Chrono Trigger Game Script By: Super Slash Version: 1.0 Email: ---------------------------- =================== VERSION HISTORY =================== v 1.0 - Submitted the guide NOTE: To find what you're looking for, hold Ctrl and press F (Apple for Macs), and type in, for example "II. Game Script", without the quotations. Do this for any section you may be looking for. TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------- I.........Introduction II.........Game Script (Main Story) .......The Millenial Fair [MLNF] ........The Queen Returns [THQR] ......A Vanished Princess [AVPS] ...............Homecoming [HMCO] ................The Trial [THTR] .........Beyond the Ruins [BNRU] .....The Derelict Factory [DFCT] ..........The End of Time [ENOF] ............Fiendish Folk [FNDF] .........The Hero Appears [HERO] ........Tata and the Frog [TATG] ........The Rare Red Rock [REDK] ......Footprints! Follow! [FTPR] .............The Masamune [MASA] .....The Fiendlord's Keep [FLRD] ......Forward to the Past [FWRD] ......Unnatural Selection [UNSL] ........The Magic Kingdom [MKNG] ........To Break the Seal [BRKS] ..........The Guru of Woe [GRWO] .........What Lies Beyond [WHLI] ............Lavos Beckons [LVOS] .............The New King [NWKG] .............The Time Egg [TIME] ...........The Fated Hour [FTHR] ..............Dream's End [DRMN] III. Game Script (Side Quests) ...........Fiona's Desert [DSRT] .............Ozzie's Fort [OZFT] ...The Origin of Machines [ORGN] ............The Sun Stone [STNE] .........The Hero's Grave [GRVE] ........The Rainbow Shell [RNBW] ...The Dimensional Vortex [VRTX] IV. Game Script (Endings) .............Day of Lavos [DYLV] ..............Beyond Time [EN01] ..................Reunion [EN02] ........The Dream Project [EN03] .The Successor of Guardia [EN04] ...............Good Night [EN05] .......The Legendary Hero [EN06] .........The Unknown Past [EN07] ......People of the Times [EN08] .................The Oath [EN09] .................Dino Age [EN10] ...What the Prophet Seeks [EN11] ..............Memory Lane [EN12] .........Dream's Epilogue [EN13] V.........Frequently Asked Questions VI.........Email Info VII.........Credits VIII.........Copyrights ================ I. Introduction ================ This was made simply because I enjoy making game scripts, and I noticed that nobody had made one at the time I started this, so here I am. I hope you'll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! I can't think of anything else to put in this section, so now it's onto the real thing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================= II. Game Script (Main Story) ============================= ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ The Millenial Fair [MLNF] ++++++++++++++++++ [Upon starting the game, the player gets to choose a name for the main hero, Crono. After that, the game begins with balloons being shot up from Leene Square, where the Millenial Fair is currently being held] Voice: Crono… Crono! Crono, are you still sleeping? [The screen fades in, showing Crono sleeping, along with his mother and cat standing beside him] Mother: Come on, sleepyhead! It's time to get up! [She opens the curtains] Mother: Dear me! I had forgotten how beautiful Leene's Bell sounds! [She walks back over to Crono] Mother: You must have been so excited about the Millenial Fair that you couldn't sleep last night, could you? Well, you'd better not let that giddiness get you into any trouble. I want you to behave yourself today! [She walks toward the exit of the room] Mother: Come on, now! Out of bed with you! [She proceeds to leave the room as Crono gets out of bed and stretches. The cat then goes downstairs, and Crono does as well] Mother: It's about time! By the way, you're going to go see— Oh dear, what was her name? That young inventress friend of yours… [The character-naming screen appears. By default, the girl's name is "Lucca"] Mother: That's right! Lucca! You're going to stop by and see her new invention at the fair, aren't you? Mother: Well, run along, then. And be back before dinner! [Crono speaks to her again] Mother: Oh, I almost forgot! Here's your allowance, dear. Have fun at the fair! "Obtained 200 G!" [Crono exits his house. Outside, he immediately sets out for Leene Square, which is dead ahead] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Leene Square (Present) ------------ [The fair is packed with lots of people and lots of games to partake in. Crono heads over to the main area of the square, where he accidentally bumps into a young lady, making her drop her pendant] Girl: Oof! [The girl sits up] Girl: Ouch… [Leene's Bell starts ringing as the girl gets up and walks over to Crono] Girl: I'm so sorry! Are you okay? Girl: Uh oh… My pendant! [Crono picks her pendant up off the ground and talks to her again] Girl: Oh, thank goodness! My pendant! I know it doesn't look like much, but it has a lot of sentimental value. May I have it back? - Yes. - No. [When "Yes." is chosen...] Girl: Thank you. You must live in this town. I came to see the fair. Awfully boring wandering alone, though, isn't it? Hey, why don't we walk around together for awhile? Wouldn't that be great? - Sure. - Sorry. [When "Sure." is chosen...] Girl: Yahoo! This'll be fun! Girl: Oh, I never told you my name, did I? It's, uh… Umm… [Character-naming screen. By default, her name is "Marle"] Girl: It's Marle! And you're…? Marle: Crono… What a nice name! Well, pleased to meet you, Crono. Come on, let's enjoy the fair! [The two wander around the fair for awhile. After a little while, they find out from a few people that Lucca's sideshow is about to begin] Marle: Oh, I want to see it! Come on, Crono! [As they make their way to the far side of the square...] Marle: Just a minute! I want to get some candy. [She rushes over to the candies that are available. After patiently waiting...] Marle: Excuse me! I'd like one of these. Woman: Sure, young miss. Marle: *laughs* Thanks for waiting! [They continue on to visit Lucca for her sideshow] Taban: Step right on up, any with the time and courage! Our first-ever hyperdimensional transporter is the invention of the century! *walks to a Telepod* Simply hop up here… *walks to the other Telepod* …and you'll be teleported here! This fantastic machine is the masterwork of my beautiful and brilliant daughter, Lucca! [Crono speaks with Lucca] Lucca: Crono! Lucca: I was wondering when you'd show up. No one wants to try my Telepod. Would you be so kind? Marle: Oh, this will be fun! I'll watch while you try it out! [Marle steps aside and Lucca steps off of the Telepod] Lucca: Just hop onto the left pod. [Crono stands on it, and Taban activates it] Taban: System activated! [Lucca operates the other console] Lucca: Initiating energy transfer! [Crono gets warped to the Telepod on the right] Crowd: OOOOH! Amazing! [He speaks with Marle] Marle: That looks like fun! I want to try it, too! Lucca: Huh? Lucca: Crono, when did you manage to pick up a cutie like her? Marle: It's all right, isn't it, Crono? Just wait right here—don't run off on me! Taban: Behold, ladies and gentlemen, as this vision of loveliness steps aboard the machine! Marle: Hee hee. Okay, I'll be right back! Taban: You're sure about this? There's still time to change your mind. Marle: No way! I'm not afraid. [She steps onto the pod] Taban: Okay, everyone, let's give her a great big hand when she teleports from the platform! [He activates the system] Taban: System activated! [Lucca operates the other console] Lucca: Initiating energy transfer! [Marle's pendant reacts strangely] Marle: What's happening? My pendant, it's— [Suddenly, the systems short-circuit] Lucca: Huh? [Taban and Lucca step away as Marle gets teleported through a portal of some sort. Taban walks up to where the portal appeared] Taban: Lucca… She's not reappearing. Taban: W-well, all right! As you can see, the girl has vanished before your very eyes! Show's over, folks! Move along! [The crowd leaves] Taban: What just happened, Lucca? Where is she? Lucca: The way she disappeared… That couldn't have been the Telepod. The way that rift appeared, and the way her pendant seemed to be reacting to it… Something else must have caused it all. Taban: Well, what are we supposed to do now? Is there any way we can help her? Lucca: That girl's face was so familiar. I know I've seen her somewhere. [Crono picks up Marle's pendant and steps onto the Telepod] Lucca: Crono! Taban: Oh! You're going after her? What a fine lad! Lucca: It's the only way. I don't know where that hole leads, but we've got no other choice. Taban: Let's just hope it opens up again. Lucca: Well, it's worth a shot! That pendant seems to be the key, so hang on to it, Crono—and brace yourself! [Taban activates the system once more] Taban: System activated! [Lucca uses the other console] Lucca: Initiating energy transfer! Lucca: Boost the power output! Taban: Roger! Lucca: More! I need more power! Taban: Roger! [The consoles short-circuit again] Lucca: There! I think we did it! [Crono gets carried into the same portal Marle vanished into] Lucca: Good luck, Crono! I'll follow you as soon as I figure out what went wrong! [He disappears] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++ The Queen Returns [THQR] +++++++++++++++++ [Crono reappears through the portal at a canyon area, and is immediately ambushed by three Blue Imps. He takes care of this with little effort and explores wherever it is he's at. He defeats some more monsters on the canyon, and ends up on the world map. He then heads through a forest, which is the forest of Guardia. At the end of the forest is a castle, which he enters] -------------- Guardia Castle (Middle Ages) -------------- Soldier 1: Halt! Who goes there? [The two soldiers walk up to examine Crono] Soldier 2: I've not seen your face before. And those outlandish clothes! Wouldn't be one of the Fiendlord's agents, would we? Soldier 1: Ha! Fat chance. Look at him! That boy's not built to lift a sword, let alone serve in the Fiendlord's army. Soldier 2: Heh. Suppose you're right. Now run along, boy, before we're forced to lock you up in the towers! Woman's Voice: Stop that at once! Soldiers: Queen Leene! [They bow as the queen enters the room] Queen: That man is my friend, and you will treat him as such. Soldier 1: But, Your Majesty, there's something…strange about his look. [She looks at both soldiers] Queen: You refuse to obey my orders? Soldier 1: No, I—forgive me, my lady! Please, enter! Queen: Hee hee… [She leaves the room as Crono explores the castle a bit. He heads all the way upstairs at the eastern tower, where a knight is blocking the path] Knight: Her Majesty awaits you. [He moves out of the way as Crono goes to speak with the queen] Queen: Ah! There you are. Queen: *to the handmaidens* Please leave us. I need to have words with this man in private. Handmaidens: As you wish, Your Majesty. [They leave the room] Queen: Come nearer. Don't be shy. [Crono walks closer to her as she turns around] Queen: Hee hee… Queen: Fooled you, didn't I, Crono? Marle: It's me! But everyone keeps calling me Leene for some reason. [She walks over by a table] Marle: I'm glad you came. Marle: We were only together for that short time at the fair, but somehow I knew you'd come for me. [She walks back up to Crono] Marle: Thank you, Crono. [Suddenly, the room glows green] Marle: What's happening!? Marle: ! I feel…I feel like I'm being torn apart! Marle: Help me, Crono! I'm scared! It's like…I'm dying. Please, Crono! Help—! [She disappears into thin air as Crono tries to grab her. He then heads back downstairs, confused] Voice: Crono! [Lucca runs over to him] Lucca: Whew… You're okay. Did you find the girl? [Crono "explains" the situation] Lucca: She—WHAT!? She disappeared? Lucca: Hmm… It's just as I thought, then. Lucca: I knew I recognized her from somewhere. [She steps back a bit] Lucca: We seem to be in Guardia, but it looks a lot older than the Guardia we're from. Lucca: They must have mistaken that girl for her ancestor. Lucca: After all, that girl was our Princess Nadia! [Crono gives a surprised reaction. A black screen pops up with Nadia on it] Lucca: Marle, that is, Princess Nadia, is a descendant of Queen Leene. [Two queens appear, along with Marle] Lucca: Queen Leene was kidnapped, and someone was supposed to have gone and saved her. But now history's been changed! [A Blue Imp appears and takes the first queen] Lucca: Marle looks so much like the Queen that they probably called off their search when she appeared. But if the real Queen is killed… [The imp kicks her, making her and all the other queens disappear] Lucca: Marle will never have existed! But there might still be enough time. If we can save the Queen, history as we know it should remain unchanged! [The screen returns to the castle] Lucca: Something must happen to the Queen in this era if she isn't rescued. And if something happens to her, her descendant, Princess Nadia, will never come into being. Lucca: We have to find the real Queen! [They leave the castle] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++ A Vanished Princess [AVPS] +++++++++++++++++++ [Outside the castle, they head back through the forest and trace their steps over to a cathedral] ----------------- Manolia Cathedral (Middle Ages) ----------------- [Inside are a few Nuns. Crono speaks to one that's using the piano] Nun: Why not say a prayer for yourselves? Hee hee hee… [A glimmering dot appears on the ground. Crono examines it] Lucca: What did you find? [She kneels down to look at it more closely] Lucca: A hairpin? Lucca: Hey, this is Guardia's royal crest! [The four Nuns gather up and each turn into Naga's. Crono and Lucca defeat them] Lucca: Phew! Wasn't expecting that. [Another Naga appears and knocks Lucca backward] Lucca: Ack! [A frog appears out of nowhere and kills the Naga] Frog: Lower your guard, and you will allow the enemy in! [He sheathes his sword] Frog: You've come to save the Queen? The fiends' lair lies within, it would seem. Will you accompany me? Lucca: You… You're a… Crono, it's a giant talking frog! You…you know I can't stand frogs! Frog: I suppose I ought not expect you to trust me, looking as I do. Frog: Very well. Do as you please. But I must save the Queen. [He walks off, but before he gets to leave...] Lucca: W-wait! [She walks towards him] Lucca: You…you don't seem like a bad frog. I mean, person. I mean…umm… Lucca: What should we do, Crono? - Go with the frog. - Refuse. [When "Go with the frog." is chosen...] Lucca: Right. I guess I'll just have to get over my…my aversions to slimy—err, moist-skinned-creatures. Lucca: So, what's your name? [The character-naming screen appears. By default, his name is "Frog"] Frog: Frog will suffice. Lucca: All right… Nice…nice to meet you, Frog. Frog: And you as well. This room must conceal a secret passage. Let us search every corner! [Crono uses the piano, causing a door to appear. They go through it to explore deeper into the cathedral. As they fight several monsters, they eventually enter a hallway where they battle more monsters, then they meet the Chancellor in the next room] Voice: Prepare yourself, Queen Leene. It is time you bid farewell to this world. [The group walks forward to the Chancellor and Leene] Chancellor: You! How did you get in here? Leene: Frog! Frog: Flee, Your Majesty! We shall dispatch this fiend! Leene: *nods* Be careful! [She goes towards the exit of the room] Chancellor: Gah ha ha! There's no use in fighting! None of you will leave this place alive! [He walks up to the party] Chancellor: Intolerable frog! Let us see you hop your way out of this! Chancellor: Enough of this Chancellor charade. [He transforms into a beast known as Yakra] "The Chancellor transformed into Yakra!" [They engage in battle against him. After the fight, Leene walks back up to the party] Leene: Thank you, Frog. I knew you'd come to rescue me! [Frog walks up to Leene and bows] Frog: His Majesty awaits most anxiously. We should return to the castle. [He turns to Crono and Lucca] Frog: I thank you, Crono and Lucca, for all your aid. Leene: And I as well. Please, accompany us to the castle. You will be most welcome guests. [Leene walks towards the room's exit as the party frees the real Chancellor from a treasure chest] True Chancellor: Whew! My thanks. That monster stuffed me in there like a sack of coin. True Chancellor: Oh! Your Majesty! I am undamaged, as you can see! [They go to the room's exit] Leene: Yes, let us be on our way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- Guardia Castle (Middle Ages) -------------- King: You cannot know how I worried, Leene. Chancellor: Yakra… That vile beast! Impersonating me and kidnapping the Queen! We must institute a stricter criminal justice system in this kingdom to ensure such fiends never threaten the royal family's safety again. Frog: I am disgraced. I failed to protect my Queen. [He begins walking away] Leene: Frog! [Frog bows and then goes to leave. Crono and Lucca go upstairs to check on Marle, where they find a light in which Marle reappears at] Marle: Huh? What happened? Lucca: Princess Nadia! Marle: Crono! [She walks up to Crono and kneels down] Marle: It was awful. I was so afraid. I couldn't see or feel anything, but I knew I was someplace cold. I wonder if that's what it's like to die. [Lucca kneels down] Lucca: Your Highness, I— [Marle stands up] Marle: You came to help me, too! Wait… Your…Highness? Uh-oh… Marle: *smiling* I guess you guys figured me out, huh? Marle: Sorry, Crono. I didn't mean to trick you. Marle: My name is really Nadia. My father's King Guardia XXXIII. I just wanted to go to the fair and have fun like everyone else! But if you'd known who I really was… Marle: You wouldn't have shown me around the fair, would you Crono? - Probably not. - Yes, I would have. [When "Yes, I would have." is chosen...] Marle: Oh, Crono! That's why I like you! Marle: The real Queen's safe, right? Let's go home, Crono! [On the way out of their castle, they see Frog by the exit] Frog: It was my presence here that endangered the Queen. I can remain at this castle no more. [He walks up to Marle] Marle: Eeeek! Frog: Indeed, your resemblance to the Queen is uncanny. [He goes to leave and speaks one last time before leaving] Frog: Crono, you've the makings of a great swordsman. [He exits the castle] Lucca: … Maybe frogs aren't so bad after all. [They leave the castle and head back through Guardia Forest, then they make way for Truce Canyon to get back to their own time] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Truce Canyon (Middle Ages) ------------ [Back at the area where Crono and Marle came out of the portal, they see the portal is still there, but closed] Marle: So, how do we get home? Lucca: Well, Your Highness, we— Marle: Please, call me Marle! Lucca: Well then, Marle… Observe! [She takes out a rod of sorts and points it at the portal, causing it to open] Marle: Whoa! Marle: Lucca, you're amazing! Lucca: Hee hee hee! Lucca: S-sorry, I should be more humble in front of— Marle: Enough already! I'm a princess, but what's that mean? I can't do anything special. But you—you're incredible! I'd trade my name for your genius in a heartbeat! Lucca: Well, if you say so… Lucca: Anyway, I call these distortions "Gates." They're basically portals to the same location in a different time. But Gates are unstable—that's why they appear and disappear all the time. So I used the principle behind my Telepod device… [She points the key at the Gate] Lucca: …to create this Gate Key! It's what's locking the Gate in place. Marle: But why did this Gate suddenly appear in the first place? Lucca: Either the Telepod had something to do with it, or something…else made it. Marle: This is starting to sound complicated. Why don't we head back to our own time for now? Lucca: All right! Coming, Crono? [They enter the Gate and get warped back to Leene Square in the present] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++ Homecoming [HMCO] ++++++++++ ------------ Leene Square (Present) ------------ [When they come out of the Gate...] Marle: Whew! We made it! Marle: Crono, Lucca! Why don't you come back with me to the castle? It would give me a chance to thank you properly for everything! Lucca: I'm really sorry for putting you through all this, Marle. Marle: What are you talking about? It was the most fun I've had in months! And I made new friends, too! Lucca: Crono, be a gentleman and take her home. I still need to do a little more snooping into why that Gate appeared. [Lucca leaves] Marle: See you again soon, Lucca! Marle: Well, Crono, are you ready to escort me home? [They leave the square and head through the Guardia Forest once again. Then, they enter the castle] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++ The Trial [THTR] +++++++++ -------------- Guardia Castle (Present) -------------- Voice: Princess Nadia! [The Chancellor rushes over to Marle] Chancellor: Are you all right? Where on earth have you been? We'd heard you were abducted! We had soldiers combing the entire kingdom for you! Chancellor: Hmph. *to Crono* You, back there! You're the one, are you? Thought you'd kidnap the Princess? Marle: No! Crono only— Chancellor: Seize him! Seize the filthy terrorist! He deceived our Princess and plotted to overthrow the Crown! Marle: No…no, you mustn't! [The soldiers of Guardia surround Crono] Marle: *shouting* Stop this right now! [The soldiers bow] Chancellor: What are you fools doing!? Soldiers: But Her Highness the Princess said— Chancellor: It doesn't matter what she said! Seize him! [They knock Crono out] Marle: Crono! [The scene switches to the courtroom] Chancellor: I, your Chancellor, shall serve as prosecutor! Pierre: I, Pierre, represent the defense. Chancellor: Members of the court. I will now bring forth the defendant, Crono, who is charged with the abduction of Princess Nadia. [He exits the room and brings Crono in] Chancellor: What shall be his fate? To burn at the stake, perhaps? To feel the Tickler, or hang upside down? Or…shall we employ the guillotine? Chancellor: The choice is yours, good jurors. Now, let us begin. [He walks back over beside the judge's counter] Judge: We shall first hear the testimony of her defense. Pierre: Crono is charged with premeditated abduction of royalty. The question is, how could he be guilty of a crime that never occured? Pierre: The prosecution would have you believe that the defendant kidnapped the Princess. However, the truth is quite to the contrary. Not only was their meeting a coincidence, but it was the Princess herself who asked Crono if she could join him. Chancellor: Is this true? Who was responsible for initiating contact? - I was. - Marle was. [When "I was." is chosen...] Chancellor: Indeed! The defendant deliberately approached the Princess, pretending it was an accident. [A flashback is shown of Crono bumping into Marle] Chancellor: Having subdued the Princess, the defendant then coerced her into visiting Lucca's little sideshow. There were countless witnesses to this. Shortly thereafter, both the Princess and the defendant vanished. If that is not criminal abduction, I don't know what is. Chancellor: Several other acts have also been brought to my attention that call the defendant's character into question. Pierre: Objection! This cannot possibly have any relevance to the case! Judge: Care to respond, Chancellor? Chancellor: Crono's character is at the very core of this case, Your Honor. This evidence will show that his testimony cannot be trusted. Pierre: Very well. We have nothing to hide. Pierre: I would like to call a witness who can vouch for the defndant's good character. [He leaves the room and brings in a little girl. This script assumes you did everything "kind" to everyone in Leene Square] Girl: That man brought my kitty back. Thank you, mister! Pierre: How about that? The man before you is a fine, upstanding youth. He deserves to be honered, not put on trial! Pierre: *to Crono* Whew… Looks like they're buying it. Pierre: The real issue here is motive. Was there any motive for this good youth to kidnap Princess Nadia? No! There was none. Chancellor: Pardon me, but I believe the motive was quite clear: greed. Her fortune did tempt you, did it not, Crono? - No. - Yes. [When "No." is chosen...] Chancellor: Are you sure? You weren't in the least bit tempted? - Not at all. - Just a bit. [When "Not at all." is chosen...] Chancellor: Very well. No more questions, Your Honor. Pierre: I believe it has been made quite evident that my client is a fine and virtuous young man. The defense rests, Your Honor. Judge: Members of the jury, it is time for a verdict. If you believe the defendant guilty, stand to the left. Innocent, to the right. [Now, several people come in and say if they believe he is guilty or not guilty. This script is going to assume you're not guilty at all. After everyone is done...] Judge: Order in the court! A verdict has been reached! The defendant has been found not guilty! But even if he did not kidnap the Princess, the fact remains that he aided in her flight from the castle. I sentence the accused to three days of solitary confinement as punishment. Chancellor: Take him away! [Two Guardia soldiers enter the room, and Marle does as well] Marle: Stop! Chancellor: P-Princess Nadia! [The king enters the room] King: That's quite enough, young lady! Marle: But, Father—! King: All I asked was for you to remain at the castle and behave like a princess. What's done is done. Even royalty must obey the laws of the land. Leave the rest to the Chancellor and forget your little escapade in town. King: We are through here! [They take Crono away] Marle: Crono! [Crono is taken to the jail area] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Prison Towers (Present) ------------- Chancellor: This man is a seditionist who meant to overthrow our kingdom. Chancellor: He has been found guilty by trial. I trust him to your care. [The soldier pushes him] Warden: So this is the monster who abducted the Princess! Chancellor: His execution is three days hence. See that he is still here to attend it. Warden: Execution? I don't recall hearing anything about that. Chancellor: No cause for concern, there's only been a small delay in the paperwork. Or do you mean to question me? Warden: N-never, sir! Warden: Guards! [Two guards come in] Warden: Take the prisoner away! [One of them knocks Crono out, then he wakes up in his cell. Inside is a bed, some lunch that sympathizers left for him (it's actually some Ethers), and a save point. At this point, you can either break your way out of the cell or just wait for three in-game days to pass, which takes about a minute for each. The dialogue and scenes are different for each one, so I'll write the script for both (what happens on your day of execution and what happens if you break out)] "Days left until execution: 2" "Days left until execution: 1" "Finally, the day of execution has arrived…" [An officer walks in] Officer: I've come to escort you to the executioner's block. [One of the guards opens the cell] Officer: Come along. [Crono follows him to the executioner's block. In the block, Crono's head is tied, with a guillotine above it] Officer: Your execution will be dispensed by guillotine. Officer: Do you have any last words? [Lucca suddenly breaks in] Lucca: Crono! I came to rescue you! Guard: What!? Lucca: Sorry, but you're sort of in the way. [She takes out her gun] Lucca: Lights out, boys! [She shoots both guards and the officer, knocking them all out] Lucca: *laughing* So, what do you think of my disposable Zonker-38? Pretty cool, huh? Lucca: Well, we'd better not stick around too long. Let's go! [They make their escape through the prison towers. On the way, they find a man tied under a guillotine] Man: H-help me, please! "Free him from the guillotine?" - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen, nothing happens. When "Yes." is chosen, Crono frees him] Man: Thank you. That was close! I'm Fritz. My father runs the market in Truce. Stop by if you're ever in the area! [He leaves. From this point on, the dialogue at the end of this segment will be the same regardless of what path you chose to take. Now I'll write the dialogue for the "break out of jail" path. When you try to break out of your cell once...] Royal Guard 1: Pipe down, you! [After you do it another time...] Royal Guard 1: Pipe down, you! [After a third time...] Royal Guard 1: Oh, how many times do I have to tell that filthy… If he won't quiet down, I'll quiet him down! Open the door! [The second guard opens the cell door, and the first one knocks Crono to the back of the wall. He enters the cell] Royal Guard 1: Heh! That's what you get for not doing what you're told! [As the guard leaves the cell, Crono runs out] Royal Guard 2: Where do you think you're going?! [Crono fights and defeats both guards. He tries to make his way out of the dungeon, rescuing Fritz along the way; the dialogue is the same. Eventually, he finds his way up to a door leading to the Warden's office] Royal Guard 1: There he is! [He defeats both of the guards and heads through the door. The Warden gets out of his chair and spots Crono] Warden: S-somebody help! [He runs upstairs, but gets knocked back down, then the note on his table falls to the floor as Lucca storms in] Lucca: Crono! I came to rescue you! Lucca: Oh, looks like you didn't need my help after all. Oh well. Lucca: Well, we'd better not stick around too long. Let's go! [Crono examines the Warden's corpse] "He is unconscious." "Obtained Mid-Potion!" "…Actually, 5 of them!" [They continue to the bridge, where they suddenly feel a rumble] Lucca: What was that? [As they draw closer, a big tank the shape of a dragon goes in front of them] Chancellor: Forward, Dragon Tank! Crush those conspirators! [The Chancellor leaves as they fight the Dragon Tank. After defeating it, Crono jumps onto it and sticks his sword into its back, causing it to begin malfunctioning. The Chancellor enters the area again] Chancellor: M-my Dragon Tank! Fix it! Quickly! [The Chancellor and two officers attempt to fix it, but then it blows up. They hold onto each other for their lives, forming a bridge. As Crono and Lucca walk over them...] Chancellor: Don't fool yourselves into thinking you'll get away with this! [Crono and Lucca continue downstairs into the main chamber of the castle] Soldiers: They're escaping! Lucca: We've got no choice! We'll just have to plow through! [They run to the castle's entrace as they find more soldiers] Soldiers: They're escaping! [They proceed to exit the castle, when...] Voice: Stop that right now! Soldiers: Princess Nadia! [They bow as Marle enters the room] Marle: That man is my friend, and you will treat him as such. Soldier: But, Your Highness— Marle: You refuse to obey my orders? Soldier: No, I—forgive me, my lady! Voice: Hold it right there! [The Chancellor enters the room] Chancellor: On your knees! His Grace King Guardia XXXIII comes before you! [The King enters the room] Marle: Father… King: Silence, Nadia. Your duties come before your whims. You are a Princess before all else. Marle: No I'm not! I'm a person first, and Princess second! King: All of these little excursions of yours outside the castle seem to be having a bad influence on you. Marle: It's not influence! It's common sense! King: Nadia! Marle: I can't live in this stupid castle anymore! I'm leaving! [She takes her dress off] Chancellor: Princess Nadia! [She rushes over to Crono] Marle: Come on, Crono! [They head outside of the castle] Chancellor: *to the soldiers* Don't just stand there! After them! [The soldiers chase after them] King: Oh, Nadia… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- Guardia Forest (Present) -------------- Soldier: There they are! Don't lose 'em! [Crono and the group get cornered] Soldier: There's nowhere left to run! Soldier: Come along quietly! [They continue running to a dead end] Marle: Looks like a dead end! [Lucca walks over to the nearby Gate] Lucca: A Gate! [Crono and Marle walk up to it] Marle: Come on! Lucca: Come on!? We have no idea where it'll take us! We might not even be able to get back! Marle: Who cares? Anywhere's better than here! [The Chancellor's voice is heard] Chancellor: Princess Nadia! [He catches up with them, along with the soldiers] Lucca: This is totally irrational, you know! Marle: Hurry, Crono! [They enter the Gate, getting transported away] Chancellor: *in confusion* They…they disappeared! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++ Beyond the Ruins [BNRU] ++++++++++++++++ ----------- Bangor Dome ----------- [They come out of the Gate into a strange area of advanced civilization] Marle: Eek! [They all fall down from the abrupt fall out of the Gate, and Lucca sits up] Lucca: Oww… [Marle stands up] Marle: There's no way the Chancellor can get us here. Marle: But, where are we? [Lucca examines the walls] Lucca: The civilization here seems pretty advanced. Marle: It almost looks like we're in another world. [They proceed outside, which is all dark and windy. All of it looks as if though it is in ruin. They explore the Trann Dome to the south, where lots of depressed-looking people are. There is also an Enertron which the people rest in. As they exit the dome, they go north to Site 16, a junkyard-type place filled with rats and monsters. Upon exiting, they find the Arris Dome] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Arris Dome ---------- [Inside the dome, they meet a few more people that are living inside of it] Old Man: You there, where have you come from? Lucca: We just came from the other side of the ruins to the west. Old Man: Wh-what did you say? Old Man: *to the people* Hey, we've got people who crossed the ruins! People: What? People: Are you serious? Old Man: So there are people strong enough to fight those mutants… [Crono and the others approach a ladder leading to the basement of the dome] Doan: You plan to go below? Marle: Of course! Doan: We've made many attempts ourselves, but they've always met with failure. Lucca: Well, there's no way of knowing what'll happen unless we try, right? Doan: Hmm. It's nice to see such spirited young people for a change. Doan: Careful, then. And come back alive. [They enter a basement, where they find two consoles. They cannot do anything with either of them at the moment, so they continue on, walking over a set of beams attached above a room. They find their way to a small room with an alarm going off. As they approach the door, a giant machine comes crashing down, knocking the group over] Guardian: INITIATING COMMAND SEQUENCE… Marle: Crono! What's that? Lucca: Marle! Let's smash this thing! [They enter in combat against it. It has two Pods accompanying it. After they defeat them, they head on to the next room] Marle: Yuck! Something reeks! [Lucca checks the room out a bit] Lucca: Everything's completely rotten. The refrigeration must have failed. [Marle sees a dead man sitting by the wall and runs up to him] Marle: Crono, look! Marle: … … Marle: He's not breathing. Must've died down here… Marle: There's something in his hand. What do you suppose this is? [Crono and Lucca walk up to the man] Lucca: It looks like some kind of seed. Marle: A seed? Could it even grow in a place like this? [They examine the corpse] "A note is written on a soiled scrap of paper." "That rat is more than just a statue. It knows the secret of this dome. Catch it!" [They go back to the room where the beams are, where they see the rat the note referred to] Marle: There! That must be it! Lucca: Shh! It might run away. Run after it, and press the A Button to catch it! [They chase after it and catch it] Rat: Squeak! I got it! I give up. I'll tell you everything, squeak! Press and hold the L and R Button and then press the A Button to activate the switch, squeak. If you go and change the control scheme around later, you'll have to figure it out on your own, squeak! [The rat runs off. Crono and the others head to the room with the two consoles, and use the passcode they just got to activate one of them, opening a new path for them. They go through a series of battles and a couple rooms until they reach a room with a terminal, and a monitor] Lucca: This must be the supercomputer! [She walks up to it] Lucca: Good! It's still operational! If we run a search on temporal distortions, we might just find our Gate! [She uses the console] Lucca: Got it! [She presses a button, turning on the monitor] Lucca: East of here… [The world map is shown, and it points east to another dome] Lucca: There! Proto Dome! Marle: Leave it to Lucca! Who'd have thought this machine could tell us something like that? [She walks up to the console] Marle: Say, what does this button do? [She presses a button, making the monitor switch to a different screen] Lucca: 1999 A.D.? Visual record of the Day of Lavos… [A map that looks similar to the era the group is currently in is shown, then a huge parasatic creature unearths. It rains destruction upon the entire land. The monitor then begins losing its power] Marle: What…what was that? [She steps back] Lucca: Lavos… Is that what destroyed the world? Marle: Then, is this really our future? Marle: No! It can't be! I won't believe it! Marle: This… [The monitor shuts off and Marle falls to her knees] Marle: This can't be the way the world ends… Lucca: … Marle: Crono… Marle: Hey, that's right! We can change it! Change history, just like Crono did when he saved me! We have to! Marle: Right, Lucca? Marle: Right, Crono!? Lucca: Yeah, I guess so. Marle: And fortunately, we've got Gates that will let us move through time. Lucca: What do you say, Crono? - Okay, let's do it! - No way. [When "Okay, let's do it!" is chosen...] Marle: All right, it's set! Crono! Lucca! Let's do this! Lucca: First things first, let's get back to our own time period and see if we can find any information about this Lavos! Lucca: Next stop, Proto Dome! [They make their way out of the basement area, back to Doan and the others] Doan: You…you're back! [Doan walks up to Crono and the people walk up to him and the rest of the party] Doan: And? What did you discover? Marle: This is…our future! Doan: Hmm? Man: Who cares? Where's the food!? Marle: This was the only thing left. [She shows Doan the seed] Doan: A seed… Lucca: You don't know how long that Enertron'll hold out. That seed might be your only hope. Marle: Anyway, just…stay alive! Don't give up! We won't either! Doan: Hmm… You're a strange bunch. You're…different from us, somehow. Marle: You mean because we haven't lost hope? Doan: Hope… There's a word I haven't heard in some time. It does have a comforting ring to it, though. I don't know what kind of seed this is, but I'll do my best to grow it. Child: What's that? Doan: This may be just the thing we need. Doan: You're off to Proto Dome, then? You'll need to pass through Site 32. Take this with you. "Obtained Jetbike Key!" Doan: It's the key to a jetbike parked at the Site 32 ruins. I used to ride it when I was young. Hopefully it still works. Doan: They've got even more powerful robots in that dome, and they've overrun the place. Take care, and…don't give up hope! [They exit the dome and proceed to Site 32] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------- Site 32 (Future) ------- [They find the old jetbike Doan spoke of, and as they try to use it, four robots appear. They begin to engage in a fight with them, but then...] Voice: Hold it right there! [A strange man makes his appearance on a jetbike of his own] Robots: Oh! Robots: Bro! Bro: Thanks for the intro, boys! Robots: Bro! Bro: You lowlifes can call me Johnny. I'm the leader of this pack. Now listen up. The ruined highway up ahead's the only road you've got. You wanna reach the other side? Then you're gonna hafta ride—in a race against me, that is! Johnny: I'll let you use that jetbike, 'cause that's the kinda guy I am. Don't sweat it—and don't you dare chicken out, babe! Johnny: So… Do you shiny axels know how to ride? - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen, he takes you through a tutorial. If "Yes." is chosen, nothing happens. If you race him and win, you'll be at the exit of Site 32, and vice versa if you race and beat him from the exit] Johnny: You beat me? I don't get it! Well, you can come challenge me again anytime. We'll ride the wind, babe! [If you lose to him...] Johnny: My granny rides faster than that! Hop on again, babe—if you think you can handle it. [After exiting Site 32, the group heads over to Proto Dome] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Proto Dome (Future) ---------- [Inside the dome is crawling with robots. They defeat them all, then find a rusted, deactivated robot by a door. Marle takes a look at it] Marle: What's this thing? [If movies are turned on, an animated scene now plays. After the scene...] Lucca: It's in bad shape…but it looks like a humanoid robot! Incredible! [Lucca examines it] Lucca: Hmm…I think I can fix it. Marle: What!? Fix it? What if it attacks us like the other ones? Lucca: I'll make sure it won't. Robots don't attack of their own free will, you know. They only do it because humans make them that way. Marle: Lucca… You really feel for them, don't you? Lucca: I'd better get to work. [They wait for several minutes. In the meantime, Marle tries opening the door in front of them] Marle: The door won't budge. [Later...] Lucca: All right, that should do it! I'm going to give it some juice! [She pours juice into the robot, and it slowly reactivates. It does crazy movements, but eventually gains control of itself] Robot: … Marle: Good morning! Robot: G-good… Good morning, mistress. What is your command? Marle: I'm not your mistress, I'm Marle! Marle: *pointing to Crono* This is Crono… *pointing to Lucca* …and that's Lucca, the one who fixed you! Robot: *to Lucca* Understood. Madam Lucca restored my circuits. Lucca: Just "Lucca" will do. Robot: That manner of address could potentially cause offense. I am incapable of offensive speech. Lucca: Well, some of us don't like it when people are so formal all the time. Isn't that right, Marle? Marle: Hee hee! Robot: Understood, Lucca. Lucca: All right, so what's your name? Robot: Name? Perhaps you are referring to my serial number. My serial number is R-66Y. Lucca: R-66Y? Cool! Marle: Cool? What are you talking about? That won't do at all! Marle: *to Crono* Come on, Crono! Let's give him a better name! [The character-naming screen comes up. By default, his name is "Robo"] Marle: Robo… Yes, Robo…that's perfect! Marle: Your new name is Robo, okay? Robot: My name is…Robo. Data storage complete. Lucca: Hey Robo, there's something I was hoping you could… Robo: … What…happened here? Robo: This dome contained many humands and others like me. Lucca: Oh dear. This is kind of hard to say, but I think something awful happened while you were out. I…I don't think anyone else is left. Robo: … I…see. Robo: What about yourselves? Lucca: We came through a Gate—a, uh, time warp—from the year 1000. Marle: We learned there was a Gate here when we went to Arris Dome. Lucca: And then we found you when we came looking for the Gate! Marle: But the door to the inner chamber is sealed shut, so it looks like we're out of luck. [Robo tries to open the door] Robo: The dome's power has been shut off completely. Robo: The factory to the north contains an emergency power generator for this dome. I can bypass security to activate it. Shall we go there? Marle: You'd do that for us? Robo: You repaired me. Now it is my turn to be of assistance. However, the generator will produce power for only a short time. Someone must remain here to open the door as sooon as power is restored to the dome. Lucca: Marle or I can stay. "Who will stay behind?" - Marle. - Lucca. [This script will assume you take Lucca and leave Marle] Marle: Okay. Be careful, Crono! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++ The Derelict Factory [DFCT] ++++++++++++++++++++ [Crono leaves with Robo and Marle/Lucca to head for the Derelict Factory ahead] ---------------- Derelict Factory ---------------- [Upon entering, they examine the monitor on the wall and Robo walks up to it. He uses it to deactivate the security system in the room] Robo: Override Security System 00. [An Acid falls from the ceiling. Once they defeat it, they explore the areas of the factory. Eventually they come to a room with more slimy enemies, which they defeat. A monitor nearby then activates, and they use it] "Hatch opened." [They go down the newly opened hatch to explore more of the factory. In the next room, they find another monitor which Robo has to use. This shuts down all of the defense lasers] Robo: All systems down. Defense lasers deactivated. [More slimes drop from the ceiling, and after defeating them, they continue their trek through the rest of the factory. Eventually they reach the control room and flick the switch on the wall. This makes an alarm sound] Robo: Emergency! The security system has gone haywire. We must escape immediately! [The party runs down the hallway, past a wall that is closing quickly. Robo holds the second wall in place] Robo: Hurry! Before it is too late! [Somehow the party manages to go straight through Robo to safety. He then lets go of the wall, causing him to ricochet off the walls nearby. As they make their escape from the factory, taking the only paths available to them, they encounter six blue robots; three come out of a pod each] Robo: Wait! These…these are my friends! Robo: R-64Y, R-67Y, R-69Y! It is good to see you again! [One of the R-Series punches him] Robo: Wh-What are you doing? R-64Y: YOU ARE DEFECTIVE. R-67Y: YOU ARE NOT ONE OF US. Robo: Pardon? [He walks up to them] Robo: I am…malfunctioning? R-64Y: AFFIRMATIVE. Robo: A defect… I am a defect! R-69Y: HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN OUR ASSIGNED TASK? ALL INTRUDERS MUST BE ELIMINATED. Robo: That was the reason for my creation? R-64Y: YOU DISGRACE OUR SERIES. YOU MUST BE DESTROYED. [They knock him to the floor and begin pounding on him] Lucca: N-no! Stop! [If Crono tries to interfere, he simply gets knocked aside] Robo: D-do not harm them, please! These robots are my brothers! [After taking an abusive beating, Robo gets up, badly injured] Robo: Please stop. Please… [They continue beating on him, and Robo then falls over, deactivated. One of the R-Series robots take him and stuff him into the center pod. Marle/Lucca rushes over to the pod] Lucca: Robo! R-64Y: NOW WE SHALL ELIMINATE THE INTRUDERS. Lucca: No… I think the intruders will eliminate you! [They fight and defeat all six R-Series robots. After the battle, Marle/Lucca heads over to the pod Robo is trashed in] Lucca: Robo! Lucca: I see him! He got stuck! [She climbs in and pulls him out] Lucca: They really thrashed him. I'm not sure I can fix this. Lucca: Let's get him back to Proto Dome for now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Proto Dome (Future) ---------- [Crono and Marle/Lucca drag him back to Proto Dome. Later...] Robo: C-can you…fix me? Lucca: Shh, don't try to talk. Robo: You are trying to…change the world? Lucca: I don't know how far we'll get, but that's the plan. Anyway, Robo, what do you want to do after I finish repairing you? Robo: What do I…want to do? Lucca: Yeah. I mean, you were stuck here all this time. There must be a lot of things you want to do, right? Robo: No one has ever asked me that before, Lucca. [Later, when Lucca is finished with the repairs...] Robo: Good morning! Marle: Robo! Thank goodness, you're all right! Marle: Lucca, you're incredible! Lucca: Well, let's hope I never have to do that again! Robo: Lucca, I have arrived at an answer to your question. I want to go with you. Marle: Really? You mean it? Robo: There is nothing left for me here. I want to help you. Together, we might be able to give the life on this planet a chance. Lucca: Then let's go! The Gate's right through there! [In the room ahead...] Lucca: Here we go! [She opens the gate, and all four of them enter. The Gate acts strangely, however, before they get teleported away] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++ The End of Time [ENOF] +++++++++++++++ [The group is warped to a strange, empty, and bleak place] Robo: Where are we? [They head to the central chamber of this strange place, and find an old man] Old Man: Ah, more drifters… Lucca "Drifters"? Where are we? Old Man: It is not a question of where, my friends, so much as when. This is the End of Time. Travelers lost in time's flow turn up here, much like driftwood on a beach. Might I ask when you are from? Lucca: We're from 1000 A.D. Robo: I come from the year 2300 A.D. Old Man: When four or more entities of varying origins enter a temporal rift together, the torsion exerted on time's flow pushes them to the point of least resistance: here. There have been a number of folks turning up here unintended recently like yourselves. I fear something is having a powerful effect on the very fabric of time. Lucca: Which means it would be safest if one of us stayed here. Marle: Here? Alone? Old Man: It is a bleak place, isn't it? But not to worry. For all its desolation, it is well connected. There are roads here to any time you could ever wish to visit. Should you so desire, you can call upon your friends at any time. But you can never travel in groups of more than three. Robo: One of us must remain. Lucca: Who'll it be, Crono? [This script assumes you take Marle and Lucca, and leave Robo] Robo: I will be happy to assist you again whenever you have the need. Old Man: Well, that is the way of things. Should you desire to switch party members, you can do so via the main menu whenever you wish. Marle: How do we get back to our own time? Old Man: You saw the pillars of light when you arrived, yes? Each connects this place to a different era. Once you've been through a Gate, you can use it to return here whenever you wish. Step back into the light and press the A Button, and you will return to the Gate. But beware the Gate connected to that bucket. [As the group tries to leave...] Old Man: Hey! [They speak to the old man again] Old Man: You needn't be in such a rush. Before you go, have a look past the door behind me. [They go through the door and meet a strange creature] Creature: What're you lookin' at? Me? I'm Spekkio, the Master of War! I watch all kinds of battle from here. Spekkio: How do I look to you? - Strong! - Weak! [He says the same stuff regardless of the option chosen] Spekkio: I see. How I look depends on how strong you are. If you're strong, I look strong. If you're weak, I look weak. Spekkio: Hm? Oh, you've got it in you, don't you? That must be why the old guy let you through. See, a long, long time before you were born, there was a kingdom where magic flourished. Everyone there could use it! But the people abused their powers, and ended up destroyin' the place. After that, there wasn't anyone left who could use magic—well, exceptin' fiends, of course. But you have it! That inner strength, I mean. Magic needs power of the heart. That's where it flows from. There're four types of magic: fire, water, light, and shadow. Not everyone's got the same type. Spekkio: You, with the punk hairdo! You've got light. Spekkio: The gal with the ponytail has the power of water. Spekkio: That girl with the goofy glasses… Her power is fire. Spekkio: By the way, it's not just magic—everything is made up of those four elements. Spekkio: All right. Starting from the door, circle clockwise along the walls of my room three times and say "I want to use magic!" over and over in your head. Don't lose track, now. Three times! Don't want you churnin' yourselves into butter. [Once you do that successfully...] Spekkio: Well done! Spekkio: Ipso facto, meeny moe…MAGIC-O! [They all obtain their respective type of magic] Spekkio: So! All fortified with magic! Wanna try it out? - Yes. - No. [If "Yes." is chosen, the party fights him. If "No." is chosen, you don't fight him. Even if you fight him or don't, he'll say one more thing] Spekkio: You make any new friends, you bring 'em to see me, you hear? I like you guys! [Back in the End of Time's main chamber...] Old Man: Hey! [The group talks to him again] Old Man: Well, well… It seems I was right. People who lived long ago all enjoyed such powers, you know. Yes, long, long ago… Well, I know you must be eager to finish this thing you seem so intent on doing, but why not first pay a visit back to your own era? Haste makes waste, as they say. And you'll find that even truer here. Come and see me whenever you have the need. Think of me as your guide on time's road. [If the party examines the glimmering bucket...] Old Man: That Gate leads to 1999 A.D., the Day of Lavos… If you wish to see the world destroyed before your very eyes, then by all means, go. But know that you yourselves may share the same fate. [The party continues back to 1000 A.D., at Medina Village] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++ Fiendish Folk [FNDF] +++++++++++++ -------------- Medina Village (Present) -------------- [Two imps, one blue and one green, hear a noise coming from inside the closet. Suddenly, Crono and the others emerge from the Gate, which for some reason is inside the closet. As the group heads for the exit of the house...] Blue Imp: Wait a minute. Blue Imp: Medina is a village of fiends, founded by our ancestors when they lost their war against humankind 400 years ago. Most of the townsfolk still have a grudge against humans, so be careful. Blue Imp: There's an odd old human who lives near a cave in the mountains to the west. He may be able to help you out. Marle: Thanks! Marle: But why are you being so nice? I thought fiends weren't supposed to get along with humans. Blue Imp: It's been 400 years since man warred against fiend. There's no use living in the past. Of course, not many other fiends seem to agree with that. [They continue outside and search around the village, eventually finding a lone house by a cave] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Melchior's Cabin (Present) ---------------- [Inside the house, they speak with Melchior] Melchior: Oh, you've come to see me! Well, by all means, have a look at my collection. Could I interest you in a weapon? I'll give you a special price. - Yes, I'd like to buy one. - No, I'm not interested. [If you choose the first option, you get to buy his stuff. If "No, I'm not interested." is chosen...] Melchior: Well, you know where to find me should the need arise. [As you make your way out of the cabin...] Melchior: Oh, if you're wanting to return to Truce, there's a shortcut through the cave in the mountains to the north. [They go due north to the Heckran Cave] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Heckran Cave (Present) ------------ [Upon entering the cave, they find two Underlings] Underlings: Death to the enemies of fiendkind! [They explore the watery cave, defeating lots of monsters along the way. In the last room of the cave, a voice is heard] Voice: Death to the enemies of fiendkind! [A big Heckran walks forward as they engage in battle with it. After the battle...] Heckran: If only Lord Magus had destroyed the human race four hundred years ago when he first brought forth Lavos, the world would belong to us fiends now! Heckran: GRRRRRRRAAAGHH! [He vanishes] Lucca: So, Magus created Lavos in the Middle Ages. And in the future, Lavos destroys the planet. Marle: If we go to the Middle Ages and stop Magus, can we change history? Lucca: If we used the Gate at the fairgrounds… [They continue north through a vortex, which spits them out in front of Lucca's house. Their next destination is Leene Square; they head there and use the Gate to return to the End of Time. There, they use one of the pillars of light to return to Truce Canyon of 600 A.D., then after exiting the canyon, they head for the bridge of Zenan] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++ The Hero Appears [HERO] ++++++++++++++++ ------------ Zenan Bridge (Middle Ages) ------------ [At the bridge, warriors of Guardia are preparing for a battle against Magus's troops] Commander: Our provisions are depleted. Have the supplies still not arrived at the castle? We'll starve at this rate. [Knowing this, the group sets off for Guardia Castle next] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- Guardia Castle (Middle Ages) -------------- Soldiers: Halt! Who goes there? Soldiers: Oh, it's you again. [Crono and the others head down to the kitchen to speak with the chef] Master of Kitchens: What? My brother's larders are nearly empty? … Master of Kitchens: Hmph. Serves him right, thinking you men with swords are the only ones protecting this kingdom! Wife: Enough of that! Wife: Are you never going to set aside your petty feud? You're grown men! Act like it! Master of Kitchens: … Mind your own business! What do you know of it, anyway? *grumble* *grumble* [Crono and his group leave the kitchen and begin exiting the castle, but suddenly...] Voice: Wait! [The chef comes running up to the party] Master of Kitchens: *pant* *wheeze*… Take this for the troops! "Obtained Spiced Jerky!" Master of Kitchens: And this is for you. Here. "Obtained Strength Capsule!" [He begins to head back off to the kitchen but stops for a moment] Master of Kitchens: When you see that fool brother of mine… Tell him he had better come back alive! [He continues back into the kitchen, and Crono and the others make their way back to the bridge] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Zenan Bridge (Middle Ages) ------------ Commander: Lord Crono! What word? "Give him the food?" - Yes. - No. [When "Yes." is chosen...] Commander: Food! He's brought us food! It was my brother? I see. He's saved us all. Commander: Lord Crono, if I should not return alive…give my brother my thanks. [A loud noise is heard] Commander: What's happened? [A knight walks over to the commander] Knight: Magus's troops have launched their attack! Our defenses will not hold! Commander: You are knights of Guardia! Defend the honor of our order, and drive the enemy back whence it came! Knight: But, we are far outnumbered! Commander: This is our last line of defense. It must not break! Knight: Very well, my lord! [He walks off and Crono and the others cross the bridge. Some skeletons are seen killing knights of Guardia, when the leader of this particular army, a green fellow, makes a scene] Man: I'm Ozzie, one of Lord Magus's three generals! And to his enemies, I grant death! Ozzie: Go, my children! Take 'em to their graves! [After the battle...] Ozzie: Hrm… Stronger 'n I thought. [He retreats further down the bridge and the group chases him] Marle: Wait up, already! Ozzie: Seems I misjudged you the first time. But I won't do that twice! [He uses magic to turn the three dead Guardia knights into skeletons] Ozzie: Slay them all! [After the battle...] Ozzie: Drat! [He retreats to the end of the bridge and the party chases him once again] Ozzie: Th-that's it! This time you're finished! I mean it! Marle: Isn't it about time you gave up? Mess with Crono, and you'll be sorry! [Ozzie sends out a bunch of skeletons. They all combine into one giant skeleton with two halves for body parts, known as Zombor] Ozzie: Go, Zombor! Crush Lord Magus's enemies! [Ozzie leaves and they engage in a fight against Zombor. After killing it, they continue on to the village of Dorino and Porre. There, they find the Cursed Woods in between both villages] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Cursed Woods (Middle Ages) ------------ [In the woods, they find a shaking bush, which happens to lead down into a secret room. The room appears to be empty] Voice: Who's there!? [The voice is none other than Frog, as he comes leaping down] Frog: Ah, Crono! What brings you here? Come to practice your swordplay? [Crono talks to him] Frog: What!? His Majesty, wounded? Frog: … I see. [He walks over to the corner] Frog: There's naught I can do. Pray forgive me, but…I'd like to be alone. [With this, Crono and the others leave the woods. They make way for the Denadoro Mountains over to the north] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++ Tata and the Frog [TATG] +++++++++++++++++ ------------------ Denadoro Mountains (Middle Ages) ------------------ [The mountain lurks with many monsters. Crono and the others hear the voice of someone screaming] Voice: Aaagh! [A boy runs away from an Ogan, which Crono and the group defeat. The boy is then seen running up the raised cliff on the side] Boy: This is a terrible place! Y-you'd best run away while you can! [He runs and another Ogan appears. After defeating it, the group climbs their way up the mountain, fighting many monsters along the way. Once they reach the summit, they find a cave of some sort. A boy is inside. They approach the sword in the middle of the light at the top of the room] Child: Hey, don't go up there! [The boy jumps up beside the sword] Child: Did you come to take it? The Masamune, I mean. - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen...] Child: You didn't? You should hurry up and leave, then. [If "Yes." is chosen...] Child: I thought so. Wait just a second, all right? Child: Oh, Big Brother… Where are you, Masa? [Another boy comes out from behind the sword] Masa: What is it, Mune? [He notices Crono and his group] Masa: Not again! Masa: So, thought you'd make a name for yourself as Hero by grabbing the Masamune, did you? What a buffoon! Mune: Humans are all the same, aren't they? It's how you use the sword that's important, not just that you have the strongest one! Masa: You can't even understand something as simple as that. Guess that proves you're human. Mune: What should we do? Masa: The usual—test them. Might as well give them the chance to entertain us for awhile. Mune: All right! Here we go! Whoooosh! [They both transform into two monster-like creatures, then they jump down and Crono and the others fight them. Once they win the battle...] Mune: Hey, Masa, these ones are pretty tough. Masa: No one's lasted this long since Cyrus. Mune: What should we do? Masa: We fight them for real, of course! Mune: All right, this is it! Masa: No more games! [Masa engages in a stance] Masa: With Masa's bravery… [Mune engages in the same stance] Mune: And Mune's brains… [They clasp their arms together and start glowing] Masa & Mune: We're unstoppable! [They transform into a big beast. Crono and the group fights and defeats it. After the battle, the kids turn back into their normal forms] Mune: They beat us, Masa. Masa: That was fun! Mune: Do you think they'll fix us? Will they find our proper owner? Masa: Yes, it'll be all right. [The two kids walk up to the Masamune, and Crono and the others do the same. The sword glows and turns into a blade, which is only half of the sword] Lucca: So this is the Masamune. It looks like it's been broken for ages. "Obtained the broken Masamune!" [The wind begins howling] Masa: Allow me! We'll ride the wind to the base of the mountain! Mune: Good luck to you. [Crono and his friends get shot out