________ _________ ______ / _____/ |___ ___| / __ \ | / ___ | | | |__| | | | \ | | | | __ | | | | | | | | / \ | | \_ _| | | | | | | | \_______/ /___\ |_| |_| \ C H I N A T O W N / \_____W A R S_____/ /------------------------------------\ | W A N T E D L E V E L & L A W | | E N F O R C E M E N T S G U I D E | \------------------------------------/ FAQ Started: May 4th, 2009 Written By Metroidude477 ASCII art by: Metroidude477 Original Version finished: June 18th, 2009 Email: metroidude47@yahoo.ca Current Version: 1.05 __ __ \ _______ / \____/ [1.0] \______________________________/ __ __ \ [ I N T R O D U C T I O N ] / \ ___________________________________________/ Hi, Metroidude477 here with my GTA: Chinatown Wars Wanted Level & Law Enforment Guide. I just got GTA: CW and have been playing it a lot recently, and found the LCPD really annoying. You get wanted levels for really minor things such as softly bumping a Police Patrol with a car, yet when I blow up a gas station the police do nothing, and so I've decided to write this guide on all you need to know about the LCPD within this game. I will be happy to take in any comments, suggestions, etc, just E-Mail 'em to me at metroidude47@yahoo.ca and I'll add in your contribution (If you have one) and credit you in the credits section. So, good luck, load those SMGs, and blast away. __ __ \ _______ / \____/ [2.0] \______________________________/ __ __ \ [ T A B L E O F C O N T E N T S ] / \ ___________________________________________/ Use Ctrl + F (For Windows users) and enter the number on the right to skip to that section. ----------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction [1.0] 2. Table of Contents [2.0] 3. What's Law & What's Not [3.0] 4. Wanted Levels [4.0] a) One Star Wanted Level [4.1] b) Two Star Wanted Level [4.2] c) Three Star Wanted Level [4.3] d) Four Star Wanted Level [4.4] e) Five Star Wanted Level [4.5] f) Six Star Wanted Level [4.6] 5. Law Enforcements [5.0] a) One Star [5.1] b) Two Stars [5.2] c) Three Stars [5.3] d) Four Stars [5.4] e) Five Stars [5.5] f) Six Stars [5.6] 6. Tricks of the Trade [6.0] a) Weapon Tips and Tricks [6.1] b) Vehicle Tips and Tricks [6.2] c) Survival Tips and Tricks [6.3] 7. End Guide [7.0] a) Credits [7.1] b) Copyright [7.2] c) Contact Information [7.3] d) Version History [7.4] __ __ \ _______ / \____/ [3.0] \______________________________/ __ __ \ [ W H A T' S L A W & W H A T' S N O T] / \ ___________________________________________/ Many things in GTA aren't so realistic. In this section I'll be covering what's breaking the law and what's not in the unpredictable grounds of Liberty City. (Thanks to Gta.Wikia.com for the info) Actions that don't get you a wanted level: -------------------------------------------- - Displaying a firearm (Such as a Rocket Launcher, lol) - Wielding a melee weapon (Such as a chainsaw) - Speeding, running red lights, driving off road, etc. - Jumping on people's cars - Drug Dealing (Unless spotted) - Breaking property (Such as street lights, gas stations, etc) - Jumping off high grounds - Creating road blocks - Driving a military vehicle (Such as a tank) - Driving illegally stolen vehicles - Entering contruction sites - Crossing roads illegally - Posing as a police officer, paramedic, taxi driver, firefighter, etc - Aiming weapons at civilians There are probably more, but I just took a few from the GTA Wikia, credit goes to them. If there are any I missed, please E-mail me and I will happily add in your contribution. Actions that DO get you a Wanted Level: ---------------------------------------------- - Attacking, ramming or killing a Police Officer - Attacking or killing a civilian with an officer nearby - Throwing a grenade or Molotov Cocktail with an officer near by - Shooting a firearm with an officer nearby - Carjacking with an officer nearby - Hitting, carjacking, or attacking a police vehicle in any way - Performing a Drive-By with an officer near by - Being spotted in a vehicle with its alarm set off - Driving through the toll gate without paying the $5 fare - Attacking a law enforcement vehicle with a cop nearby - Blowing up a gas station and harming someone in the process - Firing the Rhino's (Tank) Cannon a few times, even if it doesn't hurt anyone Once again, the info was taken from the GTA wikia, so all credit goes to them. If I've missed anything, you know what to do (Email me). So as you can see, GTA ain't the most realistic games around. I mean come on, you'd think the cops would be pretty freaked out if you wield a rocket launcher or drive a tank down the street, but then again, this is GTA, and games aren't reality. __ __ \ _______ / \____/ [4.0] \______________________________/ __ __ \ [ W A N T E D L E V E L S ] / \ ___________________________________________/ In this section I'll be covering everything you need to know about wanted levels. What kinds of Police Enforcements will be used, etc. First off, you'll need to actually HAVE a wanted level. To get one, piss off a cop by stealing, attacking, or killing civilians or cops themselves. First of all, if you've commited any crime from the list above in front of a cop, then you'll get a wanted level and the cops will try to arrest you. If you've been knocked down near a cop, then the cop will hold you at gunpoint, thus busting you. When you get busted, a few hours of ingame time will pass and you will appear at the nearest police station, with a few hundred dollars gone used to bribe the cops to let you out. All your weapons and body armor will also be gone, as well as any drugs you might have on you. The higher your wanted level, the harder the cops will try to bring you down. I will list below all the details on each level as well as tips for survival. Thw Wanted System in GTA Chinatown Wars is rather unique. Unlike previous GTA games, the main way to level down your wanted stars are to disable police vehicles. To do this, crash in to them at high speeds, make them crash into walls, or just leave them to crash each other. Another