Fire Emblem 10 Walkthrough FAQ Rev 7 - 14/07/08 Contact - (Matthew Emirzian) This Fire Emblem guide is based on the US version of the game, which has the difficulty modes Normal, Hard, and Maniac. I have included direct comparisons of enemy numbers and levels between the JP Hard and JP Maniac mode for each level. This walkthrough is made assuming that no FE9 save data is used to boost returning units stats. For general FE strategy, try my FE9 Maniac guide on Gamefaqs. This guide does not provide comprehensive lists and stats. You may find them at this web site. No FE9 Save Data used for any of these clear times: JP HM Clear Time: (1st PT) 474 JP MM Clear Time: (2nd PT) 563 Table of Contents - 1. Version History 2. General Advice 3. Character Review 4. Walkthrough 1. Version History - Rev 1 - First version, covers Parts 1 and 2 Rev 2 - Half of Part 3 completed Rev 3 - Finished Part 3 Rev 4 - Finished Part 4 Rev 5 - Revision on maniac mode 'rumor'. Rev 6 - Updated Char Review based on released growth rates Rev 7 - Updated some character recommendations 2. General Advice - 2a. Differences between JP Hard and JP Maniac There are often the same number of enemies, but their levels are increased by 2-5. All XP gain is subtracted by 5. All bonus XP is halved. You cannot see the enemy movement squares and must calculate them on your own. Skill access is restricted in Part 2 to prevent shifting Paragon and other skills around. There was a rumor that maniac enemies get exclusive skills 'adaptable' and 're-move', but that turned out to be false. 2b. Supports Now that anyone can support anyone else, it makes sense to pair up powerful units that will be next to one another often. For example two backline units like Soren and Shinon, two frontline units like Ike and Oscar, or two fliers like Jill and Haar. 2c. BEXP Use When you use BEXP now, you are guaranteed a gain in 3 stats, no more or less. Use this to your advantage on higher level units that have already capped in a couple stats, to grow in stats that they normally have a poor growth rate in. For example a Swordmaster with capped strength, skill, and speed (not unusual for a SM) will start gaining unusually high amounts of HP, defense, res, and luck. Pumping a unit full of BEXP may result in worse growths than leveling them normally, since there's a decent chance a unit with good growths is going to get more than 3 stats per level. However once a unit caps in 2-3 stats, they benefit from BEXP raising their stats that normally they have a very low % growth in. For this reason it's better to avoid using BEXP on a unit until they're at lv 15+ and have capped 1-3 stats. This tactic is harder on maniac mode as you only earn half BEXP. Try to end missions with BEXP potential units like Mia at near leveling, once she caps strength, skill, and speed around lv 15-16, for example. You should save your BEXP for Part 4 when you need to promote several units to 3rd tier that aren't yet 20/20. 2d. Skills & Support One of the best uses of supports and skills is Ike & Oscar A support. Give Ike the Provoke skill and Oscar the Daunt skill and almost nothing will be able to hit the pair. 2e. Managing Funds You don't get a lot of money in this game, so try to sell items or weapons you don't need. You can also transfer items between Parts (like Ilyana from Part 1 to Part 3), to help out another team. Good items to sell: SS Thunder tome, Killer weapons, skill +2 items, magic +2 items, luck +2 items, Laguz Orbs, Demon Cards, Statue Frags, Arms Scrolls. 2f. Final Chapter Planning Plan out your final chapter team ahead of time. You need Tibarn and Caineghis, as well as SS weapon users. Don't dote too much on units you won't be bringing. Keep in mind that for Part 4, you will have a limited number of Tier 3 units to get you through the 6 chapters before the final one. You will need them to be at a decent level to handle these chapters, so don't expect one uber unit to clear them for you, especially on Hard or Maniac. These are the best units to promote to 3rd tier or bring to the final chapter. They all have enough chapter appearances for you to level them up to 3rd tier by Part 4, and have great stats. You get 13 total Master Crowns, so it's possible to promote all of these units. Since 2 of the 11 final chapter slots should be Tibarn and Caineghis, you can only bring 9 of them into the final chapter. Nolan/Boyd - Urvan Kieran/Titania - Urvan Jill/Haar - Urvan Gatrie - Urvan Oscar - Wishblade Marcia - Wishblade Nephenee - Wishblade Soren - SS Wind Shinon - Double Bow Eddie/Mia - Vague Katti or Ettard Volke - Baselard Reyson Tibarn Caineghis 3. Character Review - I've written this review with the assumption that no FE9 Data was used. If you use the data, expect returning units to have +2 to most stats and better weapon levels. A * next to the units name is the one I feel is the best in their class. A ~ next to the units name is a unit I feel is especially poor and should not be given much XP or used at all. A ! next to the units name is a unit I feel is especially useful to bring into the final chapter. Lords Micaiah - Shaman/Light Sage Micaiah is like a sage that uses light tomes, with far better combat abilities than a bishop. She needs Angelic Robes quite badly as her HP growth is abysmal. Giving her the Training scroll will bring her light magic up to SS by the time you get the Rexaura. In the final chapter she'll serve as your primary staff user/healer. Her party is easily the worst in the game, with lots of crappy units. Elincia - Queen/Flying Healer As a 3rd tier unit, her stats are not that great. She does make a useful mobile healer in Part 4, though. She leads a paladin heavy team that can't be faulted for lack of mobility. *Ike - Vanguard/Uber Swordmaster Ike is once again a critically important unit, as you need him to fight the Black Knight a second time and take down the final boss. His speed can be a little hampered this time around, so give him Speedwings if he needs it. You can't afford to skimp on his stats! His team is the best in the game, with nearly his entire party bearing uber growths. Sanaki - Empress/Fire Sage Sanaki has good magic, luck, and res, but her speed is a little lacking. Since you have to use her in the final chapter, it's worth leveling her up and giving her the SS Fire tome. Thieves Heather She is a very average thief that isn't worth using aside from the occasional theft or plunder when Sothe isn't available. Since there are very few indoor maps with treasure or important items to steal, she'll likely be benched most of the game. Sothe He's like a swordmaster that uses daggers. You have to take him into the final chapter so make sure he's lv 20 at promotion. He's fragile, but can put out some decent damage. *Volke (Assassin) He has great stats, great evasion, and is highly deadly. Although you can't replace Sothe with him, you may consider picking him as one of the final chapter units, as he is probably a better bet for the Baselard than Sothe. Herons Rafiel Rafiel has only 5 movement and can't fly, but he can always affect 4 people at once. I don't think his benefits make up for his shortcomings, though. Leanne Leanne can only reanimate two units to her E&W or N&S, even in Heron form. I can't figure out what her Heron form actually does differently. Despite this, she is still worth using during Part 2. !