O--------------------------O | X-Men Origins: Wolverine | | Created 5-2-2009 | | Version 0.99 | O--------------------------O _______________________________________________________________________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS _______________________________________________________________________________ Introduction......................................[INTD] Version History...................................[VSHY] General Tips......................................[GNTP] Character.........................................[CHRR] Skills.......................................[SKLS] Mutagens.....................................[MTGS] Reflexes.....................................[RFXS] Fight Moves..................................[FTMV] Leveling Up..................................[LVUP] Walkthrough.......................................[WLKT] Chapter 1: Origins...........................[CHP1] Chapter 2: The Frozen Tundra.................[CHP2] Chapter 3: Days of Future Beginnings.........[CHP3] Chapter 4: Mardi Gras........................[CHP4] Chapter 5: The Wolverine.....................[CHP5] Enemies & Bosses..................................[ENBS] Collectibles......................................[CLLS] Dog Tags.....................................[DGTG] Action Figures...............................[ACFG] Trophies (including how to obtain)................[TRPH] Legalities........................................[LGLS] _______________________________________________________________________________ I N T R O D U C T I O N [INTD] _______________________________________________________________________________ This guide is prepared using the PS3 version of the game played on normal difficulty. The differences between versions is likely negligible so this guide should still work for those playing the 360 version. The guide does not give away plot points for the game. No information is revealed until the point in the game in which the events take place. Also, there is no mention of the movie at all. The game is a film tie but does not follow the events of the movie 100%. There are events that take place in the game and movie but those are not specifically pointed out. If you are looking for something specific press CTRL F and type in the abbreviation for a section to quickly move to that area. _______________________________________________________________________________ V E R S I O N H I S T O R Y [VSHY] _______________________________________________________________________________ Version 0.90 -Submitted 5-10-2009 -Walkthrough complete (minus fine tuning) -92 of 95 Dogtags listed -Character section complete minus some fine tuning -Trophy listing started -Enemies section outlined Version 0.99 -Submitted 5-12-2009 -94 of 95 dog tags found -Trophy section completed -Enemies section almost complete -Additions to Mutagens section _______________________________________________________________________________ G E N E R A L T I P S [GNTP] _______________________________________________________________________________ -Lost? Turn on Feral Sense and move toward the blue waves -Feral Sense reveals environmental weapons that can be used for easy kills -Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade; as Wolverine gains levels don't forget to utilize the skill points -Don't ignore the dog tags, they can provide valuable experience -When in a fight with a large group of enemies take advantage of quick kills and the environment. _______________________________________________________________________________ C H A R A C T E R [CHRR] _______________________________________________________________________________ =============================================================================== SKILLS [SKLS] =============================================================================== O----------------------------------------------------------------------------O | Skill | Description | Cost | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Claws |Increases claw damage and unlocks new attack| 2,4,8,12 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Health |Increases Max Health | 1, 2, 3 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Rage |Increases Max Rage | 1, 2, 3 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Claw spin damge |Increases damage output of Claw Spin | 3 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Claw spin duration |Increases duration of the spin | 4 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Berserk Duration |Increases duration of Berserk | 2 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Berserk Damage |Increases damage during Berserk | 2 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Berserk Healing |Increases health regeneration while berserk | 3 | | |is active. Also allows health regeneration | | | |while taking damage. | | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Berserk Fear |Panics nearby enemies when Berserk is active| 3 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Claw Drill Damage |Increases damage output of Claw Drill | 3 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Claw Drill Heavy |Greatly increases damage of Claw Drill | 4 | | Damage | | | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| |Claw Cyclone Damage|Increases damage output of Claw Cyclone | 3 | |-------------------|--------------------------------------------|-----------| | Claw Cyclone |Increases the number of times you can | 4 | | Duration |perform Claw Cyclone in a row | | O----------------------------------------------------------------------------O =============================================================================== Mutagens [MTGS] =============================================================================== Mutagens are powerful items that can boost Wolverine or give him new abilities. The following abbreviations will be used in this section M: Mutagen Name D: Description of what it does W: Where to find it U: Usefulness M: Healing Factor D: Decreases the cool down time before regeneration starts W: 1- Weapon X facility after Wolverine loses his ability to regenerate on a platform above the necessary Power Cell 2- 3- U: Is the cool down time really that great that it needs reduced? I don't really feel that it is, so use the Mutagen slots for one other other more important upgrades. M: Inner Rage D: Gain extra rage from each kill W: 1- 2- 3- U: The rage meter stays fairly full simply by killing enemies and destroying crates/vases. I would trade the extra rage for more experience or stronger attacks any time. M: Samurai D: Builds your combat reflexes faster W: 1- Weapon X Facililty in a room on the left while following the scientist's footprints 2- 3- U: Very good mutagen, especially if trophies are important M: Experienced D: Gain extra experience from each kill W: 1- Weapon X Facility to the right of Anna's cell 2- 3- U: This Mutagen should be equipped. The faster Wolverine gains experience the more powerful he becomes. M: Art of War D: Damage boost from Combat Reflexes W: 1- 2- 3- U: A fine mutagen but others seem more valuable. The boost from building the refelexes themselves should be good enough. M: Unstoppable D: Reduces damage taken W: 1- 2- 3- U: If Wolverine is having problems completing missions or staying alive, this Mutagen may be the answer. M: Rampage D: Increases your maximum rage W: 1- Weapon X Facility upon exiting Frost's Lab it in the room at the end of the hall on the right 2- 3- U: Rage is an important commodity in the game. The more rage available the stronger Wolverine's offense. This is definitely a Mutagen you want to consider using. M: Blood Rage D: When near death Wolverine does more damage W: 1- 2- 3- U: Maybe the least effective Mutagen for a normal difficult play through. The times Wolverine will be near death are minimal. Furthermore, avoiding more attacks by be dodging, blocking, or attacking is more useful than this boost. M: Vitality D: Increases your maximum health W: 1- Weapon X Facility a room just after the area with the turrent and two moving shields and just before regaining the ability to heal 2- 3- U: Vitality is a quality Mutagen but Wolverine's health increases with each level gained and by finding Health Boosts placed throughout the level. Leave this Mutagen in reserve and increase Wolverine's health in other ways. M: Savage D: Gain health from damage inflicted W: 1- 2- 3- U: Wolverine's health is rarely in danger especially with his regenerative powers. Basically, his mutant abilities decreases the need for this one to be equipped. M: Shredder D: Increases damage from Fury Attacks W: 1- 2- 3- U: Very good mutagen. More power equals more and quicker kills. Which ain't a bad thing. The Mutagens I equipped throughout the majority of the game were: Experience Samurai Shredder/Unstoppable =============================================================================== Reflexes [RFXS] =============================================================================== Measures Wolverine's ability to adapt to his enemies fighting styles and tactics. Each kill raises your Combat Reflexes. Learn enough from a particular enemy and your combat reflexes level up. Machete Machine gunner Jungle Mutants (Leviathan, Hunter, Shifter) Robots (Enforcer Droid, Predator Droid, Mark 1 Prototype) Specialized Military units (Elite Commando, Goliath, W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype, Ghost, Grendadier) =============================================================================== Fight Moves [FTMV] =============================================================================== Claw Attacks Furious Frenzy - Unleash a furious chain of quick attacks ending with a devastating finisher Shredder - Claw spin that hits nearby enemies Vortex - Shreds nearby enemies for heavy damage Brutal Slam - A ground slam that clears away enemies Logan's Revenge - A powerful move that hits all enemies near Wolverine launching them into the air Claw Finisher - Decimates enemies all around Wolverine, sending them flying back Brutal Kill- Press Triangle near enemies that are low on health and you will perform a brutal kill Uppercut attacks Uppercut- Press triangle to send enemies upward making them available to chain additional combo moves Charged Uppercut - Hold Triangle to charge your heavy attack, release to send enemy airborn Grab slam- Press triangle to uppercut an enemy, then press circle to grab enemies and slam them to the ground Grab spin- Press triangle to uppercut an enemy, then press circle to grab the enemy and spin them around Fist Strike- Press triangle to uppercut enemy and again when enemy is in the air Fury attacks Claw Spin- R2 + Square Berserker- R2 + Circle Claw Drill- R2 + Triangle Claw Cyclone- R2 + X Lunge Attacks Lock On - R1 Target Switching - R1 then right stick Lunge - Press and hold R1 then press L1 to lunge Lunge Throw - R1 + L1, circle (Press circle quickly when you reach your target Lunge Finisher - R1 + L1, Triangle (Press Triangle quickly when you reach your target Grapple Grab Press circle to grab enemies Grab attacks Press circle to grab enemies then square to attack Quick Kill Press circle to grab enemies then Triangle and Triangle again when the screen flashes to attempt a quick kill Throw enemies Press circle to grab enemies Use the left stick to throw enemies Defensive Blocking Press and hold L2 to block Countering Press L2 just before a melee attack hits, then press square during the slowdown Deflecting Block L2 just before a projectile reaches you to deflect it Air attacks Air pummel Rapidly press square to unleash a flurry of attacks while in air Axe Kick Press Triangle near an enemy while in the air to send them flying back Air Grab Press circle near an enemy to perform a special grab move while in the air Jump Smash Hold triangle when airborne to smash down on your enemies Dodge and Dash attacks Dodging Press and hold L2 and R2 then move the left stick to dodge Dodge Flip attack Dodge into an enemy to flip over them, then square to attack Dodge Attack Press triangle at the end of a dodge forward to perform the dodge attack Dodge Tackle Press circle at the end of a dodge to tackle an enemy Dash Press L1 to Dash forward Dash Uppercut Press Triangle at the end of a dash to send an enemy flying backwards Ground attacks Ground pummel When standing over knocked down enemies press square to deliver crushing blows Ground Smash When standing over knocked down enemies press Triangle to perform a brutal pounce Get up attack When knocked to the ground press Square or Triangle to perform a get up attack =============================================================================== Leveling Up [LVUP] =============================================================================== Wolverine levels up by gaining experience. Experience is gained by defeating enemies as well as finding collectibles (dog tags and figurines). All defeated enemies provide experience but stronger enemies provide larger amounts. Wolverine also gains extra experience by killing with style. Varying attacks will result in bonus experience above the amount for simply killing the enemy. Dog tags 1-30 provide 500 experience, 31 to 54 provide 1000 experience, 51 to 74 provide 2000 experience and 75 to 95 give 3000 experience. O==========================================================O | LEVEL | BONUS RECEIVED | |==========================================================| | 2 | + 5 Health, Charge Heavy Attacks | | 3 | + 5 Health | | 4 | + 5 Health, Claw Finishers | | 5 | + 5 Health, Berserk, 2 Skill Points | | 6 | + 5 Health, Dodge Attacks, 2 Skill Points | | 7 | + 5 Health, 2 Skill Points | | 8 | + 5 Health, Combat Experience, 2 Skill Points | | 9 | + 5 Health, 2 Skill Points | | 10 | + 5 Health, Kill Multiplier, 2 Skill Points | | 11 | + 5 Health, 2 Skill Points | | 12 | + 5 Health, 2 Skill Points | | 13 | + 5 Health, 2 Skill Points, Jump Smash | | 14-40 | + 5 Health, 2 Skill Points | O----------------------------------------------------------O _______________________________________________________________________________ w A L K T H R O U G H [WLKT] _______________________________________________________________________________ =============================================================================== CHAPTER 1: ORIGINS [CHP1] =============================================================================== +++++++++++ Unstoppable +++++++++++ O--------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives | Description | |--------------------------------------------------------------------| |Survivor |Get to the crashed helicopter | |Gate Crasher |Get past the fortified gate | |Big Brother |Rendezvous with your brother Victor Creed | |River Rapids |Get down river and join up with Creed | |--------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |--------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags 10 |Mutagens 0 |Action Figures 1 |Health Boosts 0 | O--------------------------------------------------------------------O After a lengthy opening cinematic, Wolverine finds himself free falling from a helicopter with more missiles headed his way. The landing is a little more unkind to the soldier that it is to Wolverine. There are more enemies nearby in this African jungle. Use a series of light and heavy attacks to take out the 10 to 15 bad guys. When the large doors open take out the last few soldiers to proceed. There is a set of dog tags behind the waterfall. Move past the waterfall to learn the next ability: Lunge. Lock on to the soldier in the distance by holding R1. Now press L1 to perform a lunge attack killing the enemy. At the end of the path Wolverine sees the smoke from his fallen ride. The new objective is to "Get to your crashed helicopter". First though practice targeting enemies by holding R1 and moving the right stick. Defeat the three soldiers below. But sure enough as soon as Wolverine jumps below more enemies arrive. Defeat the gang of bad guys to unlock a new ability: Feral Senses. Up on the directional pad will toggle Feral Senses on and off. It acts as a guide or provides clues on how to proceed. Jump up to the ledge marked by the Feral Sense, then slide to the left and jump to the next ledge. Pull up, climb the rope, and make your way to the top of the mountain. Defeat the three enemies at the end of the path and a helicopter will appear. This helipcopter does not want to provide Wolverine with any form of transportation. Lock on and lunge at it. Wolverine will pull himself to the window in order to attack the pilot. A couple of punches and the pilot will face an unwelcomed demise. Once the helicopter is no longer an issue Wolverine learns his next ability: Charge Heavy. Now he can charge heavy attacks for a more devastating hit. Enter the broken down structure to encoutner the Machete Champion. He is a little tougher than the enemies thus far but still highly over-matched. Keep a constant stream of light and heavy attacks. When he moves a way use the lunge attack to close in and inflict damage. Don't forget pressing L2 blocks reducing the damage taken. Once the Champion is defeated the room is flooded with enemies. Note the spikes on the floor and walls can be used to instant kill enemies by pressing O near them when a soldier is close. Before leaving collect the dog tags in the middle of the far wall in the room. Use Feral Sense to find the exit and leave. Once outside Wolverine will be surrounded by enemies on a foot bridge. Turn around and defeat the 5 or 6 that are attacking from behind. Then lunge across the gap and the cinematic shows the bridge collapsing. Climb the broken bridge attacking or grabbing the enemies as Wolverine gains height. As Wolverine proceeds down the new path, he hears an ominous loud noise in the distance. At the end of the path a new objective appears Gate Crasher (Find a way to get past the fortified gate). Slide down the rope and make climb the make shift stairs defeating enemies as Wolverine ascends. At the top is a group of enemies that are easily defeated with the lunge attack. Destroying the barrels also makes short work of the soldiers. Pick up the dog tags on the fallen soldier near the crates then investigate the jeep. Grab hold of the back of the vehicle and push it down the path to bust down the gate. There are several enemies on the other side of the gate. While fighting through them Wolverine acquires some new abilites: Rage and Claw Spin. Defeat the enemies at ground level as they attack but try to lunge at the soldiers on the nearby cliffs as quick as you can. They can be slightly hidden and do more damage for that very reason. One of the attackers is also a Champion. Exit opposite the way Wolverine entered. At the end of the path will be a large closed gate and two enemies. Take out the soldiers then climb the wall next to the gate. Defeat the enemies below, again recognize that a few are on ledges above the ground. Now break the boards blocking the exit just below where Wolverine entered the area. To find a set of dog tags and a mysterious hatch. Return to the site of the most recent battle and use the ledges to move over the next gate. Just below is a set of dog tags and a single enemy on the path. Continue to the next stone structure and break the boards on the door. Inside is a Classic Wolverine figurine. Exit and move around to the left. Follow the path around the cliffs edge and enemy will be revealed. Break the boards to the right and jump up to the ledge. Shimmy to the left and lift up to the platform. The cinematic does the rest. Wolverine has arrived at the crash site and receives a new objective Big Brother. Move through the opening ahead and drop below. Rotate the wheel on the stone and door will open quickly lunge or dodge under the falling door. Defeat the enemies then use Feral Senses to locte the rope. Climb it and jump to the left to get a set of tags. Jump back to the rope and onto the next platform. Proceed to the next rope and then to the final balcony. Move forward and drop below to encounter another group of enemies. Take them out and go through the opening ahead. Climb the rope at the end of the path to encounter two soldiers. Move past their freshly dismembered bodies and locate the enemy on the distant platform. Lunge at him but this time learn how to perform a finisher at the end of a lunge attack. Around the corner is a champion and just by him is a set of tags. Drop below and take out the gunners. Go around the corner and cross the bridge to find the crank. Go back across the bridge and defeat the resistance. Pick the crank back up and place it in the stone. Use the wheel to raise the door and slide under it before it closes. Once Wolverine steps down the stairs and giant creature, Leviathan, appears. Leviathan's primary attacka are a bull rush and a swinging punch. Both are easily avoided by using the dodge manuever. The best method for attack is to dodge the bull rush then lunge onto his back, strike several times, then jump off before he strikes Wolverine off. Be careful not to lunge directly at the creature because he will catch Wolverine in mid air and crush him between his hands dealing a lot of damage. He also has a stomp move that does some radial damage but it seems to be a less often used secondary attack. Once Leviathan's health falls below the half mark he learns a new ability. He will create rock from nowhere and either throw the boulder at Wolverine or use it to strike. The new ability does not change the primary strategy of lunging to his back for some quick strikes. Once his health is depleted rapidly press square for a decapitation. With Leviathan defeated, Wolverine receives a new objective River Rapids. The cinematic shows a climbable wall and approaching enemies. To the right is a statue that can be pushed in to reveal a set of tags. Move to the opposite side and pull out another statue. Climb the vines and arrive on the balcony. Destroy the cracked entrance to reveal a set of tags. Return to the outside and lunge over to the other side. Slide down the rope to find a champion waiting for Wolverine. Some boats arrive and fire at Wolverine. Lunge to the enemies and begin attacking. Continue to lunge from one boat to the next until the cinematic where Wolverine takes out the soldier operating the turret. Now fire the gun at the on coming boats to destroy them. When back on dry land a cinematic takes over and Wolverine meets up with Creed. ++++++++++++++++++++++ The Tale of Wolverine ++++++++++++++++++++++ The cinemeatic also flashes forward three years and ends with a bar fight between Wolverine and Sabretooth. Creed is quick and powerful. He has striking attacks. Initially, focus on learning to counter attack. Once you can counter then throw everything at Creed. Lunge will not be very helpful since most of the battle takes place in close quarters with Wolverine and Sabretooth in close proximity. Use a combination of weak and strong attacks, while using the claw spin as frequently as the rage meter will allow. During the skirmish remember that block and dodge are Wolverine's friends, especially if low on health. The fight eventually moves outside with replinished health meters. The mechanics of the battle are the same but this time if you can grapple Sabretooth, he can be thrown into the electric transformer or onto a variety of sharp implements in the environment for some extra damage. +++++++++++++++++ Weapon X Facility +++++++++++++++++ O--------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives | Description | |--------------------------------------------------------------------| |Weapon X |Escape the Weapon X Facility | |Frosty Reception |Find Carol Frost's Lab | |Healing Factor |Meet Carol Frost in the South Theatre | |Feral Senses |Go to the North Theatre to regain Feral Senses | |The Great Escape |Escape through the Prison Sector | |Under Control |Get to the Spillway Control Room | |Revenge |Rescue Anna from the scientist | |Spillway |Escape through the Spillway | |--------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |--------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O--------------------------------------------------------------------O Wolverine is immediately under attack. Try out the new skill, Berserk, on the enemies that flood the room. Once the facility guards are down move to a side room to find some dog tags. The enemies keep coming so move up the stairs and take a right. There are more enemies to take out, just follow the corridor to the closed door. Rapidly press the onscreen button to open the door. Kill the three guards in the hall and move through the next door. Inside this room Wolverine first encounters the Elite Commando. This enemy has more health than the standard guard and has better attacks. Still though he is no match for adamantium, simply chain together a combination of lunges and claw spins to make short work of them. Ride the lift on the right side of the room to the next level of the area. At the top of the lift take the first door on the left to find a set of tags. This room also contains a computer with a yellow screen. This computer is one of several that contain an audible worklog providing some backstory. Pry open the door at the end of the hall. The room begins to fill with a dense fog. Use Feral Sense to locate and destroy the enemies. Continue destroying guards down the next hall. Upon entry into the next large room several enemies will attack. Defeat them and pry open a door to the left before continuing down the stairs. At the bottom of the stair Wolverine is attacked by a couple of Elite Commandos. Take them out then investigate the control panel next to the blast door on the left. Doing so should activate the next objective Frosty Reception. A new door has been opened see whats behind it. Ghost's are behind the door. Ghost's are a new enemy that become invisible when they activate their cloaking device. They also carry high powered shotguns. Turn on feral sense and avoid lunges. When lunging at a Ghost they just shoot Wolverine down. The easiest way to kill them is to turn there weapon against them by grabbing them and pressing the on screen button for a quick kill. When the Ghosts have involuntarily disappeared move up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a room. Inside this room is located a +5 health pickup. Just outside the room is the power cell required to open the blast door. When Wolverine picks up the power cell a Ghost, a couple of guards, and an Elite Commando will block his exit. Politely ask to leave the room and when they decline gently place the power cell on the floor and slice them open. Take the power cell to the blast door and insert it into the console. Defeat the guards in the next corridor and exit at the end of the hall. Inside this large room Wolverine encounters a W.E.N.D.I.G.O. They are defeated much like Leviathan. Dodge their attacks and lunge on to its back and attack. Defeat a few more enemies in the next hall and Wolverine will be contacted by Frost again. The cinematic reveals that Wolverine has currently lost his ability to regenerate. The lab is just north of his current position. Push the large crate in front of the door next to the monitor Frost just appeared on. Leap up to the vent and climb in. At the other end of the vent is another blast door console that needs a power cell. Push the large crate in the center of the room under the high platform. Before grabbing the power cell jump up to the next platform to find the Healing Factor 1 Mutagen. Place the cell in the blast door console. With the door open return to the crate and push it between the two sliding doors. Now remove the power cell and pass through the doors. Place the power cell in the lift console and ride it up. There is a set of tags on a platform behind your position. Jump up to the ledge on the wall to the left (where it says Authorized Personnel Only) and move to the platform. Enter the next hall and sneak up on the unaware guard for an instant kill. Continue forward to find Dr. Frost's Lab and a cinematic. Newly clothed, exit Dr. Frost's lab to find a laser turret ahead. Move down the hall to the right (away from the turret). The door at the end of the hall contains a Mutagen (Rampage 1). Now enter the door to the right as you exit the area with the Mutagen. Instant kill the soldier ahead and move around to the door on the other side. Wolverine is now behind the turret. In the locker