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Written by: Daniel Acaba Online ID: Misfit119 Contact me at: eternalmisery718@yahoo.com System: PC Version 1.0 - 5/14/2009 This FAQ Copyright 2009 Daniel Acaba List of Sites that may host this FAQ: www.gamefaqs.com www.ign.com www.gamesradar.com / www.cheatplanet.com ========================================================= Index ========================================================= 1 - Update History 2 - Controlling Your Squad 3 - Characters 4 - Wargear 5 - Enemies 6 - Walkthrough 6.01 Stand with your Brothers 6.02 Retake the Hamlet 6.03 Skykilla's Raid 6.04 Target: Gutrencha 6.05 The True Enemy 6.06 Defend the Array 6.07 A Spider Among Flies 6.08 Defense of Argus Gate 6.09 Eyes of the Eldar 6.10 Vengance for Davian Thule 6.11 Fire Prism Assault 6.12 Hand of the Hive Mind 6.13 The Killer Serpent 6.14 Thundering Terror 6.15 Into the Hive 6.16 The Mantis Killer 6.17 Lord of Wraiths 6.18 Idranel of Ulwathe 6.19 Angel Gate 6.20 Secrets of Angel Forge 6.21 Greenskin Armor 6.22 Greenskin Weaponsmith 6.23 Rippa-Splitta 6.24 Remains of the Dark Age 6.25 The Wailing Doom 6.26 Raid Against the Warboss 6.27 The Last Stand 7 - About the Author ========================================================= 1. Update History ========================================================= V.1.0 - 5/14/2009 - FAQ Completed. ========================================================= 2. Controlling Your Squad ========================================================= Unlike most other real-time strategy games that you come across, Dawn of War II eschews the base building concepts of old. Instead it has become more of a light RPG meets tactical shooter. You will use cover to defeat your foes, level up over time and equip your squad with better gear to fight the damnable Xenos right out of this sector. ---------- Use Cover! ---------- You're going to learn very quickly that the enemies will tear you apart if you don't make good use of cover. Space Marines might be the toughest SoB's this side of the galaxy but they're also vastly outnumbered. Due to this fact they have to proceed carefully when fighting against more plentiful foes. To attach to cover all you need to do is click on it. When you hover your mouse over an object you can use as cover you will see several colored dots on the ground surrounding the object. Green dots indicate full cover while yellow is an indicator that your squad only has partial cover. The number of dots on the ground indicates how many people can use the cover. So if you see two yellow and one green dot behind a stone structure this means that two of your men will have partial cover with one having full cover. Generally speaking if you have full cover then your squad will take little to no damage in most firefights. It would take a heavy bolter (chaingun) to even stand a chance of harming them in most cases. Yellow cover isn't as safe since it means only about half of the attacks fired at you will be absorbed by the cover. So try your best to keep as many people totally covered. As an additional tip if you hold the right mouse button while hovering over a cover object you will be able to move the mouse and massage the positioning for your squad. By doing this you can often stick them in cover more efficiently. --------- Specialize --------- When you get to the level up screen for your squads you will notice that there are four bars that make up their stats. Health - Determines how much health the squad has and how quickly it refills. Melee - Determines your melee attack damage. Ranged - Determines your ranged attack damage. Energy - Determines how much energy your squad has and how quickly it refills. No matter how much you want to and hope for it you will never get enough stat points to fill up all four stats. You would be lucky to completely fill up two of these stats with just a few points left. Due to this you will want to pick a specialized role for each character. This will go into more details later on in the "Characters" section of the guide but as a more general tip you will only want to focus on raising only one combat stat. What that means is to pick, early on, either melee or ranged attacks as your primary combat form. Obviously it's important to raise up the health of most squads as much as possible, with one noteable exception, and energy can be incredibly useful depending on the squad at hand. Keep this in mind from a very early level to help with building ideal characters who will all serve distinct roles on the battlefield. One of the biggest reasons for doing this is to make each character the best at what they can do. This allows you to tailor pick your squads for certain types of situations. If you're going on a mission where you might find yourself being pressured by lots of weaker melee combat units then obviously your melee focus character is going to tear them apart. Or when dealing with enemies weak to heavy weapons then your heavy weapon character will be as damaging as possible. --------- Diversify --------- Speaking of combat roles in most situations you're best off trying to spread out the responsibilities amongst the team. These can be even further tweaked on a mission by mission basis to make your life much more bearable. The game gives you the opportunity to do this and its to your best interest to take some serious advantage of it. What this means is that you will want to make sure you don't have redundant characters in your in-game squads. If you have a melee spec Tarkus with Power Swords and Bolters then it's somewhat redundant to have your Force Commander as a melee type character. This is also a good reason to start figuring these things out as early as possible. When you've got your men out into the field if each person has a role you will find yourself having a much easier time cutting down foes. As an example: You are trying to make your way through a valley pass that is totally infested by Orks, many of which have heavy guns. If you move Tarkus forward, using his special ability he can easily make it to cover while drawing fire. This lets your slower heavy gunners move forward to set up behind cover while your scouts start sniping enemies from a distance. Your Force Commander can then move in, using his items to help the others out, while he closes in to melee with the remaining enemies - this helps flush them out of cover. This is just a loose example but you will find it to be helpful. An amazingly effective squad, especially late game, is a melee based Force Commander, Cyrus, Thaddeus and Avitus. The Force Commander is your tank, Cyrus can scout out enemy locations before taking out high priority targets with a sniper shot to the head, Avitus can suppress enemies with a heavy bolter and Thaddeus can destroy the enemies while they're suppressed. While it hurts to lose Tarkus on the field this squad has gotten this writer through the higher difficulties with a fair bit of ease. --------- Tactics --------- Generally speaking your combat tactics will consist of getting behind cover and just blowing the enemies heads off. However there are a few things you should keep in mind for just about any firefight. Grenades: These things are fantastic for flushing enemies out of cover. No matter what situation you are in blowing up an enemies cover will pretty much always let you stomp all over them. Your best bet is to put these on Tarkus and leave them there. With his defensive abilities he is a good choice to take point, blowing up entrenched enemies. Never purchase Tarkus' ability to convert these into an energy based ability either. This will limit the amount you can use his abilities and throw them. Suppression: Avitus, with a heavy bolter, or Cyrus, with a machine gun, have the ability to suppress enemies with their gunfire. This slows down their movement speed, rate of fire and general capabilities. Enemies who you have suppressed are easily decimated by melee characters especially Thaddeus. Later on you will encounter enemies who can suppress you with heavy weapons so you're going to have to be careful. Tarkus has an ability that breaks suppression so you will want him leading the charge in those situations. Strategic Assets: ========================================================= 3. Characters ========================================================= Force Commander =================== This is you. Well this is you if you were a gigantic genetically engineered and cybernetically enhanced individual. The Force Commander is a leader in this onslaught to stop the Orks from destroying the sub-sector Aurelia. While this means that he's going to be forced on you in every mission that's not such a bad thing considering how useful he is. One of the more versatile characters the FC is fairly ideally designed to be either a ranged or melee combatant so you can make your ideal build with him. However due to his abilities there are certain things that each build should be aiming for. The charge, To Victory!, is incredibly powerful in the hands of a melee character while the ability to use machineguns or plasma rifles is ideal for a ranged attack build. ---------- Spec: The Force Commander is designed to excel and overachieve in melee combat. ----- He is capable of bringing the pain even early on and this is something that you should encourage. His charge ability is incredibly useful since it sends enemies flying and destroys cover. When paired with Thaddeus the two of them can knock enemies all over the place while others clean up the trash. It is in your best interest to get a standard with the Rally ability on it so that you have a free, renewable healing source on hand. You might find him stuck hanging back at times due to all of the enemies with heavy weapons but in these cases he can act as a healer and support. -=Goal: Raise up his melee and health primarily with extra in energy. Points in ranged can help him deal damage with his pistol but it's not necessary. It is also possible, and not necessarily a bad idea, to have the FC become a ranged attack character. Sticking him with a machinegun or plasma rifle will let him cut down enemies from a range and it stops him from taking too many risks especially on higher difficulties. Less risks means that you do better on the end of level evaluations which means more deployments and XP. Keep him with a good gun, not a flamer, and he will do fine. A primary goal should be raising his energy in this case so that he can use Rally often and you get the ability to perform two Orbital Bombardments or Drop Pod drops. These will come in very handy much later on in the game. -=Goal: Ranged is of primary importance with health and energy behind it. If possible you either want to max out energy or equip armor to do so for you. ---------- Terminator: Equipped with the terminator armor the Force Commander becomes a true powerhouse in melee combat. Weilding a power hammer he is something to be afraid of. However he doesn't realize his true potential until you get him a power hammer and shield combo. With this in hand you can carve your way through the enemy ranks. He loses access to abilities like Rally but you will find that he is a nice target and, as long as he leads the charge, he will take bullets meant for the others anyway. Consider a teleport pack if you're using this. =================== Tarkus (Tactical Marines) =================== Not only is Tarkus the first