Final Fanatsy 7 Character, Storyline, and level descriptions.(All that are presentl known that is). Storyline: Shin-Ra, a corporation that has taken over the worlds governments and total power supply. The company is rapidly taking over the entire world and using it to serve its needs. Cloud, a former Shin-Ra mercanary met Bullet the leader of Avalanche and one of the only people he was withstanding resitance from the ruthless power of Shin-Ra, at a bar and was offered a large amount of money to help his cause. Then Aerith runs in to Cloud be chance and then takes a major role in there quest to stop Shin-Ra. Characters: Cloud(Gaio in Japan): This 21 year-old spiked haired hero is battling to save his planet from Shin-Ra, a company that controls the worlds governments and power supply. As once a member of the Shin-Ra elite army, Cloud now is just a wandering mercanarie. He is now under the employ of Avanlanche, an anti-Shin-Ra terrorist group. After accepting a main job with Avalanche, he leaps in to battle to determine the very fate of his planet. Cloud weilds the longest sword in video gaming history and uses it in many different ways to make his rivals suffer. Bullet(formerly known as Barret): This monster (he is really a human)is the 35 year-old leader of Avalanche. He was married until his wife was killed in an accident several years ago. He is currently living with a woman named Marin while plotting his resistance to Shin-Ra. BulletÂ’s right arm just happened to be a chain gun which he uses to sacrifice animals, humans and any other being that tries to stop his mission. Aerith: Aerith is 22 years-old and has a very mysterious past. She currently runs MidgarÂ’s flower shop. But after meeting Cloud in a chance encounter, she ends up playing a major role helping him and Bullet resist the wrath of Shin-Ra. Rumors are spreading that she and Cloud may be in love with each other. Aerith has a long, metal cepter in which she uses to whack opponents senseless. Red XIII : Little is known(in real life) about Red XIII. He is actually a member of Avalanche! Red is a ferocious wolf/lion creature that uses sharp claws to shred opposers of the Avalanche campaign. Despite his beastly appearence, Red is actually very intelligent. His intelligence level exceeds that of a human by a long way. Cid: CidÂ’s back for some for Final Fantasy action. Although he is much younger (only 32)than Cids in the previous Final Fantasy quests, he still shares the same atributes of his past selves. Cid is still kind-hearted, has a high knowledge of mechanics and exploratory excitement. Cid carries a long metal spear in which he uses to inflict massive amounts of pain in opponents. Tifa: Tifa is the youngest of the Avalanche members(20 years-old), but is equally as dangerous. Tifa is brave and good to the communities, but behind the cute face lays the spirit of a fighter. She fights with only her bare fists and still manages to mash opponents. Tifa was a childhood friend of Clouds and although she acts otherwise, is believed to have feelings for him Levels(World): The Machine Tower: This level includes over a dozen floors to explore and houses the reators used to power the world. This structure is one of the most prized by Shin-Ra and plays a critical part in the story. The Church: The Church is a giant cathedral that has many stairs to climb and objects to find. Cloud will need to search this place inside out to find a crucial piece in the puzzle of stopping Shin-Ra. The Farm: Odd. A farm in the middle of a world of towers, slums, and giant cannons. The Farm is complete with a couch, milking stool and a fridge full of fresh dairy products. This stage is small and takes only a little amount of time to explore. Junon: Little is known about this level. In fact, pretty much nothing is known about it. It has a giant(gotta see it to believe it)gun pointing out in to the sea that sits on the top of it. There is also a banner on the front of this huge vessel that clearly states "Rufus". The Slums: These are fairly high quality slums. They have electricity, phones and TV. There are also some cool ruins there to mess around in and explore. *Note*When exploring, you will see only Cloud, but in the heat of the battle you will be able to use numerous characters. Thanks for reading me paper. I will continue to make updated version as more data is released. Thanks to GAMEFAN Magazine for the data on Red XIII, Cid, and Tifa Write me at 104313,1335 with questions or concerns. Thanks again, Burn: Cycle (Steve Allan) Copyrights: Final Fantasy 7 and all of the characters, worlds and storylines are registered trademarks to Square Soft Inc. *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>