room on the right at the end of the hall is a +5 health bonus and a set of tags. Enter the only other green lit door in this hall to find a path with two laser turrets. A well timed lunge will quickly move Wolverine behind each of the shields and allow him to reach the next room. Use the computer to open the gate and pick up the power cell. Insert the cell in the console next to the door at the top of the stairs. This activates a shield at the end of the next hall. Use the console and move the shield towards Wolverine's positon using the left stick. Now go through the door and get behind the shield. Move as it does to the other end of the area. There is a vent on the back wall that Wolverine can access to continue forward unseen. Lock onto and lunge at the soldier below for an instant kill. Move down the stairs and activate the console to move the shields to the opposite sides of their current positions. Once the shields are in place be prepared to move forward as they cross in front of the turret. Wolverine should be able to reach the area to the left of the turret by using the moving shields. Destroy the turret and retrieve the power cell. Place the power cell in the console to the left behind the position the turret occupied to find a Legendary Wolverine figurine. Continue down the hall and make a right up the stairs. A small room to the left houses the Vitality 1 Mutagen. Move back down the stairs to meet up with Frost again. Remind me never to take a picture with Wolverine. Anyway, now that Wolverine can heal again there is no need to be sneaky. Attack the enemies but before leaving search the room for the tags. Move up two sets of stairs and make a right. Go straight down the hall into the open room ahead. The enemies here will fire smoke but even without Feral Sense they are now match for Wolverine. Quickly defeating them negates the obstructed view (even so this fight isn't too difficult). The first wave of enemies will enter from the door to the left. Rush them and kill them in the hall. Now the second wave will enter from the only other door in the room. This is the way out to the next checkpoint. Enter the door green lit door on the right side of the hall. This area has several Ghosts. Wolverine still has not regained his Feral Sense so they will remain mostly hidden from sight. To even the odds destroy the glass tanks in the room to fill the floor with water. The Ghosts, though invisible, still make tracks/splash the water. Wolverine can still grab and quick kill them as well. Pry open the door in the back of the room to find a +5 Health Boost. Meet the soldiers at the exit and enter leave the hall to the right to obtain some tags. Go back down the hall and make a left. At the bottom of the stairs Wolverine will encounter minor resistance from a few guards. Take them out and enter the room on the right for some dog tags. In the next room Frost reinstates Wolverine's Feral Sense. After the cinematic Ghosts enter the room. Clear out the initial wave of Ghosts only to encounter some guards, Elite Commandos, and more Ghosts. Once they are are dismembered a guard will appear on the other side of the area. To gain access to this platform Wolverine will need to lunge to the guard. One of the cells contains a set of tags. Upon entry to the next area Wolverine is introduced to a new enemy the Grenadier. This guy shoots rockets at Wolverine. The adamantium in Wolverine's claws though is strong enough to deflect the rocket back at the enemy with a well time block. Defeat the remaining Elite Commandos and head toward the girl in the cell. To the right of the cell is the Experienced 1 Mutagen. Walk up to the cell and a cinemetic plays. Wolverine again encounters resistance why won't they just let him leave. Clean up the Grenadier and Ghosts then investigate the controls next to Anna's cell. Anna will then teleport her hero closer to the exit. Unfortunately after the next cinematic there are more enemies. This new guy is a called a Goliath. He has a shield and large mechanical arm. The shield prevents lunges and direct physical attacks. If you can dodge behind him a Goliath is very vulnerable. Otherwise charge a heavy attack to temporarily dislodge the shield and unleash a Claw Spin or other attack. Once the first Goliath is defeated the room fills with smoke and two more enter along with some enemies we've seen before. I'd recommend initially ignoring the Goliaths and focus on the support attackers. Once they are gone defeating the Goliaths becomes an easier task. There is a set of dog tags in the door opposite where the first Goliath entered. Now move through the door the initial Goliath appeared from and make a left. In this next room Wolverine is attacked by a W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Same procedure as before dodge an attack and lunge onto its back for repeated attacks. Continue into the hall with the enemies. In the distance are two Grenadiers. Deflect their rockets back at them for easy kills after eliminating the soldiers in front. Pull the truck at the back of the room out and jump onto the crate in its bed. This provides access to the platform above. Walk across the two beams and head down the hall. Move down the stairs a pry open the door for some tags. Now return to the enemies below and lunge down. Enter the next area and take out the numerous Ghosts. Two Grenadiers will appear on the scaffolding above opposite the stairs. Deflect their rockets for quick kills. Move up the stairs and make a left. Lunge at the soldier and be prepared for another Grenadier to the left behind the crates. Exit into the hall and find a set of dog tags behind the crates ahead. Go up the stairs defeating guards along the way. Wolverine will enter a room where a cinematic shows Anna being taken away. Defeat the guards then use the lift Anna was taken into. When the lift stops exit and turn on Feral Sense. Follow the track the doctor by following his footprints. Defeat the enemies along the way. After prying open a door be on the look out for the Samuri 1 Mutagen on the left. Just after acquiring the Samuri Mutagen the next room will house a Grenadier on a high platform and a couple of Goliaths. Allow the Goliaths to come to you in the hall defeat them then exit the hall and defeat the Grenadier. Kick open the closet door and slice the doctor to get Anna. She teleports Wolverine into more attackers. Once Anna is safe defeat the guards and enter the Spillway. Lunge onto the guards on the back of the trucks then prepare for a fight against two Elite Commandos and 2 Grenadiers on the trucks blocking the path. They try to flood the spillway so run. Eventually Wolverine will see some trucks ahead. Lunge onto the back of the truck and take out the enemies. Continue to each truck until the Grenadier. Deflect his rocket and you've escaped the Spillway. =============================================================================== CHAPTER 2: THE FROZEN TUNDRA [CHP2] =============================================================================== ++++++ Team X ++++++ O----------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives | Description | |----------------------------------------------------------------------| |Towering Inferno |Explore the ruined temple and locate the first tower| |Bad Frequency |Destroy the Ion Emmitter on the top of the tower | |----------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |----------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O----------------------------------------------------------------------O Go down the dirt path and find a few enemies at the bridge. Look to the right before encountering the enemies a path leads to a set of tags. Once the bad guys are handled a Leviathan wakes up and charges. Dodge his attacks and jump on his back for the kill. His death brings more enemies a couple guards and some Champions. Enter the temple to find the next set of dog tags just behind the statue. Move down the stairs to the left. When you can see the mutagen (Unstoppable 1) know that the ground below Wolverine will cave in. Jump to the Mutagen to avoid the fall. If you didn't make it jsut pull the platform out from the wall (use feral sense to locate it) and climb up to get the Mutagen. Return to the platform and pull it further back to reach the path forward. Move down the stairs to find a room with a wheel in the center and dog tags in the distance. Moving to the wheel will cause the spiked ceiling to lower and the door out to raise. In order to get the tags and survive the room Wolverine will have to be quick. Dash over to the tags pick them up then dash back to the wheel. Rapidly press the on screen button. Once the door is down quickly dash to it and through to the other side. It may take a couple of tries but it is very possible to get the tags and leave the room. Back outside and after a little dialogue, Wolverine encounters a new enemy the Machette Master. The big difference between the Master and the Champion is that the Champion can replicate. So Wolverine is actually facing three enemies. The key is to defeat them as quickly as possible. Use claw spin, counters, and environmental cues to rid the area of the Masters. Once the enemies are defeated move to the gate on the left and grab hold of the pedestal. This wakes the statue and Wolverine has a new enemy the Hunter. The Hunter is defeated with ease by using a combination of counter attacks then claw spin for instance. Stay on the offensive, anticipate his attacks, and Wolverine will have no problem. Now move the pedestal over the "button" on the floor to lower the gate. Across the bridge and around the corner is a +5 Health Boost. Well timed dashes will allow Wolverine to move over the spiked floor without injury. Climb the rope and jump onto the wooden platform below. Fall to the ground below and move to the opposite end of the area. Behind the pedestal are some tags. Push the pedestal over the edge and then to the wall opposite the tags location. Get on top of the pedestal and destroy the boards on the large statue. Now move back to the original wooden platform and rotate the wheel. The statues will move and lower platforms. Jump to each one to make it to the other side. After the first two Wolverine will jump to a platform not held by a statue. There is a small room on this platform housing a Health Boost. Once across turn on feral sense to navigate the traps ahead. The red portions of the floor indicate some sort of trap (spikes smashing into adamantium). At the end of the hall Wolverine is back outside and faces another set of Masters. Once they are defeated that large pile of glowing rock turns into another Leviathan. A fire toting Champion will break down the exit and look for a fight. Defeat him and thank him for the way out. At the base of the bridge Wolverine encounters more Masters. Defeat them and the first objective is complete. Go across the bridge and climb the rope. At the top defeat a couple of enemies (consider tossing them outside to their death), then go outside. Climb the wall and begin moving left until Wolverine reaches the next platform. Now there is just a jump across to the next platform and then one up to the rope. Jump to the next platform then cross the beams. The next room has a Master in it. Stand outside the room and let the enemies come to you. Throw each one off the ledge. If you stay outside and let them continue to replicate you can get the Drop Dead achievement/trophy with ease. Once the Masters are defeated enter the room to encounter a Hunter. Defeat him then use the rope just outside to ascend. Jump to the platform on the right and climb the wall moving to the left. Jump up to grab hold of the ledge and shimmy to the left. Drop to the platform and enter to fight more Masters. Climb the inner wall to the top and move to the left of the screen for a set of tags. Move back to the right and cross the beams. Climb one last wall and Wolverine has arrived at the top. There are three panels on the Ion Emitter that need destroyed. Once Wolverine inserts his claws into the first enemies will attack. Defeat them quickly by tossing them over the edge and move to the other panels. Once the last one is destroyed the mission is complete. +++++++++++ Alkali Lake +++++++++++ O--------------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives |Description | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| |The Hunted |Find a way out of the Alkali Lake Forest | |Lockdown |Destroy the security gate to access Alkali Bridge | |Bridge to Nowhere |Escape across Alkali Bridge | |Eye in the Sky |Bring down the helicopter | |Alkali Lake |Escape the Alkali Lake Compound | |Top Gun |Take down Agent Zero | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O--------------------------------------------------------------------------O When Wolverine wakes up turn around and look toward the spillwell to find the Shredder 1 Mutagen. Move forward down the path to the stream defeating the three soldiers. A land bridge is overhead and three enemies will cross it. This is the site of the next fight. Continue forward and across the previously mention bridge. Defeat enemies until arriving at an apparent dead end. It isn't, Wolverine just has to grab hold of the ledge and shimmy to the left toward the Mutagen (Art of War 1). Climb the ice to the top and move forward. At the waterfall a cinematic has a helicopter knock Wolverine to the ground and release a W.E.N.D.I.G.O prototype. The dodge and lunge strategy works well here too. After a few attacks though the prototype runs deeper into the woods. Pick up the tags and follow. There is another set of tags near the fallen tree. The best advice now is to simply run. Wolverine will be attacked from air with gun fire and explosives. Run forward jumping over the obstacles and avoiding the missiles. Then end is near when the next set of dog tags is visible. Climb the ice wall to the right of the tags and watch as the Prototype leaps ahead. Give chase and prepare for a large battle against some soldiers and few Elite Commandos. Climb the ladder to reach the platform above. Jump and grab hold of the wire and move to the other tower for a Health Boost. Drop back down to the snow and in the next