soldier that you get under your command but he's also one of the best. With a solid defense, good hit points and strong offense Tarkus can handle himself on the battlefield. One thing that really makes Tarkus stand out is his defensive ability that breaks suppression and raises his defense while used. Paired with his ability to draw enemy fire with his taunt skill he is basically your tank. This is great since Tarkus' speed lets him move around between cover very quickly if any grenades are incoming. Tarkus is fairly multi-functional as well, much like Avitus. When dealing with enemy soldiers and ground offense you can make great use of his machineguns. If you're expecting to deal with entrenched enemies Tarkus can flush them out with a flamer. Lastly he can do well against vehicles by using a plasma rifle. Paired up with grenades, his special abilities and any wargear buffs he will prove himself in most any situation. The only weakness for this versatility is his lack of it once he's deployed. When on the ground. Once deployed he is stuck into a role and that makes it fairly difficult to change things around. If he's got a machinegun and you are fighting lots of tanks you need to hope he has grenades and the plasma rifle is not the best against individual troops. You can counteract this weakness by equipping him with the proper wargear. If you have him with a machinegun and think there's any chance you might fight vehicles (like Eldar) then give him some melta-bombs. If dealing with entrenched enemies explosive charges work out pretty well against bunkered down enemies. Keep this in mind. ---------- Spec: With Tarkus you really want to decide what you're going to do with him ----- early on in the game. He works best as medium infantry, charging forward with his machinegun and gunning down foes while tanking damage. Generally he will have the most health, or close to, of your infantry units so work with that for best effect. Increase his health and his ranged to maximize his combat potential. It helps to put the rest of your points into energy to allow yourself more time to use his defensive abilities. Do NOT raise up his energy enough to turn grenades into an energy based ability. It's better to keep them filled by finding them around the map than wasting energy better used on his defensive buffs since they become offensive buffs as well later on. -=Goal: Raise up your ranged and health high while raising up energy a bit too. However if you're preferring a bit of a change you can easily set up Tarkus to be a melee squad. Raise up his melee very high quickly and you will find them to be very powerful with all four them chopping foes up. Raise up health and melee high quickly and energy enough so you can keep his buffs going longer. His Taunt ability is usually a bad idea with this build since he's going to be the target of everybody anyways. It might be helpful to get the energy grenade ability with this build since you can rush forward, blow the enemies out of cover and then rush them while they're getting up. -=Goal: Melee is most important followed by health and then energy. ---------- Terminator: When put into the Terminator armor, which he can do automatically, Tarkus becomes a wrecking machine. He can run roughshod all over most enemies since his defense and offense shoot through the roof. Even without any wargear to equip with the armor it's still going to be incredibly overpowered. Make sure that you give him armor and wargear that boosts both his offense and defense so that he can cut through enemies quicker. Without cover the tougher enemies will cut through his health quickly. =================== Cyrus (Scout Squad) =================== One of the most underrated characters in this title is Cyrus. He dies fairly easily, doesn't have much health and wears really weak armor so most people automatically discount him as useful. They're entirely missing the point of the character though - used properly Cyrus is one of the most useful characters in the entire game. Cyrus' main strength lies in his ability to sneak all over the battlefield. So long as you don't get too close to any enemies it's possible for Cyrus to move around entirely under the cover of stealth. This allows him to scout out enemy positions, identify the enemies and bunkers. However the stealth drains energy incredibly fast so when he's moving around you really have to micromanage the scouts. The best aspect to this ability is the ability to slip into an enemy base, throw down some explosives and then retreat as buildings blow up. Not all that powerful Cyrus is still incredibly useful in combat. With any of the three weapons he can use he has some sort of powerful special ability. If he is using a machine gun he can suppress enemy groups at will. Using a sniper rifle he can basically auto-kill a single target which is great for stronger, single units like Eldar Seers or enemy bosses. With the shotgun he can fire an incredibly close range burst that seriously damages single targets and can be used as an anti-vehicle measure. His usefulness isn't really measured in the numbers like it is for the other characters. You have to be willing to spend a lot of time with the character and use him properly. He can't be used for just gunfights and it's sometimes best to let him not participate at all in them. But dropping an orbital attack on a boss who doesn't even know you're there is a special sort of awesome. ---------- Spec: Cyrus is unique in the fact that you don't really have to worry too much ----- about raising up his health. Generally speaking you're going to want to look at which of his abilities are going to mesh with how you're using him and then start putting points in those skills. The only neccessary skill is a high energy. This will allow you access to lots of energy, quick energy regeneration and very useful perks. Things like not losing energy while standing still or the ability to remain hidden while using accessories are incredibly powerful. Just make sure to put points into his ranged so he's of use in boss encounters. -=Goal: High energy mixed with a fair boost to his health and ranged. NOTE: It's very important that you get Tarkus the ability to teleport in squad reinforcements if you're having him use the shotgun or machinegun. This will bring his fragile squad too close to combat and the ability to refill mid-fight is very useful for him. =================== Avitus (Devestator Squad) =================== One of the few characters who can level entire groups of enemies on his own, Avitus is also one of the weaker characters. His slow speed, fairly low health and considerabe set-up time on the heavy bolters really hold him back. However totally ignoring him is doing his combat prowess a disservice. This loudmouth can really dish out the pain in short order. Generally speaking you will want to set up Avitus behind heavy cover and let him open fire on your enemies. When he has them nice and suppressed you can have other soldiers push their way into attack range especially melee troops. In addition to simply suppressing enemies Avitus has a very high damage output that makes him a great damage dealer. Against the Eldar this combination is incredibly effective at slowing them down and destroying them. Avitus generally works very well with Tarkus. With Tarkus drawing the enemies attention, and bullets, long enough for Avitus to set up his guns. If Tarkus has grenades then this is doubly true since he can destroy cover and allow Avitus to open fire directly on enemy troops. While he excells against both Eldar and Orks he isn't quite as good against the Tyranids. Generally the bugs pour forth in a direct charge on your position and Avitus' set-up time can be a killer. The only reason to bring him is if you're expecting larger enemies to come out after you. If this is the case make sure he is equipped with a plasma weapon or, better yet, a missile launcher. This will make short work of Ork Tanks, Wraithlords, Eldar Tanks and Carnifexes. ---------- Spec: It's absolutely worthless to spec him for melee since the Devestator ----- Squads are entirely designed for long range combat. As such you're going to want to make sure you boost up his ranged combat and energy skills. This will let him do as much damage as possible. If you can get his ranged up high enough then he will have no set-up time to his heavy weapons. This gives you much more flexibility in how you use him. Try to raise up his health as high as possible as well as his energy. High enough energy will let you use his attack abilites often enough to tear through foes. -=Goal: Max ranged with the rest in health and energy. You can ignore melee entirely. Make sure you get the ability to use Terminator armor no matter what. --------- Terminator: When you slap Avitus in a suit of Terminator armor things get very ugly. He gains an incredibly powerful cannon on his armor and a strong power fist on the other. Keep him entirely out of melee and equip him with everything you can get to raise up his offense. At one point a level 18 Avitus with an almost but not quite maxed out ranged had an offense that was doing over 1,800 damage which is the highest we've seen yet. Just be mindful of a quirk in his AI when in this armor; he likes to retreat from combat for no reason. You will have to keep ordering him to an attack. =================== Thaddeus (Assault Squad) =================== While he doesn't seem too useful early on Thaddeus is an incredibly powerful unit if you use him properly. However he does require a fair bit of watching so that he doesn't die. For a melee focused character type he doesn't have the greatest defense or health so you're going to have to be very careful with how you use him. Assault Marines are designed for hit and run tactics early on so make sure that you keep him in mind. Without a doubt the best aspect of this character is his ability to quickly disrupt enemy lines by leaping into enemy lines, slamming down to send them all scattering. This also destroys their cover and leaves them wide open to be shot apart by Avitus or the Dreadnought. However doing this leaves him deep in enemy lines where he could be blown away or overpowered. One of the best ways to use him is paired up with Avitus or Cyrus. These two units have the ability to suppress others. While enemies are suppressed by his gunfire Thaddeus can leap in and slaughter the lot of them. ---------- Spec: Thaddeus is naturally suited to melee combat. While he can be turned into ----- a ranged fighter it renders his assault jump ability somewhat useless. It leaves him as a somewhat less effective Tarkus. Your best bet is to buff up his melee, health and energy while totally neglecting ranged. Equip him with a fast weapon like a chainsword and let him carve up enemies after a leap. -=Goal: Get health and melee as high as possible while also raising up energy. ---------- Terminator: When thrown into a suit of this armor Thaddeus gains a serious boost in effectiveness. Instead of a jump pack he gets a teleporter which means you lose the assault jump attack, and it's great effects, but it's easier for Thaddeus to jump into and out of combat since the recharge on the teleport is much better. However when he's in power armor he loses alot of his advantages which makes it, amusingly enough, better suited to a ranged Thaddeus. Stick a power hammer and shield combo on him if you want him to