Sid Meier�s Civilization Revolution: Victory Guide Table of Contents 1. Introduction [123] 2. Cultural Victory [456] 3. Economic Victory [789] 4. Technological Victory [1011] 5. Domination Victory [1213] Introduction: 123 This is my first FAQ, and I made this for gamesradar only, so if you see it anywhere else, please Email me at You can also email any other concerns to me as well. If you don�t know what the numbers in parenthesis are, hit ctrl+f, enter the code, and you can skip straight to that section. Cultural Victory: 456 What it is: When you achieve 20 great people, wonders, or culture flipped cities (Great people must be settled in a city), and then build the United Nations wonder. Tactics: � Use monarchy as a government. This will allow you to double your palace culture bonus. Sadly, the more cities you have, the less effective this is to your overall culture. � Build the Shakespeare�s Theater in your capitol while you have monarchy as your government. Build a temple and cathedral in the same city to have 32 culture for a population of 10. � Immediately build a temple in new cities. This will prevent your overall culture from lowering. This can make all the difference in how often great people appear. � Keep a city in an area with high production. Build production-boosting buildings (After a temple). Use this city to build your wonders. � Settle great thinkers in cities close to your enemies�. This will let you culture flip the city, without using the immediate bonus that causes that thinker to disappear. � Avoid war. War will cause you to have to build units, and stray away from the buildings and wonders you will need to build. Just don�t give away 499 of your 500 gold pieces. � Build roads. This lets you move the great people to cities quicker and safer. After all, you have to settle a great person in a city to have it count towards your cultural victory. � Please send any other tactics to me please! Civs to use: � French: You start with a cathedral. This mixed with a palace culture bonus means you start with an overall culture status of sophisticated. Rule as a monarchy to dominate as the culture god! � English: You start with a monarchy, so you also start as sophisticated. Build temples quickly and often so you don�t become merely civilized. � Romans: Roads are half-price, so you can transport great people cheaper. Wonders are half-price, so you can build many wonders quicker, and without a high production city. Economic Victory: 789 What it is: When you save 20000 gold pieces and build the World Bank. Tactics: � Stay near costal squares. Make sure you are generating gold instead of science. Make sure you are still producing some science, as if you research certain techs first, you will get gold or extra gold production as bonuses. � Destroy barbarians quickly. They reward you with gold, caravans, or settlers. Use these to generate more gold. � Build markets and banks in your gold generating powerhouses. � Make sure you have culture so you can get great explorers. Combine those with the previous strategies to make LOADS of gold. I was once making 1789 gold a turn in ONE CITY! � Rule as a democracy for two reasons. One, you make 50% more gold. Two, you won�t be able to call war on other civs. This is good, so you aren�t wasting money on units � Build caravans. These are more effective in earlier an era, after all, which seems more influential, 50 gold for your 40 gold treasury, or for your 5000 gold treasury? � Build spies to steal gold from other rich nations. This means more gold for you, less gold for them. � Please send any other tactics to me. Civs to use � Arabs: You get 50% extra gold from caravans. Later on, you get 2% interests on gold reserves. By that point, you should have a good amount of gold. � Japanese: This isn�t very powerful, but you get one food for each coastal square you use. This allows more population to make more gold, without leaving your trade centers. This is same for Egyptians, just with desert squares. � Spanish: with the knowledge of navigation, you can find the seven cities of gold artifact quickly and get 400 gold (I think 400). You get double exploration cash, and 50% gold production (You can double gold production with democracy and this trait.) Technological Victory: 1011 What it is: When you launch a space shuttle to Alpha Centarui. Tactics � Stay near costal squares. Make sure you are generating science, and not gold. Do produce some gold so you can learn some techs by reaching certain gold amounts. � Build libraries and universities early. Build these after temples, as great scientists are very helpful. � Rule as a democracy. This increases science production. This also prevents you from starting unnecessary wars. � Build near water and grasslands. This lets you increase population and thus increase science production. � Feel free to trade techs with other nations, as long as your not getting ripped off. � When making your shuttle, customize it for your certain situation. For instance if another nation has already sent a slow space shuttle, build one with lots of propulsion systems. Rush the construction if the situation is dire. If you�re the only one with space flight, focus on all other aspects of the ship. � Never use fundamentalism. This cancels out your libraries and universities. � Get enough gold to buy techs from other nations. Be careful when selling techs as well. Civs to use: � Greeks: The starting of democracy means it takes 6 turns on average to research the first techs instead of 7. � Chinese: Half cost libraries, two free techs, and instant research make the Chinese choice #1. � Japanese and Egyptians get two trade and one food from costal and desert squares respectively. Domination Victory: 1213 What it is: When you have all capitals, or the highest score in 2100 A.D. Tactic � Obviously, war is the easiest way to nab this victory. Focus on production and war-based buildings to win. Make some science to get new units, and a little gold to rush units. � Fundamentalism and communism are the governments of choice. � Don�t start a war before making an army first. Don�t forget to build defensive units as well. � Build fortresses for defense (Put a unit in open area and press Y to fortify them. Stack units underneath to destroy nearby enemy units before they can reach your cities). Example: E E E F F U C Key: E=enemy unit F= Fortress U=your own unit C=your city � Build many siege armies. These are the keys to destroying enemy cities. � Once you research tanks, start building some. They are very fast and well balanced units. � There are two main strategies when it comes to taking cities: Take all other cities first, then go for capital, or go for capital first. I recommend a mix of the two, by taking some other cities before going for a capital. This provides units experience. � Try to get great generals and great leaders. � Once you have all unit making techs, build Leonardo�s Workshop to upgrade units. � Build the Hiemiji Samurai Castle and use Fundamentalism to increase unit power by 4! � Send other tactics to me please. Civs to use: � Germans: All of the German bonuses are war-based. Seriously. If you�re a bloodthirsty, war loving, dictator, use these guys. � Mongols: Increased trade from captured cities is a great bonus. Also having cities built where you destroyed a barbarian is good or bad, depending on the village is located. � Zulu: Overrun combat advantage means you can move after you attack an enemy unit if your altogether attack is 4 times more then their defense, compared to the 7 times more that other civs need to have the same effect.</p>