*Reyson Reyson is the best choice for Part 4 Heron. He is even better than in FE9 since he can chant and move afterwards naturally. Since Laguz transformation items are in ample supply in this game, he can eat them like candy and be transformed nearly all the time. Soldiers Brad Brad has great strength, skill, and defense, but awful speed and res. He's like an armored knight that's locked into spears, with 1 extra movement. Despite this you'll need to use him since he's one of the better units in Micaiah's party. Once he caps strength, skill, and defense, you can use BEXP to buff up his speed, luck, and res. On Maniac mode, you likely won't have enough BEXP to really make him useful, as he can't compare to Jill, Nolan, or Eddie. Just ditch him after 1-F. !*Nephenee She easily maxes skill and speed, with great res and good defense. Her strength tends to lag but she can often double attack and kill enemies (swordmasters, snipers, halberdiers, etc.) that your slower units can only hit once. Once her skill and speed are capped, use BEXP to bring her strength up to par. Devdan Devdan takes a middle road between Nephenee and Brad in terms of stats. He's not quite as useful as Nephenee, but still better than Brad. His skill is very low, (30% growth) so he is best regarded as a throwaway unit. He has only minor playtime and will be hard to raise without a lot of BEXP. Fighters !*Nolan Nolan shows up overleveled but has good bases and growths - great speed and skill, good strength and res, decent defense. He's not fast enough to double most enemies but can take and dish out damage. He is definitely one of the best units in Micaiah's party and should be used and promoted. Compared to Boyd, has good skill, speed, and res, with worse strength and defense. His Earth element makes him amazing in supports, and worth bringing into the final chapter. !Boyd Boyd is still awesome and will kick plenty of ass. He has great strength and defense growth but will be short in skill, speed, and res without items or BEXP. Definitely a contender for the final chapter and wielding Urvan.. although Nolan will probably outclass him. Priests/Clerics Laura Laura is a stock pre-bishop priest. There is nothing really notable about her and she likely won't amount to anything besides a healer when you need one. Rhys Rhys has the same bishop-like stats as in FE9 - high skill, magic, and res, good luck, poor speed. He's still not capable of being a fill-in sage, and there are better primary healers such as Mist or Elincia. Still, he does the job when you need him. Oliver He has poor skill and speed for his level, below average magic, and overkilled strength. Not useful for anything but as a dedicated healer, and just like Rhys, there are better choices like Elincia or Mist. Just kill him! (but steal his staff first) *Mist Mist still has terrible stats all around, and will easily die in one attack on maniac mode. As a dedicated healer, she is better than Rhys due to the fact that she has more movement and can heal and run. It doesn't hurt that she gets her own 3rd tier promotion item. Sages ~Ilyana She starts out with a nice speed stat, but her speed growth is just bad (30%). There are just better sages to use in this game unless you're hell bent on using the SS Thunder tome or have an Ilyana fetish. The fact that thunder tomes are gimped in this game makes it even worse for her. Tormod Another sage that has very little playtime and will need boatloads of BEXP to catch up. It doesn't help that his bases are average and his weapon levels are not that great. Since Sanaki can weild the SS Fire tome, there's no clear reason to use him. Calill Calill is an average sage and is worth using for the couple of chapters that you have her. Like Tormod, she is not around much and requires too much effort to be a contender for 3rd tier promotion. !*Soren Soren will easily cap magic, skill, and res, then BEXP will provide him great strength, speed, and luck. He's also around long enough to get an SS in wind and will be high level for the final chapter. Use him, promote him, take him into the final chapter - he rocks. Bastian Bastian comes at a high level with decent stats and an SS in Wind. If you really want a third sage for the final chapter he's a good choice, although he'll likely have worse stats than Soren and Sanaki. Archers Leonardo Leonardo has good skill, luck, and res, but poor strength and speed, which makes him the worst of the three archers. While marginally useful on Micaiah's missions, he should generally be avoided and ditched near the end of Part 1 in favor of Eddie, Nolan, and Jill. Rolf Rolf has great strength but mediocre skill and speed, and below average defense and res. He's really not worth using given the work to bring him up, but he will be a decent archer if you really want to use him. If you want a 2nd sniper to bring to the final chapter, Rolf is your best bet. !*Shinon Shinon is the best archer, with good strength, defense, skill, and speed, and above average res. Once his skill and speed cap, his other stats will buff up even further with BEXP. With his high defense, he can stand up on the frontlines with a crossbow. He's especially helpful in the final chapter with his ranged attacks able to hit dragons and uber bosses without fear of retaliation. Wyvern Knights !*Jill You may as well call Jill a pegasus knight with axes. She has great speed and skill, good strength and defense, and decent res and luck. She isn't around for a lot of the game, but level her up as much as possible as she's one of the best units in the game. Once she caps speed and skill, give her BEXP to raise her strength and defense. It's very possible to cap every stat with her. !Haar He's given his wyvern steroids! Haar has great strength, skill, and defense, decent speed, and poor res and luck. Once he caps strength, skill, and defense, give him BEXP to buff up his speed, res, and luck. Despite his great stats and usefulness early on, he will still be outclassed by Jill if you bring them both to 3rd tier promoted. Myrmidons *!Eddie Eddie has great strength, speed, and skill growth, with mediocre defense and res. Although he's difficult to train, he turns out to be an amazing unit by the end of the game. If you don't feel up to the difficulty of training him, Zihark is a good alternative. Calling him worthless because a player is too incompetent to level him is simply an indictment of their lack of skill at the game. !Zihark Zihark has poor strength growth, but his earth affinity and pre-promote status make him a good alternative to Eddie. FE10 is an easy enough game that it won't really matter which one you choose to focus on leveling up by the end of the game. Lucia For a lv 14 SM, she has poor strength, defense, and res, and below average skill and speed. There's no real reason to use her in Part 4 when you can take Mia or Eddie. Her growths aren't that great either.. really poor strength and nothing else to really make up for it. !Mia She has great growths, even strength