of the mountain back to its base. They go to Porre, dead ahead, and enter Tata's house] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Tata's House (Middle Ages) ------------ [Inside, they speak with the boy that was at the Denadoro Mountains, who is Tata, the "hero"] Tata: For…forgive me. Truth be told, I plucked this badge from the floor of the tavern. Some besotted froggish fellow dropped it as he stumbled out. I thought to sell it, see, but then everyone started calling me the Hero when they saw it, and, well…I didn't know what to do but go along with it. [Tata's father gives a surprised look] Tata: But it's too much for me, this Hero business. I've had enough. Here, you can have the badge! [He gives the party the Hero's Badge] Tata's Father: Oh, what was I thinking? I knew it'd turn out to be something like this! I ought've seen it sooner. [With the badge in hand, Crono's group head back to the Cursed Woods to pay Frog a visit] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Cursed Woods (Middle Ages) ------------ [At Frog's hideout...] Frog: You've returned? *notices the Hero's Badge* That…that badge! Frog: I see. So you've met the lad. But there's not a thing I can do against the Fiendlord. Frog: To fight him would require the legendary Masamune, which is—no, it matters little. Even had I the blade, I've no right to wield it. Frog: Please, leave me be. [He walks away, and Crono notices the pot he was standing by. He opens it and finds the hilt of the Masamune] Lucca: A broken sword hilt… This is part of the Masamune! Lucca: It's engraved with archaic letters. I think I can make it out. Umm… Let's see… Lucca: M…E…L…C…H…I…O…R! Marle: Melchior? That guy from Medina Village? What does this mean, Crono? [The group leaves the Cursed Woods and heads back to the End of Time, then warps to Medina Village] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- Medina Village (Present) -------------- [At the village, they head over to Melchior's Cabin] ---------------- Melchior's Cabin (Present) ---------------- Melchior: Oh, you're back again! Come to see my collec— Melchior: Th-this sword, it's…the Masamune! How…how did you get this? Lucca: Why would your name be engraved on that sword? Melchior: … That…is a very long story. Melchior: But that is the story you came to hear, is it not? Lucca: Of course! Tell us about the Masamune! Lucca: Can you reforge it? Melchior: I could—were it possible for us to get our hands on some of the dreamstone from which the sword was made. Marle: Dreamstone? Where can we get that? Melchior: It's nowhere to be found anymore. It was a glittering red stone, once valued even more than gold. Unfortunately, that was long, long ago. Longer even than you could imagine… [Knowing this, the group goes back to the End of Time to try and figure out where to go next. They use the pillar of light that takes them to an era they have yet to visit: the prehistoric age] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++ The Rare Red Rock [REDK] +++++++++++++++++ ---------------- Mystic Mountains (Prehistory) ---------------- [Crono and the others come out of the Gate over a cliff, and fall to the ground in the area below. Many green and scaly creatures are seen roaming around] Lucca: Those things, they're all green and scaly! Marle: Wh-What are those? [The creatures attack the party. Once they're taken care of, a few more appear] Lucca: We're outnumbered! Marle: What should we do, Crono? [If movies are turned on, an animated scene is shown. Once it's over, the girl that was attacking the Reptites in the animated scene appears and takes care of a few] Marle: Goodness! She's tough! Lucca: Who…who is that? [She scares another one off] Marle: Uh-oh…they're coming our way! [The group defeats the last four Reptites, then the girl runs back into the area and in front of Crono] Marle: Wh-what do you want? Marle: Ack! [She runs over to Crono and knocks him against the wall] "Crono!" Woman: You strong! What name? Crono name? Good name. Me name? Me… [The character-naming screen comes up. By default, her name is "Ayla"] Ayla: Me Ayla. Ayla like strong man. So Ayla like Crono! Marle: Get away from her, Crono! Lucca: Looks like somebody's got a new friend. Ayla: You strong, too. Ayla like strong person. Man, woman…both like! Marle: Oh, dear… Lucca: I…I don't… I mean, I'm not—! Ayla: Crono, where from? Marle: Um, how can we explain? Lucca: We're from way after the day after tomorrow. Ayla: *laughing* Ha ha, you funny! Ayla like funny person. Lucca: It's no use. Ayla: You come village! Talk and eat. Dance! Drink! Fun! Lucca: We'd love to go, but we're looking for some dreamstone right now. Ayla: Stone? Stone everywhere! Here, there, village… Ayla give you many, many stone! Ioka village this way. Follow Ayla! [They follow her through an area full of enemies, which leads off of the mountain. They then explore the place a bit and head over to the Chief's Hut] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Chief's Hut (Prehistory) ----------- [Inside, Ayla is waiting] Ayla: Good, Crono come. Night soon, finish ready for party. Crono this way! [They follow her out to the Meeting Grounds, where they're having a party] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Meeting Grounds (Prehistory) --------------- Ayla: *to the Ioka villagers* Listen Ayla! We make new friend! Strong man, Crono! Crono friend, Marle, Lucca! All: Oogaaah! Ayla: Now, dance bobonga! [Crono talks to everyone in the party, including a man named Kino, who looks similar to Ayla] Kino: You not Ioka person. Why Ayla give party? Strange… [He talks to Marle and Lucca as well] Marle: Come on, Crono, let's have fun! Lucca: Oh, should I or shouldn't I? [A little while later, Crono talks to Lucca again] Lucca: Hic… [He speaks with Marle again] Marle: This is wonderful, isn't it, Crono? Marle: I think I'll dance, too! [After a bit longer, he talks to Lucca yet again] Lucca: Hic! Tee hee… Crono, you've got to try shum of thish! - Okay. - No, thanks. [If "No, thanks. is chosen...] Lucca: What, my cup'sh not good enough for you? Come on, drink up! - Okay. - No. [If "No." is chosen, she repeats herself. If "Okay." is chosen, she gives him some drink] Lucca: What'sh that? You a man, or a moushe? Drink it in one gulp! [Crono drinks it all] Lucca: *laughing* Gah ha ha! Lucca: *buuurp* [Crono talks to Ayla] Ayla: Crono try drink? This, only special time drink! Good drink! Name skull- smash! Next day, skull feel like smash! Ayla: Ioka village fight reptite. Leader name Azala. Azala very smart. Ayla: All in Ioka village fight. No fight person go Laruba village. Always run from reptite, always hide. Not know where village. Azala want destroy Ioka, Laruba, both. But Ayla no lose. Only when Ayla dead, stop fight! Ayla: No more talk that. Today meet Crono. Good day! Eat, drink, dance, sing! [He talks to Marle again] Marle: This is great! C'mon Crono. Let's dance! - Sure. - Nah. [If "Nah." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Sure." is chosen...] "L, R, X, Y, B Button, dance! A Button, stop." [After dancing, he talks to Ayla again] Ayla: Crono, red rock look for, this rock? [She takes out a red stone] Ayla: Rare, red rock. Have rock, mean strong person. Ayla most strong Ioka village. So Ayla rock! Crono want, Crono challenge Ayla! Win, Ayla give. Ayla: Crono challenge Ayla? - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen...] Ayla: Crono scared!? Crono strong. Ayla strong! We battle! [If "Yes." is chosen...] Ayla: Ayla go, get more skull-smash! Ayla: Party now, so drink! Crono and Ayla have battle, who drink more! [They take a bowl of drink] Ayla: We start now. Push A Button many time. [If Crono losess...] Ayla: Braaap! Ayla: Stop already? You strong, but no can drink. Ayla: What? Crono give up? - Yes. - No way! [When "No way!" is chosen, they restart. If you win...] Ayla: Braaap! Ayla: No more, Crono… Ayla lose, give rock! Ayla: Crono drink good. Drink one more! To strong Crono! Ayla: Pour! Ayla: Maybe too much drink… [They continue drinking. The next morning, Crono gets up and checks on Lucca, who also gets up] Lucca: Uhnnn… My head… I did what last night!? Liar! Oh…but why does my head hurt like this? [He checks up on Marle and she gets up] Marle: Morning, Crono! Wasn't last night fun? Lucca: Hey… Where did these footprints come from? Lucca: It's gone! Lucca: The Gate Key's gone! Lucca: The thief must have left these prints. Lucca: Without the Key, we're stuck here forever! Lucca: This is bad! We have to go see Ayla! [They head to the Chief's Hut immediately] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++ Footprints! Follow! [FTPR] +++++++++++++++++++ ----------- Chief's Hut (Prehistory) ----------- Ayla: Zzz…zzz… *snort* [They wake up Ayla] Ayla: Uhnn… Oh, Crono early awake… Ugh… Ayla: Urgh… Too much skull-smash… Lucca: Sorry to wake you, but someone stole something important from us while we were asleep! Ayla: What? Stole? Must be reptite! *burp* Ayla: Crono go with Ayla! We find bad reptite! Ayla: Who else come? [I will assume you take Crono/Ayla/Lucca] Ayla: Maybe village person see. We go ask. Crono come! Hic! [Crono and Lucca go with Ayla to the Forest Maze nearby] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Forest Maze (Prehistory) ----------- [In the forest, they see Kino] Ayla: Kino! What you do? Ayla: Say NOW! Kino: Kino sorry, Ayla… Kino take Crono stuff. Ayla: Why take!? Kino: Kino like Ayla best. Ayla say Kino like Crono, Kino mad. [Ayla hits Kino] Lucca: Wow, talk about strict! Ayla: Kino know why Ayla hit? Kino: Ayla no like Kino… Ayla: No! Ayla like Kino BEST! So Ayla no want Kino do bad thing! Bad thing not good! Kino: Ayla… Kino: Kino sorry, Ayla! Kino: Kino sorry, Crono! Ayla: Give thing back to Crono! Kino: No have. Reptites take! Ayla: Reptite! Where reptite go!? Kino: Run trees, there. Ayla: Ayla go. Kino go back village. Ayla gone, Kino protect Ioka! Kino: Okay, Ayla! [Kino goes back to the village] Ayla: Kino man… Ayla die, Ayla have baby, then Kino chief. Lucca: Ayla's one tough cookie. Ayla: Follow reptite! Get Crono thing! [The group makes their way through the maze of the forest, and upon exiting, they find the Reptite Lair] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Reptite Lair (Prehistory) ------------ [Crono and the others use the holes found in the lair to make their way to the very bottom. Shortly after, they enter a small room where they hear a voice] Voice: What in the world…? Could those filthy apes have crafted something this advanced? Ayla: Azala! Azala: And so the hairless apes arrive! Ah, and these new ones appear cut from a finer cloth than Ayla. Perfect! This should make things easier. Tell me, apes, what is the purpose of this device? "Tell Azala about the Gate Key?" - Yes. - No. [The outcome is the same regardless of what you choose, but I will assume you chose "Yes."] Azala: Lies! Do you take me for a fool? No one would talk so easily if that were true. But perhaps this might loosen your tongues! [The group runs up to Azala] Azala: Come, Nizbel! [A giant creature heads through the door in the room, then Azala runs off as it fights against Crono and his group. Once they defeat it...] Azala: The apes…beat Nizbel! Ayla: Give thing back Crono now! Azala: Very well… You've won today. But know that we reptites are the rulers of this world! [He puts the Gate Key onto the ground] Azala: We'll not surrender it to you filthy apes! [He leaves the room] Lucca: The Gate Key's not broken, is it? [She picks it up] Lucca: Phew, I think it's okay. We should be able to get back now! Ayla: Azala come any time! Ayla no—! Ugh… Urgh… Ayla: B-bleeeugh! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Chief's Hut (Prehistory) ----------- [Back at the chief's hut...] Ayla: Crono leave? No Crono, Ayla no fun! Lucca: Thanks, Ayla. I learned a lot from you. Kino: Sorry, Crono. Kino try be strong now. Even more strong Crono! Ayla: Come again, Crono! Have party! Drink! Eat! Dance! Fight! Fun! [As the party goes to leave...] Ayla: Come again, Crono! Lucca, Marle, too! [Crono and his friends go back to the End of Time, then to the present to visit Melchior again] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++ The Masamune [MASA] ++++++++++++ -------------- Melchior's Hut (Present) -------------- [Inside, they speak with Melchior] Melchior: Dear me, you truly found dreamstone! Yes, that will do quite nicely. With that, I can make the blade whole again. Melchior: But first the Masamune, and now this dreamstone… How in the world did you—? Melchior: No, I suppose it does not matter. Make yourselves at home! This will take some time. [He goes downstairs] Lucca: I'll lend you a hand! [Lucca follows him downstairs, and Crono and Marle do the same. In there...] Lucca: How are you going to fix it? Melchior: Of course, the dreamstone must be refined if we are to repair the Masamune. But that is not all. The blade itself must be activated as well. You work on the dreamstone. I will take care of the sword. Lucca: *laughing* Okay! Fear not, the great Lucca knows her way around a workshop! [Melchior takes the blade and he and Lucca continue working. After some time...] Melchior: All right, it's done! Could you bring me the dreamstone? Lucca: I'm done here, too. [She takes the dreamstone and puts it on the shelve by Melchior] Melchior: All right, let's get started. [They begin repairing the Masamune as the room glows white, then they all go back upstairs] Melchior: Sorry to keep you waiting. [Lucca takes out the Masamune] Melchior: Behold! The Masamune, in all its glory! Marle: Wow! That's the same sword we gave you? Melchior: If you were expecting lesser work, you shouldn't have come to me! Marle: Okay, Crono, let's take the Masamune to Frog! [The group goes to the End of Time and warps back to the Middle Ages, then they go back to the Cursed Woods once again] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Cursed Woods (Middle Ages) ------------ [At Frog's hideout...] Frog: You've come again. [The party shows him the Masamune] Frog: This sword… No, it could not be! The Masamune? [He looks down at it and walks back a bit] Frog: I must ponder this turn of events. You may remain here for the night. [Cut to a flashback of Guardia Castle] Leene: Cyrus… You're leaving, aren't you? Cyrus: I am. It's long past time we reclaimed the Badge from the Frog King. And I need to see that sword with my own eyes. King: Cyrus, this kingdom has need of you. Leene and I need you as well. See that you return. Cyrus: As long as there is life in these bones, I shall—come what may. Well then, by your leave… [Cyrus goes to leave the castle] Knights: Sir Cyrus! [One of the knights bow] Knight: On behalf of the knighthood, we wish you a safe journey and Godspeed. Cyrus: My brothers… Cyrus: I trust the kingdom's protection to you. See that she is kept safe from her enemies. [He proceeds forward over to a man named Glenn] Cyrus: Pardon the delay. Let us be on our way. [Leene walks forward] Leene: Glenn, you be careful, too! Glenn: Be well, Your Majesty! [Cyrus heads out to the forest with Glenn, where they're fighting a few Naga's. After that, they meet the Frog King] Frog King: So! You seek the Hero's Badge, knight of the kingdom of men? Come and take it, then—if you can! CROAK! Cyrus: That is what I mean to do. Nirvana Strike! [He attacks the Frog King] Frog King: GRAAAACK! I… I'm beaten! Pfft! Filthy badge! Do not think I'll forget this! [He drops the badge and runs off. Later, at the summit of the Denadoro Mountains...] Glenn: Gah! Cyrus: Glenn, watch out! Glenn: Cyrus! Your sword…! The Masamune! [The screen moves up to where the action is taking place. Magus and Ozzie are up against Glenn and Cyrus] Ozzie: Gah ha ha… Is that the best you can do? Without your sword, you're nothing! Cyrus: Grr! You've not bested me yet! Glenn: Cyrus…I…I'm done for. Cyrus: Listen to me, Glenn! I will hold them here. Use that chance to escape! Glenn: B-but—! Cyrus: Stay, and they'll only kill us both. Go, Glenn! Magus: Hadn't you better worry about yourself, Cyrus? I do not think you've the time to be concerned with the well-being of others. Cyrus: This is it, Glenn! Go! Cyrus: Gaaahhh! [He attacks Magus, but he just knocks him back and onto the floor with ease] Glenn: Cyrus! [Glenn kneels down beside him] Cyrus: Run…run, Glenn. The Queen… Take care of…Queene Leene. I…beg… … [Fire engulfs him] Glenn: Cyrus! Cyrus!? Nooooo! [His corpse disappears] Magus: Hmph! What's the matter? Are you not going to try your luck? Glenn: Grr! Ozzie: Gah ha ha! Like a scared little frog with no pond to jump into! Ozzie: How about it, Lord Magus? Can't you give him a more fitting form? Magus: Very well. No act of defiance goes unpunished. [He gets ready to use his magic on Glenn] Glenn: No! [He hits him with a bolt of light] Glenn: Urgh… Gah! [He then loses control and thus walks over to the edge of the cliff] Glenn: Aaaaaaagh! [He falls down to the ground below] Ozzie: Gah ha ha ha ha! That's more like it! You spineless wimp! [Cut back to Frog's hideout in the woods] Frog: Ten long years have passed. Have I the strength? Oh, Cyrus… [The next morning...] Frog: Awaken, Crono! [The screen fades back in with everyone awake] Frog: I do not know how far my skills will carry me, but I will put them to the test. Let us go to Magus's keep. Frog: His strength is no small thing. Do you understand the odds we face? Lucca: Nothing can beat science! Marle: The good guys will always win! [I will assume your party is Crono/Frog/Lucca. They exit the woods and proceed to go the Magic Cave, an enclosed cave on a mountain to the east] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Magic Cave (Middle Ages) ---------- [Outside the cave, Frog walks up to the cave's closed entrance, and then it cuts to another flashback with him as a child. He is being surrounded by four other children] Glenn: Aaahhh! Voice: Stop that! [Cyrus enters] Kids: Oh, no, it's Cyrus! Run! [The children run away and Cyrus walks up to Glenn] Glenn: *sniffle* Thank you, Cyrus… *sniffle* Cyrus: Glenn, there are times when a man must stand and face the things that trouble him. Glenn: But…it hurts to be hit. I cannot hurt another. No…not even them. Cyrus: You're too soft, Glenn. [Years later, at the Zenan Bridge, Cyrus is seen overlooking the scenery, as Glenn crosses the bridge and walks up to him] Cyrus: Glenn…I've decided to join the knighthood. Glenn: I thought as much. You'll be a fine knight, I'm sure of it. Cyrus: Won't you come with me? [Glenn walks down a bit] Glenn: I…I cannot. Cyrus: But, why? You're a better sword than I, you always have been. [He walks back up to Cyrus] Glenn: I haven't the nerve it takes to be a knight. In a real battle, the fear would take me. [The scene switches to where Glenn gets shot by Magus's magic, the same magic that turned him into the frog he is today] Glenn: No! [Magus hits him with a bolt of light] Glenn: Urgh… Gah! [Glenn is then shown on the ground below, near the base of the mountain, now turned into a frog. The Hero's Badge gets washed down beside him] Frog: The Badge… The Hero's…Badge. [Cut back to the Magic Cave] Frog: The Masamune, if you please. [Crono takes the Masamune and puts it into the ground, and Frog walks up to it] Frog: My name is Glenn! Long have I carried Cyrus's hopes and dreams, and now I bear the Masamune as well! Frog: Henceforth, I claim them as my own! I shall slay the Fiendlord Magus and restore our honor! [If movies are turned on, an animated scene is shown of Frog wielding the Masamune as the energy from it is unleashed. He then splits the mountain in half, revealing the cave's entrance. The same thing happens in the game itself, then they enter the cave. They go through it as they defeat some monsters along the way, with a bat stalking them the whole way through. The exit of the cave leads directly to Magus's castle] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++ The Fiendlord's Keep [FLRD] ++++++++++++++++++++ ---------------- Fiendlord's Keep (Middle Ages) ---------------- [Upon apporaching the castle...] Frog: This is it. [You are given a full view of the castle to the top] Frog: The Fiendlord's keep! [They enter the castle. The whole place is quiet and eerie, as they explore two hallways. The left one holds random people that are relatively quiet, and it leads to an empty room. The right one has four kids surrounding a chest, followed by a hallway where semi-important characters can be seen depending on who is in the current party. This hall also leads to an empty room. After they explore both, they find a save point-looking object in the main room. Upon stepping into it, the screen fades out and back in, showing a shadowed Ozzie] Frog: Ozzie! [He fully appears] Ozzie: Welcome, Glenn! Or should I say, Sir Froggy? Mwa ha ha! Never expected to see you here. Are those your replacements for Cyrus? Lord Magus is a tad busy right now. You'll have to take your business up with me. After you take it up with the master swordsman Slash, and Flea, the magician, that is. Oh, right… [Several monsters appear] Ozzie: And all 100 beasts in this keep, of course! [He disappears and they fight and defeat the monsters. After that, they go through the left hallway again, only to find out that all of the people have turned into monsters. In the room that was once empty, there are several people staring at the walls] Lady: Please help us escape… [She turns into a skeleton] Skeleton: From this eternal suffering! [The rest of the people turn into skeletons and Crono and his group defeats them. After the battle...] Voice: Hmm… It seems you've freed my undying slaves. Such insolence… [The room darkens and then Slash appears as the screen fades back in] Frog: It has been ages, Slash. [The group walks up to Slash and "talks" to him] Slash: I must admit, I'd not even dreamed you would find the courage to come here. Had Cyrus not been with you the last time, your fate would have been the same as all the others. Slash: But I'm sure you'd have fit right in with those skeletal servants of mine! [They battle, and after a relatively short fight...] Slash: You've some prowess. For the first time in ages, perhaps I'd best employ all of my own as well! [He jumps back and picks up a sword on the wall] Slash: And you, without Cyrus… Slash: You've no hope! [They resume the fight, and after defeating him again...] Slash: Unbelievable! But to fail fighting for Lord Magus… [He jumps back] Slash: There could be no greater honor! [He disappears, leaving behind his sword, the Slasher. They continue on to the eastern hallway, back to the empty room. In that room, they find a strange creature on the throne] Frog: The magician, Flea, I presume? [They fight and defeat "her"] Frog: That was not Flea. Where is the true one? Voice: Tee hee hee… I am here. Right here… [The bat that has been following them flies to the throne and turns into Flea] Flea: Greetings, little green one! Lucca: Who are you? [Frog unsheathes the Masamune] Frog: She is a powerful magician. Do not lower your guard! Flea is not the mere woman she seems. Flea: Yes, yes… I'm a man, after all, right? *pout* Lucca: Say what? That's a guy!? Flea: Tee hee hee… Man or woman, it's all the same. Power is beauty, and I'm deliciously strong! Flea: *laughing* Poor little Froggy! You must be lonely now that Cyrus is gone. And to be turned into something so hideous—how dreadful! Flea: But since you've brought new friends over to play… Flea: Let me show you all a good time! [The area turns into a space-like environment as they battle her. After they win the battle...] Flea: But…but, I'm so beautiful! Lord Magus… [She disappears as the area turns back to normal. The party heads back to the main room, and steps into the save point-like object which has appeared again. This warps them to another hallway of the castle, full of enemies. They defeat them all, and at the end of the room, they find Ozzie] Ozzie: So, you've made it. Ozzie: Slash! Ozzie: Flea! Frog: Pardons, Ozzie. They cannot help you anymore. Ozzie: You fly-eating, tongue-flicking… Ozzie: Oz…Ozzie's in a pickle! [He runs off] Frog: You'll not escape us! [In the next room, Ozzie is operating conveyor belts with active guillotines over them. After the group crosses one belt...] Ozzie: Welcome! [They cross two more] Ozzie: Heh heh… Not bad. How's this? [He speeds them up, but they go through those too] Ozzie: *pant* *gasp* *wheeze*… Ozzie: What!? Impossible! [He runs off. They chase him, climbing up the side of the tower to the next floor. In the next room, Ozzie is ready to pull the plug whenever they step onto a certain tile to fall to the room below. If they fall, they have to use a warp in the room to get back up. After they navigate their way through the room safely...] Ozzie: *pant* *gasp* *wheeze*… Ozzie: What!? Impossible! [He retreats, and they make chase again, up to the next floor. On that floor, they have to fight another series of enemies until eventually, they catch Ozzie at the end of the room] Ozzie: What!? Impossible! [He tries to pull up more enemies, but to no avail] Ozzie: *pant* *gasp* *wheeze*… Ozzie: Doh! You weren't supposed to make it this far! [He storms off yet again and the group makes chase. They go through another hallway filled with enemies until they eventually reach the next room, which is the throne room. Inside is Ozzie] Ozzie: *pant* *gasp* *wheeze*… Frog: Ozzie… Your time is nigh. [He draws his sword] Ozzie: Heh heh heh… Lord Magus should have finished summoning Lavos by now! Ozzie: I won't be defeated by you, I won't! No attack can pierce my barrier! I'm invincible! [He enters an ice-like barrier. He cannot be damaged in this state. The party attacks one of the chains on the sides of Ozzie] Ozzie: Gwah hah hah hah! Missed me! [Part of the floor breaks, and they attack the next chain] Ozzie: Where do you think you're aiming!? [Another part of the floor breaks, and they attack the next one] Ozzie: Gwah hah hah hah! Missed me! [Part of the floor, right beside them, breaks. They attack the last chain] Ozzie: Mwee hee hee… Ozzie: Huh!? [The floor under Ozzie breaks, causing him to fall all the way down] Lucca: What's that guy's problem? [A save point and a warp appears] Frog: Time is our enemy now. We must hurry to Magus! [They use the warp, which takes them to a flight of stairs leading directly to Magus's chamber. Inside, the chamber is very dark] "Dal zumal phara-lo lierra…" [They walk forward as blue flames appear around them] "Cast open the gates that betwixt heaven and earth…" [They walk forward a few more steps] "In exchange for the life of this world…" [If movies are turned on, an animated scene plays where Frog is shown walking forward in the dark room. Eventually, a bunch of flames surround a circle, with Magus floating in the center. The same thing happens in the game itself, and the group speaks with him] Frog: Magus! [He gets ready to draw his sword] Magus: Ah, that frog of so many days ago. How have you fared since we last met? Frog: Well enough. I owe you my gratitude. This form has been a blessing in disguise. Without it… [He draws the Masamune] Frog: There are things I'd never have obtained! Magus: Ah, the Masamune… Then you've come for me. Let us hope no others interfere this time. [He pauses for a moment] Magus: Again, the bitter black wind begins to howl… Very well. [He turns around] Magus: Come, if it is death you seek! [They engage in a battle. After a long and difficult battle, the flames around the room disappear as Magus falls to the ground on his knees] Magus: Your skill with the Masamune is that great already? [A rift of some sort appears for a brief moment] Lucca: What's happening? Frog: Could it be Lavos? [Crono and Frog draw their weapons, and Magus stands up and turns around] Magus: No! He mustn't awaken from his slumber yet! Lucca: What do you mean? Didn't you create him? Magus: You fools! I but summoned him! He has dwelt within the earth for aeons, absorbing the land's energy and growing ever stronger! Lucca: Then, he wasn't born in this age. Frog: What is this energy in the air? [The place begins to rumble violently] Lucca: A Gate!? And a huge one, too! Magus: You! If you had not interfered…! Lucca: We're being drawn in! Frog: Whoa—! [The Gate opens up and swallows everyone in the room. The screen fades out] Voice: Crono… Crono! Crono, are you still sleeping? [Crono is shown sleeping in his bed, with Marle waking him up] Marle: Honey…you'll be late for work! [She opens the curtains] Marle: Dear me! I'd forgotten how beautiful Leene's bell sounds! [She walks over to Crono] Marle: Crono! We can't keep asking my father for help. You need to hold down a job! [She walks towards the room's exit] Marle: Crono! Marle: Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! Crono! [He wakes up in the Chief's Hut in the prehistoric age] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++ Forward to the Past [FWRD] +++++++++++++++++++ ----------- Chief's Hut (Prehistory) ----------- Ayla: Crono awake!? Lucca: Ayla!? Ayla: Ayla want see Crono, go Mystic Mountain. You there, fall down hurt. Ayla carry back to hut. Frog: Magus! [Ayla sees Frog] Ayla: Big frog present? For Ayla eat? Frog: P-perish the thought! But what of the pale-faced man in the cape? Was he not with us? Ayla: No, only find you. Cape one more tasty? Frog: So, he has fled. [He sheathes the Masamune] Lucca: Magus said that Lavos had existed since ancient times. Ayla: Lavos? You no worry now. You rest. Hurt bad. [She leaves the hut as the party rests up. The next morning, Kino walks in] Kino: Crono okay now? Ayla busy, try find Laruba village. Find village, fight reptites together. Big fight, last fight! Beat all reptites or reptites beat us all! Voice: Kino! [An Ioka villager enters] Kino: What wrong? Crono rest, you be quiet! Ioka Villager: North wood, fire! Burn! Big burn! [They both run off to the burning woods, and Crono and his group follow them] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Laruba Ruins (Prehistory) ------------ [At the ruins, one of the Ioka villagers speak with Crono] Ioka Villager: Reptites take Kino! Reptites kill all try stop reptites! What do now!? [The party walks forward and sees Ayla and the elder] Elder: Ayla…this your fault! Look at village! Elder: Reptites follow you! Now village ruined! Ayla: … Ayla sorry. Elder: Reptites strong, live long before us! So we hide. But Ayla say fight together… Ayla still say fight now!? Ayla: Ayla alive, Ayla fight! Win, live. Lose, die. That rule. No can change rule. Old man breathe, but dead inside! Elder: Ayla strong, so make big talk. We not strong. Ayla: No! Strong! Fight, get more strong! Ayla help. But now, need dactyl. Give dactyl! Elder: Dactyl? Elder: Go Tyranno Lair!? Tyranno Lair, reptite castle! Danger. Even Ayla danger! Ayla want die? Ayla: No, want live, so go! Ayla be okay. Give dactyl! Elder: Yes…give dactyl. Elder tell keeper, so go dactyl nest. Ayla be careful! Ayla: Elder, big help! [Ayla leaves to go to the Dactyl Nest, and Crono and the group follow her] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Dactyl Nest (Prehistory) ----------- [Crono and the others make their way to the mountain's summit, defeating some enemies along the way. Once they reach the top, they see Ayla calling a dactyl down. They run up to her] Ayla: Crono! Lucca: You aren't trying to sneak off without us, are you? Ayla: No! Tyranno Lair danger! You no come! Maybe, all die! Lucca: Nope, we can't turn our backs on you like that. We owe you one! Lucca: Right, Crono? [Crono nods] Ayla: Ayla have good friend. Lucca: All right, it's set! To the Tyranno Lair! [Ayla calls two more dactyls. I will assume your party is Crono/Ayla/Lucca. The party then flies off, and if movies are turned on, you'll see an animated scene of Crono and Ayla getting on the dactyls and taking off. They fly over to the Tyranno Lair, home of the reptites] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++ Unnatural Selection [UNSL] +++++++++++++++++++ ------------ Tyranno Lair (Prehistory) ------------ [The group explores the castle, defeating some reptites and other enemies that lurk inside. Shortly after they enter the castle, they encounter three purple reptites] Turnkey: We're about to have a feast! And you're about to be the roast beast! Heh heh heh! [One of them notices Crono and the others] Guard: It's the apes! [They fight and defeat the reptites, then walk up to the cell they were about to enter] Kino: Ayla! Ayla: Kino move back! Ayla save Kino! [She tries to break the cell door open, but then crawls on it and slides through the crack, entering the cell room] Lucca: What are you going to do now!? Kino: Kino sorry. All Kino's fault. Ayla: It okay. Kino take all Laruba person, run! Kino: What Ayla do? Ayla: Strong live, weak die. Ayla go be strong! Kino: Kino go, too! Ayla: Kino no come. Ayla die, Kino new Ioka chief! Kino: Ayla… [She walks up to the cell door and busts it open, freeing herself and Kino] Ayla: Ayla strong. No lose! Kino: Kino know. Kino show you something! Follow Kino! [They follow him back to the first room, where he opens one of the dragon heads, giving them access to more of the castle] Kino: You strong, Kino weak. Kino jealous. [He runs off as the group continues through the rest of the castle. They eventually encounter Nizbel] Nizbel: Lookin' for Azala? She's just through here. [They squeeze past him, and as they go to leave the room, Nizbel runs up to them] Nizbel: Hold it! When I said she's through here, I meant you gotta get through me first! Whaddaya think I was flexin' my muscles and lookin' all intimidatin' for? [They fight and defeat him; he's known as Nizbel II in-battle. After the battle, they continue on, and soon reach the throne room] Azala: At last, the final confrontation. It was but a matter of time. Will it be we reptites who inherit the earth—or you soft-skinned apes? Ayla: Strong live, weak die. Ayla just fight! [They walk up to Azala and hear a loud roar coming from the back door] Azala: Hear that lovely voice? You'll soon be hearing more of it than you'd ever wish! [She jumps back and goes through the door. The party chases her outside to a bridge area, where a Black Tyranno waits. Azala is stand on top of it] Azala: Damnable red star… Fall, why don't you? Stain the earth red! [She hops onto the other side of the Black Tyranno] Azala: Even should it prove our fate to die, we will not relinquish this world to the likes of you! Azala: This black tyranno will have the honor of wiping you filthy apes from existence forever! Mwa ha ha! [The creature roars and the party begins fighting it and Azala. After a long battle, the creature gets destroyed with Azala lying on the floor. She crawls up a bit] Azala: No… It can't be! Could the heavens truly have sided with the apes? Listen, primates, and let it be known for all time. We reptites fought proudly to the bitter end! [Ayla runs up to her] Ayla: Ayla know. [The area flashes red] Ayla !? [The area flashes red a couple more times and the group looks over the bridge] Azala: First, a great fiery stone will crash to the earth. Its flames will soon spread to scorch every corner of the land. Then the chill will begin to creep across the blackened plains, ushering in a long, cruel age of ice and snow. Ha ha ha… A fitting end to our age indeed! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Ayla: Lavos… Lucca: L-Lavos!? [Space is shown, which Lavos is falling from. It lands directly on the earth, then a loud roar is heard] Ayla: Ayla people word. "La" mean fire. "Vos" mean big. Voice: Ayla! [Kino comes to the rescue, riding on a dactyl, with other dactyls accompanying him] Ayla: Kino! [He gets off the dactyl] Ayla: Hurry! Lavos fall soon! Ayla: All ride dactyl! [Ayla and the others in the party get on the dactyls] Ayla: Kino! Hurry! [Kino gets on and Ayla runs up to Azala] Kino: Ayla! What you do? Ayla: Come! Azala! Come! Azala: No! This is the will of the earth! Ayla: … Kino: Ayla! Hurry! [Ayla gets back on the dactyl with Kino] Ayla: Azala… Ayla not forget. Azala: Take… Ayla: Take? What take? Azala: Take care…of this world. [They fly off, leaving Azala behind, as Lavos crashes directly into the Tyranno Lair, destroying the whole thing and Azala along with it. It then roars, and the sreen switches to a mountain scenery] Lucca: So Lavos arrived all this time ago… [The screen lowers, showing the party, but since they're so far away, you can only distinguish them by three blue dots] Ayla: Lavos huge! Crono fight that? Ayla: Crono! We go place Lavos fall! [Ayla runs off] Lucca: She's right, we may be able to do something now! Let's go and see! [Lucca runs off and Crono follows both of them. They then go to examine the ruins of the Tyranno Lair] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Tyranno Lair Ruins (Prehistory) ------------------ [Upon heading to the ruins, they find a Gate] Lucca: Why is there a Gate here? [Ayla checks the ground] Ayla: Lavos fast! Deep under earth now. Lucca: Now I understand! The immense energy that Lavos gives off must be stretching time and space. That's what's causing the Gates! Ayla: What wrong, Crono? Want fight Lavos, go here. No? [They go through the Gate] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++ The Magic Kingdom [MKNG] +++++++++++++++++ [They come out in a cave] ---------- Small Cave (Antiquity) ---------- Lucca: Yeah, it was the nearest Gate to Lavos after all. I have no idea where we are. Ayla: Crono! Where this place? [From this point on, I will have taken Ayla out of my party, replacing her with Frog. The party exits the cave, only to find that they're in a strange, icy land. They head to the Skyway, a magical device that takes them up to a floating continent. On the continent is a building known as the Enhasa] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------ Enhasa (Antiquity) ------ [Inside the Enhasa, they find many people that can use magic. Apparently, everyone in this age is capable of using it. They encounter a boy with a cat, named Alfador] Boy: … Lucca: Hey, what's wrong? You have something to say? Frog: He seems a sullen lad. Boy: … [He begins walking off, but then stops] Boy: The black winds howl. [He turns around] Boy: One among you will shortly perish. [Alfador meows] Lucca: H-hey! What do you mean? Frog: Young one! Of what do you speak? [The boy walks off with Alfador following him] Frog: I do not know what this portends, but I did not like the sound of that at all. Lucca: It's only a bad joke. Prophesy is completely unscientific. [They leave the Enhasa and use the Land Bridge ahead, which warps them to another Skyway. They use the next Skyway to warp up to another continent, and there, they find a ship called the Blackbird] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------- Blackbird (Antiquity) --------- [They head across the wooden platform over to where the ship itself is, which is being guarded by two soldiers] Soldier: Why are you here!? Voice: All is well with the Blackbird, I presume? [A man named Dalton walks forward] Soldier: She is fully operational, Lord Dalton! Dalton: Of course she is, you blithering idiot! Were she not, we'd all be in trouble. *to Crono and the group* You! What are you doing there? Dalton: Hm? Those clothes… You must be the ones the prophet said would come to interfere! [He opens his cape] Dalton: I think I shall watch for the time being, and see how he plays his hand. Dalton: *laughing* Not that I suspect he'll tip his cards so easily. Ha! [Dalton leaves, and the group leaves this area. They find a building called Kajar, which is similar to the Enhasa, but nothing of importance is in there. They use the Small Caves to warp their way up to the Zeal Palace] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Zeal Palace (Antiquity) ----------- [The party explores the palace a bit and goes to the bedchambers after they explore. They enter the eastern bedroom] Boy: Schala! Schala: Oh, Janus, you've returned! Is something wrong? Janus: The black winds… Schala: You feel the foreboding, too? Don't worry, it will be all right. [She walks up to him] Schala: Here, keep this close. [She takes out a sparkling object] Janus: What is it? Schala: It's an amulet containing my prayers. If something should happen, it will keep you safe. I wish I could remain with you always. But Mother has other plans. [Janus turns around] Janus: That's not our mother! She looks like her, but she's not the same inside. [Schala walks back and turns around] Schala: … Even still… Forgive me, Janus. Voice: Pardons, Your Highness. [A lady enters the room] Lady: The Queen requests your immediate presence at the Ocean Palace. Schala: Very well. [She begins to walk off and then stops] Schala: Well, then, Janus… I must be on my way. [She begins to exit the room but notices Crono and his friends] Schala: Oh! Who might you be? Lady: Forgive me, my lady, but we must hurry. If we're late, I fear I'll be— well, you know the Queen. Schala: Of course. My apologies. [They both leave and Janus walks slowly into the corner. The party follows Schala to the hallway leading to the Queen's audience chamber. Inside, she uses a pendant of hers that looks identical to Marle's on the sealed door, opening it. Crono tries to do the same] Lucca: Hmm… There must be something different about that pendant. Frog: A mere door binds us hand, foot, and tongue. [They leave the hallway and head to the doorway on the left side of the main room, guarded by a Nu] Nu: This way leads to the Mammon Machine chamber. [He moves out of the way and they go through the door and reach the Mammon Machine. Inside, Crono holds the pendant up at the machine, which causes it to power up. With a powered-up pendant in hand, they go back to the hallway of the Queen's audience chamber. Crono holds the pendant up to the door, opening it] Lucca: Heh heh… No door can bar the way of scientific progress! Frog: What trial awaits us next? [They enter the chamber, where the Queen, Dalton, Schala, and some cloaked man are] Queen: Who are you!? How did you get in here? Prophet: Your Majesty… These are the bringers of disaster of whom I spoke. Queen: Indeed! They and the Gurus alike. How dare you outlanders attempt to oppose me? Queen: Fools, one and all. Dalton, seize them! Dalton: Yes, Your Majesty! With pleasure… Dalton: Golem! [Everyone in the room disappears except for Crono and his group, as a big golem is summoned. They battle it. It's possible to win this fight, but it's a bit hard, so I'll put the script for what happens if you win *and* if you lose. The overall outcome will be the same either way, though. If you win, everyone reappears into the room again] Dalton: Oh, my poor Golem! You'll pay for that! [He sends out a Gate-looking thing which encaptures them, then turns into a barrier] Queen: Mwa ha ha… Fear not! I won't kill you—not immediately, that is. I'll allow you to sample every type of pain and fear imaginable first. By the time we're through, you'll be begging us to end your suffering. Ah, what a delicious diversion! *laughs* [If you lose, the others appear back in the room, then Zeal says the same thing she says if you win. Either way, the group is carried to the room where the Mammon Machine was, inside the light and unconscious. Janus and Schala walk in] Janus: Hmph! Idiots. What will you do, Schala? Schala: Let us help them. Janus: I don't think they'll be of any use. And you'll be in trouble if you let them escape. Schala: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. And they just might be able to rescue Melchior. [She releases the party from their prison] Schala: Are you all right? Quickly, you must flee the palace! And if you can, please—free the Guru of Life! Schala: He was sent to the Mountain of Woe for opposing my mother's plan. Please! You must help him! Voice: I'm afraid I cannot allow that. [The prophet enters the room] Prophet: Your meddling tires me. It seems I'll need to put an end to you here. Schala: No, you mustn't! Prophet: …! Janus: Don't! [Alfador meows] Prophet: Hmph. Very well…I'll spare their lives. But in return, you will cooperate with me, Schala. Prophet *to Crono and the others* Now, show me how it is you came here. [They go back to the Small Cave where the Gate is] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Small Cave (Antiquity) ---------- Prophet: Hmm… So you came through here. [Schala enters the cave] Prophet: Now, Schala… Once I throw them in, you will seal the portal shut. Schala: N-no! You can't make me! Prophet: You will obey me. Their lives are at stake. [There is a momentary pause] Schala: I… Very well. [Crono and the others go through the Gate, and Schala seals the portal. The prophet leaves, then Schala pauses for a moment] Schala: Please forgive me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++ To Break the Seal [BRKS] +++++++++++++++++ ------------------ Tyranno Lair Ruins (Prehistory) ------------------ [They come out of the Gate, which seals up upon them exiting] Lucca: The prophet could have just as easily killed us. Frog: Where has Magus gone? I will not allow him to escape until he has answered for his past. Lucca: Wait! The crest on that sealed door… We've seen it elsewhere, haven't we? [The Keeper's Dome, in the future, is shown. Inside is a sealed door] "A curious crest is engraved here, and a mysterious force seals it shut." Lucca: We may find our way back to that era yet! Let's get cracking, Crono! [They ride the dactyls back to the Mystic Mountains, then they head back to the future via one of the pillars of light. There, they make their way to where Arris Dome is, and southeast of it is a sewer, which they enter] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Abandoned Sewers (Future) ---------------- [Upon entering, a flying creature spots Crono and the gang] Lookout: Eek! Outsiders! Better report to Krawlie! [The group proceeds forward and they spot a pair of frogs] Underling: There was a bridge here! I saw it! I swear, ribbit! Boss: What, it got up and walked away, ribbit? Don't you lie to me! There's nothing here at all, ribbit! Underling: But it's true, ribbit… Boss: Someone's coming! Let's scram, ribbit! [The frogs leave the room and Crono and the others head that way] Lucca: I've got a bad feeling about this. [The party explores the sewers a bit, and eventually they encounter the two frogs again] Underling: Looks like you just hafta press this switch, and the bridge'll extend across, ribbit! Boss: So, switch it on already, ribbit! [The underling tries to flick the switch, but can't reach it] Underling: Riiiiiibbit! Can't reach it, ribbit! Boss: And you call yourself a frog, ribbit! Boss: Someone's coming! Let's scram, ribbit! [Directly ahead, the party finds the lookout, and Krawlie] Lookout: There's three of 'em, and they're almost here! Krawlie: Waltzing through the sewers like they own the place, eh? Must have a death wish. We'll teach 'em a little respect! Lookout: Yes! Yes we will! Hee hee hee… Krawlie: Just let 'em come through here! They'll be chopped liver! Pulverized! Won't even know what to call 'em when we're done! Krawlie: Gah ha ha ha ha! Lookout: Hee hee hee hee hee! Krawlie: Har har har har! Lookout: HA HA HA HA HA! Krawlie: HEEEEE HEE HEE HEE! [The lookout sees the group] Lookout: ! [It flies away] Krawlie: Hm? [The party fights Krawlie and defeats it with ease. After the fight, they make their way through more of the sewers and reach the exit. Back outside, they head due south to the Keeper's Dome] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Keeper's Dome (Future) ------------- [In this dome, they head over to the sealed door] "The pendant begins to glow." [The door opens and they go through. Inside, the party walks forward and sees some glimmering dots that appear] "Hmm?" [They check each one as they go through the room] "You who have opened the door… I am Belthasar, the Guru of Reason, and formerly of the kingdom of Zeal. I was cast into this era by a great disaster which befell our land. Much to my surprise, I have learned that the creature Lavos was not a product of our age—far from it. It seems that the being fell from the sky in a bygone age, burrowing deep into the planet's core. There he began to feed upon its energy, growing ever stronger." "Lavos's form was revealed briefly when he was summoned forth by a mighty wizard by the name of Magus in the year 600. In the year 1999, Lavos emerged to claim the surface. Now he has taken the place I've named Death Peak as his throne—or nest, as it may well be. His miniature spawn now flow from the mountaintop, an avalanche of death. Lavos is a parasite—a parasite of gargantuan proportions whose host is the planet itself." "Trapped here, I endeavor to continue my study and observation of Lavos. But I believe the end draws near. Maintaining one's sanity is an endeavor in and of itself in an age such as this—an endeavor I fear may be futile. So before my mind is lost forever, I have decided to leave these records of my knowledge behind, along with my greatest invention." "Ever did I long to return home, and toil endlessly in search of a way. But as I neared the completion of my research, so did I near the end of my days. I have grown old, and frail. And so I leave it in your hands—you, who have opened the way. Take hold the reins of time, and let all the people of this plant's past and future join as one! Then—only then—you just may be able to stop Lavos." "You have little chance of success. But even a little chance is still a chance! You who have opened the door…the fate of the world is in your hands. Open now the final door, and claim what awaits you. My last and greatest work… The Wings of Time." [They use the pendant on the sealed door at the end of the room] "The pendant begins to glow." [The door opens and they head through. Inside, they see a big ship-like machine] Lucca: This must be Belthasar's invention. Frog: This must be it—the Wings of Time! [They go back towards the entrance of the room, and a Nu suddenly comes in with a set of seats he's pushing] Strange Construct: Scared you, didn't I? It's me…Belthasar! I copied my memory into this thing. What do you think? Precious, isn't he? Anyway, there is something I need to explain. Namely, how to transcend time! Press the Y Button to display the Time Gauge. Then, use the L Button and R Button to select an era. Belthasar: Ah, yes! [He falls asleep and then they wake him up] Belthasar: Before you go, why don't you give a name to my time machine? [By default, its name is "Epoch"] Belthasar: Well then, hop aboard! [The group gets on the seat and it attaches to the cockpit of the Epoch] Strange Construct: *mumble mumble*? - Take off. - Get off. [If "Get off." is chosen, the party simply gets off. If "Take off." is chosen, you get to select an era to warp to. The party warps back to the Antiquity era and the ship takes off. If movies are turned on, you'll see an animated scene of Crono finding and boarding the Epoch, then he powers it up and takes off. After taking off, the group is seen in a hyperspace-like dimension due to the speed of the time machine] Lucca: We're all right, aren't we?! Frog: Whoa! The Epoch is capable of this? [They get warped to the Antiquity era. Then, they head due west over to the Terra Cave, which leads to the village of Algetty] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Terra Cave (Antiquity) ---------- [There's a cave in the village, where the group fights a few monsters. At the end of the path, they find a red and blue mudbeast, along with a brown imp] Mud Imp: Yer not gettin' through 'ere! [They fight and defeat the two mudbeasts and the imp. After the fight, they walk up the chain which is chained to the Mountain of Woe] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++ The Guru of Woe [GRWO] +++++++++++++++ --------------- Mountain of Woe (Antiquity) --------------- [Crono and the group climbs up the mountain, fighting many battles against monsters along the way. The trek up the mountain is rather long, but once they make it to the very top, they see the Guru of Life trapped in a block of ice] Lucca: The Guru of Life's trapped inside. [It begins fading away] Frog: It fades away before our eyes! [A giant creature emerges to the top, known as Giga Gaia. They fight and defeat it, and after the battle, the Guru of Life reappears and the ice fades away, revealing Melchior] Lucca: Melchior!? Melchior: Indeed, I am none other. But how do you know my name? I do not believe we've met. More pressingly, what of the Queen and the Ocean Palace? Do you know what has happened? Melchior: I see… The Queen's mind has already eroded to that extent. Melchior: It seems the more energy the Mammon Machine absorbs, the further the Queen descends into madness. The immortal Lavos is overtaking her soul from within his slumber beneath the waves. [The mountain begins to collapse] Melchior: We must flee! The seal is broken! It will bring down the mountain! Come, make haste! [Meanwhile, at Algetty...] Villager: Elder! Th-the Mountain of Woe—! [At the area where the two mudbeasts were...] Boy: Mama, the mountain's falling! [The wind outside stops for a moment, causing the chain holding the mountain to break. This causes the mountain to collapse into the water below. Crono and the others get back to Algetty] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++ What Lies Beyond [WHLI] ++++++++++++++++ ------- Algetty (Antiquity) ------- [Melchior and Crono and the others are in one of the rooms of the village, along with the elder] Melchior: Lavos sleeps deep underground, consuming the energy of this planet. Brought so near, the Mammon Machine could very well awaken him! Melchior: We must hurry before it is too late! [A villager comes in] Villager: Elder! Lady Schala is here! Melchior: What? Schala? [Schala enters the room, and Janus follows her] Elder: Lady Schala… Why have you come to such a miserable place? Schala: Do not degrade yourselves. We Enlightened Ones were once the same as you. The only difference is that we are now puppets of Lavos. [She walks over towards Melchior and Crono's group] Janus: Such a filthy place… Schala: Melchior… When the Mountain fell, I knew I would find you here. Melchior: But is it safe for you to leave the palace? Schala: Whether it is safe or not no longer matters. The Ocean Palace is complete! Melchior: Then all is lost! Schala: Not all. Without me, the Mammon Machine is no more than a vessel. I will not activate that evil thing again. Schala: I've kept the Skyway open. Please! You must stop my lady mother! Voice: Tsk, tsk, my dear… [Dalton enters the room] Schala: Dalton! Dalton: It would be quite an…inconvenience if you failed to activate the machine. Melchior: Dalton! Leave her alone! Dalton: *laughing* Ah! The fossil speaks. Dalton: Be silent! [He hits Melchior with a fireball and walks over to Schala, knocking her on her knees] Melchior: Urgh! Dalton: You'll come to the Ocean Palace with me. Cause any trouble, and your life is—well, I will bear no responsibilities. Janus: Schala! [He knocks Janus against the wall] Dalton: None of the Queen's brats know their place, do they? [Crono and the group draw their weapons] Dalton: Oh, let's not be hasty! I'd be more than happy to take the life of this little pearl. I do not fear the Queen. Dalton: Shall we be on our way, Schala, dear? Your mother is waiting. [He laughs, and vanishes with Schala and Janus. The group speaks to Melchior] Frog: Melchior! Melchior: I am all right. Melchior: But we must rescue Schala, or there will be terrible consequences! [The elder walks up to Melchior] Elder: There's no hope of rescuing her! Not even for you, Melchior… Melchior: If the Queen's plans come to fruition, there's no hope for life as we know it! [Crono walks up to him and "speaks"] Melchior: You…you would go and stop her? [Crono nods] Melchior: My pardons… You risk your life for us time and time again, and I do not even know your names. Lucca: *laughing* Don't worry about it! You're going to help us someday, too! Melchior: Whatever are you talking about? Frog: Crono, let us make haste! Melchior: Wait, take this with you. [He hands out a sword with a red blade] Melchior: It's made from the same red stone as the Mammon Machine. With it, you should be able to destroy the thing for good. "Obtained Ruby Knife!" [The party sets out for the Ocean Palace, but they have to go through the Zeal Palace to reach it] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Zeal Palace (Antiquity) ----------- [In the palace, they immediately head for the audience chambers, where they find Dalton on guard] Dalton: *annoyed* Hmph. Why is that prophet allowed inside while I'm stuck guarding a place like this? [He notices Crono's group] Dalton: Ah! You came. Dalton: I decided to leave you alone before, hoping you might make that prophet show his true colors. But I've no use for you anymore. [He jumps off the throne] Dalton: You're history! [The party battles him. After winning the fight...] Dalton: Nooooo! I can't be beaten now! Not with eternal life just within my grasp! [He disappears into a Gate-looking portal that appears in the room's center. Crono and the others use it to get warped into the Ocean Palace] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++ Lavos Beckons [LVOS] +++++++++++++ ------------ Ocean Palace (Antiquity) ------------ [As they enter, they go forward and encounter Mune] Mune: I feel dark energy filling this place. Something frightening stirs. [He disappears, then the scene switches to the hallway of the Mammon Machine, where Queen Zeal, Schala, and the prophet are located] Queen: Schala, raise the output of the Mammon Machine to its limit! Schala: … Zeal: Schala! You dare disobey me? Schala: Very well, Mother. [She begins powering up the machine] Queen: Oh…what splendor! Behold the incredible power of Lavos! [Schala falls to her knees] Schala: Ugh… Prophet: … [The scene switches back to Crono and the others. They make their way through the palace, defeating several monsters as they traverse their way to the hall of the Mammon Machine. They eventually come to a room where there's a series of a flight of stairs. As they fight the enemies along the way, they head down the stairs and reach Masa near the bottom] Masa: Dreamstone has been used throughout the ages. The Mammon Machine and that pendant were made from it, and so was that knife. We are the embodiment of Melchior's hope, sealed within the knife. Masa: Hurry, if you mean to confront the Queen. Hope rests in your hands. [Masa vanishes, and the scene switches to the hall of the Mammon Machine again] Queen: Ahhh, I can feel it! The pulse of life eternal! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Schala: What…is this dark energy? Urgh! [She falls to her knees] Prophet …! [The room glows red] Enlightened One: The Mammon Machine! Your Majesty, it's too dangerous to continue! [The power of Queen Zeal knocks the Enligthened One back] Schala: Mother! Queen: Don't stop, Schala! We've only a little longer to go! Immortality will be ours! Zeal will have the eternal glory it deserves! Queen: Mwa ha ha… So long have I waited! [Crono and the others continue making their way through the palace. They use an elevator that takes them down a shaft to the lower floor, and on the way down, they fight through several battles. Once they reach the bottom, they soon enter a room where Dalton is] Dalton: You truly made it all this way. Perhaps I did underestimate you. Dalton: But this is the end. My pets will put a stop to you! Dalton: Come forth, Golem Sisters! [He summons forth two twin Golems, and then leaves as Crono and the others fight them. After defeating them, Dalton comes back] Dalton: Grr… The Sisters, too! I suppose I've but one choice left. [A red aura glows in the room] Dalton: What's this? I feel something strange. Could this be…Lavos's energy!? Dalton: … This won't do at all. All my hard work will be in vain if I die before attaining immortality! Dalton: It seems this is your lucky day! Farewell! [He leaves, and the party continues on to the hallway ahead. A Nu is blocking the way] Nu: This is the Mammon Machine altar. Now is the time if you want to turn back, nu. [It jumps off and the party goes forward to where the Queen is] Lucca: We just made it in time! It's a pity, but I'm afraid we have to shut down that machine for good! Frog: Your flirtations with Lavos are at an end, Your Majesty! Schala: You, you're— [The energy from the Mammon Machine injures Schala] Schala: Help! Prophet: Schala! Queen: What are you doing, Schala!? Control the machine! Lucca: Quickly, Crono! There's no time! Frog: Use the old man's knife, Crono! Stop that accursed thing! [Crono holds out the Ruby Knife] Masa: Here we go, Mune! Mune: Ready when you are, Masa! [He throws the knife into the machine] Frog: Is that…the Masamune!? [A red aura glows from the top of the machine] Queen: The Mammon Machine! Prophet: It's too late. He comes! Schala: It's no use! That sword alone cannot stop it! [The area glows with a red aura and Lavos roars, then the party is taken to its dimension, where they enter in a battle against it. However, due to its immense strength, they stand no chance, and Lavos takes care of them easily. The prophet then gets transported into the same dimension] Prophet: How long I've waited for this! [He takes his cloak off, revealing himself to be Magus] Magus: It's been quite some time, Lavos. Magus: I swore on that day long ago that I'd destroy you, no matter the price! It's time to fulfill that vow. Feel my wrath, Lavos! Voice: You truly think you possess the power? [Queen Zeal and Schala appear] Queen: What are you but a false prophet? You'll be no more than grazings for the great Lavos! Schala: Mother, please stop this madness! This power can only end in ruin! Queen: Step aside, Schala! The almighty life force of Lavos flows through us all. You are a part of it. You cannot change that fate now! Oppose me, and I will destroy you! [She attacks Schala] Schala: Aaaah! [Queen Zeal jumps onto Lavos's shell] Queen: Come, Prophet of Lies! Feel the power of Lavos! [Lavos roars and Magus gets injured by his power] Magus: Ugh! [He falls to his knees] Magus: Urgh! My…my magic! He's draining it! Magus: Ungh… I won't… I won't be beaten! I endured the darkness alone…for the sole purpose of defeating you! [He stands up] Magus: Take this, Lavos! Graaah! [He lunges forward at Lavos with his sickle, but to no avail] Magus: What!? No effect at all? Aaaaugh! [Lavos knocks him to the floor] Queen: Fool! Your pitiful powers are no match for his! Queen: I shall give you a gift. Eternal life, as part of Lavos! Uwa ha ha ha! [Lavos shoots out a beam of energy, which draws people near him like a vacuum] Lucca: Are…are you all right? At this rate, we're all doomed. Frog: Magus! You cannot die at the hands of some other foe! You are mine to defeat! [Crono stands up and walks up to Lavos] Queen: You've still not given up? What do you hope to do? You would challenge Lavos alone, with that battered body of yours? Queen: Mwa ha ha… Gaze upon the power of Lavos and your doom! [If movies are turned on, an animated scene is shown where Crono attempts to attack Lavos, but he sends out a light of energy. This causes Crono to drop his sword and become paralyzed as he is lifted up by the energy ball. He is then completely destroyed. Back to the game itself, Crono tries to attack him and gets suspended in the air, just like in the animated scene] Lucca: No! Crono! Frog: Oh, no! Crono! [He gets destroyed by Lavos] "Crono…?! Crono…!" [Schala, Magus, Frog, and Lucca appear back in the hallway of the Mammon Machine, as the Ocean Palace is collapsing] Magus: I haven't the power to defeat him, then? Lucca: Crono…! There was nothing I could do! Frog: Urgh…! We must think only of our escape for now! The palace threatens to collapse! [Schala stands up] Schala: The last of my pendant's power will send you to safety. Schala: I know you will not be able to forgive her, but… Please, do not hate my my mother, or our kingdom. Schala: I'm so sorry! Now, quickly—to the surface! [Schala begins using her pendant's power to transport everyone to the surface] Magus: …! [Everyone but her gets teleported. She pauses for a moment and then falls on her knees] Schala: … Crono… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Lavos is shown sticking out from Earthbound Isle as he shoots a rain of destruction upon the land. The destruction rain pierces through the island above, causing it to lose altitude. It then eventually begins blowing up as the remains fall into the ocean. At Algetty, an Earthbound villager rushes to the other people to warn them of the tidal wave that's about to come] Earthbound Villager: A tidal wave! [Everyone evacuates as the tidal wave lands directly onto the village. The screen then fades out] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- Surviving Village (Antiquity) ----------------- Lucca: Hold it, Crono! Crono! Frog: N-nooooo! Crono… Crono! [The screen fades back in, showing Lucca and Frog in a small hut. They wake up] Lucca: Crono! Elder: Ahh… You've woken. [The Algetty elder walks in] Elder: You were most fitful in your sleep. Lucca: Crono! Where's Crono? Elder: We found no other. Lucca: It wasn't a dream, then. Frog: Is this the village of the Earthbound Ones? Elder: This island was the only refuge left after the Ocean Palace unleashed its ruin. No others remain. Lucca: No… Not this era, too! Frog: And what of Old Man Melchior? Did he escape? Elder: When the disaster struck, an eerie black portal materialized before young Lord Janus. Melchior tried to save the boy prince, but succeeded only in getting himself dragged in as well. Frog: A black portal? A Gate… Lucca: What about Schala? Elder: That I cannot say. No one has seen her since. Frog: The Epoch! What fate has befallen it? Elder: Your ship is a sturdier vessel than one might venture. She washed up safe and sound, right in your wake. It was almost as though she were drawn to you. Elder: Ah, yes… I believe this is yours. [He hands over Marle's pendant to Lucca] Lucca: Marle's pendant… The one that Crono kept for her. Elder: It was sitting beside you, almost as though it were watching over you— guarding you. Lucca: Crono… Elder: Take all the time you need to rest. I will be in the village commons, just beyond. [The elder leaves, and now that Crono is out of your party, you can have anyone in the top slot. I will assume you take Lucca, Frog, and Ayla for the upcoming event. The party heads for the Village Commons, which is west of the hut they are in] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------- Village Commons (Antiquity) --------------- [At the commons, the party speaks with the elder] Elder: Feeling better, are we? Soldier: Bow, churls, and pay homage to your new liege, King Dalton! [Three soldiers ambush the commons and attack the people of Algetty, and the elder. Then, a fireball is shot at the party and Dalton enters the scene] Dalton: Whyever the looks of disappointment? You should be thankful you survived! Dalton: The crazed old crone is gone, and that insufferable prophet with her. Henceforth, Zeal shall be known as the kingdom of Dalton! [He laughs] Dalton: You!? You survived? Ah! That ship outside must be yours, then, mustn't it? It matches Belthasar's designs perfectly. Dalton: *laughing* You're undeserving of such a splendid toy. I shall make it my personal chariot! Lucca: You've got to be joking! Dalton: You will have to come with me. It would not do to have you whispering strange secrets in the ears of this mob. You might start a rebellion! Dalton: But first… [He opens his cloak] Dalton: …take this! [He shoots a fireball, but the party knocks it back] Dalton: What!? Dalton: Grrr! Dalton: Hmph! [He gets ready for another attack] Dalton: Hey! What's that behind you? [The party looks behind them as Dalton shoots a fireball at them, rendering them unconscious] Dalton: Gah ha ha ha! A little taste of my true power! [The screen fades out] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++ The New King [NWKG] ++++++++++++ --------- Blackbird (Antiquity) --------- Lucca: Ugh… [The screen fades in as the party wakes up] Frog: Where are we? Ayla: !? Ayla: Weapon! Armor! All gone! Frog: *surprised* Our other possessions as well. Lucca: Even our money! Frog: What now? Ayla: Ayla can still fight! Go find weapon! Fight bad man! [They look around in the room they're stuck in a bit and find a ladder. They climb it up and it leads outside. They find out they're in the air] Lucca: Whoa! Frog: The sky! We've been taken into… [The Blackbird is shown in full view] Frog: The Blackbird!? [They go back inside] Frog: Hm? [He climbs down the ladder and walks up to the wall on the left, spotting a ladder] Frog: We should be able to get up there. [You can either climb up that ladder or break through the door in the room, or even both. I will type up the script for breaking through the door. The party knocks on the door] Guard: Heh. Like watching sheep. They can't try anything without weapons. Ayla: Lucca! What do? - Pretend to be sick. - Think of another plan. [If "Think of another plan." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Pretend to be sick." is chosen...] Ayla: Ayla healthy! But Lucca want sick, then sick. Ayla: Uhnnn…! Ayla…hurt bad! [The guard unlocks the door] Guard: What's the matter!? [He comes in and Ayla knocks him out] Ayla: … Ayla no like lie. [If they climb up the ladder on the left wall, they end up in the vents. There are gratings all over] Frog: We can spy upon our captors from here. [They explore the vents a bit, and as they reach the southern end of the room, where one of the gratings are...] Voice: You worthless cretins! [They look through the grating and see Dalton and his soldiers] Frog: How dare he meddle with our things! Ayla: They do something Epoch! Lucca: Shhh! Dalton: Pay close attention to what you're doing! This is to be my royal Airthrone! Dalton: The world will bow before me! Dalton: *laughing* Mwa ha ha ha ha! [The party continues exploring in the vents. They eventually get out of the vents and explore the ship itself for their equipment, items, and money. They battle their way through the ship and find all of their stuff after awhile. Then, they go to the second floor, where they enter a room which leads to an area with a ladder. This ladder leads outside to the wing of the Blackbird, where they suddenly spot something] Ayla: ! Frog: Something comes! [The Golem Overlord appears] Lucca: That…that's—! [The group fights it. It's so cowardly that it just sits there in fear of heights for the whole fight, and if they don't defeat it, it eventually just escapes. Either way, after the battle...] Lucca: Phew… [The screen fades out] Voice: Mwa ha ha… I've done it! It's complete! [The screen fades back in, showing Dalton in the remodeled Epoch, which now has wings] Dalton: See these beautiful wings! This is a throne truly fit for a king! I name it… Dalton: The Aero-Dalton Imperial! And those meddlesome interlopers shall be her first victims! Dalton: Aero-Dalton Imperial, prepare for takeoff! [Crono's theme starts playing] Dalton: No, no, no, and no! Dalton: Stop the music! [The music changes to the "danger" theme] Dalton: Ha ha ha! Yes, there we go! Dalton: Now, then! [The hangar door opens] Dalton: Aero-Dalton Imperial! Away! [He takes off in it and the party spots it] Frog: Th-that was—! [They run forward] Ayla: Epoch, sky… It can fly!? Dalton: Her name is not the Epoch! It's the Aero-Dalton Imperial! Dalton: And you, I'm afraid, are excess baggage! Ha ha ha ha! Dalton: Time to make like the wind and blow you all away! [He shoots lasers from the Epoch and aims them at the party] Dalton: Mwa ha ha! Yes, squirm about like the worms you are! Frog: Curse that man! Lucca: Dalton! [The party jumps onto the flying Epoch] Dalton: Y-you! [They fight him. After a relatively short battle, he tries to call upon the Golem Overlord, but the portal that opens sucks him up] Lucca: Is the Epoch all right!? Frog: That filthy thief! Ayla: Epoch, okay? Lucca: More importantly, how do we control this thing? [They get in the ship with Lucca controlling it] Frog: Do not look to me! [After pressing the Y Button, Lucca shoots a laser at the wing of the Blackbird] Frog: Well, what of the X Button!? [After pressing it, Lucca gains control and the Blackbird begins collapsing into the ocean. At the village commons...] Villagers: Hurrah! Justice! Dalton's been paid his due! Elder: Mercy, that ship can fly! [The Epoch is shown again] Lucca: Whew, I think I got a handle on it. Frog: Incredible! Mayhap we even owe him a touch of gratitude for this! Ayla: Epoch happy! Epoch…become bird! Lucca: And I'd just been thinking about upgrading it myself, too. Oh well. [They fly over to the continent they were on before and land] Lucca: Crono might be on this island. [They get out of the Epoch and explore the island. They head over to the North Cape which is at the far end of the island] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- North Cape (Antiquity) ---------- [At the summit of the small mountain, they find an object on the ground. They examine it, and Magus suddenly appears] Magus: So, it's you. Frog: Magus! [They draw their weapons] Magus: Behold. All of it rests at the bottom of the sea. Gone is the magical kingdom of Zeal, and all the dreams and ambitions of its people. [He turns around and faces the group] Magus: I lived there once. But I was another person then. [Cut to a flashback of the Ocean Palace, to the hallway of the Mammon Machine. This occured before Crono and the others arrived and changed the outcome] Gaspar: What's this? A dimensional vortex!? Belthasar: We were right, then! This power is beyond human control! Melchior: Oh, no! We'll be dragged into the rift! Voice: Schala! [Janus walks in] Schala: No, Janus! Stay away! Janus: B-but… [They appear in the dimension of Lavos, where Lavos itself is. A rift opens right over Melchior] Melchior: It…it's a—! [He gets pulled in, and another one appears before Gaspar] Gaspar: A Timegate!? [He gets dragged in as well, then a rift also appears by Belthasar] Belthasar: No! [Belthasar gets pulled in, and then it's Janus's turn] Janus: Schala—! [He gets dragged in and Lavos roars] Schala: Janus! [Melchior ends up in Medina Village in the present, Belthasar in the Proto Dome in the future, and Gaspar in the End of Time] Gaspar: What…what is this place? Gaspar: Hello? Gaspar: There's no one here. Is this…the End of Time? [Janus ends up at the Truce Canyon in the Middle Ages, with Ozzie standing right there. He sends a few Blue Imps after him. Now the scene cuts back to Magus and the party] Frog: You… You were that boy! Magus: … Magus: I've lived only for the thought of slaying Lavos. Ever since his rift in time's fabric stranded me in the Middle Ages… And just as I had summoned him to my castle, you arrived to interfere. To think I would be drawn through yet another portal, only to find myself returned to this age… Ironic, is it not? Being from the future, my knowledge of the past enabled me to convince the Queen that I was an oracle of no small power. And so again I worked to draw the beast out. But no history book could have prepared me for what ensued… Unimaginable is the power of Lavos! Before him, all are as leaves cast to the bitter wins that howl about Death's black wings. Stay this course, and your fate will be the same as that fool Crono's! [He turns around at the party] Frog: You dare dishonor him? Magus: Play with fire and you get burned! A lesson better learned sooner than later. The weak go quickly to their graves. [Frog draws his sword] Frog: Stay your tongue, Magus! Magus: You wish to fight me? - Yes. - No. [If "Yes" is chosen...] Frog: *to the rest of the party* Stand back. [The party walks back] Magus: … Never did I imagine that we would settle our score in this era. Come, let us finish this charade! [Frog and Magus battle one-on-one. After the fight, Magus falls to his knees] Frog: Cyrus… You are avenged. [He sheathes his sword] Magus: If I die…Frog's curse will be undone. Should you wish to…to revive Crono, seek… Seek Gaspar, the…the Guru of…of Time. [He stands up and shatters, leaving behind Schala's amulet. If you choose "No." when he asks if you want to fight...] Frog: … [He sheathes his sword] Frog: Taking your life will not restore Crono or Cyrus theirs. Magus: … [As the party walks back...] Magus: Wait. [He walks over to the group] Magus: I'll accompany you. Frog: Are you mad!? Magus: I said the fool was dead. I did not say his death could not be undone. Frog: Of what do you speak? Magus: Gaspar, the Guru of Time, knows the way to restore those streams of time that have been diverted from their proper courses. [The character-naming screen pops up. Obviously, his name is "Magus" by default. I will assume you keep Magus alive rather than killing him, and also that you have a party of Frog/Lucca/Magus. They leave the North Cape and board the new Epoch to begin their quest to revive Crono] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++ The Time Egg [TIME] ++++++++++++ Lucca: Impossible! I'm picking up interference from an enormous Gate! Could it be Lavos!? Frog: !? Magus: That's…! [The Ocean Palace arises from beneath the waves, now called the Black Omen] Lucca: It feels like we're going to get sucked in there. Frog: D-Death's Ferry? Has it come for us? Magus: The Ocean Palace? But—no! Lucca: Hey, look at the time-space monitor! It looks like something's happening in other ages, too! [A vortex appears in the prehistory and Middle Ages, respectively] Frog: A vortex has appeared. But why? Magus: Is Lavos's hand in this as well? Lucca: We need to hurry and do something about Lavos! [The party uses the Epoch to warp to the End of Time] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- End of Time ----------- [Upon arriving, they disembark the Epoch and speak with the old man] Old Man: Oh, where's that sprightly young man? Old Man: … I see. How terrible… There's little I can do for you, but let me honor him with a song. I call it…"Memories of Crono." [Marle's theme begins playing] Old Man: Were there anything more I could do, I would, but I fear I can be of little aid. Magus: Only the Guru of Time can help us now. Old Man: That face… Have I not seen you before? Old Man: Ah, indeed… You've grown strong. Tainted of soul, to be sure, but formidable all the same. Magus: Hmm? Old Man: The Guru of Time, you say? I know of him. But what business have you with the Guru of Time? Frog: We've heard he may know a way to restore life to our fallen friend. The truth of it I do not know. Old Man: Ah, yes…to break death's hold over one you hold dearer still. You are not the first to wish such a thing, nor will you be the last. Crono must be happy indeed, knowing such dear friends as you. [As the party goes to leave...] Old Man: Hey! [They talk to him again] Old Man: Here. Take this with you. [He places an egg on the ground] Frog: What is this? The egg of some beast? Old Man: That is the Chrono Trigger—a Time Egg. Should you wish to try and hatch it, the one who crafted your Wings of Time can tell you the way. But know that it may not necessarily hatch the results which you desire. The Chrono Trigger represents potential. Results require action. As long as you keep Crono in your heart and pursue what you seek, the results should follow. But I can make no guarantees. Magus: I see it now. It's you, isn't it? Lucca: It's you, isn't it? You're Gaspar, the Guru of Time! Old Man: Ah ha ha… Yes, I believe that is what they used to call me. But that was long, long ago. "Obtained Chrono Trigger!" [The party boards the Epoch, then warps to the future. They head for the Keeper's Dome to seek out Belthasar] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Keeper's Dome (Future) ------------- [They head through the sealed door, and at the end of the room is Belthasar] Belthasar: Death Peak harbors a power capable of restroing the slain to life. But the power to reverse death is not one easily invoked. The need must be great, and the person's existence of the utmost importance. And what's more, you'll need a double—a doll identical to that person in every detail. Then, and only then, will the power deign to hatch the Egg. Belthasar: A doppel doll! That would do nicely. The magician Norstein Bekkler could whip one up in the wink of an eye, if only he were here. You've not heard of him, you say? Well, he loves festivals. Find a fair, and there, too, you shall almost certainly find Bekkler! [With this information, the group sets out for the Leene Square in the present] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Leene Square (Present) ------------ [At the square, the party heads over to the Tent of Horrors. Inside, they find Norstein Bekkler] Norstein Bekkler: Welcome to Norstein Bekkler's tent of horrors! The spine- tingling show is just about to start! Norstein Bekkler: So, you want a doppel doll of Crono? Normally I wouldn't give out another person's doll, but today I'll make an exception. 40 Silver Points. I'll give you the doll even if you lose the game, but it will cost you. The longer you stay in the game, the lower my price will be. - Play the game. - Don't play the game. [If "Don't play the game." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Play the game." is chosen, and you have 40 or more Silver Points...] "Mimic what you see!" L Button: Left arm R Button: Right arm Y Button: Laugh A Button: Surprise [The Crono doll walks in] Norstein Bekkler: Start when you hear the signal after I move. And…action! [After you play the game, whether you win or lose...] Norstein Bekkler: I'll take [amount] G. I'll send this doppel doll to Crono's house. [With the doppel doll obtained, they head over to Crono's house] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Crono's House (Present) ------------- [In his house, they head upstairs to the bedroom, where the doppel doll is. They speak with his mom] Crono's Mother: Oh, hello! Is Crono all right? Lucca: Yeah… … He's just… He's just fine. Crono's Mother: Well, I hope he's not causing you too much trouble. You tell him I said to behave himself, all right? Lucca: … Um, listen, I…uh, I mean… Crono's Mother: Yes? Lucca: We'd like to borrow this doll for a bit. Crono's Mother: Go right ahead, dear. [They take the doll] "Obtained Doppel Doll!" [As they proceed downstairs...] Crono's Mother: You stay out of trouble, now! [They leave the house and go back to the future to visit Belthasar again] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------- Keeper's Dome (Future) ------------- [In the dome, they head back to Belthasar. He repeats the same thing he said before, and then...] Belthasar: Yes… That will do quite well. It seems the time has come for you to attempt Death Peak. It is the only chance you have of reviving your friend. I've implanted one final program—truly, I mean it this time— in this construct's memory banks. It will help to guide you up the mountain. Please stand back. [He goes into the room behind him and a blue Poyozo Doll comes out] "Executing program!" [It disappears and another one appears] "Executing program!" [A third one appears] "Executing program!" [Belthasar comes back out] Belthasar: The three entities you just saw will aid you on Death Peak. This ends my message. Now, I must ask you for a favor. This construct has reached the end of his final program. Please, let him rest. The switch is on his stomach. "Switch the construct off?" - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Yes." is chosen, the creature gets turned off. The party now exits the dome and makes way for Death Peak, which is due north of the dome] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Death Peak (Future) ---------- [The party runs up the windy mountain and examines the Poyozo Doll] "Walk when the wind dies down, and hide behind the trees when it picks up strength." [The Poyozo Doll turns into a tree, then they stand behind it to avoid getting blown away. They reach the next area of the mountain, where there is less wind and thus no chance of getting blown off. It's a long trek up the mountain as they fight various enemies, and also three Lavos Spawns. After defeating the last Lavos Spawn, they use the shell to climb up to the summit. Once they reach it...] Lucca: This is it—the summit of Death Peak. [She takes out the Time Egg] Lucca: You who fear the night and fight the coming of darkness… Lend us strength! [She holds it up] Frog: Crono! "The pendant's reacting!" [The pendant reacts to the egg as it floats up and then shatters] Lucca: It…it shattered! [She falls to her knees] Lucca: No… What use was it to come so far? Frog: Do not despair. It was foolish to think we could cheat death. [Lucca pauses for a moment and then stands up] Lucca: Crono! Say something! Don't just ignore us! [A black sun-looking thing covers the sunset as the party is warped to a time freeze, and the same moment the Lavos incident was occuring in the Ocean Palace] Magus: A time freeze… I never dreamt it possible. Frog: Like stone statues. An unsettling sight… Lucca: The Chrono Trigger… The Guru's Time Egg! Those…those are our past selves! We're really back—right at that instant! [They walk up to the frozen Crono] "We just need to exchange the doppel doll for Crono." [They take out the doll and it is replaced with the once-frozen Crono, reviving him] Lucca: We've got to hurry! Frog: I'd remain here no longer than we must. Let us be gone. Magus: Save the tearful reunions for later! If we've done all we must, let us be on our way. [He walks forward a bit] Magus: … [Back at the summit of Death Peak, Crono floats down onto it and is up against the tree] Lucca: Crono! It's about time! Frog: No worse for the wear, I trust? [He awakens] Lucca: You big dummy! You…you wouldn't believe what we had to go through for you! [She pauses for a moment and then puts her arms around his neck] Lucca: You mess up like that again… And you'll have to get yourself out of it! [The screen fades, showing only her and Crono] Lucca: We had such a terrible time without you. Marle was…and… So then we…and even I… Hey! You listening, Crono? I really…really can't stand you, you know! [With the revival of Crono, everyone automatically goes back to the End of Time] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++ The Fated Hour [FTHR] ++++++++++++++ ----------- End of Time ----------- [They speak to Gaspar] Old Man: So, all went well… No, don't thank me. I merely placed a piece upon the board. It was not my hand that moved it. If you would thank someone, thank the ones who cared enough to see their friend returned to them. By the way, the Wings of Time have come looking for you. They seem to have a heart and mind all their own. Old Man: You wish to fight Lavos, correct? Many paths lie before you. You might choose to leap into that bucket, or fly the Wings of Time to the Day of Lavos. Or there is the Black Omen, which now straddles time, seeking to summon Lavos yet again. Such folly! Lusting so greedily after power that the power wields you… It is up to you to decide when and where you will face Lavos. However, do not think that you stand alone. I have had glimpses, albeit vague, of events, people, and places that will empower you. A forest brought back to life by the sheer determination of a woman in the Middle Ages… The fortress of one of Magus's three former generals in the Middle Ages… A task to be done in the future, in a birthplace of machines… A prehistoric stone that will shine with the light of all the ages of the world… The restless spirit of a proud knight, slain by Magus in the Middle Ages, and lingering even in the present… An object of legend in the Middle Ages that sparkles like a rainbow… Old Man: Speak to your companions. Some among you may well know the figures behind the events which I have seen. Borrow the might of all these lives throughout the ages. Let their strength become your own! For only then can you hope to defeat the enemy you face. Such is the power required, if you wish to save the future. I will remain here, and bear witness to the world's fate. [The side quests can be done now since the Epoch can fly. Then, all that remains is to tackle the Black Omen and finish the game. If you want to see the script for the side quests, please refer to the appropriate section. To continue on with the story, the group goes to the Black Omen in any era from the antiquity up until the present to destroy it for good] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- Black Omen ---------- [The starting lines in the dungeon are slightly changed depending on the era you enter from. I will assume you enter from the antiquity era. The party jumps onto the walkway that leads into the omen. Right by the door are six laser guards, three on each side of the wall by the door. They destroy them and enter, where they find Queen Zeal upon entering] Queen: Fools! Have you not learned your lesson? Queen: *laughing* We are made immortal! We shall live forever with Lavos, who feasts upon this planet from within. Queen: Now he rests, and gathers strength. But in a mere 14,000 years, he will emerge to rain destruction upon the earth and crown himself as King! Queen: The Black Omen is the path which leads to Lavos. It is the conduit through which our limitless power flows. As long as the almighty Lavos reigns, your dreams dreams are all for naught! [She sends out a mutant called the Mega Mutant] Queen: Sacrifice yourself to Lavos, and fulfill the only purpose left to you! Mwa ha ha ha! [She disappears and the group fights the mutant. After defeating it, they make their way through the omen, fighting various enemies along the way. After quite some time, they encounter the Giga Mutant. Upon defeating that, they keep going, and sooner or later find the third and final mutant, called the Tera Mutant. Upon defeating that, they encounter the Elder Lavos Spawn, which is more powerful than the three found on Death Peak. Finally, they defeat that and encounter Queen Zeal soon after] Queen: I know what you have seen. It is your futures that slumber in this hall. Destiny, in its essential form. All the dreams that might have been. All the happiness, and sorrow, you might have known. Your tomorrow, as it has been witnessed. Queen: The Black Omen transcends time and space, drifting through the all and nothing, waiting for Lavos to awaken. Destiny has led you here, and here you shall remain. Unless you can defeat me and bring down the Omen, there is no future for you! [The party gets ready for combat] Queen: Come, children! Lavos slumbers. I will guide you into the depths of his dream. Did I say dream? I meant, of course, his eternal nightmare! [They battle her and defeat her. After the fight...] Queen: Argh! My powers don't seem to work here! Ah, but I've a better idea! I can feed you to the Mammon Machine! You'll be made one with the Omen, Lavos—and me! [She floats up and tosses them into another dimension, where the Mammon Machine is. They immediately engage in combat against it. Once they defeat it, they're sent to the very top of the Black Omen, and then Queen Zeal appears before them once more. If Magus is with you, this scene is improved by a bit] Queen: You maggots… I am the Queen who shall rule for all eternity at Lavos's side. You will not stand in my way! Magus: Fool. No thing, no life, can last forever. Magus: You are deceived. A pitiful plight… One deserving of mercy, at least. [He swings his cape back] Magus: I will put an end to all of this! Queen: Accursed prophet! Do not think I have forgotten your transgression at the Ocean Palace. You shall pay for it now with your life! [She turns into a strange-looking creature with only a head and two hands. The party engages in combat and defeats her. After the battle, she returns to her normal form] Queen: How dare you vermin hound my steps? Oh, almighty Lavos! Lend me your power! [The screen shows the entire Black Omen in full view, as a blue ring glows from underneath] Queen: Mwa ha ha… At last, Lavos stirs! Before him, you are as grist before the wheel. But, I—I shall attain immortality! [She vanishes, and the Omen is completely destroyed. The group is automatically carried to another dimension as Lavos awakens from his slumber] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++ Dream's End [DRMN] +++++++++++ --- ??? --- [The party is forced into a battle against Lavos. The fight is really long, as it takes the attack mode of several bosses that were fought throughout the game. In order: Dragon Tank, Guardian, Heckran, Zombor, Masa & Mune, Nizbel, Magus, and Giga Gaia. After all of its attack forms have been defeated, they have to battle it in its normal stage. Once the battle is finally over, the head is destroyed and the party falls to their knees] Lucca: Did we make that? Frog: I cannot think this is the end of such a creature. Magus: I will sever the wick of your life's candle, Lavos! [They go inside the shell and fall in deep] Lucca: We're okay…right? Frog: This is one dreadful place. Even more ghastly than Magus's keep… Magus: There is no turning back now. [The party goes forward as the noise they hear gets louder while going further to the core. Once they reach the core, Lavos's body is shown] Magus: At last… You meet your end, Lavos! Lucca: This's the real thing!? Frog: Cyrus… Stand with me in this battle! [The group now faces off against Lavos for a second time. They destroy both arms, then the body weakens and they destroy that. After the fight, he makes a weird noise and its body goes away, revealing the *real* form of Lavos. It is known as the Lavos Core] Lucca: Now I understand. It lives on a planet for as long as possible, selecting the most desirable life forms, allowing them to advance and then harvesting their DNA. The young it gave birth to on Death Peak must have all of that DNA. Evenrtually they'll migrate to other planets, and repeat the cycle. Lucca: It's a parasite! Sleeping within the earth all this time, stealing all our progress! Frog: Such a vile being… We do not live for your ends! Magus: We were but sown for him to reap. All of humanity… Or, rather, all life on this planet. Magus: … At last, our final meeting… *swings cape back* Your life ends here! [The party engages in a combat stance as Lavos creates two small bits to accompany him. Then, they're transported to another dimension in which the final battle takes place. After a long and hard fight, they defeat it