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I do not have all the trophies yet( I currently just need 5 more, all relatively simple ) but can provide good tips and strategies that you hopefully find useful --------------------------------------------------------------------- Table of Contents 1. About Me 2. Contact Info 3. Trophies/Achievements 4. Outro 1. About Me: I like helping people so i'm writing this guide. You can reach me at the following: PSN: Solid_Fantasy ( always available ) XBL: MetalGearNails ( an easy way too reach me ) Gmail: MetalGearSolid719 ( i check my inbox frequently ) If you have any questions please ask me, I'm very friendly. 2. Contact Info You may not alter this guide in any form , redistribute it for sale or any bogus crap like that. This is my work, MY WORK, I'm putting a lot of time into this guide not for some jackass to publish it and sell it. Printing it is completely fine however. You can share it/give it to people, just don't publish it and sell it for a price. I put way too much damn time in this guide for something like that too happen. So DON'T DO IT. It is against the law and is a super evil thing to do to a nice helping person like myself. Hell, don't steal or plagaraize from anyone. With that mumbo jumbo out of the way I present to you the..... A List of Sites That Can Host Section GameFAQS Supercheats Neoseeker Gamepro And A List of Sites That Cannot Host Section CheatCC Now for the .... E-mailing gudelines 1. If you see this guide on a site not listed, let me know ASAP. 2. Ask for permission to use this guide. I WILL say yes. 3. If it says Cheat CC in the subject, i'm deleting it 4. Don't e-mail me grammar problems unless its huge 5. Try and make your e-mail readable. 6. Don't e-mail me 10,000 times, I will respond soon. 7. If I missed something important let me know ASAP. 8. "You forgot to credit me" Please e-mail me,I will fix it ASAP 9. I woulde like to pursue a writing career, comments are ALWAYS welcome. 10. Comments are welcome, but please don't bash the guide, approach it kindly. 11. Don't e-mail me for the hell of it. 12. Don't e-mail me about something that is in the guide. 3: Trophies/Achievements ------------------------------------------ A: Gameplay specific trophies/achievements ------------------------------------------ 1: A Day's Work (Bronze) - Killed 500 enemies Desciption: see "What I do Best" 2: Aerial Assault (Bronze) - Performed 10 Air Grabs Description: This will probably be one of your first trophies/achievements. To perform an air grab, jump and press the grab button while in mid-air. I suggest doing this on the first level 3: Aerial Master (Bronze) - Got 6 enemies airborne at once Description: This one is evil. it is glitching for some people and generally is just hard. Here is how I did it. Load up Chapter 1 Checkpoint 1. Fairly early on you will come across a bridge where Wolverine must perform a lunge to get across. DO NOT LUNGE! Instead turn around, and get in between the group of 7, then jump and press Triangle/Y RIGHT BEFORE you land. BAM! If this doesn't work, your Wolverine is probably too strong, meaning the ground pound is actually killing the enemies before they get airborne. I did this at level 19 with level 4 claws. If your Wolverines is too strong, I honestly don't know what to tell you other than start a new game. If you are positive that 6 enemies are airborne yet you are not being rewarded, start a new game. 4: Apprentice (Bronze) - Raised One Combat Reflex to Master Level Description: This is easy and will come naturally. You raise each reflex bar by killing enemies of the same specialty. There are 5 types. Use the Samurai mutagen to earn this quicker. 5: Blender (Silver) - Killed 200 enemies with Claw Spin Description: Claw Spin is unlocked early on. This will come naturally. R2+Square/RT+X performs a Claw Spin. Replay the first chapter for easy kills. 6: Bloodlust (Bronze) - Killed 50 enemies while in Berserker mode Description: see " Weapon X " 7: Boomerang (Bronze) - Killed 25 enemies with a reflected projectile Description: Throughout the entire game you MIGHT get this if you reflect every single projectile. If not, load Chapter 4 Checkpoint 2 as there's a part with 4 Grenadiers. Repeat this section but make sure you play to a checkpoint afterwards, otherwise your kills won't be saved. To reflect press L2/LT right before a projectile hits you. 8: Catch! (Bronze) - Killed 1 enemy with a reflected projectile Description: see " Boomerang " 9: Defensive (Bronze) - Performed 1 Counter move Description: see " Untouchable " 10: Drop Dead (Bronze) - Killed 10 enemies by throwing them off high areas Description: You'll get this in Chapter 1 probably. Just toss jackasses off of cliffs, buildings, etc... I recommend the Jungle levels and Chapter 4. 