way of disabling cop cars are to have an explosion nearby to knock 'em out. It doesn't count if they blow up themselves, so don't go on shooting the cars. After they're disabled, a red X will appear from the disabled vehicle and move to the top right of the top screen, crossing out one of the whatever number of vehicles needed for that particular level, so say you have 4 stars, then you'll need to disable 4 cars to move down one level, and so on. Note that disabling a cop vehicle does not kill the cop inside it, so watch out if they come out and try to bust you. Oh yeah, disabled vehicles also wont work if you try to drive 'em. --------------------------------------------- One Star Wanted Level [4.1] --------------------------------------------- Summary: ------------------------------- You've probably commited a small crime and got on an Officer's nerves. This wanted level is really minor, and will disappear over time if you are well hid without Law Enforcements nearby. Or if you're in a hurry, disable a police vehicle and get away until the bottom screen remains blue (Indicating your out of the cops' sight) which will get you an instant safe (Well, grey flashing stars anyway). How to get: ------------------------------- - Attack or kill a civilian - Attack or kill a Police Officer - Carjacking any vehicle with an Officer nearby - Throwing a grenade or Molotov Cocktail - Using a chainsaw with a cop nearby - Driving through the toll booth without paying the fare - Damaging a Police Vehicle in any way - Spotted in a car with its alarm set off - Using the flamethrower - Firing the Rhino's cannon, even if it doesn't hurt anyone - *Blowing up a Gas Station and harming a group of people * Blowing up a gas station gets you different Wanted levels, depending on the amount of people you hurt, but it's usually 1 or 2 stars, but most of the time the cops don't care if you cause a Boom. Law Enforcements: ------------------------------ During this level, cops'll pursue you in attempt to hit you with their night sticks. If you get spotted by a cop car, the car'll slowly chase after you in an attempt to run you over. Beware, if you get pulled out of a car or knocked down with a cop nearby, you be busted. Oh yeah, if you for whatever reason come in view of an airbourne police heli (No, not the ones flying ones flying over the bridges), the helicopter'll pursue you and shoot at you with its gun. How to escape this wanted level: -------------------------------- Easy, just hide it out somewhere and wait for the star to disappear. Be warned, you won't be safe just that moment. After the lit star disappears, a gray star will be flashing, which means you're under suspicion, so don't commit any more crimes before the flashing star dies down. If you do, all your stars'll be back. If you want, you could go to a Pay 'n' Spray (I don't see why you would wanna do that, this level is wayy to easy to avoid). Another way of relieving you of any amount of stars you have is to save at your safe house. When you go back outside, the stars'll be gray and flashing. The final tactic is to disable police cars. After you disable one, make a quick getaway and the star'll disappear and the usual gray flashing star'll take its place. Additional Notes: ------------------------------ It's always a good idea to quickly get rid of this star ASAP. You might not think it's soo serious, but if you commit any additional crimes this star might start multiplying, so watch out. --------------------------------------------- Two Star Wanted Level [4.2] --------------------------------------------- Summary: ------------------------------- You've probably retaliated Law Enforcements and now they'll actually TRY to get you. Police Cars'll pursue you and ram you, cops'll be more violent, etc. This level is easily escaped by using Pay 'n' Sprays or disabling Police Vehicles. How to get: ------------------------------- - Retaliate Law Enforcements - Kill a cop - Blow up a Cop Vehicle - Kill a large amount of civilians in a short time - Blowing up a large number of vehicles - Blowing up a Gas Station while hurting more then 4 people (Need confirming) - Destroying a Helicopter - Excessive use of grenades or Molotovs - Suprise bust when Drug Dealing Law Enforcements: ------------------------------- At this stage, Police cars'll start to pursue you at a pretty good speed, and cops'll start shooting pistols at you. Police cars are arguably more aggresive at this point, and they'll often be more then one on your tail. Cops'll be taking cover behind cars if you decide to fight them, and you'll probably be run over then shot to death. How to escape with wanted level: ------------------------------- The best way to shake this one off is to just disable the Police Vehicles. You only need to crash 3 for you to be safe, so why not? Hiding no longer works at this level, but you can still Pay 'n' Spray if you want to. Or yeah, in order for you to use the Pay'n'Sprays, there can't be any cops around. Additional Notes: ----------------------------- This is still one of the easier wanted levels, with efficent ways of getting away from the cops. Try not to provoke the police any more at this level, since 3 stars is a pain in the butt. --------------------------------------------- Three Star Wanted Level [4.3] --------------------------------------------- Summary: -------------------------------- This is when it starts to get dirty. The LCPD is finally taking you seriously. There'll be a police helicopter on your tail shooting bullets at you, police cars everywhere, and cops gunning you down. A few NOOSE Enforcers with NOOSE in 'em will also start appearing, so stay alert. How to get: -------------------------------- - Retaliate Law Enforcements - Kill a large amount of civilians in a short time - Blowing up a large number of vehicles - Extreme use of grenades or Molotovs Law Enforcements: ------------------------------- Hehe, fun! A police heli'll start to pursue you and shoot at you, police cars around every