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VERSION: 1.5 . . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ||---------------------------------------------------------------------|| || || || Authored by: Berserker || || Homepage: http://www.berserkersblog.blogspot.com || || || || This document Copyright 2008 - 2009 Kevin Hall (Berserker) || || Dead Space Copyright 2008 Electronic Arts Inc. || || || ||---------------------------------------------------------------------|| =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= An HTML version of this guide with pics may be found at www.cheathappens.com: --> http://www.cheathappens.com/features/dead_space/ds_index.asp _ Thanks to the following GameFAQs users for posting the codes above: PS3 - Chaos_Grimoire, abordoli, crimson_pyre Xbox 360 - Plisken1911, chrono2888, abordoli, FrenchToastMan ============ Armor Glitch ============ Right after beating the game with the secret Level 6 (Military) suit that can be obtained while playing a New Game+, save your New Game+ file like normal then immediately afterwards, start a new game on any difficulty level. Isaac will start the game wearing the Level 6 suit with upgraded armor. This can help to make Impossible mode a bit easier. The new game must be started without turning off the system after beating the game or the glitch will not work. This can be done on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version. =============================================================================== TROPHIES/ACHIEVEMENTS =============================================================================== SPECIAL NOTE: All of the following accomplishments can be receive on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 accept the "Concodrance Officer" accomplishment, which is exclusive to the PS3 version. The PS3 version has 49 trophies and the Xbox 360 has 48 achievements. =========== A Cut Above =========== Details: Kill 30 enemies with the Ripper Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Defeat the necromorphs in the earlier chapters since they are much easier to fight with the Ripper. Saw off their legs followed by their top appendages when they hit the floor for the human-like necromorphs. ========= Air Alert ========= Details: Zero-G Jump over 100 times Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Find a zero gravity room then constantly jump back and forth. You'll get this eventually on your first playthrough most likely. ============== All Systems Go ============== Complete Chapter 3 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ========= Armstrong ========= Details: Shoot 50 objects using Kinesis Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Use kinesis to pick up any object, appendage, body, or whatever else then shoot it with R1 (or RT). ======== Autofire ======== Details: Kill 30 enemies with the Pulse Rifle Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Pulse Rifle is effective against many normal necromorphs, so simply kill 30 of them. Slashers are probably the easiest to kill with this weapon. ======== Betrayed ======== Details: Complete Chapter 11 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) =========== Big Spender =========== Details: Spend 200,000 credits at the store Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Buy a bunch of items from the various stores. When you don't need anything else then buy a Power Node. You'll most likely get this close to the end of your first playthrough. ======= Brawler ======= Details: Kill at least 30 enemies with a melee attack Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Shoot many of the Slashers at the beginning of the game with stasis then run up to them and punch them. Stomp them while they are down. You can shoot any low necromorph with stasis and stomp them as well. Be sure to use stasis unless the necromorph is near death! =========== Brute Force =========== Details: Kill a Brute Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 15G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Simply kill the Brute in the Main Atrium of Chapter 4 to get this. ======= Butcher ======= Details: Dismember 1000 Limbs Reward: Silver Trophy (PS3) 40G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: It's best to use either the Plasma Cutter or the Line Gun, but all weapons remove appendages while defeating a necromorph. Keep in mind that stomping off dead necromorph appendages counts toward this as well! ============= Cannon Fodder ============= Details: Complete Chapter 4 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ================================== Concodrance Officer (**PS3 ONLY**) ================================== Details: Collect all Trophies Reward: Platinum Trophy ========= Crackshot ========= Details: Achieve a perfect score in the Shooting Gallery Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 5G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The shooting gallery is located in the Chapter 9 Armory. Beat the Level 5 round to get this. See the chapter 9 walkthrough for tips. =============== Dead On Arrival =============== Details: Complete Chapter 1 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) =================== Don't Get Cocky Kid =================== Details: Survive the ADS Cannon with over 50% shield strength remaining Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: This can be pretty hard depending on how well your aiming is. The cannon minigame is part of the main game and you will play through this near the end of Chapter 4. You have to destroy enough asteroids so that the ship's hull shield still has 50% of its shield strength remaining when Isaac steps away from the chair. The ship's hull strength will always start at 85%. TIPS (for maintaining 50% of the shield): 01) Understand that most of the time, you are at the game's mercy for asteroid placement. Sometimes asteroids will come at the ship with completely unforgiving speed and patterns. Some patterns are easier than others. 02) At the beginning, start shooting the asteroids as early as possible. Watch for any movement then aim and shoot. Always do this whenever asteroids first appear if there are not any nearby. 03) When firing, either go for a single shot or hold down on both shoulder buttons. You can actually sweep through an entire group while holding down on both shoulder buttons. 04) Overheating is not the end of the world if it happens when asteroids are not nearby. Keep aiming at the closest approaching asteroid so you can blast it the second that the cannon cools down. 05) Try not to aim all the way up, down, right or left since you'll likely allow asteroids to creep up on you while doing this - the cannon will block a portion of the outside area while aiming like this. 06) Big asteroids and fast asteroids are the main priority. Hold down on both shoulder buttons while aiming at a big asteroid to destroy it along with the little asteroids that it breaks into. 07) If you see a single asteroid on one side and a group of asteroids on the other side, turn your attention toward the group of asteroids. 08) When an asteroid is extremely close, and you are not aiming at any current asteroids, quickly move the cannon in its direction and hold both shoulder buttons to hopefully blast it. This can sometimes save you from a big asteroid. 09) If an asteroid is extremely close to any side then don't aim at it unless it is near a group of asteroids or there is no nearby approaching asteroids to shoot. Side asteroids sometimes don't hit or they do very little damage. 10) Do not look at the shield gauge strength. Once again, DO NOT LOOK AT THE SHIELD GAUGE STRENGTH or this distraction will cost you greatly! Listen for the words that tell you that the hull integrity is below 50% then look. There might be a slight chance that it is at 50%, so you might still be just barely hanging on. 11) Make the save file at the save station beside the cannon is your first save file, so you can reload quicker. If your gauge ever gets below 50% then quite your current game and reload your nearby save immediately. 12) If you start to get frustrated, keep this current save on your list of files and move on with the rest of the game for a while then simply reload this game later when you cool down. You need to be completely focused (in the zone) to earn this accomplishment and not ready to throw a controller. 13) At the beginning, fire a shot directly toward the middle of the screen and the light from the shot will reflect off of some of the distant asteroids to let you know where they are. 14) Enter the options menu and turn the brightness all the way up and this will make it easier to see the asteroids against the dark background. ==================== Epic Tier 3 Engineer ==================== Details: Complete the game on the hardest difficulty setting Reward: Gold Trophy (PS3) 150G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Beat the game on Impossible difficulty, which is unlocked after beating the game once. You have reload and quit your New Game+ save in order to get Impossible difficulty to appear in the New Game menu if you turned off your system after beating the game. =========== Eviscerator =========== Details: Kill 30 enemies with the Line Gun Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Line Gun works well against all enemy types really, so this shouldn't be that hard at all. ====== Exodus ====== Details: Complete Chapter 12 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ============ Exterminator ============ Details: Kill the Leviathan Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 15G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Leviathan is the boss of Chapter 6. ====== Freeze ====== Details: Use Stasis on 50 enemies Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 15G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Simply shoot 50 necromorphs with stasis. ============ Full Arsenal ============ Details: Own every Weapon in the game Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 30G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Buy every weapon from a Store. ============ Full Contact ============ Details: Kill 30 enemies with the Contact Beam Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Any enemy can defeated fairly easily with the Contact Beam, but you'll mainly want to use this against Slashers since you'll have more time to charge the weapon and also they are large enough to hit easily. ================ Get off my ship! ================ Details: Kill the Slug Boss Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 15G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Slug boss is found at the end of Chapter 8 and he is fought from the ADS Cannon 48 room while using the cannon. ================= Greenhouse Effect ================= Details: Complete Chapter 6 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) =================== Keeper of the Faith =================== Details: Complete Chapter 10 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ========= Kickin It ========= Details: Escape from a Lurker's grab attack 10 times Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Lurker's will grab Isaac whenever they are close to him. Their appendages will move out of their back and they will jump on him. Simply stand close to one and allow him to jump then fight it off with X (or A) button taps. ======= Lab Rat ======= Details: Complete Chapter 2 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ============= Legend Teller ============= Details: Collect 150 Logs Reward: Silver Trophy (PS3) 40G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Collect 150 database files throughout the game. These are both picked up from certain rooms and received throughout the main story. You'll most likely get this in Chapter 11 if you've been keeping an eye out for all collectable database files along the way. ====================== Live With The Hot Ones ====================== Details: Kill 30 enemies with the Flamethrower Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Flamethrower works the best against Lurkers but you can also use it against Slashers for some good results. It's best to shoot with the secondary fire flame shot and allow it to burn the enemy then shoot another secondary fire flame shot. Only shoot a flame shot early if the enemy tries to move too much - the first spread of flames will usually stagger them. ======== Marksman ======== Details: Dismember 20 Limbs Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 5G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: What...? Are you simply not killing anything? Freezing all enemies with stasis and then running by them or just simply hauling ass through rooms? This will be received after 20 enemies limbs have been cut or stomped off your enemies. It's actually harder avoiding this one than receiving it. ========= Maxed Out ========= Details: Upgrade all weapons and equipment Reward: Gold Trophy (PS3) 75G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Use Power Nodes at an Upgrade Bench found around the various rooms of the main game to upgrade your weapons and equipment to max stats. You'll have to finish upgrading your weapons and equipment on a bonus game. A Power Node does not have to be placed in extra blank slots with no type of status upgrade. Only the upgrade slots count for this accomplishment. ======== Merchant ======== Details: Collect 8 schematics Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Find 8 of the weapon or item schematics found throughout the game. The schematics are usually in plain view. ============= Mindless Prey ============= Details: Kill the Hive Mind Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 30G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Hive Mind is fought at the end of Chapter 12. ======= One Gun ======= Details: Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter Reward: Gold Trophy (PS3) 40G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Only use the Plasma Cutter throughout the entire game. This can be done on a New Game+ playthrough or any new game. Difficulty does not matter. Using stasis, kinesis, killing enemies with physical attacks, explosive canisters, and reverse gravity plates - none of this counts against this accomplishment. You can equip other weapons but you CANNOT fire any weapon other than your Plasma Cutter. Take the other weapons out of your inventory since you'll receive more Plasma Energy pickups by doing this. I recommend attempting this task on a New Game+ where: a) You have hoarded a bunch of Plasma Energy and Med Kits in the safe. b) You still have a bunch of credits left over. c) You start with a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter, fully upgraded life meter and fully upgraded stasis. ======== Pack Rat ======== Details: Store 25 Items in the Safe Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Safe can be accessed by interacting with any Store. Place a total of 25 items in the safe at one time and this accomplishment will be awarded. ============= Playing Catch ============= Details: Catch a Brute or Leviathan Pod using Kinesis Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Simply catch an acid pod that either a Brute or the Chapter 6 Leviathan boss fires at Isaac. A Brute will only perform this attack from long distance. If you cut off one of his legs then get far away from him then he will most likely perform this attack. The Hive Mine at the end of Chapter 12 shoots out acid pods as well that can be grappled and tossed back but receiving this achievement from the other two enemies is much easier. ====== Pusher ====== Details: 30 enemies with the Force Gun Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G Kill (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Force Gun works well on just about any enemy, so this shouldn't be that hard. Remember to get close to an enemy while using it or use its force grenades from a distance. ============= Ragdoll Check ============= Details: Force an enemy into a Gravity Panel 5 times Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 5G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The gravity panels are mainly located in Chapter 4. They are glowing panels where gravity has been reversed and anything that touches these will be splattered against the ceiling. To force an enemy into these panels hit them stasis and walk against them to push them into it or knock them back with a Force Gun primary blast. The bad thing about using the Force Gun is that the blast might kill them however. Sometimes enemies simply walk into a gravity panel - this will count toward the accomplishment! Even though it is highly amusing, tossing dead enemy bodies into a gravity panel does not count toward this accomplishment. ====== S.O.S. ====== Details: Complete Chapter 7 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ======= Slugger ======= Details: Kill the Slug Boss with more than 50% shield strength remaining Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Slug boss is fought at the end of Chapter 8. In order to get this achievement, defend the ship so that is has over 50% of its hull shield remaining once the Slug is defeated. Basically, focus on one tentacle at a time right at the beginning and struggle to take out at least three tentacles while defending the ship only minimally from thrown objects. Once the Slug is down to two tentacles, you can easily focus on defeating them while still defending the ship. Keep in mind that if you shoot one of the tentacles in the yellow portion while it is leaning over to grab an object then it will rise up once again. The fact that the shield's hull strength starts out at 100% makes this accomplishment much easier to obtain when compared to the "Don't get cocky, kid" accomplishment. ============ Story Teller ============ Details: Collect 75 Logs Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Collect a total of 75 database files. These are received during the story and some of them are collected throughout the various areas of the game in the form of text and audio files. ===================== Strange Transmissions ===================== Details: Complete Chapter 8 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ======= Surgeon ======= Details: Dismember 500 Limbs Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: Cut off a total of 500 appendages from enemies. Remember that a dead enemy's appendages can be stomped off and this will count toward the accomplishment. ======== Survivor ======== Details: Complete the game on any difficulty setting Reward: Silver Trophy (PS3) 50G (Xbox 360) ==================== There's Always Peng! ==================== Details: Find the Peng Treasure Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 15G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Peng treasure is located in Chapter 11, in between the two walkways next to where the shuttles dock in the Hangar Bay. The Peng treasure is a gold statue. Simply look between the Hangar Bay railings and grapple it with kinesis to bring it toward Isaac then collect it. You can also wait until after gravity is deactivated in the Hangar Bay and this will remove the railings making the treasure even easier to collect. This treasure can actually be seen in Chapter 1, but Isaac does not have kinesis then. ========= Tool Time ========= Details: Kill 30 enemies with the Plasma Cutter Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 10G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Plasma Cutter is the all-around best weapon in the game and you will have access to this weapon for a pretty good while at the beginning before obtaining any others, so it's not that hard to get 30 kills with it. ============= True Believer ============= Details: Complete Chapter 5 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ======== Wreckage ======== Details: Complete Chapter 9 on any difficulty setting Reward: Bronze Trophy (PS3) 20G (Xbox 360) ======== Z-Baller ======== Details: Complete Level 6 in Zero-G Basketball Reward; Bronze Trophy (PS3) 5G (Xbox 360) Extra Info: The Zero-G Basketball minigame is located the Zero-G Basketball Court of Chapter 10. See the walkthrough portion of Chapter 10 for tips. =============================================================================== Text File Transcripts [LI07] =============================================================================== ========= Chapter 1 ========= --> Repair Invoice USG ISHIMURA AEROSPACE ENGINEERING DEPT SHUTTLE REPAIRS INVOICE MISSION DAY TWO: - Faulty fore gyro, vessel USG-ISH-503. Replaced, no functional. MISSION DAY THREE: - Faulty 40 Scope, vessel USG-ISH-SO1. Still in repair. MISSION DAY FOUR: - Damaged landing repulsors, vessel USG-ISH-S05. Complete replacement, now functional. - Damaged fore and left fore viewports, vessel USG-ISH-S04. Replaced, no functional. MISSION DAY FIVE: - Damaged booster collar, vessel USG-ISH-S05. Repaired, now functional. ENGINEER'S NOTE WRIGHT, J.F. (2nd ENGINEER, MAINTENANCE BAY) ========= Chapter 2 ========= --> Marker Overview PERSONAL LOG DR. KYNE, T. (CHIEF SCIENCE OFFICER) The vidlogs from the colony are poor quality but the artifact does indeed appear to be a genuine Marker, the first to be found in Unitology's two hundred year history. I'm eager to get it on board the ship so I can study it properly. The potential here is enormous. Not just for me personally, though it's true I've dreamed of such a discovery for decades. But also to humanity, and the Church of Unitology in particular. This Marker could herald the dawn of a new age for mankind, and I will do my part to ensure it comes to pass. I know the Church will be grateful but the true recognition will come from all of humanity. On this day, we are blessed. --> Interesting Results MEDICAL LOG DR. WARWICK, B (CHIEF PSYCH OFFICER) REPORT OF PSYCHIATRIC OBSERVATION PATIENT: HARRIS, B. (Employee #PM-19026-EH) Harris is asleep, after another strong sedative. He seems literally unable to sleep without chemical aid. Most people succumb to exhaustion after 50+ hours of waking regardless of any desire to stay awake. Not Harris. His explanation of events on the colony is also odd, and points to the same paranoia we've seen elsewhere planetside. His guilt is not in doubt--two planetside security officers were present when he took Dr. Sciarello hostage and murdered Nurse Evans--and he doesn't deny his actions. But he insists there was no crime, nor does he feel guilt. This is classic sociopathic behavior, but Harris exhibits no other symptoms. He is affable and friendly, able to empathize and offer original opinions. When questioned about the murder, however, he becomes withdrawn and intransigent, displaying schizophrenic behavior. He also undergoes intermittent hallucinatory periods, again similar to those experienced by other colonists. Harris claims he threatened the Doctor because he "had to stop the dreams and the faces, and that he'll kill again to "Make it whole again". What that means, I haven't determined yet. A most intriguing case. --> Newborns Alyssa Rose Kai Jatin Alyssa Leoni Ian Ansel Jackson Thomas Lucas Zara James Caitlyn Kai Joshua Kody Kyle Jiannah Faith Jack William Agatha Marjorie --> More Time SCIENCE LOG FROM: DR. KYNE, T. (CHIEF SCIENCE OFFICER) ATTN: CAPTAIN MATHIUS, B. Benjamin- Further to our previous conversation, I ask that you delay bringing the Marker up from the planet for a day or two. You know I'm as keen as anyone to study it in detail, and I understand your sense of urgency given the events on the colony, but that's why I ask--what's happening down there is just too unique, too unprecedented, to cut it short without proper time to study the causes and effects. In light of a discussion I had with Dr. Mercer, I'd like to meet with Drs. Sciarello and Welland planetside to get their observations. - Terrence --> Autopsy Report MEDICAL LOG DR. DOMUSS, G. (MEDICAL EXAMINER) REPORT OF DEATH ON SHIP SUBJECT: CAPTAIN MATHIUS, B. It is my sad duty to officially pronounce Captain Benjamin Mathius dead. Reports of the exact circumstances surrounding his death are conflicted, and beyond the scope of my role. I can only report on the body. The subject was in generally good health for his age, though a cursory blood test indicates his leukocyte count was very low, with eosinophils in particular almost nonexistent. His preflight physical exam showed no such problems, indicating rapid onset; however, it is unlikely this had any effect on his death. Multiple contusions on the arms and hands, indicating a brief struggle pre- mortem. Slight contusion around the ribcage, suggesting his chest was restrained in some way. Cause of death was a single prolonged trauma to the ocular body which continued on through the cavity wall, and finally into the frontal lobe, causing rapid neurotrauma, seizure and death. The force required to puncture the ocular cavity in this manner is great, and the possibility of self-infliction correspondingly low. I therefore have no alternative but to record a preliminary verdict of UNLAWFUL DEATH. Whether deliberate or accidental is beyond my jurisdiction. ========= Chapter 3 ========= --> Chaos DECK LOG HALLOW, F. (AB) Don't know what's going on around here. Someone said the ship's been attacked. Who the hell would attack us out here? First the Captain dies, now we get attacked? Carnack says someone on Bridge staff killed him. Can't believe that. Goddamn chaos now. Can't get through to the bridge. Can't get through to anyone. Everyone's running. Getting the hell out of here. Should probably join them. --> Corruption ENGINEERING LOG DANVERS, C. (QMED) RE: Organic growth in engineering (Update) The unidentified growth seen in other parts of the ship has now reached engineering. I don't know what the hell this stuff is--looks like someone threw up their guts all over the walls--but it's spreading faster than we can cut it up, which is pretty disgusting in itself. It's already in the engine spoke, and if we can't find a way to stop it soon, it'll hit the main chamber by the day after tomorrow. I hope the docs are looking into it, because it's way beyond me. ========= Chapter 4 ========= --> Report of Infection CAPTAIN'S LOG INITIAL INFECTION VECTORS It's been less than an hour, but they've spread fast. Flight deck was the first to go after the shuttle crashed. Now almost entirely overrun. We've lost at least half the Medical deck, and about a quarter of Engineering. No information yet from Cargo or Planet Ops, which suggests bad news. This is not what I expected. --> List of Dead MINING LOG DALLAS, A. (SUPERVISOR, 2nd ENGINEER) The death toll is mounting. Known dead so far: Arnold-Fernandez, D Ashik, M Bagwell, W Bao, A Baristiran, O Briggs, A Carrillo, A Centkowski, K Chan, D Charlow, A Chikes, C Colomar, B Condrey, M Deguzman, J Ding, V Drinkward, C Eckert, J Espeleta, T Fattouh, S Feise, D Feiker,T Fike, T Fong, C Fuentes, C Gamel, S Gaugy, M Geraci, J Gregory, L Gauman, E Hartness, E Hasan, J Holt, T Ignacio, D Jamerson, K Johnson, M Keum, J Kong, C Krakowski, M Kuo, D Lackey, A Leal, D Lee, L Leong, J Lingen, D Louie, C Louie, M McSweeney, B Meneses, F Merenda, R Molina, E Natividad, J Noonan, M Palrang, J Patel, J Patterson, I Pavey, E Peterson, M Pitts, A Piwenitzky, H Pugh, D Ruelas, A Sarossy, V Schlegel, P Schofield, G Scott, D Seo, A Shande, T Silver, S Swearingen, S Swenson, D Talens, J Thibodeaux, N Thoeun, C Tuohy, J Valadex, G Vaught, C Vocal, C Voelker, S Wells, J Williams, N Wrede, R Zelaya, A Zittle, K ========= Chapter 5 ========= No text files ========= Chapter 6 ========= --> Corruption CHEM LAB REPORT FROM: PROF. JAGERWALD, H. ATTN: DR. CROSS, E. Elizabeth - No doubt you're aware of the organic growth found in some parts of the ship. I've been examining the substance and thought the results would interest you. The cells most closely resemble bacteria, with viral behavior. Like bacteria, the organism infects other cells through osmosis, then mutates and reproduces agamogenetically. What's amazing is the SPEED at which it grows. A single bacterium reproduces twenty-fold in just one minute. I've never seen anything like it. I won't stake my reputation on it, but I think this may be a genuine alien lifeform! Prof. Hawley theorizes that it's a habitat transformer--the levels of gaseous output are tremendous, which is why it smells so bad--but to what end we simply don't know. I'll keep you posted. - Heinrich ========= Chapter 7 ========= --> Processing Room Problem MINING DECK LOG KREUZ, G. (QMED) The situation here just got a lot worse. The gravity failure came as we were collating asteroids, and one broke free of the grav beam. It collided with a wall, killing two crew, and split into chunks. They're free floating in the processing room, and we can't restore gravity to get the Master Key until they're cleared. We could really use some engineering help up here. --> Mining Timeline MINING LOG DALLAS, A. (SUPERVISOR, 2nd ENGINEER) Planetcrack went smoothly from this end, although there do seem to have been problems planetside, and we've temporarily lost contact with the colony. First rockball was extracted from the tectonic load approximately one hour after planetcrack, and has been processed, refined and smelted. Results have exceeded even optimistic initial estimates. Normal recovery is around 35% mineral, 5% fossil, 60% waste, but material from the first ball was 65% mineral (and 0% fossil, in line with expectations). That's 6.5 tons of ore from a 10-ton ball. Assuming it's not an anomaly, we've hit a motherlode. ========= Chapter 8 ========= No text files ========= Chapter 9 ========= --> Orders EYES ONLY - PRIORITY BLACK FROM: CHIEF OF STAFF, EARTH DEFENSE ATTN: COMMANDER CADIGAN, F. OPERATION WHITE LIGHT THEATER: AEGIS