=================================================================================================== ========================= --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- GUNDAM SIDE STORY 0079 rise from the ashes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- =================================================================================================== ========================= gamefaq by: msz006 Table of content 1. Revisions 2. Intro/Story 3. Controls 4. Options and Menus 5. Mission descriptions 6. Mobile Suits 7. Enemy Mobile Suits 8. Equipments 9. Tips & Secrets 9.1 Premium Disc 10. Credits & Disclaimers 1. Revisions Version 0.1 first release, got in basic informations and about missions, Equipments & Mobile Suits Section half complete.. Version 0.1a updates, fix spacings and added Beam Rifle in Equipment, and fix a few things that showed up after its posted on the net..and special thanks to Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey for giving me a story also added about Premium Disc 2. Intro January, U.C. 0079... Space Colony "Side 3" declares its allegiance to the Zion Dukedom, and begins an independent war against the Earth Federation government. The Zion army carries out "Operation British" to make the space colony fall to earth simultaneously as they begin their ground war. The target of the colony was Jaburo, a Federal Army base in South America. Due to the desperate resistance of the Federal Army, the colony breaks apart in the sky over Arabia. Jaburo is saved, but the colony scores a direct hit on Sydney, Austrialia, destroying the city and creating a giant bay where it once stood. Due to the failure of "Operation British", the Zion army did not have enough resources for the long-term war they now expected. The attack on Earth was carried out at once in order to secure resources, and 2/3 of the surface was taken in a lightning-fast attack. Where Australia took the most impact from "Operation British" was also where the Zion army invaded in order to take the abundant underground resources there. The Federal Army troops in Australia that weren't annihilated by the blast were not prepared for the invasion. 11 months later... The Earth Federation strikes back with "Operation Odessa", a massive counterattack that begins in Europe. The balance of power begins to shift back to Earth forces, and additional counteroffensives being all over the world. Now in Australia, the troops which survived "Operation British" begin their counterattack... 3. Controls Movements D-pad: your D-pad controls the direction your MS moves Analog Stick: your Analog Stick controls the view of your cockpit (up/down reversed) Special Movements L button: Vernier Booster, stops at a certain height after activation, D-pad controls with direction your heading -holding L will make your MS holding in the air -tap for 2 second will make your MS make a boost jump, very useful for getting around in cities or just make a quick dodge R button: use Shield, cannot attack or boost while using the shield, but you can move around -left/right will become Strafe left and right while shielding -when in Close Combat Mode, you will block with Beam-Saber instead of a Shield Quick Double Taps (D-pad only): your MS will boost a short direction, holding on 2nd tap will make your MS continue boosting in that direction -double tap back will make your MS crouch down, holding down on 2nd tap will make your MS stay down Buttons A: uses current weapon B: Lock-On to enemy in sight, once to Lock-On, again to disengage -holding it down will make your Cockpit View back to center -your MS will continue follow the Lock-On target until your disengage the target, it will turn/look which ever was needed to fix the target at center X: change weapon Y: activate Sniper Scope Start: activate Battle Field Menu 4. Options and Menus Briefing Menu This menu will show up after you have view the briefing once, its order is from top left to the bottom. Briefing: view your briefing again Garage: change the gear of your MS Mail: read incoming mails from teammates System: change game options Exit: launch current mission Battlefield Menu This menu will activate after you are in the Battle Field Map: shows all units and vehicles current on Battle Grid Communicate: command your fellow teammates' action Condition: shows current HP/Shield conditions of your team Objectives: shows this Missions' Objective, goals need to be accomplished Exit: exit back to battlefield Communication Menu This menu is under Battlefield Menu, Communicate, its use to assign commands to your teammates. Move: assign them to move to a certain spot