corner, cops swarming sidewalks, and some NOOSE Enforcers banging into you. Cops shoot at you on sight, and want you more dead then arrested. How to escape with wanted level: ------------------------------- You'll need to disable a total of 6 cop cars to evade arrest or death, but that's still kind of easy. Why? Cause since there's so many cop cars around, it'll be easier to find one to disable. Pay'n'Spray is literally impossible now, with that Chopper around. Saving your game in a safehouse also instantly turns all stars flashy gray. Additional Notes: ----------------------------- For a quick kill on Police Helicopter, throw a molotov at it. If angled right (Just aim at it) the Heli'll instantly burn down and explode. Oh yeah, if you need some health, try to find a NOOSE Enforcer and get in. Entering an Enforcer'll instantly give you full body armor. Ambulances also give 20% of your health back. --------------------------------------------- Four Star Wanted Level [4.4] --------------------------------------------- Summary: -------------------------------- Well, your a big problem for the LCPD now. They'll dispatch alot more NOOSE Enforcers & Police Cruisers now, and sometimes even the FIB'll join in. The heli is still on your tail, and roadblocks made of NOOSE Vans are common now. How to get: -------------------------------- - Retaliate Law Enforcements - Kill a huge number of civilians in a short time - Destroying two or more helicopters, or a bunch of vehicles Law Enforcements: -------------------------------- Aside from the usual Police Patrols and cops, choppers, NOOSE Enforcers and sometimes the FIB will also give chase. The NOOSE are armed with Micro SMGs, so you can kill them for some ammo. The FIB can be deadly, they'll first try to run you over, and then gun you to death, with the occasional bust if they see the opportunity. The FIB are armed with Micro SMGs, in their FIB Ranchers (Which make surprising good vigilante vehicles), and are easily distinctive in their gray outfits. Now I'm not quite sure on this, but I do think that at 4 stars and up helicopters will drop SWATs down if you stand below them for too long. How to escape with wanted level: ------------------------------- Disable 10 police cars and you're safe, easy if you can find a fast and durable car like the Sabre GT or Turismo. Don't head for Pay'n'Spray, it's impossible to use at this level. Remebr, saving at a safehouse (No, PDA save doesn't work, though you can restart the game after you quicksave to respawn at your nearest safehouse, wanted level free) also gets you safe. By the way, completing a mission will also clear any wanted levels you've obtained. Additional Notes: ----------------------------- Note that the FIB won't appear until you first meet Heston, and that Taxis also won't take you as a fare (considering you're "Dangerous"), and most pedestrians will have disappeared by this level, but some cars are still present. --------------------------------------------- Five Star Wanted Level [4.5] --------------------------------------------- Summary: -------------------------------- Liberty is officially declaring you as a federal problem now (Yay). They'll send out the FIB to hunt you down, along with an heckload of cops. More NOOSE appear now, with Agents alongside them. Prepare for a fight. How to get: -------------------------------- - Retaliate Law Enforcements Law Enforcements: -------------------------------- Said before, the Cops, NOOSE, SWAT (From Helicopters), and FIB are all in. Bulletproof Taxis are a good choice now, since Agents and NOOSE on foot will want you dead with their Micro SMGs. Look out for Choppers droppping down SWAT and firing at you with their machine guns. Remember, you can always bust a heli by throwing a Molotov at it, or if you wanna go Rambo, Assualt Rifles and RPGs work well too. Watch out for road blocks, as well as incoming cars from all directions. How to escape with wanted level: ------------------------------- Save in a safehouse, disable 15 cars, or complete a mission. Those are your only three options of getting out of this one. No Pay'n'Spray, no hiding. Try to avoid traveling on foot, always get in a rancher or Patrol for a quick gettaway. Additional Notes: ----------------------------- Remember, Enforcers always give you free body armor when you get in them, but only once per car. Getting into Patrols or Ranchers give you 5 shotgun shells, so use em in case you're low on ammo. --------------------------------------------- Six Star Wanted Level [4.6] --------------------------------------------- Summary: -------------------------------- Congratulations, you've made it to the highest of wanted levels, the peak of Law Enforcements, the almighty Six Stars. You've been classified as Global Terror, and so Liberty has made the decision to send out the Army on you. At this level, there's no more fooling around. The Army wants you dead, NOW. Do your best and avoid tanks at all cost. Get ready for one last showdown. How to get: -------------------------------- - Retaliate Law Enforcements Law Enforcements: -------------------------------- The Army in their fancy old tanks are out to hunt you down. Don't be stupid and try to steal one (Like me), their doors are locked. Tanks are near invincible, so don't try to blow one up with your puny Assualt Rifles (I still love M16s). The only ways to destroy one are to knock it out with a heck ton of explosions, or to fire 5 or 6 RPG Heads. Do NOT go anywhere near a tank while in a car, the Tank will just blow your car up with a cannonshot (It doesn't blow it up immediately, once hit, the vehicle will be instantly set on fire, giving you some time to bail out). For a safespot from the tank's cannon, walk right up to it and the tank can hurt you (Unless it runs you over XD), thanks to Spotter4 for the info. For some awesomeness, try to get to the southwest corner of Francis International, and there you will find a Rhino. Get in it, quit the mission, and then reenter the Rhino, and