SYSTEM, PLANET PENDING OBJECTIVE: DEEP CLEANSE CEC vessel USG Ishimura in breach of government order. They are believed to have recovered Marker 3A. Special Ops has confirmed the system but has been unable to provide the planet location. Special Ops advises caution. If Marker 3A has been recovered, infection by a lethal organism is a credible threat. Shockpoint to Aegis system, move to position out of local scope range and await signal from Ishimura to confirm location. ========== Chapter 10 ========== --> Unitology Article UNITED WE... ASCEND? Is Unitology a new hope, or just another scam? By Carrie Van Ottken If you've been living on Mars for the past 200 years, you might have missed the fastest-growing religious movement in history. Unitology boasts a following of millions, counts powerful CEO's and officials in its ranks, claims $78 billion of stock multiglobal companies, and owns two of Earth's largest financial institutions (GPSG Financial and Unitas Energy Investments). From its beginnings as a cult of personality, Unitology has become a respected, established religion. Most people know the basics. Two hundred years ago Michael Altman, a professor of anthropology, blew the whistle on what he claimed was the biggest cover-up ever instituted by Earth Government--the discovery of an artifact, or "Marker", which proved beyond any doubt there is alien life in the Universe. The Government labeled Altman a kook, but his claims struck a chord with some, and his mysterious death soon afterwards fueled that interest. Unitologists believe the Marker contained a code, the key to eternal life, through rebirth and ascension to heaven (the kicker is you have to die first). They say the Government is hiding the Marker somewhere, keeping its secrets for themselves. Across all of human space, Unitologists praise Altman's martyrdom and await the day God comes to take them to their new life beyond death. It all sounds pretty harmless. But, like any cult, there's a dark side. Unitologists are "ranked" in the Church. Nobody ever talks about it, but most of its critics believe there are at least three ranks above the average believer, or "initiate". With each new rank, more of the Church's inner workings and research is revealed to a follower. And these ranks are achieved by one simple criteria--giving money and power to the Church. Think taking all your money's bad? The Church also requires members to donate their bodies after death. Why? What do they do with them? Nobody will say, and attempts to infiltrate the inner circle have failed. With their emphasis on "transformation and rebirth", maybe we wouldn't like the answer even if they told us. One rumor that also refuses to die says the Church is funding a secret shipbuilding program. Some claim to have seen the fleet. No documentary evidence has ever been supplied, but the claimants all say these "mausoleum ships", despite their huge size (Cont'd on p94) --> Z-Ball Rules Z-BALL RULES Step on the lighted platform and activate it to start the game! Jump to as many scoring platforms as possible to increase your score multiplier. Then use your Kinesis Module to grab the ball and shoot it into the active basket before the shot timer runs out. Beating each level opens a locker with a reward. --> White's List PERSONAL LOG WHITE, D. (FIRST OFFICER) Goddamn Unis are running the ship. Known so far: Captain Mathius CSO Kyne 2SO Mercer LCDR Holt LT Carrillo LTJG Pitts LTJG Wrede ENS Maynard ENS Shande ENS Espeleta ENS Natividad ========== Chapter 11 ========== No text files ========== Chapter 12 ========== --> Unitology Exposed (Excerpts from THE FALSE MESSIAH, a book banned on Earth and most colonies) A RELIGION IS BORN When Michael Altman went public with his research on the Black Marker, the world was teetering on the brink of self-destruction. Many people, myself included, felt civilization was at an end. We couldn't change the world by ourselves and most of us didn't want to. What Altman offered us, this chance at a rebirth from humanity, was exactly what our hungry souls were looking for. Practically overnight, our hope for humanity was renewed. Millions flocked to his conferences to hear him profess to know the way to a new beginning. We stared in awe at the evidence of the alien artifact that would change everything. And we did whatever he told us to. We rallied against the government. We joined together in congregations to share his word. And we prepared ourselves for the future he said was coming. Where were you when Michael Altman was assassinated by our government? It's the question of our generation, I suppose. It's certainly the day when everything changed for me... and the world. ... The martyring of the scientist-turned-savior Michael Altman begat fanatical zealots and I was one of them. We birthed and maintained the tenements of a new religion, known now as the Church of Unitology. I was only a follower but I was suddenly part of the biggest social movement in history. The riots that followed and the crippling of our government made us realize we finally had the power to change things. ... No one knows what is contained in the Black Marker. Some claim it contains genetic string that grants immortality through gene therapy. Others say it contains the DNA of an alien life form. Even Altman confessed to not knowing exactly what it is for. The Marker has been used to form the basic doctrines of the church. As claimed in the popular book, "Death is Only the Beginning." humans will learn that by death of their worldly spirit, they will be reborn in unity as a stronger, unending community. "Unity is forever." ... Death is an important event in the journey of a Unitologist and seen as a necessary step to being reborn. The body is considered holy and it may not be cremated or be allowed to decay in the ground. The bodies are given to the church for safekeeping. Where they are taken is unknown, but I have seen massive Unitology compounds on all of the major settlements I have visited. Curious, I asked around. No one would tell me what was housed inside, but I uncovered evidence of massive shipments of preservative chemicals being sent to the compounds on a regular basis. It was around this time that my superior, Paragon Fontenay, brought me in for my first "soul cleansing". ... Despite the headaches and the nausea that continued to plague me, I managed to sneak into the shipyard. I had almost regained full function of my legs and was able to make it into what appeared to be the nerve center of the operation. What I discovered were ships, massive ships and lots of them. Stasis storage tubes lined each of the hundred of exposed cargo bays. I couldn't see any of the bodies, but I knew what the tubes were for. What I couldn't figure out was why the church needed to transport so many suspended bodies in what looked like deep-space vessels. Before I could investigate further, I was recaptured and the real "soul cleansings" began. --> The USG Ishimura (From a CEC-sponsored article in publication, Amazing Universe) As many of our older readers may recall, resource management on Earth and on the colonies was not always as streamlined as it is today. There was a time when needs could barely be met by the now-extinct resources of Earth and the dwindling supplies of the colonies. Looking to the starts for additional resources is nothing new, but at the time only smaller ships were shockpoint- able and they were insufficient at keeping up with demand. Enter the Ishimura. The USG Ishimura, named after Astro Physicist Hideki Ishimura (inventor of the shockpoint drive), was the first of the massive Planet Cracker ships. Built 62 years ago, she has a long and storied career. The Ishimura was the first vessel of her size to utilize the shockpoint drive for large-scale, commercial, deep space expeditions. At the time of her inception, the Ishimura was hailed as the savior of the Earth colonies. She was created to mine and melt down entire small planets and moons. She was also the first ship capable of the "scan and catch" technique for harvesting mineral-rich asteroids. Using huge gravity tethers, the Ishimura can lock onto asteroids and pull them inside the ship's massive collection bays for smelting. At 62 years old, the Ishimura is still in remarkable shape. Much of the equipment has been upgraded over the years. Many spaces have been retrofitted to take advantage of modern advances in technology. Despite the long years of service, she is still the pride of the fleet and remains the largest Planet Cracker in the fleet. Whenever an important deep space mining project comes up and the Ishimura is available, she's the first ship to be called. It's ships like the Ishimura - and the dedication of the men and women who crew her - that have helped make Concordance Extraction Company the trusted, dependable workhorse that it is today. --> Background Request To: Zach Hammond From: XXXXXXXXXX Re: Background request Per your request, here's what we could find on your hastily-assembled crew. ISAAC CLARKE Isaac was born to Paul and Octavia Clark on Earth in the eastern seaboard region of the American Republic. Paul Clarke was an award-winning ship architect employed by the Galactic Union Marine Corp. His record shows extended time off-world away from his family. When Isaac was born, Paul was given temporary reassignment to an Earth-based GUMMC ship production facility. During the four-year tour, Paul and Octavia raised Isaac together. When the tour was over, Paul shipped off for an extended off-world tour. Paul's influence on his son must have rubbed off. Records indicated Isaac pursued studies in mechanical and electrical engineering and achieved high honors. According to medical and psychiatric reports, Paul Clarke's absence had a profound effect on Octavia. She suffered from depression and personal anguish until doctors encouraged her to find fulfillment by working with charitable organizations. It is believed that this