on map Search: assign them to search through a certain spot on map Attack: assign them to attack a certain target Guard: tell them to hold place and be on defense Long: attack distance long, mainly shooting Medium: attack distance medium, half shooting, if enemy MS comes within range, will engage Close Combat Short: attack distance short, mainly Close Combat 5. Mission descriptions Here is a brief descriptions of what you should do in each missions Mission 1 Obj: DESTRUCTION of enemy MS DESTRUCTION of target-Gun Turrets(15) Enemy MS in area: MS-06J 3 Magella not known In this mission I believe your here to eliminate the enemy defense, there is little to no resistance from the enemy if you know what your doing, refer to the Menu, Communicate section for guiding your fellow MS in battle. After eliminating the Zakus and all the Gun Turrets, this concludes the first mission in struggle against Zeon. Mission 2 Obj: DESTRUCTION of target-a supply train SPECIAL SEARCH by Oasis Enemy MS in area: MS-06J 2 MS-07B 1 This mission can be hard if you just run in and shoot mindlessly, there are 2 Gun Stations and can be deadly if your engaged with the Zakus. I suggest activating your SNIPER SCOPE and take out the Gun Stations out of Range before engaging the Zaku. There are 2 located on the map, one is slightly to your right from the bridge where you started, the other is located way on the left side of the map, not to worry about if you never got in that area. Also command the Oasis on SPECIAL SEARCH to locate enemies quicker. After you have eliminate the Zakus and the Gun Stations (hopefully, but not necessarily to trigger this event*, but you should anyway) the Gouf pilot, Visch Donahue, will start talking, I do not understand the dialogue, but I guess its something about he is impressed with your MS piloting skills, then you will go on a one on one with him, at this moment he became highly mobilized and moves very quickly, you should call your teammates in for help. This mission is over when you defeat the Gouf. -I've found two ways to trigger this event: 1. by destroying the Zakus and Gun Stations, leaving the Gouf alone. 2. other way is to destroy the supply train, its right after Oasis, Anita Julianne starts talking emotionally, train will enter from top left track of the map. After destroying the train, it will then make the enemy MS retreat to the top side of the map, but they won't attack u, so you can take advantage of this situation and destroy their MS :P Mission 3 Obj: DESTRUCTION of Gaw-a heavy air transporter Enemy MS in area: MS-06J 4 MS-06S 2 Magella about 2 or 3 This mission you are directed to destroy the air transporter Gaw, you are being send to intercept it, but on the way you encountered enemy MS, first group is consists of 2 MS-06J, Zaku I, and one MS-06S, a Zaku II. After eliminating this group, the Gaw will fly by and drop the second group, consists of same MS, but it will drop bombs as well, so stay clear of its path. I like this mission because its the first mission you get to use the Beam Rifle, its a very powerful weapon. >:) Mission 4 Obj: DESTRUCTION of enemy MS Enemy MS in area: MS-06K 3 MS-07B 2 I'm not sure whats with this mission, probably you just happen to run into a abandoned base or something. There is two groups of enemy MS in this mission as well, first is consists of plainly 3 of the MS-06K, the Zaku Cannons, though they are not mobile as well as the regular Zaku, the cannons are still something to watch out for. Second group is made of 2 MS-07B, the Gouf you have so much trouble in mission 2, you will always encounter one first, then as you engage first Gouf the second Gouf will come in and team you up. Best strategy I found is to send your teammates to SEARCH for them, because then only one will appear, and you should just stay far and use your SNIPER SCOPE on the Gouf. Repeat with the 2nd one as well to accomplish this mission much easier. Mission 5 Obj: SEARCH for enemy presence DESTRUCTION of enemy MS DESTRUCTION of target-Submarine Enemy MS in area: MS-06S 1 MS-06J 1 Attack Sub 1 MSM-03 2 This mission seems like to search out for the enemy who leveled down this Australian city. After you walk around some bit, you will encounter MS-06S, Zaku II, and MS-06J, Zaku I, these are easily taken out, whether by you or with your teammates. But when you encountered the sub, use extreme caution because it has machine guns and missile launcherX2 coming your way, its best to call your team for this. After destroying or destroying the attack components of the sub, 2 MSM-03, Gogu, will appear, these water-type MS moves pretty fast, and deadly too, when