11: Efficient Killer (Bronze) - Quick Killed 20 enemies Description: Performing a quick kill is easy. Grab someone and press Triangle/Y to initiate quick kill mode. Then press Triangle/Y when Wolverine's claw glows yellow. Ta-Da! 12: Environmentally Friendly (Bronze) - Killed 10 enemies using objects in the environment Description: see " Whatever It Takes " 13: Fully Loaded (Bronze) - Maxed out all upgrades Description: Basically, you gotta reach level 39. To speed up the process use experience mutagens and replay Chapter 4 a lot. The whole process takes about 2 playthroughs. Remember though changing the difficulty resets your stats. 14: Getting Started (Bronze) - Killed 100 enemies Description: see " What I Do Best " 15: Heightened Senses (Bronze) - Killed 200 enemies in Feral Sense Description: Up activates Feral Sense. It has unlimited usuage. You will get it in playthrough if you activate your Feral Sense a lot. 16: Hot Potato (Bronze) - Light 20 enemies on fire Description: This one can be annoying. Throwing enemies into oil drums and other flammable objects for some stupid reason doesn't work. In chapter 1 Checkpoint 1, there is a part where Wolvie crashes a truck through a gate, setting 2 on fire. 18 to go. You can either repeat this 9 times( remember, immediatly quitting won't save your stats, you must play to a checkpoint) or have those red jungle mutants set you ablaze, while you lunge onto other enemies setting them on fire. 17: Lunge (Bronze) - Lunged to 25 enemies Description: see " You Can't Hide " 18: Mutant Lover (Bronze) - Raised one Mutagen to level 3 Description: Each type of Mutagen has 3 collectables. They're easy to find and I swear you'll have one fully upgraded by Chapter 5. 19: Perfect Killer (Bronze) - Quick Killed 3 enemies in a row Description: see " effictient killer " 20: Piggy Back Ride (Bronze) - Lunged to a W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype's back Description: A caveman can do it! You encounter your first Wendigo in Chapter 1 Checkpoint 2 or 3. 21: Pounce (Bronze) - Lunged to 100 enemies Description: see " You Can't Hide " 22: Quick Killer (Bronze) - Quick Killed 1 enemy Description: see " effictient killer " 23: Samurai (Silver) - Raised All Combat Reflexes to Master Level Description: This is easy and will come naturally. You raise each reflex bar by killing enemies of the same specialty. There are 5 types. Use the Samurai mutagen to earn this quicker. It typically takes 2 playthroughs to max out and remember that changing difficulties resets your stats. 24: Shotgun Epic Fail (Bronze) - Killed 25 Ghosts with their own weapon Description: Ghosts are the enemies that cloak themselves. Grab them and tap Triangle/Y to make them blow their brains out. This comes rather quick. 25: Slaughter House (Bronze) - Dismembered 100 enemies Description: This comes naturally. Claw Spin and Berserk mode help greatly. 26: Slice n' Dice (Bronze) - Killed 6 enemies with a single attack Description: This is like Aerial Master but way easier. Load up Chapter 1 Checkpoint 1. Fairly early on you will come across a bridge where Wolverine must perform a lunge to get across. DO NOT LUNGE! Instead turn around, and get in between the group of 7, then perfom a Claw Spin while Berserked. 27: Ultimate Wolverine (Bronze) - Fought 4 W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes at the same time and defeated them at Alkali lake. Description: Right before you kill Agent Zero he'll deploy 2 Wendigos. The other 2 Wendigos are in pods waiting to be set free. So smash open their pods. DO NOT attempt fighting them, just run around and let the Wendigos off each other. Simple as that. 28: Untouchable (Bronze) - Performed 25 Counter moves Description: To counter-attack press L2/LT right before you get hit, then press Square/X during the slow motion part. 29: Weapon X (Bronze) - Killed 150 enemies while in Berserker mode Description: This trophy comes naturally. If it's taking to long replay Chapter 1. R2+O/RT+B activates Berserker