LLL 44 DDDD Left 4 Dead Strategy Guide L L 4 4 D D By Michael "Tango1ndiaTango" Toth L L 4 4 4 D D D Version 1.C L L 4 444D DD D Mikel.Toth@Gmail.com L L 444 4D D D D December 07, 2008 L L 4 444D DD D L L______4 4 D D D L ] 4 D D L________]4 DDDD 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 ...Table of Contents... (00001)...Legal Information (00002)...Contact Information (00003)...The Special Infected (00004)...Version History (00005)...Permissions (00006)...Special Thanks (00007)...The Weapons (00008)...Expert Tips (00009)...Achievements ...(10000).........No Mercy Introduction ......(10001)......The Apartments ......(10002)......The Subway .........(c1c01)...Crescendo Event ......(10003)......The Sewers .........(c1c02)...Crescendo Event ......(10004)......The Hospital .........(c1c03)...Crescendo Event ......(10005)......Rooftop Finale ...(20000).........Death Toll Introduction ......(20001)......The Turnpike ......(20002)......The Drains .........(c2c01)...Crescendo Event ......(20003)......The Church .........(c2c02)...Crescendo Event ......(20004)......The Town .........(c2c03)...Crescendo Event ......(20005)......Boathouse Finale ...(30000).........Dead Air Introduction ......(30001)......The Greenhouse ......(30002)......The Crane .........(c3c01)...Crescendo Event ......(30003)......The Construction Site .........(c3c02)...Crescendo Event ......(30004)......The Terminal .........(c3c03)...Crescendo Event ......(30005)......Runway finale ...(40000).........Blood Harvest Introduction ......(40001)......The Woods ......(40002)......The Tunnel .........(c4c01)...Crescendo Event ......(40003)......The Bridge .........(c4c02)...Crescendo Event ......(40004)......The Train Station ......(40005)......Farmhouse Finale (50000).........Versus Mode ...(50010)......The Survivors ......(50011)...Strategies ...(50020)......The Infected ......(50021)...Smoker ......(50022)...Hunter ......(50021)...Boomer ......(50021)...Tank ...Table of Contents... (00001)...Legal Information All information regarding strategies, tactics, as well as other writings are the sole creativity of myself, aside from entries which are quoted & credited to their specific author. The information herein was not adapted from, nor incorporates information in others' relative documents. This guide is of its own source and origin, and thus forth remains the sole copyrighted ownership of Michael "Tango1ndiaTango" Toth. If you have any information, comments, suggestions, additions, requests for hosting, etc., please feel free to email me at Mikel.Toth@Gmail.com. If any information of yours is included in this document, appropriate accreditation will be appropriated. (00002)...Contact Information The guide is written by Michael "Tango1ndiaTango" Toth. Live Gamertag: Tango1ndiaTango Valve 360 Forum Tag: Tango1ndiaTango Email: Mikel.Toth@Gmail.com Please feel free to post suggestions to me on the Valve forum under the XBox 360 section. (00003)...The Special Infected The following information is specifics on the Special Infected players will face throughout the game, and how to deal with them, along with specific strategies on each one. ...Tank... Information: The most important thing you can do when fighting the tank is SPREAD OUT and take gut shots at him. Always make an attempt to aim for the head, but the chest works if you are using the shotgun. Strategies: Players in the green will outrun the tank. This will cause him to most likely chuck a block of concrete at you. Shoot it out of the sky before it gets to you. You can run backwards and still remain out of reach of the Tank. Players in the yellow can outrun the tank if they remain moving forward. I suggest you use pills if you have them, and it is not recommended that you take cheap shots at him, nor should you worry about shooting the concrete blocks. Players in the critical health cannot outrun the Tank. Other players may attempt to draw attention by double-meleeing the Tank. If you have pills, you need to use them here. Expert: The Tank is too difficult, generally, to kill with straight up gunfire. It is essential players carry Molotov cocktails with them. Throw one at the Tank, and run away. It takes about 40 seconds for the Tank to die. Light him up and run away. Don't worry about throwing your ammo away at him, just run. ...Witch... Information: The most devastating of all the classes, and yes, more devastating than the Tank. The Witch takes survivors to their knees in two or three swipes, and will kill them within a manner of seconds once incapacitated. Strategies: The best way to deal with the Witch is to simply avoid her. However, there are circumstances in which you cannot. If this occurs, the best way to deal with her is to use a Molotov cocktail. The witch will die in about 20 seconds. Remember, The witch only attacks whoever startled her. The best idea is to shoot from a distance and have your teammates blast her as she charges you. Expert: She will incapacitate and then kill a player in one swipe each. If you're lucky, you'll survive an extra one or two. Again, the best strategy in this case is to simply avoid her. But if this is not possible, you need to kite her. This is the only solution. ...Smoker... Information: He can drag from up to 100 ft in distance. If a teammate is constricted, a simple melee will rescue the survivor and place the Smokers' tongue on cooldown. At this point, the Smoker is useless. If you eliminate him, he will just spawn in another area, then again, depending on where he is, sometimes it is simply best to just eliminate him anyway. Expert: Melee your teammate at all costs to rescue him. Don't shoot away at the Smoker, but make sure you kill him after you rescue your teammate. 3 Seconds after the smoker begins to melee during constriction will incapacitate the survivor. ...Hunter... Information: He is quite possibly the most devastating of the 3 regulars, as well as being the fastest and most agile. On top of this, he is the strongest of the 3. He can jump off walls at prey and if he attacks from an high enough point, will immediately incapacitate his target. However, the longer his jump, the more vulnerable he is. Expert: The Hunter is extremely powerful, and the best way to deal with him is to spam melee as he leaps toward you. Once stunned, he is easily taken out of the picture. ...Boomer... Information: The largest and most vulnerable of the 3 regulars. Not to mention, the slowest. Don't underestimate him. His splooge will summon a zombie horde, as well as if he explodes too close to you. Listen for him and take him out from a distance. Expert: His splooge reaches insurmountable distances. Take him out ASAP. He is just as vulnerable as on any other difficulty. (00004)...Version History Version 1.C December 07, 2008 Re-designed the layout for the guide, added even more new features, including Tank & Witch spawn locations. Version 1.B December 04, 2008 Versus & Achievements sections added. Version 1.A November 30, 2008 Guide goes public. (00005)...Permissions I give the following sites permission to host this guide... NeoSeeker, www.NeoSeeker.com SuperCheats, www.SuperCheats.com Cheat Code Central, www.CheatCC.com GameFAQs, www.GameFAQs.com (00006)...Special Thanks Dark Warrior182, Benji1201, Roro1224, SK Tron, Wh1te Cocoa (00007)...The Weapons ...Overview... All of the weapons have their uses, be they Tier 1 or Tier 2. Of course, these uses depend on the scenario at hand, and both have their equal share of weaknesses. ...Tier 1... ...Pump Shotgun... Information: The more powerful of the two Tier 1 weapons. However, it is slow to reload & fires less total ammunition than the Uzi. Advantages: Causes a large pushback and is powerful enough to kill regular Infected with a single shot, as well as killing multiples each shot, due to its spread. Disadvantages: Slow reload time, interval between shots. Strategy: Close quarters? No Problem! The only time this weapon becomes an issue is when you are in a level that is mostly wide-open spaces. There is no substitute in closed-quarter combat, though. ...Uzi... Information: The weaker of the two Tier 1 weapons. However, with quick reload times as well as high fire rates, it more than makes up for its lack of damage output. Advantages: High fire rate, fast reload times. Disadvantages: Weak, low ammo supply. Difficult to break away when overwhelmed. Strategy: Keep your enemies at a distance with the Uzi. It is nearly worthless in close-quarters combat. There is no substitute for ranged, save for perhaps the double pistols. Use burst shots, as the spread is enormous if you "spray & pray." ...Tier 2... ...M4... Information: The Tier 2 version of the Uzi, relatively fast reload times, and a mid-size clip make this the ideal middleware choice, not to mention the fastest firing rate of the Tier 2 weapons. Advantages: High velocity, short to medium range with high accuracy, but long range, with single burst shots, fast fire rate. Disadvantages: Mediocre fire power. Relatively low ammo supply. ...Auto Shotgun... Information: The automatic version of the pump shotty. Advantages: High fire rate, high damage output. Disadvantages: Low clip size, low ammo count, relatively high reload times. ...Hunting Rifle... Information: Left 4 Deads version of the Sniper rifle. Advantages: Medium-Long range, very-high damage output. Relatively large clip size. Zoom scope. Disadvantages: Clip size not large enough, low ammo count, high reload times. ...