survive in melee. =================== Dreadnought =================== Without a doubt the Dreadnought is the single most powerful of the units in the Dawn of War II campaign. Capable of wrecking havoc in both melee and ranged combat he is a mech-sized wrecking ball or most enemies. Plenty of health, high defense and decent range on his guns just rounds out the awesome. However his main failings are his fairly low speed and his lack of regeneration. As a mechanical unit he has no means of repairing himself. This requires you to bring an item that heals a single vehicle, turret or building which is pretty narrow in its usefulness overall (barring defense missions). Since he can't carry it himself this means one of your squads is wasting an item slot on this item with just a single use. Eventually, when his health gets high enough, he gains an ability that lets him auto-heal which is something any build of this character should aim for. Another problem with him is the fact that he destroys everything that he even walks near. This means that as you move him around he is going to level any cover that he walks past. While not that big of a deal if its just cover that you've already finished using it can be huge problem if a melee Dread goes about destroying forward cover. ---------- Spec: The Dreadnought excels at pretty much any way you choose to set him up. ----- If you should decide to set him up as a melee combatant then you will want to upgrade his melee as much as possible while maxing out his health. He moves in incredibly slowly so he's going to get hammered by lots of bullets while he's closing in. His fist smash attack is incredibly powerful and will wipe out most any enemy who gets too close to him. However he isn't too useful against Eldar as they will sometimes continually fall back which leaves him chasing them. He excels against the Tyranids due to most of them being close range melee types. His flamers help balance out his weak speed but only a little bit. -=Goals: Max health and raise melee up incredibly high with the rest in energy. Setting him up to spec for ranged attacks is much, much more useful. His wide arc chaingun attack is more powerful than most any attack Avitus could level at a group of foes. Plus it knocks foes down, destroys buildings and enemy cover meaning there are very few problems this attack can't cure. The main weakness of this set-up is that he isn't too impressive in melee nor is his gun useful at anything closer than about five paces away. To rectify this give him just enough melee to get his fist smash ability. -=Goals: Max ranged, health to get the heal ability and melee to get fist smash with any remainder in energy. ========================================================= 4. Wargear ========================================================= There are a number of flavors that you can find Wargear in. Rather than getting into all of that we're going to explain the purposes of each of the pieces of equipment that you will come across in game. The game doesn't really explain this the best so this lists the details of the various items. Bolt Pistol - Pistol. Medium rate of fire. Low Damage. Effective vs. infantry. Weak vs. vehicles and buildings. Bolter - Machinegun. High rate of fire. Medium Damage. Effective vs. infantry. Weak vs. vehicles and buildings. Heavy Bolter - Chaingun. Very high rate of fire. High damage. Suppression. Effective vs. infantry. Moderate effectiveness vs. vehicles. Weak vs. buildings. Slows movement. Plasma Pistol - Pistol. Medium rate of fire. High damage. Low range. Effective vs. infantry and vehicles. Weak vs. buildings. Plasma Rifle - Rifle. Medium rate of fire. High damage. Effective vs. vehicles. Moderate effectiveness vs. infantry and buildings. Flamer - Flamethrower. Medium rate of fire. Low damage. Can hit enemies in buildings and behind cover. Very weak vs. vehicles and buildings. Missile Launcher - Duh! Low rate of fire. High damage. Destroys cover. Effective vs. vehicles and buildings. Moderate effectiveness vs. infantry due to slow projectiles. Plasma Cannon - Big rifle. Low rate of fire. Very high damage. Destroys cover. Effective vs. vehicles and buildings. Weak vs infantry. Shotgun - Shotgun. Low rate of fire. High damage. Very low range. Effective vs. infantry and vehicles. Weak vs. buildings. Sniper Rifle - Yes. Very low rate of fire. High damage. Very high range. Effective vs. infantry. Weak vs. vehicles and buildings. * NOTE: Scouts explosive shot is effective vs. vehicles. Storm Bolter - Pistol. Medium rate of fire. High damage. Weak vs. buildings. Very effective vs. infantry. Moderately effective vs. vehicles. Vulcan Cannon - Chaingun. High rate of fire. High damage. High range. Effective vs. infantry and vehicles. Weak vs. buildings. ------------------- Melee Weaponry ------------------- Chainsword - High speed. Medium damage. Effective vs. infantry. Weak vs. vehicles and buildings. Power Sword - Medium speed. High damage. Effective vs. infantry and vehicles. Weak vs. buildings. Power Axe - Low speed. High damage. Effective vs. all targets. Power Fist - Very low speed. Very high damage. Effective vs. all targets. Power Hammer - Medium speed. High damage. Effective vs. all targets. ========================================================= 5. Enemies ========================================================= Eldar -------------- The Eldar are definitely the hardest of the enemies to handle in the entire game. For the most part they will not simply stand in one place and just fight you under most any circumstance. What they will do is rush in to the attack and then retreat whenever you damage them too much. Plus their range is longer than yours in many cases. This makes them incredibly dangerous especially on the higher difficulty levels. It's not uncommon for them to run in, use some witchery to knock your men around and fling a few grenades into your ranks. Pure frustration can ensue when dealing with these guys. They have very good range on their attacks, can confuse and make life difficult for your men with far too much ease. Tarkus is good for combatting them since he can resist most of their offense. While it may seem that Thaddeus is great for breaking them up and slowing them down via his assault jump he gets killed far too quickly. Avitus is very useful for slowing them down via suppression but his set-up time can be a problem. One of your best bets is probably Cyrus with a Bolter and the suppression ability. This will pin them down so you can wipe them out. It's a good idea to bring melta-bombs into levels involving lots of Eldar. There is a very good chance that you will come across Fire Prisms or Wraithlord walkers while you're going through levels and these will pretty much wipe them out in one shot. All that leaves is the infantry units to deal with and as time goes on you will be able to blow them away with the Dreadnoughts ranged skills. -------------- Orks -------------- Out of all three races you're going to be dealing with these are probably the simplest of the lot. The Tyranids can be hellish at times due to overwhelming numbers and the Eldar have their hit and run tactics. For the most part they can absorb and deal a lot of damage but other than their grenades most of these guys aren't too strong. The bosses can be pretty difficult though so keep that in mind. Later on in the game you will want to start bringing out melta-bombs into the field with you. The orks use both mechs and stolen tanks and they can be pretty hard to take out without some assistance. Even the bosses will go down really fast to a melta-bomb or two. -------------- Tyranids -------------- When you are fighting the Tyranids you're going to be fighting against some pretty impressive numbers. Your four squads will sometimes be up against some ridiculous odds when fighting these guys. However, amusingly enough, they are probably the easier enemies in the game to handle. Most of the Tyranids units are simple melee units that can be defeated via heavy gunfire while the ranged enemies are usually fairly weak anyways. The primary threat when dealing with the Tyranids is either getting overrun or the Carnifexes. Each of these requires some strategy to deal with. To avoid being overrun you're going to need some overwhelming firepower to deal with the sometimes ridiculous numbers. Avitus, the Dreadnought and explosives can even the odds. If you've got some grenades throw them in the path that the creatures are moving in to slow them down. Mines work as well if you're making good use of the scout squad. Carnifexes on the other hand can wreck all sorts of hell upon your squads and its hard to do much about it. Their higher defense means they don't take too much damage from attacks and have a crazy damage output. To make your life easier you're going to need grenades, plasma weapons and shotguns to wipe out their life as quickly as possible. Things get remarkably easier once you finally get the Dreadnought. His ground smash attack will slaughter most groups of basic enemies and his ranged attack is capable of dishing out heavy damage to the Carnifexes. ========================================================= 6. Walkthrough ========================================================= For the most part this walkthrough is going to assume that you're taking cover and fighting enemies carefully. As such you will not be told what to do every step of the way, more like guideliens to help you get through the worst of the combat situations that will come up. As a reminder you will be scored based upon how many of the enemies in the stage you killed, how many of your squads remained active and how fast you did all of this. Generally speaing you're better off being thorough with killing enemies and moving as carefully as possible. If you can get five stars from those two categories you will get a nice chunk of bonus experience. Also this is an easy way to get at least one bonus deployment from a mission. ============================= 6.01 Stand with your Brothers ============================= This mission is a simple tutorial on how to play the game. As such there isn't too much to be said for what to do in this mission. The only tips that really need to be given are mostly for higher difficulty levels. When tasked with supporting the other troops take cover behind the metal barriers and stay alert for enemies. They will either stand their ground or try to rush around the barriers and right into your face. If they're remaining mobile hit them with some grenades but if they start to move in on youeither try to put a grenade in their path or use your FC to run interference while Tarkus guns them down. Besides this the rest of the mission is fairly simple and straightforward so long as you stay behind cover and make liberal use of grenades. ============================= 6.02 Retake the Hamlet ============================= Move to the southeast where you will find a few enemies. Try to keep Cyrus back behind your fighters so that the enemies target the guys in big armor over him. This is something you will need to get used to doing every step of the way when using him so better practice now. Once those guys are dead you will want to advance your troops forward to the stone wall to your north and wait. Have Cyrus move to the south and around to the east where he can get close to the tower here without alerting troops. From here he can fling a