Namco Museum, vol.4 (PSX) Codes and Secrets V1.1 8/4/97 Compiled and written up by: Richard Uyeyama ( Copyright 1997 by Richard Uyeyama. Permission granted by author to duplicate this file in its entirity for non-profit purposes only. All other rights reserved. Namco, Namco Museum, Assault, Ordyne, Pac-Land, The Return of Ishtar, and The Genji and the Heike Clans are trademarks of Namco Ltd. Namco Museum Volume 4 is Copyright 1996 by Namco Ltd. All rights reserved. Document history: V1.1 - Human receptionist can be changed back to a robot (transformation clarifications) - 2nd Genji/Heike visual sequence added - A couple non-secret items of interest added - Some minor clarification editing V1.0 - Human receptionist - Image video (The Genji and the Heike Clans) - Genji/Heike visual sequence - Assault Plus - Hidden Return of Ishtar - Pac-Land Jump Shoes Human receptionist: When at the Information Desk in the museum entry, look all the way up at the ceiling (Triangle button), then hit the X button (O button in Japan version) to switch the receptionist from a robot to a human (hitting the button more than once will toggle the receptionist back, and forth, and back, and forth...). When you look back down (Square button), the info desk receptionist will be human. If you wait around, every once in a while, she'll look around the room... You can also change the receptionist back to a robot in exactly the same way. The human receptionist seems to have 5 (that's how many I've found) different reactions when you talk to her (X button U/C, O button J). These seem to be determined randomly. Here are the ones I've seen so far: - bow - bow, gesture - bow, gesture, uncertainty/nervousness - inattentiveness, surprise, embarrassment/apology - welcoming Image video (The Genji and The Heike Clans): When you load the game (Namco Museum 4), hold down the L1 and R1 buttons until after the Namco screen, and instead of the normal OP sequence, you'll get to see a Genji/Heike image video. The video is also viewable at the Theater, btw, under the "Museum" section... though there it'll be a smaller version. Genji/Heike visual sequences: In the Genji/Heike game room, there are two extra visual sequences. For the first, after entering the game room, turn to your right and move towards the stone lantern you see there (place yourself at the edge of the path, with the lantern visible on the left side of the screen). If you position yourself correctly, the Pacman icon (lower right corner) will point something out. Hit the X button (O button in Japan version) to see a small visual sequence. For the second, go up the steps, and just at the top, turn around and look upward towards the moon. If you're in the right spot, the Pacman icon will point something out. Hit the X button (O button in Japan version) and you'll get to see a little visual sequence on the roof of the gateway. Assault Plus: Enter the X-Room (the room to the left of the Assault door in the Museum). Once inside, hit/hold up+Triangle+L1+R1 (at the same time), and the screen will flash white, and the Assault Plus woman will appear in the room. Go up to her and talk to her (X button U/C; O button J), and she'll activate the pedestal console in the center of the room (and then she'll disappear). Go up to the console (a screen reading "Assault Plus" should be visible above it now) and examine it (X button U/C; O button J), and the room will transform itself into the Assault Plus game room arena (btw, there are a couple Assault Plus exhibits in the game room as well). Now, just like in any other game room, go up to the machine and hit the X button (O button in Japan version) to play. Assault Plus, obtainable only via the X-Room, allows you to play Easy Assault and Super Assault. The Assault Plus woman seems to have 4 (that's how many I've found so far) different reactions when you talk to her, which seem to be determined randomly: - motions towards pedestal, then turns and fades into the darkness - quick glance/look towards pedestal, then fades... - glows and becomes SD, winks and poses, then fades... - glows and becomes SD, bows, turns towards pedestal, then fades... Hidden Return of Ishtar: Anywhere in the Ishtar entry room (the room before the game room) hallway, enter the following command: right,left,up,down,X (O in J version). If done correctly (it has to be done fairly quickly), the hallway will turn blue (all the flames turn from red to blue), and all of the exhibits except the "How to Play" screen will disappear (examine the "How to Play" screen for differences between hidden and normal versions of the game). Now if you proceed to the game room, you will find it to be completely different (underground scene, blue flames, dragon, and the two main characters), and the game will be the Hidden Return of Ishtar game instead. Pac-Land Jump Shoes: In the Pac-Land game room (beach scene), it's possible to get a pair of Jump Shoes... First, find the Pacman monster hiding in the game room (if you turn around and face the door, it should be on the right, hiding behind the hills). Position so that the Pacman icon points it out, then examine it (X button U/C, O button J). The monster will run off and hide again. Find it and examine it again (it'll be hiding on the left side of the hills now), and it'll run off and hide again. Do this one more time (it'll be hiding on top of the hills), and the monster will come down to where the other characters are, by the beach blanket. Examine it once more, and it will start chasing the fairy back and forth along the beach, and the Pacman character will start wishing anxiously for a power pellet. Now go over to the right (facing the exit door) side of the room to a trio of palm trees at the right edge. Look up (Triangle button), and you'll see that one of the palm trees is holding a Pacman power pellet disguised as a coconut. Position youself so the Pacman icon points it out, then shake the tree (X button U/C, O button J), and it'll fall and you'll catch it. Now bring it over to the Pacman character and give it to him (X button U/C, O button J), and he'll eat it and chase away the monster. After this has been done, and the fairy is once more safe, go up to her and talk to her (X button U/C, O button J), and in thanks, she'll give you a pair of Jump Shoes. Now you can jump around by using the X button (O button J?)...! I think the Jump Shoes only work in the Pac-Land game room beach area... By timing your jumps (hit the jump button just as you're landing), you can actually string together 4 jumps, each one higher than the last. If you succeed in this (it takes a bit of timing), you'll receive 7650 points (similar to the Pacman character when, after chasing away the monster, he leaps back to the beach blanket). (btw, for those of you who aren't familiar with Japanese numeric word representations, "765" can be interpreted as "Namco") I haven't found any real use for this (it may just be an "extra" with no real purpose). I've considered the possibility of some connection with the shop in the Ordyne game room (the cash register also displays "7650"), but I haven't found anything there yet... Anyway, if anybody finds anything further in regards to the Jump Shoes (or anything else Namco Museum-related), you can send me some e-mail at the address below... Other items of interest: Marshall Stowe (who maintains a fairly extensive Pac-Man page on the Web) suggested that I mention some of the non-secret items of interest in Namco Museum 4, so here follow some of those. These are not precisely secrets, but are perhaps of interest for those who have not already noted them for themselves. Icon actions - if you wait around for a while and do nothing, the Pacman icon will periodically perform some non-standard action, and if you wait around for long enough, the Pacman icon will even eventually get bored and fall asleep... Pac-Man Pirouette - by sidestepping (L1 or R1) at the same time as you turn (L or R (or one of the diagonals) on the d-pad), you can get your Pac-Man icon to pirouette. Kinda cute, if nothing else. Return of Ishtar scenery change - In most of the game rooms, if you wait around for a while, things will change. The Return of Ishtar game room has probably the most drastic changes. If you wait around for a while, day will turn to night, which will turn to dawn. And then, a bit after dawn, a dragon will appear on the right side (the statue is pointing to the spot), fly overhead, and the screen will go to white, and the entire room will change: water, unbroken pillars, the tower now leaning... Special thanks to the Jugemu Books guide to Namco Museum 4, a fairly comprehensive guide to the museum and the games, with strategies, maps, and all sorts of other stuff... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The latest version of this file can be found at: 765 Museum Lane Additions, corrections, clarifications, queries, and comments can be directed to me (Richard Uyeyama) at: -------------------------------------------------------------------------</p>