this time around. She quickly caps strength, skill, and speed, meaning you can use BEXP to buff up her luck, defense, and res to amounts that SMs just normally don't get. If you didn't bother with Eddie, Mia is your next best choice for a killer SM. Mounted Knights Paladins have been nerfed overall since FE9. They have low stat caps, and since you can expect most units to cap most of their stats in this game, combined with their lower indoor movement, means they are not as good as they could be overall. They are still reliable and overall good units, however. ~Frieda Her strength and skill are awful, and above average speed and defense can't make up for it. She is a huge pain to level up given that she can't hit or kill anything (especially on maniac mode). She starts off with poor bases to boot. Easily one of the worst units in the game. Avoid! Kieran Kieran still kicks ass with great strength and defense, although his skill and speed are lacking. Despite not being around much, he may be worth promoting to 3rd tier if you didn't like how Titania or Oscar turned out. Astrid Astrid is more or less the same as FE9 - mediocre strength, good skill and speed, high res, and decent defense. You may as well take a sniper if you want a bow using unit in this game, as they are much improved. I recommend removing her skill and shelving her. Geoffery Geoffery has decent stats for his level, but will be surpassed by most other paladins. His speed and skill are especially lacking. Use him when you have to, but drop him otherwise. Makalov He's just about the same as FE9 - good strength, speed, and defense, and poor skill. If you want to use him he's going to need skill books. Not worth using unless you seriously like his pink hair.. Titania, Oscar, and Kieran are all better choices. Titania Titania has great stats and growths all around, and will be the most likely Paladin to cap strength, skill, and speed. BEXP can help out her defense and res although she has pretty high bases for those to begin with. She is great paladin to promote to 3rd tier and bring into the final chapter. Oscar Oscar has great skill and speed, good res, and mediocre defense and strength. He caps skill and speed quickly, so you can give him BEXP to prop up his shortcomings. His earth support is uber as always, of course. He may be worth bringing into the final chapter for his avoid support alone. Renning If you already have other 3rd tier paladins like Oscar, Kieran, or Titania, they will likely have better stats than him and established supports. Unlike in FE9 a paladin heavy team isn't recommended, so it's probably best to bench him unless you need an extra paladin. Armored Knights ~Meg While her speed growth is good, her HP, defense, and strength are all mediocre. It's like having all the shortcomings of a general, with none of the benefits. She has my vote for worst playable unit in the game. Do not even bother with her! Tauroneo He is as a pre-promote shield in Part 1, but really has no opportunity to grow. His skill and speed are mediocre for his level, and defense is quite poor for a general. Since he joins early in Micaiah's chapters, his stats are dampened for his level compared to other joining 2nd tier Armored Knights. Brom Brom has decent speed growth and performs fairly well when you need him. He is worth using for Part 2/3, but should generally be discarded by Part 4. *Gatrie Gatrie has good strength and defense, decent speed, and mediocre skill. He may be a contender for the final chapter if you really like generals. Pegasus Knights !*Marcia Marcia has good speed and luck, decent skill, defense, and res, and mediocre strength. She isn't around for most of the game so you will have to work hard to get her to catch up in Part 4 if you want to use her. She easily caps speed, skill, and res, and you can then use BEXP to catch her up on other stats. She'll be a great mage killer in the final chapter. ~Tanith, Sigrun They come high level with poor base stats. There's no reason to waste 3rd tier promotions on these two, which means their usefulness will be very limited. If you want a good flying unit, try Jill, Marcia, or Haar. Laguz Laguz have better transformation stats this time, but their meter charges at a snails pace, then runs out way too quickly. Most of them are throwaway units with poor stats even when transformed, glacial XP growth, and the usual gimped transform limits. The Laguz Royals in part 4 are worth using since they are always transformed and have uber stats. Tibarn and Caineghis are especially essential in the final chapter - don't go in there without them! Tibarn He has great skills, uber stats, and a high evasion rate. The only things that can reasonably kill him are snipers or final chapter bosses. You want him in the final chapter! Caineghis He has amazingly uber stats and kills just about anything in one attack. The only things that can reasonably kill him are multiple dragons or final chapter bosses. You want him in the final chapter! 2nd Playthrough Units Pelleas He has average stats for his level, save his awful luck. Since he joins so late in the game it would be a heavy effort to try to raise him up. It doesn't help that both thunder and dark magic have terrible hit rates. I would throw him in the 'too much effort required' pile and leave him. He does have good speed growth for a sage, though. Lehran He has crazy capped stats all around, great skills, unique weapons and items, etc. He's worth using for the short time you have him, plus he can damage the final boss. 4. Walkthrough Part 1 Overview - Micaiah's chapters are among the most difficult in the game, mostly because you will have a lot of weak pre-promotes that are consistently outleveled by enemies. Expect most of your units to die in 1-2 hits. The only way to get by safely is use pre-promotes to protect and damage while the weaker 1st tiers get the kills. Although you'll be tempted with uber powerful units that can solo chapters on their own, you'll need a built up force to handle some of the later Part 3 chapters with Micaiahs team. It helps to focus on the few units on her team that are decent, since quite a few of them are poor. If you ignore your non-promotes and just use the pre-promotes, you'll be screwing yourself over in later Micaiah chapters! Ilyana leaves and rejoins Ike's team in Part 3, if you want to transfer items, weapons, or skills over. Micaiah's group is unfortunately fairly bad. Several units in her party are just plain terrible (Meg, Frieda, Ilyana), while others are just mediocre and overshadowed by better units (Leonardo, Brad, Laura, Org, Tauroneo, Zihark). However, a couple of them have awesome growths and will rock when promoted (Micaiah, Sothe, Eddie, Nolan, Jill). On maniac mode, you can only realistically get 1-3 Micaiah team units up to lv 20/15/0 by Part 4, one of which should be Sothe. The only real options on this mode are Eddie, Nolan, or Jill. Chapter 1-Prologue Player Count - 2+1 reinforcement Bonus EXP - 40 clear, 20 time Clear Time - 6/13 Enemy Count - 8/same Enemy Level - 1-2/3-5 Hand Micaiah's healing leaf to Eddie to use instead of the vulnerary. Blockade by the wagon where you can attack with