UNOFFICIAL DIE HARD TRILOGY FAQ FILE NEW FOR REVISION 1.1: PASSWORDS FOR PLAYSTATION | VERSION 1.1 COPYRIGHT 1998 BY NATE SCHWARTZMAN Contents -------- 0 The Beginning 0.1 Legal info and disclaimers 0.2 Feedback SECTION I: DIE HARD 1 Misc. info 1.1 Story 1.2 Scoring 2 Strategy 2.1 Weapons 2.2 Hostages 2.3 Elevator bombs 2.4 Bonus levels 2.5 Pickups 2.6 Extra lives 3 Cheats 4 Passwords SECTION II: DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER 1 Misc. info 1.1 Story 1.2 Scoring 2 Strategy 2.1 Weapons 2.2 Civilians 2.3 Powerups 3 Cheats 3.1 Codes 3.2 Secrets 4 Passwords SECTION III: DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE 1 Misc. info 1.1 Story 1.2 Scoring 2 Strategy 2.1 Bombs 2.2 Bomb cars 2.3 Ambulances 2.4 Turbos 2.5 New vehicles 2.6 Pickups 3 Cheats 4 Passwords 0 The beginning --------------- 0.1 Legal info and disclaimers ------------------------------ - Die Hard, Die Harder, Die Hard with a Vengeance, and Die Hard Trilogy are trademarks of Fox Interactive This file is intended to inform the public about the video game Die Hard Trilogy. In no way should this influence you to kill yourself, kill others, kill animals, kill your neighbours, kill your parents, kill your siblings, or kill in any other fashion. The author claims NO responsibility for ANY illegal activity regarding this file, or as a result of someone reading this file. You may distribute this file, as long as the copies are complete, unaltered, and are in electronic form only. If you wish to include this file on a CD-ROM or other commercial product, you must first contact me to ask permission. This document is copyright 1998 by Nate Schwartzman. 0.2 Feedback ------------ Send all feedback to: SECTION I: DIE HARD 1 Misc. info 1.1 Story You are in the parking garage of Nakatomi Plaza, a Los Angeles skyscraper wired to explode. Above you, there are 19 floors, crawling with terrorists. They're out to steal millions in negotiable bonds held in the Nakatomi Corporation's safe, and they won't hesistate to kill hundreds of hostages in the process. Now, you've got to fight your way up, floor-by-floor, to the rooftop- searching hallways, office suites, the grand ballroom and even floors under construction- killing all the terrorists and rescuing as many hostages as possible along the way. Oh, one more thing. Once you kill the last terrorist on each floor, a bomb is activated. It will appear on your map as a flashing dot. Get to it in time and you'll automatically move to the next floor. Don't, and Nakatomi Plaza will be obliterated. So get ready. John McClane is about to begin what could be the wildest- or the last- Christmas of his life. 1.2 Scoring Killing terrorist: +5,000 2 Strategy 2.1 Weapons Pistol: Default weapon. Infinite ammo. Shotgun: Packs a punch, takes some time to reload. Explosive Shotgun: Just like shotgun, but hits have a grenade effect. MP-5: The fastest firing. M-16: Sprays bullets around. M-60: Ho ho ho, I've got a machine gun! Assault rifle: The best. Grenades: Turns enemies into a fine red mist. Don't be near them when they go off or you'll be sorry. Flashbang: Paralyzes enemies while it lasts. Smoke grenades: Confuses enemies. They won't be able to see you. Bulletproof Vest: Protects from bullets. 2.2 Hostages You have to free hostages. Freeing hostages gives you points, killing them doesn't. Simple enough. To free a hostage just touch him/her. Watch out, a handful of hostages are actually baddies and turn on you when freed. 