire laser Chapter 8: Options and Secret Mode____ This chapter is just going to explain what the options do and what Secret Mode is. About the Options Note: To activate the options, you must have the blue title screen and you must start a new game. Difficulty: Self-explanatory. The difficulty scale (from easiest to hardest): Baby, Wussy, Normal, Stud, Super Stud. Shop Items: Changes how the shops are set up. Set to “Loaded” to make all shops have every parasite at every level. If the difficulty is at Normal or easier, then you will also get 9999 credits. Stage Select: Self-explanatory. You can choose from all of the areas and sections in the game (as well as the ending videos.). Note: You will only have the Lv. 1 Surosa when you start the stage. S.E. Test 0-0: Listen to all of the sound effects in the game. The list of sound effects is in the Miscellaneous chapter. The Char Resize and Game Speed options aren’t in the game. I asked Working Designs about this and they said that these options were taken out because they caused problems with the game. Secret Mode Get a second controller plugged in! It’s time for a 2-player game of Super Core Fighter 2! Player 1 controls Shyna and Player 2 controls Zohar. In order for Player 1 to win, they must defeat Player 2 before the time runs out. Shyna has Surosa, Cavitas and Grattoni in her inventory and Zohar’s attacks are the same as at the credits (refer to Chapter 7 for Zohar’s controls.). Chapter 9: Miscellaneous This is just a bunch of extra stuff. Sound Effects List I know that people like putting sounds on their computer, and if they like the sounds from Silhouette Mirage (I like them) they might want them on their computer. Just look at the stage number (ex. 5-1) and the sound number (ex. 113) to find the sound you’re looking for. To switch stage numbers, use the L1 and R1 buttons. Use left and right on the control pad to switch sound numbers. The sounds I’ve listed here stay the same, no matter what stage number you select. 1-94 Various sounds from the game 100-109 Shyna’s voiceovers 110-115 Gehena’s voiceovers These next few sounds have to have a certain stage number in order to be activated. I’ve listed the stage number above the sound number. 1-2 119-126 Grigg’s voiceovers 1-3 119-127 Bug’s voiceovers 2-1 119-128 Nardo’s voiceovers 129-134 Sandalphon’s voiceovers 135-140 Metatron’s voiceovers *Sound 135 doesn’t appear in the game. 2-2 119-126 Goliath’s voiceovers 127-133 Dynamis’s voiceovers 3-3 119-127 Pablo’s voiceovers 3-4 119-128 Malak’s voiceovers 3-7 129-134 Sandalphon’s voiceovers *129 doesn’t appear in the game. 135-140 Metatron’s voiceovers 4-1 119-125 Samson/Delia voiceovers 4-2 119-126 Sara’s voiceovers 128-130 Various sounds 4-3 119-127 Delia’s voiceovers 128-130 Audience 4-6 119-131 Faust voiceovers + audience 5-1 119-123 Prinsdam’s voiceovers 5-2 119-126 Yona Division Leader’s voiceovers 5-3 119-127 Megido’s voiceovers 6-3 119 Hal’s voiceover 6-4 129-134 Sandalphon’s voiceovers *129 doesn’t appear in the game. 135-140 Metatron’s voiceovers *135 doesn’t appear in the game. 6-5 119-126 The Reaper’s voiceovers 6-6 119-126 Geluve’s voiceovers 7-1 119 Strange sound 127-134 Cypher-Za/ -Ha Zohar voiceovers 119 Hal’s voiceover (press R1 after above test) 120-126 Serah’s voiceovers 136 ?? voiceover (possibly Serah’s) *This doesn’t appear in the game. 7-2 127 Hal’s voiceover 7-3 119-132 Megido’s voiceovers This might not be all of the sound effects. Just keep going through the sounds and you might find some new ones. Changes Made to the American Release You can read about this in the instruction book. The changes were supposed to make the game more challenging and enjoyable. I haven’t played the Japanese release, but I’ve read stuff about it and I think that it might have been a little too easy. You didn’t even get anything for beating the game and seeing all the possible endings! I think the American release is really good and that the changes made to the game made it a lot better (some people think that the changes made the game worse. I can’t really agree with this but everyone has his/her own opinion.). Anyway, here’s the list of changes: The game was made harder by increasing the cost of weapons and making the enemies were made more damaging. Also, the weapons had to use up some spirit power (in the Japanese release, the weapons didn’t use any spirit power. This would be really helpful on bosses you can’t drain spirit from.) To restore spirit power, the player has to steal it from enemies (you only reduced the enemy’s spirit power in the Japanese release and your spirit loss was permanent until you bought Fatima.). The original game’s “Now Loading” screens were changed. In the American release, pictures from the opening movie were added to the loading screens. The text in the game was changed to something computer-like. I saw some screen shots of the original game and the ends of the letters were curved. The American game also supports the Analog controller. The title screen in the American had the Options and Status items added. After you beat the game 5 times, you get access to the extra options and the Secret Mode (these were not on the original game.). Dual Memory Card support was added. When the closing credits roll, you get to control Zohar. The song was also re-recorded into English. The Lunar 2 preview was added to the disc. I’ve read a few reviews on this game and some of them say that The Reaper was added to the American release. Working Designs Website If you like Working Designs and the games they make, you can visit their website at There’s lots of great stuff there. Go check it out for yourself! Extra Information__________________ I don’t mind if you copy this walkthrough or use it on a website. If you do copy it, please don’t change stuff and then put your name at the top of the walkthrough (well, don’t do this to anyone’s walkthroughs!). If you use only a little info from my walkthrough on a different one, please make sure you give me a little credit. I wrote this walkthrough to help people through the game, so use it for just that purpose. This isn’t the only Silhouette Mirage walkthrough. If you find that this one doesn’t help you out a lot, then try looking at these other walkthroughs. They are the two that helped me out when I got stuck playing the game and writing this walkthrough. I found them at the Game FAQ’s website ( Subatomic Brainfreeze: This is a great walkthrough to look at if you are really stuck in the game. If you don’t get what I’m trying to say in my walkthrough, then try looking at this walkthrough (gotta love that humor!). Faust: This is another great walkthrough. It is fairly short, but it is really great at explaining what you should do. If you can’t follow the diagrams in my walkthrough, then you should take a look at this one. The diagrams are better and easier to follow. My Review This is my opinion on Silhouette Mirage. Silhouette Mirage is a great game. Everything in this game is great, and it is worth playing through 5 times. If you like platformers, then this is a good game to try. Graphics: The graphics are 2D and are very detailed. For once, a good game that doesn’t need 3D graphics to get some attention! Score: 10/10 Gameplay: Something I’ve never really seen in a game before. It has some similarities to Mega Man for the SNES, but the idea of having to switch attributes to kill enemies is new and different. It’s a little hard to get used to though. Score: 9.5/10 Music: The music on this game is great. It matches well and some of the tunes are catchy (like the song at the credits!). Score: 10/10 Sound Effects: I find the sound effects in this game are very good. The characters have great voiceovers, except for the fact that some of Shyna’s and Malak’s can get a little irritating. Score: 8.5/10 Lasting Appeal: A master player could probably beat this game in a few hours. However, the game has to be beaten 5 times and the secret options and secret mode nice additions. I find that this is a game you can’t really get tired of, even if you have beat it 5 times. Score: 10/10 Overall: I think this game deserves a 10/10. Working Designs and Treasure have come up with a great game. It is 2D (a nice change) and it has a lot of great stuff. You should buy it, or consider renting it at least. </p>