clearing the Prototype is back. Wolverine should have no trouble finishing what he started. As you pass by the creature impaled on the tree it will reach out and grab Wolverine. Press the on screen button to finish the Prototype for good. Continue forward and look for the Classic Wolverine Figurine at the top of the waterfall. In the next clearing another large battle will occur. Again it is nothing more than several guards and Commandos. Jump up to the ledges on the back mountain wall (use feral sense to locate them) and climb up. In the next clearing there are less enemies but they try to use snow mobiles for cover. After defeating this set a cinematic takes over. Move down the stream and climb the ice wall next to the waterfall. Perform a couple of platforming jumps and continue down the snowy path. After the next battle attack the tower among the trees. When it falls it creates a bridge that allows Wolverine to continue. Once across look to the right to find a set of tags and a cave with a Savage Mutagen. Just ahead is a the Alkali Lake complex. Move to the guard against the fence for a quick kill and entry into the complex. Once through the fence there is a Health Boost to Wolverine's right. Lunge to the next two guards to take them out. Sirens are turned on and enemies rush to Wolverine's location. Defeat the Goliaths and the guards before moving on by the trucks ahead and picking up the tags to the left. Take the only path available and look to the left in the next clearing. There should be a set of stairs at the rear left part of the area where the Blood Rage 1 Mutagen can be found. Once all of the enemies are cleared from the area a cinematic has the Prototype appear. This battle is just like the rest dodge the Protoype's attacks then leap onto his back. With the Prototype out of the way a ladder lowers. Climb it and you will hear the phrase "cloaking activated". That is a sign of Ghosts nearby. Activate feral sense to sniff them out. When the Ghosts are gone use the rope to move to the other roof top. Slide across the next horizontal rope and climb the ladder at the other side. Destroy the metal tower and run across its length into the building it crashed through. Grab the dog tags then pick up the C4. Carry the C4 to the truck blocking the gate to the bridge. Place the explosives on the truck and "use" the electrical box nearby. Wait for the pauses in the helicopter's fire then move from block to block taking cover. Once across the brige the helicopter will cease fire. Take out the enemies and find the tags to the left. On the right side of the area Wolverine will find the Rampage 2 Mutagen. Climb the ladder near the fork lift to the roof. Enter the building to find the Healing Factor 2 Mutagen and a few guards. By this time take note that the helicopter has began firing again. Exit this room for a cinematic guiding Wolverine to the next location. Run down the stairs to find a set of tags. The helicopter is still firing so move left and jump to the block then to the other walkway. Move up the steps take out some enemies and repeat the jumping. Climb the ladder to the top of the bridge and run to the left as the bridge is destroyed behind you. Engage the enemies ahead until Wolverine reaches the ladder at the end of the path. Climb up and defeat the Commandos. Before continue further up grab the Health Boost to the right. At the top Wolverine recieves a new objetive: Bring down the helicopter. The helicopter attacks in two ways. The first method is with the machine gun that has been firing at Wolverine since encountering the helicopter. The second is from a Grenadier on the air craft. The machine gun fire can be avoided by using the concrete blocks as cover. Alternatively, Wolverine can move out to the helipad and stay in motion to avoid most of the fire. The way to bring the helicopter down is to deflect 2 of the Grenadier's missiles. The Grenadier tips Wolverine to the incoming fire by asking the pilot to steady the flight. Two well timed blocks will have the helicopter crashing into the lake. Leap over to the platform, climb the stairs, and kick in the door. Kill a couple guards in the warehouse then move to the side opposite the truck for some dog tags and to find the winch controls. Use the controls to lower a crate just outside the window. Now exit and use the turntable controls to rotate the platform once. Pull the truck onto the turntable and rotate it one more time. Push the truck out toward the crate. Jump on the back of the truck and then to the crate. Climb the rope attached to the crate. Jump to the next rope and then the platform. Shimmy across the pipe to arrive on the roof of the next room. Enter through the opening in the roof and grab the Health Boost. Kick open the door and jump up to the pipe above. Move to the distant platform and release from the pipe. Grab the dog tags before encountering the enemy. Engaging the enemy places Wolverine back outside. Defeat the guards and then two Prototypes attack at once. The same rules apply as before. This time though focus the attack on one of the two Prototypes. As soon as one is defeated the battle becomes much easier. Exit through the large hole in the gate to find a couple Goliaths and some Grenadiers. There is a set of tags to the right and above the trucks. Jump up to the path above the trucks. As he moves forward Wolverine is warned of his impending doom. After crossing the fallen tree bridge and leaping up to the higher path, look to the right. There should be a fallen log that will lead to secret cave, the Vitality 2 Mutagen and Trophy. Defeat the enemies at the end of the path then jump up the rocks to the left. Lunge across the gap to the guard and move forward. Nord makes his presence known and you are now viewing Wolverine through is scope. Fight off as many of the incoming guards as you like by the goal is to climb the ladder in the fore ground. Once at the top slide down the cable to the next area. Numerous enemies attack but with the availablity of a large amount of enviromental weapons Wolverine should have no problem slice through the enemies. Move up to the ledge and slide to the left. At the top and to the right is a set of tags. Move forward and grab the crevice on the side of the dam. Move to the right timing jumps when the water is not gushing. If a pipe blocks the path simply attack to remove it from the path. Drop below and grab the tags. Climb the ladder and notice Nord running away. Destroy the wooden crates and pull the truck out of its hiding place. Jump onto the truck and then the roof of its garage. Lunge to the enemy and prepare for more guards below. Before jumping down though notice the Grenadier on the balcony. Lunge to his position to get a very well hid set of tags. Drop below and take out the guards. This leads to the door opening and a couple of Goliaths appearing. Simply entering through the gate will avoid the fight but that isn't really Wolverine's style. Once inside move down the ramp and defeat the guards. Take a left and Nord makes another appearnce. Nord has his laser sights on Wolverine utilize cover and the areas between the tanks to move forward. Attack strategically and hide between the tanks to recover health. At the end behind the last tank is the Experienced 2 Mutagen. Climb the stairs and backtrack past the tanks to find an X-Force Wolverine Action Figure. As Wolverine climbs the stairs another cinematic shows Nord fleeing again. Defeat the guards and the Goliath on the walkway to continue to the next set of stairs. Now outside Agent Zero is circling above in a helicopter. Instead of shooting Wolverine he fires at one of the Prototype tanks. This puncture releases the beast. There are a total of four tanks and four Prototypes on the roof. Each must be defeated but for trophy purposes all four have to be active in the battle before any are killed. Therefore fight one to near death then release another. Fight it for a while then release another. Then once all four are out of their holding tanks begin killing them off. The other option if trophies are not important is to simply kill each one individually before moving to the next one. Either way once all the Prototypes are defeated lunge at the helicopter. Attack the air craft and watch the enemy to the left. When he pops out the window move the left stick to avoid the blast. Pull back up and repeat the attack. Once the helicopter is destroyed aim for the tail of the next air craft as Wolverine free falls. Attack the tail of the helicopter while keeping an eye out for the Grenadier passengers. If Wolverine is hit he falls back further on the tail. If he is hit twice in rapid succession he falls off. If hit press X (jump) to regain position and continue the attack. Free fall to the last helicopter and a cinematic takes out much of the crew. This time Wolverine attacks the blades quickly tap the attack button to destroy the blades. Watch as Nord will fire from the co-pilot seat. If he hits, simply jump back to position and try again. =============================================================================== CHAPTER 3: DAYS OF FUTURE BEGINNIGS [CHP3] =============================================================================== +++++++++++++++++ Jungle Rendezvous +++++++++++++++++ O-------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objective |Description | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |Rendezvous |Return to the Temple Courtyard | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |-------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O-------------------------------------------------------------------O Once the dialogue ends move up the dirt path as soon as Wolverine encounters resistance the ground will cave in. Underground Wolverine will face a group of Hunters. There are gaps between the wall and the floor around the room that a good throw or hit can knock the enemies into for a quick kill. When the last two are defeated move up the stairs through the newly open door. Look to the left at the floor button, there are boards blocking passage to a room. Destroy the boards to get a Health Boost then enter the next area. Go left and utilize Feral Sense to avoid the red areas on the floor indicating traps. Exiting to the outside (this area should look familiar), Wolverine encounters a new enemy, Shifter. A Shifter is very quick and can create a triangular force field around Wolverine. Grab attacks and counters work well. A appropriately performed grab attack can result in an instant kill much like against Ghosts. Climb the rope and enter the next hall. Feral sense will allow Wolverine to avoid the spiked wall. Pick up the tags before turning left. Again feral sense can help in the avoidance of traps, when back outside the cinematic brings Wolverine to the Southwest United States. +++++++++++++++++ Project Wideawake +++++++++++++++++ O------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives |Description | |------------------------------------------------------------------| |Wideawake |Infilitrate Project Wideawake | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O------------------------------------------------------------------O Continue into the ventilation system. When Wolverine falls to the floor turn around and obtain the Inner Rage Mutagen. The first room on the right contains a set of tags. Continue down the hall and enter the first door on the left for another set of tags. The last door on the right in this hall will have a Health Boost in it as well. The cinematic reveals a new foe for Wolverine the Enforcer Droid. These bots mostly have good offense. There numbers and spin attack can dole out considerable damage. They are vulnerable to lunges and quick kills that even out the playing field for Wolverine. Step outside and move over to the teleporter to traverse the gap. Enter the next room and fight of a couple guards and an Enforcer. The door straight ahead needs a power cell so move through the door to the right. As soon as Wolverine picks up the power cell, he is attacked by a formidable foe, the Predator Unit. This bot has a laser that drains Wolverine's rage meter, a powerful radial slam attack, and missiles. If at a distance deflecting the missiles works great against the Predator. Otherwise the best bet is to stand toe to toe and use rage attacks. The further away from the enemy the more likely it is to fire the rage draining laser. Once three Predators are defeated pick up the power cell and place it in the console in the next room. The door straight ahead is a dead end for now. The door at the other end of the room is blocked by a deadly wall of lasers. Instead move through the door on the left and clear the room of enemies. Pick up the dog tags and use the laser system controls to deactivate the gate. Quickly leave and move through the door in the other room (Wolverine will have to pry it open). Use the controls to move the teleporter across the canyon then step on the device in the foreground. Once on the other side move to the right side of the screen and jump onto the cliff. This should provide access to the area above the door and a Legendary Wolverine Action Figure. Jump back down and move to the other side of the door for a set of tags. In the next room a cinematic denies Wolverine access due to lack of Level 5 clearance. The room is then filled with Enforcers and guards. Luckily, the Enforcers are easily defeated with well timed quick kills. Once the room is clear of enemies Wolverine politely asks for clearance from a facility doctor. ++++++++ Betrayal ++++++++ O------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives |Description | |------------------------------------------------------------------| |N/A |N/A | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O------------------------------------------------------------------O Pick up the tags to the Wolverine's left and the Mutagen above and to his right. Cut the rope below the Mutagen and enter the open area for a fight. Quick kill the two Shifters and fight off the Machete enemies. Use the blocks that raise when the block that Wolverine rode down on to gain access to the upper region of the area. There is a Classic Wolverine Figurine located here. Kick the statue