2.3 Elevator bombs After you kill all the enemies on a level, you have 30 seconds to find a bomb in one of the levels elevators. The timer is displayed in big numbers in the center of the screen. The bomb is displayed on your map as a big red dot. Garage: In the center of the level, near the elevator you come out of. Reception: In the far end of the construction area(upper-left hand corner). Construction 1: To the right of the center. Construction 2: Near the line between the upper-left and lower-right corners. Construction 3: Lower-left hand corner. Bonus 1-5: The elevator you start in. Maintenence 1: In the center. Maintenence 2: In the center. Maintenence 3: Lower left-hand corner. Offices 1-4: In the beginning group of elevators. Computers 1: Upper right-hand corner. Computers 2: Just up a little from the center. Computers 3: Lower left-hand corner. Executive 1+2: Same elevator you come out of. Ballroom: Same elevator you come out of. Vault: Up from the center and to the left a little. 2.4 Bonus Levels In the bonus levels, you are sent to the rooftop in an attempt to rescue a group of hostages by safeguarding their passage to a police helicopter. Lots of powerups and weapons are lying around, and the helicopter itself is surrounded with health. Make sure that you kill all the baddies on the helipad or the poor hostages won't stand a chance. Also kill the guys in the little hidey-holes along the walkways. There's a hidden extra life, too. 2.5 Pickups Food: Restores some health. First Aid: Restores more health. Medical Kit: Restores the most health. Bulletproof Vest: Absorbs some damage for you. 2.6 Extra lives To get an extra lives, you'll need to find a hostage who's about to be executed by a terrorist. Rescue the hostage and you'll be rewarded with an extra life, but you'll have to get to the hostage quickly. There is an extra life on each bonus level, and some in the regular levels. 3 Cheats To put in the codes, press Start and hold R2 while putting them in. R: Right L: Left U: Up D: Down X: X button O: Circle button S: Square button T: Triangle button RUDS: God mode RSDO: 50 grenades, 5 bullets RSSD: Fat mode DSTD: Villains float up when killed LODS: Coordinates 10 Ts, 4 Rs: Stick figures DOOTD: Silly mode RUDDSR: Infinite ammo(repeat to cycle through weapons) RSTR: Backwards controls DSSR: 15 bullets 4 Passwords All passwords give you 15 lives, 999 bullets, and 25 grenades. Level 2: Reception ZNI!6HTWZJ!HF GK5N5W7CX7JZR V!CYHPZRV!CXH KZRV!CYHPZRVJ Level 3 T41X 3 4TD1DP 5B9W974MM6DT7 4XMLG9T74XMMG FT74XMLG9T74J Level 4: Office Q 1WSX3WQK!CD !6FSS!M1FFPQ2 SC1D5JQ2SC1F5 NQ2SC1D5JQ2S Level 5: Maintenance Y41!ZDT3YJMZZ Y!BPYY6MW7DY7 NZMVH9Y7NZMWH FY7NZMVH9Y7NJ Level 6: Computers F8279HY3FLM6X 15K1!TGNWWHF9 P6NVMBF9P6NWM GF9P6NVMBF9P Level 7: Executive 74225VHK7WVMW H7GRVLCLH1X74 XMLG9T74XMLH9 Y74XMLG9T74XJ Level 8: Construction TN1ZN9JCSJ XL 7X5R9N4WL68TR 6XWMGFTR6XWLG 9TR6XWMGFTR6J Level 9: Office H425H75XGGVRV BXK479!L!3XH5 XRLZCTH5XRL!C YH5XRLZCTH5XJ Level 10: Ballroom 3D231ZZ!23CK! 8BSQV9Q7JZ3D FKQ6SW3DFKQ7S !3DFKQ6SW3DFJ Level 11: Maintenance W82GN88TVSCFX WCM79Q5PRZ!WC FFPQQVWCFFPRQ ZWCFFPQQVWCF Level 12: Office 942RCHX88Z14N RL3WL4XLM2D95 4NLLB9954NLMB F954NLLB9954J Level 13: Construction TJ2HGH DSD1DP Z VN45NTLG9TM 6DTM6DTM6DTL6 8TM6DTM6DTM6 Level 14: Vault DX22HW5SGZPQ7 Z5NGQZGSM2DY MQGTW7DYMQGSW 3DYMQGTW7DYMJ Level #15 Computers BX21PND98VGP 4ZB1QDYGNLLBY CPGPVRBYCPGNV MBYCPGPVRBYCJ Level 16 Executive XJ2BXT9SZXPG5 DJ6S Z69SH1XM LG9T74XMLG9S7 XMLG9T74XML Level 17: Office RS2GX9C5P9SCJ S3X65LMYGYWRV !CYHPZRV!CYGP VRV!CYHPZRV! Level 18: Maintenance FS237Z5NHGKQR 871JV7ZXVWCFT R6XWMGFTR6XVM BFTR6XWMGFTR Level 19: Computers B42 RJ498VGPC 7S8DVXY2P2NB5 8P2NBKB58P2PB PB58P2NBKB58J SECTION II: DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER 1 Misc. Info 1.1 Story If you're New York cop John McClane, there's only one thing you're asking yourself as you arrive at Washington/Dulles Airport to pick up your wife: Why does this always happen to me? The place is crawling with terrorists. They've come to rescue a South American dictator- and drug kingpin who's beinf flown to the U.S. to stand trial. And you've walked into the middle of the plot. You see all the action through McClane's eyes, as he races through the terminal annihilating terrorists- but hopefully not civilians and hostages. From the concourse to the New Annex. From the runway to the surrounding countryside. On foot. By snowmobile. Even by helicopter, the chase continues with rapid-fire speed, until you bring down the terrorist escape plane. 