Made Man Jeroen Amin (Invisible Assassin) invisibleassassin (AT) gmail (DOT) com v1.0 ***************** Intro ***************** This game is very simplistic, thus this guide will be too. There really isn't much to talk about for this game, since all the weapons are almost identical, none of them have their real name and there's no real meat in the game except for the story mode. The levels are all linear and any sneaking is entirely optional. Overall the game is easy and really doesn't even require a walkthrough. Either way, here you go. Feel free to email questions, comments, etc. If you ask me for directions, though, I might not be able to answer them definitely. *************************************************** Walkthrough *************************************************** ****************** Chapter 1 A Little Business North Carolina ****************** Start off by going to the guy at the entrance. Listen to the conversation and wait until the old man comes. After the cutscene there, pick up the revolver if you want. Doesn't really matter since you get a better gun right after and revolvers are plentiful. If the old man doesn't kill all the guys outside, you will have to use the revolver. After they're gone, follow him behind the counter. Another cutscene and you're in a kitchen. Pick up the semi-automatic pistol behind the cook and follow the old man. Outside, the truck passes by slowly. After it's gone, some guys come out of the doorway at the right. Duck behind the wall and shoot them in the head. When they're gone, head out around the wall. Another cutscene will show the old man dying. Finish up the killer and continue through the doorway he came from. Careful not to shoot the civilians. You can recognizing by observing the fact that they aren't shooting at you. Head through the only set of doors on the left side and pick up the ammo on the racks. Continue on to the door at the far end of the room. Checkpoint. Don't bother crouching to sneak by. They know you're there. Head out from behind the counter and go to the door on the left side of the room. There are two guys on the other side of the yellow windows who will start firing. Hide behind the door between them and shoot them. Contine on to the door. Outside, head left. There are about three guys here. Keep going forward along the alley and head through the steel doors on the right. As you head up the stairs, there will be a cutscene. Go through the doors at the top of the stairs. There is one guy in the right door and three guys on the other side of the debris along the hallway to the left. The guy in the right door only comes out if you head into the left door. There is some pistol ammo in the room he was in. Anyways, to the right of the debris is a door, head through the door and follow the series of doors until you come out to the other side of the debris. Ahead of you are some stairs and a door to the left contains an enemy and ammo. This is your first chance for a retort kill. I'm not sure of their purpose except to waste two bullets. Anyways, down the stairs. Checkpoint. The game will tell you to use your Kill Eush, essentially bullet time. Eh, why not? Four guys on the left. Two come out of the door on the right when you're done. Kill them, go through the doors. Checkpoint. Pick up the ammo, crouch under the windows and try and pick off the enemies outside. One of them had a sawn-off shotgun, if you want one. Doesn't really matter as you get a better shotgun before you have a chance to use it. Head right, between the walls, then head left where the enemy is. Keep going, take another left and the game should indicated a sniper rifle near the docks next to the water. Pick it up and head back. Two enemies will comes, so take them out. Cutscene. Use your sniper rifle to pick off the two enemies at the controls before you head forward. Be careful not to go under the car. Head to where they were, take a left. Shoot up the three guys, and go to the door where they came from. Follow the alley, go through the doors on the right and you'll happen upon a cutscene. Follow the guy and kill everyone else in the store with your shiny .50 Calibur gun. Be sure to pick up the body armour on the rack at the back of the store. Head through the door and the other door in the alley. As you go along, three guys will come out behind some chainlink fence on the right. Be careful as one of them has a machine pistol. Keep heading along and go through the door in the left room at the back of the building. head along the alley and shoot the lock at the base of the metal gate. Head through the rooms and beware of the guy with a shotgun. Grab it off his corpse. There's another one right after. Two guys around the corner have a machine pistol. Keep going. Checkpoint. Keep following the path as it turn left around the corner. You'll see a machine pistol and ammo on the ground. All along the windows in this building, there are enemies. Kill. Keep following the path. You'll come to a courtyard with one shotgun guy behind the boxes, a sniper in the watertower and enemies shooting through the windows of the barn. It's still easy, and there's an explosive tank under the watertower if you so wish. Go into the barn, kill the two at the top and the rest that come through the doors. Go through the doors. ********** Chapter 