mode 30: What I Do Best (Silver) - Killed 2000 enemies Description: This takes around 1.5 playthroughs 31: You Can't Hide (Bronze) - Lunged to 250 enemies Description: To lunge lock on with R1/RB then press L1/LB. You can lunge on to the same enemy twice. This takes about half a playthrough. ------------------------------------------ B: Dog Tags ( oh JOY...) ------------------------------------------ 1: Astonishing (Bronze) - Found 1/2 of all Dog Tags in the game Description: see " Devils Brigrade " 2: Devil's Brigade (Silver) - Found all Dog Tags in the game READ BELOW! Dog Tag guide by VI Demon IV READ ABOVE! Chapter 1 - Jungle: 1) After going through first large gate, behind waterfall. 2) During the fight with the first Machete Champion, in an alcove behind where he spawns. 3) After using the zip line, head up the hill and reach several enemies around explosive barrels. Behind the barrels. 4) After wall climbing up the vines there will be four enemies with machetes and two with machine guns. Lunge down to one of the machete guys, defeat them, turn and look to the machine gun guy over behind where you came down from. Take him out then break through the wood covering the doorway. A short way down the path on the left is the next body. (This is right next to the hatch for the "Found!" achievement. 5) After #4, go take out the last machine gun guy that's on the cliff. No go forward a few feet leaving the area and jump down, there is another machine gun guy down here, kill him. Turn around to where you jumped down from, run over to the wooden gate, the body is right next to it. Classic Wolverine Figure 1) After getting Dog Tag #5, you'll move up some stone steps, towards a stone building. Right in front of you you will see a boarded up doorway. Break this down and head in for your first statue/figure. 6) You will come to a large, rectangular room with several enemies. You will notice, in Feral Sense, that there are green spikes on the floor, 2 green statues at the far end of the room, and a green rope to climb on the left of you when you enter. Kill all the enemies then climb the rope. Once you get up, one way is a dead end with the body for the next Dog Tag. 7) After obtaining Dog Tag 6, move onward and come to another spot you must jump down from. Look to the right of the pit and notice a large wood gate with a body in front of it. There's #7. 8) Continue on from 7 and fight another flaming machete. After beating him, continue forward with Feral Sense on, you will see a few stairs going down to a short walkway with a drop off on the right. The body is at the end of the walkway. 9) After operating the crank wheel you had to add the crank to, dash through the open gate, a boss appears. Go left and push the statue in, head to the right and get Dog Tag #9. 10) After beating Leviathan use the statue to move up the vines. Right after getting off the vines you'll see a metal door with cracks in it. Break it down and follow the passage to the next set of tags. Weapon X Facility: 11) In the first room, take out the enemies and turn on your Feral Sense. Head to the right of the open door into an alcove/room. Here is the next body with the next set of tags. 12) You will fight 3 Elite Commandos, after this, continue on until you get to a long hallway where an enemy backs through the door at the end and it closes. Go through the first door on the left to find the next body. 13) You will come through a door into a room with a workstation ahead to the right, a railing in front of you, and the room continues to the left. Go forward and to the left, on the left is a door you can open. Inside is the next body. 14) Once you put the power cell in to activate the lift, use the lift to go up. At the top turn left, stand on the crate, jump and grab the ledge. Shimmy left until you get to the walkway with the dead body. Hit B to drop down and then grab your tags. 15) After coming out behind the first mounted machine gun, destroy it and turn around and head down the hall. Take the only door on the right. Inside, to the right is another body with some more tags. 16) After getting your Healing Ability back, fight off the enemies and head up to where the Doctor was. In the back by the door is the next body with the next set of tags. 17) After fighting enemies that throw out smoke grenades, head through the door, it shuts and you get a checkpoint. Take a left and head through