off the ledge and follow it to the ground. Notice how one of the gates only has a single flame burning on the right hand side and nothing on the left. Also, take note of the flame on top of the statue Wolverine just kicked to the ground. Move the statue to the unlit basket then place it over the floor button in front of the gate. Cross the bridge. Avoid the spiked floor then quick kill the two Shifters. Pick up the dog tags and continue to avoid the spikes in the next hall. Move down the stairs and take out the flaming Machete enemy. A Hunger guards the necessary crank. Before returning up the stairs destroy the boards in front of one of the statues and get the Mutagan hidden in the back corner under the stairs. Pick up the crank and fight of some Machete. The enemies will spawn endlessly so clear enough space to get the crank upstairs and place it. Turn the crank and jump across the platforms, finally lunging to the enemy. Pick up the tags and go upstairs. Get the Health upgrade around the corner and continue down the path to trigger the next cinematic. +++++++++++++++++++ Raven's Explanation +++++++++++++++++++ O------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives |Description | |------------------------------------------------------------------| |The Way In |Find a way to open the Bay Doors | |Old Friend |Rescue John Wraith | |Trask is the Key | | |Helping Hand |Open the Bay Doors | |------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O------------------------------------------------------------------O Move to the left and jump to the higher platform for a set of tags. Use the teleporter controls on the right to move the exit site. Use the teleporter to reach the distant platform. Jump on the moving blocks to get to the enemies ahead. To make it easier lunge at them when possible. Check out the platform to the left for a Health Boost. Jump on the vertically moving platforms to reach the next area. The lower level has two sets of tags. One is visible to the left and the other is around the corner to the right. Jump back on the raising platform to reach the upper level. With a new objective, move past the door and slide the teleporter into the distance. Use the device and defeat the two Enforcers. Turn on Feral Sense and notice the foot prints on the floor. In the next room defeat the two guards and pick up the tags to the right. In the next room two Predators attack. They will fire missiles initially try to deflect them then move in for some claw action. The footprints will eventually lead Wolverine to a hole in the floor and a ladder leading down. Before going below go to the right and slide the teleporter all the way to the right to find a Cake (trophy) and a Blood Rage Mutagen. Now move the teleporter all the way to the left to get a set of tags and a power cell. Exit the room and place the power cell in the console. Jump up to the platform above the console for an Art of War Mutagen. Use the ledge above the Mutagen to climb to the right and get a Weapon X Action Figure. Return to the teleporter controls and move the teleporter to the right near the conveyor belt's power cell console. Activate the freezing process with the other console. Now teleport near the freezing blast and ride the conveyor belt into the next room. Trask unleashes Wolverine's newest enemy the Mark 1 Prototype. The Mark 1 has a radial freeze attack that is unleashed when it pounds the ground. If Wolverine is caught in its path he will instantly freeze. Rapidly press the on screen button to break through the ice. The Mark 1 will also release anoying bots that pose little real threat but can be destroyed with single slashes. Finally, the Mark 1 will fire missiles from a distance. Deflecting these missiles does considerable damage and is the best way to lower the Mark 1's health. Avoid the enemy's attacks and stay at a distance. Once a missile is fired prepared to deflect the first then rapidly tap the block button to deflect them all. If Wolverine misses the first deflection its likely the other missiles will hit. Once the missiles are deflected charge the Mark 1 and use the Claw Drill attack. Once the Mark 1 has been defeated his upper half will crawl towards Wolverine to continue the fight. Slash it to defeat this bot permanently. The cinematic shows Wolverine's way of convincing Trask to help open the locked door from earlier. On the trek back use the foot prints as a reverse guide if you get turned around. There will be guards and Enforcers along the way. Just after leaving the area where the Cryogenic and Teleporter controls are located look in a room to the right that enemies exit for a set of tags. The next set of enemies attack after Wolverine reenters the area where Trask's prints were first detected. Defeat the guards and the single Predator and a elevator will open in the upper right hand corner. Grab the tags and defeat the Ghost. Walk across the beam, grab the tags, and ride another elevator. Grab the Savage Mutagen at the end of a walkway and defeat the nearby guards. Use the bridge controls to create a path. Unfortunately, the bridge dissipates as Wolverine crosses. Lunge to the enemy in the distance to avoid a deadly fall. Once across the bridge move to the right to get a set of tags. Now go straight ahead and look to the right to find a couple Predators and some guards. The Predators will fire several missiles before Wolverine gets close, deflect these to weaken them for the fight. Once the area is clear get the Action Figure near the computer and head toward the lift behind you. This leads back to the door that will open with Trask's key. Go to the left and take note of the need for a power cell. Grab the tags near the teleporter controls and move the teleporter to the far left to get a Healing Factor Mutagen. Now move the teleporter to the platform next to the site of the Mutagen. Down the stairs is a console that will move the Sentinel and a set of tags. Return the teleporter to the right for a Health Boost and the power cell. Place the power cell in the console and a bridge forms. Cross the bridge and move through the hall. The next room houses another Mark 1 Prototype and a couple of Enforcers. Take out the Enforcers quickly and focus on the Mark 1 with the same strategy as before. With the Mark 1 defeated exit through the newly opened door. Defeat the guards and Enforcers and move through the door at the end of the hall on the right. Ride the elevator down and move to the right. A platform will move in Wolverine's direction, ride it to more platforms and eventually a ladder. At the top of the ladder is a Vitality mutagen and a set of tags. When the higher platform nears jump on it and ride it back to the left. Climb the ladder and grab the tags. Circle around to the left toward the bridge controls. Pick up the Health Boost and activate the bridge once across a cinematic takes over. ++++++++++++++++++ Finding Agent Zero ++++++++++++++++++ O-----------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives |Description | |-----------------------------------------------------------------| |Clear Reception |Destroy the Final Ion Emitter | |-----------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |-----------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O-----------------------------------------------------------------O Back in Africa and Wolverine's goal is to destroy the final Ion Emitter. Move forward down the path and defeat the two Hunters at the large columns. Grab the tags before the pit and lunge to the enemy below. Defeat the enemies as Wolverine treks to the end of the bridge. At the apparent dead end, leap up and grab hold of the ledge. Move to the left, leap across the falls, and arrive on solid ground. Pick up the tags and go up stairs above the waterfall to find an Experience Mutagen. Defeat the two Shifters then climb the wall to the right of the tags. Jump across the wooden platforms and climb the rope. Defeat the Machete and collect the tags. Exit, cross the beams and climb the wall to the next fight. Before lunging to the guards look to the right for an Action Figure, now lunge to the enemies and kill. Go outside and jump up to the ledge. Move to the left then climb the rope. Jump down to the platform behind Wolverine and grab hold of the wall. Leap over the gap and continue to the left then up. At the top of the tower defeat a few enemies then move to each of the three console and destroy them. The enemies will include Shifters and Machete. Defeat as many as necessary to provide room to destroy a control box. ++++++++++++ The Sentinel ++++++++++++ O-------------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives |Description | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Heads Up |Use the Unfinished Sentinel Hand to destroy the Head | |Assault and Battery|Find a power cell to power the Hand Lift | |Need a Hand |Use Power Cell to Bring the Hand Lift online | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |-------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O-------------------------------------------------------------------------O The cinematic returns Wolverine to the eye of the storm (so to speak). Move to the left and grab the tags. Lunge to the guards and defeat them. After the Sentinel hand lowers move to the right to pick up an Inner Rage Mutagen. Follow the other path and take the first left to find a set of tags. Use the elevator to lower Wolverine. Exit the elevator and move right to find a set of tags. At this level there is also a Ramage Mutagen located opposite the elevator. Climb the ladder next to the Mutagen to get a set of tags. A Health Boost is also in the room atop a separate ladder. Climb the ladder behind the elevator to find a console that will align a portion of track. To the right of this console is a ladder that leads to an Action Figure. Activate the console to align the track then drop below. Use the controls to move the the Hand further down the track. A timer appears letting Wolverine know how much time he has to complete the action. Climb the ladder in front of the next broken piece of track. Use the console to align the track and move the hand further down the line. Once the hand is in its final resting spot a small cinematic takes over. Wolverine now needs a power cell to activate the lift to raise the hand. Move to the console to the left of the hand, rotate the hand, and fire at one of the doors. Enemies begin to flood the area. Use the hand or Wolverine to defeat them. The center door is the one to enter. Use the elevator at the end of the hall to rise to the upper level and see the necessary power cell. Pick up the tags and the Samurai Mutagen. Use the teleporter controls to slide the blue teleporter to the left. Now slide the purple teleporter toward the Sentinels head. The goal is to have the blue one block the return path of the purple one at the point the two track intersect. Once the teleporters are side by side and stationary, teleport to the platform then use the blue one to get the power cell. Return to the primary control room and then to the hand's location. Wolverine will have to sit the cell down to activate the elevator. Enforcers have found Wolverine's location and will attack as he approaches the Hand. Insert the power cell and more enemies spawn. Shoot them down until the lift has enough power to rise. When the Sentinel head is in view fire. Exit the lift and investigate the room with the destroyed Sentinel head. There is an Action Figure located on the other side of the Sentinel. Pry open the door and grab the tags. Move toward the next door to begin a cinematic. After the cinematic grab the tags and the Art of War Mutagen. Exit the room and back track defeating enemies as Wolverine proceeds. A cinematic will take over once the Sentinel room is reached. The Sentinel is a formidable foe. His size poses the greatest risk to Wolverine. It is no fun to be under the giant's foot as it comes crashing to the ground. The Sentinel's main attacks are a stop that exerts radial damage, an eye laser, and a swipe of his hand that will hit or grab Wolverine. Also during the fight several less than intelligent guards will be running around the roof top. The best way to fight the Sentinel is to charge its position... Nah just kidding. During the cinematic it stepped on one of the panels on the roof and was momentarily stunned. Stand on or near these panels (there are several scattered on the roof) and entice the Sentinel to approach. Once he steps on or punches a panel it will damage the leg/arm he hits it with. Wolverine can even quickly add more damage with some claw attacks at the temporarily disabled limb. A large explosion will signify the loss of a foot or hand. It will be visibly gone as well. I'll have to test this but during my fight with the Sentinel he grab Wolverine with a sweep of his hand and lost that hand during the ensuing eye laser blast. With no hand or feet the Sentinel flees to the air. Unfortunately for him Wolverine has hitched a ride. During the cinematic enough damage is done to send the Sentinel crashing to the ground. Control Wolverine as he free falls toward the giant enemy. Avoid the debris falling off the machine and destroy those that are unavoidable with the Square (light attack) button. The debris will cause damage to Wolverine's health and deter his progress toward the falling Sentinel. Wolverine eventually catches up to the Sentinel and does more damage during a short cinematic. The free fall continues until the Sentinel is reached again. This time after the cinematic look for a horse shoe shaped ring to fall off the Sentinel if Wolverine moves through the center of it a trophy will be obtained. Continue to dodge debris until arriving at the Sentinel for a third time. This time rapidly press the on screen button to open the panel on the Sentinel's chest before he fires his eye lasers and knocks Wolverine back. +++++++++++++++++ Put Up Your Dukes +++++++++++++++++ This fight with the Blob also provides an opportunity for a special trophy. Instead of engaging Dukes lead him around the store to destroy eveything in every aisle. Don't forget the merchandise at the front of the store. Once the entire store is clear go on the