2 Eggs Vietnam ********** Start off by killing the two in front of you. You start off with the automatic rifle anyways, so have fun. Pick up an assault rifle. Both rifles do burst fire and automatic. No single fire. Anyways, head into the next room and kill every enemy here. Keep going and you'll come across two tunnels and some beds on the right. And a ton of enemies. Kill. There's some body armour near the beds. Go to the middle tunnel and you'll come upon a cutscene. Use the machine gun emplacement to blow up the bomb, then shoot up every enemy you see. Head through the left tunnel, go outside and make your way accross the courtyard. Head up the steps between the two lion statues and make your way through the ruins. If you found a shotgun earlier in the level, now is the time to use it. After you get through the ruins and enemies, you can meet up with your platoon. Checkpoint. Run through the jungle path shooting out all the enemies. Watch out for the ones on the cliffs in the machine gun emplacements. The path is just a single line, so follow it. You'll meet Eggs soons. He'll follow you, but you can continue on your normal route of running and gunning along the straight line. Anyways, keep running ahead. To the right should be what looks like a roof with a hole in it at the side. Jump in the hole and you'll be underground. Checkpoint. You're underground, enemies all around. You know what to do. Just keep heading straight through the tunnels. As you go up, don't shoot. They're friendlies. What you have to do is clear out every enemy in the village. Have fun. Use the grenades that were strewn all around the level if you want. After you're done, cutscene. *********************** Chapter 3 A Little More Business North Carolina *********************** You're in a swamp, so you'll be moving slowly. Head forwards. All you have to do is follow the water. There are six guys up ahead, one of whom has a shotgun so be sure to pick that up. Isn't it funny how they used the exact same weapons in Vietnam as they do in North Carolina? Anyways, keep following the water. There's some pipe bombs and a health pack right after the six guys. Keep going. Beware of alligators. As you're about to head under the bridge, there's a cutscene. After it's done, keep following the water. As you leave the bridge, keep looking back as two enemies appear on top of the bridge. After they're dead, keep going along the water. You'll come to a fork. Head left and you'll come across a hut. Go around back and shoot out the wood that's blocking the door. Inside, there's a lot of ammo and a .50 Cal gun. Go back and take the right fork this time. Three enemies will show up on top of the bridge, one with a machine pistol. Kill them and head under the bridge. You'll come out onto some docks with an enemy on them. Kill him and go along. Checkpoint. Follow the docks and into the doorway. On the right is an enemy. Nothing else. Continue straight ahead through the next set of doors and there will be some ammo and health. Go outside and follow the water. You'll come across another fork. Head left and you'll see a corpse, an alligator and a surrendered enemy. Shoot the alligator and the enemy if you wish. Or save the ammo. Either way, get his shotgun, then head to the right fork. You'll come across an open area with a lot of enemies. On the otherside is a huge patch of reeds. Go through them. Cutscene. Kill Weasel Walt and his friends in the cabin up ahead. Continue on through. Checkpoint. Outside, you'll have a boss battle with a sniper in a helicopter. What you have to do is spray at the side of the chopper while avoiding the sniper. It'll be a while, but a shotgun with enough ammo can quicken things. After you're done, cutscene. ******************** Chapter 4 The Print Job Flower District, NY ******************** Start off by going outside and shooting the one guy. There will be a ton of snipers so haul ass to the gate on the otherside of the road. Make your way through the warehouse taking care of the two on the ground. Three come from behind, so deal with them. When you're done, go into the office on the other side of the warehouse. Kill the three in here, and head back out. The door should be open, leading back outside. Go out and head to the right, killing all you see. You'll have to run a zigzag to get out of the compound to the gate that leads outside. Do so and you'll get a cutscene. ********************* Chapter 5 Calvary Calvary Cemetary, NY ********************* You start off in a firefight, so kill everyone who isn't one of the two you started off with. Make your way through the cemetary and kill. As you head near the end, a lot of guys will come at you. One of them has an SMG. Pick it up, head right and keep along the road. Checkpoint. Keep going along the road. There will be a cutscene. Behind you, there will be someone. Keep going forward and kill the two behind the car. Enter the cemetary to the left and clean the place out. Keep going along the path and as you exit there will be a cutscene. ******************* Chapter 6 Family Matters Flower Distrct, NY ******************* You remember this place, but it's cleaned up now. Go and talk to Eggs, the guy in the white suit. Cutscene. You could sneak around in the level, or blast your way. Either or. To sneak, hold the crouch button. As