both Micaiah and Leonardo. The boss will move to attack. Chapter 1-1 Player Count - 4 Bonus EXP - 120 clear Clear Time - 6/7 Enemy Count - 11/11+8 reinforcements Enemy Level - 3-4/5-6 Stay close together and blockade north of the starting point. You will have to be aggressive and open both Nolan and Eddie to attacks to finish in 10 turns. Keep conserving vulneraries and using healing leaves instead. The boss will move once attacked. Around turn 7, 8 enemies will start charging from the south of the map.. just ignore them and escape. Chapter 1-2 Player Count - 5 Bonus EXP - 150 clear Clear Time - 12/16 Enemy Count - 15+4 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 4-6/6-8 Block up the elevation with Eddie and Laura while Nolan bloackades east with ranged support. After a couple turns, if you get into range of enemies near the boss (including below the elevation) they will attack. Grab the SW treasure with Sothe, fight off the reinforcements, then head for the boss. Make sure to pass out the stolen loot with Sothe before ending the chapter. Chapter 1-3 Player Count - 7 Bonus EXP - 600 - 200 allies escape, 200 all units escape, 200 clear Clear Time - 15/18 Enemy Count - 19+6 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 6-8/8-10 Cautiously send your units south into the bushes. Don't expose anyone to too much attack. Let the boss move to attack, then steal his scroll and one-shot him with Micaiah's tome. Reinforcements will come in regularly from behind. Keep your allies out of trouble by ordering them to move safely near your group. The archer on the escape square won't move to attack. Chapter 1-4 Bonus EXP - 550 - 300 clear, 100 time Player Count - 9 Clear Time - 14/14 Enemy Count - 13+6 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 3-4 (laguz)/4-6 (laguz) Set up support between Nolan and Eddie. Hand the Guard skill from Leonardo to Nolan. Give Micaiah the Training skill. Buy needed equipment for your party and move out. I would advise against using Meg at all, but it's your choice. Hold off on passing out BEXP for now, as you'll likely get better stat ups just leveling normally. Hold off incoming enemies from the north and south with Brad, Soren, and Nolan. Break down the north gate to make the first incoming enemy easier to kill. Split your team up, taking on reinforcements from the north while moving a second team up the east side of the map to take out the boss and grab treasure. Both bosses will move to attack and they hit hard.. use Sothe to tank them. Important Items: Mortal Foe: Beast - 1W 1S of NW pot Master Seal - 1W of SE pot Chapter 1-5 Bonus EXP - 400 clear, 200 time Player Count - 10 Clear Time - 6/6 Enemy Count - 27+about 15 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 8-10/10-13 Head north then east to help out your allies. Pretty short and easy map, not much to mention. Chapter 1-6 part 1 Bonus EXP - 4000 Player Count - 13 Clear Time - 11/12 Enemy Count - 14+19 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 10-12/12-14 Important Items: Arms Scroll at 9S, 1E from enemy priest. Keep Jill near the cliff area to handle incoming Pegasus knights. Try to protect your weaker units when surrounded. Avoid using Taureneo or any pre-promotes too much.. keep getting your weaker units XP. Chapter 1-6 part 2 Player Count - 13 Clear Time - 12/14 Enemy Count - 41+10 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 9-13/12-15 There's really no way to get through this level without using pre- promotes, as you have to split up and there are far too many enemies. Block the west bridge with Taureneo and Jill, then replace Jill with Sothe on turn 2, with Micaiah near him. Send Org northeast to help the allied mounted units. After taking care of the initial cavalry rush, move northeast to take on the second cavalry rush on the north bridge. Head for the boss afterward and take him out. Chapter 1-7 Bonus EXP - 3000 - 1000 clear, 2000 all soldiers escaped Player Count - 13 Clear Time - 13/19 Enemy Count - 25+12 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 12-14/14-16 Important Items: Master Seal - 3E of the centre prison door At this point you have to leave some units behind.. I recommend leaving Leonardo, Meg, Ilyana, and Frieda. Keep trying to level up Eddie, Jill, and Nolan.. try to promote them by the start of Ch 1-10.. use promote items at lv 20 if you can. Equip Micaiah with Paragon as she's the only one who has the capacity for it. Set up more supports, with as many Earth units as possible. Head east on turn one then push Sothe 2E so he can talk to Tormod. Move back around west then north up the stairs to free prisoners and clear out the escape gate. Take on the reinforcements then head east towards the boss. Chapter 1-8 Bonus EXP - 2675 Player Count - 13 Clear Time - 12/15 Enemy Count - 22+7 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 12-15/14-17 Important Items: Arms Scroll - 5S1W from the top right of the map Give Celerity to your Heron, and have Micaiah use the second Angelic Robe. Instead of saving the villagers with pre-promotes, just rescue one villager with Nike and let the rest die. Regroup by the mid-north end of the map and take on incoming forces. Afterward, head southeast for the boss. Chapter 1-9 Bonus EXP - 2500 - 2000 clear, 500 turn Player Count - 2 Clear Time - 14/14 Enemy Count - about 15/same Enemy Level - 15-16/16-17 Micaiah should use both angelic robes and be around lv 17. She can handle taking a hit and should be able to get XP up to lv 20 just by hitting enemies w/ paragon while her ally finishes them off. Chapter 1-Final Bonus EXP - 3750 Player Count - 12 Clear Time - 12/20 Enemy Count - 32+12 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 16-17/18-19 Give whatever items you want to transfer to Ike's team in Part 3 to Ilyana. I recommend leaving the Training, Adept, Paragon, Mortal Foe: Beast, and HP recovery scrolls with Micaiah as her team will need them. Good items to transfer are the Celerity scroll, Shade scroll, Arms Scrolls, etc. Don't go overboard transferring stuff, as Ike has a very easy time with his missions as it is. This chapter is really only as challenging as you want it to be, since you can easily solo it with two powerful units you get. Of course this means you will be robbing important units of XP and you'll be screwing yourself over.. especially true in maniac mode where you want Jill, Nolan, and Eddie promoted asap. Try to have Jill, Nolan, and Eddie promoted by the end of the chapter.. all 3 of them should be lv 18 or higher. You should have 3 Master Seals to use on each of them once they reach lv 20. Just let them get the majority of kills and they should all get to 20. This is of course much more difficult on Maniac mode with it's lack of BEXP. You might want to restart the map a few times so that none of those 3 units has a big red 'down' biorhythm.. or they will have crap accuracy/evasion. To kill the thieves, clear out the floors leading to the chest, then stop a unit to the north of it. The thieves will run down the other landing and you can have your way with them. Have the rest of your team stay below to deal with reinforcements. Afterward head up the stairs to take on