attack. The Blobs attacks are physical in nature. He punches and pounds at the ground with great force creating radial damage. He may also grab Wolverine in an attempt to cause harm. His attacks are fairly easily dodged especially with the area clear of obstacles. Lunge attacks are worthless. Wolverine just bounces off the Blob's belly. Wolverine's main offense should be Fury attacks. If you are good at counters they can be very effective as well. Once enough of Duke's health is gone he learns a new move the Belly Flop. He will charge Wolverine and do a belly flop. Jump over or dodge the attack. If successful the Blob will be stunned and Wolverine can piggy back ride him. Rapidly pressing the L1 and R1 will guide Dukes around the store and inflict damage. Continue the pattern of attacks, avoiding the Belly Flop, and riding on Duke's back to get the information Wolverine needs. =============================================================================== CHAPTER 4: MARDI GRAS [CHP4] =============================================================================== +++++++++ 52 Pickup +++++++++ O--------------------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives | Description | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Deuces Wild |Capture Gambit and discover the location of the Island| |Going Up |Follow Gambit to the Upper Atrium | |Ace Up Your Sleeve |Find Gambit on the exterior of the Corbeau Casino | |Chop Chop |Catch a Ride on the Helicopter | |Blackjack |Follow Gambit to the Crane | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |--------------------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O--------------------------------------------------------------------------O Gambit of course can transfer energy to objects creating powerful weapons. He has a ranged attack throwing energized cards at Wolverine. This attack can and should be deflected. Gambit is no slouch at close quarters combat either. He will attack with his staff via a jumping ground slam, a spinning attack, as well as a charging jab. Countering his staff attacks can be fun and lead to some damage. The best method is to keep your distance and deflect his ranged attack. A successful deflection stuns Gambit providing an opportunity for a lunge attack. Follow the lunge up with a Fury attack for extra damage. At one point Gambit will leap to one of the two platforms in the back ground. Be prepared for a barrage of ranged attacks. Deflect one and lunge to his position. Rapidly press Square (light attack) to bash his head into the wall. This sequence will occur twice one for each platfrom then Gambit will leave the balcony for lower ground. Continue the fight just as it played out on the upper level. Towards the end Gambit will leap up to the platform in front of the window. When he does deflect an energy attack and lunge at him to activate a cinematic. Rapidly press the on screen button to lift Wolverine off the statue before it explodes. Grab the Health Boost and head up the stairs. After the cinematic with Gambit fleeing pick up the tags to the left. Numerous enemies will descend, including several Goliaths, lots of guards, and a few Ghosts. Defeat them just as in previous chapters. Push the large block over to the scaffolding with the rope dangling above and climb the rope. Leap across the gap in the platforms then double jump to the rope leading to the balcony. Move to the right side of the balcony for a set of tags. Kick in the door to the left and move down the hall. The door at the end of the hall can be destroyed for entry into the next area. Pick up the tags on the right then defeat the guards and the Ghosts. Grab the tags at the base of the stairs and go up. The cinematic at the top of the stairs introduces the Assassin. Assassins can not be quick killed on the first try unless some damage is done first. They attack with their dual edged blades and are relatively quick. They are very susceptible to rage attacks and counters. The quick kill is also available if they are weakend first. Grab the Blood Rage Mutagen from the room on the right before kicking down the main door. Gambit is flee up an elevator while his Assassin's and the Weapon X grunts seem to be fighting. Wolverine shouldn't discriminate so defeat all the enemies as they cross your path. A set of tags sit up the stairs to the right. A Health Boost sits behind the water fountain. Push the large block under the scaffolding and jump up. Be prepared for some guards and two Grenadiers to the left. Move across the rope to the distant balcony for a set of tags then back to the platform between the giant statues. From the platform lunge at the enemy inside the elevator. Use the room to Wolverine's left to get a set of tags. Move past the elevators and get the Health Boost on the scaffolding. Now walk across the beam in front of the elevators to reach the other side. Defeat the two Assassins then continue to pursue Gambit. Once up the stairs where Gambit was last seen, a helicopter attacks. Pick up the tags on the left side. Now ignoring the helicopter, use the platforms in front of the window gain height. Once at the top the helicopter will begin firing missiles and actually enter the building. At this point Wolverine is to run away as the ground below him is being destroyed. During the attack jumping over obstacles can assist Wolverine's departure. Once through the window a new objective is received. Kick in the door and fight off the three Assassins. Once they are dead Goliaths and guards enter from the left hand window. Exit to the ledge and climb the ladder. On the other side of the roof is a set of tags. Return to the ladder and pass it. Climb the wall behind the wooden platform. At the top continue to traverse the outside of the building until the Assassins attack. Upon their defeat enter the area they came from to find a Savage Mutagen. Continue forward and Wolverine will meet back up with Gambit. Stand at the top and deflect his ranged attacks for a couple cheap blows. Jump down and continue the fight. When Gambit is at a distance deflect his ranged attacks. When he uses his staff try to counter and keep on the offensive. When his health depletes enough he will enegize the bridge destroying it. Balance across the beams to continue Gambit's pursuit. Climb the crates to the left and move around the building defeating enemies as Wolverine proceeds. Climb the rope at the end of the path. At the top of the rope climb the wall to reach an Action Figure. Drop down to the lower platform and slide down the rope to the distant building. From this platform slide across another rope. Grab the dog tags and jump up the crates. Climb the wall and prepare for a couple Grenadiers to the left. A set of tags is positioned below the Grenadiers. Climb back up and jump to the platform the Grenadiers stood on. Pick up the tags on the other side of the Grenadier platform then backtrack to the platform before the area the Grenadiers stood on. Cut the rope to release a block of lumber. Jump on the block and then to the crate. Now from the crate jump to the opening in the wall ahead. Pick up the Health Boost and lunge at the helicopter. Attack it until the cinematic takes over. Dogtags are to Wolverine's left. Move up to the brigde and encounter several Grenadiers. Deflect the incoming missiles to defeat each one. Push the crate to the end of the bridge. As Wolverine pushes the crate some Commandos will attack from behind. Stop pushing defeat them then continue to push. Grab the tags to the right and the Health Boost to the left. From the top of the crate jump up to the elevator where the two middle Grenadiers stood. Ride elevator up and be prepared for a fight against several (up to 6 I think) Assassins. This fight can be tricky especially when the Assassin's begin to impale Wolverine one after the other. Activate Berserk (hopefully points have been placed in duration and damage) then run into the middle of the ememies while performing a Claw Spin. With Claw Spin damage and duration upgraded the Assassin's should be weakened, especially if Wolverine has enough rage to repeat the maneuver. Once Wolverine's rage is depleted clean up the last Assassin's by countering and hopefully quick killing. Pick up the Action Figure on the right side of the room and exit through the window. Climb the wall at the end of the ledge. At the top watch while Gambit slides down the rope. Defeat the Assassin and the Commandos then climb up the metal crates to the left. Climb the wall and grab the tags behind the crates at the top of the ramp. Slide down the rope and jump over to the next wooden platform. Fight off the Assassins and contine to the ladder in the distance. Climb it and continue forward. Defeat more Assassins and destroy the boxes to the left at the dead end. Climb the rope up and land on the platform to the left. Fight of the enemies and continue down the hall. Climb the boxes and jump across the gap to face more Assassins. Jump up to the platform on the left and lunge into the guard above. On the other side is a host of enemies. Fight over to the ladder and climb up. Defeat the guards and drop below. Defeat the Asssassins, then slice the ropes holding the above beam stationary. Climb back up and use the beam to cross. At the end of the path of enemies is a set of tags. Use the crates to climb up to the platform above. Jump from rope to rop until Wolverine reaches the wooden platform. Now when he jumps to the next rope the camera angle changes to show Gambit climbing in the distance. When near the top of the rope leap over to the platform and cross the beams. Climb the crates to reach the crane (at the end of it is an Action Figure). Slide across the construction site using the rope above. Defeat the Assassins and Commandos then climb the ladder. Finally Wolverine has found Gambit again. Gambit runs to the far end of the crane. Deflect his projectiles while making progress towards the Cajun. Gambit eventually destroys the crane and leaps to a nearby helicopter. Run to the end of the falling crane and lunge toward the air craft. Gambit is in no mood for Wolverine's games and the cinematic ends with the pair fighting on top of the letters of the building's sign. At first stay at a distance and deflect Gambit's energy attacks back at him. After a few deflections move toward him at the end of the sign. When he is stunned lunge at him and follow up with some claw attacks. Gambit will likely toss Wolverine off the edge. Rapidly press the on screen button to regain the upper hand. As Wolverine fights back to the right Gambit will destroy some letters and the pair find themselves at the base of the sign. Deflect the energy attacks to make the closest letter fall onto Gambit. He destroys the letter and climbs up. Climb the ladder to the top of the sign fight Gambit back then deflect his energy attacks. Eventually, he will return to the base of the letters. Deflect more energy attacks until the letter begins to collapse. At this point all Wolverine can do is deflect energy attack, lunge when there is an opening, and perform claw attacks when Gambit is near. Persistance will win the fight from this point on. =============================================================================== CHAPTER 5: THE WOLVERINE [CHP5] =============================================================================== O-----------------------------------------------------------------O |Objectives |Description | |-----------------------------------------------------------------| |The Village |Find and Secure a path to the Village | |Homecoming |Find Stryker and Creed at The Island | |Family Feud |Defeat Victor Creed | |The Dead Pool |Defeat Weapon 11 | |-----------------------------------------------------------------| | Collectibles | |-----------------------------------------------------------------| |Dog Tags |Mutagens |Action Figures |Health Boosts | O-----------------------------------------------------------------O Charge ahead and defeat the Machete Masters. Don't be discouraged by their constant multiplication, remember its just more experience to make Wolverine stronger. Push the block into the opening in the wall on the left and enter through the newly opened door. Stand on the floor button and when the gate lowers, lunge at the enemy on the other side. Drop below for the tags then climb back up. Use the rope to get to the other side and turn the corner. The floor has fast moving retractable spikes. Half way across the spikes to the left is a boarded opening behind which is a Shredder Mutagen. Upon entry into the next room a wooden crate is lifted to the ceiling. The room will fill with guards, Machete Masters, and Hunters. Use rage attacks to thin the crowd quickly and pick of the remainder one by one. Begin turning the wheel in the back right corner of the area and a Leviathan will exit from the large wooden door. Defeat him then return to the wheel after getting the Health Boost. Exit through the gate that the wheel opened to the left. Move up the ramp, ignoring the wheel. Go up the steps and jump to the left when the path ends. Jump up to the ledge above the opening and move to the right for a set of tags. Enter through the door way and use the ropes to move forward. At the third rope jump to the right to get an Action Figure. Return to the middle rope and jump onto the crate. Slice the rope holding it so it drops below. Push the crate onto the "sled" on the ramp in the next room. Rotate the wheel then jump onto the crate. At this height Wolverine should be able to reach the wooden walkway to the left. Cross the bridge then defeat the Machete and the Shifter. Move across the spiked floor carefully to avoid injury. Defeat the Hunters then use the lever. A gate opens from the beginning of the level. Defeat the enemies coming across the bridge, then push the statue into the newly revealed opening. Turn on Feral Sense to avoid the floor traps. Now stand on the floor button to open the gate and lunge at the enemy. In the next open area Wolverine will face several Shifters and Machete Masters, though the enemies are numerous they are still outmatched compared to the adamantium claws. Go up the stairs and jump on the block to the right. Notice how the block on the