you near the now opened door, you'll get a cutscene and a... Checkpoint. Now, your pistol is silenced so it should facilitate the sneaking. I'd recommend that as this level is designed for it. Kill the guy at the far left first, then the guy directly in front of you. Then shoot through window to kill the guy in the office. Pick up the crowbar inside. Someone will come into the room from the next. Stay back and pick him off. Go into the room he came from. Cutscene. Quickly go to the right and sneak up behind the patrolling guard and whack him in the crowbar. Do the same to the guy in black. Go around the right side of the elevator and whack all four guys in sequence, since they're all looking the other way. Go into the room on the right, whack the guy in the black, head all the way right, whack the patrolling guy as he goes near the window. Next, head back along the middle and kill the stationary guard. For the last two, just shoot them. The stairway door opens, so head though and go upstairs. This one is easy. Wait for the guard around the corner to turn around, then go and kill him. Then just sneak around and kill anyone with their back turned. Go through the room on the right, where most of the guys were, and open the doors on the right side of this room. Keep crouching and take out the guard and the one in the room. Head up the stairs, which are through the door on the left. Checkpoint. Go up the stairs. No more sneaking. As you go up, there's a guy with an automatic rifle, so have your shotgun ready. By the third floow up, go through the door on the left. You'll hear voices coming from it. There are two guys at the end of the coridoor here, so kill them. Go through the door on the left. Kill the two goons and then head through the door at the end. Go through the passages picking up health and body armour. When you come to the elevator, two guys will get out, so have your shotgun ready. When they're dead, go in the elevator. Cutscene. Checkpoint. Now you've got friends. Go through the warehouse on the left side, and run along it, killing everyone. The small booth upstars at the second warehouse room contains body armour. Keep going. You'll go through some offices, so watch out for guys around the corner. In the second office, there's a door in the other side, so head for it. Head through this locker room and access the stairs. Go up. At the top, go into the door. Checkpoint. The room on the left contains a whole stash of weapons, armour and health. Pick up whatever you want or need then go through the other set of doors. There will be a lot of guys here, equipped with assault rifles, sawn-offs, SMG's and pistols. Keep cool, stay behind cover and aim for the head. When you're done, go up the stairs on the other side of the warehouse. Every guy up here has an assault rifle, so be careful. There's some armour next to the door on the far side. Clear them all out, make your way around and go through the door into the office. Go through the door immediately to the left, and keep going. Cutscene. ***************** Chapter 7 FBI Little Italy, NY ***************** Go to the left and up the stairs. Look for Apartment 106, which should be the third on the right. Open the door and go in. Head into the bedroom. Cutscene. Destroy the machine. Rage against it if you will. Head out, kill the cop. Make sure he stays shooting at you because it won't take out much. If he melees, you're screwed. Anyways, after he's dead, inspect the door, then go to the windows. Someone else should come in, so kill them too and head up the fire escape. Cutscene. Checkpoint. Make your way out of the room. Head down the hallway and take out the three guys and be sure to pick up the semi-auto since the revolver is useless. As soon as you're on the roof, go inspect the door, turn around and duck behind the wall. Four FBI guys come up, so pick them off. After they're dead, another cop comes out of the locked door. Kill him, and go through it. Head down the hallway. Checkpoint. Go through the door on the left. There are four guys up on these roofs, so take them out. As soon as they're dead, four more come and they're packing SMG's and machine pistols. Kill. Go up to the roof to the right and head inside. There's another door on the right, take it and you'll be on another rooftop. Kill all the enemies up here and run to the left. Run around these walls and you'll be on another roof with stairs heading down. Take them and open the door. Checkpoint. Go through the next door, up the stairs and onto the roof. Kill the cops up here and continue onto the second roof. Jump through the glass into the room below. Kill the enemies in here, go out the window. Cutscene. You'll be on the roofs again, so run across and kill whatever's in your way. When you go inside, head right and kill the guy in here. Kill whoever you can through the windows, then go back to where you came in and take the door out onto those roofs. Checkpoint. Head out and go right. Make your way across the roofs and kill whomever is around. Up ahead there are a LOT of enemies. Use your machine pistol, aim for the head. Between the two roof vent things is a health pack, and against the wall where you come in is a boxful of machine pistol ammo. After you kill the eight guys, eight more come on the other side. Every single one with a