is how she ended up coming in contact with the Church of Unitology. The association with the Church appears to have alleviated her mental condition. The cancellation of her therapy sessions corresponds with the local parish announcements of her initiation ceremony. At this point, records on her become somewhat scarce. There are indications that she sold off much of the family estate to finance her full membership in the church. Isaac appears to have been selected to a prominent engineering school but we surmise that he was unable to afford the tuition, as records show that he instead attended a lesser-known school with the help of scholarships and financial assistance. After graduating with high honors, Isaac enlisted in the Merchant Marines. He quickly gained a reputation for his resourceful engineering solutions and after two years was promoted to a higher-profile position closer to the major shipping lanes. There are several inquiries about the location of his father that have been logged by his contacts at the GUMMC. Isaac appears to have been trying to re- unite with him unsuccessfully for years. It's doubtful he ever got far in his investigation as Paul Clarke's service record has been mysteriously classified by an executive order. Octavia continues to be a contributing member of her church and has managed to purchase a Vested-level title. Isaac's career stagnates at this point. There are records that he cohabited with a medical officer named Nicole Brennan for a couple of years. Records indicate she moved out after receiving a promotion and is currently serving on the USG Ishimura. KENDRA DANIELS I couldn't find anything on her in the time I had but Darlton swears by her. She is on the mission with his recommendation. If he thinks she has the necessary skills, who am I to argue? --> Planetary Mining (Excerpt from the CEC shareholder information packet on planetary mining) PLANET CRACKING Planetary mining is, quite literally, the dismantling of planets and moons on a macro-scale. Entire worlds are fractured to reveal the rich seams of valuable minerals contained inside. Despite environmentalist concerns, the operation is perfectly safe and is the only way to extract the necessary resources on the large scale required to supply Earth and the colonies. You may have read reports that claim the destruction of a planet can destroy an entire solar system due to the disruption in the gravitation forces that hold each celestial object in place. Some of the wilder reports claim this causes planets to smash into each other. Concerned investors are directed to read the article "The CEC Pledge to the Health of Our Universe" for a detailed breakdown of the truths about Planet Cracking. The short answer is: Planet Cracking is perfectly safe and provides an essential service to Earth and the colonies. With all Planet Cracks, the planets are carefully chosen for their mineral content, net worth, and the safety with which they can be dismantled. Planet Cracking is a lengthy process spanning from three to five years. Generally, the first year is spent prospecting and setting up the colony. The second year and a half involves tectonic excavation and related planet-side activities. The Planet Cracker class ship arrives between the 2.5 and 3 year mark, depending on the progress of the excavation. Once the ship is in orbit, preparation for tectonic chunk extraction begins. This takes approximately one week. The removal of an excavated chunk from the planet into a stabilized geosynchronous orbit usually takes about 1 day (24 standard hours). During this process, billions of tons of debris break off from the underside of the chunk, creating an instant asteroid ring around the planet. While floating debris is extremely dangerous, the Planet Cracker ships have an excellent Asteroid Defense system (ROS) to keep the ship and crew safe from harm. Depending on the size of the planet, this process is repeated until the entire planet has been broken up and processed. ABOUT US The CEC is the largest solar mining and extraction company in the Earth colonies. It is also the fifth largest company in terms of market capital. It has become a powerhouse of industrial might and an influential political force. With a generous budget allocated to election spending, CEC has always been able to maintain and improve its market position. The CEC owns over 400 deep space vehicles including five Planet Crackers, with the famous USG Ishimura as its flagship. The CEC was the first to develop deep space mining, asteroid catchers and was the first to implement shockpoint drives for commercial use. We are the largest supplier of precious metals. Out of over three dozen Planet Cracks, only one operation has met with less than optimal results. Many may remember the Wanat Disaster 11 years ago wherein a Planet Cracker, three supply ships and a colony were lost due to gravity tether failure. Since that time, CEC has worked closely with the manufacturers and held crew training lectures to ensure a disaster of this magnitude never happens again. We take your financial well-being and the well-being of our employers seriously. When you invest in CEC, you are investing in the future of mankind. --> Recombination Study RECOVERED FILE Personal Log: Dr. G. Abernathy, automated transcript (Restricted access - Maximum encryption) Day three of quarantine for the former Drs. Clifton and Hogan. The infection is spreading quickly through Dr. Clifton. Dr. Hogan appears unaffected at this time. The chest of the corpse has started to expand, like it's taking a deep breath. Something appears to be happening under the surface of the skin. The body is convulsing - a yellowish briny liquid bursts from the mouth accompanied by choking noises. There's a crunching noise as the throat bulges and the jaw collapses. The head is splitting apart... reforming now into what appears to be a proboscis and feeler. The chest splits along the center now as the flesh stretches and expands outwards; the organs, bone and muscle bend inwards. The internal organs contort and reorganize themselves into an odd structure central to which is a massive bladder. The bladder is filling with a liquid, some of which can be seen spilling from proboscis. I can only assume the two are connected. The legs are quivering as the flesh peels away and meshes with the flesh from the chest region. There is a sudden snap halfway through the process as one leg bends backwards. More quivering now and the other leg has snapped at the knee. The changes appear to be slowing now... It starts to sit up, the body is convulsing, the legs flopping. It is trying to take its first step, uneasy at first... but now it is adapting quickly. A half-dozen steps and it seems to be perfectly at home with its new, contorted form. The splattering on the glass is making observation difficult. It appears that Dr. Hogan's legs are elongating, somehow flaying themselves and now twisting with a mixture of his own internal organs into a single appendage, like some sort of tail. His face is contorted, his jaw clenching and unclenching... several jaw-like appendages are emerging from his every widening mouth. His mouth no longer appears able to accommodate the change... his head is splitting, seams bursting... And almost instantly, he is perched on his hands, shifting his weight from one palm to the other. He's pacing, circling the room and... he appears to be watching me! He sees me! No, he's fixated on the ceiling now... Oh god no, he's leaping at the vent! With his powerful tail-like appendage, he's striking at the reinforced covering, trying to get it open! I must warn the others! Recording end! --> The Red Marker RECOVERED FILE FRAGMENTS FROM: DR. EANDO DUKAJ TO: GENERAL AMBROSE CAIDEN (Restricted access - Maximum encryption) Altman's hasty expulsion from the project is unfortunate. His notes on the Black Marker appear incomplete and our findings thus far have been inconclusive. What notes we have recovered appear to be written in a code of his devising. It will be weeks before we can decipher them. In the meantime, someone has to shut him up. His public outcry about the Marker is more than a nuisance. This is a matter of security. ... Funding has been insufficient. Moving the research to Aegis VII is only aggravating the problem. I understand the pressure to relocate the project outside the reach of the oversight committees but this has only inflated our resource requirements. We are on the verge of cracking the replication code we extracted from the Black Marker. It would be a shame to come this far and have to scrap the project. ... The continued financial infusion over the years has been appreciated and I'm pleased to share the results with you today. While some of our material fabrications are approximations of substances foreign to us, we have completed the internal workings of the device. One obvious difference between our replica and the original is the reddish hue. I assure you this is purely a cosmetic difference not indicative of a flaw. The device, when activated, began to emit a highly complicated rhythmic pattern across a wide band of frequencies - from actual sound waves through the electromagnetic spectrum to alpha, delta and theta brain waves. It seems mostly inert and harmless aside from some slight interference with communication equipment. We are proceeding with the final construction. ... We've run into a disturbing but fascinating find, in re-creating the DNA instructions gleaned from the Black Marker, we've managed to create a recombinant microbial life form. It seemed dormant at first, even when placed in a batch of rich nutrients. Were it not for Dr. Clifton's poor hygiene, we might have deemed the attempt a failure. Fortunately for us, he had not fully decontaminated himself before working with the sample and managed to contaminate it with some dead skin cells. Suddenly, the microbes jumped into action! Recombination happened