(00008)...Expert Tips Doors: Close all doors behind you. Side rooms: Clear all visible zombies. Don't attempt to blitz past any who are just "standing around." Thrown items: Molotov cocktails or pipe bombs. Two players should stock up on each. These are self-explanatory and necessary for crescendo events, but the Molotovs are 100% necessary when dealing with a Tank. ...(00009)...Achievements Please note the ways listed on how to complete these achievements are based on how I did it, so it is ofcourse opinionated :-p). ***************************************************************** CR0WND - Kill a Witch with a single headshot. The best way to complete this achievement is on the easy difficulty, and to be at an elevated position. The shotgun seems to work the best, and as long as you strike her from behind it's an instant kill. For my achievement, I lured the witch up the ladder onto the roof of Mercy Hospital, and shot her from the side with the tier 2 shotgun. ***************************************************************** All 4 Dead - Kill all four Survivors in one life as a Tank. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to kill all four survivors to earn this achievement. You simply have to incapacitate all four survivors in one life as a Tank. The best place to do this is in the alley on The Apartments, in the No Mercy campaign. For this achievement, I simply launched one of the four movable vehicles on the level at the survivors. One hit immediately incapacitates them, when all four go down, you will net this achievement. ***************************************************************** Dead Wrecking - Dole out 5000 total Survivor damage as Special Infected. If you deal 5000+ damage in one round (I have seen 20000+) and you do not receive this achievement, it is because this is rewarded at the end of the campaign. It is simply easy to do, with bonuses given to Infected using teamwork. The only way you can complete this achievement solo is by playing as the tank and launching the vehicles at the survivors. ***************************************************************** Zombicidal Maniac - Survive any campaign on Expert. If you have yet to complete any campaign on Expert, it is time to boot up Death Toll. The first level is difficult up until you enter the tunnels, and the rest of the campaign is easy. Practice the boathouse finale, and you'll net this achievement in no time. ***************************************************************** Safety First - Play an entire campaign with no Survivors taking friendly fire damage. The easiest way to do this is to play Death Toll on easy. With three bots. The bots will never friendly fire, so you just have to worry about yourself. I suggest death toll since it is the easiest campaign. ***************************************************************** Untouchables - No Survivors take damage after contacting the rescue vehicle. There are two ways to do this, but the recommendation is the boathouse finale. You can just load this level up and play it over and over until you net the achievement. If you play with bots, the only players who cannot take damage are the human-controlled players. If you play with humans, remember that melee attacks do no damage. Remember to set the difficulty to easy. ***************************************************************** Nothing Special - Survive a campaign with no Survivors taking damage from Special Infected. This one seems rather difficult when you consider how easy it is to be splooged by the Boomer. Don't be alarmed, because being splooged does not count as damage, nor does the damage received by the horde that is summoned by it. Practice punting hunters, and killing smokers before they finish tugging on you, as well as simply running from tanks and avoiding witches. You'll net this achievement in no time. ***************************************************************** Unbreakable - Finish a campaign without ever being healed. The best way to do this is, again, setting the game difficulty to easy and playing whichever campaign you feel confident with. I suggest No Mercy for this one due to the overabundance of pills that I have mysteriously seen. Yes, you can take pills. The only healing you cannot receive are permanent health bonuses, like medpacks. ***************************************************************** ...(10000)...No Mercy Introduction No Mercy is a close tie for the most difficult of the 4 campaigns, next to Blood Harvest, if you are seeking the "What are you trying to prove?" achievement. "Zombicidal Maniac" achievement is also the hardest to obtain on this campaign. No Mercy is exceptionally linear and easy to navigate with the optional paths barely diverting far from the main path. ......(10001)...The Apartments There are 2 entrances to enter the Apartments from the safe room. Choice 1: Open the door to the fire escape and head down into the kitchen. Choice 2: Break through the glass sky port and drop to the bedroom below. Expert: Recommendation is to use the fire escape. Choice 2 will most likely land you in the middle of a zombie-fest, which is definitely not a good idea. The kitchen closet has a random item chance, so make sure you check it. Follow through the kitchen and into the living room. Turn left and enter the staircase to the floor below. Note: The bathroom occasionally has an item. Once on the next floor down, the first door on the left is a bedroom. Note: Items may be on the dresser or nightstand, as well as in the closet. The bathroom at the end of the hall on the left may also contain an item. Follow the path around and through the living room, pass through the kitchen and into the next living area. Note: The bathroom here may have an item. Follow through into the next kitchen and prepare to drop down the hole. Note: The closet beyond the hole may have an item. Once down the hole, there are two paths, assuming zombies have destroyed the wall. If not, follow through the living room and through the door on your left. Follow this hallway around. Note: This is a rescue closet. Turn left into the alley, and head down into the open area. There will be a clearing. Note: The warehouse on the left may contain an item. Follow this path around and turn left, heading out into the street. Note: There may be an item near the white van blocking the other alley. ...NOTICE... This is the 1st Tank Spawn location, so be careful. Remember Tanks can launch the 3 vehicles in the alley at survivors. This is immediate incapacitation. Expert: You need a Molotov cocktail. Chances are, one may be provided. If not, run back towards the apartments, taking cheap shots at the Tank. The best bet is to run around the apartment base in a circle and head back out into the alley. It should only take one marathon run back into the street to eliminate the Tank. There are 3 path choices when you enter the streets. Choice 1: Follow the street & stick to the great outdoors. Choice 2: Follow through the corridors in the office building on your right. Note: The door at the end of the hallway is a rescue closet, while the 1st door on your left is a medical station. The door after the hallway on your left is a secondary entrance into the side room, which may contain an item. Note: The front office desk may contain an item. Choice 3: Follow the path behind the Semi, through the parking lot, and through the storage warehouse. This path emerges the survivors in the rubble area near the entrance to the subway. Note: Before entering the warehouse, a small shipping room on the left may contain an item. Regardless of the choice your team makes on navigating through to the subway, be careful not to shoot the cars, as they will set off an alarm and alert the horde. Expert: Smokers & Hunters are more commonly located upon rooftops, specifically the rooftop of the office space. Be careful. When you have made your way to the room connecting to the safe room, be wary... ...NOTICE... This is the 2nd Tank Spawn location, and also a major choke point for survivors. Note: There is occasionally an item on the desk in this room. Expert: Any players who do not have a spare medical pack, and have health below the 50% mark should remain outside of the safe room and be eliminated. Why? The player will respawn during the next round with 50 health. ......