machine pistol. When they're dead, cutscene. ************** Chapter 8 Jade Chinatown, NY ************** You start off in another firefight. Just kill. Just keep going along and killing. After you get past the kitchen, there's a... Checkpoint. Go into the next room, duck behind the counter and shoot everyone who comes at you. Cutscene. Chapter 9 A Quick Buck New York Arena, NY Run to the safe. Cutscene. Head to the door on the right, follow along the passages, open the next door. Go up the escalator take out the security. Turn left and keep going. After you get through the doorway... Checkpoint. Keep going and killing. It's just a straight line. After a while, cutscene. After it, head left, blast through the glass at the ticket gate, go into the ticket office on the left. Cutscene. Grab the money, go out the other door. Checkpoint. Go up the stairs, head forward through the doors, make your way across the scaffolds. All along the way, there are tons of guys, but you can run and gun. At the other side is another door, and stairs down. Take them. Checkpoint. A bunch of guys come in from the room at the right, so kill them. Go where they came and hold out against a whole wave of enemies. At the end a lone security guard will come from the locked door. Kill him and go through there. Go down the stairs, to the print room and go out through one of the garage doors. There's a lot of stuff here. Go to the next set of garage doors. Cutscene. Now you have to hold out against a whole wave of enemies. Do so. When you're done, cutscene. ***************** Chapter 10 Family Rivalry Little Italy, NY ***************** Kill everyone here. Run around the 2nd floor and kille everyone who fires back but watch out for civilians. After you run around, there should be some stairs down, so take them. Checkpoint. Go forwards. Watch out for guys shooting through the windows and the sides. Kill them as you keep moving. Once you reach the dance floor, hold off a wave of enemies, then follow Philly. Checkpoint. As he bursts through the doors, follow him. Kill all the guys behind the counter then wait for someone to open the locked door. Kill all the guys in here, go into the deep freeze, kill three guys here, exit. Keep pressing forward into the elevator. Cutscene. Checkpoint. Kill everyone off down here. Philly will open the garage door, so go out and kill the four or five outside. Follow Philly to a cutscene. ************** Chapter 11 Negotiations Chinatown, NY ************** Kill everyone. Gah, that's getting really repetitive. Once they're dead, wait for an enemy to come out of the leftmost locked door. Head through. Checkpoint. Chinese ninja samurai with swords and guns. Yay. You know what to do. I'd recommend killing one with a sword, picking it up and unleashing some fury. After they're dead, take out the next wave of enemies. Once they're dead, go through the locked door as the enemy comes out. Head down the hallway. Checkpoint. Destroy all you can. Enemies will come out periodically, so kill them and keep going on destroying stuff. Head through the doors where the last enemies came out and progress forward. Cutscene. ************* Chapter 12 Back In 'Nam Vietnam ************* Head left into the weapon racks and pick up the automatic rifle. Head through the door. Checkpoint. A Vietcong opens a locked door. Kill and go through. In the warehouse, make your way across and head outside. Lots of enemies around. In the next warehouse, kill the Vietcong and go through the door next to the GI. Go into the next warehouse and get on the machinegun. It should be obvious what to do. When no more enemies come, get off the MG and follow the GI. Checkpoint. Keep following him. Once you're outside, take care of the enemies and follow the other GI's, taking out enemies as you go. You'll reach a gigantic courtyard. Checkpoint. Kill the enemies. When you're done, head into the right gatehouse. It's to the right of the gate. Hop onto the MG. Let it rip. When you're done, cutscene. ******************** Chapter 13 Unfinished Business Wall Street, NY ******************** Head to the right, you'll see a patrolling guard. Wait until he's between the escalator and the wall. Kill him with your firsts of fury, then take out all the security. When you're done, head towards the restricted area at the back and there will be a cutscene. Kill the two guards who come off the elevator and get in. Get off at the top. Checkpoint. Go through the doors on the right. The room immediately on the left contains ammo, an SMG, a sniper rifle and health. Get accross the main room but watch out for enemies who fire from the other side. Use your sniper to deal with them. After a while, three guys come out from the doors behind you. Take them out and head through the offices on the other side. Checkpoint. There are a lot of guys in here. Have fun. Go to the other side and through the doors on the right. Head into the door with the symbol on it. It's an elevator. Get in. Cutscene. Checkpoint. Kill the guards in here until the locked door at the end of the hall opens. Go through and turn right and head up the stairs if you want to face more enemies and get some health. Turn left and head down the hallway after Jade to go on. Kill the four she leaves for you and go through the doors. Checkpoint. In the apartment will be a lot