it's all yours. Try fighting tank with tank, it's fun =D. Army Soldiers will also spawn regularly, armed with assualt rifles, so beware. Aside from the Army, LCPD, NOOSE, SWAT, and the FIB will also join in. Have fun on this one! How to escape with wanted level: ------------------------------- Disable 21 vehicles to get out of this mess. Saving also helps, if you can get to a safehouse, that is. Remember the PDA trick? You know, save, reset, and your safe? Well, that works nicely here too. If you possibly can, get a tank from the airport and bang any cop cars you see. The Rhino has awesome ramming power, so disabling cars shouldn't be a problem, just watch out for other tanks and cops trying to pull you out. Good luck, soldier! Additional Notes: ----------------------------- Not much, except soldiers sometimes exit Tanks when they start to smoke, giving you a chance to hijack it. __ __ \ _______ / \____/ [5.0] \______________________________/ __ __ \ [ L A W E N F O R C E M E N T S ] / \ ___________________________________________/ This part of the guide will cover every Law Enforcement unit in this game with a description, threat level, best weapon used against them, etc. Patrols, Rhinos, it's all in here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- O N E S T A R [5.1] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Police Officer ------------------------------------ Threat Level: */***** Weapon(s) used: Nightstick, Pistol Best weapon against them: Revolver These guys are the grunts of the LCPD. They appear at every level, but will only use their pistols at two stars and higher. At the basic 1 star, they'll just chase after you, giving up after a while if you run a distance away from them. They'll also try to bust you by pulling you outta cars. At 2 stars and up, they'll start shooting you on sight, & taking cover behind Patrols. Any weapon proves effective against them, but the Revolver does the most efficient job. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- T W O S T A R S [5.2] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Police Patrol ------------------------------------ Threat Level: **/***** Weapon(s) used: N/A Best weapon against them: Shotguns/SMG These cars only come after you at 1 star if they see you. They drive slowly in pursuit, and can easily be outspeeded with any vehicle. They contain one officer inside, so watch out. At 2 stars and up, these cars become much more aggresive. They'll accelerate with great efficiency, and will bang you on the sides. Still, they can be easily destroyed by pumping a few shells into 'em with your shotgun. SMGs work well too. Patrols' re pretty fast, and when entering one you'll recieve 5 shoty shells. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- T H R E E S T A R S [5.3] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- NOOSE Van ------------------------------------ Threat Level: ***/***** Weapon(s) used: N/A Best weapon against them: Assualt Rifle/Shotgun These cars are an upgrade from the Patrols. They're sturdier, more powerful, and can take more punishment, though their speed is lower then the Patrols. These vans are sometimes used by the LCPD to make roadblocks, but most of the time you can just ram right through. They crash at you harder, but are easier to drive away from. When Huang enters one, he recieves full bodyarmor. Easily outmatched by a few stubby shotgun shells or assualt rifle rounds. NOOSE Officer ------------------------------------ Threat Level:**/***** Weapon(s) used: Best weapon against them: Revolver, SMG These guys are from the National Office of Security Enforcement (NOOSE). They're a step up from the regular Officers, and now spawn around Liberty to assist the LCPD to bring you down. They come in NOOSE Enforcers, on foot, or drop down from helicopters (Or is that SWAT?). They hold slightly higher defense then the normal Officers, but a few Revolver rounds will easily put them out of commision. For a quicker kill, just pump some lead into 'em with your SMG. (Thanks to BNLegend for telling me what weapon the NOOSE Team uses.) Police Helicopter ------------------------------------ Threat Level: ****/***** Weapon(s) used: Mounted Machine Gun Best weapon against them: RPG/Molotov Cocktail The Police Mavericks from previous GTAs are back. Like always, they begin pursuit at 3 stars. If you hear a cop shout "We need air support NOW!" then you know a chopper's coming. The helis' ll chase you in the air, and shoot at you if in range with their powerful machine guns. If you stay in one area for too long with a heli above you, then they might start dropping SWAT (Or is it NOOSE?) down to dispose you. Best way to beat 'em down is to just make 'em eat a rocket. Another good way is it to thow a Molotov at it. Should all else fail, pull out the minigun. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- F O U R S T A R S [5.4] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing new appears at four stars yet, but the FIB do tend to spawn now every so often after you meet Heston. I'll leave the FIB for five stars, but for now just try to handle all the extra cops that rush at you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- F I V E S T A R S [5.5] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- FIB Agent ----------------------------------- Threat Level: */***** Weapon(s) used: Pistol Best weapon against them: Revolver, SMG These guys aren't so different from the NOOSE. They come at five stars now to lend a hand to both NOOSE and LCPD. The Agents dress in their distinct Gray suits, and apparently wield pistols (For the FIB??). They are pretty strong, but the Revolver is still stronger. SMG works well too. Just make sure not to get caught in the middle of a pack! (Thanks to BNLegend for info on the weapons FIB use.) FIB Rancher ----------------------------------- Threat Level: **/***** Weapon(s) used: N/A Best weapons against them: Assualt Rifle, Shotgun The signature vehicle for the FIB, these SUVs are nice and durable, making them great choices for Vigilante. At Five Stars (Or four) they will begin to take over Patrols as they pursuit you around Liberty. These cars are more resistant then the Patrols, making 'em harder to disable. Still, whack 'em hard enough and they'll be X'ed out. Ranchers carry FIB Agents, so beware. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- S I X S T A R S [5.6] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Rhino ----------------------------------- Threat Level: *****/***** Weapon(s) used: Cannon Best weapons against them: RPG, Another Tank's Cannon The Rhino (Tank) is the peak of security and has death written all over it. These tanks spawn ocasionally at 6 stars and will target you with their cannons. If you stay in one spot for more then a few seconds, then they'll fire, usually resulting in your death. Vehicles will explode when hit by a cannon, except for when Huang is in it (In which case it will set on fire). When the Army uses them, the doors'll be locked, so don't try hijacking. A good way to take out a Rhino is to blow it up with 2 Rhino cannon shots, or use an RPG till it catchs fire. Soldier ---------------------------------- Threat Level: ****/***** Weapon(s) used: Assualt Rifle Best Weapons against them: SMG, Shotgun These guys are hardcore. They can blow your *** open in a matter of seconds with their Assualt Rifles if you're not careful. Though they rarely spawn, they still are deadly. They are also inside tanks. Eliminate them with caution, and remember to take cover. Use hard hitting guns for the best effect. They dress in camouflage green. Oddly, the Army don't use Patriots or Barracks anymore. Oh well. __ __ \ _______ / \____/ [6.0] \______________________________/ __ __ \ [ T R I C K S O F T H E T R A D E ] / \ ___________________________________________/ In this secton I will be covering any tips and tricks that will help you, even if they were already mentioned in the above section. Any new tip/tricks are welcome, just email me at metroidude47@yahoo.com. The tips will be divided into different sections, for easy reference and organization. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- W E A P O N T I P S A N D T R I C K S [6.1] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Micro SMG or SMG? ---------------------------- Well, the Micro SMG offers a bigger clip then the SMG, holding 50 rounds opposed to the 30 of the SMG, which is pretty useful in firefights, but the SMG has much more firepower then the Micro. While both can effectively kill human targets, the SMG is way supreior when it comes to destroying vehicles. Each bullet of the SMG packs more punch then the Micro, which really helps when performing drive-bys. It's really your call, whether you want a gun with a bigger clip or a gun with more firepower, but I prefer the SMG. Heavy Weapons? ---------------------------- There are 3 types of heavy weapons in this game. The flamethrower, the RPG, and the minigun. All three are pretty expensive to purchase off ammunation, reaching the thousands, so unless you've hit the million, it's better to find other ways to get them. The flamethrower is a great weapon for creating chaos and messing around with. If a person touchs the flame the Flamethrower shoots out, then they'll set on fire and will start running around screamin as they slowly die. Vehicles are also affected by the flame, so it's a great tool for destroying a large pack of cars, but it will take several seconds of scorching before actually exploding. The flamethrower may a strong weapon, but it lacks range as the flame can only be shot 1 or 2 meters ahead. It also lacks the ability to aim upwards, so it can't target anything like helicopters. The Flamethrower is also the easiest to obtain out of the three weapons, being the cheapest weapon in the catagory and common in Arson vigilante missions. The RPG is a famous weapon in the GTA series, and all have come to love it. It packs a great destructive punch, often destroying anything in one shot. The damage of one warhead is unmatched, and can be effectively used to blow down helicopters that get in your way. The thing is, you can't fire this at anything near you, or you'll go flying yourself. Also, each clip carries only 1 rocket, and so must be reloaded each time you fire. It is also the second most expensive weapon in this catagory, right under the minigun. However, it can be sometimes found in Ammunation vans if you decide to hijack one. What I like to do is to buy some whenever there is a discount on it on Ammunation, for $4000 each. The RPG is best used against vehicles, for reasons said before. It makes a great anti-air weapon, and it also has to ability to stop tanks (That is, after several rockets). The Minigun is is the almighty key to destruction. Not saying that other weapons aren't good, it's just that this thing is wayy too strong. Being the more expensive weapon in the game at $10000 per gun and clip, it sure has its reasons. The minigun eats ammo faster then anything in the game except for the flmaethrorwer, and so it shoots rounds faster then heck, capable annihilating anything in its path. Because it shoots so fast, ammo is a problem. It leaks bullets, and minigun rounds are never cheap. Your choice, whether you want others to have fiery death, an explosive death, or a violent death (That's the minigun). Personally I prefer the RPG, since the flamethrower lacks range, and the minigun is to expensive and can only be bought after you beat the game. Gettaway/kill 'em all in a flash! ------------------------------------ If you are stuck in the middle of a firefight and need some breathing space, try using a flashbang. These handy projectiles can only be ontained by buying them off Ammunation or getting them from a red dumpster by the pier during the mission "Clear The Pier''. When deployed, they'll emitt a bright flash, temporaily stunning all nearby foes, rendering them defenceless. You can take this opportunity to kill them or run away. The stun wears