Final Fantasy Tactics General FAQ ver 0.02 by Adam Hunter (BootZ) ========================================================================================= support your import dealers! buy original discs! ========================================================================================= I'm not going to say this info is copyrighted, but please, if you reprint give me credit! ========================================================================================= Additons Since ver 0.01: Added info on the shop menus. What's in this FAQ? This FAQ explains MOST of the in-battle and map mode options. It also gives a little strategy on the first couple of battles (which are actually very easy!). What do I need? Well, for one, the in-battle options (the section where you can change control type, etc.) Also, I'm having trouble finding out how to gain more 'ablilities' with my characters. If anyone has info they would like to contribute, please feel free! Hopefully if we all work together we can make this great game even more enjoyable! I. Starting The Game! A. 1st screen: enter name *press L2/R2 to change style of lettering SQUARE to delete space START when done, then choose 1st option. 2nd screen: enter birth date *press D-PAD to choose Mo/Yr B. Then comes awesome CG, enjoy! II. In-Battle Mode A. START or CIRCLE button brings up battle menu. #1: MOVE *blue area is moving range #2: ACTION ATTACK (in red area) ITEM (appears only if applicable to character) SKILL (use acquired skills) CHANGE EQUIP (if applicable) #3: DONE #4. CHARACTER STATUS #5. OTHER SET MANUAL CONTROL (default) SHOW ALL ENEMIES (flash red) SHOW ALL ALLIES (flash blue) MAKE CHARACTER AUTO CONTROL same as above??? B. TRIANGLE button #1: SHOWS UPCOMING TURNS *ally in brown, enemy in red #2: OVERALL STATUS SCREEN *move to character using L1/R1 and hit: CIRCLE to view individual TRIANGLE to arrange by category (HP,MP,etc.) #3: OPTIONS CONTROL TYPE: A (default) / B ? ? ? ? CONFIRM MOVE: ON (default) / OFF ? ON (default) / OFF ? ON (default) / OFF ? ON (default) / OFF ? ON (default) / OFF ? ON (default) / OFF ? ON (default) / OFF CHANGE AUDIO MIX: 1 / 2 / 3 (default) AUDIO ??? C. SQUARE button (held down) *move freely over the map w/ D-PAD D. X button *on a character, shows their moving range E. SELECT button *bring up Help III. Map Menu MOVE VIEW CHARACTERS VIEW INTERMISSIONS TUTOR SAVE OPTIONS (same as in-battle options) IV. City Menu *press CIRCLE button to bring up menu INFO? SHOP BUY ITEM SELL ITEM BUY ITEM BY CHARACTER PUT ITEM ON ACCOUNT CONFIRM ORDER OF EQUIPMENT ?? SELL ITEM SELL ITEM BY CHARACTER SELL ITEM FROM OVERALL INVENTORY EXIT TO MAIN SHOP MENU EXIT SHOP UPGRADE / RENAME CHARACTER?? V. Hints/Tips *if you are ever in doubt as to what an item or skill may do, the function will be listed above your character's stats; for example, an attack would say "-20 HP", or something to that effect *on the 1st battle of chapter 1, take out the item carriers first so they won't be able to heal the swordsmen and other enemies. *eventually after a character is killed, they will turn into a treasure chest which usually contains an item or weapon --------------1A424B3D75FD-- *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>