(10002)...The Subway Clear the initial room before opening the door, or atleast as much as possible. There are 2 choices at this point. Choice 1: Left, down the staircase into the subway. Choice 2: Right, down the ventilation shaft. Note: There may be an item next to the entry hole. Make your way into the subway terminal. Clear any zombies in the area. Note: Tier 2 weapons may spawn on your left, as well as items in either of the booths. You have to make another choice here. Choice 1: Left escalators. Choice 2: Right escalators. Regardless of your choice, your entire team should take the same path. ...NOTICE... The 1st Tank Spawn location is in this area. When you reach the subway, the best strategy is to approach from the right side. Why? There is a trash can you can use to elevate yourself upon the roof of the sub car. This gives your team an advantage over the zombies, as well as the upper-hand if dealing with a Tank or Witch. Heading into the next room, again, clear the zombies out. You can jump from the right side onto the sub car tipped on its side, and then to the sub car in front of it for an elevated position to deal with the zombies. Note: Rescue closet on the left, as well as item spawn locations on all benches throughout this level. You have two choices for path choices here. Note: Tier 2 weapons may spawn on the table next to the sub car. Choice 1: Follow the tracks! If you take this path, you have a more direct approach to your goal, however, it is fairly open leaving your team vulnerable to attack. Choice 2: To The Bat Cave! If you take this path, you'll bypass the weapons cache. You also will be in a very tight choke point, making it easy to fend off any hordes that attack you. ...NOTICE... With & Tank Spawn is in this section of the subway. Be on a lookout for this. Clear through the upcoming sub cars. Upon exiting into the end of the subway, move towards the staircase up into the upper levels of the corridors. Note: The room on your right contains a rescue closet as well as items. The table next to the door on the left is a Tier 2 weapon spawn and may contain items. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch Spawn in the corridors. Heading up the staircase, be prepared for the above notice. If you have a pipe bomb, here is where you need to use it. Don't worry about preserving it. Throw it and the zombies will gather. Use this time to run through these corridors and to the stairs at the end of the hall. Note: The room on your left contains a rescue closet, as well as the table next to the stairs a tier 2 weapon spawn. When you reach the door/window, make sure to check the tables for items, praying for Molotov cocktails. .........(c1c01)...Crescendo Event There are several ways to do this event, and here I will offer 3 possibilities. Choice 1: Players camp in the medical station. Throw a Molotov cocktail into the hole below, as well as positioning the gas canisters outside the doorway. Put one player on the turret, and throw another Molotov cocktail towards the doorway you entered this area with. Choice 2: (Recommended) Have one player stand atop the machinery closest to the machine gun. Do not move the gas canisters. 3 players should remain inside the medical station. When the event starts, the player outside should shoot the two gas canisters. These flames will kill all invading zombies if ignited during the beginning of the first rush. The only horde you should look for are the ones invading the medical station as well as the doorway from which you entered. Simply throw a Molotov cocktail to each location. Choice 3: Begin the event, and shoot the two gas canisters. All players should return to the staircase prior to entering the room. Sitting to the left of the window in the corner, two players should duck in front, and two stand in the back. Shotguns are the best for this section, and players should alternate fire rotations (obviously.) This would be my 2nd choice. When the crescendo event ends, head through and up the staircases to the top floor and enter the medical station. Note: Items may be in the back hallway. ...NOTICE... Witch Spawn location in this area, in the cresendo room or in the medical section/hallway after. Be careful. Take a left into the hallway. You have several choices. Choice 1: 1st Room on right, two windows leading to the alley. Choice 2: Room at end of hallway, three windows, leads to the streets. Choice 3: Office space front door. Make your way down the stairs to the front door. Note: All rooms may contain items. The bathroom on the ground floor is a rescue closet. When out in the street, this is where a second pipe bomb comes in handy. If you have it, throw it and bolt for the safe house. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn here. Be careful. If it is a tank, throw a Molotov cocktail. If it is a witch, avoid her at all costs. Note: Molotov cocktails very temporarily stun Tanks. Run past and into the safe house. Again, any players without medical packs and who are below 50 health should be eliminated. ......(10003)...The Sewers Clear the initial area of zombies, before heading out into the alley. You have two path choices... Choice 1: Short path to your left, & most direct. We'll pick up with this path after the next explanation. Choice 2: Long path, straight ahead, through the warehouse. Follow this path around to the left & left again to meet up with the back door for the kitchen area. Note: Items may be scattered about in the garage & back of the van, as well as the warehouse. Continue through this door and take an immediate left through the kitchen area. Note: Items may be scattered about this area. Turn right and head out into the dining area, and out the front door. Make sure you clear all zombies in the area. Note: The bathroom on your left is a rescue closet. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn in this area, occasionally the Tank will erupt through a window directly in opposition of the survivors' path. Expert: Guide the tank over to the pumps & try to blow it up with him nearby. You can also simply Molotov cocktail him if you have one & run your ass off around in circles (or more likely squares) back near the safe house. Head out into the open yard. You can climb up onto the semi if you wish to hold some ground over the zombies. Make your way past the pumps and onto the lift. Note: To the right & in the room above is a tier 2 weapon spawn as well as maybe other items. .........(c1c02)...Crescendo Event Activating the lift begins the crescendo event. Saving the pumps helps here. There are a few ways you can do this event. Choice 1: Crowd on the lift and activate the event. 2 players crouch, 2 players stand, 2 facing towards the lift, the other 2 towards the pumps. Throw a pipe bomb to the lower level when the horde arrives, to cause the horde on your level to jump to the road below. Choice 2: Survivors camp out in the room noted on the right. One survivor activates the event and makes their way there. This allows players to hold off against the horde from choke points, windows. Pipe bombs are also effective here, but you may be wanting to save them. Expert: Stay on the lift and make sure you throw that pipe bomb. The problem with the other strategy on Expert is it is also a choke point for you, too! There are two choices once you have trapesed to the large windows. Choice 1: Enter through this window to the top floor. Choice 2: Follow the pipe to the lower level and enter through one of the two smaller windows. Expert: Just go through the large window, you risk a Smoker constricting you with every moment that you remain out in the open. The lower level is a medical station. Make your way into the hallway, followed by a handy dandy list of choices. Choice 1: Stay inside and follow the stairs down & out. Choice 2: Exit into the warehouse through one of the many windows accessible by entry into two of the four rooms. Note: Room 1 is a rescue closet, 2 an empty closet, 3 & 4 contain windows. Room 4 has a hole in the roof, so be careful about hunters. Note: All rooms contain possible items. The lower level bathroom is also a rescue closet. Note: You can flip the switch on the lower level to open access to the yard where you had the crescendo event. This is useful if a teammate has been constricted and pulled out, after you've already advanced. Heading into the warehouse, make your way across and into the door at the far end of the room. ...NOTICE... Witch & Tank spawn here. Expert: If you have a tank, light him up with a Molotov cocktail. If you don't have one, you're in a lot of trouble, but simply run a marathon around the outter path of the warehouse until he dies. If there is a witch, the best bet is to take her out from a window before entering. When she charges you, just jump down & head towards your teammates. While the Witch is climbing, she cannot stop this process to chase you when you move. Note: The small room on your left contains a rescue closet & possible items. Follow this path to the end hallway and turn left, which is pretty self-explanatory. Follow this down the staircase and into the boiler room. Note: There may be an item under the stairs. You have two choices here, but both inevitably lead to the same location. Choice 1: Head into the sewer from this main room. Choice 2: Turn right into the red-lit room and into the sewer entrance there. Note: Choice 2 may have an item nearby. Based on choice 1 (skip step 1 for choice 2) the path through the sewers is as such: Right, Left, Left, & into the half-way medical station. Note: Item may be nearby. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn. Expert: If it's a Tank, whoever is his target should begin running. A Molotov is self-explanatory here. When the target heads to a dead end area, another player should "tag" the Tank as he runs by and move in another direction. When into the next section of the sewers, turn right, and you will see the ladder off in the distance. Make your way to it. If you have two pipe bombs in the group, throw one here. Head up. Note: The door across from the ladder is a rescue closet. When up into the street, if you have a pipe bomb in the group throw it here. Note: The van directly ahead is a tier 2 weapon spawn, as well as possible items. Head into the hospital and to the safe room. The side rooms offer nothing of much importance. Note: The front desk may contain an item. ......