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Betting Race [3B4] 5. Speed Drinking [3B5] 6. Dome Animal Chase [3B6] 7. Johnny Bike Racing [3B7] 8. Pre-historic Drinking Contest [3B8] 9. Hunting Grounds [3B9] III. Conclusion [0C] A. Legal Information [1C] B. Special Thanks [2C] C. Contact [3C] _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ Introduction [0A] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- ---------------------- Version History [1A] ---------------------- 0.4 - Wrote beginning of guide and started on mini-games November 28, 2008 0.6 - Continued mini-games. November 29, 2008 0.7 - Continued mini-games November 30, 2008 1.0 - Finished guide. Submitted to GameFAQs December 2, 2008 1.1 - Added a few submittions from various people. Thanks a bunch! December 4, 2008 2.0 - Finally got to updating this guide. Lots of contributor stuff (all of it was accumulated throughout the months). Also added cover ASCII. February 16, 2009 ------------------- Introduction [2A] ------------------- Welcome to my Mini-FAQ for Chrono Trigger, I am OboeDude and this is my fourth submitted FAQ. This guide's name is pretty explantory: this guide will cover all the various mini-games that are in this game. This guide HAS spoilers, it's unavoidable. Without further ado, let the guide begin! _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Mini-Games [0B] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ --------------- Format [1B] --------------- The format for the mini-games will be as follows: ---------------------------- Name of Game [code here] ---------------------------- ____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: _____________________________________________________________________________ As you can see, mostly all necessary information is covered in the above format. If you have interests in seeing a different format or adding a section, contact me (via the contact section) ------------------------------------------- Note regarding missable mini-games [2B] ------------------------------------------- There are NO missable mini-games. All mini-games can be revisited and replayed later. ------------------------------ Actual Mini-Game Part [3B] ------------------------------ ---------------------------- Bell Scale Ringing [3B1] ---------------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: Easy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: Millennial Fair, left side of the 1st screen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: None ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: 1 Silver Point ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: Press A once when facing the scale to start the game. You will move back and forth, your goal is to press A once again when your character is far enough back. This will cause the pointer on the scale to hit the bell, thus winning the prize. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: Your character has to be almost ALL the way back to be able to hit the bell. Your character will be about touching the trees when you should press A. If you look carefully at the trees, there is this sort of indent in them. Your goal is to press A when you are in the small clearing. _____________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------- Norstein Bekkler's Tent of Horrors [3B2] -------------------------------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Where it is found: Millennia Fair, upper right corner of the first screen _____________________________________________________________________________ This mini-game is unique in that it is split into three different ones. They change depending on how many silver points you use. You can bet 10, 40, or 80 points. All three will be covered in seperate sections below. _____________________________________________________________________________ 10 Points Game [3B2A] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: 10 silver points ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: Cat Food Plush Note: Both items can be seen in your bedroom. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: Three identical guards stand in a horizontal line and tell you their names. They then proceed to shuffle around, and you must tell where X person is standing after it is over. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: This game is actually the hardest of the three games. The other two games rely on skill while this one has a more random luck to it. It would be an easy matter if the guards didn't mingle in a group - they tend to come together and then pause before leaving in seperate directions. They might have changed their direction or they might not have, this game will demand a whole lot of luck on our part to win. However, there is one small factor that you can use to win easily. Each of the three guards walk on different "levels". Note which one is on which level, and then choose accordingly. (Credit to SorataYuy and Ghaleon) _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 40 Points Game [3B2B] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: 40 silver points ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: Doppell Doll (for all seven characters - Credit to Mighty Oracle) Catfood Note: Doppell Doll is a great decoration, it is worth learning this game. And who knows, you use it later in the game... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: You must mimic the movements of your clone. There are four actions, raise left arm (L button), raise right arm (R button), laugh (Y button), and jump up surprised (A button). You must correctly follow his actions for times. He moves faster and faster, and sometimes repeats actions (but you have to still press the button again). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: This game will take practice and good reflexes. First of all, DO NOT rush. Once you see him move, take a moment to remember what button it was. You have a few seconds to mimic him before you run out of time. If he is seemingly holding the same pose over and over, and you saw the ghost jump, remember to press the same button again. Otherwise, you will lose (yes I know, stupid rule). Sound helps you tell when the next pose is striked. _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 80 Points Game [3B2C] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: 80 silver points. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: Cat (extra one) Catfood Note: You will have two Cats in the first floor of your house now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: One of your teammates is put on a rope and is slowly lowered while three animals charge you. There are three columns, one with a beanbag and an animal. Pressing A will cause the beanbags to fire at the enemy, hurling them backward. There also is a blue switch that appears every 5 seconds. Pressing A, will make it move the rope that is holding your teammate up, away from danger. The game ends when either: A) You force back all three animals before the rope gets to the bottom. B) One or more of the animals gets past the beanbags C) Your teammate is lowered to a certain height on the rope. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: First of all, you must be conscious at all times of your teammate. The spot where you will lose if he is dropped there...it's much lower than most people expect. Nevertheless, this is actually the easiest of the three games. The pattern is simple: when you see the blue switch, don't run to it immedietely. Instead, wait until you get to throw the beanbag farthest away from it, then run to the switch and back. For you people who need more specific directions, do this: 1) When game starts, rush to the beanbag to the farthest left. Throw 2) Move to the right. Throw 3) Repeat 2. 4) Go back to the first beanbag. 5) Repeat 2 and 3, blue switch should be out by now and farthest left animal will be out of play with luck. 6) Press blue switch with haste, then repeat throwing beanbags. 7) Repeat throwing beanbags then rush the blue switch after you throw the farthest right beanbag. This game is very simple, and even if you let the animal almost touch the beanbag, you can still recover and win the game. Following is submitted by Vampyric Kitty (that is his AIM): "For Bekkler's tent, 80 points, I find it easier to start by running to the right first. Done quickly enough while mashing the A button, you can push the farthest right monster into the cage right off the bat. The middle one, then, might take one or two hits, depending on how quickly you get to it By then, you should only have to alternate between the left most and the blue light, which are right next to each other" Once again, credit goes to Vampyric Kitty (on AIM). _____________________________________________________________________________ --------------------- Gato Battle [3B3] --------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: Easy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: Millennia Fair, screen after left exit from the second screen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: None, just have a decent amount of HP/MP if you are doing this at the beginning of the game. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: Mainly 15 silver points You also get: 10 exp, some TP, etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: Just talk to him to battle him. Defeat him to get 15 Silver Points. You can keep fighting him over and over. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: Gato has some relatively strong attacks, and he has a counterattack system. Basically, if you attack him, he will retaliate (unless in some special situations where he is too far away). You should be able to beat him at level 1 even, but if you for some really weird reason have some trouble, go to the forest to the left of your village on the World Map and level up. _____________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------- Betting Race [3B4] ---------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: Easy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: Millennia Fair and later at the square. First screen, tent on the middle section. Just left of the Tent of Horrors. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: None ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: 20 Silver Points ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: As you probably saw, there are 4 dressed-up characters in the square that are running around. When they finish, they will line up (like A B C D). Then, talk to the guy in the tent to the immediete left. He will ask if you want to bet on the next race. After saying Yes, he will prompt you to choose your choice. There are four different racers: Steel Runner: Guy dressed in steel...running...obvious. Green Ambler: Green reptile...ambling Catalac: Cat figure (named after vehicle) G.I Jogger: Soldier from 600 A.D (named after American Government Issue Bill with the most famous reference being G.I. Joe) --- (CREDIT TO RocketShobbs) After the race, you can talk to the tent guy to claim your points if you win. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: It's all luck, but one thing that might be related: There is a man behind the fence to the right of the finish line that seems to have advice on who is going to win. He isn't always right, in fact he is probably right only 1/3 to 1/2 the time. Your call whether you want to follow him. There is ONE way, however, that you can affect the results. You see, by directly standing in front of a racer, you slow them down. Bet on one guy, then impede the other three (priority should be the one in second place) (Credit to Calamity and Johnny D) _____________________________________________________________________________ ------------------------ Speed Drinking [3B5] ------------------------ _____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: Hard ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: Millennia Fair, right side of the second screen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: Maybe a good, fast hand would help with this. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: 5 Silver Points ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: Just keep pressing A. You have to drink 8 bottles of the drink and you have to do this in a matter of seconds. It takes several clicks just to drink one bottle. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: This game is extremely hard. Back in the SNES day, you could have cheated with a turbo controller. However, for many people, they just aren't good enough to get past 5 or 6 cans. Mashing the button extremely fast does NOT work here. I don't think it's my DS, but it WON'T count if you hit it extremely fast. Unfortunately, if you can't hit it very fast...there is no way to beat this game. One easy method to beat this is to sorta slide your finger across the A button. _____________________________________________________________________________ --------------------------- Dome Animal Chase [3B6] --------------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: Easy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: Atlar Dome, in 2300 A.D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: None ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: Advance with the storyline. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: This isn't really a mini-game...but here goes. The goal is to catch the animal before it escapes. It runs on a series of planks that twist and twine a few times. Press A when you are in its range to catch it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: As always, run after the animal. When you get to a corner, don't stop or pause. Keep moving forward, and use the map to anticipate an upcoming corner. Start pressing A when you a thumb distance away from the animal. If done perfectly, you should catch the animal half-way across the screen. _____________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------- Johnny Bike Racing [3B7] ---------------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: Medium ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: Site 32, in 2300 A.D ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: None. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: Free ride past Site 32. Also, in the SNES version at least, if you got a score of 777, Johnny gave you 10 Mid-ethers. (Credit goes to CVagts) Note: To get rewards, you must have the race log and the Rx-xR to record your top three scores (and also to win prizes). (Credit to soultpp and Guide Guy) To get the race log you must: 1) Start at the screen you finish the race at (exit to the area). 2) Go to the left. 3) Beat the few enemies then find the chest with the log in it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: As Johnny tells you, you can't make your bike go "faster". But pressing the Left Directional Pad button will make your bike move forward, then promptly fall back. You get points for hitting his front of his motorcycle with the back of yours. Actually, you get points for being ahead of him in the race. (Credit: Mighty Oracle) You have three turbos, they are pretty useful although: 1) You can't spam them. There is a small period in which you need to wait before you can use another one. 2) When you active a turbo, Johnny activates one also. You won't be getting a real lead off this. To win the race, simply cross the finish line before he does. IF YOU SHOW JOHNNY THE RACE RECORDER, Rx-xR will allow you to play a mode with no turbos. This mode might be a bit harder, so make sure that you time your strategy, namely moving your cart ahead and bumping his front with your rear. (Credit to Guide Guy) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: There isn't much to do at the beginning few lengths of the race. There are no obstacles, just throw two of your three turbos out for the sake of getting more points. The tricky part gets when it reaches the last part of the race. An easy way to win the race is to activate a turbo when in range of getting past the line. You will zoom by and he won't be able to turbo himself fast enough. It might take a few times, but just by judging the distance correctly, there is an easy win _____________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------- Prehistoric Drinking Contest [3B8] -------------------------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: Medium ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: 65,000,000 B.C at the prehistoric party. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: None ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: Advance with the game, getting an important item (for sake of avoiding spoilers, I will refrain). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: Remember that crazy mashing-the-A-button game at the fair earlier this game? Yeah, you need to beat a similar version of it. The only difference is that this game is much easier (you can exhale now). You will have to drink (aka hit the A button) faster than Ayla. Don't worry about losing, you get to retry over and over. You only have to win once to get the item. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: I would recommend using solid, yet fast mashing. There isn't more advice I can give you but to keep trying, and don't give up in the middle. It appears that when I did it, I thought I was going to lose, but I actually won. And like I wrote on the other drinking mini-game, hitting the A button like a maniac does NOT actually count. _____________________________________________________________________________ ---------------------------- Hunting Range [3B9] ---------------------------- _____________________________________________________________________________ Difficulty: Easy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where it is found: 65,000,000 B.C, north of the village ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-Requirements: None. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rewards: You will get items that can be used to redeem ten items, namely: 1) Ruby Gun (weapon) 2) Sage Bow (weapon) 3) Stone Arm (weapon) 4) Flint Edge (weapon) 5) Ruby Vest (armor) 6) Rock Helm (armor) 7) Aeon Blade* (weapon) 8) Dream Bow* (weapon) 9) Dream Gun* (weapon) 10) Magma Hand* (weapon) 11) Ruby Armor* (armor) -- (Credit to soultpp.) * - can only be gotten after you defeat Magnus. Credit goes to Dangerous K of GameFAQs. The ten above items can be redeemed at the northeast house in the village. Also note that the first time you beat a Nu, it drops the Third Eye item. This only happens once. (Credit to Spencer) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to play the game: Basically, the hunting range is one big screen. All you have to do is run around and kill stuff. You get items such as petals, fangs, and feathers. These are used to directly redeem the items mentioned above. Every minute or so, it starts to rain. There are different enemies when it is raining. In the morning, you can fight frogs and slimes. When raining, you can fight the Nu. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tips on beating it: The frog and slime can be beaten by physical attacks fairly easy. They drop one petals, fang, or feather. The Nu, on the other hand, is elusive and packs quite a bit of damage. You can only find in when it is raining and in the corners of the map. The best way to find him is to stand on the elevated tree bridge (accessable by the vines). Then, you can check the top-right and bottom-right spots for the Nu. A mistake with the Nu's attacks was given by Golbatx33 of GameFAQs and Vampyric Kitty of AIM, but they still should be recognized for their efforts :) The Nu ONLY does ONE attack: an attack that reduces you HP to 1. (Thanks to soultpp for clearing this up) They are chosen at random, and most likely using one potion will ensure your character does not die. When you kill him, he drops 3 of every single tradeable item (fang, petal, etc) Note: This spot is noted as a good way to get TP early on. Note: This spot is also noted as a good way to make money (selling the items) _____________________________________________________________________________ _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Conclusion [0C] -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ -------------------------- Legal Information [1C] -------------------------- As a guide writer on the GameFAQs system, I have the luxury of having a (C) on my work. If I wanted to, I could technically, and lawfully, sue any site that uses my guide without my permission. If you want to use my guide, PLEASE ask my permission first. I do not mind and almost all sites that ask are allowed to host (after all, I wrote the guide to help as many people as possible). It's not so much the avoid-the-legal issue, it's more like just communicating with the author and possibly arranging future updates. If I am unavailable, as I am busy constantly, I do hereby give you the right to use my guide...under the following circumstances: (this also applies when a site wants to use my guide) 1) I, along with whatever contributors, are the sole writers of this guide. 2) My guide is kept intact as is. Only changes are updates or anything else I may specify (ie. me avoiding issues by giving your permission for a line that says, "OboeDude has given permission for this site, {insert URL}, to use this guide." NOTE: This section was rewritten. If you see a site that doesn't exactly follow the above, don't fret. It may, and is encouraged, that you contact them with the changes. (C) 2008-2009 OboeDude ----------------------- Special Thanks [2C] ----------------------- I would like to thank GameFAQs for having their wonderful site and forum. I would like to thank Square Enix and all the developers for making this game. I would like to thank everyone whom I have cited in this guide. I find it also necessary to thank everyone who reads this guide, you guys are the reason why I wrote a guide in the first place. Lastly, I would like to thank [-iB], immortalbrotherhood (com). You guys are the best in helping me keep focused and supporting me. ---------------- Contact [3C] ---------------- You can contact me in various ways: a) AIM, I am OboeDude115 on there b) Email, I am oboedude115@aim.com there c) Private message on GameSPOT -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ (End of Guide)</p>