of guys with SMG's. Kill them. The barricades are easily destroyed with some bullets, and the path is a straight line with some enemies. Just go through them all. Follow as it turns right and head through the grey doors. Head to the staircase straight ahead and go up. Checkpoint. Go outside and head right. Pick up the sniper ammo to the left and wait until you hear Jade. Turn around to the rooftops opposite and kill all her guards. As much of a temptation it is DO NOT KILL JADE. After a bit, there will be a cutscene. Quickly, shoot the explosive barrel. Kill whatever guards are left then wait for the cutscene. Shoot the concrete blocks until they're destroyed. Cutscene. ******************* Chapter 14 Turf War Brooklyn Docks, NY ******************* You start off unarmed. Follow the mobsters until the cutscene. Head upstairs. Go along the walkway until the cutscene. Checkpoint. Grab the automatic rifle on the crate and shoot the enemies. Preferably in the face. There's a box next to the crate with grenades in it. Continue along the walkway you're on for body armour. Go back downstairs and kill everyone. There's some more body armour in the office in the corner. Go out to where you started. Kill every enemy and there will be a cutscene. ********************* Chapter 15 Calvary, Part 2 Calvary Cemetary, NY ********************* Turn straight around and run along the path. Kill everyone in the car park and head to the path on the otherside along the left. Follow the pavement and kill everyone. You'll coem to the front of a building, head to the left. Checkpoint. Keep following the pavement path. Fight through the car park and go to the left. Go with the pavement path and killing. You'll come along a huge graveyard. Kill everyone, then head to the back and kill the sniper in the tower. Cutscene. ************** Chapter 16 Chinatown Chinatown, NY ************** Run forward and kill all the enemies until there's a cutscene. After it's done, jump on the machine gun and shoot at all the enemies who come out. When they're dead... Checkpoint. The door is open now, so run inside. Clear the three enemies in here, then take out the Triad boss and his cronies in the right room. On the other side of this room are two doors. One leads upstairs, the other into more enemies. Take that room and rush through the mafioso. You'll have to be quick to take out the Mafia leader before he escapes. It isn't too hard, just don't take too long. When he's dead, go up the stairs, blast through the rooms upstairs and run down the fire escape. Chase and shoot the only enemy running away, you can ignore everyone else. When he's dead, cutscene. ******************* Chapter 17 Brooklyn Docks Brooklyn Docks, NY ******************* Don't hide behind the car, just run and shoot everyone in front of you. Try and pop the all in the head, as you don't have much ammo. If you run out, you'll have to melee them. Either way, run around the fence until you come across the hole and enter the compound.Pick up one of their SMG's, then enter the building through the garage door on the farthest left. Take out the two on top in front of you, then the three on the right on top of the bridge. Head upstairs and go across that bridge, then take a left and head along there. Pick up the Molotov Cocktails. Approach the edge up ahead and drop a Molotov over it. When the flames have died down, jump in and pick up the assault rifles, then exit through the grey door. Make your way to the other side of the warehouse and go upstairs. Move along the catwalk, pick up the armour under the cart and drop into the office below. Activate the switch, next to the door. Kill the three enemies who come into the room then exit the warehouse through the door they came through. Checkpoint. Kill all the enemies around the train cars, then move on. Get to the other side of the docks and enter the building. Checkpoint. Duck behind the wall and shoot out as many people as you can. Head into the alcove on the other side of the room for body armour and a better way into the next area. Go in and take out everyone, then head across the bridge and press forwards. Move on this side, then take the door to the left. Enter the next area and clear the place out. Head into the room across the control tower and watch out for the two shotgunners on the other side of the door. Go into the door behind them. Kill the three guys, then go through the red room behind them. Checkpoint. Open the door, cutscene. Clear out the six guys at the top, then everyone on the bottom floor. The switch is on the other side of the warehouse, to the right. Hit it and go through the blue garage door. Checkpoint. Go up the stairs left and clear the place out. Go back down and run along the docks, taking out everyone you can. Watch out for enemies above you. Take cover as much as you can. Make your way onto the ship. Cutscene. Kill either Eggs or Philly. Yes, I realize this entire part of the game is very hard. This is all the advice I can offer you, as it comes down to your skill. Please don't email me for advice on this part. Congrats. You've finished Made Man. ************************ LEGAL ************************ This guide is Copyright (2007) to Invisible Assassin You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not like it to be passed off as somebody else's.</p>