FFIV: TAY Bands Guide V2.0+ (WiiWare) by dark_deity9 (Talk2Mii) Covers: Main Story: "Return of the Moon" ----------------| Cecil's Tale: "The Last of the Red Wings" | June 1st, Kain's Tale: "Ruturn of the Dragoon" | 2009 Rydia's Story: "The Eidolons Shackled" ----------| Yang's Tale: "The Master of Fabul" ---| Palom's Tale: "The Mage's Voyage" | July 6th, 2009 Edge's Tale: "The Pulse of Bab-il" ---| More to come in August and September! 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 Table of Contents 0. Version History i. Welcome! ii. What is a Band? iii. How do I learn new bands? iv. Bands IV-1. Main Story: "Return of the Moon" IV-1.1 Cecil's Tale: "The Last of the Red Wings" IV-1.2 Kain's Tale: "Ruturn of the Dragoon" IV-2. Rydia's Story: "The Eidolons Shackled" IV-3. Yang's Tale: "The Master of Fabul" IV-4. Palom's Tale: "The Mage's Voyage" IV-5. Edge's Tale: "The Pulse of Bab-il" *See Note!* v. Credits vi. Copyright 0. Version History V1.0 6/7/09 - Created Guide. Still need help with MP amounts for some bands, as well as some band actions and other new characters and bands. V1.1 6/7/09 - Checked my game to find MP usages for uncertain bands; Added a few things. V1.11 6/8/09 - Deleted unnecessary items, such as later story placeholders. Found out what Machine Break, and CalcaBrina's Limb Dance does, as well as MP usage for both. V1.2 6/14/09 - Deleted Character/Actions Abbreviations Sections. Corrected all MP usage and attack combos for all bands. PLEASE TAKE IT THIS TIME, I'M BEGGIN' YA!!! This should be THE Final version of these parts of the story. The others will be added as they come out. V1.9 6/18/09 - Corrected minor errors In Cecil/Cid's Machine Break and Luca/Calca/Brina's GO! CALCABRINA! Bands. Also did some paragraph formatting. Hopefully, this will be the last time I have to mess with this until next month! V1.91 6/22/09 - The Board found a mistake in Divine Heal. Ceo' W Mgc, Rosa Blessing. Also corrected the name of a band for Rydia's Story. V1.92 6/25/09 - Apparently, Cid needs a Hammer/Axe to learn Rocket Launcher. V1.93 6/29/09 - Corrected Mystery Rocket Launcher person's name, DarkLundar. Firionel sent me a band strength guide, translated. Added it to guide. V1.99 7/06/09 - Found names of the main story's sections on FFIV:TA (JP)'s website. Did the best I could to translate the names (Used GoogleTranslator). V2.0 7/07/09 - Finally completed all three chapters *correctly*! Don't fail Edge's side-stories if you know what's good for you! Found FFIV:TAY Wiki. Filled in Blank Spots/American Names as best as I could. V2.02 7/09/09 - Somehow the "GO! CALCABRINA!" mistake got copied back into the guide. Also corrected a few things w/ "A Little Black Magic" in The Mage's Voyage. Also replaced Japanese Main Story titles w/ American names. V2.05 7/15/09 - Some butthead managed to get my DD9 Password. After a lot of hassle, I got my account back, but made two new ones to be safe. Also Updated Yang's 5-Star Crimson Palm & Edge's Advent of Phoenix. This guide is now a joint project on PlayHaven.com with Erik Hanson (Vamper62). v2.06 7/26/09 - Got a message on the board about an error in Holy Blade. Corrected the error. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 i. Welcome! Welcome to my Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Band Guide! My name is Cory Parks (aka dark_deity9). Thanks for choosing my guide. For those who don't know what a band is, you're in the right place! If you want to contact me, my e-mail is dark_deity9@yahoo.com, strat6200423@yahoo.com, or nohackerzneeded@yahoo.com. Or you can reach me on MySpace.com. Enter my name, or search 'Talk2Mii'. I live in Texas. Erik's Bands guide can be found on PlayHaven.com . His e-mail is roguehuntervamper@verizon.net . ii. What is a Band? For those of you who played the original FFIV, this is a new concept. In an attempt to increase replay value, S-E has allowed the use of "Bands", or combination attacks. Most of these hit all enemies, but some only hit one. I'll let you know which is which. Most bands use MP, usually 7-20. Learning the band is free, though. All characters in a band use the MP associated with said band, so don't overdo it. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 iii. How do I learn new Bands? First of all, characters participating in bands must have a common bond (Friendship, Marriage, Teacher/Student, etc). Now, in order to learn a band; 1. On a character's turn, press right when commands pop up. 2. Select "Bands". 3. Select "Search for Bands". 4. A finger will pop up (the active character's band action is selected automatically), Select the other character(s) who will participate in this band, then their action (Attack, Magic, whatever). Repeat until all characters have been selected. Press X on Classic Controller (or A on WiiMote). 5. All band characters' ATB (orange) gauges will fill up if they're not ready, Then all their Battle (green) gauges. 6a. If the selected actions don't make a band, it fails and nothing happens. 6b. If the actions make a band, they will perform it for no MP (first time only). 7. From then on, the band will be listed for all characters who participated in said band (under "Bands", of course). 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 iv. Bands (in order learned by story) NOTE: Like all attacks, bands also depend on the moon's phases. A Physical Attack on Waning will be 66% stronger than the same on Full Moon. 100% - 25 = 75% (Full), 75% + 50= 125% (Waning) Full: Atk -25%, B Mgc +25% Waning: Atk +25%, Special Atk -25% New: W Mgc -25%, Special Atk +25% Waxing: W Mgc +25%, B Mgc -25% KEY: Band Name - Characters/Actions, who it strikes, MP needed, What it does, Back Row (if applicable), Strength (Whose), Multiplier IV-1.0 Main story: "Return of the Moon" (06/01/09) 800 pts, 5 blocks 1. Vibra Edge - Biggs/Wedge Atk. All Enemies, 7 MP. Physical. (Gained automatically through tutorial - Adamant Cave). Strength:(Attack/Attack) ~×0.8. 2. Cross Slash - HoodedMan/Ceodore Atk. One enemy, 7 MP. Physical. (Gained automatically before Kraken cave) Back Row OK (Ceodore) Strength:(Attack/Attack) ~×1.5. IV-1.1 Cecil's Tale: "The Last of the Red Wings" 3. Holy Blade - Cecil Atk, Rosa W Mgc. One enemy, 20 MP. Holy Atk. Strength: Cecil (Attack) ~x2.0. 4. Machine Break - Cecil Atk, Cid Analyze. One enemy, 7 MP. Thunder Atk. Strong vs. Machines. Strength: Cecil (Attack) ~x2.0. IV-1.2 - Kain's Tale: "Return of the Dragoon" 5. Rocket Launcher - Cid Analyze, Ceodore Atk. One enemy, 12 MP. Cid enchants Ceo's blade with fire, and Ceo strikes. Strength: (Attack/Attack) ~x1.25. Cid must have hammer or Axe to learn. 6. Divine Heal - Ceodore W Mgc, Rosa Blessing. All Allies, 28 MP. Curaga/ja heal, depending on moon. Strength: (W Mgc/Blessing) ~x2.0. 7. X Chaser - Cid Analyze, Rosa Aim. One enemy, 12 MP. Critical hit! Can cause Instant Death. Back Row OK. Strength: (Aim) ~x1.5-2.0. (Rosa Bow&Arrows) 8. Cross Slash Prime - Ceodore/Kain Atk. One enemy, 20 MP. Physical. (Must have sword/lance equipped) Back Row OK (Ceodore). Strength: (Attack/Attack) ~x1.75 . 9. Aiming Trust - Cid Analyze, Kain Atk. One enemy, 12 MP. Cid aims at enemy, Kain jump-attacks. Strength: Kain (Attack) ~x1.5. 10. Saint Dive - Kain Jmp, Rosa W Mgc. All enemies, 30 MP. Rosa casts Libra on enemy, Kain jmp atks. Back Row OK. Strength: Kain (Jump) ~x1.0. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 IV-2. Rydia's Story: "The Eidolons Shackled" (06/01/09) 300 pts, 5 blocks 1. Lightning Brain Buster - Luca Atk, Rydia B Mgc. One enemy, 7 MP. Rydia casts Thundara, Luca divebombs enemy with enchanted axe. Back Row OK. Strength: Luca (Attack) ~x2.0. 2. Calca and Brina - Brina Dance, Calca Jive. One/All Enemies/Allies, 10 MP. Back Row OK. Calca/Brina form into one doll and strike! Strength: Calca or Brina (Varies on outcome) As dances are random, many things can happen... Self-Destruct - Sacrifice to inflict massive damage on all enemies. x~2.0. Ice-Kick - umm... yeah... All enemies. x~1.5. Fire-Punch - ditto, all enemies. x~1.5. Thunder-Beam - ...come on, man; all enemies. x~1.5. Recover - Party recovers HP. x~2.0. Limb Dance - Physical Atk on one enemy. x~1.25. 3. GO! CALCABRINA! - Brina - Dance, Calca - Jive, Luca - Analyze. All Enemies, 10 MP. Calca/Brina form into one doll with Luca on head. Limbs strike first, then Head (Fire), then Body (Thunder). Strength: Luca (Attack) ~x2.0. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 IV-3. Yang's Tale: "The Master of Fabul" (7/06/09) 300 points, 5 blocks 1. 