ODDNNNNNNNNDDO NNDD88888888888888888DDN INDNN8?+======= =======+?DDD8Z INND?=+DNDDD88888 : 88888DDDDDD+=DOO DDND=+DDNNO=~~~~~~~ 8 ~~~~~~~=ONODDN+=DD INN$=+NDD=~~~~~~~~~~~ D ~~~~~~~~~~~=DD8Z$D$D DND+?NNN=~~ XI ~~~~~~~ 8 ~~~~~~~~ I ~~~=88II=D MN8=7DD=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~78ODOOI NN$+DNN=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ? ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~88$ZOZ NDD+DDD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~~~~=$I7$Z NDD+DDD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ : ~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~$D7ZI NN+?DD~~ X ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . ~~~~ ~ ~~~~ II ~~ZZOO NNN+DD=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ . ~ ~ ~~ ~~~~~=Z$OI _____ _ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~ . ~ _______ _ ~~~ZOOI / ____|| | ~~~~~~~~~~ |__ __| (_) ~~=O$I | | | |__ _ __ ___ _ __ ___ | | _ __ _ __ _ __ _ ___ _ __ | | | '_ \| '__/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \ | || '__| |/ _` |/ _` |/ _ \| '__| | |____ | | | | | | (_) | | | | (_) | | || | | | (_| | (_| | __/| | \_____||_| |_|_| \___/|_| |_|\___/ |_||_| |_|\__, |\__, |\___||_|© ====================================================== __/ | __/ |============= NND+DD=~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o |___/ |___/ ND+?88~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o ~~ ~ OOI ?D8=8OO~ VIII ~~~~~~ o ~~~~~ ~~ ZZI ZZ o>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<==>=<==>=<=| | | o>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==_> Wait, just kidding! Haha? *cries* I will discuss everything this game has to offer, allowing you to attain that habitually sought-after "Perfect File". L-lucky! But if you are someone who doesn't care to get everything in their games, however, don't worry; this type of playing is COMPLETELY optional! With that being said, my goal is NOT to make the best available guide in the ultraverse, or something, or not...... but to provide everyone with the most user-friendly experience. In the end, I hope I will have created something that's very EASY to navigate and notably fun to just... read! :) This will be my 2nd FAQ/Walkthrough. Daft! There are still many things that I need to learn when writing a guide, so if I can IMPROVE anything, I will hope that you send me an email with your thoughts and/or thoughts. I've spent an unbelievable amount of hours working on this, so I'd really love to know what you think! Yup, I said love. Enough cheese. If you need to, check the "Credits" and "Copyright" sections at the bottom of the document. Oh, and please be considerate if you send me an email. I am only human, and am not perfect. Well, enjoy your stay! ^_^ o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you see these notes, you DON'T NEED to do them to finish the game. I only included them in this guide to make it easier for PLAYERS who care about getting that Perfect File, or just want to have some extra fun while playing. Optional......Optional Notes talk about detours that you can do during your adventure. These are highly recommended, as they usually help with understanding story plots and the like. Plus, they have loads of treasure! Ending........These are supposed to let you know when you can earn one of the 13 ENDINGS of Chrono Trigger. These are included for anyone playing in a New Game +. If it's your first time playing, just ignore them. Arena.........Within these notes, I will raise an Arena monster starting from smidge form. Since winning battles at the Arena will net you powerful equipment, following these notes *WILL* make the game less challenging. Be warned. Perfect Game..If you are someone who wants to stay on top of their 100% quest, you must follow these notes. I understand that nothing is missable, due to the New Game +, BUT if you do happen to miss something, you've potentially lost a perfect file. In a New Game +, you might only have 1 of a certain item when you should have 2! Also, you might consider that some people only plan to do one playthrough, hmm? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<== ======================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Party: Crono. Level: 1 Location: Porre, Guardia Forest. Enemies: Amanita, Scarab, Gilded Bellbird. Treasure: Shelter, 10 G (unlimited), Strength Capsule. I bet you're just dying to head to that fair, but first, let's head south to the Village of Porre. As with Truce, just visit all the different locales. If you happen to have 9,900 G on you, you can buy some Spiced Jerky from the bartender at the Snail Stop. Hehe! Don't worry about it now, we will get it much later. Anyways, head to the Mayor's house, and open the chest on the second floor to get a [SHELTER]. You can also talk to the Mayor and he'll give you a worthless [10 G]; Only if you have what it takes, though. :P NOTE: You can keep doing this to earn some extra gold, if needed. Once you are ready, head back north towards Truce. On the way, make a quick stop at Guardia Forest. Around the southeast part of the forest, you can find a [STRENGTH CAPSULE]. It's disguised as a shiny blue light. Keep an eye out for these kinds of secrets. They are everywhere! NOTE: To fight the Gilded Bellbird, you must have two party members. If you don't, it will run away before the battle even starts. When you are ready, leave the forest and head to Leene Square north of Truce. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ==================== ==== {04} Leene Square {LE} ==================== ==== Party: Crono. Level: 1 Location: Leene Square. Enemies: Gato. Treasure: Poyozo Doll, Doppel Doll, Cat, Cat Food, Pendant. Now that we are ready, let's mosey on over to the Millennial Fair! This place is loaded with boisterous festivities. In case you haven't seen it yet, Leene Square is located to the north of Truce Village. First, let's meet a new friend. Head to the north part of the fair. In this area you'll find Leene's Bell and a beautiful young girl walking about. Go try and talk to her and......Oof! x_x If only Crono wasn't running around like a crazy loon. After you get up, watch the scene. She will attempt to apologize and then begin a search for her pendant. NOTE: Pick up her pendant before talking to her. This will affect an event later on. Go ahead and retrieve her [PENDANT] then talk to the girl. After returning it the girl expresses her feelings of boredom and asks if she can hang out with Crono for a while. Yay! :) With our new friend Marle at our side, let's go play some games! Things to note while you run around the fair grounds: 1. Do NOT eat the old man's lunch on the table, to the left of Leene's Bell. 2. Take the stray cat to little girl, right of Leene's Bell. Don't initiate contact with her before getting the cat. 3. If you talk to Melchior, refuse to sell Marle's pendant. 4. Don't buy a Silver Sword. We will find one shortly. Two actually! But if you WANT to, go ahead. 5. Win all three unique prizes at the Tent of Horrors. The first three things are crucial and will affect events later in the game, so be mindful of those. Four and five are unrelated, but still advisable. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take this time to do some exploring. There is much going on in the fair. At the fair, you are able to win Silver Points. These special points are awarded to you for winning at the various mini-games. You can spend these points at the Tent of Horrors, which is located to the right of the fair entrance, or at the Money Tent, which is located to the left of Leene's Bell. The max limit for Silver Points is 200! Hammer Challenge - Ring the Bell: --------------------------------- Location: To the left of the fair entrance. Prizes: 1 Silver Point. Playing this game is very easy. Just stand in front of the pole and press A. Crono will begin to slide backwards and forwards. The object of the game is to get the bell at the top of the pole to ring. The farther away you are from the pole, the more power Crono will put into the hit. Push A to hit the pole. Foot Racing: ------------ Location: To the right of the fair entrance. Prizes: 20 Silver Points. This is a fun game. Talk to the guy in the tent and he will ask you if you would like to make a guess on the winner of the next race. All four racers are pretty much the same, so it's all luck. Or is it? If you talk to the old man across the fence, southeast of the Racing tent, he will give you some hints as to who he thinks the winner will be. From my experience, this man has been right about 70% of the time, so there is no harm in trusting him. Soda-Guzzling Contest: ---------------------- Location: To the right of Leene's Bell. Prizes: 5 Silver Points. This game is painful! I used to be the master at these types of games, but lately that has not been the case. :( The object of this game is to drink all 8 sodas before time runs out. Just tap A as fast as possible. Ta ta ta! Gato; Lucca's Bipedal Robot Battler: ------------------------------------ Location: To the far left of Leene's Bell. Prizes: 15 Silver Points. In this game, you must battle Gato. If you don't have Marle in your party, you might have a harder time, but not by much. Always attack with Crono, and Whenever you need to heal, use Marle! Simple. If you don't have Marle in your party to heal, make Crono use Potions when his HP gets less than half. The Dancing Frenzy: ------------------- Location: To the far right of Leene's Bell. Prizes: None. Over in this area, it looks like some kind of ritual is going on. It's a nice change of atmosphere, so why not dance a little? Hehe. That's right, you can dance while you are here! Some of the moves are just so goofy that I couldn't help but laugh. :P To dance with the beat, use these buttons: X, Y, L, R. Money Tent: ----------- Location: To the left of Leene's Bell. Trade-In: 50 G. This isn't a game, but a place to redeem your Silver Points! This can be very helpful if you need extra money this early in the game. 10 Silver Points are worth a total of 50 G. Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors: ----------------------------------- Location: To the right of the fair entrance. Prizes: Various. (see below) When you win a prize in the Tent of Horrors, it will be transported over to Crono's house. They are NOT in any of the item menus, so they are pretty easy to forget about. Guessing Game: Cost = 10 Silver Points-------------------------------------- The concept of this game is very easy, but it's actually quite hard. When the game starts, three soldiers walk out of the gate. Hmm, these names seem familiar! Biggs. Wedge. Piette. You have to remember where they are, and follow them during the time they move around. At the end, Norstein will randomly ask where one of the soldiers is. Walk up to one you think is right and press A. Prizes: Poyozo Doll, Cat Food (2 grams). The Copycat: Cost = 40 Silver Points-------------------------------------- During this game, you must do what the clone does. Mimic all 22 moves and you will win the game. Yay! It's not that bad once you get the hang of it. If you need to, try memorizing the actions: L = Left Arm R = Right Arm Y = Laugh A = Surprise Prizes: Crono Doll, Cat Food (10 grams). Beanbag Throw: Cost = 80 Silver Points-------------------------------------- Look out, this one is intense! In this game here are 3 monsters that slowly walk towards Crono. You must fend them off by throwing beanbags at them. You want to do this as fast as you can, so you can knock them back into their cage. Press A to throw the beanbags. To make things even crazier, Marle will be taken hostage, and lowered into some flames! Every so often, during the game, a blue light will appear to the left of Crono. When you see this, go activate it. If you don't do it fast enough, Marle will be toast! Prizes: Cat, Cat Food (22-25 grams). When it comes to the Tent of Horror prizes, there is much to be said. I won't list all of the details here, so if you want further explanations, please see the "Mini-Games" section below. Ctrl+F. {NB} WARNING! If this is your first time playing, it will contain MAJOR spoilers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you tired? Did you even play any games? Well, since you are here, I will assume that you'd like to continue. Once you are ready, (gone shopping, stocked on items, whatever, etc.) go and speak with the little girl walking near the water fountain. It's located just above the fair entrance. After speaking with her, Marle will giggle and mention that she is having a great time with Crono. You will then receive a message informing you that Lucca has just finished setting up her new invention! Cool, let's check it out. NOTE: You can speak with a few other people to trigger the "Lucca Should Be Ready" message. I just mentioned this girl for cuteness. :P Make your way to Leene's Bell and then head north to the next area. Up here is where you'll find Lucca. Before arriving, though, Marle wants to stop and get some candy. NOTE: While she is picking out candies, do NOT move Crono. It will affect an event later on. Now that you've arrived, Lucca's father, Taban, will give an introduction to the show. When he is done, go and speak with Lucca. She will ask you if you'd like to try her new hyperdimensional transporter/telepod. Uh, yes! Step into the pod and be amazed as Crono is transported from one side to the other. OOOOH! Amazing! I like how the crowd is just so... thrilled? Heh. If you want, you can teleport again, but what about Marle? She is just so excited about the whole idea that she wants to try it, too! Yippee! Watch the scene to see what happens. o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==_>; Back at the castle, Frog leaves the party after a heart-felt reunion. If you speak with the Queen, she will ask you what has become of the girl who was mistaken for her. Yahoo! We get to see Marle again! Head up to the Queen's Chambers to find that Marle is safe and sound. I don't know about you, but I can't help but feel sorry for Marle. It seems everything bad happens to her. When Marle is finished speaking, exit the castle. There isn't much else to do, so let's head home! :) Before leaving the castle you will bump into Frog. He will bid you farewell and leave on a journey for redemption. Or something. When you are ready, make your way back to Truce Canyon. Lucca has constructed a device that can re-open