the rest of the map. Kill the archer on the mid level asap, and approach the final area with caution. The mages by the boss and ranged weapon mage by the chest won't move to attack, but everything else will. Part 2 Overview: This is a short part that transitions between Micaiah and Ike's group. It's important to focus on leveling weaker members (Nephenee, Brom, Marcia, etc.) who will be useful later on. Don't let Geoffery and Lucia kill everything they come across! In Maniac Mode you will be unable to access skills at all in this part, meaning you can't shuffle skills around to Ike's group or between your party members. Chapter 2-Prologue Bonus EXP - 1000 Player Count - 4 Clear Time - 8/11 Enemy Count - 11/same Enemy Level - 16-18/18-20 Bait the enemies towards your units, recruit Haar, and kill the boss. Not too much more difficult in MM. Marcia has a higher chance of dying is all. Chapter 2-1 Bonus EXP - 4100 - 1500 clear, 1000 time, 400x4 for surviving villagers Player Count - 2+1 reinforcement Clear Time - 13/30 Enemy Count - 14/same Enemy Level - 18-19 and 1/19-20 and 3 In order to get the thief, wait for the mage to attack her before moving down. The thief will move west to kill it, allowing you to get close and recruit. The boss and his allies will stay put until you attack them.. you can attack his allies and he won't move, though. This mission is even more tedious on MM. The boss can two shot Nephenee and can easily kill Brom. Have Brom and Nephenee attack the bosses allies until he's alone, then go at him with Nephenee hiding in the bushes. It takes a lot longer to hack through the enemies here since your units can't double attack them. Chapter 2-2 Bonus EXP - 2000 Player Count - 7 Clear Time - 11/13 Enemy Count - about 20 Enemy Level - 16-17 and 1/18-20 and 3 Important Items: Training Scroll - SE corner of map Stick along the south path and use the terrain to blockade. Try to get Nephenee and Brom near lv 6 by chapters end. Chapter 2-3 Bonus EXP - 5500 Player Count - 6 Clear Time - 12/16 Enemy Count - 50+26 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 15-18 and 3/18-20 and 5-6 Important Items: Arms Scroll - from NW corner, 15S 7E (east of the healing hedge) Make sure everyone is well equipped, but don't spend too much money, as you need to purchase equipment for Brom, Nephenee, Haar, and others from Part 2 as well. Enemies get a big upgrade on this map.. the promoted units are 3 levels higher making things nasty in the base. The catapults get a damage boost, as well. Avoid the east area of the castle as it's swarming with ranged units that your mounted units can't easily reach. Unlike Hard mode, the ranged units in the east area will actively climb down to attack your units. It's best to order your troops in as decoys to take the heat off your own units. Try to get some XP for Marcia, up to lv 9. Chapter 2-Final Bonus EXP - 4000 Player Count - 10+5 reinforcements Clear Time - 13/13 Enemy Count - 46+about 40 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 19-20 and 3-4/20 and 4-6 Important Items: Arms Scroll: from NE corner, 12S (next to crates) Give Nephenee and Brom whatever items you want to carry over to Ike's team. I recommend bringing valuables that can be sold, since Ike's team begins a little short on funds. Send Haar down into the east trench and fight towards the east gate. Fight down the west path with Brom, Calill, and Mordecai. Fight by the east gate with Nephenee and Lethe. Perform hit and runs down centre with Marcia and Elincia, using your heron to reactivate them. Once the middle level is clear, block off the west staircase with Mordecai and focus your forces towards the east gate and the boss. Once Geoffery's team arrives, make a push from the trench towards the boss along with the rest of your team. Keep Astrid and Makalov far from the fight, however. Killing the boss ends the chapter early. If you want to get the Skillfulness scroll, you'll need to allocate more forces west to mow through the waves of enemies and reach the general.. I recommend Calill, Brom, and Mordecai. You can hit it with ranged attacks from the stairs, or with Calill's ranged tome. Stealing the Dracoshield is also difficult as you can't provoke the general without also provoking the boss, and the boss usually gets provoked first. Use Haar to provoke the general from the north after the boss has been provoked, then kill the sniper. Next turn, drop the thief off with Marcia, chant your thief with the Heron to steal the dracoshield, then rescue the thief with Elincia. Keep the boss occupied by the east gates while carrying out this thieving operation. Part 3 Overview: Part 3 is the easiest section of the game, featuring Ike and his uber crew tearing through underleveled enemies and generally causing mayhem. You'll want at least Soren, Shinon, and Titania or Oscar accompanying you into the final chapter, so make sure to level up the units you intend to bring all the way through. Rolf is a decent archer but I don't recommend leveling him up or promoting him instead of Shinon. Of course you also have to deal with more Micaiah missions, which are far more difficult than Ikes rampages. Depending on how well you leveled your 1st tier units in Part 1, you may have a moderately difficult or a nearly impossible time clearing her chapters. On Maniac mode, boosting the enemy levels by 2 isn't nearly enough to make the chapters more challenging. Ikes team will still steamroll through part 3. You may hit a snag, though, when you're back to Micaiahs team against fierce opposition. Planning is key! Note: If you want to recruit Lehran, Ike will need 27 speed by 3-7, or he won't be able to survive an attack on the Black Knight. Give him speedwings and level him up. Chapter 3-Prologue Bonus EXP - 4850 - 1500 clear, 750 turns, 3600 surviving allies Player Count - 11 Clear Time - 8/9 Enemy Count - about 25/same Enemy Level - 5-6/7-8 Give Counter to Boyd, Provoke to Ike, and Adept to any of your melee units. Trade Titania's heavy steel axe with Boyd's steel axe.. so she can weaken units instead of kill them. This is an easy mission even on maniac mode, and sets the tone for most of Ike's missions - plain old slaughter. Focus on leveling up Boyd, Soren, Mia, and Gatrie. Take the northmost path towards the boss, as the other path will be overrun by allied laguz. Hopefully a cat laguz will stand in front of the boss so Caineghis doesn't one-shot him. Rescue that laguz with Oscar or Titania then take out the boss for his bow. Chapter 3-1 Bonus EXP - 3000 - 2000 clear, 1000 time Player Count - 11 Clear Time - 9/10 Enemy Count - about 25/same Enemy Level - 5-6/7-8 Important Items: Torch - 1E of the eastmost torch You can allow both cat laguz to be defeated and they will merely run away and join your party later. So by all means use them as decoys or bait. Head along the southern path, taking on enemies from the front and back. Proceed north and blockade by the wagon while taking on enemies from the front and reinforcements from the side. Proceed west to the boss. Continue leveling Boyd, Soren, Mia, and Gatrie. Chapter 3-2 Bonus EXP - 3750 Player Count - 15 Clear Time - 10/10 Enemy Count - 35+5 reinforcements/37+8 