almost instantly and the sample began self- replicating and mutating before our eyes. ... More confounding results from our research: Today, as we moved what we're now calling the Red Marker, we had to pass by the cellular lab area. The scientists working at the time complained about interruptions in the necrotic flesh experiments. As it turns out, the field generated by the Marker creates a "dead space" around itself that forces the recombination effect into dormancy. ... I apologize for the setback relayed in the last report. The macro-scale infection has been contained with a minimal loss of life. The newly recombinated doctors are now quarantined for further study. ... Many of the scientists have been complaining of headaches and we are all having difficulty sleeping for more than an hour at a time. We suspect a problem in the ventilation system. The maintenance team reported finding a build-up of some kind blocking the airways. ... The organic mass continues to expand and take over the complex. The recombinated nightmares now move freely through the corridors. My remaining crew is hastily constructing a transmitter for the Marker in an attempt to broaden the signal it is emanating. Dr. Foster said the idea came to him in a vision. Our hope is to use the signal to keep the unchecked infection from spreading to the landing area. There is little time remaining! You must send help as quickly as possible! Our lives are in your hands. =============================================================================== Impossible Mode Tips [LI08] =============================================================================== ============ General Tips ============ - Have about three different saves or at the very least two. Save often. If you make it past a certain part without any damage and you deem that part the slightest bit hard then you might want to think about going back to the nearest save point and saving. It really pays to be cautious. - Wait until a weapon is near empty then use a Power Node to upgrade its capacity to get full ammo once again plus the additional ammo from the upgrade. - Don't place a weapon in a safe that often since its ammo count will be reduced to one shot once it is placed back in Isaac's inventory. Try to refill the near empty weapon by upgrading the gun's capacity if you do this. Switching to the Contact Beam is really the only reason to put another weapon up since the Force Gun, Pulse Rifle and Line Gun can handle just about everything. - Upgrade your hit points for the RIG at an upgrade bench whenever Isaac is low in health and this will restore his health to full. - If an item doesn't drop from a human-like enemy (Slasher, Stasis Slasher), try to grapple the body with kinesis to make sure that it is dead. Only dead bodies can be grappled. - When fighting a Stinger by itself, shoot it with stasis then stomp off its head and arms to save ammo while killing it. Try to use stasis along with Isaac's boot to finish off fallen Slashers as well. Be sure to get a feel of the amount of time that stasis will last however since you don't want to be near either one as stasis wears off. - Hoard all health items found in a chapter and be sure to use small med packs before larger packs to save inventory space. Refrain from using Large Med Packs as much as possible and store them in a safe for later in the game. - Try to put back some ammo if you start to get a lot of it in your inventory. Limit yourself on purpose to conserve ammo for a later chapter - don't splurge! - Just about every item in the game can be grappled and brought toward Isaac, so if you know of a place where an enemy will attack near a certain item pickup then simply grapple the item from a distance and collect it to avoid confrontation. Grappling an item can also be useful for obtaining an item early or without any stress while near a room where enemies will ambush Isaac. - If you have an option to run from an encounter then do so. Haul ass, don't play hero! - Purchase the Line Gun, Pulse Rifle, Force Gun, and Contact Beam and leave all the other weapons. The Flamethrower is useful against Lurkers but I recommend using another weapon on them to keep from buying another gun. Once the Force Gun is obtained, keep the Plasma Cutter, Pulse Rifle, Line Gun and Force Gun with Isaac most of the time. Only equip the Contact Beam when you know that you are about to fight a Brute. - Contact Beam energy sells for 4000 credits per shot, so it's good to hoard all of it that you can and sell it early in the game. You might want to try carrying it in your inventory just so you'll receive ammo for it from random pickups then sell the ammo for extra credits. - Buy Power Nodes as much as possible but try to keep around 20000 credits available at all times just in case you need to buy some extra ammo or med packs. - Upgrade your hit points through the RIG before just about anything else. Don't focus on air upgrades since it really only helps you out for a few rooms early in the game. - Attack upgrades are the main priority when upgrading a weapon but capacity can help out, especially when you're low in ammo. Reload should only be bought if it is conveniently placed near an attack upgrade - don't go out of your way to reach one on the plug table. - Use the Armor Glitch showcased below the Cheats in the Extras section of this guide. ================= Enemy Combat Tips ================= - Slasher Combat. Shoot off a leg with the Plasma Cutter or Line Gun then begin to shoot off an arm. For multiple Slashers it might be best to use the Line Gun especially against Dark Slashers. - Stingers. When fighting one solo, stasis it then stomp off its arms and head. When fighting more than one, use the Line Gun or Plasma Cutter. When fighting a Dark Stinger, stasis it then fire a mine from the Line Gun below it - this can also work well for multiple normal Stingers. - Lurkers. Try to aim for their appendages when they attack but don't let this get you hit or make you waste ammo. Shooting them normally takes off just as much. Use the Plasma Cutter or Pulse Rifle until you get the Force Gun then aim carefully and use only force grenades against them when they appear. - Brute Combat. Stasis the Brute then cut off a leg with the Line Gun or Contact Beam. Get far away from the wounded Brute and grapple his pods with kinesis as he shoots them at Isaac then fire them back. Keep catching and firing them back from a distance to finish him off without the need to waste any further ammo. If you opt to use a Line Gun then fire a mine at the Brute's back when it hunches over. - Spawners. Stasis them when the tentacles move out of their chest then shoot a Line Gun mine directly toward the center of them and this will usually kill them. Launch an explosive canister at them when available. - Stasis Slasher. Force Gun blasts still work just as well against these enemies as they do in other modes. You might want to mix in force grenades more often when they are knocked own or at a distance. - Tentacles. For the tentacles that drag Isaac, it is best to keep your Pulse Rifle attack level upgraded to finish them off quicker while shooting them. ============ Chapter Tips ============ --------- Chapter 1 --------- - (Flight Lounge) Try to get to the elevator without getting hit by the Slashers. Save at the save station outside before interacting with the controls. Once Isaac makes it to the elevator doors, you'll have to sidestep a bit to avoid the Slasher's blade arms while it is behind Isaac. Don't stress that much if you're only hit once since you'll get quite a few small med packs in this chapter. - (Tram Repair Room) Opening the Item Container on the far wall will make a Slasher bust through the vent to the left of it. Wait until you kill the second Slasher that appears after connecting the tram repair then run over to the Item Container and open it, collect the item, then run out of the Tram Repair Room. - (Tram Tunnel) You don't have to fight either of the enemies on the way back through the tunnel. Simply run by them and shoot them with stasis if needed. It really helps to shoot the Slasher with stasis since Isaac will have to open a door on the other side. - (Maintenance Bay) You'll need to take advantage of the explosive canisters in this area in order to defeat the Slashers without wasting ammo. Try to wound most of them then run by them and lead a group of them toward an explosive canister then shoot the canister. You need to conserve some ammo for the top floor Slashers. When the elevators doors open on the way back down to the bottom floor, be ready to shoot the outside Slasher with stasis. - (Maintenance Bay) After collecting the Data Board, leave the room and run to the right then shoot the approaching Slasher with stasis and run by him. Shoot the fallen Slasher with stasis that lies by the elevator and open the doors then get inside the elevator and leave the area. These Slashers will actually follow Isaac to the floor above however, so right when the elevator doors open, stasis the Slasher that runs toward Isaac then quickly run to the doors of the Tram Control and enter the room - you might have to stasis the Slashers as they drop from the ceiling. Either way, you don't have to return to this room once Isaac gets inside the Tram Control. - (Corridor to Flight Lounge) Follow the Slasher as it moves ahead of Isaac then quickly run by it as it crawls into the vent then open the door to the Flight Lounge and step inside. Prepare to use stasis on the Slasher that drops from behind if the door takes too long to open. - (Hangar Bay) Stasis mixed with stomping works well for the first Stinger. Shoot the Slashers from a distance and cut off a leg to wound them before they get too close in order to slow them down. --------- Chapter 2 --------- - (Main Lab) Carry some med packs into this area with you. The best place to stand during the quarantine, while on the top floor, is either in the