the door at the end of the hall to find your next body. 18) Shortly after the last set of tags you'll come down some stairs and fight 3 or 4 machine gun guys, after which 2 doors will open. In the door on the right is the next body. 19) After getting your Feral Senses back you must fight a bunch of guys then lunge over a large gap to 2 more machine gun guys. After killing them both you'll notice one of the cell doors is open with a body and some more tags in it. 20) After losing the girl and fighting off a bunch of enemies go through the open door closest to the forklift to find your next body. 21) After crossing the 2 beams and going through the door follow the walkway straight then right. Pry open the door and grab some more tags. 22) After fighting 3 Grenadiers and a few machine gun guys you will go through a door. There will be a hall on the left. Go straight, behind some boxes just after the left hall is the next body. Chapter 2 - Jungle: 23) After taking out the Leviathan go up the hill to the right, when facing the way you must go, before going down the road. The next body is leaning against a pedestal. 24) Once you enter the Temple, go straight, the next body is straight back from the entrance. 25) Continue on from the Mutagen. You will enter a room with a crank. You must quickly turn the crank to open the door, dash over to the body on the right of the door, grab the Dog Tags, and then dash through the door. 26) When you enter the area with 3 huge statues that can be controlled by turning a crank, go all the way to the far side, by the movable block, the next body is on the same level, back and to the right. 27) While moving up the tower you will be climbing vines on the outside of it. When you get to the part where the vines are inside, climb them then turn right at the top to find your next body. Alkali Lake: 28) Right after the cutscene with the chopper. To the right of you. As always, use your Feral Sense to see the body easier. 29) Right after the Wendigo Prototype runs away and makes a path for you, straight ahead is the next body. 30) Run from the helicopter, dodging bombs. Just keep running until you hit another checkpoint, at this point, straight ahead is the next body. Classic Wolverine Figure 2) After defeating the Wendigo Prototype, keep moving on until you reach a shallow pool with several waterfalls. Go to the end and climb up, turn right and go across the log turn left and follow the ledge to the 2nd Classic Figure and unlock the Bonus Challenge. 31) Once you cut down the skinny metal tower to cross the gap, cross the gap and turn right, there's the next body. 32) After you attack the guard through the fence, move to the far end and drop off the little ledge to the left. Another body, some more tags. 33) Right after picking up the C4, go down the stairs into the room and the body is on the right side of the stairs. 34) After dodging back and forth to get across the bridge and avoid the helicopter, go to your right and up a tiny set of stairs. 35) After getting Dog Tag #34 and killing all the enemies, go up the ladder, fight a few more enemies and follow the path and you'll run right into the next body. 36) From #35 it's just to the left, a small jump over to it and it's yours. Both #35 and #36 are in plain sight and impossible to miss. 37) In the room with the truck that you must pull on to the turntable pad. If standing looking at the Turntable controls, turn right and kick that door open. The body is in there. 38) Same area as #37. After climbing across the 2nd sprinkler pipe, before you grab the enemy through the window, continue straight and grab the next set of Dog Tags. 39) After defeating the 2 Wendingos and traveling down the road, fight some more enemies, turn Feral Sense on and see a green glowing ledge, jump up on it and collect your Tags from the body. 40) After shimmying left across a ledge then jumping left to another and shimmying left some more, you will eventually jump up another ledge. Go right from here to find the next body. 41) After shimmying right along the ledges, avoiding the running water, once you land go left around the corner to find the next body. 42) When you get to the part where you pull a truck out to jump up, lunge across a gap, you'll see a doorway across another gap with a Grenadier in it. Lunge to him to grab this Dog Tag. Chapter 3 - Africa: 43) Move through the level, eventually you will get to the area with the 3 large statues you moved before. At this point you will have to fight 3 Shifters. After beating them, continue through the door and follow the path. The body will be on the right side, you can’t miss it. South West USA: 44) After exiting the vent, go down the hall and enter the first room on your right. The body is in the top right corner when you enter the door. 45) From #44, go out the door and follow the hall, entering the first door on your left. Again, the body is in the top right corner. 