reinforcements Enemy Level - 5-7/8-10 Despite getting to shop at half price for this chapter, you only get 10000G. Hope you brought along goodies with Brom, Nephenee, and Heather to sell for funds. You will also have Ilyana who should have brought over some skills to use. Give Haar Skillfulness if you won it in 2-F. Give Ike Celerity and Soren Training if you brought them over. Once you're finished shopping you can sell the membership card for 2000. Warning - if you exit the base and onto the map, you lose your membership card.. don't leave until you're done shopping. Enemy levels are boosted +3 to +5 on maniac, and there are more reinforcements. Split your team up, move most of your team south and a smaller team northeast to blockade by the trees and handle the incoming enemies. While it's possible to provoke the boss and kill him very quickly, you can also fight the numerous enemies for XP. Move your larger team back northeast across the river to regroup with your smaller team, taking on reinforcements coming from all sides. Afterward, provoke the boss and kill him. Reinforcements keep coming for quite some time.. it's up to you how long to spend on this map. Chapter 3-3 Bonus EXP - 4600 Player Count - 11 Clear Time - 13/13 Enemy Count - 22+about 20 reinforcements/25+about 25 reinforcements Enemy Level - 6-9/8-11 Start setting up supports. I like Ike-Titania, Oscar-Boyd, Shinon- Soren, Nephenee-Brom, and Gatrie-Mia. Haar is usually on his own so he doesn't have much use for supports. There's a dracoshield and Train scroll for sale.. doing only half damage can be useful sometimes so it'd be nice to have. You have to ditch a couple units in this chapter.. I recommend Rhys, Brom, Heather, Ilyana, and Rolf. Simply move north through the base lighting things on fire, visiting the tents, and catching the bishops. This is an easy mission even on maniac mode, like all of Ike's chapters in Part 3. Chapter 3-4 Bonus EXP - 4159 Player Count - 11 Clear Time - 12/12 Enemy Count - 35/same Enemy Level - 7-9/9-11 Important Items: Alondite - 2N of eastmost catapult Paladins will have a rough time with this map, and can't even reach the top cliff area. Split up into two teams, one climbing the cliffs and the other moving left up the hill. Regroup at the middle level and proceed to take on the boss. The boss and his ally don't move until you start attacking them. Chapter 3-5 Bonus EXP - 4000 Player Count - 16 Clear Time - 8/8 Enemy Count - 43+about 30 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 8-10/10-13 Important Items: Master Crown in the far SE corner. Since this is a timed mission, it's easiest to use Ike. If Ike doesn't find it at first, just keep clicking on him while he's greyed out and he'll get it. This may be a bug, but it's an extremely important item and you don't have a lot of time to be humping the RNG hoping to get it before 10 turns are up. Oriui Grass: from NW corner 10E13S I recommend giving Celerity to Reyson, so he can chant and run further. Send Gatrie and Haar east, Ike, Titania, Brom, Oscar, Soren, and Shinon centre, and Boyd, Mia, and Nephenee west. Have Reyson transform ASAP and start chanting for the centre group. Mow through generals east, sages west, and paladins centre. The bosses allies will only attack 4 spaces away from them, then move back next to the boss. The boss himself won't move at all. Chapter 3-6 Bonus EXP - 4500 clear Player Count - 12 Clear Time - 12/13 Enemy Count - lots of laguz Enemy Level - 13-14 laguz/15-16 laguz Important Items: Hero Bow - from SW corner, 5E6N Give one of your better units the mortal foe: beast scroll, preferably a promoted Jill who can hit and run back into formation. Hopefully you have an A between Nolan and Eddie, and an A between Jill and Zihark. If you gimped your Micaiah team by using pre-promotes, you'll be feeling it right about now. Since Micaiah can use staves, give her Training so she can double up on staff and light magic levels. If you bring physic staves, make sure to trade them off to a non-staff user before finishing the mission. Stick your supports together and blockade. You have a very limited number of actually useful units, and everyone will die in 1-2 hits to the tiger laguz. There are 3 blockade spots east and 2 north. Stick Nolan and Eddie north, and Zihark, Sothe, and Jill east. Attack at range with Micaiah and hit and run with Jill, while the others keep formation. This chapter is a lot easier if you don't use the NPCs, as they just get in the way and make a mess. You should be able to gain quite a lot of levelups off of this one. Giving Eddie the Paragon skill is enough to get him from lv 1 promoted to lv 10. Chapter 3-7 Bonus EXP - 5000 clear Player Count - 10 Clear Time - 12/12 Enemy Count - 49+about 20 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 7-9/9-11 Paladins can't cross most of this map, so you should just leave them out. Ike will need at least 27 speed in order to not be double attacked by the Black Knight - if he is double attacked, he will probably die. Give Ike Celerity to make it easier to reach the BK, as he will likely be behind a bunch of enemies. The BK starts moving on turn 11 enemy phase, so wait for him outside of his attack range, then attack him with Ike with a ranged sword. BK still has a 8-10% chance to crit depending on Ike's luck, so he may die anyway if he's unlucky. Rescue Ike with Haar/flying unit afterward and run everyone else away from the big baddie. Note that you only have to do this if you want Lehran to join later and you're on your 2nd playthrough. You can recruit a bunch of Micaiah's troops, but I wouldn't recommend it. Micaiah's team still needs those units to survive her next chapter. Chapter 3-8 Bonus EXP - 8250 Player Count - 12 Clear Time - 8/11 Enemy Count - 38+6 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 11-12/12-14 If you stand on the darkly colored ground spots, you'll take 10 damage from lava. Split up into two groups, then converge by the west passage that leads southeast to the boss. There's less lava in the way and the passage can be blockaded. Chapter 3-9 Bonus EXP - 13500 - 6000 clear, 1500 time, 1000x6 houses saved Player Count - 7 Clear Time - 9/15 Enemy Count - 21+15 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 18-19 and 5-6/20 and 7-9 Important Items: Magic +2 item - It's right where the boss is standing on.. you only have one chance to get it by moving your mounted unit onto his spot after killing him. Astrid and Makalov are more or less useless here.. it's probably not worth bringing them as they will just crumple to the enemies here. You can buy another Adept scroll here and I suggest doing so as Adept is an awesome skill. You can access Geofferys team's skills finally, so give Paragon to Marcia and Kieran. Don't bring any weapons or items you don't want the CPU wasting on you in the next chapter. Send Marcia north to kill the soldier in the corner.. head east with your main force to take out the other soldiers and hold them from lighting up the rest of the town. It's pretty hard to stop them from eventually lighting the buildings on fire, but you can extinguish them with Devdan climbing up the sides and Marcia