1.2 Scoring Killing terrorist: +250 Shooting down helicopter: +10,000 Killing civilian: -1,000 Blowing up car: -1,000 My high score using the PS controller is 8,112,283. 2 Strategy 2.1 Weapons Berreta: What you start with. Double Berretas: Twice as much firepower. Shotgun: Slow. Too slow. Explosive shotgun: Slow, but has a grenade effect. MP-5: Fast firing. M-16: Faster than MP-5, more bullets. AK-47: Not my favorite. Steyr: Lots of bullets. Grenades: Turns enemies into red stains. Rockets: Big explosion. Can't use if too close to target. 2.2 Civilians Again, save the civilians/hostages and don't kill them. There is one fake hostage in the snowmobile level. 2.3 Powerups Weapons: Weapons that you find have only one clip. Weapons with infinite clips must be gotten through secrets. Reload: Reloads your clip. Useful if you have a one-clip weapon. Reload Explosive: Transforms a shotgun into an explosive shotgun. Health: Duh. Restores one badge. Grenade: Adds one grenade to your inventory. Rocket: Adds one rocket to your inventory. 3 Cheats 3.1 Secrets All: Shooting a guy on fire gets the message "MERCY KILL". Level 1: Shoot down either helicopter in the beginning to get permanent double Berretas. If you enter the airport without killing any civilians, you will get a "GOOD COP" secret route. Shoot the glass in the news stand to reveal a box with health. Shooting the soda machines makes them spew out health bonuses. Shoot the glass in the Gift Shop to reveal a box with a rocket inside. At the part where the two taxis crash through the wall, you get a secret route by killing all the guys, including the ones who run by the windows. There is a second "GOOD COP" secret route. When you are standing at the top of the escalator looking down at the round ticket stand, kill all terrorists and no civilians to get it. After that, when you go down the escalator and walk around, kill all the terrorists and no civilians for a chance to get a shotgun. Level 2: In the beginning, blow up the barrel and kill the terrorists, without the civilians dying, to get an infinite clip M16. After you jump down from the ledge and start walking towards the escalators, don't kill any civilians for a "GOOD COP" secret route. When you are approaching the second moving sidewalk, after going up the first escalator, don't blow up the barrel or kill the civilian on the catwalk, for a some health and grenade pickups. At one point in the level, you step into an open space, then turn around to shoot baddies. Shoot all of the terrorists and no civilians to get a "GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE" secret route. A little after the above secret, when the screen turns around and flashes "NO ONE ESCAPES" kill all of the bad guys for a bonus oppurtunity at power-ups. When you are standing behind the SWAT team don't shoot them! Instead, try to pick off the terrorists with precise aiming. You get some bonuses plus a message that says "NICE SHOOTING". Level 3: At the part near the beginning, when bad guys are running down the hill at you, kill all the terrorists and save the civilian and you'll be rewarded with an infinite clip M-16. In the part when the grenades fall down towards you, shoot the cop and he'll