off after a few seconds, so act fast. The problem is since this weapon is a projectile, you can't use Molotovs or Grenades, which realling sucks. "I was outta bullets..." ----------------------------------- Wanna easily get red of that darn police heli that's always after you? Here's a good way how. Get some molotovs, and aim 'em at the heli. The helicopter should be positioned at the highest point of your targeting line, then let loose the Molotov. If done correctly, the heli should quickly catch fire and start spinning out of control, eventually crashing. Congratulations, you just took down a heli with one measly Molotov! If you don't have molotovs, just use an assualt rifle, RPG, or shotgun. Another wicked way of taking down a chopper is to throw a grenade directly undernieth it. If thrown right, then the explosion should take down the heli above, or atleast damage it. Discount on Ammunation ---------------------------------- Score gold on all weapons at the Liberty City Gun Club for a discount on Ammunation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- V E H I C L E T I P S A N D T R I C K S [6.2] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Need a Lift? ---------------------------- If you ever need to get somewhere quickly or just too lazy to drive, then you can hire a taxi to drive you instead. To hire one, go near a taxi with a LIT yellow light on top and hold the X button or whistle/blow into the microphine. Both will cause the taxi to stop and small arrows will point into it. Go to the taxi and you will automaticaly get in. You will then be brought to a GPS menu where you can tap the location you wish to go to, and then tap on the money symbol at the bottom-left corner of the screen. The game will show you the fare price. Then tap the checkmark and you'll be on your way. You can watch the whole journey, press B to speed up, or just press select to skip the whole thing. You will then be dropped off at your destination. Gas Tank fun! ------------------------------------ Here's an awesome trick that you can preform in just about every vehicle. While driving, bail out and immediatly press A with a gun wielded. Huang should automaticly aim at the vehicle's gas tank, setting it on fire immediatly, and blowing up quickly after. This can be used stragetically to blow up roadblocks, cop cars, or even pedestrians. Even more funny when you do it driving into a gas station =D! (Credit to shoving_tacoZ for telling me) Gas Tankers, watch out! ------------------------------------ There are usually gas tankers around Liberty at Gas Stations. These heavy trucks blow up hard when they're set on fire, and have a wide explostion range, which you can use to your advantage. Drive the tanker and bail out midway, and quickly hit the A buttom while wielding a gun. Huang should automaticly aim at the vehicle's gas tank, leading to it to be set on fire immediatly, blowing up quickly. This can be used strageticly to destroy roadblocks or police vehicles, just be sure to let the truck roll ahead a bit so you don't blow yourself up. Burnout! --------------------------------- This is an awesome speed move preformable in most vehicles. First of all, you'll need a moderately fast car. Get in, and stay on the spot, then hold down both B and Y at the same time until your tires start to smoke. Then, release the brakes (Y) and your car will recieve a quick burst of speed, leaving behind a fiery tire trail. This is especially useful in Street Races and Vehicle missions, so use it alot. You can also preform on-the-spot turns when holding Y & B! Of yeah, the fiery streak you leave behind can be used to set peeps on fire =D. Drug Vans --------------------------------- After completing a certain mission (Where you have to raid a spanish lord warehouse) special Burritos marked with arrows pointing at them will appear on the streets of Liberty. These vans can be jacked, and then must be brought to the nearest secluded safehouse, where the vans can be searched for any drugs it may carry. Be careful, the drivers are armed. Ammunation Trucks -------------------------------- After unlocking Ammunation, specially marked Yankees with stars on the top and arrows pointing down at them will start spawning in Liberty City. Unlike their drug van counterparts, these vans are unlocked way earlier and their doors are locked. Should they be rammed or threatened, they'll start speeding away. Luckily, they're marked on your GPS as soon as they appear on-screen. If you want, you could ram it until the driver bails out, or shoot at it until the driver decides to face you. Anyways, an effective way to jack the locked trucks are to shoot the van with 5 revolver rounds (Which will make the driver stop and come out) and pull out a shotgun or assualt rifle to finish the driver, which is armed with a stubby shotgun. Either way, after you've gotten the truck, head towards the nearest secluded safehouse (The GPS will automatically direct you to the nearest) where you'll cut open the cargo door with a heat gun (Don't stop cutting and watch your gas level) and obtain the tresures inside. The loot can be anything from a Micro-SMG to a RPG. NOOSE Van armor --------------------------------- If you enter a NOOSE Van, you'll automatically recieve full bodyarmor. This can only be done once per van, or if you put the Van in a garage, you can do it over and over again. Patrols ain't bad either ---------------------------------- Get into a Police Patrol (You know, your everyday cop car) and you'll instantly be given a normal shotgun and 5 shells. The shells are all-shotgun-compatible, so this trick can be done to quickly obtain shotgun shells. You can only get ammo once per Patrol, but a trick allows it to be much easier. First of all, get a Patrol into a garage. Park the car in, and Huang should automatically walk out. Get back into the garage, drive the car out, and drive it back in. Since everytime the car gets put into the garage it gets "Renewed", the game will assume it's a brand