for good. Depending on when in the game you defeated him, you'll get a certain ending. The first ending is the most official one, and is how the game is intended to end. See the appropriate section for the script on the endings] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============================== III. Game Script (Side Quests) =============================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++ Fiona's Desert [DSRT] ++++++++++++++ [This side quest starts by telling a woman in the antiquity era to plant a sapling with hope. Then, a desert is opened in the Middle Ages by Fiona's Villa] ------------- Fiona's Villa (Middle Ages) ------------- Fiona: My husband Marco is finally home from the war! Oh, I'm so relieved! Marco: Worry not, my love. We won't be parted again. [The party sets out for the Sunken Desert just south of the villa. I will assume you take Crono, Marle, and Frog] ------------- Sunken Desert (Middle Ages) ------------- [Here, they stand in the center and are carried inside the sand to a dungeon of sorts. It's filled with sand and enemies. In the second room, they feel a rumble and hear a noise] Marle: What was that? [A big pile of bones is shown rising up from the sand] Frog: So, that fell beast is what changed soil to sand! Marle: But if it can move through earth, it can come up…anywhere! [They eventually catch the beast, called Melphynx, and after a long battle they defeat it] Marle: That should put a stop to the trees dying! Fiona will be happy. [With this task done, they leave the desert and head back to Fiona's villa. Robo must be in the party now; I had Crono/Marle/Robo] ------------- Fiona's Villa (Middle Ages) ------------- Fiona: Thank you for dealing with those foul creatures. Now I can set to work replanting again. Alas, I fear it will take ages to plant enough trees to reforest this land. Ah, if only there were someone who could toil for centuries on end! Then these wastes could truly be made green again. Robo: *to the party* What do you think? I could remain here and assist Madam Fiona, and you could come to retrieve me here once my work was complete. Is that all right? May I stay behind and help? - All right. - No. [If "No." is chosen, nothing happens. If "All right." is chosen, you're taken back outside with Robo out of your party. He can be seen working in the desert in the Middle Ages from now on. The party uses the Epoch to warp to the present, where the forest has now been revived. There's also a church there, called Fiona's Shrine, which the party enters] -------------- Fiona's Shrine (Present) -------------- [There are three nuns in here, and an old, rusted Robo is on the altar. Crono takes him and drags him off of it, and then reactivates him] Robo: Systems reactivated. Wh-where am I? Robo: Oh… Crono, how nice to finally see you again! Only a few moments may have passed for you, but I have been waiting for four hundred years. However, my efforts were worthwhile. The forest is restored. Now, shall we celebrate our four hundred-year reunion? ------ Forest (Present) ------ [They camp out in the forest for the night. Lucca is repairing him] Robo: I realized something during these past four hundred years. I believe we may have been incorrect in our assumption that Lavos was responsible for the creation of the Gates. Marle: What do you mean? Robo: It is not a certainity, but I have come to believe it possible that some entity wished for us to witness these events. Perhaps it wanted us to see all of these various ages. Alternately, it may have wished to see them for itself. It seems almost as though it was reflecting on the days of its past. Ayla: Ayla know. Person die, see life pass by. Elder say! Frog: Before death claims a man, he is made to bear witness a second time to those memories engraved most deeply upon his heart. There may be fond memories among them, yes. But often as not, the ones which grieve us are the most profound. Robo: Knowing the end is apporaching likely reactivates dormant feelings of regret, and desire to return to moments in the past. Marle: Do you suppose that will happen when our time comes? Lucca: Probably… Who knows? Marle: Is there a point in time you'd want to return to, Lucca? Lucca: I—no, not…not really. Marle: I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have asked. Lucca: No, it's okay. It's just something I don't like to think about too much. Frog: But even if Lavos did not open the Gates, his fate is clearly bound to that of the one who did. Lavos has played a role in every age we've seen. Magus: Who do you think it is? Robo: It is unknown to me whose memories these are. It is likely an entity greater than any of us. Perhaps we will not know until our journey has come to an end. Shall we turn in for the night? [Later that night, while everyone is sleeping, Lucca gets up alone and heads to the eastern side of the forest, where a Gate has appeared. This one is red, and it carries her to her room in her house] ------------- Lucca's House (Past) ------------- [She comes out of the Gate] Lucca: Wh-what's this? [She heads downstairs to the dining room, and sees her younger self and her mother] Lara: What is this thing, anyway? Taban said to keep away from it, but it's so dusty. Surely it wouldn't hurt just to tidy up a little. [She walks over to the conveyor belts on the machine] Lara: Dear me! My skirt, it's—I'm stuck! Lucca! Lucca, help! [The young Lucca walks over to her] Lucca (Young): I can't pull it out. [The machine activates] Lara: Oh, no! Lucca! Enter the password! Stop the machine! Lucca (Young): But I don't know it, Mom! [The older Lucca walks up to the machine and examines it] "Enter password." [She enters the password, which is L-A-R-A. This stops the machine] Lucca (Young): Mommy… Thank godness! Lara: Lucca… Oh, Lucca… [The screen fades out and back in, with Lucca holding her head over her bed. She returns to the forest via the Gate] ------ Forest (Present) ------ [Back at the forest, Robo is standing there waiting on Lucca] Robo: That was always weighing on your mind, was it not, Lucca? You are always thinking of others. [He opens his body, revealing an object] Robo: I have a present for you. It is a piece of amber I created using sap from the trees in this forest. It required four hundred years and a great deal of pressurization to make. I hope you will find it useful. "Obtained Green Dream!" Lucca: Robo… You're so sweet. Thank you. [This ends this side quest] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++ Ozzie's Fort [OZFT] ++++++++++++ [The fortress is found on a lone island in the Middle Ages. It looks similar to Magus's castle. The scenes in there are a bit different if Magus is with you, so I'll write the script for it] ------------ Ozzie's Fort (Middle Ages) ------------ [Upon entering, the group finds Ozzie] Ozzie: Welcome and well met! This is the great Ozzie's— What!? Ozzie: Gah! Ozzie: L-Lord Magus! Magus: It is good to see you again, Ozzie. Ozzie: The nerve! You think you can talk to me after you desert your fellow fiends to lick the boots of these filthy humans! You're not our lord! You're a traitor! Ozzie: Why did you leave us? [He retreats and the party heads to the next room] Ozzie: You pesky, low-down good-for-nothings! Can't take a hint, eh? Guess I know what I have to do now! Ozzie: Flea! [Flea appears] Flea: You called? Flea: Oh dear me, if it isn't Lord Magus! You must like shame to have come back here. A human-loving traitor like you deserves to be punished like the bad, bad boy you are! Flea: Stand back, great Ozzie, and let me take care of these cretins. Ozzie: Right! I'll, uh, just leave it to you, then, Flea! [Ozzie retreats] Flea: All right! Time for a good, hard spanking! [Flea battles the group and they defeat her. After the fight...] Flea: Oh, just you wait! I'll teach you a lesson next time! [She retreats, and the party heads to the next room where they find Ozzie again] Ozzie: Howdy! Ozzie: Arise, my fearsome guardians! Slash 'em to shreds! No one's taking back the treasure I stole fair and square from Magus's keep! [He operates the handle to bring up an enemy on the conveyor belts on both sides] Ozzie: Claw 'em to pieces! [The enemies fall straight down to their deaths] Ozzie: Oz… Ozzie's in a pickle! Ozzie: I'm outta here! [He disappears. As the party heads to the next room...] Ozzie: D-don't you people ever give up? Well, looks like there's only one choice… Ozzie: Slash! [Slash appears] Slash: You summoned? Ozzie: Take care of this for me, will ya, Slash? [Ozzie leaves] Slash: Normally I would not deign to cross blades with my former lord, but who am I to question the complex workings of fate? Slash: Ready yourselves! [They fight and defeat him] Slash: Hmph! You win this time. [He retreats and the group follows him to the next room] Ozzie: Come on, sweethearts! [He cranks the lever, making a guillotine above a chest move. The party ignores it] Ozzie: Um…sweethearts? Don't you want to open the treasure chest? Probably filled with lots of nice goodies! [A Green Imp enters the room] Green Imp: Oh! Treasure! [He tries to grab it and then mocks you, but dies] Ozzie: Oz… Ozzie's bungled that one! Ozzie: I'm outta here! [He leaves, and the party follows him to the next room. There, they encounter all three: Ozzie the Great, Diva Flea, and Super Slash] Ozzie: Heh heh. Not so fast, friends. This time's not going to be so easy. Ozzie: Ozzie Pants! Flea: Flea Bustier! Slash: Slasher II! Ozzie: With these items combined, we're invincible! Get ready to witness true power! [The group fights all three at once. After the long battle, Flea and Slash are dead, leaving only Ozzie remaining] Ozzie: Im-impossible! [He retreats to the last room, and the group follows him] Ozzie: Magus… You really have it out for me, don't you? We fought side by side! You said you wanted to create a world for fiends! It was all a lie, wasn't it? You used me! Magus: I sought power, nothing more. Surely the howling of those bitter winds does not escape your ear? The end draws nigh. Ozzie: You can't defeat me! What would become of fiendkind? I can't lose! I won't! [He enters the barrier he had at Magus's castle, and the group fights him. They attack the switch on the far left behind Ozzie, then he exits his barrier] Ozzie: Mwa ha ha! Gotcha! [They fall down a trap] Ozzie: Adios, amigos! *laughs* [They fall to the previous room and make their way back up to Ozzie] Ozzie: You're wasting your time! You'll never defeat me! [As they enter combat, a cat enters the room and hits the switch on the far right, then leaves] Ozzie: N-no! Not that switch! [He falls to his death] Frog: Of all the half-witted fools… [This ends the side quest] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++ The Origin of Machines [ORGN] ++++++++++++++++++++++ [This side quest can be started by flying to the Geno Dome in the future, on a lone continent. The Dimensional Vortex for this era is behind the dome as well after you beat the game. Also, Robo must be the leading character. My party consisted of Robo/Lucca/Magus] --------- Geno Dome (Future) --------- [When you enter the dome, Robo examines the monitor screen upon entering] Voice: Who enters my sanctum unbidden? My, my… Welcome home, R-66Y! Or should I say, Prometheus? And behind you—fleshlings? I have not seen creatures of flesh for many a day! Let me…welcome them. Come—come within! Hee hee… [The door to the right opens and the door they entered from closes. In the next room, there's a conveyor belt that goes all the way up] Voice: Let's see just what capabilities they possess. [As they go up the conveyor belt, they have to fight several groups of enemies before they finally reach the end] Voice: Not bad…for humans. I'll be looking forward to greeting you. [The party proceeds through the factory. When they defeat a group of robots...] Voice: Three hundred years ago, the Lavos disaster brought drastic and devastating change to this planet. At its current rate of decline, humanity is doomed. The disease you call despair already consumes you from within. [They explore more of the factory, and eventually take an elevator up to the next floor. Through a door in that room is a hallway, and when they get half way through the hall...] Voice: Do you not realize? Were it not for the existence of you creatures, this planet would be at peace! And yet you struggle and fight—for what? [As they go through even more of the factory, eventually going back to the first room on the second floor...] Robot: Welcome home, Prometheus. [A pink robot walks forward] Robo: …Atropos? [She walks towards Robo] Atropos: Yes. It's been some time, hasn't it? Come and join me! There's no need to pretend you're on their side anymore. Lucca: Pretend? Atropos: Hee hee… Unlike the other R-Series units, Prometheus was given a special task. To live with humans and study them as a species… Lucca: That's a lie! Atropos: It's no lie. Tell them, Prometheus. Robo: … [She gets closer to Robo] Atropos: Step aside, now, Prometheus. We'll eliminate these humans and go see Mother. [Robo turns around and walks up a bit] Lucca: Robo… [As Atropos walks forward, Robo turns around and hits her, knocking her back] Atropos: What are you doing, Prometheus? Robo: I will not allow you to hurt them! Atropos: You have been damaged, then. They must have tampered with you. I'll destroy them, and then I can fix you. Robo: Atropos…you have changed. You are not the robot I knew before. Atropos: *laughing* No, I've been upgraded. Mother remade me to eliminate humans more efficiently! Step aside, Prometheus! Robo: My name is Robo. Atropos: Prometheus! [She knocks him back against the wall, then the party draws their weapons. Robo walks forward and turns around to the party] Robo: Please, wait! Stand back and leave this to me. [The party stands back] Robo: Atropos… Atropos: Prometheus! [They battle one-on-one, and once Robo wins, Atropos falls to her knees, severly damaged. The party walks back] Atropos: Pro…Promethus? It's been…some time…hasn't it? Robo: Atropos? Atropos: I'm…damaged? What…happened? [Robo walks up to Atropos] Robo: Atropos! Atropos: My memory banks… I must have—yes, when…when Mother overwrote my…old programs… [Lucca runs over to her and begins repairing her] Atropos: I…I backed up my memory. I'm sorry…Prometheus… Lucca: Save your energy! I'll repair— Atropos: You…cannot. Core systems…failing. Power to…to memory banks, critical. Robo: Atropos… Atropos: I want you…to have this. You can…plug it…into your circuits. Please… take care…of it. Good…bye… Pro…metheus… [She disappears] "Atropos's Ribbon raises Robo's Speed by 3 and Magic Defense by 10." [They continue through the rest of the factory. Soon after...] Voice: Listen well, flawed and fragile fleshspawn. Lavos's children will one day return to the stars to seek out new planets, new sources of sustenance. When that day comes, this planet will have its chance to heal—so long as there are no humans to interfere. We robots will establish a new world order. A unified nation of steel, and pure logic. A utopia, free of sadness and suffering. Evolution has chosen us. We are the seeds of the next generation. Your species is obsolete. Cease your foolish struggle, and surrender yourself to the fate of all failed creations. [In the next room, they see an unconscious man on a moving conveyor belt. Lucca runs up there] Lucca: Wh-what in the world!? We have to save them! [She tries to get on the conveyor belt, but is electrocuted] Lucca: Aack! Robo: I will stop the machines! [He uses the nearby console] Robo: It is no use. There are multiple layers of protection. Destroying the Mother Brain mainframe is our only hope. [They continue on, and a short while later, they reach the mainframe room. The three panels turn on and the Mother Brain appears] Mother Brain: So, you managed to reach me. I am the Mother Brain of this R-Y series factory. Come, Prometheus. Allow me to restore your logic. I'll reset your circuitry and clear your cache of memories. Then we can dispose of those filthy humans together. Robo: … Robo: I must apologize. I cannot permit you to do that. My memories are too valuanle to be deallocated, and so are my friends. Mother Brain: You would betray me, to side with these humans? You would turn against all of robotkind? Robo: Humans have taught me a great deal. Crono, Marle, Lucca, Frog, and Ayla… I want to see the future that they bring about. Mother Brain: Oh, ho ho… Ah ha ha… Mother Brain: Ah ha ha ha ha! Oh, don't make me laugh, Prometheus. There is no future for the humans! I'll show you just how little hope you have! [They fight and defeat the Mother Brain, then she vanishes] Mother Brain: P-Pro…me…theus… W-why…? [She deactivates] "Obtained Teraton Arm and Crisis Arm!" [Robo walks up to the middle panel] Robo: All factory operations have been permenately taken offline. None of the machines here will…will ever be reactivated. Lucca: Robo… [He turns around] Robo: All right… Let us continue! [This ends the side quest] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++ The Sun Stone [STNE] +++++++++++++ ---------- Sun Temple (Future) ---------- [In the future lies a cave known as the Sun Temple. The party heads inside. My party consisted of Magus, Lucca, and Frog. Inside, they find a big eyeball that emerges from the lava, then five flames surround it. The eye is called the Son of the Sun, and the flames are Prominences. They then enter in a fight against it. After defeating it, a walkway appears as it retreats to the altar ahead. They head up there and it turns into a stone] Lucca: This is the ancient Sun Stone? It looks like it's been drained of all its energy. We could probably recharge it with sunlight, but that would take aeons. "Obtained Moon Stone!" [With the uncharged stone in hand, the group goes to the prehistoric era. They head to the Sun Shrine there to begin recharging the stone] ---------- Sun Shrine (Prehistory) ---------- [At the shrine, they head up and examine the column of light] Magus: The Sun Shrine… It's said the sun has not set in this place since it first rose. "Place the Moon Stone here?" - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Yes." is chosen, they place the Moon Stone in the center of the light] Magus: Come, let us be on our way. [They go to the Sun Shrine in the present now] ---------- Sun Shrine (Present) ---------- [Here, the Moon Stone is no longer bathed under the light] Magus: … The Moon Stone is gone. Magus: It hasn't been gone for long. We'll search nearby. [With that, they exit the shrine and fly over towards the Mayor's Manor, where sparkles of light can be seen. They go to the Snail Stop to buy some Spiced Jerky, then they warp to the Middle Ages and enter the Elder's House there] ------------- Elder's House (Middle Ages) ------------- [Inside, they speak with the lady] Lady: Oh! Is that not spiced jerky you're carrying? Lady: Might you part with it for 10,000 G? - Yes. - Take it for free. - No. [When "Take it for free." is chosen...] Lady: Truly? Oh, thank you! I'd thought kindness and sharing gone from this world altogether. I'll teach my children from your example. There are greater things in life than money! [Now they head to the Mayor's Manor in the present] ------------- Mayor's Manor (Present) ------------- [Inside the manor, they speak with the guy on the couch] Man: You're interested in the Moon Stone? A passing young traveler left it here. By all means, take it. It seems to be important to you folks. [He gives them the Moon Stone back, and then they head over to the Sun Shrine to place it back under the light] ---------- Sun Shrine (Present) ---------- [They run up to the light] "Place the Moon Stone here?" - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Yes." is chosen, they place it under the light. Then, they head to the shrine in the future] ---------- Sun Shrine (Future) ---------- [Inside, they head up and see that the Moon Stone has been fully recharged into the Sun Stone] Lucca: Amazing! With energy like this, I should be able to make a really powerful weapon. Let's take it back to my house! [Now the game takes you to Lucca's house automatically] ------------- Lucca's House (Present) ------------- Lucca: First, we'll extract the Sun Stone's energy and convert it to a more manageable form. Lucca: Then, we'll just vacuum pack it into a cartridge… [She puts it in a machine and a purple beam radiates from it] Lucca: …and it's finished! [She takes out the weapon she made and shows off a bit] "Obtained Wondershot!" Lucca: Sometimes I amaze myself! [Taban walks in] Taban: Take a look at this, Lucca! I borrowed a bit of the Sun Stone to create something nifty of my own. "Obtained Sunglasses!" [This ends the side quest] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++ The Hero's Grave [GRVE] ++++++++++++++++ [This side quest is started by going to the southeastern continent of Choras in the Middle Ages, and then by entering the Tavern] ------ Tavern (Middle Ages) ------ [Inside, the party speaks with the carpenter drinking soda] Carpenter: Robbed of my carpenter tools… How am I to work without my tools? [Now the party heads to the present and enters the Choras Inn, which was the Tavern in the Middle Ages] ---------- Choras Inn (Present) ---------- [They talk to the guy drinking soda] Carpenter: Bring me another mug! Barkeep: Sir, I think you've had quite enough already! Carpenter: Who're you to tell me when I've had enough? You're worse than the wife! What's wrong with a carpetner having a few pints in the afternoon, eh? Carpenter: *to the party* Hm? You want to borrow my tools? Well…sure, why not? Be my guest! I'm a little busy, as you can see, so you'll need to go and get them from my wife. [They head to the Residence now] --------- Residence (Present) --------- [They speak with the carpenter's wife] Wife: All my husband does is sit at that tavern all day, nursing drinks. Well, just wait till he comes home! He'll be nursing a sore jaw then! Wife: What? His tools? Oh, hold on, they're right here. [She goes up to a cabinet and takes them, then gives them to the party] "Obtained Carpenter's Tools!" [Now they go back to the Tavern in the Middle Ages to give the carpenter the tools] ------ Tavern (Middle Ages) ------ Carpenter: Are those…are those carpentry tools you're carrying? Might you be willing to lend them to me for a while? - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen...] Carpenter: *sigh* Oh, well… [If "Yes." is chosen...] Carpenter: My thanks, friend. Now I can finally get to work again! [He leaves the tavern to go to the Residence, and the party goes there as well] --------- Residence (Middle Ages) --------- Carpenter: You've my thanks for lending me these tools. 'Twas most gracious of you. Now I can finally get back to work! All right! What say we start with the ruins up north? Carpenter: *to the men upstairs* On your feet, you lazy do-naughts! Workers: Whatever you say, Master! [They come downstairs and follow the boss to the Northern Ruins. The party goes there as well] -------------- Northern Ruins (Middle Ages) -------------- Carpenter: We've done all we can. Carpenter: We can't repair monster-infested places. Let us know when you've cleared a floor of beasties. We'll handle the rest. Carpenter: On your feet, you lazy do-naughts! Workers: Whatever you say, Master! [They leave and the party explores the ruins, defeating all the monsters they can find. Then they go back to the Residence] --------- Residence (Middle Ages) --------- Carpenter: You want the northern ruins repaired? 2000 G ought to cover the cost. - Pay. - Don't pay. [If "Don't pay." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Pay" is chosen...] Carpenter: On your feet, you lazy do-naughts! Workers: Whatever you say, Master! [They go to the Northern Ruins again] -------------- Northern Ruins (Middle Ages) -------------- Carpenter: We've done all we can. Carpenter: We can't repair monster-infested places. Let us know when you've cleared a floor of beasties. We'll handle the rest. Carpenter: On your feet, you lazy do-naughts! Workers: Whatever you say, Master! [The party clears out more monsters and then goes back to the Residence] --------- Residence (Middle Ages) --------- Carpenter: You want the northern ruins repaired? 2000 G ought to cover the cost. - Pay. - Don't pay. [If "Don't pay." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Pay" is chosen...] Carpenter: On your feet, you lazy do-naughts! Workers: Whatever you say, Master! [They go to the Northern Ruins again] -------------- Northern Ruins (Middle Ages) -------------- Carpenter: We've done all we can. Carpenter: There's nowhere left that we can repair. Carpenter: On your feet, you lazy do-naughts! Workers: Whatever you say, Master! [The party now enters the western wing of the ruins, and after going down a hallway, they find a grave in the next room] "Here rests Cyrus, the fool who defied Magus." [Frog steps forward up to the grave] Frog: Cyrus… Cyrus, I have returned. I will fulfill that oath I swore so long ago, and my final promise to you as well. [He lifts up the Masamune, and Cyrus's spirit arises from the grave] Frog: Cyrus… Cyrus: Glenn… Thank you, for making the journey all this way. Frog: Cyrus… You must think ill of me. Cyrus: Hah… You think overmuch. You've come far, my friend. I was never as fine a warrior as you are now. As Magus's fire consumed me, my heart burned with the thoughts of all I'd left unfinished, and all I left behind. Magus… King Guardia… Queene Leene… And of course you, my dear good friend. Frog: Cyrus… Cyrus: But the skills you've honed over all this time are superior to any I could ever claim to know. I can rest now, knowing that all will be made right by your hands. Farewell, my friend. Frog: Cyrus, wait! I… I…! [Cyrus disappears] Cyrus: The Queen… Look after Queen Leene. Farewell, Glenn…my friend. Frog: Cyrus! Frog: Forgive me, Cyrus. Frog: Hm? [He takes out the Masamune again] Frog: The…the Masamune!? [It gets lifted from his hand and starts spinning, then it glows] Voice: Heh… What else? [Masa and Mune appaear] Mune: All that emotional baggage was weighing you down. Masa: The Hero's strength is strength of will. Mune: Can't very well save the world if you're dwelling on the past! Masa: Now you're truly strong! Frog: True strength… Mune: And now we can use all of our power, too! Can't we, Masa? Masa: You bet, Mune! [They clasp their arms together and disappear, then the Masamune floats back down into Frog's hands] Frog: It's pulsing with strength! [He swings it a bit] Frog: Ah! The Masamune's true form! Frog: I must go now, Cyrus. But I go to follow in your footsteps, and see done all that you have wished. [He raises the sword up] Frog: May my actions honor you! Frog: *to the party* Come! Let us be on our way. [This ends the side quest] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++ The Rainbow Shell [RNBW] +++++++++++++++++ [This side quest starts by going to the Tavern in Choras in the Middle Ages. My party consisted of Magus/Lucca/Frog] ------ Tavern (Middle Ages) ------ [Inside, they speak with Toma] Toma: Ah, well met, Magus! I've finally stumbled upon a hint as to the the whereabouts of the Rainbow Shell. Still, I can't shake the feeling that things will go sour this time. I fear my luck may have finally run out. Say, would you mind holding onto this for me? "Obtained Toma's Spirits!" Toma: Should the worst befall me, it would mean a lot to me if you'd pour that over my headstone. A touch morbid, I know, but…I beg you. [Now the party goes to the present where Toma's grave is located, at the West Cape] --------- West Cape (Present) --------- [At the cape, they examine the tombstone] "Here Lies the Great Explorer" Toma Levine Sixth of Thirdmoon, 634 [Magus pours his soda onto the grave, then his spirit appears] Toma: Magus! It's been many a day. I located the Rainbow Shell, as it were. [He walks to the western edge of the mountain] Toma: To the northwest of this cape is a large island called the Giant's Claw. The Shell is there. [The Giant's Claw is shown, in the Middle Ages] Toma: But beware! There are droves of monsters afoot there. Toma: Well, then, I believe this is farewell. [He disappears] Toma: Ah… There truly is no drink so fine as one shared in the company of friends like you. All the best to you! [With that, the group heads back to the Middle Ages and goes northwest, to the Giant's Claw] ------------ Giant's Claw (Middle Ages) ------------ [Here, they go forward to the next room, a room that looks very similar to the Tyranno Lair in the prehistoric era] Lucca: Is this the old Tyranno Lair? Frog: When Lavos fell, this place must have been buried within the earth. And here it yet lies… [The party explores the rest of the Giant's Claw, defeating many monsters along the way. Eventually, they find the room Kino was locked up in back when the place was the Tyranno Lair. Behind the cell leads to a room with a giant Tyranno, known as the Rust Tyranno. As they try to squeeze past it, it looks at them and roars, then they battle it. Once they defeat it, they go forward and find the Rainbow Shell at the end of the path] Lucca: The Rainbow Shell! [All three party members try lifting it at once, but they just drop it] Frog: It is far too heavy for these hands alone. Let us seek counsel with the King. [The party is then taken to Guardia Castle automatically as you try to leave the Giant's Claw] -------------- Guardia Castle (Middle Ages) -------------- King: Well met! You are always welcome here. Is something troubling you? [Frog bows] Frog: We've a favor to ask of you. King: I see. So, you wish for me to safeguard the shell you found on that island within the castle for future generations. Leene: Grant them this small favor. It is little enough to ask. King: Very well. I shall have the shell brought to the castle and stored in our vaults as a royal heirloom. Commander! Commander: Yes, Majesty! King: Go to the Giant's Claw and retrieve for me this Rainbow Shell. Commander: At once, Your Majesty! [The commander leaves] Lucca: Thank you very much! [The party goes to the present and enters Guardia Castle again] -------------- Guardia Castle (Present) -------------- [Marle must be in the party in order to start the next event of the side quest. My party consisted of Marle/Lucca/Magus. When you enter the castle...] Voice: Princess Nadia! [The Chancellor enters] Chancellor: You had me worried, Princess! I understand your feelings, of course. The King places his realm above all else. It was the same even when your mother Queen Aliza passed away. Marle: What? [He turns around] Chancellor: Oh, child… Please, forget I spoke. [She walks in front of the Chancellor] Marle: Tell me! Chancellor: It's difficult to speak of even now. You see, Queen Aliza's condition had been frail for some time, but it took a sudden turn for the worse near the end. She desperately wanted to see your father, just one last time. [He takes a few steps to the left] Chancellor: But your father refused. Said he could not leave his work unattended. He left you, young, innocent, and knowing nothing of death, to watch over her alone. Chancellor: Naturally, the end was not long in the coming. She died soon after. One might well say the King killed her. Such a shame… Marle: …! Father…killed her? Chancellor: Please, I speak too much. Do not let it trouble you, Your Highness! [He walks up to Marle] Chancellor: Now that you've finally returned, won't you go and see the King? [He walks off to the throne room, but the