(10004)...The Hospital Turn right and head into the hallway. Move past the corridor on your right and into the fire escape. ...NOTICE... Tank spawn here. Look out for it before opening the safe room door. Note: All rooms may contain an item. The path to the right leads to an elevator shaft, with open access to all floors for Infected. Head up and make a left out into the hallway. You have two choices here. Choice 1: Left, into the open. Choice 2: Right into the dining area. Expert: Head into the dining area, choice 2. It keeps you out of the open and provides better controllable access points for the horde. Note: All side rooms in The Hospital contain possible items. For the sake of repetition this is the final notice about these extra rooms. Head up the staircase at the end of the room and pass through the double doors into the reception area. Pass through the next set of double doors and follow the hall to the next area of the fire escape. Turn right into the hallway and head through the open doorway at the end of the hall into the reception area. You have two choices. Choice 1: Head through the double doors. Choice 2: Head through the break room behind the reception desk. Expert: I suggest the break room, typically due to the possibility of a Witch behind the double doors, which will startle if you open them. ...NOTICE... Witch spawn possibility in this vicinity. Turn right into the next section of the hallway, followed by an immediate left. You have arrived at the elevator. .........(c1c03)...Crescendo Event Activating the elevator begins the crescendo event. There are many possibilities here. In fact, on my previous run-through, we had a stupid teammate (his name is omitted to protect him from having no luck ever finding another game) remain behind by the fire escape. I activated the event, and ran my ass back there. Surprisingly, I arrived before the first horde reached us, and it was amazingly easy to hold them off. Choice 1: Stay at the elevator, and crouch in adjacent corners. Two players per corner. One stands, one crouches. Choice 2: Find a small room and huddle all survivors inside. Choice 3: Haul ass back to the fire escape, or preferrably to one of the rooms back there... The elevator opens at floor 04, and again at 28. The path is as follows, and while there are other alternatives, this is an construction zone, so the possibilities are nearly endless but also confusing. Turn left, right, and follow the next path around to the right as well, near the outside of the building. Head past the yellow machinery and turn right at the next corner. Turn right again, and left, then right through the opening and left again. Turn left and you'll see the safe room. Make your way inside. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch possible spawn in the vicinity. Careful, one single hit from the Tank will knock you off the level and kill you instantly. ......(10005)...Rooftop Finale I will only be providing a short section on these finales, due to their openended-ness. Follow the stairs up and turn left into the fairly long hallway. Note: The only room of fair importance is on your right, through a pair of wooden double doors. When you've reached the elevator shaft, make your way up to the rooftop. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn in/near the elevator shaft. When you've made it to the roof, before heading any further, you have several choices. Choice 1: Three players remain on the rooftop, one player heads down and begins the finale. This player will die in the process. The other three players will, at this point, return down the ladder and camp out in the elevator shaft. Choice 2: All players head down and strategically camp out near the medical station. Actually, I recommend all players take up a corner and camp out. ...NOTICE... When dealing with a Tank during this event, proceed up to the rooftop. There should be plenty of Molotov cocktails, but it is essential you take up the big gun, since more often than not, it will charge from directly in front. You can at least slow him down with the gun fire. Expert: The big gun is NEEDED. You don't generally have 40 seconds to evade the Tank on the rooftop, but it's possible if you wait for him to climb up and jump down, running him in circles. The rest of this event is really self-explanatory like I've stated before. Hold tight, bunker down, and repeat these processes as other Tanks arrive. Try to stay inside as much as possible and have all survivors stock up on Molotovs & pipe bombs before starting the event. When one player needs to refill, at least one other player should accompany them. Save a pipe bomb and Molotov if possible for the helicopter arrival. As you make your way towards it, throw the pipe bomb for the horde and the Molotov to block off the path behind you. ...(20000)...Death Toll Introduction Death Toll is the easiest campaign, hands down. The only area that may provide any real challenge is the opening area of The Turnpike. There are some expectations to be kept, however. It is a relatively dark, but short campaign. Keep this in mind and watch out for the Special Infected who will be attacking primarily from the darkness or surprising you. ......(20001)...The Turnpike Suit up & head towards the bridge straight ahead. Watch out for the Smokers and Hunters assaulting from the woods on each side. You have two direct choices on how to ascend after descending to the area below the bridge. Choice 1: Right side ladder. Choice 2: Left side ladder. Expert: Which side you choose depends solely on your play style. Continue your heading into The Turnpike. Navigate to the end of the tunnel, where there will be a blockage forcing you into the access tunnel on your left. Note: There is a rescue closet at the first opening on the left, as well as possible item deposits in each side room on the right. There are two minor choices of different doorways into the large central chamber, so pick one and head to it. Note: If you continue straight you'll enter a room with possible items. Clear out the room and head up the ladder leading towards the exit from the Turnpike. Note: The rooms on the lower level may contain items. Head out and make your way through towards the safe room. Clear the zombies out of the vicinity before heading out into the open. Make your way up to the safe house and enter. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn near the fire in this area. ......(20002)...The Drains Exit out of the safe house and make a choice. Choice 1: Turn right, follow the pipes around to the top of the double floored chamber. Choice 2: Go straight and enter through the ground floor. There is a tier 2 weapon spawn point on the ground floor in the middle of the room. Careful! There may be horde rush in this area. Follow the sewer to the end of the hallway and prepare to enter the next area. Note: There are possible items in this area, not to mention a rescue closet next to the transfer pipe. Clear this next room, stock up on throwing weapons and prepare for the event. ...NOTICE... Possible Tank spawn location! He will approach from the crescendo room and probably chase you down towards the central chamber. .........(c2c01)...Crescendo Event This event is so easy, I won't discuss how to do it on Expert, since you do it the same way. Two players should be where the switch is, and two where the bridge is. When the first group of horde approaches, the 3 survivors who are not throwing the first pipe bomb should start to pick off zombies, and when the first horde approaches, the fourth survivor should thrown the first pipe bomb. Repeat this step for the second wave. Note: If a hunter approaches, have a player eliminate him. Don't simply ignore him. Make sure you stock up in the medical station directly after the bridge. Note: This is also a rescue closet. Both pipes lead to the same room, and I recommend clearing both of them to prevent a rush from behind. You can now continue on this level or take the ladder. Expert: Recommendation is to NOT take the ladder, due to a possible Witch that is more often than not, located up here. Note: There are possible items scattered regardless of the choice you make. Head out the windows and follow the path around the warehouse. Note: The first room on your left may contain items. Follow this straight ahead and through the next pair of windows, enter the safe room. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn right outside the safe room, so be careful. ......(20003)...The Church Head out of the caboose and clear the zombies in your path. Make your way to the double-deckered station. Note: The observation tower may contain items, as well as the building on the right. The lower level as well as the miscellaneous rooms in the station may have items as well, let alone the rescue closet on the upper floor. ...NOTICE... Possible Witch & Tank spawn. Expert: This area is so open, that I recommend clearing all zombies, in case there is a Tank. If you don't, you won't have anywhere to run to. Light him up, and take off on that marathon. Note: The shack on the other side of the train car, on the left, is a rescue closet, but may contain an item. Head to the right and into town. Skip the dirt path on the right as it is a dead end. ...NOTICE... Possible Witch spawn location. Expert: She may be in the middle of the road. If you need to startle her, which you don't, just play catch and startle her from a distance. For everyone else, just run around in the bushes and move around the other side of the bus. There is a small shack up ahead on the right and a cottage further up. Make your way inside. Note: The shack is a medical station and may also contain weapons. Note: The Cottage contains a rescue closet as well as a guaranteed ammo station, and sometimes items. ...NOTICE... Tank spawn location. Usually makes his way around the house. This is a big, open stretch. Run and gun. Expert: Flame and run. Head through the ambulance (medical station) and follow around to the end of the street. Take a left into the graveyard. Clear the area and head up towards the safe house. Prepare yourself, and when ready, interact with the safe room door to begin the crescendo event. ...NOTICE... Possible Witch spawn in the graveyard. Be on the lookout. .........