Demolition Charge over the rock wall to blow up the tower without being fired upon. Just remember to pull him back after he does this since he becomes visible again. If there are any stragglers left from your earlier fight take them out while going forward to Sergeant Avitus. Once the coast is clear you can follow the tutorial to revive Avitus and learn how to take Beacons. Doing this is incredibly important during missions since not only are these places where you can get back fallen squad mates but they also heal you and serve as fall back points. Falling back is an incredibly useful ability late in the game. With one click of the red exclamation mark the chosen squad will launch into a sprint, moving faster than normally possible in an effort to reach a nearby Beacon. This is an excellent way to prevent a squad with only one or two injured squadmates from going down and costing you points on your Resilience rating. Once that's done Orks are going to start heading for your position. Garrison Avitus in the nearby hut where he can gun down foes in safety while the others do their thing. After that head your way to the northeast and take out the enemies here. Avitus will warn you that more enemies are incoming so take his advice; station him behind the rocks here with the rest of your squads placed in other safe spots. From here you will have a pretty good set-up to take out the enemies that attack your position. It's pretty easy to capture the next beacon, if there's any resistance here it is mostly enemies that ran from your previous fights. With that captured you will need to fend off several groups of enemies. Stick Avitus in the large building here as well as Cyrus if you want to take him out of hte line of fire. Now it's a simple matter of killing the enemies as they come. Remember to make use of grenades if the enemies are in thick groups, it makes your life easier. Fend enemies off from both directions and eventually a final group will come from the west - this is the last group so take them out to end this level. ============================= 6.03 Skykilla's Raid ============================= First things first make your way to the north and take out the enemies there. From here you will have a good vantage point to take out the next enemies that come to attack you. From here you've got a pretty wide open map to move around on. As such you can either move in any direction that you like so you're going to need to be thorough if you want to get five stars for enemy kills. After this it's probably best that you head to the east. You will want to take the strategic asset here so start pushing in that direction as it's easier this way. When you reach the large camp you're going to want to be careful. There are a lot of enemies and bunkers here that will cut you down in a moment if you aren't totally careful. It's best if you have Cyrus fling a demo charge from as far away as possible to take out any buildings or encampments. Once the coast is mostly clear you can sweep through with your troops to clear the way and seize the asset. From here you can sweep to the west, taking out enemies as you go until you reach this strategic asset. Pick one of the two assets and take it; communications array for orbital assaults and foundry for turrets. The turrets are probably more useful considering the various defense missions that come up you will find more use for them in the future. Once you've seized the strategic asset and all of the beacons you can make your way north to SkyKillas location. When he finally comes out to play you're going to see it's just him. This is good news. SkyKilla isn't that big of a threat since he doesn't do too much damage except with his special attacks. There are two attacks to watch out for; the first is a radial ground smash type of attack while the second is a trio of explosives. To avoid the first simply retreat from the large rune that appears on the ground near SkyKilla. If you get caught in this it's pretty bad news so try to avoid it if at all possible. The grenades are pretty dangerous too but they're pretty easy to avoid. Just move when you see them coming so that you're out of the way when one is about to explode. So long as you keep up the gunfire on him he will go down without too much trouble. ============================= 6.04 Target: Gutrencha ============================= Make sure that you keep the demo charges equipped, they're very helpful for this mission. From the start head to the north with Cyrus taking the lead while hidden. Use the demo charges to blow up the building that the Orks are hiding in before surging forward to take the greenskins out. Continue onward to reach the beacon but don't go fiddling with it just yet. Station your people to defend from the north since they're going to attack once you activate the beacon. Since the enemies will come down the stairs in a cluster use a grenade and then let your gunners mop them up. There is a pattern that you can follow when clearing most stages, this one included. Pick one of the strategic assets on one side of the screen to get to first and then you sweep the battlefield. So for example here you would want to head to the factory to the west, clear out all of the enemies in the area and then sweep across to the other side of the stage. This gives you a good, simple movement pattern to clear areas as easily, and efficiently, as possible. Having cleared the map you will now be able to fight Gutrencha without any sort of interference if you should need to retreat. After clearing out his guards it is time to fight him. Now he isn't the hardest to fight but you need to be careful nonetheless. Other than his basic melee attack he will either use his grenades, easily dodged but powerful if you aren't careful, and a shockwave move. This is a bit more dangerous as it's a ranged atack that hits from a fair distance, appearing as a rupture along the ground and then exploding upwards to hurt the heck out of your guys. So long as you keep moving when you see grenades or the shockwave it's easy enough to have the FC tank him in melee while your other men open up on him. He should go down quickly enough if you can avoid dying here. ============================= 6.05 The True Enemy ============================= You're not going to have Cyrus for this but reinforcements will come later. So head north immediately, kill off the Orks there and then continue heading to the Communication Array. As you do so Thaddeus will reinforce you by killing the Orks on the ridge and then you get to play with his assault jump ability. Use his assault jump to help you take the beacon before continuing to the Comm Array itself. It's defended by alot of enemies but they're easily handled. Have Tarkus take the lead with grenades ahoy to thin out the enemies since his defensive abilities will keep him alive. Thaddeus can then leap into them with his assault jump to make thinning them out easy enough for your other troops. From here continue towards the bridge where you will encounter some Eldar battling the Orks. Move your way forward, using the barricades as cover while shooting at the Eldar who come your way. They're easy enough to take out if you let Avitus shoot the crud out of them but be mindful of grenades. Should a large group of them cluster together you can use the assault jump to bust up the party. Push your way across the bridge cleaning up resistance as you go. Seize the last beacon to the east before doing anything else. With that done head towards the blip on your radar to encounter the Eldar Warlock. His melee is weak but his ranged attacks are pretty strong so the solution is to get into his face. Use the assault jump with Thaddeus to start it off and have the FC back him up by rushing into melee. Avitus should use his rapid fire ability while Tarkus shoots from a distance. The Warlock will go down rather quickly to this sort of combined attack. ============================= 6.06 Defend the Array ============================= This is the first defense mission you will play but most certainly not the last one. The main gist of these is that you have a bunch of generators that you need to protect, if all three of these fall then you fail the mission and lose the strategic asset for good. Obviously you want to avoid this so don't mess around with these levels. On the other hand they're quick, good for experience and the rewards they give and will quite often net you extra deployments so it's something of a tradeoff. * NOTE: In these early defense missions Cyrus is kind of useless. Don't bother bringing him along. Later on though he can be incredibly powerful so don't ignore him quite so out of hand later on. His shotgun is especially powerful as is his ability to set mines. For this stage sticking Avitus in the eastern tower is a good idea so he can shoot all enemies. They will come from the south and north along the bridge. Set the mines that you have along the bridge farther out to help out before you deploy one turret close to each direction. With that all done set any extra turrets that you have and get ready for a rumble. Green arrows will point out what direction the next wave is coming from so be ready for it. Simply keep Tarkus and the FC moving to deal with each wave as it comes, making liberal use of grenades to break up groups as well as Thaddeus' assault jump skill. The only threat comes from the final wave with its boss that comes in tow. They die easily enough however so concentrate fire to take him out without incident. ============================= 6.07 A Spider Among Flies ============================= It is very much suggested that you bring Avitus, Tarkus and Thaddeus into the field with you. Equip the grenades on Thaddeus, the reason for this will come up later on in the battle. From the drop point you can either swing to the left or the right towards the strategic assets. It's easiest if you go along the left side of the screen and across the bridge. Kill any enemies who oppose you as you cross the bridge and then set your team up along the low brick wall here to your east. It's pretty tough getting through the middle area of this place so you will want to be careful here. To the east and west you will find groups of enemies who are just waiting to beat on you. Then, on the upper middle platform, you will find yet more enemies. It's best if you push to the one of the directions and work your way up to the target destination from one of the assets. As such you might find it simpler to head to the southwest corner and wait over there as you slowly draw enemies to you. Use grenaes as well as Avitus' range to take out enemies as they come. Slide forward a bit to draw them off with the FC before pulling back to draw enemies in to your squads gunfire. Drawing them off slowly but steadily you can thin out some of them before storming the area and wiping them out. With the area fully cleared you can take the beacon here before making your way across the bridge to the strategic asset. It's not that hard to keep clearing out enemies, stick tightly together and make frequent use of grenades and assault jumps to keep the enemies from gathering their strength. You can push your way all the way to the shrine and quickly take control of it. Defeat the reinforcements who attack and then continue the final push to the Warp Spider. Once you've finally cleared all opposition you can go after the Warp Spider Exarch. This