the portal; a [GATE KEY]. Sweet, now they can return to their own time period! o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==_> Moments later, Lucca comes to the rescue! Again! Using her ultra-powerful Zonker-38, she neutralizes the three guards. Incredible, Lucca! Why did you make it disposable? When you have control, open the treasure chest to get a [BRONZE ARMOR]. Head to the next room and open the chest for a [MID-POTION]. If you look to the right, you will notice a prisoner is stuck in a guillotine. Free him. Do you remember Elaine from earlier? This is the guy she was looking for, Fritz! For saving him, he will tell you that his father runs the market in Truce and that..... wait. WHAT? His father? That means Elaine is his....sister. Unless he meant father-in-law? Oh boy. ANYWAYS. Just remember to visit them later. Next, head down and check the fallen guard to receive a [MID-POTION]. Keep on going and you'll come to a fork in the hallway. Go up for just a second, and grab a [MID-POTION] from another downed guard. Now go back down and then head left. If you can manage to sneak-attack this guard, you will get a [MID-POTION], but if he sees you, you must fight him. Continue left and head down the stairs. While you cross the bridge, you will be attacked by two Royal Guards. Defeat them and finish crossing the bridge. In this next area, there are three new paths you can take. NOTE: If you want to avoid the two Sentry, you can walk in-between them and they won't attack you. Taking the UPPER LEFT stairs will take you to two prison cells. The first one has a skeleton in it and if you go in here, you will have to fight it. The other cell will not open. Down the BOTTOM LEFT stairs is Crono's old cell. If you want, you can use its Cup o' Noodles to restore your HP/MP, or save your game. The other cell will not open. Down the BOTTOM RIGHT stairs is the treasure room! Yippee! Sneak up on the guard, like you did earlier and knock him out. Open the cell and you'll find two [ETHER] and two [MID-POTION]. As you leave this area, you will be attacked by Gaoler. He may seem tough, but honestly, he isn't. None of his regular attacks will hit you but his Crushing Blow attack will. This attack does 50+ damage, but you should beat him before he gets a chance to use it. After you defeat him, head back to the area where Lucca saved you. The guards on look-out are back, so try to sneak-attack them again. NOTE: Did you notice how in the Chapter's Item checklist I listed x11 for the amount of Mid-Potions you can get? Well, you can actually get an unlimited amount of Mid-Potions by doing this. To make the guards re- appear, visit the room with Crono's cell. Head back and... poof! After you are done sneaking around on a "Mid-Potion Hunting Spree", head up to the left. Go up the stairs and cross another huge bridge. In here we have a room similar to before. Kill or sneak past the two Sentry and this is what you've got: To the BOTTOM LEFT are two more cells. In the first cell, grab the treasure chest containing a [SHELTER]. If you go into the second cell, you can talk to the prisoner, but he will fall apart. Eek! To the UPPER LEFT are the last two cells. There is nothing in the first cell, so just make your way to the second. In here, enter the hole in the wall and climb down the side of the tower. When you reach the next cell, grab the chest to find a [SHELTER] and climb down the small hole. In this last cell, grab both of the treasure chest to get [1500 G] and a [SILVER SWORD]. Sway! NOTE: To climb back out of the hole in the bottom cell, press A by the wall. After climbing all the way back up, take the UPPER RIGHT stairs. Cross the bridge and then take the two sets of stairs. In the next area, go through the door. Check the unconscious body and you will find a [MID-POTION]. Five of them actually! Hehe. Behind the warden's desk is a save point, so heal Crono and Lucca then save your game. Head up the stairs and cross the final bridge. Radical Edward, look out! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Dragon Tank (Head) {B-2} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 5 | Exp: 0 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 0 | Absorb: --- | HP: 600 | G: 0 | Immune: Light, Fire. | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Dragonfire, Repair Body. | | | Charm: --- | Counters: --- | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Dragon Tank (Wheel) {B-3} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 7 | Exp: 0 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 0 | Absorb: --- | HP: 208 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Dragon Charge. | | | Charm: --- | Counters: --- | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Dragon Tank (Body) {B-4} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 7 | Exp: 40 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 5 | Absorb: --- | HP: 266 | G: 500 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Missiles. | | | Charm: --- | Counters: Laser. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: What you want to do here is very similar to Yakra. Have Lucca be a| designated healer, while Crono attacks. | | At first, you'll want to attack the tank's head, because it will HEAL the | entire tank every round and that only makes it harder. So focus all of | Crono's attacks on the head until it dies. | | Do NOT use Cyclone or Wind Slash! The head will heal a lot more often if the| body takes any damage. Once the head is destroyed, go for the wheel, and then| the body. Since the wheel has the most powerful attack, you will want to | destroy that before the body. | | When the tank uses Dragon Charge, heal Lucca and then Crono. If she is KO'd | then Crono will have to heal himself, and won't be able to attack. Try to use| nothing but Mid-Potions for healing. You should have enough from when you | were in the prison. I had about 15, and they lasted. | | One last thing, once you have the head destoyed, start using Lucca. Her and | Crono's Fire Whirl will help in taking out the Wheel and Body a lot quicker. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(5), Lucca(5). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the extreme battle, walk over the Chancellor bridge and into the main part of Guardia Castle. In the first room, open the treasure chest to get a [SHELTER]. Continue going down and at the bottom you will have no choice but to charge your way past the guards. When you reach the entrance to the castle, Marle will come to the rescue! Sweet! Well, so much for -that- rescue. Hehe. Watch the scene and Marle with tell her father that the castle is stupid. The chase continues and the guards will trap you in the forest. Make your way to the open glade and would you look at that! A gate! Lucca is sort of hesitant about entering the portal, but Marle would rather take her chances. Enter the gate and hold on to your butts! :P o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==<==>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<== ======================== ==== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca. Level: 6-8 Location: Abandoned Sewers, Death Peak, Keeper's Dome. Enemies: Egg Ooze, Dondrago, Rat, Krawlie. Treasure: 600 G, Rage Band, Thunder Blade, Strength Capsule. As soon as you enter the sewers, you will be spotted by a lookout, who then quickly leaves to report to his boss. Uh oh. Once you've climbed down the ladder, head right. You will bump into a pack of monsters, so defeat them and then open the treasure chest to get [600 G]. Head back left and cross the bridge. After defeating the water creatures and watching the short scene, follow the frogs down the ladder. In this area, there is a note to your left. It talks about how the fishmen attack when they hear the slightest sound. NOTE: If you didn't save Fritz, back in the Prison Towers, this note will NOT be here. This guy must've been a relative? The guillotine reference gives it away. All along the path in this area, there will be many obstacles that will create sound. If you want to fight all the monsters, then activate everything you see. Otherwise, avoid the following four traps: 1. The cat. 2. A Soda can and garbage. 3. Slice of cheese. 4. Save point. At the end of the path, climb the ladder. From here, head north. When you see the very thin section in the wall, walk through it. This secret passage will lead you to a switch that will open a door. Make your way around, using the obscure path, and go through this door. After the frog's cute attempt to push the button, continue along your way and open another treasure chest to receive [RAGE BAND]. This accessory is pretty handy. It will grant the wearer with a 50% counterattack rate. Yay, free hits! Cross the bridge to the right and... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Krawlie {B-7} | --------------.---------------.---------------.---------------.--------------| Level: 8 | HP: 500 | Exp: 100 | TP: 5 | G: 500 | --------------'---------------'---------------'---------------'--------------| Strategy: During this fight, attack with everyone. If Krawlie ever uses | his "I'll mash you to goo" attack, quickly heal whoever was hit by it. This | attack will reduce your HP to 1, and that isn't good. If you don't heal them| fast enough, Krawlie will take them out with his next turn. | | Other than that, this guy is toast! If you are somehow having trouble with | this boob, have Marle heal while Crono and Lucca take him out. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(7), Marle(6), Lucca(7). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Afterwards, follow the path leading down. You will encounter some monsters on the way, so make sure you aren't still hurting from that intense Boss fight. Along this path, open the treasure chest to get a [THUNDER BLADE]. Righteous! To the left of here is a switch on the wall. Push it to activate the bridges nearby. This will make it easier to get back through the sewers. Next, climb the ladder to the right of where you found the Thunder Blade. This will take you to the World Map! The only thing you can do at Death Peak is collect a [STRENGTH CAPSULE]. To get this capsule, run as fast as you can and you will see the shiny blue light near the right wall. You can visit the Keeper's Dome, if you want, but there isn't much going on in there, except... yeah. Nothing in there, yet. Now that we are finished, let's head back through the sewers and make our way to the Proto Dome! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =============== ==== {18} Site 32 {ST} =============== ==== Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca. Level: 7-9 Location: Site 32. Enemies: Mutant, Shadow. Treasure: Race Recorder. Once you are near the Arris Dome, head north towards Site 32. In here is where we will use the Jetbike Key that Doan gave to us! Woohoo! When you first enter Site 32, open the chest to get a [MID-POTION]. Follow all the rubble and you'll come across... what? A brand-new Jetbike? Weird, but okay! When you try to get in the bike, you'll instantly be attacked by some rusty- looking robots. Wait. These aren't your average bots! They are part of Johnny's gang! Haha. Didn't see THAT coming. In order to cross the abandoned highway, you have to race Johnny. If you cross the finish line before him, you win! If you can't beat him, don't fret, you can always just walk. Racing Johnny: -------------- This game is very simple. I don't mean it's easy to win, but I'm talking about concept. During the race, the gas is on auto. You can steer the bike back and forth, and depending on which mode you are racing in, you can use Turbo Boost or rotate the camera. If you walk the highway, instead of racing, you will find a treasure chest along the way. It contains a [RACE RECORDER]. When you get this item, show it to Johnny, and his trusty assistant, Rx-xR, will record your racing scores and let you to choose between Mode 1 and Mode 2. D-pad = Steer the bike back and forth. B = Use a Turbo Boost. (Mode 1) X = Zoom-out camera. A = Zoom-in camera. L & R = Rotate the camera. (Mode 2) Start = Pause game. Mode 1 = Turbo Boosts available. Mode 2 = No Turbo Boosts. The way the scoring system works in this game is as follows: If you are ahead of Johnny, you will constantly receive points, and if you are behind him you'll lose points. Getting certain scores will win you some prizes, and you are able to win these things as much as you want! (except the Strength Capsule). --------.