(c2c02)...Crescendo Event Apparently, being locked up in a church by yourself drives you insane. Perhaps being Infected doesn't help. There are several choices to dealing with this situation. Remember, after the event, the man inside randomly transforms into one of the 3 special regulars. Choice 1: Make your way down to the shed and have 3 players prepare themselves. One player remains behind to activate the event. With the small amount of dialogue, you have plenty time to make your way to the shed. Watch the window & the door. Choice 2: There is a broken window in the back with a corner. Gather your players, and strategically place the gas canisters out in the open, small courtyard. Back up into the corner and begin the event. Zombies will rush from the window and the yard. Shoot the canisters as they begin to overwhelm you. A few may also approach from behind you, just keep your eyes peeled. After the regulars finish their routine, clear out any hunters that may still be in the vicinity. Choice 3: Camp out in the actual church. I don't honestly recommend this one if you're playing on Expert... ......(20004)...The Town The hunting rifle is currently your best friend. Clear out the zombies in the vicinity before heading down. ...NOTICE... Possible Tank spawn location. If this is the case, sniper rifles and shotguns are your best friend. When the Tank makes his way up the ladder, take cheap shots with the shotgun and then drop down. When the Tank follows you, climb back up. The other players should be the ones firing, by the way. Head towards the gas station and clear the surrounding area, let alone the inside before you actually head in there. You have a few choices here. Choice 1: Head through the gas station. Note: Rescue closet and ammo station here, as well as possible items. Choice 2: Head through the alley behind the gas station. Note: The storage room is worthless, and to this date I have yet to find any items. Choice 3: Traverse across the fence and onto the semi truck, and drop down. This saves you a fairly short trip, but works. To do this, simply jump up on the fence on the right in the church yard, and jump over the open area, pass the van (possible items) and across to the semi. Note: If a zombie horde rushes you, they will climb to this semi. Make your way around to the street and simply follow it to the dead end in the large clearing. Note: The side rooms that are open may contain items. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch possible spawn points. Expert: It is essential the side rooms are investigated for thrown weapons. Head through the doorway into the building on your left and follow it around to the doorway. Follow the street here to the next identical-looking clearing. Note: There is an ammo dump on the left and possible items. Climb up the van and scale the side of the building to the door and enter. ...NOTICE... Possible Tank spawn location. Be careful. Please :) In one run, we had a player try to rush into the building. A few seconds later, without warning we simply see him fly backwards over the railing and down to the ground, incapacitated. Enter through the doorway now and exit out into the street. Clear out the surrounding street and area and prepare to activate the crescendo event. Note: The bathroom on the left, in the building is a rescue closet. Note: Check the office space for items as well. Note: Tier 2 weapon spawn out in the street. .........(c2c03)...Crescendo Event There are a few ways to deal with this situation, however, I have only experience doing this one way, as it is honestly the only soluble way I've found. Choice 1: Camp out in the bathroom area. One player will start the event and make their way back towards the bathroom. Throw a pipe bomb if necessary. Choice 2: I suppose you can sit down out in the street and hug the big gun. I'm really not sure how you plan on handling this... When the event ends, make your way along the left wall. You can drop down if you desire, but holding the upper ground is the best way to go. At the dead end, head into the alley. There is only one path to the safe house from this location. Cross under the wooden plank creating the makeshift bridge, and take the metal staircase to the rooftop. Follow through to the other side of the metal fence, drop down, and enter the safe house. Note: Laundromat may contain items. Note: Heading down the metal staircase, into the room, may contain items. ......(20005)...Boathouse Finale Exit the safe house and into the street. Note: A single pipe bomb will be on the hood of the hum vee. Follow the street to the cabin and enter it. Expert: Throw the pipe bomb into the street before heading towards the cabin, as it will draw out the majority of the zombies in the vicinity. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn location. Note: Be careful if it's a Tank, the vehicles can be used against you. Note: The cabin contains a rescue closet and possible items. Take the back door exit into the yard, and out towards the park. Directly in your path will be a cabin, continue up the path on the left, which curves around. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch possible spawn in this vicinity. Note: The cabin is a possible medical station. Following the path will lead to a recreational area. The boathouse can be seen from here, so make your way there. Note: This is the last rescue closet, which may contain an item. Note: At the top of the path, you can divert through the woods to a wooden cabin. There may be items inside. When entering the boathouse, stock up on everything you'll need. There are items on the lower and upper levels, inside and out. When your team is prepared, there are multiple ways to do the finale. Choice 1: Head down to the dock. A player will remain behind to begin the event. If you find any gas canisters, this is where you should take them. Spread them out at the beach area, and place a new one out there when a new horde arrives. Expert: When dealing with a Tank, light him up, and have his target, as well as the team head up towards the boathouse. Choice 2: Camp out in the boathouse. Your choice of where is your choice. Please note there is a big gun on the upper deck. Don't forget the walls collapse as well. Choice 3: Camp out in the cabin. It's fairly easy to hold off against the horde. Spread canisters at each opening outside. Expert: Choice 1 is the ideal way to accomplish this. Make sure the survivors are crouching up against a wooden pole in the case of smokers approaching, so they aren't dragged into the river. ...(30000)...Dead Air Introduction This is the 2nd easiest campaign to complete due to the mostly top-down layout of each encounter as well as the close-quarter choke points that keep the zombie horde at bay. There is also an airport shoot out. And nothing is better than that. ......(30001)...The Greenhouse Clear the initial greenhouse before heading into the next area. There are a few ways to do this area. Choice 1: Climb up the wall and shoot, or open the door and shoot. Choice 2: Trapese to the metal bars overlooking the greenhouse. You can even jump across these to avoid the greenhouse entirely. Expert: Take choice 2. When on these bars, the zombies will climb up repeatedly and just gather in a huge pile below you. They can't reach you (actually, I had one reach me, but just once) so just look down with your pistols and shoot them dead. Clear the rooftop and make your way across to the apartments. You have to cross the wooden makeshift bridge, or you'll automatically become incapacitated. There are two choices but both lead to the same area. Note: There are items possibly scattered in both locations. Head out through the kitchen and onto the roof. Climb the ladder, following the path to the next section of the apartments. ...NOTICE... This is a Witch & Tank spawn location. I've yet to see a Tank in this level, though. Head through this apartment and into the kitchen. Jump out of the window and traverse across the semi & into the building at the far end. Enter the safe house, close the door. Note: The bathroom is a rescue closet and there may be items in the side rooms as well. ......(30002)...The Crane Open the door and head into the warehouse. Note: The freezer on your right may contain a stray zombie, and there may be an item around the corner to the left. Enter out into the yard and make your way over the fence. If you have any spare pipe bombs, this is a great way to use it. If not, simply Camp inside and kill any rushers. Expert: Stay inside and clear the outside area. Choice 1: Trapese across the fence and kill any rushing horde that climb down from the fire escape. Choice 2: Just hop across the fence and climb up like normal. Take the fire escape to the hotel. Navigate your way through to the hallway. Note: Tier 2 weapon spawn and items in the first hotel room, as well as the other side rooms. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn here. If it is a tank, he is generally triggered through opening a hotel room. If you avoid it, you may be able to skip him. Listen for him when he spawns and keep your distance. Follow up the staircase and through into the next hotel room. Note: Before heading out into the yard with the crane, check for possible items, as well as a rescue closet. The crane activates the crescendo event. .........(c3c01)...Crescendo Event This is a pretty wide open event, but is thankfully enclosed via fences that leave only one opening. This eliminates most of the horde, but there are some that maneuver over the fence on the right, when you are in the crane looking out. Choice 1: Jump in the crane with your other teammates, and lay out gas canisters in the opening, while leaving the other canister where it is, by the boxes. Ignite them when the horde approaches. Any horde that reach the crane should simply be melee'd. Choice 2: Have players move back into the apartment and camp in the bedroom. One player starts the event and makes their way back to this room. Close the door, if it still exists. Also remember to lay out the gas canisters outside the windows. At the end of the event, climb the lowered dumpster, and follow across to the next set of buildings. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch possible spawn location. Expert: Kite the tank back towards the hotel, and make sure you light him up. You can enter the law offices via either set of windows. They both lead to the same hallway. Note: Either way, each may have items, so check accordingly. Enter the double doors and enter Merrill Law Office. In the main office, exit through the window on the left, crossing the planks to the next building. Note: Possible items scattered in this office. Head through the office and make your way through to the next level of the office. It is recommended you clear any visible zombies and not open any doors that remain closed, albeit this is an enclosed area with many choke points against zombie hordes. Note: There is a rescue closet, and a medical station, as well as numerous items located throughout this area. Each cubicle floor has its own rescue closet. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn here, in any of the cubicle rooms. Head out into the front office, to two different possible exits. Note: There is a rescue closet as well as numerous item spawn locations. Choice 1: Green-lit fire exit to the back door. Choice 2: Take the front door. Expert: The fire exit is the best choice due to its close-quartered choke points that offer much needed protection against any invading zombie hordes. Head in the direction of the flashing lights when you enter the street. Once inside the storage shop, enter the safe room. Note: Items may be in the storage shop. ......(30003)...The Construction Site Head left and follow the alley, turning left again and finally emerging out into the construction site. Clear this area out meticulously, but do make sure you don't ignite any gas canisters, you'll need these, especially if you're playing on the Expert difficulty. Search thoroughly for items and be aware this is a tier 2 weapon spawn location. ...NOTICE... Possible Tank & Witch spawn location. Expert: The Tank is SO EASY to deal with here, due to the multiple floors of open space in this constuction site. .........(c3c02)...Crescendo Event This event can be ludicrously difficult or it can be excessively easy. This all depends on how you approach it and how organized your team is. There are only two ways I can advise to complete this event, as there are only two ways I have ever attempted this. Choice 1:Return all players to the safe room. One player will remain on top of the site to ignite and start the event. Navigate your way around the top of the site and drop down over by the safe house. Enter the safe house and close the door. Note: If the Tank has destroyed the door, that's alright. This is still a choke point and easy to fend off against all Infected, including Specials. If the door is closed, the zombies won't break the door down. Remember, the next wave will not start until all zombies in the previous wave have been eliminated, so bide your time and wait for them to reach your current location. Choice 2: Spread gas canisters in key positions around the site. Have players camp around the top of the site in key areas. Choice 3: Camp in the lower level of the construction site. There are two ways to do this, one of them involves cramming players inside the rescue closet, and the other is by camping players out in the room to the left when facing the rescue closet. With only two entrances, players may safely hold off both choke points. Pass through the alley post-crescendo and turn left, heading out into the street. Note: The side rooms may contain items or ammo. There will be a dead body behind the flashing car next to the opening, with throw weapons generally laying in the pool of blood. There are a lot of zombies in the vicinity, and if you have a pipe bomb, pick an area and throw one. ...NOTICE... This is a Tank & Witch spawn location. Be careful. Expert: Climb the semi and throw a Molotov. If you do not have one, you need to take cheap shots at the Tank and shoot any concrete he throws at you. When he climbs up the semi, navigate across the electrical station, then jump onto the fence. Play tag and run into the street. What I'm saying is, you'll need to use your imagination. You can traverse through by moving over the semi or around through the courtyard, but really, the choice is yours. Note: Check the side buildings if you desire for items. Take the path into the building and make your way into the medical station and close the door. Note: Make sure to check the other areas of the parking garage for items. Exit through the window or door (whichever you prefer) and be careful there may be a tier 2 weapon spawn here. Note: The bathrooms may have an item. If you have a pipe bomb, throw it outside at this point, this is especially important on the Expert difficulty. Even after using two, you may not have cleared all the zombies. Be careful. Note: Zombie horde rushes are very common here, especially on the Expert difficulty. Head around and into the parking garage. Note: You may find items scattered about outside, and check the green suitcase laying near the cockpit of the separated plane. Be careful not to set off an car alarms at this point. You'll attract a horde of zombies if you do. Follow the path around to the right. Take the ramp upward in the parking garage, and head across the skywalk into the safe room. Note: Check the side paths for items. ......(30004)...The Terminal Open the door and turn left. You are now in an open, 2 floored terminal. The hunting rifle pays off here, as you lean over the rails and pick off zombies on the level below you. Note: If there is a rush, the zombies will attempt to maneuver their way to you via the back offices. Station the non-snipers at these double doors to pick them off as they come through, since it's a major choke point. Follow through these back offices when you've finished clearing and navigate to the other side of the terminal. Note: Items may be in these side rooms. Head down the escalators and prepare for the crescendo event. .........(c3c03)...Crescendo Event Before beginning, make sure teammates are stocked up and prepared. There are several choices on how to deal with this event. Choice 1: Camp out in the terminal and kill off the waves of zombies. They will attack over the rubble by the escalator and from down below on the lower level. I'm not sure why anyone would use this strategy. Choice 2: The survivors return to one of the conference rooms in the back offices, while one survivor begins the event. Then this survivor runs back into the room. Why? Initially, if you enter the back office hall and turn left into the first conference room, the door you enter by is the only entrance. However, when testing this theory on Expert, near the end of the crescendo event, the wall next to the door broke down, but the hole was remotely small and still carried a choke point so that this new entrance was hardly a worry. Head through the newly opened path and head into the baggage claim area, traversing through the conveyor belts. The lower level contains a rescue closet. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn location. Expert: Due to the conveyor belts, you can easily light him up or simply play it like a circus and dance around him. Remember, when the Tank begins to climb he must complete the move before changing his direction. When you've finished traversing the labrynth-like corridors of the baggage claim area, be sure to avoid the metal detectors while entering the next terminal. Note: Check the side rooms for items. If you pass through the metal detectors you will attract a zombie horde. Head up the escalators at the other end of the room and turn left down the hallway. Note: Check the food court for items as well as possible ammo dumps. ...NOTICE... Witch & Tank spawn location. Expert: Ha! Run up the stairs and jump over the railing, just play catch the survivor with the Tank. Follow down the waiting deck towards the safe room near the end of the terminal. Note: Check the side rooms and areas for items. ......