is going to require a fair bit of control on your part. Send your FC to enter melee with the Spider then have the others engage from a distance. Thaddeus should stay back since the Spider can wreck him in melee but there's anotehr reason for this. As you damage the Warp Spider he will start to summon in reinforcements. These are easily broken up via a grenade or assault jump so go with that combo. As soon as the enemies spawn in have Thaddeus fling a grenade at them and then, once it's exploded, leap into them and slice them up. If you've got this sort of setup and can let Avitus keep on firing away at him then he will die pretty quickly. Just remember to heal yourself whenever you start to take too much damage and you will be fine. ============================= 6.08 Defense of Argus Gate ============================= This mission is made much easier if you bring Cyrus instead of Avitus so that you can shoot while on the move. Just make sure that Cyrus is using a Bolter so he will be ready to suppress the enemies. Your drop pod will crash into the ground right near some enemies so start pushing your way to the northeast. As you're going you will need to take out enemies who get in your way but they're small groups that are easily wiped out. When you finally reach Mek he will retreat from you after you've dealt a certain amount of damage to him. Defeat the Stormboyz and continue to chase the greenskin leader. As you reach the front gate of Argus you will see your allies under assault by Orks. Once they're all dead you will be told to build turrets in specific locations so do so to shore up your defenses. This is important since the rest of this is going to get a bit ugly. Set Cyrus, Tarkus and Thaddeus behind cover while keeping your FC somewhere out near the open. This will stop any enemies from getting right up into your gunners faces. The Orks will begin to attack in force so you'll need to deal with them fast. Keep on using grenades whenever enemies get into tight clusters and if they are getting too close just use an assault jump to scatter them. Remember to retreat quickly so you don't take too much damage. After you've killed enough of them Mek himself will attack. He's a melee fighter who uses a shockwave attack as well as throwing out explosives. The most dangerous part of the battle is his barrier skill which damages melee troops and render him immune to damage for a short time so try to pull away when this happens. As dangerous as this sounds he isn't actually all that difficult to defeat. All it really requires is that you push hard in this fight. Let your FC keep his attention in melee while everyone opens fire on him. Continue hammering him with everything that you've got making sure to use grenades when your FC isn't near him and Avitus' Focus Fire ability. Use the assault jump ability to clear out any remaining troops that are in the area before attacking Mek from the rear while your FC beats in his face. Just keep on the move to avoid his shockwave attack and explosives and you will be fine. Once Mek has been defeated you will be ordered to rendezvous with Captain Thule so you can reinforce him. As you head towards him you will find a group of Orks that are quickly torn apart by Tyranids who attack. Take the beacon near here before pushing your way towards Thule. After you speak to him you simply need to bunker down and keep gunning down Tyranids until you're told to help out Captain Thule. Head on over to him to end this level. ============================= 6.09 Eyes of the Eldar ============================= For the love of all that's holy make sure you bring demo charges with you. They make this stage so much more bearable. If you bring along grenades or orbital weapons you will have an even easier time of things. Cyrus can help you out as well since he can slip in and use those weapons. Make sure you pick up any supply crates you come across, you're going to need those explosives. Start attacking the Eldar in the area, falling back to the drop pod to heal up when injured, before crossing the bridge to the north. Head for the beacon to the north where ranger Nemerian is located. He's not actually a boss enemy he is just a simple enemy so take out the whole lot of them and then heal up at the beacon after capturing it. You can now push your way across the bridge, leapfrogging your unis to keep up a strong front, all while taking out the Eldar who attack. Now you can either push to the northwest or northeast, towards the beacon, it's up to you how to proceed. Our personal preference was the straight path right at the enemies. Hold up right at the mouth of the bridge and wait for reinforcements to attack you. Take them out before sending Cyrus in with some explosives to blow up the webway right in front of you, just beyond the stairs. While he is doing this it is a good idea to have your other squads distract the troops, using grenades as necessary to take them out. If you see any Shuriken cannons (small tanks) take them out as soon as possible since they do a heck of a lot of damage and send you flying back. After you have taken out the first gateway you can push your way up onto the platform. Let your troops keep them busy while throwing grenades at the webways and demo charges at the ones further from you. Once you've taken all four of them out you will find the level ending. ============================= 6.10 Vengance for Davian Thule ============================= This is one of the most heavily infested maps in the entire game. You're going to be slowly but steadily moving around the map since you can get destroyed really easily here. The closest of the various beacons is to your north so you will want to head for that one first. Try to avoid any spores that come flying your way and cut your way through to the beacon. Head for the strategic asset from here where you will find some warriors in your path. Open fire on the smaller enemies while you send Thaddeus to drop in on the heads of the warriors, stopping them from shooting at you. Now have the rest of your squad push their forward taking out enemies as they move. Now that you've got the strategic asset you've got the upper hand in this level. From here you would be fairly well served to start slowly moving out, killing as many of the Tyranids as possible before pulling back to heal. You want to grab up all of the beacons and kill as many of the Tyranids as you have the patience to do so. You could really use the experience that you're going to be getting from killing all of these enemies. Simply be mindful of the Warriors that you come across since they're pretty dangerous. The Warrior boss is somewhat difficult to handle at such a low level. The boss has a lot of health and defense. Spread out your people, keeping your gunners behind the stone walls to the north and south if possible while using the FC to draw the beast closer to you. Thaddeus should engage in melee as well but be ready to assault jump away if he starts taking too much damage. None of his attacks are particularly deadly if you've got rally and a healing kit so don't worry too much about it. ============================= 6.11 Fire Prism Assault ============================= Whatever you do make sure that you bring Cyrus and some melta-bombs into this level. Equip him with a Bolter so that you can suppress enemies, making them easier for the other enemies to pick off. Fighting in the city streets is way more complicated than any other level. Your range of attack is usually very limited and the area is very cluttered. Plus there are a lot of barrels all over the place that explode when shot at, this reduces the amount of cover that you've really got to work with. Due to this you will need to take the careful, measured approach to clearing the streets. There are a lot of Eldar that you're going to be fighting since the webway gates that you are after will summon up non-stop reinforcements that attack you almost ceaselessly. The easiest thing to do is to slip to the southeast, down the stairs. From the top of the stairs use whatever explosives or special moves that can destroy the webway before you start pushing south along the road here. The only real threat here are the anti-personnel tanks so aim for them first. * NOTE: The path listed here will get you optimal kills whereas taking the other way will end the mission quicker more often than not. Simply going south and then turning around to the west and whipping south will kill the enemies a fair bit faster. Once you've cleared the area make your way to the Communications Array so you can take the strategic asset. With that in your hands you will be able to swing around to the west since you're going to find a whole lot of offense. Start throwing grenades at the enemies to scatter them before hitting them as hard and fast as you can. If you have to pull out of a gunfight then use the assault squad to send the enemies flying while your forces regroup. The FC ability To Victory! also works wonders. As you continue to the northwest you will find several warp gates, a generator and a Fire Prism, a big ol' anti-infantry tank. Fire off at the enemies here to draw some of them off, notably the Fire Prism, and deal with them as they come. Use melta-bombs on the Fire Prism to take it out incredibly quickly. Toss a demo charge, with cloaked Cyrus, at the warp gates to get rid of them while you are fighting off the rest of the enemies. Once the gates are blown up you can then take out the generator by carefully fighting the tanks and snipers. Lastly make your way around the eastern corner to head north and reach the final generator. Once you capture the beacon along this path simply push your way to the last generator and teleporter. It isn't even a problem to take them out especially if you target the generator with a melta-bomb. ============================= 6.12 Hand of the Hive Mind ============================= This stage is so damnably simple since you've gone through this stage several times. Since this level is so predictable the only really hard part of it is that there are so many damn Tyranids in your path. Head for the closest beacon while making liberal use of grenades. Since you can find so many of the supply containers at each beacon it's of high priority that you capture every beacon and visit every strategic asset. In all the times that this level has been played we have never encountered any particular difficulties with any of the sections of the map. As long as you slowly clear each area and make use of grenades and demo charges enemies will steadily fall to your attacks. Be careful that you don't approach the boss, the Zoanthrope, until you've killed off the rest of the enemies. So long as he has no one to back him up he goes down all in due time. ============================= 6.13 The Killer Serpent ============================= Bring out Cyrus, Thaddeus and Tarkus into this mission. Make sure that you've got grenades and demo charges for this mission. Even though there aren't all that many buildings in this level you'll still find it to be useful. They can often be flung over low walls and up cliff faces so that helps you out. You're here to destroy all sorts of Tyranid Structures as well as taking out that Ravener. Make your way to the beacon to the south since it's a fairly straight shot without much trouble. Now start heading toward the Tyranids to the southeast. Prioritize spore