5-Star Crimson Palm - Yang Atk, Ursula Tenketsu. One Enemy, 9 MP. Yang Kick x5, Ursula X-Kick. Causes Slow. Strength: (Atk/Tenketsu) x~1.5. 2. Twin Wing Frenzy - Event After Adamantoise. One Enemy, 6 MP. Similar to Cross Slash, but with kicking. Strength: (?) x~2.5. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 IV-4 Palom's Tale: "The Mage's Voyage" (7/06/09) 300 points, 6 blocks A Little Black Magic - Palom Bluff, Leonora B Mgc. All Enemies, 10 MP. Palom trains with Leonora (Fir-, Blizz-, Thund-). Higher Magics are less likely to be cast than lower spells. Back Row OK, Strength: Leonora (B Mgc) x~2.0. Particle Bomb - Event Before Fight With Mysterious Girl. One Enemy, 20 MP. Non-elemental. Palom Blizzara, Leonora Fira, Combines to make Firaga! Back Row OK, Strength: (?) X~1.75. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 IV-5 Edge's Tale: "The Pulse of Bab-il" (7/06/09) 300 points, 6 blocks Note: If the pupils fail their missions, they WILL NOT - I REPEAT, WILL NOT!!! join Edge in the Tower of Bab-Il. 1. Wild Moon - Edge/Tsukinowa Atk. All Enemies, 12 MP. Mirage Attack! Strength: (Atk/Atk) x~1.25. 2. Frozen Moon Dance - Edge Atk, Izayoi Ninjutsu. One Enemy, 8 MP. Iza's Icicles converge on enemy, Edge does Cross Slash! Back Row OK, Strength: Edge (Atk/Ninjutsu) x~1.25. 3. Gale Rush - Zangetsu/Tsukinowa Ninjutsu. All Allies, 12 MP. Hastega on party. Back Row OK, Strength: (Ninjustu) x=0.0. 4 .Gale Twin Break -Edge Ninjutsu, Zangetsu Human Kite. All Enemies, 14 MP. Both jump on Zan's Kite, Edge Flame, Zan Shock. Back Row OK, Strength: (Human Kite/Ninjutsu) x~1.5. 5. Phantom Lightflies - Gekkou Ninjutsu, Izayoi Illusions. All Allies, 9 MP. Cur{e}([a]ga)-strength heal, depending on moon phase. Back Row OK, Strength: Gek (Ninjutsu) x~1.5. 6. Blazing Moon Ring - Edge Ninjutsu, Gekkou Shuriken. One Enemy, 7 MP. Flaming DiveBomb (Gek). Strength: Gek (Shuriken) x~1.30. 7. Wheel of Elements - Gekkou/Izayoi/Zangetsu/Tsukinowa Ninjutsu. All Enemies, 15 MP. Gek Flame, Iza Icicle, Zan Shock, Tsu Mirage Gale. Strength: (Ninjutsu) x~1.5. 8. Ultimate Art: Advent of Phoenix - Edge Smash & Grab, Gekkou Shuriken, Izayoi Illusions, Zangetsu Human Kite, Tsukinowa Steal. All Enemies, 20 MP. Damage increases as party's total HP drops. Possible to break Damage Limit. (Background turns Red, characters step forward with speech...) Zangetsu: "Endless night, lit by fiery wings..." Izayoi: "Bound by the darting, dancing sword..." Gekkou: "Let it slice the encompassing dark..." Tsukinowa: "And sound the tolling bell of tomorrow!" Edge: "Now! We call forth Eblan's ancient technique..." All: "Advent of Phoenix!" Ninji form into a Phoenix and fly upwards, Rocket to stage left. Separate into Ninji, smoke billowing as they do. Strength: (S&G/Shuriken/Human Kite) x~3.25. 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 v. Credits Square-Enix and Matrix Software. Great so far!! GameFAQS for posting this guide. Me for writing this guide. Anyone else who can help me pin down MP usages, Bands in future stories and the like. All people on the GameFAQs FFIV: TAY Board who helped me get this online. Also, everyone on "Kudos, dark_deity9" topic for noticing a mistake I missed! DarkLundar for Rocket Launcher. Firionel for Band Strengths. Thank you very much! The FFIV:TAY Wiki for bands. Vamper62 on Playhaven.com for giving me correct Main Story Titles. Butthead Hacker (reality) for allowing me to activate two new Yahoo! accounts. Holy Blade correction people. Thank you! 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 vi. Copyright 2009, DD9 Productions. Only www.GameFAQs.com and sites with my permission may post the original guide. You are more than welcome to edit/delete any part to suit your needs. But don't you dare try to write this off as your own creation!! Unless, of course, you helped me out. Your part, your credit! I would appreciate e-mails instead of board messages, though. Any questions, additions, corrections or comments, e-mail me at: dark_deity9, nohackerzneeded, or strat6200423 (all @yahoo.com). or on MySpace... My name is Talk2Mii, I live in Texas. Refer to this guide in the subject box. Erik's Bands Guide is on PlayHaven.com . His E-mail is roguehuntervamper@verizon.net . 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890123456789 FFIV: TAY Bands Guide V2.0+ (WiiWare) by dark_deity9 (Talk2Mii)</p>