flying up and back. Things will get chaotic if you try saving all the houses, just stick by the northeast stairs and blockade while putting the fires out with Marcia/Devdan. Chapter 3-10 Bonus EXP - 12750 - 6500 clear, 3250 time, 3000 allied troops surviving Player Count - 14 Clear Time - 8/9 Enemy Count - 40+12 reinforcements/48+12 reinforcements Enemy Level - 11-12/13-14 Head northeast to help Elincia, southeast to take out the priests and generals, then north towards the boss. Give a strong unit provoke and place them where the enemy paladins will use most of their movement to reach it, so they can't run away as easily. The boss and allies will move to attack around turn 7. Chapter 3-11 Player Count - 12 Bonus EXP - 7000 clear Clear Time - 12/16 Enemy Count - 51+5 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 12-16/14-17 You should now have 6 master crowns, about 30-40k BEXP, a decent amount of funds and equipment, and two paragon skills. If you're on hard mode and have been using paragon/bexp with Ike's crew, they should be lv 19- 20 already. If you're on maniac with no paragon and limited bexp, they should be 17-18. Either way, you should be close to promoting some units to 3rd tier - see the section in general advice on recommended promotions. You may want to save some BEXP for the eventual reunion with Micaiah's group, as Jill, Eddie, Nolan, Sothe, and Micaiah will be in need of XP to catch up. This is 'the bridge chapter' with the same type of pitfalls, except the bishops now have light wards to block your units paths. Expect to mass airlift your ground troops if the path is sealed off. However, you can pass through pitfall spots unharmed if you place one of your flying units over it. On maniac mode you'll have to exercise caution as any unit falling into a pit will have a good chance of being ganged up on and killed. Chapter 3-12 Bonus EXP - 7500 clear Player Count - 13 Clear Time - 8/9 Enemy Count - 76+2 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 17-18 and 7-8/19-20 and 8-10 Give Sothe the Paragon skill and try to level him up as much as possible, as he has a forced promotion after Part 4 prologue. Save the +2 movement item for Ike. Hopefully Jill, Nolan, and Eddie are all promoted at around lv 5-10. If you're on maniac mode you will be in serious trouble if you haven't been keeping up. The lv 10 enemy stats are starting to make Tauroneo look like the Jeigan he is.. he won't last more than 3-4 hits and won't win the level for you if you neglected your other units. Even if units like Frieda are useless at this point, bring them anyway in case you need to rescue someone. I recommend leaving the NPCs out of the fight unless your team is so weak you can't win without them. Blockade with Sothe, Eddie, and/or Nolan. Have your healers standing behind supporting, and Jill moving out to hit and run. Use Zihark, Org, and Tauroneo to chase off the pegasus knights. Chapter 3-13 Bonus EXP - 8500 clear Player Count - 13 Clear Time - 12/12 Enemy Count - 29+about 25 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 12-15 (laguz)/15-17 (laguz) Ike is the enemy boss? Oh crap.. hey, wait, this was all just a big misunderstanding! Don't solo us, please! Enemies are now 2-5 levels higher and the Laguz tigers can still two shot most of your units, including Tauroneo. The Mortal Foe: Beast scroll will be useful on Jill (or another non-blockading unit) again. Stock up on healing items for your blockaders. Use your lower level units/healers to block the top floor ledges, and Zihark, Tauroneo, and Org to block the 2nd floor ledges. Position your blockaders on the centre steps and take on enemies from all sides (get rid of the NPC in the way). Don't use the ranged light tome up, it's useful later. Be ready for the reinforcements from the left side - you can block it up with units if you like. Once Ike starts moving on turn 10, you know to run in the opposite direction! Chapter 3-Final Bonus EXP - 15000 - 10000 clear, 5000 time Player Count - 15 Clear Time - 5/5 Enemy Count - 82+39 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 19-20 and 11-14/19-20 and 15-20 Important Items: Rescue Staff - from NW corner 17S18E There is a conversation with Mist where she gives a +2 magic item to her A support, if she has one. You need the kill counter to go up to 80 to end the chapter.. this includes allied laguz dying. There are a bunch of lv 18-20 2nd tier units near Micaiah, plus range sages and Pelleas w/ a ranged tome if you let him live on your 2nd+ playthrough. Make a strong group push northeast into enemy territory. Dispatch the sleep staff bishop asap, have Reyson transform asap, and recruit Jill with Haar when she comes flying over. Get as many of your units to lv 20 or 3rd tier as possible. Part 4 Overview: In part 4 you're expected to split your small numbers of 3rd tier units and high level laguz into 3 teams. Even though you have room for 12-14 units on the penultimate chapters, you won't have enough effective units to fill them, so divide your groups up wisely. You have access to 8 crowns by Part 4 and get 2 in 4-P, 1 in 4-1, and 2 in 4-2. Consider this when assigning 2nd tier units that have not yet promoted. The few useful Laguz units you can assign to teams are Janaff, Ulki, and Ranulf. Also consider your supports - try to work your supports into what you'll be going into the final chapter with. You should almost always go for +avoid supports, if possible. While you can solo part 4 with the uber units you're given, you'll regret it in the final chapter when you don't have a leveled up army. Also, while you can promote quite a bunch of units to 3rd tier, try to focus your leveling on the 9 that will make it into the final chapter. Recommended Teams: Micaiah's team: Sanaki, Naesala, Micaiah/Sothe, Jill/Marcia, Gatrie, Janaff, Rhys Ike's team: Ike/Titania, Soren/Shinon, Nolan/Eddie, Oscar/Kieran, Heather (for 4-4 chests), Laura Elincia's team: Nephenee/Haar, Boyd/Mia, Ulki, Tanith, (later Bastion, Volke, and Pelleas) Chapter 4-Prologue Bonus EXP - 3750 - 3000 clear, 750 time Player Count - 15 Clear Time - 9/12 Enemy Count - 38+about 20 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 3-5/5-7 Important Items: Master Crown - far SE Master Crown - from SW 8E7N Get Sothe to lv 20 for his promotion at the end of the chapter. If you want to pass the Master Crowns on to units in other teams, pick them up with a full inventory and send them to the base. Blockade to the north and east, getting XP for Sothe, Micaiah, Sanaki, and your to-be-promoted 2nd tiers or 3rd tiers. Watch out for the ranged bishops that warp in. Try to steal a physic staff from one of those bishops. Chapter 4-1 Bonus EXP - 3750 - 3000 clear, 750 time Player Count - 12 Clear Time - 10/10 Enemy Count - about 30/more than 30 Enemy Level - 5-7/7-9 Important Items: Master Crown - far NE Split your forces up into three groups, eventually converging in the lower middle part of the map. Keep your healers/heron safe from incoming Pegasus knights. Chapter 4-2 Bonus EXP - 3750 - 3000 clear, 750 time Player Count - 12 Clear Time - 14/15 Enemy Count - 52+about 20 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 4-6/6-9 