launchers above all else but then go after the other ranged attackers before going after the Brood Nest. With those out of the way you can basically trample over the rest of this base. Double back to the drop zone, heal up and then make your way to the next base. As you near the base you will notice that there are a lot of enemies here as well as a Brood Nest. Sneak in close and try to fling a demo charge over the rocks that are covering the Brood Nest. Once that's out of the way have Tarkus lead a charge into the base, throwing grenades to thin enemies out and using assault jumps to knock enemies around. Cyrus can help with picking off people from a distance to make your life easier. With them all taken out you should push to the shrine so that you can use that as your next forward base. This will give you a great starter zone from which to attack the main Tyranid Hive. You will find most of the main buildings here as well as the Ravener itself. The beast isn't really a boss fight since it goes down like a slightly stronger enemy. Push towards the base and let your squad keep the Tyranids entertained while you have Cyrus blow the hell out of the buildings here. If you see Ravener you will want to blast him with everything that you've got. He goes down incredibly fast if you focus on him with your stronger attack skills. If you find yourself having difficulties have Cyrus start to take over the nearby beacon so you can use that as a deep strike base. Once you've taken out the Ravener you can easily destroy the rest of the Hives in the area. It's not really all that difficult if you use your grenades and demo charges liberally. ============================= 6.14 Thundering Terror ============================= This stage is a lot easier than you're likely thinking it's going to be. If you try to rush straight up the middle of the stage you're going to have a pretty tough time of it. However the eastern side of the stage is a whole lot easier with far less enemies infesting it. Even if you want to clear the whole stage by hanging out on this side you will have a lot easier of a time. Continue along the eastern side of the map until you reach the shrine which should be fairly easy to take from its guardians. Once you've taken the shrine it's a perfect position from which to attack any other enemies in the area. You can even slink off to the west a bit to grab the beacon there so that you have a fall back point that's a bit closer to you. However things get remarkably more complicated when you finally reach the boss area. The Carnifex, to put it bluntly, is a serious pain in the ass to fight. Not only is he gigantic with power and endurance like that of a walking melee tank. A good suggestion on how to handle him is to use your FC as a distraction and to keep running all over the field while the others continue to unload on the gigantic SoB. While you're doing this you're free to whale on him with grenades, orbital attacks and whatever special attacks you have at your disposal. It's not all that hard to avoid the Carnifexes special attack, appearing as a giant green circle on the floor, so just move away from it and get right back on the attack as soon as possible. It shouldn't take too much to bring him down just a whole lot of time. ============================= 6.15 Into the Hive ============================= A good setup for this team is the Thaddeus, Tarkus and Cyrus. Just make sure to have Cyrus using a sniper rifle. There are lots of spore mines floating around and taking them out at a distance is of the utmost priority or they will annihillate your people suprisingly fast. From the start of the stage begin heading towards the biosample. As you're walking along you will encounter some Brood eventually finding a group of them on the other side of some logs. Keep on going once you've taken them out until you reach the gene pool. Before going too far in you will want to throw some grenades to thin out the enemies here since all those spores will kill you. Once you've killed all of the enemies you're going to have to reach the levels extraction point so that you can escape. However this extraction point will take you through enemy territory. As you're moving in that direction you're going to notice several Brood Nests in your path. It's a priority that you seek out all of these and destroy them to make your life easier. Also hunt down the beacons so that you can recover troops as necessary. As you're going there are a good six Nests to eliminate and the only enemies in this whole area are the ones around them so you can go a bit gung-ho here. Get more careful when you reach the extraction point though - if you thought things were going too smoothly you were totally right. Here comes the Carnifexes big brother, the Hive Tyrant. This guy is stronger, faster, has more health and a fair bit more armor. while you're fighting this walking tank off you're going to want to pull back and use your guns to whittle down his health. Whatever you do keep your troops out of melee with the exception of the FC who can actually stand up to him for a short time. Use your grenades, artillery, turrets and whatever else you can muster to injure this gigantic beast. If you see markings on the floor move quickly to avoid them or he will wreck your health. After you've damaged him for about half of his health a new contender will come out of a drop pod to help you out. The Dreadnought is capable of dealing quite a huge bit of damage so the Hive Tyrant gets remarkably easier now. Once he's dead you're done here. ============================= 6.16 The Mantis Killer ============================= We're back on this map again so it's time to wipe the hell out of every enemy on the map with the efficiency playing on this map so much nets you. You're not dealing with many difficult enemies on this map. If you go to the northwest the enemies are a bit on the easier side but you want to clear the map anyways. Just keep moving from beacon to beacon as you move along the map. If you have not gotten both of the strategic assets you're going to need to do that now. As you make your way further to the north you're going to have a single nasty surprise, a Hive Tyrant. These things are incredibly difficult being some of the strongest enemies in the game, giving even a Carnifex a run for its money. Since you can't use melta-bombs against these guys you're in trouble. Don't let him get in the face of your Dreadnought or he will tear it to pieces. If you have an orbital strike let 'er rip now or just fling lots of grenades. When you finally reach the Lictor things are going to get hairier. He's fast, moves around rapidly and does a whole lot of damage. Keep your ranged attackers back while letting your FC keep him busy in melee, healing himself and others. Your Dreadnought will tear him apart with his ranged attacks and specials. If he summons up any reinforcements your grenades and Dreadnought can blow the lot of them to pieces. ============================= 6.17 Lord of Wraiths ============================= Welcome to what we like to call "Cyrus' Time to Shine!" because this stage is exactly that. If you've leveled him up and invested in his energy skill he will dominate the heck out of this map. Equip him with a sniper rifle, melta-bombs and demo charges. Bring the Dreadnought if you have it and Avitus if you do not to round out the team. Let's talk about Wraithlords, the creatures that you're here to destroy. These guys are essentially giant bipedal tanks. They are slow as heck and only have a melee attack so they're not the hardest of enemies to get rid of. So long as you have melta-bombs that is so hold onto a few of them for the boss. Start heading to the east and then walk right up the central corridor - this is the quickest and most expedient route through this level. As you do this you will see tanks in your path. Take note that the smaller tanks, the shurikens and mortar tank, they are both infantry and vehicles. So you can melta-bomb them if you're really feeling wasteful or you can use the high-powered shot from the sniper rifle to take them out in one shot. Kill them as quickly as you can before continuing forward. Eventually you will meet a Wraithlord Walker. This isn't the boss Wraithlord that you're looking for but he's a good example of what you're getting into. Toss a few grenades and melta-bombs at him to take him out in no time. From in this area you will be able to go to either side and claim both of the beacons and strategic assets. Do so while taking out all of the enemies that you come across to rack up your Fury rating. If you head to the Shrine the big problem there will be the Fire Prism. Even it isn't that much of a problem if you toss a melta-bomb at it. With that out of the way the major threat to your well being is going to be out of the way until you reach the boss. Fighting the Wraithlord Walker is actually incredibly easy. Open fire on him with the Dreadnoughts ranged attacks and special attack while you hammer the beast with melta-bombs. Firing at him with ranged attacks and having the FC go right into melee in the meanwhile will take him out in no time. ============================= 6.18 Idranel of Ulwathe ============================= If you have a sniper rifle on Cyrus then now is a good time to use it and him. Otherwise you should bring Tarkus and the Dreadnought along with you into this mission. Avitus makes a fine replacement for Cyrus if you don't have a sniper rifle on hand so long as you use his focus fire ability. Bring some melta-bombs along for the ride so you can get rid of the tanks easily. Make your way to the north and then towards the first beacon. Send in your men to defeat the guys guarding the beacon while having the Dreadnought open fire upon the guards with his ranged blast. Push your way from here towards the Shrine but be mindful as you near it. There are tanks there that can be gotten rid of via grenades and the Dreadnoughts ranged special attack. Now you can charge the Shrine while taking out any remaining opposition in your path. From here there isn't much in your way to reach the boss. Simply head from beacon to beacon until you reach Idranel. Stick your FC right in her face and open up on her with your special abilities. Keep the Dreadnought back so you don't lose him in the middle of the fight. If you brought Cyrus then his sniper shot will do a whole load of damage to her in a single hit so use them all here. When she starts to throw down her stronger moves late in the fight remember to use your health kits to keep your squads alive through the assault and she should go down pretty easily. ============================= 6.19 Angel Gate ============================= Do not even bother trying to do this mission if you don't have the Dreadnought. The level is ridiculously hard towards the end of it and without him you might find yourself having to replay it several times or really level up before you go ahead and complete it. The Dreadnought makes your life far, far easier here. It's also a good idea to bring Avitus along with you and give him the health packs, there's a good reason for this that becomes apparent much later. This level is really complicated when playing it but the description on what you need to do is actually fairly simple. What you need to do is fairly easy; find all of the guardsmen, activate several of these generators and then close the doors