corner to the left after stepping through the first door, or the corner right near the elevator on the other side. Try to cut off the legs from all the Slashers first then finish them off. - (Main Lab - Bottom Floor) If you look on the bottom floor from the top walkway, you might be able to shoot one of the crawling Slashers below. Run to the back restroom and prepare to shoot off the legs of the Slashers that attack. Remember that all enemies are not out of the area until the quarantine lifts, so keep your guard up if all becomes quiet yet the quarantine is still in place. - (Lab) Run from the Lurkers on the second floor and get to the next door on that floor. They will follow Isaac to the next room very easily if the door remains open so rush through the next few rooms. - (Corridor to Security Station) Prepare to shoot the first Slasher with stasis while moving around the corner. There is a stasis recharger nearby so don't worry about wasting stasis here. - (Imaging Diagnostics Room) While only one is attacking, you can stasis a Stinger then stomp it to death. Use the Plasma Cutter or the Pulse Rifle/Line Gun to defeat them. A carefully placed stasis to stun both followed by a Line Gun mine right below both of them should be enough to finish both of them off. - (Zero-G Therapy) Either toss explosive barrels at the Stingers with kinesis or ignore them and jump to the other side of the room and exit the room on your way back through this room. It's really safer to fight them by tossing explosive canisters at them with kinesis. - (Zero-G Therapy Hallway) When moving back through the vacuum, stasis the Slasher that attack and run by him then be sure to have some stasis ready for the Slasher that falls through the ceiling in the airlock chamber up ahead. - (Imaging Diagnostics Room) Stasis then run by the Stinger that attacks on the bottom floor. You'll need to take out a Pulse Rifle and shoot the group of Spiders in the next room. * Buy a Line Gun before going to the Morgue - (Emergency Room) Defeat the first Slasher and Lurker like normal. When moving around the right corner take out the Line Gun and cut off the legs of the Slasher that falls then run ahead and either shoot or stasis the crawling Slasher then turn around and take them all on from one side. If you stand on the other side then one will drop behind Isaac. Instead of moving all the way down the hall to destroy the Item Boxes further ahead, use kinesis to bring them toward Isaac so the three Slashers will not enter the room from going to the very end of the side hallway. - (Morgue) Find the two dead bodies in this room and use kinesis to grapple them from a distance then mutilate them before the Infector appears. Use the Line Gun to cut off the Dark Slasher's legs after it breaks through the glass and try to angle the shot so that it shoot the Infector behind the Slasher. Switch to the Pulse Rifle instead of reloading the Line Gun then finish them both off. --------- Chapter 3 --------- - (Gondola Area) While Isaac is on the gondola heading to the other side, have the Line Gun ready and shoot a mine toward the floor on the catwalk along the other side as the Slashers gather to kill a bunch of them. - (Centrifuge Chamber) Find the explosive canisters floating around the room and grapple them then shoot them at the Stingers that appear. Make sure you know where a Stinger is before attempting to grapple an explosive canister. - (Engine Room) Find the three explosive canisters on the right side of the room and place them all behind the engine controls. Activate the engine then grapple each canister and begin to fire them toward the approaching group of Slashers. --------- Chapter 4 --------- - While in the vacuum area, on the way back from shooting asteroids with the ADS Cannon, run past both of the Stingers that attack and get to the exit door then leave them behind. - (Hallway to Tram) While backtracking to the tram, two Slashers will fall down from the ceiling and attack Isaac - one from behind and from up ahead. Use the Plasma Cutter to shoot off the leg of the one directly ahead then run past it and exit the area. --------- Chapter 5 --------- - Take a Stasis Pack along with you to the room before the ER Hallway since you'll need to constantly slow the Regenerator with stasis during the battle inside. A few med packs wouldn't hurt either. - On the way back through the Regenerator Room, stasis anything that gets in Isaac's way (Pregnants or Regenerator) and run back to the Security Station. You don't need to slow down the Lurkers in the corridor since they'll be exiting the hole in the wall to the left as Isaac runs by. - (Cryogenics Lab) Smash all the item boxes and collect the random ammo as Mercer talks. Stand on the opposite side of the freezing chamber as the Regenerator appears then allow him to walk inside and blow off a leg with the Line Gun then shoot him with stasis. While the Regenerator is stunned, ignore the Lurkers and run to either side door of the control room then freeze him by using the controls inside. Only fight a Lurker if it manages to get inside of the control room with Isaac. --------- Chapter 6 --------- - (West Grow Chamber) Immediately head to the left upon entering then run to the door of Greenhouse A on that side. Turn to the right at the corner in front of the door and use the Force Gun to blast the approaching Slasher from the side to stagger him then quickly enter the Greenhouse. Stomp the pod inside while waiting for the Slashers to show up. If they group around the open doorway then fire a force grenade at them. As the Slashers fall through the ceiling shoot them with a force blast or force grenade. Try to group them together and shoot them with a force grenade. - (West Grow Chamber) After fighting off the first wave of enemies, anticipate the arrival of the rest of the enemies and keep an explosive canister nearby to launch at them. Shortly after the pod in Greenhouse B is destroyed, a Dark Slasher will bust through a nearby vent, so carry an explosive canister into the Greenhouse with you. - (Refrigeration West) Aim carefully and fire force grenades at the Lurkers when they showcase their appendages. Grapple a nearby explosive canister in the room near the exit door and fire it at the final (third) Lurker. - (Air Filtration) Shoot/fire explosive canisters at the fuse boxes to open the doors before entering the flame rooms. Fire an explosive canister at the Slasher that moves through the final door - wait for him to cross the flame rooms. - (West Grow Chamber) When reentering the West Grow Chamber, stand inside the elevator and peek into the outside room to see where the Pregnant is. The exit door that Isaac needs to move through is off to the left after exiting the elevator, so run directly to it. Shoot the Pregnant with stasis if needed. - Right after opening the door to the Hallway to East Tower, shoot the Spawner on the far wall with stasis then fire a mine at him with the Line Gun. If he survives the mine then shoot him with force grenades. - Put up the Line Gun and be sure to have the Contact Beam ready when entering the East Grow Chamber since a Brute will attack. Use a Stasis Pack to recharge before entering if needed. If you think you can deal with him while using the Line Gun then use it instead the Contact Beam. - (Refrigeration East) Shoot the Lurkers with force grenades. Try to keep multiple Lurkers in view when fighting the two pairs. - (Hallway to East Tower) On your way back to the Hallway to East Tower, grapple and take an explosive canister to the door of the hallway then open the door and quickly fire the canister at the group of three Slashers that dash toward Isaac from the outside catwalk. - (Food Storage) Use the Leviathan's pods to damage its weak point when it opens its mouth - use the first and third pod to cancel the second and fourth respectively then fire the fifth pod directly toward the weak point in the back of the Leviathan's open mouth. The Pulse Rifle works much better than the Plasma Cutter this time for cutting off its tentacles. You can fire the explosive canisters at its tentacles but this is really more trouble than it's worth. The battle will take twice as long, so be sure to remain focused while grappling the pods. A tentacle can easily screw up your timing when it starts to fire pods while the tentacles are out, so try to move to a spot where a tentacle does not block the path toward Isaac. - (Food Storage) Be sure to find every single blinking light (item) in this room and horde everything both before (stand in doorway and grapple), during (run and tap the interact button) and after (search the room) the Leviathan battle! --------- Chapter 7 --------- - On the elevator ride down to Processing, use the Plasma Cutter to defeat Slashers until two Slashers fall down from the ceiling at the same time then quickly switch over to the Line Gun or Force Gun. - (Processing Antechamber) Allow the Slashers in the area to see Isaac then run all the way back to the elevator and take them down with a Plasma Cutter as they walk into the corridor in front of it. You can easily take down the Pregnant solo once all the Slashers are defeated. - (Mineral Processing) Run all the way back and save your game just before deactivating the gravity. Once gravity is deactivated, open the door to the Power Node Room in the back of the controls and run toward the side with the debris (right side). The left side of the room has a single vent on the ceiling where the outside enemies will enter the room. Stand on the opposite side with the Pulse Rifle armed and defeat them as they drop from the ceiling vent. The Pregnant will not enter the room. Step outside once all the other enemies are defeated then run by the Pregnant by taking the side across from it over to the control room. - The moment the elevator arrives at the Maintenance level, have your Force Gun armed and rush through the doors and move down the left ramp