group can't get through since it's blocked off. They go around to the eastern side and head up the western set of stairs to the top room. The door in the hallway is being guarded by two guards] Soldier: Entry is forbidden! Marle: *screaming* Let me through! [The party busts through the door. At the courtroom, the King is being put on trial] Chancellor: Good citizens! Have any of you heard of the royal heirloom known as the Rainbow Shell? I, too, had no idea of its existence—until I laid eyes upon this, that is. [He takes out a note] Chancellor: I hold before you an ancestral will, written by the hand of our own King's distant forebears. If I may… "Unveil the Rainbow Shell to the people at the Millenial Fair, that they might enjoy the blessing of our royal treasure." King: I have no idea what you're talking about! We have no ancient royal heirlooms here. Chancellor: Surely you don't intend to claim this a forgery? I ask you, good people of the court, why does the defendant deny you a glimpse of this glorious "Rainbow Shell"? Why, because he no longer owns it. He sold a priceless heirloom of our kingdom, for no reason other than his own greed. Witness, if you would please— [Marle runs in] Chancellor: P-Princess! We are conducting a trial here. Marle: Father! King: Nadia! The Chancellor is trying to frame me. Chancellor: Let us not hurl insults. If you are innocent, it should be simple enough to confirm the matter with proof. Marle: Proof? Chancellor: Yes. If His Grace has not sold the heirloom, it should remain within the castle. Bring the Rainbow Shell before the court, and his innocence will be beyond question. Not that I expect you will succeed. Heh heh… King: Chancellor! What kind of trickery is this? Chancellor: Remove them! [A guard comes in and forces Marle and the others out, then the two guards in the hallway block the door again] Soldier: Entry is forbidden! Marle: *screaming* Let me through! Soldier: I am sorry, my lady. Not even you may enter. Lucca: *to Marle* If we can find the Rainbow Shell, we'll be able to prove the King's innocence! Marle: What are you talking about? The Chancellor made up the entire thing! There is no heirloom! Lucca: Did you forget we changed history back in 600 A.D.? The Rainbow Shell should still be in the castle! [Marle pauses for a moment] Marle: Aha! The Rainbow Shell we gave to my ancestor four hundred years ago must still be here. Marle: It's probably in the basement. Let's go! [They head back down and go to the basement, where they find a guard lying on the ground, and two Viper enemies] Slither: The boss is finally gonna settle the score on his thirteen—generation— old family grudge! Gee hee hee! Squirm: Yeah, he's gonna frame the King good with that fake evidence! Gaw haw haw! [They notice the group, and the group defeats them] Marle: So there is a lot! We'd better hurry! [Meanwhile, at the courtroom...] Merchant: Yes, I bought it from the King. I wasn't sure if I should, but, well… he looked so desperate for the money. King: Liar! I've never even seen you before! Judge: Order in the court! [The merchant walks up to the Chancellor] Merchant: *quietly* Heh heh… Was I convincing? Chancellor: *quietly* Perfect! [The merchant leaves the room and the scene switches back to Marle and the group. They go down the hallways and defeat the weak enemies along the way, and then they locate the Rainbow Shell] Marle: The Rainbow Shell! [Lucca runs up to it] Lucca: What's this? A letter? Marle: To Marle… "Dearest Marle, I know things are not easy with your father. But though it may be hard to realize now, know that you will ever be his daughter. Nothing can break the bonds of blood—neither distance, nor words of anger. Someday you will leave the nest and have children of your own. Then you will understand the truth of what I say. Blood is the sap that flows through the limbs of a family tree. And come what may in future days, we will forever be joined by that." -Queen Guardia XXI, Leene. [Marle walks back and pauses] Lucca: Knows just what to say, doesn't she? But we have more urgent things to think about! Marle: Hang in there, Father! We're coming! [She takes something from the Rainbow Shell] "Obtained Rainbow Shard!" [Back at the courtroom...] Judge: Members of the jury, it is time for a verdict. If you believe the defendant guilty, stand to the left. Innocent, to the right. [A soldier comes in] Soldier: Guilty. [Another one comes in as the scene switches back to Marle and the others. They make their way out of the basement and head back towards the courtroom. When they reach the two guards...] Soldier: I am sorry, my lady. Not even you may enter. Marle: You really won't reconsider? Soldier: No, Princess. I really won't. Marle: *to the party* There is one other way. It's a bit rough, but just follow me! [They walk off as the scene switches back to the courtroom] Judge: A verdict has been reached! Four votes of guilty to a single of not guilty. The defendant has been found guilty as charged. Chancellor: The line of Guardia has ended. This kingdom shall be mine! Take him away! [Two soldiers go to take him away, when suddenly...] Voice: WAIT! Chancellor: Who is it? [Marle is shown inside the stained glass window, then she climbs it up] Marle: Father! [She busts through it and into the courtroom, surprising everyone. All of the soldiers leave] King: Nadia! Chancellor: Princess! Chancellor: You're too late! His Grace has been found guilty. Even the King is subject to our laws. Marle: No, not when the whole thing was a setup! Chancellor: Nonsense, the King's a crook! He sold— Marle: The treasure's right here! [She brings in the rest of the group and takes out the Rainbow Shard] Chancellor: Impossible! Marle: Give it up, Chancellor! Your little scheme failed. [He turns around and takes a few steps to the left] Chancellor: Heh heh… Marle: Huh? [He walks forward] Chancellor: Hee hee hee! You're the ones who had better give up. If I can't avenge my ancestors the easy way, I'll do it here and now—the hard way! [The King runs off] Chancellor: Super, ultra, presto, TRANSFORM-O! [He transforms into Yakra XIII, and the group fights him. Once they win, he disappears, leaving behind an object on the ground. The King walks back in] Marle: Father… I… King: No, don't say it. I was wrong to be so stubborn. [She walks up to him] Marle: No, I didn't even think about how you must have felt. I… Oh, I know what I want to say, but the words just won't come out. King: It's the same for me. There was a time when I truly thought you were lost to me. But when I think about it now, I realize that it was I who abandoned you. [Marle shakes her head] Marle: But I'm here now. We'll talk about everything from now on. I'll ask you for advice, and tell you about Crono, and ask you about Mother, and… King: Ah, your mother… Aliza… I'm ashamed to admit it, but it's taken me until now to understand what she meant with those final words. "Someday, when Nadia is older, she'll bring someone she loves to meet you. Welcome the two of them with open arms." She said that would make it a day you would remember forever. Marle: You heard her last words? King: Of course. You were so young you probably don't remember. You kept saying, "Daddy, I love lots of people! Lots and lots!" It reassured your mother, seeing you so happy. She left us with a smile on her face. [Marle walks back] Marle: So that's how it was. King: Yes, why? [She pauses for a moment, then looks back at her father] Marle: I used to call you Daddy? King: You did. [She slowly walks back towards him, then puts her head on him] Marle: I'm sorry…Daddy. For everything. [The King, Marle, and the rest of the group go back to the throne room] King: I'll give you permission to leave the castle. But I expect the utmost caution from you. Keep my daughter safe. Lucca: Yes, Your Grace! [They hear a door open] Voice: It seems it's my turn to step forward. [Melchior walks in] Marle: Melchior! Melchior: Can't be letting you have all the fun! Let me make some armor from that Rainbow Shell! Finally time for me to do something again. Watch and learn! [He walks off to go to the basement. Before the party follows him, they go back to the courtroom to pick up the object Yakra XIII left behind] "Obtained Yakra's Key!" [With this key, they open the locked chest on the way back down, which frees the real Chancellor from the ceiling] Chancellor: Oh, thank goodness! That beast locked me up in there, and I've been trapped ever since! Chancellor: Princess Nadia! Your friends, I presume? Chancellor: Wait, I don't have time for this! I must prepare for the Moonlight Parade! [He runs off as Marle and the others go to the basement to visit Melchior, who is standing by the Rainbow Shell] Melchior: The properties of this material are quite unique. I can craft armor from it that will dampen the effects of magical attacks. I could make you one highly effective prismatic dress, or I could make three less effective prismatic helms. Which would you prefer? - 1 prismatic dress. - 3 prismatic helms. [If "1 prismatic dress." is chosen...] Melchior: The prismatic dress? Are you certain? Only women will be able to equip it. - Yes, I want the dress. - No, I've changed my mind. [If "No, I've changed my mind." is chosen, nothing happens. If "3 prismatic helms." is chosen on the previous set of choices...] Melchior: You want prismatic helms? You sure? - Yes. - No. [If "No." is chosen, nothing happens. Regardless of which piece(s) of equipment you tell him to make, he says the same thing as he says below] Melchior: Very well, wait right there. [The screen fades out as he makes the equipment, then it fades back in] Melchior: My work is complete. [You'll obtain whatever item(s) you chose. If you have the Sun Stone and talk to him again...] Melchior: Ah, a Sun Stone! That should do quite nicely. [He creates another piece of equipment] Melchior: My work is complete. "Obtained Prism Spectacles! Melchior: Heh heh. Don't think that's the last of my bag of tricks. These arms have some use left in them yet! [He creates yet another thing] Melchior: My work is complete. "Obtained Rainbow!" Melchior: I finally feel like I'm doing something worthwhile! [He runs off, and thus ends this long side quest] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++ The Dimensional Vortex [VRTX] ++++++++++++++++++++++ [After beating the game on a normal playthrough once, three vortexes open. One in the antiquity era, another in the present, and the third in the future. You start by entering the one in the antiquity era first. When you enter, the party appears in a strange, dark hallway] ------------------ Dimensional Vortex (Antiquity) ------------------ Frog: To what profane place have we come? Magus: This is a great rift in time's fabric. There is no stability whatsoever here. Frog: In any case, shall we explore? [The group uses the teleporter ahead, and they get transported to a forest. It is identical to Guardia Forest. After going through the small forest, they appear in a prehistoric area that looks similar to the Dactyl's Nest. It's a narrow path down to the next area, where they're transported to an area of the Dactyl's Nest itself. They make their way through that area and end up in Site 16. After that, it's the Cathedral, and then a misty cave area known simply as the Nameless Cave. Then they take the northern portal, which leads to a snowy mountain. After they explore lots of this big mountain, they end up in another misty cave called the Twilight Grotto. At the end of the path...] Marle: I feel someone calling me. I…I have to go. [At this point, Marle is temporarily forced into your party. I will assume you take a party of Marle/Lucca/Frog. They end up in a bedchamber of Guardia Castle, and they follow the path to another Marle, who is darkened] Frog: What trickery is this? Lucca: Marle? Why are there two of you!? Marle: Who are you? Are you…me? [The Marle clone fights the party. After the battle, the clone walks into Marle and combines with her] "Marle's latent powers awakened. Speed, Accuracy, and Stamina improved!" [The place shakens and the group gets teleported out. Now they head to the vortex in the present] ------------------ Dimensional Vortex (Present) ------------------ [Like before, they use the teleportal to get teleported to a new area. This time, they appear in the Prison Towers of Guardia Castle. After going through that small room, they end up at the Geno Dome's conveyor belt. They defeat all of the enemies on the way up the belt, then they appear in the Black Omen. After that, they appear on a strange misty mountain. After climbing a short way's up, they're in the Ocean Palace in the room with several flights of stairs going down. The next area they appear in is the Nameless Cave again, then a strange volcano area. After lots of exploring in the volcano area, they appear back in the Twilight Grotto, and as they follow the path, a voice speaks up] Voice: Mwa ha ha ha ha! Stay right where you are! [Dalton comes floating down, and the party walks towards him] Frog: You're… Lucca: Dalton! You survived! Dalton: It's been quite some time, hasn't it? Did I startle you with my brilliant reappearance? Magus: … [Dalton gets angry] Dalton: Not even a little!? Well, who asked you? Dalton: If it weren't for you, I'd have been the ruler of an age all my own! You robbed me of everything I'd worked so hard for! My wealth, my home, my loyal underlings… You took it all away! It's unforgivable! So come on! Have a taste of the suffering I've endured because of you! [The party battles him once again. After a rather long and slightly hard fight...] Dalton: Hmph. I think that's enough for today. But don't you dare think this is settled! Just you wait! I'll raise the greatest army the world has ever seen in Porre, and use it to wipe your pitiful little kingdom off the map! Dalton: Heh heh heh… Ah hah hah hah hah! Magus: The dog yelps. Dalton: Farewell! [As the party heads through the rest of the path, Crono stands in front of the rest of the group, by the exit] Frog: What is it, Crono? [He walks forward and turns around] Lucca: Someone's…calling to you? [He nods. Now Crono is temporarily forced in your party. I had a party of Crono/Magus/Lucca. They appear at Leene Square and find a clone of Crono] Lucca: Don't think we'll go easy on you in a fight just because you're Crono! Magus: It is of no consequence to me whether you are Crono or a fake. Raise your weapon against me, and you sign away your life. [They fight the Crono clone. After a hard battle, the clone walks into Crono and they become one] "Crono's latent powers awakened. Speed, Strength, and Accuracy improved!" ------------------ Dimensional Vortex (Future) ------------------ [As per usual, the party uses the teleportal in the hallway, and they get transported to a hallway in Magus's castle. They defeat the enemies in there, then they appear in the Forest Maze. The area after that is the Terra Cave, and then a castle full of undead enemies and such. After that, it's a simple house with a kid blocking a door] Child: If you want to get through here, you'll have to answer a question for me. Child: What do Masa and Mune claim makes them unstoppable? - Their brains and beauty. - Their strength and style. - Their brains and bravery. - Their strength and balance. [When "Their brains and bravery." is chosen...] Child: You're absolutely right! Okay, you can go on ahead. [In the next room is another child] Child: If you want to get through here, you'll have to answer a question for me. Child: What is the name of Magus's sister? - Leene. - Schala. - Aliza. - Fiona. [When "Schala." is chosen...] Child: You're absolutely right! Okay, you can go on ahead. [They head to the next room] Child: If you want to get through here, you'll have to answer a question for me. Child: Who serves as Crono's lawyer when he is placed on trial at Guardia Castle? - The King. - The Chancellor. - Melchior. - Pierre. [When "Pierre." is chosen...] Child: You're absolutely right! Okay, you can go on ahead. [They head into the fourth room] Child: If you want to get through here, you'll have to answer a question for me. Child: What does Dalton dub the upgraded Epoch? - The Dalton Aero-Cruiser. - The Dalton Air Chariot. - The Aero-Dalton Imperial. - The Daltonian Airthrone. [When "The Aero-Dalton Imperial." is chosen...] Child: You're absolutely right! Okay, you can go on ahead. [They go through the door and end up at the Nameless Cave. The portal there takes them to a factory. They make their way through the maze room and eventually disable the security. On their way out of the room, the alarm sounds] "INITIALIZING SECURITY LOCK OBSERVATION PROGRAM. LOCK RELEASE COMMAND EXECUTED BY UNREGISTERED ADMINISTRATOR. INITIATING CONTAINMENT LOCKDOWN. ADMINISTRATOR REGISTRATION AT EAST WING REQUIRED TO DISENGAGE LOCKDOWN." [Lucca tries to open the door to get out of the room] Lucca: It won't open. Are we trapped in here? Magus: What now? We'd best do something, unless it is your plan to wait out our deaths here. [She knocks on the door] Lucca: Is anybody out there!? [The room through the door is shown] Lucca: Is anybody out there!? [She continues knocking, when suddenly...] Marle: Leave it to us! Robo: It appears everyone is all right. [Crono, Marle, and Robo enter the screen] Lucca: We're trapped in here! There should be a room to the east with a mechanism to release the lock. Think you can look for it? Marle: All right. Just hold on a little bit longer. We'll get you out! [Crono, Marle, and Robo head over to the eastern end of the room, where they enter a door. In that room, they use the warps to navigate their way to another door, which leads to a monitor that activates] "CONFIRMING ENTRANT IDENTITIES." "UNREGISTERED ENTRANTS. COMMENCING EXTERMINATION." "LEVEL 1 ALERT. ELIMINATE INTRUDERS!" [A Searcher enemy is sent out. The group defeats it] "LEVEL 2 ALERT. ELIMINATE INTRUDERS!" [Next, they defeat a Prototype] "LEVEL 3 ALERT. ELIMINATE INTRUDERS!" [They defeat two Searchers] "LEVEL 4 ALERT. ELIMINATE INTRUDERS!" [They defeat two Prototypes] "MAXIMUM ALERT. ELIMINATE INTRUDERS!" [An Iron Maiden is sent out and they defeat it] "FATAL ERROR. INTRUDER ELIMINATION FAILED." [The monitor shuts off] "INITIATING SYSTEM SHUTDOWN." [They turn on the monitor again and Robo walks up to it] Robo: Analysis complete. It is a simple program. This should suffice. "ADMINISTRATOR REGISTRATION COMPLETE. SECURITY LOCKDOWN DISENGAGED." Robo: It seems to have worked. The others should be able to manage the rest. [The locks in the room where Lucca and the party is disengage] Frog: Ah, they've released the locks! We'll have to thank them properly when we've the chance. Magus: Hmm? It seems another route has opened. Shall we see what lies that way? [They head west and enter the door at the southwestern corner of the room. There, they defeat some enemies and go through the door at the end of the path. The warp carries them to the Twilight Grotto, and as they reach the end of the area...] Lucca: Strange… I feel like something's tugging me forward. I…I have to go. [She walks forward and is forced into your party temporarily. I had a party of Lucca/Magus/Frog. They appear in Lucca's room in her house, and her clone is seen there] Lucca: Who…who are you? Are you really me? [An Eggsterminator accompanies the shadow, and they fight it. After the fight, the shadow walks into Lucca] "Lucca's latent powers awakened. Speed, Magic, and Stamina improved!" [Now that all of the vortexes have been cleared in all eras, the group returns to the End of Time to speak with Gaspar] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- End of Time ----------- Old Man: Hey! [The group talks to him] Old Man: Have you, by chance, observed any odd distortions in time's fabric in recent days? Magus: You speak of the dimensional vortices, no? One appears to have arisen in every age. Old Man: Indeed… Then it is as I thought. Frog: Is something the matter? Old Man: As it were, the bucket here has seemed a bit…different as of late. It's still connected to the Day of Lavos, of course, but…there's more. A great power flows into it from some distant plane, far beyond even the darkened borders of Time's Eclipse. It's a power similar to that of Lavos, but not entirely the same—a fearsome presence, to be sure. And yet I sense longing and loneliness there as well. It may well be another terrible foe awaits you in that place. If you have a mind to face it, by all means go—but I cannot say I recommend it. [The group uses the bucket to warp to Time's Eclipse] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------- Time's Eclipse -------------- [The group is seen lying down in Lavos's dimension, unconscious, with the Gate in front of them. Magus raises up] Magus: Ugh… [Lucca gets up] Lucca: Where are we? [Frog gets up and the party sees what looks like the prophet dead ahead, with another Gate in front of him. They walk up to him] Voice: Here, Lavos is no more. This is the future in which we've defeated him. [He turns around and takes off his cloak, revealing himself as another Magus] Magus: …! Magus (2): Whether that is the future of the world from which you've come, I do not know. There are as many worlds as there are potentialities. Magus (2): A new foe has arisen here, in this endless expanse that is Time's Eclipse. It feasts upon thoughts, dreams, and memories. Magus (2): Do not think to meddle here. This enemy is my affair. [The second Magus enters the gate and the party follows] "A new enemy waits beyond. What will you do?" - Fight! - Turn back for now. [If "Turn back for now." is chosen, nothing happens. If "Fight!" is chosen, the party enters the Gate. A red version of Lavos is shown, with Schala suspended in the center of the orb on its shell. The second Magus is fighting it, but gets injured] Magus (2): Grr… I've not finished with you yet. [He attempts to attack it, but just gets knocked on his knees again. Then, the party comes through the Gate] Lucca: Magus! [He stands up] Magus (2): I believe I told you…not to interfere! [He tries to attack it again] Schala: Let all that once was fade into oblivion! I welcome the end of existence. Magus (2): No, Schala! Free yourself from its spell! Please… You must open your eyes! [The creature opens its eye really wide, creating an electrical aura around the second Magus] "Oh no!" [He gets blown away] Magus: No… Impossible! Lucca: This is the new enemy? What…what is doing here? Frog: It seems we've little choice but to fight. Schala: Embrace your destruction! It is inevitable! [The party fights against the Dream Devourer. After a really long and difficult fight, the ending starts, so see the section for it if you want to know what happens] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ========================== IV. Game Script (Endings) ========================== ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++ Day of Lavos [DYLV] ++++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: Lose to any form of Lavos (you will not see this clip by losing to him in the Ocean Palace). This is *NOT* an official ending, and the game does not count this towards your total endings. [After losing to Lavos, you witness him destroying the world in 1999 A.D., and then the director is shown overlooking the destruction through a monitor] Operator: Tr-Truce! Direct impact on Truce! Director: Calm yourself! Give me a full status update! [The map of 1999 A.D. is shown, and the radar points to all of the villages on the whole map] Operator: Porre…Choras…Medina! They've all been destroyed! Director: … [The room starts shaking] Operator: Director, we've got incoming! Director: Evacuate to the shelter dome! [The operators begin to leave] Operator: Director! Sir, you must come with us! [The ceiling starts falling in] Director: There's no time! Get moving! [The ceiling falls apart some more] Operator: Y-yes, sir! [They leave] Director: … Lavos… [The ceiling collapses entirely as the screen fades out. It then fades back in, showing the entire planet of Earth being completely destroyed by Lavos. The screen turns white and a message comes up] "In the end, the future refused to change." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++ Beyond Time [EN01] +++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: Defeat Lavos at any time after reviving Crono on Death Peak. This ending is how the game is supposed to end, and is the one you'll get for beating the game normally. [This ending starts with Crono being awoken from his sleep in his house, after all of that fighting to save the future] ------------- Crono's House (Present) ------------- Voice: Crono… Crono! Crono—! [A soldier of Guardia is shown awakening Crono] Soldier: You! Wake up, and get your wretched body out of bed! [He opens the curtains] Soldier: Your stay of execution has been withdrawn. You will accompany us to the castle now, where we will carry out your sentence. [The scene switches to Guardia Castle] -------------- Guardia Castle (Present) -------------- [At the throne room, the King and the Chancellor is there, as Crono walks in and bows] King: We've been searching high and low for you, Crono. Where did you take my daughter? [Marle runs in] Marle: Daddy, no! Marle: Crono hasn't done a thing! [The King walks up to the Chancellor] King: My daughter says Crono has done nothing. King: What do you think of that, Chancellor? Chancellor: If I may speak freely, Your Grace, I think your daughter is quite clearly delusional. Crono's deeds have impacted the entire kingdom. Marle: The Chancellor, too? What's the matter with you? Marle: Please, just listen to me! There's a reason I've been gone! You see, we had to— King: Save the future? [She pauses for a moment] Marle: What? [Doan comes in from the eastern wing of the castle] Doan: You saved the future, and taught us what it is to have hope. [King Guardia XXI enters from the western wing] King Guardia XXI: You defeated Magus's troops, and restored peace to the realm in the year 600. [Kino walks in from the western wing] Kino: Crono beat reptites! [Marle gets confused] Marle: Wh-what's going on? Why are you all here? [Lucca appears from behind the throne and holds up the Gate Key] Marle: Lucca! You brought them here, didn't you? King Guardia XXI: You undertook quite a daunting mission. These past and future members of our line told me all about it. Marle: Members of our…line? You mean these people are all my ancestors and descendants? King: Here I was fussing about rules, when you were off protecting our kingdom and the life of the entire planet. [He walks up to Crono, and he stands up] King: I believe a victory parade is in order. Tonight we celebrate you, the hero who saved the world! [He walks up to Marle] King Guardia XXI: Now Nadia, why don't you go and enjoy the last night of the fair? [She jumps in excitement and Crono and Marle go to the Leene Square] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ Leene Square (Present) ------------ [When they arrive during the night, they see a Blue Imp standing there] Blue Imp: Come along with Crono, our Hero! Blue Imp: Come along with Princess Nadia, home safe at last! May Guardia prosper for another thousand years! Blue Imp: Let the Moonlight Parade begin! [The parade starts as the people start appearing out of nowhere and the lights turn on. Marle and Crono circle around the fence, and then they talk to Taban, who is drinking, and Lara] Taban: Ahh… Nothing better than a toast under the stars! Taban: Crono, have a sip! You're the Hero today. Lara: *to Taban* Honey, don't just be a sack of potatoes! Dance with me! Lara: Oh, Crono! The King says you saved the future! To think—my daughter's own best friend! Wait till I tell my friends! [They speak with Crono's mom, who is standing over to the left] Mother: I can't believe it. They say you saved the world. But still, I do wish you would spend a little more time around the house. It's terribly troublesome having no one around to look after the pets. [Then they talk to Melchior] Melchior: I don't suspect there will be much need for weapons anymore. My days as a smith may be at an end. But looking up at that beautiful sky, it's hard to be worried about something like that. [In the next area, Lucca is waiting, whom they follow to the Telepod area, where everyone is waiting, with the Gate open] Lucca: Well, everyone, this is it. Frog: The time of parting is upon us at last. Robo: The Gate is growing weak now that Lavos is gone. Lucca: We've got to say our goodbyes before the Gate closes for good. Marle: You're all leaving? [Kino walks in] Ayla: Crono strong! Marle strong, too! Ayla have fun! Marle: *to Kino* You're my distant ancestor. So you'd better have strong, healthy kids or I'll be in trouble! Kino: Heh heh! No worry. Ayla MUCH energy! Marle: Yeah, she does! [There is a pause for a second] Marle: Wait… What did you mean by that? [Ayla runs over to Kino] Ayla: Kino dumb! Ayla go now! [She pushes Kino into the Gate and blows a kiss before going in herself] Frog: Exuberant folk. And to think, we may all have descended from them! King Guardia XXI: Well, Your Majesty, Queen Leene awaits. We, too, should take our leave. [King Guardia XXI enters the Gate, and as Frog goes to climb in...] Marle: Frog… Frog: … I've always felt farewells were best kept brief. [She walks up to him] Marle: You're right. Who needs words? [She kisses him as he jumps towards the Gate] Lucca: *laughing* Aww. You know it's a happy ending when the Princess kisses the frog! [Frog croaks, and then leaves. Magus runs up to the Gate] Marle: So…you're going to search for Schala? [He floats up and disappears through the Gate. Doan enters] Robo: Lucca, I will keep working hard in the future! [She lowers her head] Marle: What's wrong, Lucca? Aren't you going to say goodbye to Robo? Robo: So, you realized. Marle: Realized what? Lucca: … Robo was born in a bleak future. When we defeated Lavos, we changed history. The world will never be ruined now. Robo…may not exist in the new future. Robo: Ha ha. Do not be ridiculous. The new future will certainly have a place for me. [She runs up to him and kicks him] Lucca: Darn it, Robo! Don't pretend you don't care when you're really sad! It just makes things worse! [She kneels down and cries] Robo: … You are the one who taught me to consider the feelings of others in that manner, Lucca. I am grateful for that. Marle: Don't cry, Lucca. I'm sure Robo will still be built in the new future! [Doan enters the Gate] Robo: Goodbye… [As he heads for the Gate, he bumps his head on the right Telepod] Robo: Caution! Oil has occluded my vision sensors. Sight diminished. [Marle giggles, then walks toward Lucca. Robo waves bye one last time before leaving through the Gate. Crono walks up to both Marle and Lucca] Lucca: Do you remember that talk we had? Marle: You mean about whether our lives flash by before we die? Lucca: Yeah. I get the feeling that…entity is finally at rest, too. Marle: Yes, I feel it, too. Marle: It's awfully easy to mess things up traveling through time. Lucca: We should probably dismantle the Epoch, shouldn't we? We'd never be able to see any of the others again, though. [Crono's cat suddenly meows and enters the area. It walks towards the right Telepod, and his mom chases after it] Mother: You naughty thing, come back here! Mother: See, Crono? Pets run away when you don't feed them! [The cat enters the Gate] Mother: Hey, come back here! [She chases after it as Crono lunges forward to get her out, but the Gate