46) After moving the power cell and opening the door you will come to a hall with 2 doors in front of you. Go in the left door, fight off around 6 droids and a gunner. The body is on the left side of the room, in the alcove. (This is the room with the laser controls). 47) After using the laser controls and getting through the door you will move a teleporter to allow you to cross a large gap. Once you go through the teleporter go around the little corner to the left for the next body. Jungle: 48) After the insanely long elevator ride down you find yourself back in the jungle. Turn left, the body is a few feet from you. 49) Once you leave this area and enter the inside network you will hit a checkpoint. After avoiding the first set of floor spikes you will fight 2 Shifters. The body is in this area, to the right of the entrance you came through. 50) Next area, after putting the crank on the device and moving the 3 statues out, head across them and lunge to the enemy on the other side. Right behind him, in front of the large stone face, is the next body. Cybernetics Lab: 51) head all the way left and ride the lift down. Jump straight off the lift over to the next body. 52) After crossing the moving chain of crates and taking out 3 machine gun guys, go to the left, to the lifts. There are 2 sets of lifts, one moving down, and the other moving up. Go across them, to the lower of the 2 platforms to find the next body at the bend in the platform. 53) Right after grabbing Dog Tag #52, head down the straight part of the platform and around the corner to a little alcove with the next body. 54) You’ll be shown some blue footprints; you must move a teleporter across a gap and quickly enter it. Once you destroy the 2 droids on this side, enter the door following the footsteps. Take out 2 machine gun guys and head right down a few stairs to a body leaning against a door. 55) Next area, move the teleporter all the way left now, through a shielded door. Jump in and turn left. Behind a large computer terminal set is the next body. 56) After fighting the Mark 1 Prototype and heading back through the Cryo Freeze area, you will come to another familiar area, a door on the right will open and 4 machine gunners will come out. Kill them then head in the door for the next body. 57) After coming back into the area with all the lifts and fighting a ton of machine gun guys and a robot, you will head into an elevator. At the top just head straight out of it to the next body. 58) Take out the invisible guy after grabbing Dog Tag #57 and head across the balance beam. Once across the body is on the left side of the elevator. 59) Activate the bridge controls and head across, lunging near the end. Once on the other side, head right and across the walkway to find the next body. 60) After being introduce to the Sentinel (it is inactive at the moment) head the only way you can and take out 4 machine gunners. Keep heading this way over to the teleporter, to the left of the teleporter controls is the next body. 61) Get on the teleporter controls and move it all the way to the left. Go through and down the stairs. Jump over the laptop and go behind the stairs to the next body. (This can be done before or after placing the power cell and before or after moving the Sentinel with the control panel right by the laptop). 