to Angels' Forge. It's not that hard to do the basic steps of this level until you reach the finale but that's what can tear you up. What you will want to do, above anything else, is clear this entire map. As you do this you will be able to activate all of the generators and find all of the Imperial Guardsmen. This will make the finale much easier to complete since the guardsmen will keep your enemies busy while the more generators that you turn on the easier it is to complete the finale of this stage. You will face minor opposition throughout this entire level but the real fights are found near some of the generators. Be mindful whenever approaching them or activating them since they will sometimes attack once you turn it on. Once you have completed this head to the doors of Angel Forge to start the finale. As soon as you all near the gatehouse you will be ready to start this thing. Send your Force Commander to the south side of the gatehouse to start capturing it. Stick Avitus off a bit behind you aiming at the entrance to Angel Forge so that he can gun down any enemies who come towards you. Have Tarkus stand right near your FC, on the left side, to cover his back while he captures the gate- house. Stand the Dreadnought just back a bit to the left side. Once you start to capture the gatehouse the Tyranids will begin to swarm your position. Keep on gunning them down making good use of the Dreadnoughts ranged special attack to knock enemies around while killing them. As the fight goes on and on you will see the enemies getting bigger and stronger. So long as Tarkus keeps on using his defensive ability and Avitus keeps everyone healed you shouldn't have too much difficulty here. This is a main bonus to giving him the health packs, he is the one guy among your people that will probably never see any form of attack here. However later on the enemies will get really problematic. Carnifexes will start to attack you. If you're not almost done with the gatehouse at this point then you're likely going to see your FC get taken out. However if it's almost done then you can charge the Carnifexes with the Dreadnought and Tarkus' squad and hold them off long enough to complete the mission. ============================= 6.20 Secrets of Angel Forge ============================= Since you don't have Tarkus with you for this fight you're going to need to make up for it. The FC, Thaddeus, Avitus and the Dreadnought are a pretty good party for this one since his assault jump will be quite useful. Tarkus joins you for this mission for just a short while before leaving you so keep that in mind before proceeding. Give someone either demo charges or orbital weaponry for anti-building purposes. Head north to meet Tarkus and grab the beacon up here before you swing south. Now make your way towards the storehouse and take cover from the enemies before you taking them out. Bunker bust the tower when you come to it with a powerful explosive attack if you would like to make your life easier. Once the area is clear it's time to set ourselves up a bit. Have the FC start to capture the building while you have the rest of your men set up shop around the building, mostly to the west. Upon completion of the capture a Looted Predator will attack but so long as you brought the melta-bomb with you it's not a problem at all. Just keep on hammering on it and it goes down surprisingly fast. Wipe out the rest of the attackers and then it's time to head to the south. Push your way through the Angel Forge fighting off Eldar troops all the while. Only a small ambush that happens when you're almost to the Foundry is any sort of interruption. Use the Dreadnoughts ranged attacks to gun down your foes and hit the tanks with your melta-bombs. This basically eliminates the last line of opposition to Idranel. If you actually try to fight this witch you will find yourself having to deal with a very aggressive offense backed up by her reinforcements. She's very powerful and will smack the crap out of you if you're not careful. Fighting her this way requires you to use the Dreadnought to keep everyone else occupied while the FC pounds on her and the rest shoot her. It takes awhile and you're likely to loose at least a few of your squads over time so keep the aid packs handy for bailouts. However there is an easier way to go about this whole thing and I'm almost convinced that it's a glitch. If you send your people in to keep Idranel busy while your FC captures the Foundry things get remarkably easy. Once the foundry is taken Idranel seems to get less aggressive, summon less reinforcements and do far less damage with her attacks. It's... weird but it is very effective. Take her out however you like and enjoy the reward that Tarkus brings. ============================= 6.21 Greenskin Armor ============================= While not terribly hard this stage can be a bit tough depending on your teams setup. So long as you focus on ranged attackers and melta-boms you should be mostly okay. If your Dreadnought is a melee spec then don't bother bringing him since he won't be the most useful here. Should you bring Avitus give him a missile launcher. From the start begin making your way to the north. An Ork truck is going to attack you but it's easy to wipe out with melta-bombs. Push forward with your Dreadnought if you brought it or Tarkus. Infantry is going to be in your way so push through with the Dreadnought or grenades to make life easier. Continue towards the northwest, use the melta-bombs to take out the Deff Dread (it's basically a melee version of your Dreadnought) and then destroy another truck. From here, near the Communications Array, push to the east towards the beacon. Take out yet another Deff Dread and Wartrukk as you go before taking over this beacon. You now have a shot at the Boss Gorwazza who is going to be remarkably easy if you're set up for it. Rush into the boss arena and just open fire on the big truck. Continue flinging melta-bombs at him while you shoot the crud out of him. It's a good idea to keep his attention with your FC in melee and then dodging his special attacks. It's an easy fight even if he can summon up some reinforcements. ============================= 6.22 Greenskin Weaponsmith ============================= This is a pretty easy level that consists of small but consistant groups of enemies. If your Dreadnought is ranged then he is almost able to complete this level by himself. Bring along Cyrus with some demo charges to make taking out the buildings a whole lot easier. Also make sure that you stick Tarkus with Melta-bombs somewhere in there. Stick the vehicle healing item on the FC so you can let the Dreadnought do the lions share of the work. Make your way to the closest beacon and from there you can head south. Going other ways is possible but you run the risk of being hit by an onslaught from all sides. As you start heading south you will find a an encampment that has a reinforcement building, take that out as a priority, and then destroy the generators and other structures. Head towards the nearest beacon so you can heal up before marching on the final encampment. It doesn't matter how you approach it but if you're careful you can tear this whole thing up with ease. Send in your Dreadnought with guns blazing and back him up with Cyrus but only have him attack to use melta-bombs. This will take care of the worst enemies pretty handily. Once this has been cleared restock on supplies and then head on towards the final base. This is where Mek Badzappa and the teleport platform are so be ready for a throw down. Have Tarkus and his squad lead the charge with his protective skill in use followed up by the Dreadnought and the others taking up the rear. In this formation you can handle most of the enemies easily. Let the Dreadnought continue to fire off his ranged attack skill against the infantry, scattering them and preventing return fire. While this is going on Cyrus can fling his melta-bombs at any available targets with Tarkus and the FC handling combat duties. Use the FC to stop enemies from closing to melee with the Dreadnought and Cyrus while Tarkus handles most of the ranged support. With this particular setup the only thing you need to worry about is Mek who is kind of stuck in the middle of his troops. Just keep your eyes open for his Deff Dread so you can whack it with melta-bombs the moment it comes into view. Once Mek and most of the other troops are finally dead you can clean up the remaining troops and blow up the teleport platform to finish this level. ============================= 6.23 Rippa-Splitta ============================= Yet another quick and easy stage. Bring the Dreadnought and Avitus if you would like to make your life easier. Make absolutely sure that you bring along some melta-bombs to handle the vehicles or the boss enemies will tear you up. Should you like, Avitus in Terminator armor isn't a bad idea here so long as you watch him carefully but a plasma cannon works too. Cyrus can also help out greatly so long as he has the demo charges. A tank will attack you from the north so whack it with a melta-bomb to make short work of the menace. Now make your way to the south towards the beacon before you whip to the east. Head for the shrine and be ready for the Deff Dread that comes bursting out of the trees. Keep on retreating from it while you whiff it with the melta-bombs to make short work of it. Take control of the shrine if you haven't already done so. Stick to the south side of the map and start sweeping along the south side of the map. This will allow you to pretty easily take out the enemies as you go. Just remember to send Cyrus forward to blow up buildings or hammer the area with a bombardment or terminator missiles. This isn't too hard of an area but the enemies are deeply entrenched which makes fighting your way through this whole mess a tough battle. Slowly shove your way forward into the enemy base and eventually you will come across the boss. He seems to be pretty easy for a boss battle all things considered. Just fight him like you fought the other one and he will go down soon enough. With him dead so is the last line of true opposition so you will be able to stomp all over the rest of this encampment and clear the level. ============================= 6.24 Remains of the Dark Age ============================= It's a good idea to bring Thaddeus and the Dreadnought here, these two will make your life much easier. You could bring Avitus in Terminator armor but he might not be as effective as you'd hope. Make sure you bring grenades, orbital strikes and some melta-bombs. Everything is pretty simple in this level for the most part so don't really stress too much over the details as you go. This level is simple enough as you follow the path until you are attacked by a Deff Dread Ork. This mechanical menace is stronger than the last one that you dealt with but he dies way easy if you simply use a melta-bomb. Simply keep on moving away from him while you shoot the hell out of him and wail on him with meltas until he gets dead. Now you can head on over to the beacon but before you do anything else take note of the huge battle on the left. The battle is amusing to watch but you can make your life easier by simply dropping some orbital thunder upon the lot of them. One Orbital Bombardment is pretty much capable of wiping out the whole lot of them. As soon as they're all dead and you've