----------------------------------. Score: | Prize: | --------|----------------------------------| 777 | 10 Mid-Ethers. | 1300+ | 5 Mid-Potions. | 1500+ | Strength Capsule. (one-time only)| 2000+ | 5 Ethers. | 2300+ | 5 Hi-Ethers. | --------'----------------------------------' For more details on racing, see the "Mini-Games" section. Ctrl+F {RJ} Once you have won the race, or walked the path across the highway, head east of Site 32. Over here you will find the Derelict Factory and the Proto Dome! ================== {19} Proto Dome ================== Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca. Level: 7-9 Location: Proto Dome. Enemies: Exterminator. Treasure: None. First, head to the Proto Dome. Defeat the robots and walk to the north end of the room. Up here you will find a broken-down robot. Examine it and you will get to watch your very first Movie! Yahoo! They are so NEAT! Hehe. ^_^ After many long seconds of repair, let's welcome our new friend R-66Y! Good morning! Uh, what? How is that -not- cool, Marle? Anyways, once you have Robo in your party, the group explains the situation and it turns out that the only way to open the door is to restore power within the Derelict Factory! Onward! NOTE: I have 11,111 G! Hehe, I just thought I'd share that useless fact. :P NOTE: Take either Marle or Lucca, whoever you like. I will be taking Marle for her healing techs. ...and hotness. ============================ {20} The Derelict Factory ============================ Party: Crono, Robo, Marle. Level: 7-10 Location: Derelict Factory, Proto Dome. Enemies: Acid, Deverminator, Bug, Version 3.0, Alkali, R-Series. Treasure: Mid-Ether (x2), Bandit's Bow, Ether (x2), Mid-Potion, 400 G, Shelter (x2), Thunder Blade, Hammer Arm, Titanium Vest, Plasma Gun. At the Derelict Factory, try activating the control panel and it appears to be broken. With our new trusty robot friend, however, we can get through. After you defeat the tiny Acid, head north into the factory. From here, you have two elevators that you can take. Left or right. NOTE: Wind Slash works really well against those Acid creatures. Go down the RIGHT elevator, first. This area is like the construction part of the entire factory and there's a bunch of treasure to be found! If it's your first time it might seem a little confusing, but it's really not bad. After you get off the elevator, climb down the first ladder. From here follow the walkway to an open door, above a ladder. Inside this garret is a hidden treasure chest that contains a [MID-ETHER]. Exit this now-empty loft and climb down the ladder that is directly below you, and slightly to the right. Through here you will find another chest; open it to get a [BANDIT'S BOW]. Score! Next, climb down the ladder directly below the elevator. Follow this short path and enter the door leading to the conveyor belt. What you want to try and do here is avoid making contact with the robots on the conveyor belt. If you bump into them you will be considered trash and thrown into a series of "trash-compacting" battles which progressively get harder. Be extra careful about that. Look for a gap between robots, make a break for it, and run to the next safe spot. Do this until you reach the last section. Be sure to open the treasure chest located in the second safe spot to get an [ETHER]. NOTE: Even if you get captured by the crane, you will reach your goal after you've fought those series of battles. It's just harder that way. Once you make it to the last safe spot, go down through the door. In this next room, fight the bugs and climb the ladder. The door up here will take you to the previous room, but now we are higher up. Follow this catwalk north, and when you get to the fork, go right. Before entering the door, open the chest to get a [MID-POTION]. Inside the door open the two treasure chests to receive a [MID-ETHER] and [400 G]. If you want, you can examine the control panel within this room. It will tell you the controls to the crane, but will also activate the two robots. NOTE: I will tell you the controls in a bit. :) Leave this room and take the left walkway. Enter the door here and inside you will find two robots and two treasure chests. Open them and you will get a [SHELTER] and an [ETHER]. Go through the door on the left and this will bring you inside the crane control. Follow the in-game instructions: CODE 00: X, A. CODE 01: B, B. Now that the orange barrels have been moved, we can access a new area. Leave this room and climb down to where the barrels were. Head left and enter the door on the far side. In this tiny room open the treasure chest to get a [THUNDER BLADE]. Examine the control panel in here and it will tell you the Super Ultra-High Door Lock Security System Zabie Code. Not in that particular order, but you get the idea. ZABIE CODE: X, A, B, Y. This is what we came for, so head back to the elevator and take it to the first floor. Now, go down the left elevator. Down here you will find a save point. Save your game and head to the left and then up. Kill all the Acids in here and the control panel will activate. Examine the panel to open the hatch. Before you climb down, open the treasure chest to get a [SHELTER]. On the next floor, head left. When you reach the far end, head down and make a right at the bottom. Go through the door near the laser blockade and examine the control panel at the top of this room. Robo will then deactivate the laser defense system. That's good.... right? After defeating the Acid, open the two treasure chests in this room. One has a [HAMMER ARM] and the other holds a [TITANIUM VEST]. Yay! Make your way to the elevator and take it down to the very bottom floor. Walk up the path and to the left of the locked door is a treasure chest and another control panel. Open the chest to find a [PLASMA GUN] then examine the panel. Enter the Zabie Code above and the door will unlock. Head through the door and activate the switch in the central pillar. The main security system goes berserk, so Crono and the group must escape! Go down and take the ladder to the left. On this next floor, head all the way around to the left side and head up. Watch the sad scene. :( You cocky boxes of bolts! Charge! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: R-Series {B-8} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 10 | Exp: 80 | Weakness: Light. | -------------| TP: 1 | Absorb: --- | HP: 150 | G: 100 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Robo Punch, Robo Cable Punch. | | | Charm: --- | Counters: Robo Laser, Robo Pitch, Robo Explosion| ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: The best thing to do here is use Cyclone on the first set of robots| until they die. Then do the exact same thing with the second set. The only | thing Marle should do is heal. If you have Lucca, use the same strategy. | | I recommend using Marle, since Lucca is really slow. Almost all six of the | robots will get an attack in before Lucca even gets her turn. | | None of the R-Series' attacks are devastating, it's the fact that there are | six of them. Each of their attacks does around 25+ damage, so make sure you | are not letting it build up! Keep healed! If you need to, stop attacking | with Crono and have him heal. Once you are at full HP, continue to attack. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(8), Marle(8). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Once the fight is over, watch the scenes. After the successful attempt at restoring power, it looks like we can finally enter that previously-locked door in the Proto Dome. Where will they end up next? Hmm. ...hmm? o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<== =============================================== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca. Level: 11-13 Location: Dorino, Fiona's Villa, Porre. Enemies: None. Treasure: Magic Capsule, Ambrosia, Mid-Ether, Strength Capsule. After the long journey to Dorino village, make a stop at the local residence at the north part of town. Inside this house, check the drawer with the blue light. All it will say is that it's locked. Speak with the old man, and he will give you the contents of the drawer in exchange for the Naga Bromide! NOTE: If you haven't gotten the Naga Bromide, it's located within Manolia Cathedral to the north. If you want a detailed description of where to find it, see the "Manolia Cathedral" section, above. Ctrl+F. {MC} Anyways, for trading with the old man, he will let you open the drawer, which contains a [MAGIC CAPSULE]. NOTE: If you visit the Elder's house, you can listen-in on a conversation about a sidequest that you can do later. Then follow Toma to the Inn for some helpful advice. NOTE: If you stay a night at the Inn, they will compliment you with a free [AMBROSIA]! ONLY if you don't have one, though! Oh, and you won't know they gave it to you, because they snuck into your room during the night and put it in your pockets. o_O; Continue heading south toward the Village of Porre. Along the way, stop at the small villa surrounded by desert and trees; This is Fiona's Villa. Once you are inside, open the two treasure chests to receive two [MID-ETHER]. When you arrive at Porre, grab the [STRENGTH CAPSULE] in the market. If you want, go ahead and do some exploring. There are lots of people you can speak to, that will tell you a lot of interesting gossip! NOTE: The lady at the Elder's house is in need of some Spiced Jerky! You can buy some at the Snail Stop in 1000 A.D. - Village of Porre, remember? You don't have to do this now, but When you get some, give it to her for free. FREE! It's part of a certain sidequest later on. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ========================== ==== {29} Denadoro Mountains {DM} ========================== ==== Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca. Level: 11-14 Location: Denadoro Mountains. Enemies: Bellbird, Ogan, Ogan (Hammer), Freelancer, Masa & Mune. Treasure: 300 G (x2), Mirage Hand, Athenian Water (x2), Ether, 500 G, Mid-Ether (x4), Golden Helm, Mid-Potion (x2), 600 G, Silver Stud, Silver Earring, Magic Capsule, Speed Capsule, Golden Suit, Shelter, Broken Blade. When you are ready, head north to the Denadoro Mountains. If you cannot find it, it's located to the east of Dorino Village. NOTE: Take Lucca up the mountain with you. Her Fire magic will prove to be very useful! :) Once you get to the base of the mountain, avoid or defeat the two Ogan and the two Bellbird. Open the treasure chest to the left to get [300 G] and continue north. When you attempt to climb the ladder, a scene will ensue. Watch the scene and for the first time ever you will get to see this "Legendary" hero, everyone has been talking about. Ha! During the scene, you will be attacked by two Ogan. The second one is holding a wooden hammer of death, and is near impossible to kill. To make this foe a regular piece o' cake, use Lucca's Fire magic skills to burn that hammer down to a crisp. Not so tough now, huh Ogie? After the scene, don't climb the ladder, yet. First, follow the river to the right of the ladder into a secret area. Open the treasure chest to obtain a [MIRAGE HAND]. Yay for Robo! NOTE: Actually, I recommend NOT using Robo for this mountain. You will need lots of magic later on. Ok, now you can climb that ladder. At the top of the ladder, take the grassy path back down. Open the treasure chest to get an [ATHENIAN WATER]. Go back up and open another chest to the left of the sleeping Ogan. Inside you will find an [ETHER]. Keep following the path, cross the bridge, climb the ladder and defeat the two Ogan. Open the treasure chest, above where the Ogan were, to get [500 G]. Cross the Bridge to the right and follow the path down. As soon as you get to the open area, an Ogan will jump out and attempt to smash you with his ugly hammer. After you beat him, climb the ladder and follow the narrow path. You will eventually be forced to turn right into a new area. In this next area, go right. Take the very first path leading up. It's a dead end, but there is a treasure chest containing a [MID-ETHER]. Next, take the second path leading up. Ignore the ladder, for now, and walk to the right. Defeat the two Freelancer and open another treasure chest to get an [ATHENIAN WATER]. Ok, now climb the ladder and open the chest to get a [GOLDEN HELM]. Climb the next ladder, LADDERS EVERYWHERE, and defeat the Ogan. Continue to the left, defeating the monsters, then head down. Here is another dead end, but also another treasure! Open it to get a [MID-POTION]. Go back up and into the new area. In this area is a Freelancer who throws rocks at Crono! How rude. This punk is across the canyon, so we cannot give him his eternal reward, so just ignore him and follow the path. NOTE: If you get hit with a rock, it will do 5 damage to Crono. Along the path, open the chest to find a [MID-ETHER]. Keep climbing up and go right. In this area, follow the path. Along the way you will find a treasure chest with [600 G] inside. Enjoy the view in this next area, it's amazing! All along this path, you will have to fight 4 consecutive battles. You won't get any chances to heal, so be cautious! Battle 1: Ogan, Ogan (Hammer). Battle 2: Freelancer, Ogan (Hammer). Battle 3: Ogan, Ogan (Hammer). Battle 4: Freelancer, Freelancer, Ogan (Hammer). In the next area, open the treasure chest to find [300 G]. When you get to the river, immediately go north and open the treasure chest to the right. This one holds a [MID-POTION]. From here we are supposed to go left, but FIRST, let's go jump off the nearest waterfall. Hehe! Weeeee! There are two spots where you can jump, left and right. Since they both take you to the same place, jump off the left waterfall. It will take you to a ledge with a resting treasure chest. Open it to get a [SILVER STUD]. Now jump off this ledge and down here is another treasure chest. This one holds a [SILVER EARRING]. Double sweetness! Make your way back to the top of the waterfall. It's not that hard, you will just have to retrace your steps a LITTLE bit. Back at the top of the waterfalls, head up and then left. Speak with the OCD Freelancer. Hehe, what a moron. Open the treasure chest to the left of the ladder to get a [MID-ETHER]. Climb down the ladder and you'll be ambushed! Who thought, right? Continue to the next area. Cross the bridge and talk with the cuddly Kilwala. If you talk to him enough times, he will kindly give you a [MAGIC CAPSULE]. Thanks, friend! Head down from here. There is a save point in this area, so fully heal your party and save! Open the treasure chest below the ladder to receive a [MID-ETHER]. Climb down the second ladder and to the left you will find a [SPEED CAPSULE]. Yay! continue following the path, to the next area. Hey look at that! We can reach that annoying, rock-throwing Freelancer! Before climbing down the broken ladder to enact your revenge, open the hidden treasure chest behind the leaves of the tree. Inside is a [GOLDEN SUIT]. Yay, it's not a potion! Hehe. Drop down the half-ladder and open the chest to find a [SHELTER]. Defeat the three Ogan and climb up. When you try to climb this ladder, that Freelancer will hit you off! Jeez, I can't think of a more annoying creature! >: After you deal with this disease, climb the ladder and enter the cave. I hope you saved your game earlier, because in this cave we fight... Two bosses in-a-row! Oh noes! x_x -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Masa {B-12} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 15 | Exp: 200 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 2 | Absorb: --- | HP: 1000 | G: 200 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Punch. | | Combos: Typhoon. | Charm: --- | Counters: X-Strike. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Mune {B-13} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 15 | Exp: 200 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 2 | Absorb: --- | HP: 1000 | G: 200 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Multi-punch. | | Combos: Typhoon. | Charm: --- | Counters: X-Strike. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: The only difference between these two, is that Mune doesn't ever | counterattack when hit. So, what you wanna do is ONLY attack Mune! If you | do attack Masa, the two of them will counter with X-Strike. It's not super- | devastating, as it does around 50 damage, so no worries. | | To start, have EVERYONE use their magic on Mune. If anyone gets below half | of their max HP, have Crono heal them. You only have to defeat one of these | guardians, so focus all your attacks onto one of them. | | If either of them use their Typhoon attack, it will Confuse one of your party| members. When this happens, immediately use a Panacea on them, next turn. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(14), Marle(13), Lucca(13). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Masa & Mune {B-14} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 16 | Exp: 500 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 10 | Absorb: --- | HP: 3600 | G: 1500 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Doublehand Chop, Hurricane, | | Vacuum Wave. | Charm: --- | Counters: Wind Slash. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: During this fight, have Marle and Lucca attack with magic, and heal| with Crono. Crono's Lightning attack does about 70 damage, while the girls' | Ice and Fire do about 150+ damage! So yeah. It's only obvious why you will | want to use them instead. :) | | Antipode Bomb works really well in this fight, so try it out if you want. | | The first attack you need to look out for is Doublehand Chop. It will hit a | single unit for 80+ damage. Since Crono doesn't have any healing techs, just| use Mid-Potions. | | When Masa & Mune enter their "Storing whirlwind energy" stance, hurry and use| Crono's Wind Slash tech! This will dissipate the upcoming Vacuum Wave! This| is, by far, their most powerful attack! It will hit every character for | about 130+ damage!! Agh!! If you are hit with this, stop what everyone is | doing, and have them use Mid-Potions, on themselves. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(14), Marle(14), Lucca(13). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the fight, the guardians will return to their human forms. Watch the scenes and you will receive the [BROKEN BLADE]. Crap! After this, they will carry the party to the base of the mountain, with some gusty winds. WOooSH! ======================== {30} The Cursed Woods ======================== Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca. Level: 13-15 Location: Porre, Tata's House, Cursed Woods, Grotto. Enemies: Edible Frog, Fangtooth, Nu. Treasure: Hero's Badge, Mid-Potion, Shelter, Magic Scarf, Broken Hilt. Back at the World Map, travel south to the Village of Porre. Visit Tata's house and speak with Tata, then watch the scenes. Afterwards, Tata will give up his fame and hand you the [HERO'S BADGE]. Apparently, he wants to become the legendary sea captain Bluebeard!? >_> Next, head to the forest northwest of Porre. Over here you will find the eerie Cursed Woods, a places filled with ribbits! Make your way up through the woods and be sure to open the two treasure chests that you'll see. Inside are a [MID-POTION] and a [SHELTER]. At the north part of the woods is a lonely bush. It's a different color from the others bushes of its species, and shakes, too. You might not realize it at first, but there is a hidden ladder behind it that leads to a grotto. This has to be the coolest secret, ever! Hehe! Down here you will find.. a house? Whoa! I am so jealous! :D Nu: To find the Nu, enter the grotto and then exit. Run past the two frogs by the shaking bush, and stop by the frog that is all by itself between the really close trees. Wait here for 5 seconds. If the Nu doesn't appear, enter the grotto and repeat. In order to fight it, you must bump into a Frog. Inside the grotto, open the pot to the right side of the ladder to obtain a [MAGIC SCARF], then walk around the house and watch the scenes. Yay, it's Frog! After he is finished talking, check the pot with the serious blue light. Could they have made it MORE obvious? Heh. In the pot you will find a [BROKEN HILT]. Watch the scene. If you forgot to watch the scene, it said the only person who can mend the Masamune is Melchior! Aha! You know where he is, right? Make your way back to the End of Time, and go to 1000 A.D. - Medina Village, his cabin is to the west of there. Speak with Melchior and watch the scene. What, we need some weird red stone to fix the Masamune? Bugenhagen! o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<== ========================= ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Party: Crono, Marle, Lucca. Level: 14-16 Location: Hunting Range, Ioka Hut. Enemies: Prehistoric Frog, Ion Cloud, Nu. Treasure: Third Eye. Steal: See the "Hunting Range" map below. Before we follow any kind of footprints, let's visit the Hunting Range. There is a lot to do here, and a lot of treasure to be found! Yay! If you cannot find it, the Hunting Range is located north of Ioka Village, and east of the Dactyl Nest. It's in the trees. Let me give you the basics of what you are supposed to do. The northeast Ioka Hut is home to a trader. He will give you various equipment depending on the loot you bring from the Hunting Range. Keep in mind that you can also get these items from certain enemies found elsewhere, but finding them in the Hunting Range is the most efficient way. These are the items you will use in trade: Petal = The petal of a delicate prehistoric flower. Fang = The sharp fang of an ancient beast. Horn = The great horn of a prehistoric creature. Feather = The colorful feather of a prehistoric bird. If you collect a certain combination of these items, you will be able to trade them to that old man in the northeast Ioka Hut. -------------------.-------------------. 2 Item, 3 Each: | Prize: | -------------------|-------------------| Petal + Fang | Ruby Gun | Petal + Horn | Shaman's Bow | Petal + Feather | Stone Arm | Fang + Horn | Mammoth Tusk | Fang + Feather | Ruby Vest | Horn + Feather | Stone Helm | -------------------'-------------------' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You must get everything the Ioka Trader has to offer. If you don't get the Ruby Gun, Shaman's Bow, Stone Arm, and Mammoth Tusk, you'll miss out, because later on he will change his inventory. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's it! Just make your way to the Hunting Range, and scavenge for as much loot as you can! If you want, check out this map I made. It will tell you what to expect when you are there: HUNTING RANGE MAP: File(PNG) Size(94K) -------------------------------------- http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/950181/55341 This just became the best spot to gain TP and earn money. If you feel that you are under-teched, or broke, spend some time fighting the Nu. When you defeat one, you'll receive 30 TP and three of every kind of trade item. Use all the extra petals, fangs, horns, and feathers, to get tons of equipment, and then sell it all for tons of gold! You will also get a [THIRD EYE] for the first time you beat a Nu. Sweet! When you are satisfied, continue to the next chapter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =================== ==== {35} Forest Maze {FM} =================== ==== Party: Crono, Ayla, Marle. Level: 14-18 Location: Ioka Hut, Forest Maze. Enemies: Golden Eaglet, Red Eaglet, Crested Sprinter, Kilwala, Bao Bao. Treasure: Potion, Mid-Potion (x3), Athenian Water (x2), Mid-Ether (x2), Shelter, Panacea. Steal: Feather & Ether(Golden Eaglet), Horn(Crested Sprinter), Petal(Kilwala), Fang & Ruby Vest(Bao Bao). After you have finished your preparations, head to the southeast Ioka Hut. In here speak with the guy in the middle, by the post. He tells us that the Reptites are strong and then gives us four [POTION] so we can win. Haha, cute little caveman! Next, head south of the village, and you will eventually, and hopefully, find the Forest Maze. OooooOOOoo, scary! Inside the forest, you will bump into Kino. If you haven't met him yet, Kino is a good friend of Ayla. He was at the party the other night. Speak with Kino and watch the scene. Afterwards, head right through the trees. Open that yellow-looking treasure chest to find a [MID-POTION]. Climb down the vines and open another chest to get an [ATHENIAN WATER]. You will have to fight two Golden Eaglet before you can open it. Climb down some more vines and then cross the tree bridge to the right. From here, walk down and open the treasure chest for a [MID-POTION]. Head back up. After you pass that tree bridge, head left to find another treasure chest, in this one is a [MID-ETHER]. Continue to the right, following the footprints into the trees. Along the left side of this path is a chest containing an [ATHENIAN WATER]. Keep heading down and you will come across another chest. This one has a [SHELTER]. Yay, so many treasures! From there, follow the path to the right, defeating some monsters along the way. This path will be pretty easy to follow, since there are no turns for a short distance. Anyways, once you get to the fork in the path, go down. They both take you to the same place, it's just that this way is quicker. Along this left path, you will find two treasure chests, and some vines that you can climb down. Open the chests to get a [MID-POTION] and a [PANACEA]. Now climb down the vines. The exit is to the left of the vines, but first go to the right. There is a hidden treasure chest over here that has a [MID-ETHER] inside. Go back to the left and exit the forest. ==================== {36} Reptite Lair ==================== Party: Crono, Ayla, Marle. Level: 15-18 Location: Reptite Lair, Chief's Hut. Enemies: Aecyto Weevil, Bao Bao, Mossback, Reptite (Green), Megasaur, Rafflesia, Nizbel. Treasure: Mid-Ether (x2), Hi-Potion (x3), Ruby Vest, Elixir, Stone Helm, Hi-Ether, Gate Key. Steal: Dreamstone Gun(Aecyto Weevil), Ruby Vest(Bao Bao), Magma Hand(Reptite), Primeval Blade(Megasaur), Dreamstone Bow(Rafflesia), Third Eye(Nizbel). Finally, some new music! Hehe. That drum beat was getting to me. Once you are in the lair, head right, leaving the small first area. This second room is a bit bigger and has a bunch of Aecyto Weevil. If you sit there and watch them for long enough, they will eventually dig a hole into the floor. This is how you will get to different parts of the lair, because depending on where they dig a hole, you may end up in a new room or something. Hopefully this map is easy to read, it's my first attempt at ASCII art. Wait, except for that bodacious clock at the top. >_> __ Alright, in this second room of the lair, _---__/ \__--_--_ there are 4 different paths you can _/ \ take. They all eventually lead to the _/ __ / same place, the bottom, but they each / /\__ |\_--___/ \ \_ have different treasures and monsters | \ | / | \ along their routes. / \_ _/ | A \_ \ / |=| _/ \ / Since you can't enter them all at the \ |=|/ / same time, you will have to come back up |__/ | to this room, once you've reached the \ D | bottom. There's a series of ladders that | \ will bring you back up, don't worry. \_ B C / \ ___ ___ / Well, follow my steps and you will obtain \__--/ \_/ \---/ all the treasure within this lair. It'll be easier than picking a booger! If a weevil digs a hole in a place you don't want, TALK to it. Somehow, Crono convinces it to stop digging and to look for a better spot. If only we knew what he says. ...or doesn't say. NOTE: The locations I have placed on the map, A, B, C, and D, are not the only spots to access those specific routes. It just seemed to me that the weevil dig here the most frequently. NOTE: Please note that C2 and D2 are the same room. You can only get the Ruby Vest one time! A B C D Top =========================================================== Top | | | | | | | | 1 1 1 1 \ / / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 2 2 3 \----2---/ 3 | | | | | | | | | | Bottom =========================================================== Bottom Route A1: --------- Enemies: Aecyto Weevil (x2). Treasure: None. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to A2. Route A2: --------- Enemies: Megasaur (x1). Treasure: None. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to the bottom. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Route B1: --------- Enemies: Rafflesia (x1), Aecyto Weevil (x1). Treasure: Mid-Ether. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to B2. Route B2: --------- Enemies: Rafflesia (x1), Aecyto Weevil (x1). Treasure: Hi-Potion. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to the bottom. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Route C1: --------- Enemies: Rafflesia (x1), Aecyto Weevil (x1). Treasure: Hi-Potion. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to C2. Exit 2: Wait for the weevil to dig a hole to the right. Goes to C3. Route C2: (same room as D2) --------- Enemies: Rafflesia (x1), Aecyto Weevil (x2). Treasure: Ruby Vest. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to the bottom. Route C3: --------- Enemies: Rafflesia (x1), Aecyto Weevil (x2), Megasaur (x1). Treasure: Hi-Potion. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to the bottom. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Route D1: --------- Enemies: Rafflesia (x2), Aecyto Weevil (x2). Treasure: Mid-Ether. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to D2. Exit 2: Wait for the weevil to dig a hole to the right. Goes to D3. Route D2: (same room as C2) --------- Enemies: Rafflesia (x1), Aecyto Weevil (x2). Treasure: Ruby Vest. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to the bottom. Route D3: --------- Enemies: None. Treasure: Elixir. Exit 1: Original hole. Goes to the bottom. Once you reach the bottom, you will see four Reptites running around. To the southwest corner is a Reptite "guarding" a treasure chest. You can fight him if you want, or just quietly take the [STONE HELM], without him noticing. At the northeast corner is another Reptite "guarding" a chest. This one is a little trickier to get, without getting caught, but once you open it, you will receive a [HI-ETHER]. Yum! Exit this Reptite filled, or empty, room. In this next area, you have a Bao Bao and Mossback to the south. Fight them if want and then head up! Along the way you will fight some more baddies, and see a passageway to the left. Do you need to return to the top? Climb all the ladders in this room. If not, continue following the path up. Defeat the Megasaur and two Reptite and save your game. Heal, too! Dr. Grant, look out the window! It's a triceratops standing on two legs? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You must steal the "Third Eye" from Nizbel. There are only three in the entire game, and this is one of them. If you want a max Item list, you must steal it. You probably won't have Ayla's Charm tech at this point, so if you want to learn Charm without leveling up TOO much, go fight the Nu living in the Hunting Range. Also, take advantage of the TP Overflow, to learn it a lot faster! Huh? You don't know what TP Overflow is? Ctrl+F. {TPO} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Nizbel {B-15} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 18 | Exp: 500 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 10 | Absorb: --- | HP: 4200 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Charge, Earthquake, Electric Discharge| | | Charm: Third Eye. | Counters: --- | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: During this fight, attack with Crono and Ayla while the third | character heals, in my case it's Marle. Since Nizbel has a crazy defense, | use Crono's Lightning magic to lower it. Once his defense is lowered, attack| constantly with Ayla and Crono. | | Use Crono and Ayla's strongest physical techs. They will hit for a lot more | damage than their regular attacks. | | Also, make sure Marle is always healing. Even if someone is down by 50 HP, | heal them. They must be at full HP! You will see why. :) | | After a while, Nizbel will unleash its Electric Discharge. This is from when| you needed to lower its defense with Crono's Lightning magic. This attack is| deadly, hitting EVERYONE for 160+ damage! It is also unavoidable and forced | upon you, since you will eventually need to lower its defense again. | | When your party is hit with this attack, immediately use Mid-Potions on | everyone. If you need to, use two Mid-Potions. | | Once you are fully healed, use Lightning again to lower its defense, and keep| attacking while preparing for another Electric Discharge. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(16), Ayla(18), Marle(16). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the fight, you will get your [GATE KEY] back. Victorious! Watch the scenes. Hahahaha! Poor Ayla. Back in Ioka Village, Ayla will leave the party. :( Once you are done with you're goodbye, head southwest of the village towards the Mystic Mountains, and enter the time gate. Yippee! Yup, it's about that time. The end of time, that is. Haha...ha... o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==: Climb the stairs. At the top is a fallen soldier with a very useful hint about a certain enemy in the Fiendlord's Keep. Exit the cave and you'll appear on a new continent! Head north. ===================================== {39} The Fiendlord's Keep - Part 1 ===================================== Party: Crono, Frog, Marle. Level: 14-17 Location: Fiendlord's Keep. Enemies: Vampire Bat, Underling (Purple), Shadow, Sorcerer, Lancer, Gaoler, Flea, Slash. Treasure: Mid-Ether (x2), Shelter, Barrier Sphere, Magic Capsule, Slasher. Once you're inside the Keep, walk up the stairs in front of you. There is an option to go either left or right. Both paths are dead ends, but you must go to the end of both of them. On the right side, you will find a [MID-ETHER]. There's also a treasure chest surrounded by some shrimp, but we'll get it later. On the left side, you will find two [MID-ETHER] and a [SHELTER]. After you have visited the chair at the end of both sides, make your way back to the entrance. By the tall glass-stained window, a save point appears. Go up to it and watch the scenes. Afterwards, you will be attacked by some of Ozzie's minions. Sir Froggy, unsheathe thine blade! Mwa ha ha! When you defeat the monsters, you'll need to head back up the left and right sides. This time there will be monsters lurking in the hallways. There will also be something, or someone, waiting for you at the end, by those chairs you saw. NOTE: Before you go up either side, I would go back to the World Map and save your game! Just in case. Let's go up the right hallway first. Speak with the little boy on the bottom side of the treasure chest and he will ask you if you'd like his treasure. Well, duh! Heh. Defeat the Shadow and open the treasure chest to find a [BARRIER SPHERE]. Yay! Wuzzit? Continue up the hallway. In this next room, you will find Marle's father and Frog's Queen. If you speak to the father, he turns into a Sorcerer. Defeat all the monsters and the speak with the Queen. She will turn into a Sorcerer, as well. Agh! And don't forget Crono's mother! Sorry, mom. After all is done, enter the door at the top and get ready for... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Flea? {B-16} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: ??? | Exp: ??? | Weakness: ??? | -------------| TP: ??? | Absorb: ??? | HP: ??? | G: ??? | Immune: ??? | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: ??? | Techs: ??? | | | Charm: ??? | Counters: ??? | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: During this fight, attack with Crono and Frog and have your third | party member heal. To start, use Crono and Frog's X-Strike double tech. This| works amazing, hitting Flea for about... WTF? It's dead? F = Crap. | | OK, so maybe that was a decoy, but where is the real Flea? Hmm. WHAT? You | mean it was that little TICK following us? Nightmare! I mean, yay, now we | beat the snot outta this, strangely attractive, uh... weird, girl. Let's go!| -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(16), Frog(14), Marle(16). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Flea {B-17} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 21 | Exp: 500 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 10 | Absorb: --- | HP: 4120 | G: 1000 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Blow Kiss, Wind Waltz, Rainbow Storm, | | Rainbow Beam. | Charm: --- | Counters: The Look. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: She's a man? Wait, I take it back!! D: The first thing you want | to do in this fight, is recover all the lost MP that the Flea decoy took with| its MP Buster. So use an Ether or two, or save some time using a Mid-Ether. | In fact, you might just want to use a Mid-Ether, because you'll need get into| the battle quickly. | | During this fight, only use Crono to attack. His Cleave tech works the best,| since it does 2x the normal damage. | | The reason you want to attack with Crono only, is because Flea will use A LOT| of status inflicting abilities. You will need one person to heal any lost HP| while the other person cures all status ailments, using Panaceas. | | If Crono runs out of MP, which he probably will, have him restore his own MP.| The other two characters need to focus on healing and curing, otherwise, you | could give Flea an advantage. | | When Flea uses his Wind Waltz attack, take priority in removing that Confuse | ailment from whoever was hit by it. If a healer was Confused, and the other | one is asleep, or something, use Crono to remove it. | | Another attack to watch, is the "The Look" attack. This will cause Crono to | attack everyone, including himself, for about 100 damage. After this attack,| use everyone to heal, until they have full HP again. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(16), Frog(14), Marle(16). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the fight, grab the [MAGIC CAPSULE] by the chair. I guess Flea must've dropped this. ...or turned into it? Meh, oh well! Now that we are finished with this right side, head back over to the left side of the Keep. NOTE: Fully heal your party, and save your game at the World Map. In this first room, defeat the Gaoler and Lancer. Make your way up the hall- way, and defeat the remaining foes. In the last room you will find a few people standing around. Talk with the girl standing in the middle, and everyone will turn into a Lancer. Ah, it looks as if you were being tested! Out of the shadow... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Slash (Unarmed) {B-18} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 21 | Exp: 0 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 0 | Absorb: --- | HP: 3200 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Rapid-fire Punch, Skyward Flame. | | | Charm: --- | Counters: Firebomb. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: Attack with Crono and Frog during this fight. Their X-Strike tech | will deal 400+ damage! Meanwhile, have your third party member use his/her | strongest techs, while occasionally healing. | | His strongest attack is the "Jab, lunge, thrust!" attack. It will do around | 100 damage to a single character, so be ready to heal with a Mid-Potion. | | At the very end of the fight, Slash will counter with his Fire Bomb tech. It| will hit everyone for about 70+ damage, leaving them injured going into the | next fight. So get ready to heal! | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(17), Frog(15), Marle(16). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Slash (Sword) {B-19} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 22 | Exp: 500 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 10 | Absorb: --- | HP: 5200 | G: 1500 | Immune: Water. | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Strike, Wind Slash, Cleave, Frenzy. | | | Charm: --- | Counters: Frenzy. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: Magical attacks are useless in this fight, so use nothing but your | most powerful physical attacks. Once again, X-Strike is your friend. | | First thing, HEAL any damage sustained in the previous battle. Easiest thing| would be to have everyone use a Mid-Potion on themselves. | | So yeah, use X-Strike with Crono and Frog, while healing with that other one.| You might also want to keep Frog on call, so he can be ready to heal, just in| case something goes to pot. | | During the first half of the battle, Slash will only go around to the four | corners of the room, using his Wind Slash attack. This will hit 1-3 party | members, depending where he is at, and hit them for 70+ damage. If you are | not careful, this could easily build up, reducing HP quite a bit. So make | sure to be healing after every attack. | | Once you have reduced Slash's HP to about half way, he will start to use | new attacks, and use them A LOT. The battle intensifies, so if you need to, | have two healers while Crono attacks. It doesn't hurt to be safe. :) | | His Cleave and Frenzy attacks are to be feared. They will deal 140+ damage | to a single character, and if you aren't quick enough to heal them, Slash | take out the weakened character with Strike. He is fast, so be quicker! | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(17), Frog(15), Marle(17). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Once this fight is over, you will receive a [SLASHER] and a save point. Fully heal your party and save your game, as we are about to enter into the second part of the Fiendlord's Keep! Yay! ===================================== {40} The Fiendlord's Keep - Part 2 ===================================== Party: Crono, Frog, Marle. Level: 15-18 Location: Fiendlord's Keep. Enemies: Underling (Purple), Blue Gargoyle, Sorcerer, Vampire Bat, Juggler, Roundillo, Save Point, Outlaw, Servant (Sword), Roundillo Bomber, Servant (Crossbow), Ozzie, Magus. Treasure: Mist Robe (x2), Dark Mail, Death Claw, Magic Capsule, Mid-Ether, Lapis, Barrier Sphere, Shelter, Speed Belt, Athenian Water, Magic Scarf. Back at the entrance, activate the save point. It is actually a portal that leads to a different part of the Keep. NOTE: From this point on, you will have to fight the 100 beasts that Ozzie mentioned earlier. Not all at once, silly, but throughout the rest of the dungeon. After being teleported, head up through the new room. Defeat the all of the Underling, Blue Gargoyle, and Sorcerer and you will find Ozzie waiting for you at the north end of the hallway. Open the treasure chest to his right to find a [MIST ROBE] and then speak to him. Watch the scene. Ozzie will attempt to summon his henchmen Slash and Flea, but we all know what happens next! Haha. Ozzie's in a pickle! In the next room will be a series of traps. Avoid all the guillotine type blades. NOTE: If you are hit by the blades, they will do some serious damage to all party members. Wait for them to be at the top of their chain. Open the treasure chest along the way to get a [DARK MAIL]. Continue through the traps. Once you pass the third blade, Ozzie will speed things up a bit. The blades will drop up and down faster and the conveyor belts will turn with more velocity. Try not to rush things, and time the blades. As they are going UP run underneath them. After you make it through, Ozzie will run off, yet again. Open the treasure chest near where he was standing to receive a [DEATH CLAW]. Mmm, zesty! In the next area, you must scale the side of the tower. If you want to avoid the Roundillo, climb down the various chain ladders. These will help you to avoid making contact with them. NOTE: The Juggler enemy will constantly switch its weakness. If you attack it with a physical attack, it will be weak against magic. Then when you hit it with magic, it will be weak to the physical touch of your sword. Enter the door at the top. In this room, you will see Ozzie standing to the right with a horrifying grin slapped onto his face. It must be improv. Walk down the hallway and Ozzie will open a trap door, making you fall to your sudden and untimely death. ...or to a lower area. Here is a map showing where Ozzie built his well-placed trap doors: ________ _________ I tried to make this as accurate as | | | | possible, so you could make it all | __ | | __ | the way without falling once, but I | | | | | | | | recommend falling at least once. Heh. |__| |__| |____| |_| | | |_ __ | There is treasure down below! | | | | | | | __ |------| '--' | It may not seem like it on my map, but | | | | | __| you can actually walk all across the | '--' | |__ | | very bottom wall. | | | | '--| | | |--' | So the easiest thing to do, is to walk | '------'__ | along the far left wall, then across | __ | | | the very bottom, and then up the very | | | '--' | middle, while turning right, before '-----'--'--------------' you hit the last hole. Coconut Pie! If you fall down to the large room, you will see something like this: ___________ In this room are four treasure chests, ____| |____ and a [MAGIC CAPSULE]. ____| | | |____ | | |___________| | | 1 = Mid-Ether. | |____| S |____| | 2 = Lapis. |____| 2 3 |____| 3 = Barrier Sphere. | 1 4 | 4 = Shelter. | | M = Magic Capsule. | | | | Then at the north, east, west, and | | south sides, are save points. 