62) After a short elevator ride down you enter a room with a Sentinel torso hanging and several large moving platforms. Get on the platform to the right, cross to another, then another. When the 3rd stops, get off and climb the ladder, to the left is the next body. 63) After grabbing Dog Tag #62 get on the upper moving platforms, moving left. Cross over to another then go up another ladder. Again, head left at the top of the ladder for the next body. Africa: 64) Move forward, defeat the 2 statues that come to life and continue on. Before jumping off the edge and going down, grab the tags off the body to the right of the edge, near a tree. 65) At the end of the walkway from # 64, shimmy along a ledge, jump a waterfall and continue shimmying. Once you pull yourself up head all the way left to find the next body. 66) you will wall climb up some vines, head to the right, climb a rope then head back into the tower. Straight ahead, on the right side of the next opening/doorway, is the next body. Cybernetics Lab: 67) Facing the giant Sentinel torso, head left and take another left before going up the stairs to the 2 machine gunners for the next body. 68) When you enter the room with the Sentinel hand, it is in the top right corner, head left from the entrance, take your next possible left and find the body by 2 destructible crates. 69) After going down the lift after getting Dog Tag #68, turn around and go straight back to the next body, lying by a ladder. 70) head up a ladder to find the next body and set of tags. 71) After using the Sentinel hand and going up a lift, go straight ahead to the teleporter controls. On the right of the terminal is the next body. 72) After destroying the Sentinel head, head back to the door you were trying to open when it began attacking you. Pry open the door and head in. The next body is on the right, in front of a door. 73) Same room as #72, just on the left side. 74) After the cutscene with Mystique and Wraith turn around. The next body is on the right. Chapter 4 – Casino: 75) After fighting Remy (Gambit), move up the steps for a cutscene. After the cutscene, straight ahead and to the left lies the next body, against a pillar. 76) Shortly after #75, you climb a rope then shimmy across another rope. After dropping off this rope, run all the way right to find the next body. 77) Continue from #76 the only way you can. Break through the breakable door and turn right. The body is on the right a few feet down the hall. 78) Continue from #77 down the hall. Fight a few guys and turn right through the doorway. The next body is right in front of the fountain. 79) Go to the big door. Kick it open and fight a couple people. Head forward and right as soon as you get through the other doorway. Head up the stairs on the right and double back right on the other side of the railing for the next body. 80) After climbing up to the circular level above the fountain, take out the enemies, including 2 Grenadiers, and shimmy across the rope all the way to the next body. 81) Take a left out of the elevator you ride in after getting Dog Tag #80. Jump up to the rope and shimmy to the next body. 82) You come to a wide staircase and as you move up it, a helicopter shows up in the window shooting at you. As soon as you get to the top of the stairs, go left to find the next body. 83) After climbing up the ladder to the roof, run all the way around to the left to find the next body. 84) take the zip line to the left. Jump up and grab the other zip line. When you land go straight ahead for the next body. 85) Move into the building after #84. Take out 2 Grenadiers then drop down by the rope for the next body. 86) Get back up, cut the rope and jump across the gap. Climb on top of the crate that fell when you cut the rope. Drop down on the other side for the next body. 87) Right after crashing the helicopter, turn left and head straight to the next body. 88) After making across the bridge right after #87, go to the right to find the next body. 89) On your way up the building you will see Remy zip line down. Move up 2 more levels, there will be a half ladder on the way up to this level. Go to the right but don’t take the rope, instead turn left and go up a wood ramp to the next body. 90) Shortly after crossing the beam you had to cut the wires to rotate so you could use it, you will come to an end where you can no longer go straight. At this point turn left into an alcove for the next body. Chapter 5 - Jungle: 91) After lunging through a gate that you open by standing on a pad, don’t use the rope to cross the gap, instead drop down in the hole for the next body. 92) After taking out the Leviathan follow the path up the hill and around to a doorway with hanging ropes. Go through the doorway then through the next that’s a few feet away. Look up for a ledge you can shimmy to the right on. Shimmy all the way right and pull yourself up to see the next body. Facility: 93) After leaving the Jungle (“The