run away instead of dying. When you step into the little circular area with fans in the walls, kill all the guys for a "GRATUITOUS VIOLENCE" secret. After you kill the Head Honcho, and you turn around to shoot baddies, kill the guy who comes after the civilian for an infinite clip Steyr. Level 4: In the beginning, shoot down the helicopter, kill all the baddies, and don't kill any civilians to get a secret route. When standing in front of the building near the plane, with two openings in it, kill the two bosses on the roof before the one jumps to get a "GOOD COP" route and an infinite AK-47. Level 5: There is a "GOOD COP" bonus here, but I don't know how to get it. At the part where you see a terrorist using a civilian as a shield, save the civilian to get double berretas. Level 6: In the very beginning, when you are in the air, look closely at the church. You should be able to see two baddies scrambling around the corner. Shoot the first to get an infinite clip MP-5, and the second for a Steyr. For a "GOOD COP" route, don't kill the civilians standing by the snowmobiles in front of the church. Level 7: In the beginning, blow up as many of the snowmobiles as you can to to get an infinite clip MP-5. Blow up the helicopter over the bridge to get an infinite clip Steyr. There is a fake hostage who walks out in front of the bridge. Level 8: Another "GOOD COP" route here that I've gotten but not figured out. 3.2 Codes To put in the codes, press Start and hold R2 while putting them in. R: Right L: Left U: Up D: Down X: X button O: Circle button S: Square button T: Triangle button RUDS: Press Start for map editor, Triangle for God mode DSTD: Skeleton mode RSLOTD: Tons of ammo ODDSXS: Fergus mode 4 Passwords All passwords give you 5 lives. Level 2 14 JJ2JB144JL 289144JB F1 4JLKT3GS9 L38 F144JL289144J Level 3 SS XHKG5SW3DF KQ6SW3F!QQ1SM 3DDQRNCCVDFJQ 2SW3DFKQ6SW3 Level 4 F416QVMBF5NQL VC9F5NNSLCHF9 NQM1W6TDP6LWC FF5NQLVC9F5NJ level 5 N V38Y3N2JB1 85 N2J955Y1NL JB 1L4Q7TV195 4N2JB185 N2J Level 6 8N N8KL68P2NB KB58P2RQ!L581 2NB698681NBJB 18P2NBKB58P2J Level 7 8D142J2 8F1N6 JV38F1JJ3B 8P 1N7BGCBSV46KV 78F1N6JV38F1J Level 8 N 1B58Y3N2JB1 85 N2JHHXP2NZ JB 76LXXNV195 4N2JB185 N2J SECTION III: DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE 1 Misc. info 1.1 Story New York, New York. If you can make it here you'll make it anywhere- and if you can't, half of Manhatten will disappear in a blinding flash. This time, it's a gang of terrorists led by the twisted genius, Simon. They've stashed bombs throughout the city to cover a muli-billion dollar heist. And Simon says, McClane is the only one who can defuse them. But the clock is ticking. It's a test of your nerves and driving skills, as you and your reluctant partner, Zeus, seek out and commandeer more than fifteen different vehicles, stomp the gas pedal and go. Blaze through the traffic-choked streets of Chinatown in a high-powered sports car. Scatter som skaters in Central Park, in a dump truck. Grab a cab and drive it right into the subway system. Whatever you do, you've got to get to the next bomb and run it over before it detonates. Then, outrun the terrorists before they escape. 1.2 Scoring Successfully blowing up bomb: +100,000 Getting Time bonus: +10,000 Getting Point bonus: +5,000 Killing civilian: -1,000 2 Strategy 2.1 Bombs The main objective in the game is blowing up the regular bombs. You do this by ramming them with your vehicle. When you come within range of a bomb, a red targeting reticle will appear and zoom in on the bomb. You find the bomb by following the red arrow on the compass in the upper left corner of the screen. It's a good idea to start blaring your horn before you hit the bomb, so the civilians run away and you won't lose points if they