2 are |S S| traps, 1 is real, and 1 is a portal. | | | | I would list them out for you, like | | the treasures are, but these things | | change positions everytime you fall | | down, so you'll have to look yourself. |____ ____| |____ S ___M| Just keep in mind that the Save Point |___________| and Portal are always across from each other, and the traps, likewise. Once you make it to where Ozzie is standing, he runs off. Heh. Follow him again and you must climb the side of another tower. It looks like this might be the very top, check out that scenery! Ooo. After climbing the tower, enter the door. Agh, more traps!? Walk up the room and some monsters will ambush you by climbing up the chains on all sides. You have to fight quite a bit, so don't let your guard down. At the very end is, you guessed it, OZZIE! Is he...gonna....ru...ROOAAAR! He ran away. D: Open the treasure chest to find a [SPEED BELT]. In the next area, follow the long hallway. Open the treasure chest near the end for an [ATHENIAN WATER] and enter the door. Before you do anything in this room, open the treasure chests to the left and right. You will find a [MIST ROBE] and a [MAGIC SCARF]. Ok, talk to the boob and you will get to not fight... -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Ozzie {B-20} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 23 | Exp: 0 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 0 | Absorb: --- | HP: 1000 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: --- | | | Charm: --- | Counters: Barrier Bomb. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: Not matter what, do NOT attack Ozzie. He will counter with his | Barrier Bomb attack. It will hit everyone for about 100 damage. | | Other than that, just attack the switches as you go. >_> | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(18), Frog(17), Marle(18). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the almost fight, fully heal your party and save your game using the right save point. Enter the left one and it will teleport you to a long staircase full of bats trying to attack you. Just run fast to avoid them, or fight them, and enter the door at the very bottom. Dal zumal phara-lo lierra... Uh, what? I didn't see a "Do Not Disturb" sign. Head up into the blackness and watch the super-sexy movie. Yah! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Magus {B-21} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 20 | Exp: 1500 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 15 | Absorb: Light, Shadow, Water, Fire. | HP: 6666 | G: 3000 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Scythe, Hell Geyser, Dark Matter. | | Counters: Lightning II, Ice II, Fire II, | Charm: --- | Dark Bomb. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: This fight is crazy! To start, I suggest you have a GREAT healer | in your party. Emphasis on great. So, have Marle as the third party member.| | OK, at the beginning, quickly attack Magus with one physical attack. He will| counter with a random tech, and his weakness will match that element. So if | he used Lightning II, to counter, his new weakness is Light, etc. After he | counters with an attack, fully heal everyone that was hurt. Once everyone is| healed, you'll want to follow this strategy: | | STEP 1: | IF Magus changed his weakness to something you can attack with, Lightning or | Water in my case, then quickly attack him with Frog's Masamune. This will | reduce his magic defense, so you can hit him for more damage. Only hit him | once, though, as he'll change his weakness if he is hit again. Go to Step 3.| | -or- | | STEP 2: | IF Magus changed his weakness to something you CAN'T attack with, for me that| would be Shadow or Fire, attack him again with a physical attack. Make sure | you are healed, though, before you attack. Go back to Step 1. | | -then- | | STEP 3: | With Magus's defense lowered, and his weakness at something you can use, hit | him with your most powerful Double Tech. (or Triple Tech if it matches) If | his weakness is Water, Crono and Marle's Ice Sword works really well. If the| weakness is Light, then just use Crono's Lightning magic, unless you have | something better. After you get a good hit in, he will counter again. Fully| heal everyone and go back to Step 1. | | When Magus starts using his Dark Matter attack, you know are about half way | through the fight. At this point, he stops using all attacks, and unleashes | Dark Matter after Dark Matter. Yikes! | | During this time, you can basically attack with whatever you've got. Use the| most powerful techs, over and over... | | Magus's Dark Matter attack is deadly. At my level, it almost kills my whole | team, leaving them at about 1-20 hit points. So yeah, this attack will do | around 275+ damage to everyone. :( | | After he uses this attack quickly heal everyone and keep attacking, and be | ready for him to cast another Dark Matter, again. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(18), Frog(17), Marle(18). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' You did it! Yay! After the fight, watch the scenes. What is this? The...beginning? Nooo! I never really did understand this scene with Marle and Crono, but it always gave me a good laugh at the end. When you wake up, you will be in Ayla's Hut. Yahoo! Ayla fun. o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==<==>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You must get the Magma Hand and Stone Helm, if you don't have one. They will become unavailable after a certain point of the game and now is the best time to get them. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you are ready, head northwest of Ioka Village. The forest up here has been destroyed, opening a path to Laruba Ruins. The Reptites invaded this village, killing everyone. Head to the north part of the area and watch the scene. After Ayla runs off, follow after her. When you get to the World Map, head northeast of the ruins to find the Dactyl Nest. Enter here. Follow the path north, defeating the Cave Ape and Schist along the way. Climb the wooden pegs at the end of the path and open the treasure chest to receive a [MID-ETHER]. Continue following the path and open another treasure chest near the three more Schist. Inside you'll find a [MID-POTION]. Head up the right side and go to the next area. In this area, kill some more baddies and climb the wooden pegs. Follow the long path and open the chest along the way to find a [MESOZOIC MAIL]. Climb up and keep on going... going... goin... goi... go... g... You will find Ayla in the next area, so talk to her. Watch the scenes and then another movie starts to play! As usual, it's awesome. NOTE: To really appreciate flying around on the Dactyl, listen to the theme song from Jurassic Park. When you get to the World Map, fly the Dactyl to the east of Ioka Village, and in the middle of the lava fields you will find your next destination; the big, the super, and duper, Tyranno Lair! Hiya, Ranma! ==================== {43} Tyranno Lair ==================== Party: Crono, Ayla, Marle. Level: 19-22 Location: Tyranno Lair. Enemies: Cave Ape, Reptite (Purple), Terasaur, Volcanite, Avian Rex, Nizbel II, Azala, Black Tyranno. Treasure: Mid-Ether(x2), Hi-Potion, Potion, Mesozoic Mail, Hi-Ether, Athenian Water, Triceratopper(x2). Steal: Mid-Potion(Reptite), Lapis(Terasaur, Volcanite), Third Eye(Nizbel II), Magic Capsule(Azala), Strength Capsule(Black Tyranno). Inside the lair, you will immediately see two Cave Ape. If you walk in front of them, they will dash at you, in attempt to initiate battle. Avoid or fight these hairballs, then enter the skull mouth to the right and take the stairs. In the next area, fight off the two Reptite guards and head right. Press the switch on the wall, near the bone cage, to open it. All the prisoners inside will make run for it. Uh, you're welcome? Continue to the right and defeat two more Reptite. Go down the stairs. Defeat the three Reptite down here and try to unlock the cell door. The switch seems to be broken, so talk to Kino through the bones. Watch the scenes. Hey, why couldn't Kino climb over that? I guess it's a mystery. After the scenes, open the rock-shaped treasure chest in Kino's cell to find a [MID-ETHER], then follow Kino. Back at the entrance, he will magically open the left skull. Hey! What is this madness?? I'm so confused. Enter the left skull and go up the stairs. This room is kinda... strange. There are four monsters, two on each side, but you can activate switches to get rid of them. So fight them if you want, or send them to the dino heaven. Sorry, all dinos go to heaven. Take the right door first. Outside, defeat the foes and then enter the next door. In this small room you will find two treasure rocks. The left one has a [HI-POTION] inside, and the right one is a TRAP! Oh! It looks like those dinos didn't go to heaven afterall. Well, I guess they will now. :) NOTE: If you killed them earlier, they won't be here, but if you activated the switches instead, here they are to ambush you. If you opened the trap treasure rock/chest, make your way back to the room with the switches, and take the left door this time. Outside, again, defeat all the monsters and enter the next door. This room is kinda tricky, but don't glut! This map will remove your rut. _________________________________________________ _/| _____ |\_ / | | | | \ OK, when you are | | | h | | | teleported it's a | |_|_____|_______________________________________| | one-way trip. | _/ |___| 1 | |_ 2 \_ | |/ _____ ___ |___| \| A --> a | | | |_ |___ f _A_ g | B --> b | _ | | | | | |_____ | D --> d | | | |_ | | | |___ | | E --> e | | | | | |_ _| | | | F --> f | | |_____ | | a| |_ |_____|D| G --> g |E| | |___| | | B | H --> h | | ___| e ____ | | | | | | |___|3 H ___ _____| | |_____| | | | I took out C because | | | | _| ___ |_| | the lower/upper case | | | |________| | | | were too alike. :P | | | | | d _ | | | | | | | | | As for the treasure: | b G| _| | | | | | | | |4 ___| | |_| | 1 = Potion. | | | | | _ | 2 = Mesozoic Mail. | ___| | | | | | | 3 = Athenian Water. \_ |_______| | |___| | _/ 4 = Triceratopper. \__________F______________|_____________|_________/ After you are finished exploring this room, head up those stairs at the top- left corner of the room. In the next area, head down. On the balcony, again, defeat all your enemies. Make your way to the far right side, passing the locked door, and enter the unlocked door. Inside here you will find two switches. Left Switch = Skull mouth opened + Monsters Right Switch = Skull mouth opened Walk through the now-opened skull, and activate the switch at the end of this narrow pathway. This switch unlocked that door on the balcony, so make your way back and enter this door. Yay! In the next area, an ugly bacteria-looking thing will be up in your face. It can talk, so go ahead. Oh, it's Nizbel! Heh. He says that Azala is just beyond where you are, so walk past him. Save your game and fully heal, then head to the north part of the room. Hahahaha... what a goof. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You must steal the "Third Eye" from Nizbel II. There are only three in the entire game, and this is the last one. If you've followed everything, so far, you should have them all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Nizbel II {B-22} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 27 | Exp: 880 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 15 | Absorb: --- | HP: 6500 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Charge, Nizbel Charge, Earthquake, | | Electric Discharge. | Charm: Third Eye. | Counters: Hit, Nasal Gas. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: This fight is very similar to first encounter with Nizbel, but with| some A-1 sauce, if you like it, or maybe BBQ... Agh! You get the idea. :D | | To start, do NOT attack Nizbel with anything but Lightning magic. So use | Crono's Lightning, Thunder Chomp, etc. This is the only element that will | decrease Nizbel's defense, while everything else, physical attacks included, | will INCREASE it. | | While Crono is attacking with his Lightning techs, or double techs, have | the third character heal. If you are unable to perform Lightning double techs| just have two healers then. It may go a little slower, but oh well. :) | | Crono and Ayla's Thunder Chomp works amazing, and should be used a lot. | | Robo would be a great healer for this fight, because his Heal Beam will heal | everyone at the same time. | | Look out for Nizbel's Electric Discharge. After a while, he will release a | powerful build-up of energy, hitting all party members for 200+ damage! When| he uses this attack, use a Mid-Potion on everybody. If you don't heal fast | enough, he will most likely take someone out. He is really quick to attack. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(21), Ayla(22), Marle(21). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Once the fight is over, head up those stairs. In this next room, just head down and it will take you to the final balcony. Head right, defeating all monsters that get in your way. Like before, the path up the middle is blocked, so enter the door to the far right. This room has three switches to be stomped. Left Switch = Creates holes in the floor. Right Switch = Drops two Terasaur. Middle Switch = Reveals a save point. Avoid pushing the left and right switches. You can fall down the holes, to a lower area. So just push the middle switch, the one that is higher up then the other two, and save your game. Talk to the skull, and it will open. Inside here, activate the switch to open the locked door on the balcony, then open the treasure chest for a [HI-ETHER]. Head back outside, and enter the door up the middle path. In this room, head up to meet Azala! It's on. Watch the short scene, and open the two treasure chests to receive a [TRICERATOPPER] and [MID-ETHER]. Run after Azala. Out here follow the bridge up and....and....AHHHH!!! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Azala {B-23} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 20 | Exp: 800 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 10 | Absorb: --- | HP: 2700 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Psychokinesis, Teleport, Telepathy. | | | Charm: Magic Capsule. | Counters: Azala's Wrath. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Black Tyranno {B-24} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 20 | Exp: 1000 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 15 | Absorb: --- | HP: 10500 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Fire Breath, Chomp, Roar, Tyranno Flame.| | | Charm: Strength Capsule. | Counters: --- | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: At the start of this fight, attack Azala with Crono's Lightning | magic, while the two other party members heal. You want to defeat Azala as | soon as possible, because he gives Black Tyranno an impossible defense, that | resists all attacks. | | So yeah, just focus on Azala while healing. When you finally defeat him, he | will counter with his Azala's Wrath tech, inflicting Sap on everyone. | | After a short while, Black Tyranno will begin counting down. The counter will| start at 5 and end at 0. He will roar at you, every second the timer goes | down, and this will inflict Sap on your entire party, as well. | | During the time Black Tyranno is counting down, is when his defense has been | lowered. Attack him with all you've got. Crono and Ayla's Thunder Chomp | will hit him for 800+ damage. So use that a bunch. | | When the counter reaches 1, stop attacking with everyone, and fully heal any | injuries. At 0, this dinosaur will unleash his most powerful attack, Tyranno| Flame, hitting everyone for 300+ damage! x_x | | After being hit with this, Black Tyranno will have his impossible defense | back, so heal everyone using Mid-Potions. Or whatever you have that recovers| the most HP. | | Wait for him to lower his defense again and continue attacking, while getting| ready for another Tyranno Flame. | | Also, look out for his Chomp attack. Not only does this grindage hit a single| character for 170+ damage, it heals Black Tyranno! He will use this attack | all throughout the battle, so be ready to heal. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(22), Ayla(22), Marle(22). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the long battle, watch the scene with Azala. This scene will finally explain how Lavos came to inhabit the planet. It seems that Ayla has known about Lavos for a while, too. Hmm. Continue watching the long scenes and you'll end up at the World Map. Enter the Tyranno Lair Ruins. In this area, you will find a gate! Yay! Watch the scenes and then go into the lovely blue orb. o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inside Kajar, you will find a few well-hidden secrets. Upon entering, head to the right. Over here you will find a Font of Recovery. Head up and when you get to the stairs, walk up them. Here you will find a door and to the right of this door, a bookcase. If you look closely, you can see a shiny blue light above the shelves. Ah, now that's one tricky secret! Hehe. You cannot get it from this room, so enter the door. In this next room, take stairs to the right and STOP! You can get that shiny blue light in the other room, through the wall. It's a [SPEED CAPSULE]. There isn't much else to do in this room, yet, but for now there are a couple points of interest. - You can meet the creator of capsules! It's too bad he doesn't sell 'em! - The Nu sleeping by the bookshelf. We will come back later. - The man in the top-right of the room talks about the Moonstone and Sunstone. - The Nu at the top-left of the room will give you a vague hint. "Water summons wind... Wind makes fire dance..." So the order is Water, Wind, and Fire. Ok, so that probably doesn't make any sense the first time, but if you think about it enough, and explore all of Kajar, you'll figure it out. Out in the main room are three books. To the far-left side is Water. To the bottom-right is Wind. In the middle, by that Nu shopkeeper, is the Fire. If you open them in the correct order a secret passageway will open, leading to a room with an Unidentified Object and a book. When you pick up the object, you will find a [BLACK GEMSTONE] inside. NOTE: This stone invokes the triple tech Eternal Darkness! Dun dun. Oh, and you won't be able to use it for a while, so don't worry about it, yet. Next, let's head back to Enhasa. There are some books there that we can open to reveal another secret room. When you get there, open the Water book to the far-right of the room. Open the Wind book to the far-left, and then the Fire book near the entrance. Inside this room you will find a book about Nu and a Nu. Speak with the Nu and he will ask you if you'd like to challenge him. If you do, you will have to fight six of him. Yay! You should probably heal up and save first. Hee! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Fight: Nu (x6) {Nu} | --------------.---------------.---------------.---------------.--------------| Level: 1 | HP: 1234 | Exp: 248 | TP: 15 | G: -- | --------------'---------------'---------------'---------------'--------------| Strategy: The Nu only have two attacks. One reduces your HP to 1, and the | other does 1 damage. So if you can, use a party member that has access to a | heal-everybody technique. Robo's Heal Beam, Frog's Heal, Marle/Crono's Aura | Whirl, etc. | | Every round, have someone heal using those techs I mentioned. | | Meanwhile, use powerful techs that hit multiple targets. Falcon Strike works| amazing. Two of these should take out one row of Nu. If you don't have that| or any other strong multi-hit techs, attack one at a time. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(22), Ayla(23), Marle(22). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Afterwards, the Nu will give you a [MAGIC CAPSULE] and [SPEED CAPSULE]. There really isn't much else to do, so let's head back to Kajar. To the right of there is a Small Cave. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enter the Small Cave to the right of Kajar. Make your way through the series of teleportation beams and when you reach the top, you will find nothing more than the brilliant Zeal Palace! =================== {46} Zeal Palace =================== Party: Crono, Ayla, Marle. Level: 21-24 Location: Kajar, Zeal Palace, Small Cave. Enemies: Golem. Treasure: Magic Capsule, Pendant. Steal: Magic Capsule(Golem). Once inside the palace, look to the left. Do you see that lady standing on the second level? Make your way up there and talk to her. She will ask you about the small sapling to her left. When she asks you for advice, tell her to "Grow it in Secret". Do NOT tell her to burn it. This will activate the sidequest in 600 A.D., the Sunken Desert. NOTE: From this point on, you can do the "Sunken Desert" sidequest. However, it might be a little tough at this point, so it would be a really good idea to wait a while. You can try it if you want, though. After talking to that plant lady, talk to the Nu walking back and forth on the walkway. Oh, itchy... Scratch his back and you will discover the Nu's scratching spot! Yahoo! Uh, how do I use this in battle? Haha, you don't! Make your way back to Kajar and talk to that sleeping Nu by the bookshelf. Remember? When you scratch his back he will drop a [MAGIC CAPSULE]. Thank you mister! Back at Zeal Palace, follow hallway up from the entrance. You will bump into what looks like Masa & Mune. Oh wait, it IS them! What's going on here, why would they exist 12000 years ago? Hmm. Go back to the second floor, by that Nu walking back and forth. From here, walk to the right and up the two sets of stairs. Enter the door at the very top-right of this room and you'll enter a smaller room with a door on the left and a door on the right. Enter the door on the right and watch the scene. It's Janus and Schala! After the scene, follow Schala. She enters the doorway directly above where Masa & Mune are standing. In here you will get to witness a sealed door being opened! Yay, you know what THAT means! Hahahaha. Frosty! NOTE: Save your game now. You won't be able to in a little bit. Enter the door to the far-left of the main area. There is a Nu blocking the door way, so talk to him and he will move. Up here you will find the Mammon Machine. Activate the shiny red light at the base and the power will be transferred into Marle's [PENDANT]. We can FINALLY open all those sealed doors and sealed treasure chests! Happy days! Next, open that door that Schala walked through earlier. In this room, you will meet a bunch of new characters. Ooo. Ahh! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Golem {B-25} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 34 | Exp: 1000 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 35 | Absorb: --- | HP: 7000 | G: 2000 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Iron Sphere, Energy Spheres, Electrify, | | Ice, Water II, Flame, Fire II, Dark Ray.| Charm: Magic Capsule. | Counters: Bluuurp! | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| | Just so you know, if you win or lose this fight, it doesn't matter. The main| story will still continue, so if you lose, don't get mad and turn off your | DS. With that said, you should still try to at least win. Why? Because you| are awesome. | | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| Strategy: Everytime you attack Golem he'll imitate with a counterattack. The| type of counter depends on the element of the tech you used. | | If you use a Light element, he will use Electrify. | If you use a Shadow element, he will use Dark Ray. | If you use a Water element, he will use Ice and Water II. | If you use a Fire element, he will use Flame and Fire II. | If you use a Physical Attack, he'll use Iron Sphere and Energy Spheres. | | At the very beginning of the fight, Golem will be in physical attack mode and| will only hit you with Iron Sphere and Energy Spheres. | | First thing, do NOT worry about his Iron Sphere attack. It only halves HP | and cannot kill anyone. If you do this strategy right, the only attack you | will need to watch out for is its Energy Spheres. This attack is its most | powerful one, hitting a single party member for 500+ damage. If someone is | hit with this attack, you'll most likely need to revive them, so use an | Athenian Water to bring them back quickly. | | Also, don't worry about having FULL HP. I know, that's weird, but it's the | best way to get through this fight. | | Ok, have Ayla use her strongest physical tech. Boulder Toss works VERY well!| | If you can select another command, with a different character, before Golem | unleashes its counter, it will imitate with a NEW counter, which cancels out | the previous one. | | What this means is: Attack in a sequence. It's a little hard to explain the| exact pattern, but let me try. :D | | Attack Golem IF another party member's ATB gauge is HALF WAY OR MORE. If you| hit him while the other two character's gauges are empty, he will have more | time to get in a counterattack. That's the basic idea, right there. | | Since all of Golem's elemental counters are extremely powerful, and they hit | all party members, I suggest using ONLY physical attacks. This way he will | only ever use Iron Sphere and Energy Spheres. | | Anyways, have EVERYONE on back-up, ready to revive a KO'd party member. As | long as you *DON'T* use elemental techs, you won't need to worry about having| your team fully healed. Keep attacking with your strongest physical techs, | and revive when someone is KO'd, which will happen a lot. | | One last thing. When Golem is defeated, he will counter with Bluuurp! This | attack will hit everyone for about 120 damage. So when you think you are | about to win the fight, start keeping one person healed. Before you hit Golem| with your powerful tech, fully heal someone so not everyone dies. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(22), Ayla(23), Marle(22). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the grizzly battle, watch the scenes. Somewhere in between, you will be forced to return to 65000000 B.C. The group then remembers that they have seen a sealed door, like the one Schala opened, in 2300 A.D., the Keeper's Dome. Since you can't enter the blocked gate, leave the Tyranno Lair Ruins, ride the Dactyl to the Mystic Mountains and go to the End of Time. We have some treasure hunting to do! Yahoo! o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<== ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alright, now that we have the power to open sealed doors and chests, let's go pay a visit to some placid treasure! ================ Sealed Chests ================ Remember all those sealed chests in the Middle Ages and Present? *grin* To get the best possible equipment, you must examine the sealed chest within 600 A.D., before trying to open it in 1000 A.D. This way, the contents are given the chance to upgrade into better quality equipment. Not all chests can be upgraded, though. Start by going to 600 A.D. If you open a sealed chest, and it asks you if you would like to "REMOVE THE ITEM", say no. This means it can be upgraded. So after you have said no, visit the same chest in 1000 A.D. and it will have a better piece of equipment. Upgradable Sealed Chests ========================= .---------------------------. .---------------------------. | 600 A.D. | Contents | 1000 A.D. | | .-----'----------------'-----. | | Truce Inn | Blue Vest --> Blue Plate | Truce Inn | | Guardia Castle | Red Vest --> Red Plate | Guardia Castle | |Porre, Elder's House | White Vest --> White Plate | Porre, Mayor's Manor| |Porre, Elder's House | Black Vest --> Black Plate | Porre, Mayor's Manor| '---------------------'----------------------------'---------------------' Examine the chests in 600 A.D. and REFUSE to take the contents. Travel to 1000 A.D. and the equipment will upgrade! After obtaining all the upgraded equipment, go back to 600 A.D. and open the remaining chests. Non-Upgradable Sealed Chests ============================= .---------------------------. .---------------------------. | 600 A.D. | Contents | 1000 A.D. | | .-----'----------------'-----. | | Magic Cave=|=Magic Ring | | | Guardia Forest=|=Speed Capsule | | | | Power Ring=|=Guardia Forest | | | Barrier Ring, Speed Ring=|=Heckran Cave | '---------------------'----------------------------'---------------------' If you haven't already used the gate in 1000 A.D. - Guardia Forest, well before now, you cannot use its light pillar at the End of Time. In order to get this pillar activated, you will have to travel all the way to the Bangor Dome in 2300 A.D. and enter the gate there. This is the only way to get the Power Ring. There are a lot more sealed chests than this, but this is all we can get for the time being. I will cover the rest of the sealed chests later in the walkthrough, or during the sidequests. If you want more details, please see the "Sealed Chests & Sealed Doors" section below. Ctrl+F. {CD} ================= Guardia Castle ================= You can also find these treasures inside Guardia Castle, 1000 A.D., but you will need to have Marle in your party to enter. 