(30005)...Runway finale Stock up and prepare for the finale. This area is rather open-ended. When players are ready, head out towards the plane. Expert: Have at least one player carry a sniper rifle. Clear all visible zombies before heading down towards the plane. Finding higher ground is the best strategy for this event. This finale, like all the others is highly straight forward. Take your time, things will move quite smoothly. Use pipe bombs strategically and make sure you Molotov the Tanks. With such an open environment, it's easy to make the Tank chase you. Save a pipe bomb for the escape, as a zombie horde will rush you as you board the plane. Tip: Look for another terminal that is broken and decayed, but has a staircase leading up to it. If you can find gas canisters, take them to the top of the staircase, and any extras to the corner with the two flipped tables with you. The walls on your left and right are breakable, but if you crouch against them, the special infected will mostl likely not break them down. At each major horde we would blow one canister, and the boomers, hunters, and smokers were of no concern to us. The tank on the other hand was an extreme amusement as it would run across the plane on our left, only to jump down and run circles below us. The zombies that rush from the left will attempt to run straight at the players and will slide down the plane to the ground below, and will rush up the stairs at you. This makes this finale the absolute biggest joke imaginable. The suggestion is to carry Molotovs with all survivors and not worry about pipe bombs. However having one survivor carry a pipe bomb for the escape horde rush is a good idea. We completed this with two survivors after killing the two bots ourselves. Don't forget the rescue closet near here if you lose teammates early on. Even after the event begins, these players can be brought back to life by opening the door. ...(40000)...Blood Harvest Introduction This is the second hardest of the campaigns to complete due to its wide open wilderness. The finale itself is easier than No Mercy's due to the choke points located in the farm house and surrounding barns. Be wary of Smokers and Hunters as they will attack from the cliffs. ......(40001)...The Woods Watch for smokers as they will constrict players from the high cliffs, as well as hunters leaping towards players. From these heights, players will be instantly incapacitated on Expert. This section is very linear, so just clear the zombies and follow the path. As you approach the bridge up ahead, you'll see a single picnic table. Pass this area and cross the bridge. Note: Check the area around the picnic table for items. If you are wary of a zombie horde, enter the trailer on the left side of the area. When you are finished, continue heading down the path. Note: Items may be located inside. ...NOTICE... Witch spawn location in the middle of the road. Expert: Navigate AROUND the Witch through the woods. Attempting to deal with her head on is very dangerous due to the secluded woods. Continue to follow the path, as you'll see a walkway above that you'll be passing under. Near here, there will be a small shack on your left, (rescue closet) now follow the path around to the left. In the distance is the safe house. ...NOTICE... Tank spawn location. Be wary as he generally spawns near the safe house. Expert: If this occurs, you can run back towards the previous clearing. However it may be better to let him chase one player depending on how well you've managed to navigate to this point, and at least safely seal the door with the other 3. ......(40002)...The Tunnel Head right out of the safe room and down the fire escape. There are two choices here, but they both lead to the same warehouse. Advance into the warehouse via any of the windows. Note: Tier 2 weapon spawns may be in either room, check accordingly. Also may be items. Traverse through the warehouse to the door at the far end of the room. There are two ways to do this. Choice 1: Take the lower path. Choice 2: Traverse across the rafters. (recommended) Note: Check for items outside the medical station. Expert: Stay up top and watch for the zombies rushing from behind. ...NOTICE... Witch spawn at the far end of this room, near the door. Expert: Try to avoid her, but if not, shoot from the windows and head back to the safe room. Make sure your other three teammates are near the Witch so they can pelt her as she chases after you. Enter the medical station and prepare for the crescendo event. .........(c4c01)...Crescendo Event There are a few ways to do this, and the choice is yours. Choice 1: Crowd all four survivors in the medical station and begin the event. Make sure there are gas canisters outside in the warehouse. Zombies will rush from both doors as well as the ventilation shaft above. It is best to give players firing orders to prevent death from accidental friendly fire during the havoc. Choice 2: One player activates the crescendo event, after placing a gas canister inside the medical station. When the horde begins to break down the emergency door, a player up in the rafters in the warehouse should shoot this canister. Now all the players have to focus on is the rush from the warehouse. Oh, and the player who activated the event should have made their way up to the rafters. Exiting this area leads out into the train yard. However there are two ways to do this. Choice 1: Head up the stairs and follow the pathway out a window. Choice 2: Follow the path to the left and stay on the ground floor. You can take the metal staircase to the windows or head out the door. Expert: Take choice 1, due to the fact that there may be a witch. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn here. Expert: Be careful, the Tank will rush along with the crescendo event if he spawns. Head out into the train yard. Note: Side rooms on the lower level may contain items, the staircase next to the entrance from the medical station leads to a rescue closet. Head through the train station and traverse across the cars. The left path is preferred but you can always take the right, though it meets up with the left side. Note: Rescue closet in the doorway on the left path. ...NOTICE... Witch & Tank possible spawn location on either side. Note: There is a tier 2 weapon spawn on the carts. Expert: If there is a Tank, use the height of the cars to your advantage. If you try to fight him on his level, he will kill you. Also, if you attempt to push forward, he will kill you. Make your way over the train cart and into the next clearing. Clear the zombies here and climb the ladder up and over. You'll be at a dead end with a hole in a wall, entering and turning to your right will lead to the safe room. Watch for zombies behind and enter the room. ......(40003)...The Bridge Regardless of which direction you head, this section of the tunnel is a large square. Make your way around and through the door at the far end f the hallway, though. Note: Check the tunnel and the side rooms for items. Note: There is a rescue closet in one of the rooms. Emerge into the forest and be careful about Smokers, Hunters, and regulars lurking in the shadows, especially on cliffs that the survivors cannot reach. Continue up the path towards the building on your left. Note: If you move around in the woods on the top of this cliff, there is a camp site with sleeping bags and possible items. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn location. Expert: If it's a witch, navigating beyond her may be difficult, and since there is a winding bend nearby, it's also difficult to attack from a distance. Try to light her up if necessary and run for it. If it's a Tank, run around up top, and down when you reach the fenced area from the exit from the tunnels. Repeat the process. Enter the building via window/door and navigate down the staircase, follow the hall to the door and exit through it. Note: Check this area for items and possible tier 2 weapon spawn. Head straight through the next set of halls and out into the train yard. Note: To the right, in the side rooms may be items. Follow the tracks. There will be a shed on the right, and further down a small cottage. Further down there will be a car that you can flip a switch to activate the crescendo event. Note: The first building on the right may contain items. The cottage on the left is a medical station. .........(c4c02)...Crescendo Event Prepare for the crescendo event. There may be items on top of train cars. Suggestion is to reach a higher point for dealing with the horde. Choice 1: Camp out in the cottage. Guard the windows, pretty self explanatory. Choice 2: Reach higher ground and engage the horde this way. Expert: Choice 2 would be the best way to go, even with Smokers and Hunters having visible contact with survivors. Why? Because the zombies will have to climb to you, giving you ample time to kill them off before they do any damage. This also gives you a clear view of their spawn locations. When the event ends, head up the newly created ramp from the collapsed bridge. Follow the path up and around into the safe room. The first players up to this landing should probably turn and give cover fire to any slacking survivors. ......