die. 2.2 Bomb cars Bomb cars are cars that have bombs in them. The catch is that you have to chase the car around around the city and ram until it explodes. Again, there will be a red targeting reticle on the car, and the red arrow points in the cars direction. The best way to destroy bomb cars is to memorize their pattern. They always drive around in the same pattern, and they don't change it. It may take a few times of playing them, but you'll learn it. 2.3 Ambulances Anytime you see an EMS power-up, grab it. It will call an ambulance, which serves two purposes: You can follow it to guide you to bombs, and it rams all traffic out of your way. Very useful in Harlem #1 for clearing the big traffic jam. 2.4 Turbos Turbo power-ups make you go extremely fast, for when you have to get to the bomb immediately. The downside is that you will have a hard time controlling the car, and it takes awhile to wear off. 2.5 New vehicles In each level, there is at least one new vehicle that you can take control of. The blue arrow on the compass will point you to the car when you are near it. There are total of 15 different cars according to the manual, but I haven't found all of them yet. If you know where any of the rest of the cars can be found, send me an e-mail. Taxi: Default car for most levels. Strictly average. Cop car: Found in Harlem #1. Good speed and acceleration, loose handling. Dump truck: Harlem #1. Slow, unresponsive. Blue car: Harlem #1. My favorite- great speed and handling. Wienermobile: Park #1. Very poor overall. Ferrari: Chinatown #1 and Wall Street #2. Best speed, acceleration, and handling; poor skid. Black car: Start Wall Street #1 with it. Tight handling, above-average speed. White car: WAY fast, very loose handling. Wall Street #1. Schoolbus: Harlem #2. Slow but powerful. Knocks all cars out of its way, even the 18-wheelers. Baby Carriage: No, I didn't make this up. Wall Street #2. 2.6 Pickups Turbo: Adds one Turbo boost. Points: Duh. Time: Gives you some extra time. EMS: See chapter 2.3. Launch: Sends you flying through the air, bypassing obstacles and traffic jams. Blare your horn before hitting the launch and before landing, so you don't lose points for civilians killed in the explosion or that you land on. Nitro: Gives an extra power boost. 3 Cheats To put in the codes, press Start and hold R2 while putting them in. R: Right L: Left U: Up D: Down X: X button O: Circle button S: Square button T: Triangle button LRUDS: Press Start on controller 2 for Options. Press T to switch levels and X to toggle the clock. LTRD: Fat mode ODDTXS: Fergus mode RSLTXSD: Car floats DULLDULLDULL: Removes texture maps LULLSD: Slow motion ORDSTL: Sky cam ODDSR: Very slow motion OOSSDDXX: 99 turbos LOUDSR: Infinite lives Alien mode: To drive a UFO and turn pedestrians into gangly aliens, go to the second level. Pause, move the cursor to Quit, hold R2, and press R,S,T,D,X,X,X. 4 Passwords All passwords give you 9 lives and 99 turbos. Level 2 XJ1GFT!7XMLG9 T74XMLD3K72X! LG82RC8VMZKSH HXWQZWM7GVHSJ Level 3 T81XMLG9TC5DP LQBTC5G!VQDT7 5DN965F24Y7QQ 7TW1X6CK5JV6J Level 4 ZS1!CYHPZWWHF YRQZWWF7PRJZR WHD67TBLVY7QR TZ3!!!BK! 2BJ Level 5 KS28P3DFKV78Y 3NGKV7BRCN8KQ 78XS415M6VCC4 K63SGSJDFD2J Level 6 Z41!5XRLZ7S!3 XHKZ7SY9NHRZC S!27!ZBGTD7LR J!7XHK!CVWFG Level 7 !81!MZHT!CYHP ZRV!CYF!QRX!7 YHN57PC2XX9MH TZ3T!7VPFC4H Level 8 5422VBKB54NLL B9954NJS29H58 NLMKT6KFP6VT1 C48J2198NRN6J Level 9 S82DFJG1SC1D5 JQ2SC1GHSQ4S7 1D4C6FD2 SM 6 7TW5XQ4QGC62 Level 10 7N23LHKZ7NZMV H9Y7NZKJ79W7S ZMWNTLMY!6ST9 T6 V38MH9T9RJ Level 11 8J24 KV78K248 K248K262T228Y 249BLCXS3K66L 3996NV535LHKJ Level 12 9N24LMLG9P6NV MBF9P6QJWBC9T 6NW8V2YX72L82 C89248C9MQZN *************************END of DOCUMENT****************************************************</p>