Important Items: Master Crown - from far NE, 9W4S Master Crown - from far NE, 8W12S Another fairly light mission. Avoid soloing the chapter with Tibarn and get XP for your 3rd tier units going into the final chapter. Work down then back around towards the boss. Chapter 4-3 Bonus EXP - 4000 clear Player Count - 15 Clear Time - 16/18 Enemy Count - 58+about 20 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 6-8/8-12 Important Items: Baselard - from NW 12E14S Mortal Foe: Dragon - from NW 11E8S White Gem - from NW 7E16S Demon Card - from NW 3E11S Laguz Orb - 16E22S (bosses position) Stefan (Miyaka only) - from NW 20E12S Equip Paragon on Micaiah and get her to lv 20 for her forced promotion. Bring a recover staff in case the boss uses the ElSleep staff. Enemy levels are boosted by 2-6 in MM, making the mission quite a bit tougher. Flying units for hit and run/rescue will help a lot. This is the point where 2nd tier units become pretty useless, and you'll have to rely on your 3rd tiers to handle most enemies. It's easiest to get the treasure with Micaiah, who can use the treasure bug to repeatedly search until she finds it. Make sure you pick the treasure up with a full inventory so you can send it back to base. Hopefully you brought a bunch of fliers to airlift, rescue, and search for treasure. The BK shows up once you cross 1/3 of the desert. Watch out for the wyverns that can one shot your casters and heron. Chapter 4-4 Bonus EXP - 4000 clear Player Count - 14 Clear Time - 20/22 Enemy Count - 60+about 45 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 8-12/10-15 Important Items: Vortex Scroll - 1E7S Ashera Icon - 10E12S There's some very important treasure to nab here. Make sure the thief/looter has a full inventory so they can send the valuables back to base. The Fortify staff is critically important when facing the final boss, so make sure to get it at all costs. On maniac mode enemy levels are 2-7 greater, so you'll need a very strong team with good supports. Split into two teams taking on the lower and middle levels. Retreat your poor underleveled Tormod & Pals as far away as possible. Clear out the bottom and middle levels and push up the main stairway. Fend off warping incoming units from the east and west, and try to wear the bishops sleep staff out before proceeding further. The generals in front of the doors and in the boss room won't move, or the bishops/Oliver, but everything else will. Barge your force into the upper floor asap. On turn 11, waves of reinforcements will start to warp in from behind, including a ranged sage. Blockade on the upper staircase while raiding the treasure rooms. Once the sage warps into the SE corner, send a force south against it. After the dust settles, go after poor Oliver. Chapter 4-5 Bonus EXP - 6250 - 5000 clear, 1250 time Player Count - 12 Clear Time - 13/13 Enemy Count - 55+about a billion reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 20-22 (laguz)/22-25 (laguz) The boss here warps around the map summoning 4 laguz around him every turn until you kill him. You can put the mortal foe scrolls to good use here - you should have all 3 by now. Make Reyson use the Laguz Orb to help mow through the laguz and catch the boss. Try not to get your team split up with the terrain differences. You will need fliers/fast units to catch up to the warping boss and nail him. This is definitely a good chapter to earn a boatload of XP on for your final chapter 3rd tier units. Final chapter team: Support Ike-Titania Micaiah-Sothe Sanaki Nephenee-Ena Soren-Shinon Eddie-Nolan Marcia-Jill Caineghis-Tibarn Kurthnaga Reyson Skills Caineghis/Tibarn/Ike - Nihil Titania - Savior, Daunt Micaiah - Practice, Paragon Sothe - Resolve, Shade Sanaki - Paragon, Shade Nephenee - Disarm, Adept Soren - Paragon, Corossion Shinon - Corossion, Gamble Nolan/Jill - Adept, Vantage Eddie - Adept, Guard Reyson - Celerity, Miracle Chapter 4-Final-1 Bonus EXP - 6000 clear Player Count - 17 Clear Time - 6/6 Enemy Count - 48+about 25 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 12-13/14-16 Nihil should be a permanent skill on Ike and whoever else you want to attack bosses with, as they will have their mastery skills. There are 2 sleep stave bishops and 2 range sages. The boss warps around while reinforcements come in. Send your fliers out to nail the range sages while your main force barges north. Send 2-3 units to the east and west to handle the sides. Chapter 4-Final-2 Bonus EXP - 7500 clear Player Count - 17 Clear Time - 5/5 Enemy Count - 32+6 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 12-13/14-16 Equip Nihil on Ike to avoid the BKs Luna, if he doesn't have it equipped already. If you position Ike and his support near eachother, it will activate even with the barrier. To avoid killing the BK until you have the Wishblade, equip Ike with a normal sword and stand on a defensive square. Chapter 4-Final-3 Bonus EXP - 12000 clear Player Count - 17 Clear Time - 6/6 Enemy Count - 44+about 10 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 23-24 (laguz)/25-27 (laguz) There are a lot of dragons here and they do a ton of damage. Stand on the def/res/avoid squares and used ranged magic as much as possible. To take the dragon boss out in one turn, attack with Caineghis, Tibarn, Ike, and Reyson. Anyone with 3+ range attacks can help as well. Although the two dragons in your party can attack him without retaliation, they won't be doing any damage unless you seriously leveled them up (not likely). The dragon boss has crazy stats, regens 30 HP each turn, has an AOE map attack, and almost always activates his 3x damage skill if you attack him with a unit that doesn't have Nihil. Chapter 4-Final-4 Bonus EXP - 15000 clear Player Count - 17 Clear Time - 3/3 Enemy Count - 22+10 reinforcements/same Enemy Level - 20/same Use the same group as last time to kill the boss. Try to kill him quickly so he doesn't use his AOE attack too much. If he's low on health he starts misdirecting your attacks to his nearby allies.. so you have to kill all of the elements around him first. Chapter 4-Final-5 Player Count - 17 Clear Time - 5/5 Enemy Count - 13+? reinforcements Enemy Level - 20/same The last boss is surrounded by a 9 square shield that needs to be taken down first. Only S and SS weapons can harm the shield, and the shield and boss are immune to elemental magic. Unless a unit has Nihil they will take half the damage they inflict to the boss or shield. Each part of the shield recovers 40 health each turn and it can be healed by the elements that spawn around the map. The boss alternates between a single and AOE attack - to counteract the AOE use the Fortify staff with Micaiah. Stand your dragons next to your attacking units to give them stat boosts. The bosses single target attacks will tend to target dragons first, and a few of them will likely die to her attacks. There's nothing you can really do about this. You should have 4 Nihils to distribute. Give them to Ike, Tibarn, Caineghis, and someone with a strong SS weapon like the Wishblade or Urvan. Destroy the shield, keep healing and taking out the spawning elements, and attack the boss (yes it revives once) until it's dead.</p>