1. Turbo Ether 2. Elixir 3. Hi-Ether 4. Turbo Ether 5. Megalixir If you don't have any Spiced Jerky, go buy some. You will get to watch some really funny scenes with Marle and her father. Hehe. =============== Forest Ruins =============== Lastly, for treasure chests, head to Medina Village, 1000 A.D. To the north of this town you will find the Forest Ruins. We've been here before, but just for a short time, so head north through the trees until you reach the pyramid of ____. <-- Insert colorful word here. The pendant will react with the force field, disabling it. After that, you'll be given a choice between two sealed chests and you can only pick one. Sad. 1. Guardian Helm = left chest. 2. Swallow = right chest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is a dilemma of sorts. Since you can only choose one chest, you will be missing out on another. Here is my advice for this situation: Since both pieces of equipment will be rendered LESS helpful, late in the game, I would go for the RAREST of the two. The right chest contains the Swallow, a weapon for Crono. It's a very rare item, as this is the only place to get one. The left chest contains a Guardian Helm, a very useful helmet at this point of the game, however, it can be obtained later on. In the end, the Swallow will be MY choice, but it's up to you. I've chosen the sword because I will get a Guardian Helm later on, and it will give me a more complete items list. Also, it's blue! Hehe. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ =============== Sealed Doors =============== Now let's go to 2300 A.D. There a many treasures here, too, but these ones are locked behind sealed doors! Ooo. Technical. There is only one sealed door in each dome, except Proto Dome, so I will just list the treasure you can find behind. ...each one. 1. Trann Dome = Hi-Ether, Golden Stud, Magic Capsule. 2. Bangor Dome = Alluring Top, Hi-Ether, Workman's Wallet. 3. Arris Dome = Luminous Robe, Elixir, Acuity Ring, Golden Earring, Strength Capsule. Well, you should be pretty much set for a while. You just found loads of super awesome treasure! Ok, there isn't much else to do, so let's head to the sealed door found inside the Keeper's Dome! See you there! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==<==>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==_> Don't worry, his Bestiary entry will still be recorded. | | For HEALING, use the odd character out. So while you are attacking the RED | beast use Lucca to heal, since she is Fire-based, and when attacking the | BLUE beast use Marle to heal, etc. :) | | Some attacks you should look out for are the Cross Charge and Earthquake | counterattacks. These only occur when you attack the Mud Imp while the two | beasts are alive, OR if you attack all three of them at once. So try to | avoid doing either of those. | | Both Left and Right Charges are pretty strong, too, dealing 120+ damage to a | single character. To best deal with this, always have the third party member| healing. They'll use these COUNTERS a lot, and if you go CrAzY on attacking,| you might find it hard to keep healed. So always have someone heal and take | it slow on the attacking. :) | | When the Mud Imp is all alone, he will ALWAYS use heal. Like it's gonna help| you now! Mwahaha! Just hurry and take him out before he runs away. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(23), Marle(23), Lucca(20). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the fight, climb climb the chain chain. Wut. =========================== {51} The Mountain of Woe =========================== Party: Crono, Ayla, Marle. Level: 22-24 Location: Mountain of Woe, Algetty. Enemies: Rubble, Bomber Bird, Gargoyle, Stone Imp, Death Lily, Giga Gaia. Treasure: Platinum Helm, Platinum Vest, Shield Sphere(x2), Barrier Sphere(x3), Lapis (x2), Hi-Ether (x2), Shelter, Time Hat, Magic Capsule. Steal: Mid-Ether(Stone Imp), Vajra Sword(Bomber Bird), Heavy Hand(Gargoyle), Smiter's Blade(Death Lily), Speed Capsule(Giga Gaia). Once you have climbed the chain, you will be at the base of woe mountain. Why is this place even chained up? Is it so it doesn't float away? Now that is just plain... awesome! Have you ever seen a floating mountain? NOTE: Do you see that rock lookin' monster? That's a Rubble. This is one of the BEST ways to level up and earn TP. If you defeat one of these things, they will give you 1000 Exp and 100 TP, but they are pretty hard to kill. They have an Evade stat of 75 and are near impossible to hit. Also, at the beginning of the battle, it will use its Omnilock tech that prevents you from using anything but your regular attacks, and if you can't beat it fast enough, he will run away. Hahaha. Anyways, once you have climbed the chain, head up. Follow this path and at the very end you will find a treasure chest containing a [PLATINUM HELM]. Go back to the beginning and then take the left path. Along this path, you will fight two Bomber Bird. Climb the chain after. In this next area, there is a Rubble to the left and a path to the right. If you want, fight the Rubble, then follow that right path. Defeat the Gargoyle along the way and you will come across a save point! So soon, eh? Fully heal and save your game, if you want. Keep following this path. When you get to the large fork, climb the chain to the right to find a Rubble and two treasure chests. Open the chests to find a [PLATINUM VEST] and a [SHIELD SPHERE]. Go back down the chain and head left. Here you will have another choice, you can either go left, or down. To the left is another treasure chest with a [BARRIER SPHERE] inside, but you will have to fight four Gargoyle to open it. Go back and take the hard-to-see path leading down. It's weird to think that this small piece of land takes you to a higher level. Hehe. Well, go down the left side and it will wrap around, leading you back up. Up towards the top, open the chest to find a [LAPIS]. Continue right and climb another black chain. At the top, defeat the two Stone Imp and Gargoyle. Keep on following this path, climb down a chain, and open a treasure chest to the right to obtain a [BARRIER SPHERE]. Cross the chain to the right to go to the next area. In this area, open a chest to the left of those plants to get a [LAPIS], and then head right. These yellow and blue plants are called Death Lily. If you try to climb the chain to the top, you will be forced to fight them, but first go to the right and open the two more treasure chests to find another [BARRIER SPHERE] and a [HI-ETHER]. Either way, climb the chain that leads up. Follow this path, fighting the Rubble along the way. If you go towards those two Death Lily, you will have to fight them along with three Gargoyle. When you win, open the two chests to get a [SHIELD SPHERE] and [SHELTER]. Head back up and cross the chain to the right. Over here is a save point and the last chain! Woohoo. Climb the chain and face your nightmares! Just kidding, it's only the next area. Follow the path up, open the chest for a [TIME HAT], ooooo, and go on the next chain, to the right. Over here is another chest with a [HI-ETHER] inside and a [MAGIC CAPSULE] to the bottom-right. NOW climb the last chain to face your nightmoors! Oh no. I'm so sorry. The correct answer is Moops... ...You idiot! There are no Moops. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Giga Gaia {B-29} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 32 | Exp: 3000 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 30 | Absorb: --- | HP: 9500 | G: 3000 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Arm Restoration. | | | Charm: Speed Capsule. | Counters: --- | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Defense Arm {B-30} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 32 | Exp: 0 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 0 | Absorb: --- | HP: 2000 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Water Surge, Restore Head. | | | Charm: --- | Counters: Doublehand Blaster, Dark Plasma. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Attack Arm {B-31} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 32 | Exp: 0 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 0 | Absorb: --- | HP: 2000 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Attack Arm, Gaia Magnade. | | | Charm: --- | Counters: Doublehand Blaster, Dark Plasma. | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy: At the very start of this fight, Giga Gaia will get two attacks in | before you can say moops. :D After he's finished, immediately heal everyone| by using three Hi-Potions. Now the fight begins! Hehe. | | To start, you'll want to take out BOTH Arms as soon as possible. The best | attack for this is Crono and Ayla's Falcon Strike. It will hit each arm for | around 1000 damage. Sway! Just two of these will take 'em out! | | Once you have the Arms destroyed, use your best combinations of techs. For my| party, Ayla and Marle's Ice Toss works best, hitting Giga Gaia for about 800+| damage and Crono's Cleave attack hits for about 500+ damage. | | You could also keep hitting him with Falcon Strike, which does 1000+ damage, | but I'm not going to. Even though it works very well, it takes Crono and | Ayla, leaving Marle by herself. She doesn't do much damage on her own. That| is why you have to work your combos right, to deal the most damage possible. | | If you've been following my party set-up until now, and you are starting to | have trouble using Marle, try switching her with Robo. He at least has some | physical power to deal damage. | | After a while, the Arms will be restored, so destroy them again with another | Falcon Strike. | | Giga Gaia doesn't attack UNLESS the Arms are present. So as long as you have| them defeated, by using Falcon Strike, you will NEVER be attacked. Neat! | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(23), Ayla(23), Marle(23). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the fierce (...?) battle, watch the scenes. It's Melchior! We were trying to save him all this time? Whoa, strangeful plots. During the scene, the spell on the mountain breaks and the chain shatters. So it was just holding it in place, I see. That's very...... Once you have control again, speak to Melchior. To help you succeed in destroying the Mammon Machine he gives the party a [RUBY KNIFE]. With this we can end the Queen's lunacy! o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==_> | | OK, with both of them sleeping, fully heal your party. Have Crono and Lucca | use their Fire Sword attack and heal with Ayla. Focus on one Golem at a time| and if you are ever hurting, or about to die, use Lucca's Hypnowave tech and | then heal your party. | | Remember, only attack with Fire-based techniques during this strategy! | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(25), Ayla(26), Lucca(23). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' Was it brutal? Hahaha, well here you are, so nice job! After the fight, watch the scene with Dalton. Like any proper villain, he runs away. Boo! Once you have control, head north into the next room. Scare the silly Nu and follow the walkway. More intense scenes await. Oh no! NO! AHHHHHHH!! (so that's how the Masamune was made) AHHHHHH!!! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Boss: Lavos {B-34} | -------------.-------------.-------------------------------------------------| Level: 20 | Exp: 0 | Weakness: --- | -------------| TP: 0 | Absorb: --- | HP: 30000 | G: 0 | Immune: --- | -------------'-------------|-------------------------------------------------| Drops: --- | Techs: Rain Destruction, Lavos Needle, | | Chaos Zone, Earthquake. | Charm: --- | Counters: --- | ---------------------------'-------------------------------------------------| Strategy 1: Eat some destruction. If this is your first playthrough you will| most likely NOT be able to defeat this version of Lavos. | | Just let him destroy you, like you have a choice, and watch the long scenes. | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: Crono(25), Ayla(26), Robo(24). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' -----------------------------------------------------------------------------. Strategy 2: This is for the players who are on a NEW GAME +! I haven't been | this far, yet, while making this walkthrough, but when get here, I will post | a strategy. | | | | | | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------| My Level: -----(--), -----(--), -----(--). | -----------------------------------------------------------------------------' After the many scenes, Crono and frien.... uh, I mean... D: *cries* You'll awaken in a tent. Listen to everything the old man has to say and then save your game. ==================================================== {55} The Surviving Village of a Destroyed Kingdom ==================================================== Once you have control, leave the tent. Whoa! Look at the World Map. Mostly everything was flooded! ...and our Epoch is floating in the middle of the ocean, it looks like. Poor Epoch. At the middle tent you will find a Nu shopkeeper. Right now he doesn't sell much, except some consumables, but as you progress in the game, his inventory expands. Apparently he just sells whatever washes up on shore. NOTE: You might have noticed the capsule behind the Nu shopkeeper. You are supposed to wait from him to leave the tent, BUT it looks like he won't move just yet. So later during the game, we will come back. When you are ready, head North a little bit and enter the Village Commons. In here, speak with all the survivors and with the village Elder at the northern part of the area. Watch the scenes. Of course Dalton survived, and OF COURSE he steals Epoch, and captures us... Argh! Dalton, I hope you choke on a rat. o>==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<===>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<====>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>==<===>==<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==>=<==