(40004)...The Train Station Before opening the door, the suggestion is to clear as many zombies as possible. When finished, you can begin your descent towards the barn. You have a few choices. Choice 1: Avoid the barn and continue to your right. Choice 2: Avoid the barn and continue to your left, through the woods, diverting from the main path severely. Choice 3: Enter the barn, and make your way through the lower or upper levels. ...NOTICE... Witch spawn location near or in the barn. Be careful. Expert: Suggestion is to take the first choice, as you will most likely already have tier 2 weapons. Note: The barn contains one of the tier 2 weapon spawns and possible items. Around by choice 2 is a green car that may have items. You'll arrive shortly thereafter at a cliff overlooking the roof of the train station. You have three choices here, each with their own branching decisions. We will cover the governing choices. Choice 1: Jump to the roof and enter via a window. Choice 2: Drop down and enter the train station via the lower doorway. Note: There is another possible tier 2 weapon spawn as well as items. Choice 3: Avoid the station altogether by dropping down and maneuvering to the left, around the building. Be careful for car alarms here. Traverse through this area and you will come across a small cabin on your right. Further ahead is a three story building. Make your way inside. Note: The cabin on your right is a medical station. This may also be a tier 2 weapon spawn. Note: The three story building may contain items as well as a tier 2 weapon spawn. Make your way to the top level of the building and jump out the window. Clear the area before making your way across the bridge. Head across the bridge and enter the caboose. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn. Expert: They generally spawn on the bridge out front of the caboose. Make sure you take your time before jumping out and running across the bridge. The Tank is easily kitable as long as you force him through the building. ......(40005)...Farmhouse Finale The finale is so linear, it is questionable why we don't simply skip to the finale itself. Follow the path in front of you and climb up the ladder onto the train car. Walk across this and around the bend to your left. Step down into the cornfield. Note: Look for scattered items. ...NOTICE... Tank & Witch spawn location before the cornfield. Expert: If you have the bad luck to encounter either of these beasties prior to the finale, do your best to kite them. When you've entered the cornfield, you'll have two choices. Choice 1: Continue down the left side and navigate to the storage area. Choice 2: Cut across the field at the tractor and to the silos. Expert: Choice 2 is your best bet. When you reach the silo, you'll be near a small one-story barn, as well as be able to see the two story barn and the farmhouse nearby. Head to the farmhouse to stock up and prepare for the finale. Note: The two barns may contain items and tier 2 weapon spawns. There are several ways to do this finale. I will cover two. Choice 1: Head to the two story barn. One of the walls on the top floor does collapse, but there should be a nearby ammo dump to assist in the finale, as well as a medical station. We do this from the top floor, and while it is a rather open room, having an open area of height over the horde really helps. Choice 2: Camp out in the farm house. Why? Choke points, and a huge medical station. There will be tier 2 weapons here, hands down. I recommend staying on the upper floors in bedrooms and away from windows. When Tanks approach, kite them, as always, regardless of the two different choices. However, if you go with choice 1, just continually move between the upper and lower level of the barn. The real difficulty you will encounter with this finale is its claustrophobic approach and feel, as well as the low visibility. (50000)...Versus Mode This is the Guide for the popular Versus mode. I do strongly recommend players be expertly familiar with the game before playing this game mode, and I say this for their sake as well as the players they will be competing against and with. There are strategies here for both the Infected & Survivors. ...(50010)...The Survivors The way the survivors play is relatively straight forward. If you've played the campaign off-line or on-line, just remember to stick together and work as a complete team. Realize, however, that the special infected are a lot smarter, generally. They will also most likely attempt strategies that the AI Director doesn't think about. To the Survivors' advantage, the Director does play a role in versus as well, when it comes to controlling how many special infected are on the scene at a time, as well as their respawn rates. .......(50011)...Strategies Watch the rooftops. Hunters and Smokers will most likely strike from these locations. Make sure you are prepared to spam your melee attack. Most human players don't know how to produce the counter-measures to this defensive technique, and while there really are counter-measures, the Survivor in this case remains with the upper-hand. Keep the opposition facing your front. Always make sure you stick together, but not too close. Spread out, but don't spread out too much. Always make sure someone is watching the rear. No matter what, KEEP MOVING! The AI Director is by no means subtle or nice in Versus mode, and will continually send hordes after survivors who remain idle for too long. Don't camp in the safe room. The Infected have unlimited lives. You have one. The safe room door will open 60 seconds after all players spawn. Listen for the Tank. If you hear him and you haven't opened the safe room door, don't! Wait for him to go away, first. ...(50020)...The Infected The Infected is composed of four players who play the role as the Zombies attempting to prevent the Survivors from completing their mission: Escape! There are 4 Special Infected that these players can become. The only one they cannot play as are Witches. Here is a quick run down of each one. Remember that all these classes requre teamwork, even the Tank, which I have yet to figure out why players ignore teammates when they become the Tank, and then do not understand why they died without dealing any survivor damage. .......(50021)...Smoker The tongue may drag a player up to 100 ft in distance. Recommended strategy: Hide behind an object or via rooftop, or atleast from a distance elevated above your target. Your preference would be to have your tongue wrap a corner, so you aren't visible to any survivors attempting to save their teammate. The smoke cloud that attributes the Smoker his name makes you a very visible target to survivors. You are also very weak and vulnerable if a successful attack is landed, chances are you will die. Remember, due to the strange nature of the Smoker, when the crosshair turns red, your tongue will auto-aim to the closest target. I've had this happen, unfortunately, which I really wish there was an option to disable this. .......(50022)...Hunter The quickest, strongest, and most agile of the 3 regular special Infected. The hunter can leap from the ground to walls, as well as from rooftops. Recommended strategy: Wait around a corner and leap to a wall and then to your targeted player. If you wait until they round the corner, they will simply melee and kill you, if they have any sense. Your other option is to work from the rooftops, where a great enough elevation will instantly incapacitate your target. Hunters themselves are vulnerable if struck by melee combat. This is why, again, teamwork is necessary. Be careful, though, as regardless of the target you are leaping for, the hunter will attack whichever survivor crosses his path during the leap, first. .......(50021)...Boomer Strategies are simply as the Boomer. Your main attack will summon a horde to attack anyone covered in your splooge. Your melee is simply a diversionary attack used to convince a survivor to kill you in their presence. While Boomers are real threats on the Expert difficulty, in Versus they are relatively useless if they don't work together with the rest of the team. The minimal damage and amount of horde sent at players is enough to laugh at. The downside to the Boomer however is their inability to really escape from a bad situation, as they are extremely slow and have relatively little health. However, the extreme solution is to jump from a high elevation and explode upon contact with the ground, splooging all players in the vicinity. .......(50021)...Tank It's essential to understand that the Tank is the strongest, albeit the most vulnerable next to the Boomer. While he can hurl vehicles and other objects at players, aside from ripping concrete from the ground and hurling it at a player, or even how a simple melee attack can launch players off cliffs or across yards, his hit boxes are huge, and life will tick a lot faster than expected. Your best bet is to use the environment to your advantage. Even cornering players in choke points isn't too helpful, since they can simply out maneuver you. Really, though, the tank needs to work with his teammates. Corner a survivor and let a hunter take it from there. Force a survivor away from the rest of the group and have a Smoker take care of the rest. Please, please, don't attack other Infected players. Be careful. Working alone can be the single most deadly mistake.</p>