new Patrol and will award you with 5 shells. Repeat this as many times as you want, getting 5 shells each time you enter the garage. Now if I recall correctly, FIB Ranchers also supply you with 5 shells each time you enter a new rancher. Ambulance to save the day ----------------------------------- Entering an ambulance will give you 20% of your health back everytime you enter a new can, so you can exploit this with the garage trick for a quick replenish (But I don't see why you don't just save, seeing you're at a safehouse). Rhino to go ----------------------------------- You don't need to spend $10,000 everytime you want a Rhino, just get to the southwest corner of Francis Internation Airport and have a look around on your GPS for a building that looks like this: _________ | | ___| | | | | | | | | | |_______ | O = Patriot | | X = Rhino O X | | |____| Anyways, find a building that looks like that and there you will find a Rhino parked next to a Patriot. Entering the Rhino will trigger a sidemission, but just quit it, get back in the Rhino, and it's all yours. Have fun wrecking havoc! Bulletproof Taxis --------------------------------- Successfully completing 15 Taxi fares in a row during the Taxi side mission (Activated by pressing Select while in a Cabbie) will make all Taxis bulletproof while you're in them. This can be really useful when raiding gang warehouses or messing around with cops. Note that being bulletproof doesn't mean the Taxi can't be damaged by explosions, crashes, or fire. Bullet proof cars are still OHKOed by Rhino Cannons, so don't try using these against them (Thanks to DarthVashti for the info). ---------------------------------------------------------------------- S U R V I V A L T I P S A N D T R I C K S [6.3] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lottery can be a lifesaver ----------------------------------- When you're low on health, you can try heading into a Lottery shop. Sometimes there'll be lottery tickets with pictures of a hamburger on them. Buy em (They're only like $5 each), and get scratching. If you're lucky, you might get three hambuger icons, which fully restores your health. 3 Hotdogs and your reward will be half of your bar refilled. Also, Ammunation scratch tickets hold a chance to win bodyarmor. Dumpsters too?! ----------------------------------- When searching GREEN dumpsters (Not red ones), you have a chance to find food. Never pick up moldy food, just walk away from the dumpster. Sometimes you might find food wrapped up, these are good to eat, and they'll restore health when munched down. Hotdog stands ----------------------------------- Approach a hotstand with someone behind it and you will be given the option to buy a hotdog for $5. If you do, then Huang will eat it in record time and you'll get some health restored. Flame Retard ----------------------------------- Get a Gold rank in Firefighter sidemissions (Beat 10 firefighter missions) and you'll be rewarded with the Flame Retard ability. What this does is that it makes you permanently immune to fire. This means it's impossible for you to catch fire now. You can run through flames, touch fire, all without getting a scratch on you. Fun huh? Now where's my flamethrower... Roll = Anti-fire ----------------------------------- If you ever catch fire, you can quickly extinguish it by doing a roll(Press Y). I've heard that blowing into the microphone also kills the fire, but I've never gotten it to work, but you can still try. Double Bodyarmor ----------------------------------- Complete 5 Vigilante sidemissions with a 100% kill rating and you'll get the Double Armor upgrade. This means that the bodyarmor you wear will be twice as strong as before, so technically you have 2 bars of armor. Pretty helpful in shootouts. Marathon! ----------------------------------- Complete 5 consecutive Ambulance missions to gold ranking for the upgrade "Marathon". Now you can sprint forever without getting tired! Very useful when escaping cops. Cars for cover ----------------------------------- While in a car, Huang cannot take direct damage, so use this to your advanatge. When facing enemies, try driving in and preforming drivebys. Since Drivebys automatically aim, it's actually easier to kill others, as long as you're pumped with SMG ammo. Just look out for people trying to pull you out of your car! Pulled outta a car? ------------------------------------- When people are trying to pull you outta your car (Like cops), just hit X to exit and either get back in and drive off or run away. Very useful when cops are trying to bust you. Also if you want, you may shoot at cops who are trying to pull you out to effectively kill them and save yourself from being busted, and also you wont need to get outta the car and risk being shot, though you should watch out as this gives you an instant 2 stars (Thanks to Felipe de Azevedo Piovezan for the tip). Health Regen ------------------------------------- Complete both Noodle Delivery missions to gold ranking and Huang will gain the ability to regenerate his health when it's below 25%. Useful when on rampages and messing with the cops. Skip hotwiring....for a price ------------------------------------- If you really wanna skip the hotwiring process of a car, just get in and out again. Doing so will activate the car alarm, but the car itself will be drivable. If any cops nearby see you in a car with its alarm set off, then you will get a one-star wanted level. The alarm stops after a while though. Gas station KABOOM ------------------------------------- Shooting or crashing into a gas pump will cause it to explode dramatically. The range is fairly large, so you can use it to disable nearby cop cars, perform stunts (The explosion sends your vehicle flying), or just wreck havoc. Huang's protection ------------------------------------ If you are in a car, then it will not instantly explode when hit with a OHKO weapon, such as a RPG. Say, if normally a Formula R is shot by a Rhino then it will instantly blow