ground raises. Use this block to reach the platform across the room. Now jump on the block that is level with this platform to make another larger pillar rise. Return up the stairs and jump on the block, below should be two pillars protrudring from the ground that will act as steps to the ledge on the right side of the room. The pillars will gradually lower if the actions are not performed quick enough. Avoid the floor trap and advance. The next room houses several Machete to defeat. In a side room to the right an Unstoppable Mutagen rests guarded by Hunters. Kick the block off the edge and drop below. Defeat another Leviathan. This time though the battle is a little more difficult due to the presence of a Shifter then a few Hunters. The smaller enemies will even jump up and knock Wolverine off the Leviathan when he lunges. The giant is very vulnerable while holding a rock so try to lunge everytime it picks one up. Once the Leviathan is gone the are is consumed by Machette, Hunters, and Shifters. Defeat them using all the combat tactics at Wolverine's disposal. When clear move the two statues over the floor buttons. The gate to the village opens and a cinematic takes over. Wolverine is under attack from the beginning so unleash the viscous animal inside. When clear enter the open door to the left of the area. Grab the tags at the top of the stairs. Pick up the Action Figure and another set of tags behind the grating to the left. Cross the foot bridge and get another set of tags. The next room activates a cinematic The fight against Sabretooth is somewhat anti-climactic. Unleash Fury Attacks and be prepared for counters and Creed will be no problem at all. After the cut scenes Deadpool charges. The initial stage of this fight is quite simple. Counter Deadpool's attacks and win the struggle by pressing the on screen button (square). This will lower his health and knock him to the ground. Wolverine can then chain a fury attack or a ground slam. A very effective move is to counter his attacks and then while he is on the ground press triangle over and over to perform numerous unblockable ground slams. This will allow Wolverine to get in several uncontested hits. Grab moves can work as well. Wolverine can throw Deadpool across the room race to him and chain together a couple slams while he is in air. For the most part though countering his blade attacks then chaining a fury attack will move the battle to the next stage. The basic premise of the battle remains the same. The changes are the scenery, Deadpool teleports, and the energy attack. Continue to try to counter Deadpool's physical attacks. Its slightly more difficult due to the teleporting but still very possible. Follow up the counter with a fury attack. When he moves at a distance be prepared for a energy attack. As he charges back at Wolverine feel free to use lunge attacks to get a couple of extra hits in. The key is to be prepared with a well timed block and attack on a regular basis. Once his health is near gone Deadpool will move to the other side of the reactor and fire his energy beam replenishing his health. The next beam will shoot a piece of the reactor off. Charge Deadpool and lunge into him to continue the fight. _______________________________________________________________________________ E N E M I E S A N D B O S S E S [ENBS] _______________________________________________________________________________ -Soldier/Guard These are the grunt enemies in this game. They really pose no threat to Wolverine. You can consider these guys as free experience, especially as Wolverine levels up. They are susceptible to all types of kills so mix it up and have fun. -Machete Champion Machete Champions are an upgrade over the soldiers that wield knives. They have a leaping attack and will crash down on Wolverine with a blaze of fire. This attack is not blockable. The Champion's other attacks can be countered. Use a strong offensive strategy attacking with combos and countering when necessary. For the most part Fury attacks are not necessary but highly effective. -Leviathan The Leviathan is a large enemy. Fury attacks will deplete his health. Claw drill seems very effective. The primary method of attack should be to dodge its physical then lunge onto its back and slash. Don't stay to long or the Leviathan will knock Wolverine off its back. Near the time it begins to raise its arm jump off and move away. Lunging at any other time will likely result in Wolverine being caught in mid air and slammed to the ground. The only exception is when the Leviathan picks up a large rock. While he has this rock Wolverine can lunge on to the creature without worry. -Victor Creed (Bar Fight) The fight is basically a fist fight. Creed comes at Wolverine with a variety of physical attacks. Counter as many of them as possible and the fight shouldn't be to bad. When not under attack take the fight to Creed by using some combos and Claw Spin. The fight will move outside the bar and each combatants health is replenished. Once outside the fight is more of the same. Now though Wolverine can grapple Creed and throw him into the electric transformer and the wooden spikes surrounding the area for more damage. -Elite Commando Elite Commandos are highly similar to the Machete Champions with the exception of the fire attacks. Counter attacks and strong offense are good tactic against the Commando. -Ghost Ghosts have a powerful shotgun. The majority of the time a lunge will prove unsuccessful. Additionally, they have a cloaking device that makes them initially invisibile. When Ghosts are suspected use Feral Sense to locate them. In order to defeat a Ghost move near one and grab them. Press Triangle to initiate a quick kill then rapidly press the same button to use their shotguns againt them. -W.E.N.D.I.G.O A W.E.N.D.I.G.O should be treat similar to a Leviathan. Dodge their attack then leap on to their back and slash away. An alternate strategy during a subsequent play-through would include some Fury Attacks as well. -Grenadier There is no need to get near a Grenadier. Their primary offense is through a grenade launcher. The trick to beating them is to deflect their grenades back at them with a timely press of the block button. -Goliath Goliaths are tough. The large shield prevents the majority of Wolverine's attacks. The mechanical electrified arm can also dole out a good amount of damage. A group of Goliaths is even worse. Attack them with uppercuts and charged uppercuts. When they hit the shield will be temporarily lowered providing an opportunity to chain in another attack. Ultimately, it seems repeated uppercuts take a while to put a Goliath down but it works. -Machete Master The key to fighting Machete Masters is to kill them quickly, most likely with Fury Attacks. The reason being one Machete Master can clone himself creating 3 enemies. This can continue until they are disposed of. The nuts and bolts of the fight are the same as fighting a Machete Champion. -Hunter Get too close to a statue and it is likely to become Wolverine's enemy. Hunters have strong phyiscal attacks. They can leap into the air and come crashing down on Wolverine's head. Counter their attacks to disable them then use Fury attacks to finish them off. Quick kills will not work until they have been weakened. Once a Hunter glows red the quick kill animations can be used. -Shifter A Shifter will create a triangular energy field around Wolverine. They use this energy field as a trap to corner Wolverine and inflict damage. Shifters are quick and can teleport. The easiest way to defeat one is to use a grab move and press Triangle. This initiates a struggle at which point rapidly pressing Triangle will, if successful, result in an instant kill for Wolverine. -Enforcer Droid Enforcer Droids have strong physical attacks and thats about it. Taking them out quickly is simple by using quick kills. Just move from one Droid to the next repeating the process. -Predator Unit One of the more potent enemies, Predator Units have a variety of attacks. They have a energy beam that depletes Wolverine's Rage Meter. They have physical attacks that also include a radial slam. Finally, a Predator can attack from a distance with missiles. They are higly susceptible to Claw Drill especially if both upgrades have been purchased. Deflect there missiles when at a distance (don't lunge) then charge in for a Claw Drill. Uppercuts and combos like Brutal Slam can inflict damage if Fury attacks are unavailable. -Mark 1 Prototype -Sentinel -The Blob -Gambit -Assassin -Victor Creed (The Island) -Deadpool _______________________________________________________________________________ C O L L E C T I B L E S [CLLS] _______________________________________________________________________________ =============================================================================== Dog Tags [DGTG] =============================================================================== ---------------------------- Chapter 1 Origins - Dog Tags ---------------------------- Unstoppable [] After the introductory fight move through the large doors and into the waterfall. The tags are on the fallen soldier behind the water [] Room where Wolverine first encounters the Machette Champion [] At the jeep [] After climbing the wall next to the gate defeat the enemies and break the boards blocking the path to the tags (its where the hatch is to unlock the Found trophy) [] On the other side of the next gate after getting the above set of tags [] After finding the helicopter climb a rope and the fallen soldier is on a ledge to the left [] The section after the above tag: the fallen soldier is below and to the right leaning against an impassable gate [] After learning the lunge finisher defeat the champion and proceed. To the left before descending the ramp is a set of tags [] Defeat Leviathan then push the statue to the right in [] Defeat Leviathan and climb the vines. Destroy the cracked entrance Weapon X Facility [] Side room at the beginning of the Weapon X level [] After meeting and defeating the first Elite Commando ride the lift up and enter the first door on the left [] In a small room located in the next large room after the area encased in fog [] After placing the power cell in the lift console and riding it up turn around to see the fallen soldier [] Leaving Frost's lab Wolverine will encounter a laser turret. Once behind the first turret enter the room on the right at the end of the hall. It is a locker room with a +5 health bonus as well. [] The room where Frost provides Wolverine with his healing factor again [] The room to the right of the Ghost room where Wolverine has to fight without feral sense [] A side room right before Wolverine's Feral Sense is regained [] An open cell after the fight when Wolverine regains Feral Sense [] Door way opposite the door the first Goliath entered from [] After balancing across the two beams during the escape, move to a room to the left when the next set of enemies are encountered (they will be located below Wolverine's position) [] Behind some crates in a short corridor just before the stairs that leads Wolverine to the doctor that has Anna -------------------------------------- Chapter 2 The Frozen Tundra - Dog Tags -------------------------------------- Team X [] Look to the right just before the first set of enemies a hidden path leads to the tags [] Upon inital entry into the temple the tags are behind the large statue [] In the room with the lowering spiked ceiling [] Behind a pedestal in the open area with the large statues holding platforms [] Near the top of the tower Alkali Lake [] At the initial W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype fight [] Next to a fallen tree just after the intial W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype fight [] After running from the air strike while chasing after the W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype [] Topple the tower to create a bridge and look to the right [] After stealth killing the guard at the fence move past the trucks ahead and look to the left [] Inside the building with the C4 [] Cross Alkali Bridge and look on the left hand side [] At the base of a set of stairs when Wolverine goes under the Alkali Bridge [] Inside a small room in the warehouse after the helicopter fight. Wolverine will need to kick down a door. [] After climbing across the last pipe in the warehouse grab the tags before engaging the enemy outside the window [] Above and to the right of the two trucks after the duel W.E.N.D.I.G.O. Prototype fight [] The top of the hill after the large fight just after seeing Nord [] Immediately after climbing across the side of the dam [] Once Nord runs lunge at the next Grenadier the tags are inside this room ---------------------------------------------- Chapter 3 Days of Future Beginnings - Dog Tags ---------------------------------------------- Jungle Rendezvous [] The hallway after the inital encounter with a Shifter Project Wideawake [] First room on the right in the Wideawake Facility [] First door on the left in the Wideawake Facility [] Room with the laser system controls [] To the left of the door after moving the teleporter across the canyon Betrayal [] Immediately to Wolverine's left when back in Africa [] After opening the gate using the flaming statue the tags are down the next hall just as the Shifters attack [] After finding the crank and moving the statues the tags are before the stairs to the end of the area Raven's Betrayal [] When beginning the search for John Wraith move to the left and jump to the higher platform [] A platform under the one where The Way In objective is complete and Wolverine recieves Trask is the Key [] A platform under the one where The Way In objective is complete and Wolverine recieves Trask is the Key (this is not a duplicate there are two tags here) [] When tracking Trask's footprints the tags are to the right of the first enemies encountered [] The room Wolverine teleports to in order to acquire the power cell that activates the conveyor belt [] When returning to the locked door with Trask's "key" and just after leaving the area where the Cryogenic and Teleporter controls are located look in a room to the right that enemies exit [] After riding