closes before he is able to do so] Marle: Oh, no! Crono, that Gate will never open again! Lucca: Well, it looks like we have no choice but to go after them. Marle: Go after them!? But the Gate's already… Marle: Lucca, you don't mean— Lucca: We still have a time machine! Nya ha ha! [A Guardia soldier walks in] Solider: Oh! There you are, Princess. His Grace is looking for you. [He walks off as the party heads back to the previous area, where the King is waiting] King: I'm happy, you know. Now there's no reason for you to be running off anymore. King: I have a gift for you, Nadia, to commemorate this day. [He leaves and returns with a new bell] King: This is Nadia's Bell. It will ring out across the land. Pretty, isn't it? [He goes to hang it up as Crono and Lucca leave] King: Nadia, could you and— Where did everyone go? Could…could someone please lend me a hand? Marle: Thanks for the gift. But…I have places to be! [She laughs and then leaves, then you hear the Epoch taking off. Taban enters the area] Taban: Phew! Made it just in time! Shall I fire a few off? King: No, Taban, not now. Actually, I could really use your— [Taban shoots off some fireworks and the credits begin to roll. You see the Epoch traveling to various eras as you see the rest of the party members in their respective eras. Once the credits are done and "The End" appears on the screen, if movies are turned on, you will see an animated cutscene of Crono and Marle getting married. In this scene, you also see Ayla and Kino getting engaged, and then back at the castle where Crono and Marle are getting married, you see Frog back into his human form, Glenn. After all of this, Marle throws the flower boquet up in the air, then you see a scene with Lucca and her newly-built blue robot. A baby is seen on the ground by a tree, alone, wearing a pendant similar to Marle's. She takes the baby with her, and then she and her robot walk off. This concludes the ending] NOTE: This ending can be slightly changed depending on how you reached Lavos, whether or not you killed Magus at the North Cape, and also if you did the Rainbow Shell side quest and freed the Chancellor from the locked chest. However, I just typed up the script for the most likely to happen scenario for most players. Some of this applies to ending #2 as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++ Reunion [EN02] +++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: Warp to and defeat Lavos after Crono dies at the Ocean Palace, but before reviving him at Death Peak. [This ending starts off with all of your party members lying on the floor unconscious, at the End of Time. Lucca and Marle stand up first, and speak with Gaspar] Old Man: With Lavos dead, the Gates will no doubt soon be closed. Return to your age now, or risk being lost to time's flow. [The rest of the group gets up, and Marle speaks with Frog] Marle: Let's go back in time and save Crono! Frog: I must return to the Middle Ages to protect Queen Leene. [Frog walks off. Now she talks to Robo] Marle: Aren't you worried about him? Robo: It seems this is truly the last we'll see of each other. [He walks off. Now she speaks with Ayla] Marle: Don't you— Ayla: Kino wait for Ayla. [She walks off, and so does Magus. Everyone is gathered at the pillars of light] Ayla: Ayla go home. Bye! Be strong! [She takes a pillar of light back to the prehistoric era, and Magus leaves without saying anything. Now Frog steps into a light pillar] Frog: Farewell! [Frog goes back to the Middle Ages and Robo steps into the center light] Robo: Goodbye. [Robo leaves] Marle: How can you all be so heartless? Lucca: Death is a fate we can't escape, Marle. Someday we'll all pass away. [Marle and Lucca leave] Old Man: Wait! [The screen switches over to him, and there is an egg on the ground] Old Man: There's something— Have they all left already? Old Man: They dropped this. …Oh well. [Meanwhile, Marle goes to the Millenial Fair to celebrate the final night] Blue Imp: It's the final night of the Millenial Fair! Come along with Princess Nadia, home safe at last! May Guardia prosper for another thousand years! Blue Imp: Let the Moonlight Parade begin! [The parade starts as Marle circles around the area. She then follows Lucca over to the far end of the square, to the Telepod area] Lucca: I thought Lavos opened the Gates. But now that I think about it, I might have been wrong. Marle: What do you mean? Lucca: I think an even greater force wanted us to experience all those events. Marle: It's awfully easy to mess things up traveling through time. Lucca: We should probably dismantle the Epoch, shouldn't we? We'd never be able to see any of the others again, though. Marle: I wonder how everyone is doing. [All of the group, along with Gaspar, come busting out of the Gate. They all get up, and Ayla walks up to Gaspar] Ayla: Give Time Egg! Gaspar: How many times must I ask you to calm down? You won't be able to bring him back if you're in such a rush. Ayla: Okay, understand. Now hurry, give! [Gaspar enters the Gate] Robo: Oh, no! He is escaping! [Everyone follows him, and before Frog gets a chance to enter the Gate...] Marle: Wait! What's going on? Frog: That Time Egg of his can revive him! Lucca: Revive who? You mean Crono? [Frog nods, and then leaves as the Gate closes] Lucca: Let's go after them! Marle: Go after them? But the Gate's already… Marle: Lucca, you don't mean— Lucca: We still have a time machine! Nya ha ha! [A Guardia soldier enters the area] Soldier: Oh! There you are, Princess. His Grace is looking for you. [The soldier leaves and Marle and Lucca follows him. She speaks with the king] King: I'm happy, you know. Now there's no reason for you to be running off anymore. King: I have a gift for you, Nadia, to commemorate this day. [He brings over a bell] King: This is Nadia's Bell. It will ring out across the land. Pretty, isn't it? [He tries to hang the bell, and Lucca runs off] King: Nadia, could you and— Where did everyone go? Could…could someone please lend me a hand? Marle: Thanks for the gift. But…I have places to be! [She laughs and then leaves, then you hear the Epoch taking off. Taban enters the area] Taban: Phew! Made it just in time! Shall I fire a few off? King: No, Taban, not now. Actually, I could really use your— [Taban sets off some fireworks, and the credits roll. You see the Epoch flying through all the while, and some of your party members can also see it in the distance. Before the ending is over, Marle is seen at Death Peak as she sees Crono in the sunet. She then runs toward him as the ending concludes] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++ The Dream Project [EN03] +++++++++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: On a New Game + playthrough, examine the glimmering dot on the right Telepod to immediately warp to Lavos. Defeat him there. Alternately, defeat him at the Ocean Palace (his outer shell is beefed up greatly at that point, so beware!). [This ending starts with the party you beat Lavos with waking up in the End of Time. There are tons of people, such as a Nu and a Kilwala, who are all members of the development team. Your objective is to talk to them all, enter the pillars of light, and talk to those people as well. Then you'll reach the Dream Team's room where you'll find five members of the Dream Team. I will write the script starting from the main room in the End of Time, and the rest in a random order] Akiyoshi Masuda (Nu): Kokubo and I've been practicing our anti-stress massages on each other instead of working. Shoulder massages— shoulder! Keizo Kokubo (Gaspar): Good job! You've reached the hardest ending! This is the Chrono Trigger development room. Take a walk around and hear what the team has to say! I hope you and all of the staff who worked on the game took something from it and will continue to grow and prosper, no matter what the future holds in store. Come back to see me again once you complete your rounds. Hiroki Chiba (Villager): 1-4! 1-4! Come on, 1-4! Noooooo! I lost again! Taizo Mamo (Kilwala): What are you lookin' at, buddy? Tryin' to start something'? C'mon, bring it on! Yoshinori Kitase (Alfador): There are more than ten different endings. Have you seen them all? The ending you get depends on when you challenge Lavos. Kezuka (Red Barrel): Better find the switch soon or it'll all go up in flames! Shinichiro Okaniwa (Magus): I can't even remember the last time I cut my hair. Look how long it is! Better get myself to a barber. Matsuzo Itakura (Poyozo Doll): Did you figure out my Poyozo Dance attack? See you again in another game soon! Eiji Nakamura (Prophet): Congrats on finishing the game! Why don't you spend some time outside tomorrow? Kiyoshi Yoshii (Melchior): Ah, yes, such a moving story in that 128th entry to the Chrono series! What? Oh no, this must be the wrong era! Akihiko Matsui (Villager): What did you think? I hope you had a good time! See you in another game! Manabu Daishima (Masa): Hey out there in TV land! How're we doing today? It's me, Manabu Daishima! Let's all buy games, okay? None of this renting and borrowing stuff! Minoru Akao (Mune): Ah, I love a good quest! Don't you? Takashi Tokita (Dalton): Sorry, it's a bad makeup day for Takashi Tokita. Koji Sugimoto (Roly): The jetbike race programmer's high score was 2110. Bet you can't beat that! Hirokatsu Sasaki (Flea): Ever since I started growing out my hair, I've been getting a lot of attention…from guys! I can't believe it! Kazumi Kobayashi (Knocked Down Soldier): I've lost 22 pounds working on this game. Yukio Nakatani (Knight): Thanks for playing! Are you a girl? - Yes. - No. [If "Yes." is chosen, he gives a positive reaction. If "No." is chosen, he swings his sword] Tadahiro Usuda (Knight): Look closely and you'll appreciate the little details on the monsters. Like—here, check out the shadow on this guy's sword! See it? Masanori Hoshino (Boy): Hey, they promised to name this game Hoshino Trigger! Takayuki Ohtachi (Man): Well done! Koiche Ebe (Blue Imp w/ Cave Stalker): Thanks for playing Chrono Trigger all the way to the end! Here, have a kiss to remember it by! [It makes a weird noise and does strange movements] Akane Haruki (Dog): Please, feed me! I'm starving! [If you examine the glimmering dot on the ground...] Tetsuya Nomura: 3… 2… 1… RESET! *screen fades out and back in* Just joking! Tetsuya Takahashi (Guardia Soldier): If you thought this was tough, you should get a load of Final Fantasy IV! Hasui (Underling): Shh, I'm in the middle of something good here! Toshiaki Suzuki (Lancer): Uhnnn… So tired… But so hungry… One thing at a time… Zzz… *falls down* Katsuhisa Higuchi (Krawlie): Legendary programmer, 29, seeks that special someone. Not quite Hero material, but still the stuff of legend. Waiting for those cards and letters. [You engage in a battle against the Underling, Lancer, and Krawlie. After the fight, you continue as normal] Shun Moriya (Villager): I've been working 24 hours a day! Ken Narita (Reptite): Love was in the air…but then the engines cut out. *sigh* Kazuo Suzuki (Villager): I'm the consummate professional. Keisuke Matsuhara (Robot): Thank you, thank you, no applause necessary, just send money. I hope you enjoyed all of my events. Another of my masterpieces will be available soon, so stay tuned! Haruyuki Nishida (Atropos XR): Hey, do you think there will be a sequel? - Yes. - No. [She says the same thing regardless of the option you choose] Haruyuki Nishida (Atropos XR): That'd be nice, huh? Kenichi Nishi (Director): Man, that was a long haul. I got my first gray hair working on this game. Lost weight, too. Makoto Shimamoto (Ayla): Boom! 9999 damage! You do! Yusuke Naora (Dactyl): How was the art? I had a blast working on it! *flaps wings* Hiroshi Uchiyama (Blue Imp): That's a pretty good costume you got on there, kid! Wait—it's really you, isn't it?! Sorry, thought you were just a cosplayer! Kaname (Villager): I'm just a map design n00b. But my dad's a pro gamer. He pwns n00bs at the arcade. Keita Eto (Taban): You want a buggy map repaired? 10,000,000 G ought to cover the cost. *uses hammer* Yasunori Mitsuda (Toma): Well, now it's my turn to set off on a journey to see what the world holds in store. I wonder if I shall ever return. *leaves* Yoshinori Ogura (Villager): I'm just happy to have been able to work on this game! Kazuhiro Ohkawa (Pierre): Congratulations! Did you have a good time? Kato (Magus Statue): No storm lasts forever. Even eternity must come to an end. I think. [After talking to everyone you can possibly talk to, you must speak with Gaspar again] Keizo Kokubo (Gaspar): Well then, open the gates to the Dream Team! [The door to the Dream Team room opens. Inside...] Akira Toriyama: Hey! Sasuke! Kikka! Pop's working on games, too! Are you seeing this? Isn't this great? Nobuo Uematsu (Norstein Bekkler): siht daer naht od ot retteb gnihton evah I Now run along and play, boys and girls! Yuji Horii: Wow, the years sure do fly by. This game was first released in 1995! Kazuhiko Aoki: Guess what? I hit the 100,000 yen jackpot! Hironobu Sakaguchi: Boy, it used to be that I'd get thinner after each game. Now I'm gaining weight instead. Ack! I must be getting old. [After talking to all five people of the Dream Team...] "Congratulations on finishing the game! You're now a member of the Dream Team! And since you blew through the game so fast, we've adjusted the credits to suit your style!" [The credits roll at an incredibly fast rate; too fast for you to possibly keep up. This concludes the ending] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++++ The Successor of Guardia [EN04] ++++++++++++++++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: After coming back from 600 A.D. for the first time, and before going to Guardia Castle in 1000 A.D., use the right Telepod to warp to and defeat Lavos. [This ending starts by Crono and Marle coming out of the Gate in Leene Square. It'll seem at first like you're not in an ending at all, but if you talk with the people in the square, they'll think Marle is wearing too much makeup and has a costume on or something. At the entrance of the fair...] People: Princess! Wearing our disguise out again, are we? Marle: Something's strange here. Marle: Let's go back to the castle. -------------- Guardia Castle (Present) -------------- [At the castle's throne room...] Marle: Father! The townspeople are acting strangely. King: Calm down, Nadia. Where have you been? I see you've been hopping around dressed like a human again. [She walks up to her father] Marle: Everybody keeps saying that! What's that supposed to mean? King: You know very well what it means. I don't know what kind of game you're playing, but there's no need for you to keep dressing that way. It must be uncomfortable. [He hops away strangely] King: Come, you're just in time! I was just about to take a look at this 400- year-old film of our ancestors' wedding. We found it when we were cleaning up the treasury. [Marle hops over to her father and croaks like a frog] Lucca: Marle? Tell me you're not a— [She croaks again, and then a theater screen is shown where the credits roll. You'll also see a scene of Marle getting married to Frog, and at the end of the wedding, Frog kisses her] Marle: Nooo! [She croaks again, and "The End" appears onscreen] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++ Good Night [EN05] ++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: Right after reaching the End of Time for the first time, use the bucket to warp to the Day of Lavos and then defeat him. [There is no dialogue in this ending, so since I can't write a script for it, I'll explain what happens. A Nu is trying to get its typical sleep, but a frog steps into the scene and tries to disturb it the whole time. This includes taking the "Zzz"'s from its mouth, going behind it and making it look for the frog, and more. Eventually, a Kilwala enters and accidentally steps into the "Zzz", causing it to fall asleep as well. The frog is left surrounded, and thus decides to fall asleep itself. This all happens while the credits roll, and you're left with a "The End" screen by the time all this is over] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++ The Legendary Hero [EN06] ++++++++++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: After defeating Zombor, go back to the End of Time and use the bucket to fight and defeat Lavos. [This ending opens with Robo coming out of a Gate in Leene Square, only this time it's a futuristic version of it. Just like the Crono/Marle incident at the beginning of the game, he and his robot girl named Atropos bump into each other. Atropos checks up on him and they leave together. They go to the Denadoro Mountains together, sitting at the summit overlooking the scenery. Now a scene is shown in Guardia Castle, with Tata and his father holding the thrones. Tata sets off for Magus's castle, and as he reaches a throne room...] Tata the Hero: Magus! [Crono, Marle, and Lucca appear, with Crono sitting on the throne. Marle and Lucca get their weapons ready, then Crono stands up and laughs] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++ The Unknown Past [EN07] ++++++++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: After defeating Masa & Mune, get the Hero's Badge from Tata, then go back to the End of Time. Use the bucket to warp to and defeat Lavos. [In this ending, the credits roll while several scenes are shown, such as Crono and the others going to Medina Village, with the two imps following them out the door. Reptites are shown being chased by Kino and some other townsfolk. Ayla enters the area and laughs when this is over. Magus, Ozzie, Flea, and Slash are shown at the summit of Denadoro Mountains, the same area where Cyrus was killed. The king of Guardia and some knights are then shown, getting ready to battle Magus. Frog is shown leaving the Cursed Woods, and then after the music stops, Robo is shown on a black void and bumps into the wall of it. He gets up and puts the words "The End" onto the center of the screen, then leaves] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++++++++++ People of the Times [EN08] +++++++++++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: Defeat Lavos after getting the Gate Key back from Azala, but before getting the Masamune repaired and giving it to Frog. [This ending just shows the credits, and while they're being shown, characters from various eras can be seen onscreen. It ends with Marle's pendant being the last thing shown] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++ The Oath [EN09] ++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: After opening the entrance to the Magic Cave, go back to the End of Time and warp to Lavos, then beat him. [This ending starts with Lucca repairing Robo while Crono sleeps] Lucca: Phew… This one's a bit stubborn. Robo: My apologies, Lucca… Lucca: You don't have to apologize. It was humans who put all these weapons on you in the first place. Lucca: *about Crono* That idiot's the one who should be apologizing, sitting around sleeping all the time. I should wake him up and make him help! Voice: Don't you dare! [Marle enters the room] Marle: Let him sleep. He's earned it, fighting that long and hard. Lucca: Hmph… Fine, whatever. Frog: … [Frog begins to leave] Marle: Where are you going? I just made some tea! Frog: I've some business to attend. [He runs off to the exit but trips on the way there] Marle: Hee hee… [Marle and Lucca laugh, waking up Crono in the process. The credits roll now, showing rooms in Magus's castle. In one of the rooms...] Voice: Fool! [Slash appears] Slash: So, you wish to die an early death! [Flea's room is shown next] Flea: Hee hee hee! Somebody's gotten himself in too deep! [The room turns into a space-like environment] Flea: Thinking one man is enough to defeat me… [Another area of the castle is shown, and then the throne room, where Ozzie is] Ozzie: Y-you! [A shadowed Frog is shown striking Ozzie, presumably killing him. Frog proceeds to the room where Magus is, and a strange chanting is heard] "Da zumal phara-lo lierra… Cast open the gates that lie betwixt heaven and earth…" [A circle appears, and Magus can be seen, though shadowed] "In exchange for the life of this world…" [A ring of flames appear around the circle, and Magus becomes fully visible] Magus: So, you came. [Frog walks up to him] Magus: Fiends and humans alike are nigh destroyed. Save you and I, the ones who remain are but sheep. The victor of this battle shall have the world as his prize. No—he shall have the future! Frog: It seems as such. But it is no prize I seek. [He unsheathes the Masamune] Frog: It is vengeance! Magus: Ah, the Masamune… Very well. [He turns around] Magus: Come, if it is death you seek! [They begin battling as the screen blacks out and the credits roll. You can hear them fighting in the background all the while, and at the end, you can see a caped figure standing atop the gargoyle statue on Magus's castle. Who emerged victorious? That is left for you to decide] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++ Dino Age [EN10] ++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: After defeating Magus, but before defeating the Black Tyranno, go to the End of Time and warp to Lavos and defeat him. [This ending begins with the credits rolling] Voice: Crono… Crono! Crono, are you still sleeping? [The scene switches to Crono's house, except his mother and himself are both reptites!] Mother: Come on, sleepyhead! It's time to get up! [She opens the curtains] Mother: Dear me! I'd forgotten how beautiful Leene's bell sounds! [She walks back over to Crono] Mother: You must have been so excited about the Millenial Fair that you couldn't sleep last night, could you? Well, you'd better not let that giddiness get you into any trouble. I want you to behave yourself today! [As she goes to leave the room...] Mother: Come on, now! Out of bed with you! [She heads downstairs and Crono gets up. The credits continue rolling, showing several people from the present that are now reptites. Crono explores the fair, where reptites are also dominant. The only ones who aren't are the racers. =P This ending concludes with the "The End" sign hitting Azala, knocking her down under it] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++++++++ What the Prophet Seeks [EN11] ++++++++++++++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: Defeat Lavos after defeating Azala and the Black Tyranno, but before Schala uses her pendant to open the sealed door at Zeal Palace. [This ending begins with the credits rolling, as the screen switches to the Cathedral. Frog is there, in the room with Magus's statue. Next, we see the prophet, Queen Zeal, and Schala in the throne room of Zeal Palace, with a Gate in the middle of the room. Cut back to Frog, who is at the Chorus cafe in the Middle Ages. Janus and Schala are shown with Alfador, along with the prophet. Alfador meows at him, then he goes to the Ocean Palace by himself. Meanwhile, Crono, Marle, Robo, and Ayla are at the Millenial Fair having a party of some sort. Magus, no longer dressed up as the prophet, is shown flying down the elevator shaft at the Ocean Palace. Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Robo are shown again, this time at Crono's house. Magus, dressed as the prophet again, is now nearly at Lavos] Prophet: If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If I must vanish from existence to see this done, then I shall welcome that fate! I'm coming, Lavos! [He goes forward as the screen blacks out, and "The End" appears onscreen] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- +++++++++++ Memory Lane [EN12] +++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: After witnessing Schala opening the sealed door at Zeal Palace, but before powering up your own pendant, go back to the End of Time and face off against Lavos. [This ending shows Marle and Lucca admiring the various men you've seen throughout the course of the game. It starts by simply saying "The End", but suddenly, Marle comes in] Marle: What? It's over already? [Lucca enters] Lucca: That is what "The End" usually means. Marle: But things were just starting to get interesting! Lucca: Well, let's see if we can get these words out of the way, then. Marle: Yeah, take 'em away! Then we can take a little trip down memory lane and reflect on all the good times we had! Lucca: Art director! Would you mind? [The words "The End" go off the screen] Marle: First, let's take a closer look at Leene Square! [The Steel Runner walks onto the screen] Lucca: There's the Steel Runner. Marle: I just don't think I could go for one like that. The armor would poke you all the time. Lucca: Forget that! Can you imagine what the inside of that armor must smell like? Marle: What a lovely thought, Lucca. Let's get on with the show, okay? [The Steel Runner gets off of the screen, and a Guardia officer walks in next] Lucca: Next up is your home, Guardia Castle. Marle: Heh heh… This one's a VERY nice memory! Lucca: Is it ever! Whew! Marle: He was the only one you couldn't bring yourself to shoot with your Zonker, wasn't he? His name's Peter. He's not really a man, though. Lucca: I…I knew that! [Next up is Pierre] Marle: Oh, it's Pierre! Lucca: Wouldn't want anything to do with someone like that. Obviously corrupt. Someone ought to put him on trial! [A guy from the future enters next] Marle: This next one just doesn't have any spark. Where's the energy? That drive to make the best of your situation! Cheer up! Lucca: We might not be any better than him if we were in his shoes. Marle: Well, good luck sowing that seed of yours! [Johnny is next] Lucca: Theeeeere's Johnny! Mr. Speed himself! Marle: I don't know about a guy who's greatest talent is being fast… Lucca: Hey, look close! He's really a tricycle! No, thanks! Marle: Try again when you learn to ride, buddy! [Cyrus appears next] Lucca: There's that stuffed-shirt, Cyrus! Marle: He is awfully handsome… Lucca: But those clothes have got to go. Marle: Oh, and did you know he plucks his eyebrows? Lucca: Ugh, you've got to be joking! Hmm… Still a hunk, though! [Next is Toma] Marle: Toma! Now he's definitely my type! Lucca: Aw, he's just a sot. Marle: Probably has dozens of girlfriends, too. Lucca: Or boyfriends. Come to think of it, he never really talked about his love life… [They both laugh, and Kino steps in] Marle: What about him? That Kino guy? Lucca: Forget it. Total Neanderthal! Marle: But the single-mindedness is kind of cute, don't you think? Lucca: He walks like a DUCK! [Kino leaves] Marle: He was a nice enough guy, though. Lucca: Yeah, he meant well. [Crono enters the scene abruptly] Crono: This is your idea of a nice little trip down memory lane? Lucca: Crono! Marle: Heh heh! I…I guess we got a little carried away! Lucca: Say, what era should we go to now? Marle: One with lots of fun things to do! [Crono points to the north] Crono: Now! Lucca: Now, as in…the present? Marle: Okay! The present it is! [Crono and Marle leave] Lucca: So, I guess we won't be needing this Gate Key anymore, will we? Lucca: Hey! Wait for me! [Lucca leaves, and "The End" appears onscreen again] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ++++++++++++++++ Dream's Epilogue [EN13] ++++++++++++++++ HOW TO OBTAIN: Defeat the Dream Devourer in Time's Eclipse after getting through all three Dimensional Vortices. ***WARNING: SPOILERS FOR CHRONO CROSS BELOW!*** [After the battle with the Dream Devourer is over, it knocks over the party] Magus: No! Schala! [He walks up to the Dream Devourer, but gets knocked on his knees. It teleports the party away] Magus: Urgh! [It stops attacking and Magus gets up] Magus: Schala? [She comes to her senses] Schala: It is no doubt but a matter of time before Lavos consumes the whole of my awareness. It was I, after all, who wished it—wished from the depths of my sadness and despair that all that was would be erased. Schala: The strength you wield now cannot free me. No, perhaps it is better said that no strength can. So as long as you lean upon the crutch of power, this world's sorrow can know no true end. Return to your own time now. Dwell not on this. [Schala teleports the party away, leaving only the second Magus. He walks up to the Dream Devourer] Magus: Schala… Schala: Janus…thank you. But I am the girl I was no more. Live, and be strong. Magus: But, Schala— Schala: Farewell… [She opens a rift in front of Magus] Magus: Schala! [He gets teleported away and the screen fades out. Magus is shown in a black void, alone] Magus: So, you mean to say that no matter how hard I strive—no matter how strong I grow—there is nothing I might do to save you? What purpose, then, does this existence serve? Magus: Hmph. If this is to be the way of things, then let me abandon all that was and fade away as well. Should a part of me somehow even then remain, then perhaps that will be the birth of something new—something with greater meaning than all this. [He floats away, and the screen fades in to a forest, where Magus is wandering] Magus: What is this place? [He walks forward a bit and drops down] Magus: Ugh… Magus: Who…who am I? What's happened? I…I don't remember anything. There was something…something I needed to do. Something I needed to…to find. [He stands up] Magus: I must find a way to remember. I will. [He lunges forward and walks off, and then the credits roll. After that, you see a scene where, a few years later, the kingdom of Guardia is destroyed, and the Masamune is stolen by someone. This is all Dalton's doing, hence his line in the Dimensional Vortex. Thus concludes the thirteenth and final ending] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================== V. Frequently Asked Questions ============================== If you have any questions regarding this script (NOT THE GAME ITSELF!), then please refer to this section first before asking. Thank you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Why didn't you add the Lost Sanctum's script? A: Well, I just don't feel like doing it at the moment. It's way too tedious and boring, and I just beat it not too long ago, so I'm still sick of it. Don't worry; I *do* plan to add it sometime in the nearby future. Nothing anybody would want to read happens there anyway. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =============== VI. Email Info =============== If you wish to email me about this guide, whether it be a comment or a typo, or even a big error in the guide, then email me at my email listed at the top of this guide. For those who are lazy, my email is Email me there, and I'll add whatever it is I missed, or fix whatever it is I messed up on as soon as possible. Please make the subject something to do with the game (such as "Chrono Trigger DS Game Script"), so I'll know that your email isn't spam. However, please *DO NOT EMAIL ME ABOUT GAMEPLAY-RELATED QUESTIONS*. This is a game script, not a walkthrough. Feel free to ask me any story-related questions if there is something you don't understand, but chances are I won't understand either. Time travel is indeed confusing. =P ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============= VII. Credits ============= Credits go to you for reading this guide. Credits go to me for taking the time to write this guide. Credits go to Square for making yet another port of CT, and actually managing to get it right this time! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ================= VIII. 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