up, but if Huang is IN the Formula R when it is shot then it will not blow up immediatly, but will be knocked over by the force and set on fire, exploding shorty after. What this does is it gives you a chance to bail out before you blow up. Gas Stations are also the same thing. So, don't bail out right when you are about to be KOed, or the car will explode as usual and the explosion will probably kill Huang. Staying in is actually better then out! Sword for life ------------------------------------ The sword is a great melee weapon, as it kills mose enemies in one hit. Use it when low on ammo or in close quarters. Car Bomb shop ------------------------------------- In Liberty City there's a car bomb shop that you can use when you're clear of wanted levels. It costs $500. Drive a car into the bomb garage, and then you will do a small car rigging minigame. After done, the bomb will be in the car. Drive the car to where ever you want, and detonate it with the detonator at the bottom of the screen. Very useful for clearing roadblocks and killing large groups of enemies. The bomb has a large explosion radius, so be careful not to blow yourself up! Pay'n'Sprays -------------------------------------- If you to lose your wanted level or want to repair a vehicle, then you can go to a pay'n'spray. Drive a vhicle into the garage and it'll be repaired and repainted for a few hundred bucks. Note that cops must not be near for you to be able to spray. Also, you may not spray law enforcement vehicles of any kind, including police patrols, FIB ranchers, etc. Doing so will result in the text "I won't touch these cars" or something like that to appear and your car will NOT be sprayed. Thanks to Felipe de Azevedo Piovezan for pointing this out. __ __ \ _______ / \____/ [7.0] \______________________________/ __ __ \ [ E N D G U I D E ] / \ ___________________________________________/ Well, this is the end. Here comes all the boring stuff. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- C R E D I T S [7.1] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- First off, I'd like to thank all the guys on the GameFAQs GTA: CW message boards for their help on this guide, and also for just being chat friendly. Me - For making this Guide Nintendo - For being the best video game company ever. Rockstar Games - For publishing this great game, and all the other GTAs. Rockstar Leeds - For making this awesome game, and their crude sense of humor. "Ahhh I'm still a Virgin!" SoundOfNoise - For some nice suggestions that I (Unfortunately) decided not to put in. Still, thanks! Orson1984 - For a nice tip on disabling Cop Cars by making them fall into the water. Thanks! Spotter4 - For several useful tips on the Rhino, FIB, and other things. Thanks mate! Felipe de Azevedo Piovezan - For two useful tips on my survival tips and tricks section.Also pointed out an Email mistake. Thanks! You - For reading this guide, thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- C O P Y R I G H T [7.2] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is Copyright of Rockstar Games 2009. All rights and trademarks reserved. This guide is copyright of David "Metroidude477" Hao. You may share this guide with others (Send, make copies, give, etc.) free of charge. However, if you are to post this guide anywhere, in anyway, you must ask me first. If you don't, consider yourself breaking a copyright law and you will be punished if I hunt you down. Anyways, do not use this guide for profit. This guide is free for all to use and read. Do not alter this guide in any way. If your going to use it,use it only in its original form unless I update it. You must give me creditfor it. Don't steal this work and call it your own. You may not use this guide for commerical reasons (Advertising, etc.), and that's about it. My email is metroidude47@yahoo.ca if you need to ask me a question or make a contribution, etc. This is my 2nd time with copyright stuff, so if you find a flaw in here, please point it out for me and I will credit you greatly. In any case, please do not abuse any flaws you may find within or you WILL be hunted down and annihilated. (c) Metroidude477 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- C O N T A C T I N F O R M A T I O N [7.3] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or contributions, please send them to metroidude47@yahoo.ca . Make sure you include GTA somewhere in the title or I'll probably delete it as spam. No negative comments, and use good grammar. But the number 1 rule is... NO LEET SPEAK! I ABSOLUTELY HATE 1337! Anyways, if you make a worthy contribution that I decide to put in, then you'll be credited and the contribution will be added. Well, that's about it for this section. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- V E R S I O N H I S T O R Y [7.4] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 0.00 (04/05/09) - Got started on the guide. This is revenge for my Metroid Prime 2 boss guide, which got deleted during a Computer Reboot. Version 1.00 (18/06/09) - Finally finished the whole damn thing! Heck, that was hard. I sure am a slow typer =P First attempt at submitting guide. Version 1.05 (02/08/09) - A small update with a few useful tips from Felipe de Azevedo Piovezan regarding "Pay'N'Spray" and "Pulled outta a Car?". He also caught a little email mistake, my email is lowercase not uppercase XD Thanks! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- G U I D E E N D [7.5] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, that wraps it up. This took me way longer then my Metroid Prime boss guide XP (Which only took 2 days, and this took like a month). Thanks for reading! Remember, I will usually add in all contributions so send in your suggestions! That's about it, happy gaming! (I wonder how many people are actually gonna read this part =P, here's a reward for you for making it this far: There's a RPG spawn somewhere in this game! As for where & how, that's for you to find out. Hint: Weapon Map on Gamefaqs) Bye!</p>