they raise their arms, you need to watch out because they will shoot a Ray Beam at you, they always moves in pair, so if you encounter one you sure find the second one....kind of convenient...but when you destroy first one the second one will run away. Its best to call one to encounter one while you double the other....ensure they will be dead about the same time. Mission 6 Obj: DESTRUCTION of enemy MS DESTRUCTION of target-Hover Tank Enemy MS in area: MS-06J 2 MS-09 1 MS-06S 2 This mission is harder than the missions before, because in this mission you will encounter a new type of MS, MS-06, Dom, and together combined with the Zakus, they can be a deadly group. The Dom moves very fast, it can move of out of your view at a blink of an eye, and with its standard equipment Bazooka, this is just one hard MS to fight with. It glides most of the time, so its hard to go after him, one way it to have one teammate CLOSE COMBAT with the Dom to keep him from moving around, and rest 2 just empty your clips on him...but still gotta watch out for those Zakus. As you encounter them, a Light Hover Tank will appear, it has about 4 machine guns...just life not hard enough, it has 2 missile launcher as well, but luckily this guy just don't move around much..so its easy to take him out, just keep on moving, after destruction or near destruction of it, 2 MS-06S, Zaku II will appear, take them out and your mission ends in victory again... Mission 7 Obj: GUARD your defense post BACKUP friendly unit* DESTRUCTION of enemy MS Enemy MS in area: MS-09 3 MS-06J 1 Well...good thing about this mission is your are your own base. But remember those hard little Dom, that moves and glides really fast? and carry a standard bazooka? Well now you got 3 of them on you! Just not enough they also send a Zaku with the group. *The moment you arrive on scene, your friendly unit, a tank, gets step on by the Dom, not blown up, but stepped on literally, so it makes a funny entrance...you can see it if you get there quick enough. Umm...no real strategy if you ask me, just try to gang on one and hopefully he dies quick enough and your still alive to take care the next one, hahahaha... Mission 8 Obj: DESTRUCTION of target-a large, flying hovercraft Enemy MS in area: MS-06K 2 Magella HoverCraft This mission is not bad at all, just all these night vision and high cliffs won't do anything bad, yeah. This mission starts with you at the entrance of a base, base got 2 Gun Stations, but its sitting high on a cliff, its hard to climb on even with boost, so your best bet is to walk around to the cliffs and go from rear, because there is a elevator there, DUH! But watch out for the tanks and Gun Turrets, they can be rather annoying, also the MS-06K, Zaku Cannons. After blowing up a few thing here, a few thing there, the HoverCraft will launch and engage your team, this is not one funny guy to mess with, he got lots of machine guns, about x2 missile launcher, and sends a hovering ball that sends eletric shock at you (kind of like Pikachu, but its not cute in anyway). This HoverCraft takes a while to destroy, but its the last thing you need to do in this mission. Mission 9 Obj: DESTRUCTION of enemy MS DESTRUCTION of target-HLV Ships Enemy MS in area: MS-14G 1 Hovertank This mission is not bad at all, not a lot of units, but there is a tank with heavy cannons that can take you out with little or relatively no difficulty at all. You starts out with engaging Visch Donahue's Geloog, this guy ain't bad at all, don't move that fast, but it has pretty heavy armor and deadly weapons, he comes with a Beam-Rifle, Double-Blade, and Rocket Launcher. Its hard to take him on. Because the tank is nearby, its equipment are x4 machine gun, x2 missile launcher, and the ray-cannon, and this tank moves fast also. So you should kill the Geloog first and DESTROY the HLVs first, there are 2 of them*, one is located on the left side of the map, it should be easy to spot because you can tell with the buildings and the launch pad..the other is at the top of the map. There will be 4 turrets near the launch pad to keep you away, but it hardly fires, so its okay. And ocassionally your commander will send some Fighters to bomb the HLVs, how nice of them...and after destroying HLVs you should go back and destroy the tank, and you can count your Operation complete! Congratulations! *to destroy the HLVs faster, shoot each of its boostets to set off a bigger explosion, faster than just shooting the core with heavier armor and takes longer.... 