taken the beacon you will be able to proceed to the next objective which is finding the power cell. Fighting your way through the ruins you will have a choice between three spots on the map. The middle location has the powe cell you're looking for but it's suggested that you wipe out every enemy you can so that you're higher leveled for the next mission. Be mindful of any Stormboys droppin down on your head as you go. Once the power cell is obtained bring it back to power the array and you're ready to go. You could just leave the level but it's best if you actually complete the optional objective and get revenge on that Lictor. Head to the northeast, kill the Orks and then activate the generator to open up the wall blocking your path. If you would like to make the boss fight a whole lot easier then before you climb those steps fire off an orbital bombardment or whatever you have left at the ruins up there. This won't hurt the boss but it will eliminate all the cover up here. Try to destroy all of the bushes you can see via the fog of war and then head on up the steps. The Lictor is an incredibly easy boss to fight. He doesn't do all that much damage, his health is fairly low and overall he is a pushover. The complication that comes up is his ability to hide in the bushes and heal up. After you hurt him for about 1/3rd of his health he will do so. Your only option is to start blowing up all of the available bushes he will use. Grenades, the Dreadnoughts ranged attack and any other explosives could do the job. It's easy enough to take out once you've done this. ============================= 6.25 The Wailing Doom ============================= This is one of the few missions in the game that is almost not worth doing in the slightest. It's long, boring and it gets ridiculously difficult towards the end of it. However if you want a second set of Terminator armor you're going to have no choice in the matter. All things told this is actually a pretty simple mission. It plays out just like every other Eldar mission in this field so far has however it's just a bit harder due to the Fire Prisms you will encounter. Make sure to arm everyone with powerful single shot weapons meaning a good team for this one would be FC, Tarkus, Avitus and the Dreadnought. Keep the Dead armed with a powerful ranged attack weapon, Avitus with a plasma cannon, Tarkus with a plasma rifle and the FC with a big Power weapon. Don't forget to bring melta-bombs, grenades and any orbital bombardments. * NOTE: If you're using Terminator armor, not a bad idea here, it's best to armor up the FC and / or Tarkus. They can do some incredible damage with just a few good pieces of equipment. When you start the level you have the usual options on how to proceed through it. It's suggested that you go along the western side of the map and slice your way up and to the Avatar. You're going to have to deal with a lot of tanks so be mindful of how many melta-bombs you're using as compared to how many you're picking up. Opening creates near the assets / beacons will very easily do the job of keeping you supplied. The thing here is that the shrine nearby is very important to surviving this whole escapade without risking a party wipe. With this setup you will be able to have a real good chance against the Avatar. To begin with the avatar is slow but pretty damn powerful. If your FC or Dreadnought are melee minded then you can try to tie the Avatar up in melee for a bit, holding your ground while pummeling him with ullets and then retreating when things get hot. However if they can't really survive his onslaught then you're going to have to get creative. Retreat to the stairs and chill out up there. The Avatar will follow you up part of the way where he will then launch attacks at you. Since his range is pretty good you're going to want to move carefully. Try to avoid his attacks when possible and retreat to the shrine for healing if necessary. It's boring as all get out but it's better than dying. The real complication comes from the fact that the Avatar routinely summons up reinforcements. These get worse and worse as time goes on so you will find yourself having to fling off melta-bombs, grenades and Dreadnought salvos to do your best and keep them under control. So long as you keep your distance and keep on shooting this issue will be easily avoided and you can defeat the Avatar without too much effort. ============================= 6.26 Raid Against the Warboss ============================= This is a long slog through a tough level, quite like the last one. It's more drawn out than it is actually all too difficult to be honest. Avitus and the Dreadnought come highly recommended to make good use of their ranged attacks. It might not be a bad idea to bring melta-bombs either, there are going to be enough looted tanks to make it a good idea. Start making your way to the first beacon but beware the two looted tanks that are guarding it. The first one is pretty easy but it becomes a problem if both of them end up coming at once. The first can be killed by a melta-bomb easily enough. Make your way to the north and you will come across a huge group of enemies that need be killed. If you've brought an Orbital Assault then now is a good time to use it and just clear up every dirty little punk out there. From here you will have a pretty easy path to the second beacon so snatch that up, heal and then continue to the final one. This is where things get nasty. Use melta-bombs on the vehicles whenever they attack and make liberal use of the Dreadnought to clear out the infantry. After you have seized the final beacon you might want to sweep the area taking out any remaining troops in the level to ensure your five stars. Now head towards Bonesmasha but be ready for a long, annoying boss fight. As you start to go after him he will move around while throwing a trio of grenades at your enemies. Keep using the attack move command with your troops to keep them moving while avoiding his attacks. Stick your melee troops right in his face and let them work while staying mobile. After taking out his health a bit he will start to smash the ground, sending out a shockwave of energy through the ground. Keep your melee guys a bit away, just far enough to keep his attention but not so close you can't dodge his special move. Finally when you get his health down to almost empty he starts going in for some melee. This can be dangerous unless you keep his attention on your FC and Dreadnough, the only two who can really go toe to toe with him. Do this while Avitus and Tarkus whittle him down from a distance to polish this schmuck off. ============================= 6.27 The Last Stand ============================= There is one huge thing to be noted about this mission; you're going to end up using your entire team in this assault. Make sure that everyone is decked out in their sunday best with some useable accessories on them. It's not a bad idea to bring turrets along for the ride but don't use them until the end. As you're going about this mission you will be near endlessly assaulted by smaller melee enemies. This is your indicator to stay on the move as much as possible or you're going to get slowly whittled down especially on the higher difficulty levels. It isn't that big of a deal especially if you've brought the Dreadnought into the level with you though. Make your way to the first beacon but don't capture it immediately. Set up your squad along the cover here and be ready for an enemy assault. Now have your FC poison the first vein and be ready for an assault. Basically it works like out as follows; the Tyranids want to destroy the vein you're poisoning to stop it from getting to the hive. As such you need to set up a strong line. You won't need the two turrets for this one except on the higher difficulties. If you need them try to place them close to you so that you can defend them from the Tyranid onslaught. Once the poisoning is over with the rest of your squad will drop in. You can't select them by clicking on their pictures but they can be chosen via the number keys (5 & 6 obviously). Now if you want to make your life a bit easier find the nearby Tyranid nest to the north and destroy it to stop reinforcements from there. With that destroyed make your way to the next beacon. Before you do anything else head to the north of this beacon and destroy the Brood Nest there. There is a second one to the southeast that needs destroying as well. With both of them gone you can now take the beacon and then poison the vein. The Tyranids are going to come at you in serious force this time so set up for a brawl. Primary opposition comes from the north but some come in from the east as well. Place your turrets to watch both sides of the battlefield while you hold your Dreadnought back. Think of him as your ace in the hole here. His abilities are incredible for scraping enemies off of the vein if they manage to make their way to it. It's now time to go out in a blaze of glory, destroying as many Tyranids as possible before they take you down. This gigantic brawl is actually pretty easy on the two lower difficulties but gets tougher on the higher ones. It's best if you use the Dreadnoughts ranged attack as well as any explosives or Terminator Cyclone missiles to thin them out before they even get close. If they do then a rally every now and again will keep people alive. The cavalry has arrived! It's time to get you the heck off of this rock now that the Blood Raven fleet has come. Start making your way to the new objective to the east. You're going to be fighting through enemy territory so destroy any Brood Hives you come across to reduce the amount of enemies you have to deal with as you move. Make your way up the stairs and capture the beacon. Since you came from the south most of the remaining enemies come from the north. But to be honest there aren't that many enemies left at this point so it shouldn't be a problem at all. After capturing the beacon you will recieve yet more support and this guy is a real doozy. His abilities are so overpowered that it's not even remotely funny. He's kind of like a bigger version of the FC with yet stronger abilities. It's time to kill the Hive Tyrant Alpha so follow your destination marker to his location. You can ignore any enemies not in your direct line of sight since the other Ravens are keeping them busy. Upon reaching the Hive Tyrant prepare for a bit of disappointment. Between the new characters invincibility ability, healing packs, rally and any rosarius items this fight is giong to go pretty easy. His attacks are incredibly strong and he deals a whole lot of damage. Keep the FC and new ally right in his face while you have the rest play support. If any of you have turrets you can start dropping them on this guy and watch them cutting away at his health. So long as your guy with the health packs doesn't go down you should be fine here even on the harder difficulties. ========================================================= 7. About the Author ========================================================= My name is Daniel Acaba, I live in Groton, Connecticut and I am 26 years old. I’m a freelance writer who has done work for a number of sites and has come onto the writing staff of a website recently. I am still actively pursuing more paid work in the field of video game journalism. 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