the elevator up with Trask's "key" [] Walk across the beam and the tags are to the left of an elevator [] Cross the disappearing bridge and move to the right [] Near the teleporter controls in the room with the Sentinel [] Behind the console that activates the Sentinel Conveyor [] At the top of a ladder in the room with moving platforms circling a Sentinel [] At the top of a ladder in the room with moving platforms circling a Sentinel (using the higher platforms) Finding Agent Zero [] Grab the tags before lunging to the enemy after defeating the two Hunters [] After using the ledge and jumping across the falls the tags are to the left of the stairs [] During the first encounter with Machete after obtaining the Experience Mutagen The Sentinel [] To the left of the Sentinel shooting lasers [] Take the first left after seeing the unattached Sentinel hand lower [] Ride the elevator down a level and exit to the right [] Climb the ladder next to the Rampage Mutagen [] After using the hand to find the appropriate doorway the tags are in the room where the required lift power cell is seen [] Pry open the door after destroying the Sentinel head [] Pry open the door after destroying the Sentinel head (there are two sets) [] Room contaning Wraith's holding cell -------------------------------- CHAPTER 4: MARDI GRAS - Dog Tags -------------------------------- [] After Gambit flees the tags are to Wolverine's immediate left [] Use the block to get to the rope and double jump to the horizontal rope to get to the balcony. The tags are in the right corner of the balcony. [] The hall way littered with fallen soldiers after breaking down a door with claws [] The base of the stairs in the next room, its right before encountering the first Assassin [] After watching Gambit ride the elevator up, the tags are at the top of the first small set of stairs and to the right [] Shimmy across the rope in between the giant statues [] Shimmy across a rope after completing the Going Up objective [] Left side of the room where the helicopter attacks [] After exiting to the ledge climb the ladder and move to the left to find a tag on the opposite side of the roof [] After sliding across the two ropes grab the tags on the end [] Below the Grenadiers [] Immediately after the Grenadier platform [] After taking a ride on the helicopter look to the left [] To the right of the area where multiple Grenadiers fire at Wolverine while he stands on a bridge [] Climb the wall after receiving the Blackjack object and the tags are behind some crates at the top of the ramp on the left side of the area [] At the end of the path after using the metal beam to cross a large gap ----------------------------------- CHAPTER 5: THE WOLVERINE - Dog Tags ----------------------------------- [] After lunging to the enemy while standing on the floor button instead of jumping to the rope drop below [] Defeat the Leviathan and after moving up the ramp and small set of stairs jump up to the ledge in front of the next door way and move to the right [] At the top of the stairs through the first door at the Island [] Down the hall from the above set on the left [] Cross the foot bridge and pick up the tags in the next room =============================================================================== Action Figures [ACFG] =============================================================================== Legendary Action Figures (Brown and tan suit) Classic Action Figures (Blue and yellow) X-Force Action Figures _______________________________________________________________________________ T R O P H I E S [TRPH] _______________________________________________________________________________ Just the List for Now (Soon to be Completed) -Platinum Received all the trophies in the game (Platinum) Tips: Follow the advice below :) -Bar Fight Defeated Victor Creed/Sabretooth (Silver) Tips: See the enemies and bosses section (ENBS) -Helicopter Ride Defeated David Nord/Agent Zero (Silver) Tips: Complete the Alkali Lake portion of Chapter 2 -Fallen Sentinel Defeated the Sentinel Mark 1 (Silver) Tips: See the enemies and bosses section (ENBS) -Put up Your Dukes Defeated Fred Dukes/the Blob (Silver) Tips: See the enemies and bosses section (ENBS) -52 Pick Up Defeated Remy LeBeau/Gambit (Silver) Tips: See the enemies and bosses section (ENBS) -The Dead Pool Defeated Weapon 11/Deadpool (Gold) Tips: See the enemies and bosses section (ENBS) -Getting Started Killed 100 enemies (Bronze) Tips: This trophy will be acquired simply by progressing in the game -A Day's Work Killed 500 enemies (Bronze) Tips: This trophy can be obtained during a single play through the game -What I Do Best Killed 2000 enemies (Silver) Tips: By the time each chapter is complete Wolverine can easily amass around 1500 kills. In order to get the other 500 needed for the trophy, replay a few levels. Make sure to replay the levels through a checkpoint. If the game doesn't save your progress then the kills will not count. -You Can't Hide Lunged to 250 enemies (Bronze) Tips: Lunge will be such a commonly used attack that you would have to delibrately try to not get this trophy. -Lunge Lunged to 25 enemies (Bronze) Tips: Can get this before the end of the first level -Pounce Lunged to 100 enemies (Bronze) Tips: Just hit R1 then L1 regularly to get his trophy -Piggy Back Ride Lunged to a W.E.N.D.I.G.O prototype's back (Bronze) Tips: This will occur naturally during the first fight against a Prototype. Dodge his attack then lunge onto his back. -Quick Killer Quick killed 1 enemy (Bronze) Tips: Grab an enemy then press Triangle. Press Triangle again as Wolverine's claws shine to perform a quick kill. -Efficient Killer Quick Killed 20 enemies (Bronze) Tips: The quick kill attack is so useful this trophy will be a breeze. -Perfect Killer Quick Killed 3 enemies in a row (Bronze) Tips: Move to three consecutive soldiers/guards an utilize the quick kill method. The only thing that would stop this trophy is the presence of an enemy that can't be quick killed. -Drop Dead Killed 10 enemies by throwing them off high areas (Bronze) Tips: Find a high spot with enemies, grab, and toss. -Apprentice Raised one combat reflex to master level (Bronze) Tips: Repeatedly kill the same enemy to increase the combat reflexes. Check your status from the character menu. The Machine Gunner reflex will be the one likely to get you this trophy. The Samurai Mutagen can assist the quickness of getting this one. -Samurai Raised all combat reflexes to master level (Bronze) Tips: Without replaying some levels it is practically impossible to get this trophy. You will almost definitely have to get more robot kills and the only place these are found are in Chapter 3. Once the final level has been completed replay portions of Chapter with the necessary enemies. Be sure to play up to a checkpoint though so that when you quit the level the kills are saved. -Mutant Lover Raised 1 mutagen to level 3 (Bronze) Tips: Locate 3 of the same Mutagen (see the Mutagen section above) -Astonishing Found 1/2 of all Dog Tags in the game (Bronze) Tips: See a tag and pick up a tag. There are 95 in the game at the 1/2 way point the trophy will unlock. See the Dog Tags section for each tags location. -Devil's Brigade Found all Dog Tags in the game (Silver) Tips: Locate all 95 tags using the Dog Tags section above. -Defensive Performed 1 Counter Move (Bronze) Tips: Press L2 to block as an enemy is just about to land an attack then press Square as the action slows. -Untouchable Performed 25 Counter Moves (Bronze) Tips: Countering is a very important part of combat, therefore this trophy will be achieved rather quickly. -Catch Killed 1 enemy with a reflected projectile (Bronze) Tips: This will be obtained when the first Grenadier is encountered. -Boomerang Killed 25 enemies with a reflected projectile (Bronze) Tips: Even if you deflect all the projectiles from the Grenadiers you may have to replay a mission or two to get this trophy. The act of deflecting is all about timing. Wolverine needs to lift his claws a moment before the grenade would hit. -Aerial Assault Performed 10 Aerial Grabs (Bronze) Tips: Uppercut an enemy and while they are in air press the grab button. Wolverine will grab them by the ankles and slam them to the ground. Perform this at least 10 times to unlock the trophy. -Ultimate Wolverine Fought 4 W.E.N.D.I.G.O protoytpes at the same time and defeated them at Alkali Lake (Bronze) Tips: This can be tough due to the fact that the Prototypes will knock Wolverine off each other's backs. The important thing to know is you can attack the first Prototype to weaken it before releasing the 2nd one. Just make sure all four are released into battle before any one of them dies. -Spillway Escape Escapes from Weapon X (Bronze) Tips: Complete the Weapon X level. -Threading the Needle Flew through the O ring in the Sentinel Boss Battle (Bronze) Tips: During freefall portion of the battle with the Sentinel, Wolverine will dive into the machine. After the second landing on the Sentinel is completed a Ring will be part of the debris flying toward Wolverine. Guide Wolverine through the ring to get the trophy. -The Village Completed the Jungle Mission (Bronze) Tips: Complete the last mission in the African jungle just before reaching the Island. -Hot Potato Light 20 enemies on fire (Bronze) Tips: During the first chapter Wolverine pushes a jeep through a gate. The resulting cinematic shows 2 enemies lit on fire. You could replay this mission 9 more times to get the trophy (just make sure you play through a checkpoint). Feral sense can also locate pipes in some rooms that when Wolverine throws an enemy into the pipes will set the enemy on fire. The problem with this trophy is that throwing enemies into barrels or exploding barrels near an enemy will not set them on fire (or at least that has been my experience). -Shotgun Epic Fail Killed 25 Ghosts with their own weapon (Bronze) Tips: Locate a ghost and press circle to grab him. Then press triangle and rapidly tap it. Wolverine then turns his enemies weapon against his enemy. -James Howlett Performed a Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge (Bronze) Tips: Find two action figures to unlock a bonus fight in the main menu where Wolverine can fight himself. As the other Wolverine lunges at you lunge back. The mid air collision will unlock the trophy. -WoW! You feel a cold as you examine the sword and skeleton. A rustle of wind in the trees faintly echoes the name Arthas. (Bronze) Tips: In the Alkali Lake portion of Chapter 2, defeat the Prototype's that attack at the same time. Use the trucks to reach the ledge. Once Wolverine crosses a tree bridge and has to leap up to a higher area. Begin looking to the right for a log that will lead to a hidden cave and the trophy. If you get to the part with the view from Nord's scope you have gone a little too far. -Aerial Master Got 6 enemies airborn at once (Bronze) Tips: Move into a group of enemies (make sure its at least 6), then jump into the air and come crashing down pressing triangle. The beginning of Chapter 5 has lots of enemies for this trophy to be attempted. If you don't get it restart from checkpoint and try again. -Fully Loaded Maxed out all upgrades (Bronze) Tips: Fill up all the skill point slots Wolverine has available. This can only be done at level 39. -Slice n' Dice Killed 6 enemies with a single attack (Bronze) Tips: Upgrade Claw Spin's duration and damage. Now find a group of enemies totaling at least 6. Activate the fury attack and tap Square. I actually unlocked this trophy without realizing it. -Found Found a mysterious hatch! (Bronze) Tips: Climb a wall next to a gate and drop below to defeat some enemies. One of the soldiers is standing in front of a boarded up doorway. Slice the boards away and find the hatch. -Slaughter House Dismembered 100 enemies (Bronze) Tips: Dismemberment occurs frequently by ending Wolverine's attacks with Triangle. So many limbs, heads, and torsos will be littered through the levels that these trophy will not be an issue. -Blender Killed 200 enemies with Claw Spin (Silver) Tips: Once Claw Spin is unlocked upgraded its duration and damage to make this trophy even easier to get. -Walking Death Beat the game on Hard difficulty (Gold) Tips: First you have to beat normal. Then replay the game with against enemies that have more health and cause more damage per hit. -Heightened Senses Killed 200 enemies in Feral Sense (Bronze) Tips: Just get in a habit of turnign on Feral Sense during battles. -Environmentally Friendly Killed 10 enemies using objects in the environment (Bronze) Tips: Stand near an environmental hazard (tree stump, floor spike, fork lift) and perform a grab move. This is such a basic attack and there are so many sites available that his trophy should be easy to obtain. -Whatever it Takes Killed 30 enemies using objects in the environment (Bronze) Tips: There should be no trouble performing this task -Blood Lust Killed 50 enemies while in Berserker Mode (Bronze) Tips: Turn on Berserker and well... go berserk -Weapon X Killed 150 enemies while in Berserker Mode (Bronze) Tips: Upgrade Berserker duration to enhance the likelihood of acquiring this trophy -The Cake You found the cake, yummy! (Bronze) Tips: During the Raven's Explanation portion of Chapter 3 push the teleporter in the room with the freezing conveyor all the way to the right. -Stick Around Impaled Victor Creed outside the bar (Bronze) Tips: During the initial fight with Creed sling him into one of the protrusions. -Clean up on all Aisles Destroyed all objects in the grocery store fight with Fred Dukes (The Blob) Tips: This trophy just takes time. Dukes will do most of the work if you just guide him around the store and avoid his attacks. Once Wolverine lowers the Blob's health enough he can ride on his back directing him around the store. If the trophy doesn't chime in their has to be more to destroy. _______________________________________________________________________________ L E G A L I T I E S [LGLS] _______________________________________________________________________________ This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. E-mail: oldschoolwv312@yahoo.com Copyright 2009 Jason Fryer a.k.a oldschool312</p>