6. Mobile Suits Here is a brief info on the MS you can use in missions -RGM-79 energy: 800 your regular joe GM, available in most missions -short range Beam-Saber -sub weapon 60mm Vulcan -Special Hand Grenade(x8) -RGC-80 energy: 900 GM mounted with Cannon, and armor upgraded, available in most missions, boost is worst than RGM-79 -short range Beam-Saber -sub weapon 60mm Vulcan -special Cannon(x16) -RGM-79SP energy: 1000 special operation GM, available only in mission 9 and in Premium Disc only, has very good boost -short range Beam-Saber -sub weapon 60mm Vulcan -special Hand Grenade(x8) 7. Enemy Mobile Suits Here is a brief info on enemy MS you encountered during missions, machine guns are standard for all MS expcetions to MSM-03 Gogu and MS-09 Dom -MS-06J energy: 400 regular Zaku, nothing special, kill if you see one -short range Energy Axe -sub weapon Hand Grenade -special Rocket Launcher -MS-06S energy: 600 Zaku II, better armor and better looking -short range Energy Axe -sub weapon not known -special Hand Grenade -MS-06K energy: n/a your regular Zaku with Cannon, watch out if you see one -short range Energy Axe -sub weapon not known -special Cannon -MS-07B energy: n/a they look like Special Operation Zakus, but not sure, its a Gouf, it has triple machine gun mounted on his left hand -short range Energy Sword -sub weapon not known -special Energy Chain -MSM-03 energy: n/a water type MS for Zeon, always come in pairs, its Gogu -short range Claws -sub weapon not known -special Energy Cannon fired from chest -MS-09 energy: n/a Dom, fight if you see one, run if you see 3 -short range Energy Rod -sub weapon not known -special not known -MS-14G energy: n/a Geloog, tough like a tank MS -short range Double-Blade Sword -sub weapon Hand Grenade -special Rocket Launcher 8. Equipments These are equipments you can choose throughout the game, limits to certain MS -Machine Gun 100mm x28 no effect, -no limit to MS -Rocket Launcher bomb, explosive effect, anybody in range -no limit to MS -Cannon x16 cannon, stunts MS for a bit -limits to RGC-80 and MS-06K -Hand Grenade x8 grenade, hold A button to throw farther -limits to RGM-80SP and RGM-79 -P. Beam Rifle x6 damage 200, limits to mission 3 only -all except RGM-80SP -Small Shield energy: 350 attack, you can attack while shielding but I haven't find out how -all GM except RGM-79SP -Medium Shidle energy: 400 no special effects -only RGM-79SP -Large Shield energy: 500 no special effects -all GM except RGM-79SP 9. Tips & Secrets -All MS will come into CLOSE COMBAT when range is around 100, sometimes farther sometimes closer -You should move away when enemy MS blows up, it can damage your MS as well -Magella tanks needs to be destroy twice, first time its just the base, the top will lift off and becomes a fighter, u need to destroy that as well -Most MS have limits to certain SEARCH range, it means that hostile MS won't show until whatever the range it has, take advantage by using your SNIPER SCOPE -Use SNIPER SCOPE to inflict damage first -Go in CLOSE COMBAT range with MS that have high mobile speed -Take advantage in numbers, command your squads 9.1 The Premium Disc The Premium Disc is like just like a short simulator. It takes place at White Base, where Ray Amuro, pilot of RX-78 Gundam, asks you to join in a MS simulator with your Squad with the newly develop Gundam to test its abilities. To get the Premium Disc for Japanese residents you just have to beat the game and copy down the password, and write in to Bandai I guess...the limit was 9/30/1999, while supplies last I guess LoL....I bought mine at a import company when its suppose to be free (Hint Hint) The simulator ends when you can defeat the Gundam ( can you? ) or when your squad is eliminated...I can hardly touch the Gundam...not to mention defeating it... Premium Disc also has some nice CG images of the White Dingo Squads In this one mission you only get to pilot the RX-78SP against Gundam ( of course...you'll need every ability point it has...) and Gundam can inflict 200 damage per hit with his Beam Rifle, I don't have info on close up on the Gundam yet, more to come... 10. Credits & Disclaimers Bandai for making this great game. But I wish there were more Gundams, maybe like GP03D or ZZ-Gundam, or maybe F91...maybe I'm asking too much :P Disclaimers everything belongs to its original owners...Game made by Bandai and this faq by me, so please don't copy or ripoff anything, Thank You. Gamefaqs for posting my faq, Thanks Guys! Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey cjayc@gamefaqs.com for giving me the story, MAJOR thanks to you! wooooohoooooooo now we got a story...instead of the weird thing I weaved together... Contact Info msz006 nakashi@pdq.net, any criticism or tips or comments welcome :D</p>