Village” achievement will unlock) and entering the Facility fight all the people in the large square room. Move through the door when they’re all dead and up a small set of stairs to the next body. Only 2 left! 94) Up another small set of steps from #93, move down the hall a short ways and turn left into the caged area for the next body. Only 1 left! 95) Continue on and cross the metal bridge, through a doorway; look in the top right corner for the final body. Finally, the end of the Dog Tags! AMEN! DON'T THANK ME! Thank XBL user VI Demon IV ------------------------------------------ C: Story related trophies/achievements ------------------------------------------ 1: 52 Pickup (Silver) - Defeated Remy LeBeau (Gambit) Phase !: He isn't too hard. Like most boss fights utilize quick kills and heavy attacks. Get used to reflecting his cards too. Phase 2: See above Phase 3: Now it gets interesting! Fighting on top of Casino! Anyway repeat the above but this time a tapping segments are thrown in. Also, there will be parts where you're forced to reflect cards back at Gambit. 2: Bar Fight (Silver) - Defeated Victor Creed (Sabretooth) Tips: He's the first boss and pathetically easy. anything works. 3: Clean Up on all Aisles (Bronze) - Destroyed all objects in the grocery store fight with Fred Dukes (The Blob) Description: It takes around 20 to 30 minutes, but just lead Blob into everything. The walls, shopping carts, and counter do not count. Make sure you destroy the locks on doors as well. 4: Helicopter Ride (Silver) - Defeated David Nord (Agent Zero) Tips: tap really fast 5: Fallen Sentinel (Silver) - Defeated the Sentinel Mark I Phase 1: You need to completely destroy both feet. It's long and tedious but not hard. L1, Triangle/LB, Y attacks work well. Each foot contains a quarter of the sentinels health. When both feet are destroyed Phase 2 begins. Phase 2: You are freefalling. Just dodge debris and land on his iron ass 3 times. On the 3rd time, you'll have to tap O/B damn near MGS torture chamber style fast almost. Just set your game controller on a table and mash like crazy. 6: Put up your Dukes (Silver) - Defeated Fred Dukes (The Blob) Strategy: Attack him too piss him off. Eventually he'll do a belly flop and be stunned. Lunge onto him and steer him into walls while cutting through his nasty fat ass. 7: Spillway Escape (Bronze) - Escape from Weapon X Description: beat Chapter 1 8: The Dead Pool (Gold) - Defeated Weapon 11 (Deadpool) Phase 1: You can literally just grab+quick attack over and over. Or just mix up all your moves, either way he's still easy. Phase 2: Damn, grab+quick attack is useless now. Heavy attacks work well as does consistently lunging. Eventually, Baraka-Pool will start making holes in the ground if you are too far away. Just stay on him because he can regenerate his health rather quickly. Claw Cylone works well too as does Berserker mode. Eventually, he will fall. 9: Stick Around (Bronze) - Impaled Victor Creed outside the Bar Description: When the fight gets taken outside, toss Victor on the Wooden stake thing above the left center of the bar. 10: The Village (Silver) - Completed the Jungle Mission Description: Complete Chater 5-2 11: Threading the Needle (Bronze) - Flew through the O ring in the Sentinel Boss Battle Description: after the 1st time landing on the sentinel, while freefalling you'll see a white O. Fall through it. ------------------------------------------ D: Easter Egg type trophies/achievements ------------------------------------------ 1: Found! (Bronze) - You found a mysterious hatch! Description: In Chapter 1-1 after you crash the jeep, you will come across an area with a bunch of enemies. One in particular will be directly in front of a boarded up hallway. Destroy the boards, inside here the reward will pop up. Special Thanks to PSN user Delriach who helped me find it! 2: James Howlett (Bronze) - Performed a Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge Desciption: After finding the 2 Wolvie action figures ( consult Dog Tag guide) select Bonus from the main menu. Then select Classic and lunge into Wolverine. 3: The Cake (Bronze) - You found the cake, yummy! Description: THE CAKE IS A LIE! Anyway, during Chapter 3 there's a part where you'll have to freeze yourself. On the top floor of that room is a teleporter. Use the controls and move the teleporter all the way right. So this is the cake is! </p>