then blast the Infector to the left as it tries to infect the body. Even if you get hit by the other Infector this is better than fighting the Dark Slasher that the other Infector will create if left alone. - (Maintenance Bay) During the Gondola ride in the Maintenance Bay, try to stay constantly moving while shooting at the tentacle pods to avoid their projectiles. Shoot the tentacles with the Plasma Cutter. The important part is to shoot all the pods as early as possible. - Start out using the Pulse Rifle to protect Nicole from the Slasher then switch over to the Force Gun and shoot force grenades at the remainder of the enemies. You could try to shoot the Lurker with the explosive canister on your side. - (Maintenance Bay) When moving back across the Gondola in the Maintenance Bay, use the Plasma Cutter to shoot the first few tentacle pods then switch over to the Force Gun and carefully aim and fire a force grenades at the Lurkers - if you hit them just right then the blast will damage them badly and defeat any nearby pods. Try to stay moving as much as possible and heal when needed. Thankfully, you should have enough med packs from the other side to help out here. - (Mining Bay) It's good to bring a stasis pack to this area with you. Use the Line Gun to defeat all three Dark Stingers (stasis them then fire a mine below them). Run by the Lurkers on the other side of the asteroid and try to lure them away from the asteroid while shooting the tethers then quickly place the beacon just before you leave. Perform the tether shooting and beacon placing quickly and you won't have many problems. Isaac always has a long animation while placing the beacon, so you might have to wind up shooting the Lurkers with force grenades. - (Mining Hallway Control Room) When the quarantine activates after the asteroid is launched, get on the side with the item chest and place Isaac's back to the wall. Start out shooting the Slashers with the Line Gun then switch to the Force Gun once the Dark Slashers enter the room. Use force grenades while they are at a distance. Switch over to the Plasma Cutter once only one Slasher remains. - (RIG Room) When the elevator docks on the top floor once again, Crawlers will be in the RIG Room. Run toward the door on the opposite side and interact with it then move from side to side while it opens to try to avoid the Crawlers then run to the tram. You could also hunt them down with force blasts - your call. --------- Chapter 8 --------- - (Main Atrium) When the Exploders start to appear, run to the very back of the Atrium and move down the stairs then pick them off from a distance with the Pulse Rifle. Use a Force Gun on the Dark Slashers and the Line Gun on the Dark Stinger. - (ADS Hallway) Shoot each Spawner with stasis then shoot it with a mine from the Line Gun. Don't waste too much time getting to the second Spawner directly after shooting a mine at the first. - (Comms Array Chamber) Stun the Dark Stingers with stasis then shoot a mine from the Line Gun near them to finish them off rather quickly. - (ADS Hallway) When backtracking to the tram, it is possible to run by the Crawlers and get to the elevator in this area. - (Main Atrium) While returning to the tram, shoot the Divider in the Atrium with stasis then run to the Hallway to Tram. In the hallway, shoot the Pregnant around the far corner (to the left) with stasis and run by it then run to the tram. --------- Chapter 9 --------- - (Ore Storage) Grapple all of the radiation orbs before stomping the fuses and position them near the door, this way, you won't have to move around as much to collect them while enemies are in the area. Use stasis on the Dark Stingers then fire a mine below them with the Line Gun. Fire force grenades at the Lurkers. - (Cargo Room) Use the usual force blasts from the Force Gun to knock back the Stasis Slashers as they run up to Isaac - aim for their upper half while firing. Shoot them from a distance with force grenades, mainly when they are knocked down. - (Torpedo Room) Don't move any of the crates across from the entrance door or a Stasis Slasher will bust through the nearby vent on that side and attack. - (Armory) Stand in the hallway outside the Armory and allow the Divider to move up to the door - he won't move through the doorway. Shoot him until he splits into Crawlers then blast the Exploder that will walk up to the door to destroy all the Crawlers. One Crawler might still remain but this will save you the trouble of having to hunt them all down. Watch out for the other Exploders that appear when Isaac walks deeper into the Armory. - (Armory) Beat a few of the Shooting Gallery rounds to receive some extra items. - (Barracks) Walk into the room enough to where the quarantine activates then run back to a corner near the entrance to face off against the enemies inside. Keep the Force Gun equipped for the most part and use force blasts on close enemies and force grenades on distance enemies. If a Stasis Slasher is not in the area, shoot the Stingers with the Line Gun. The Exploders and Pregnant will not attack if you stay on the entrance side. Hit the Exploders' explosive arm with the Pulse Rifle and the Pregnants might get killed by the Exploder's death. Remember that there is a Large Med Pack in a bed along the right wall as you enter the Barracks. - (Lower Engine Room) Either use the Contact Beam or the Line Gun to cut off a leg from the Dark Brute then step away and catch his pods with kinesis and fire them back at him. If you use the Line Gun then fire a mine onto his back as soon as he crouches from taking damage then fill him full of primary blasts from behind while the mine goes off - stand far enough away from the mine, obviously. Bring a stasis pack if you think you might need it. ---------- Chapter 10 ---------- - (Commons) Mutilate all the bodies since you'll fight an Infector in this room later. * Carry a stasis pack with you for the Dividers in the Mess Hall and the Spawner in the room afterward! - (Mess Hall - First Floor) Stay on the elevator when it reaches the bottom then shoot the Dividers with stasis and blow off one of their legs with the Line Gun. If they both move up to the elevator then you can easily shoot them both with stasis. Quickly switch over to the Force Gun and shoot the Crawlers that they split into. - (Residential Lobby) Stasis the Spawner in the back then shoot a mine toward it with the Line Gun. Be ready to fight off the Dark Slasher as it rushes Isaac. - (Sleep Block A Bunks) This part can be a little frustrating. You need to have a high attack Pulse Rifle or Line Gun in order to defeat the Tentacle that grabs Isaac. Be sure to aim well at its yellow weak point. - (Sleep Block B) For the first room, stun the Pregnant with stasis then use a Line Gun or Plasma Cutter to take down the Slasher. Use the Force Gun and aim upward then shoot at the Pregnant to keep from hitting its stomach. Throughout all of this, do not move to the other side of the room since a Dark Slasher will get up and attack. Find the Dark Slasher as he lies on the ground then shoot a mine near him and defeat him with Line Gun shots as he gets up to attack. For the second room, use the Force Gun's grenades for the Lurkers and fire force blasts at the rest of the enemies. - (Residential Lobby) Wait for the Exploders to move out of the vent to the right then shoot them with the Pulse Rifle. Try to wait for the Crawlers in the background to get near the Exploders then shoot the Exploders to make them destroy the Crawlers with their dying explosion. - (Zero-G Basketball Court) Grapple the Small Med Pack to the right and bring it to Isaac then quickly jump over to the middle wood piece and grab the Nav Card then hop back over to the first wood piece and exit the room quickly before the Dark Lurkers have much time to attack. To hell with the Zero-G Basketball items unless you want to waste your ammo fighting the three Dark Lurkers. Have a Line Gun ready for the Dark Slasher that falls from the ceiling in the locker room. - (Sleep Block C Bunks) Make sure that you bring a stasis pack to this room with you. Pick up the last Nav Card then immediately rush back to the moveable beds and run in between them. If you're fast enough then the Dark Slasher will fall nearby as you turn to move the beds. Blow off his legs with the Line Gun then immediately close off that section of the room by moving a bed in front of it, then solve the rest of the puzzle to get back to the other side. - (Sleep Block C Commons) Right after solving the bunk puzzle in the bunk room, shoot the Regenerator with stasis after it falls from the ceiling then enter the Commons area. Don't fight any enemies in here, run around the entire room in a circle until Kendra unlocks the door. Quickly run toward the door and stasis anything that tries to attack while it unlocks. Run toward the elevator door and interact with it then turn and prepare to stasis anything that falls from the ceiling of the elevator corridor. - (Commons) Gather plenty of Force Gun ammo before continuing to the Security Hallway since you'll need this for the enemies in the upcoming area. - (Executive Sleep Block Commons) Stand at the door and aim upwards with the Force Gun then blast the Pregnants in their upper portions. Walk into the room as they are blown back but try to keep them gathered. - (Executive Shuttle Bay) Right after initiating the test fire for the shuttle, walk over toward the door of the control room then wait right near the ceiling vent and stasis the Regenerator when he falls through it. Move toward the door and open it as soon as it unlocks. The Stasis Slashers outside appear from random areas, so be sure to keep a look out for them while your Force Gun is equipped. Knock them back with force blasts. Wait for the Regenerator to step onto the bridge behind the shuttle then blow off his legs with the Line Gun and shoot him with stasis. Quickly run back to the control room after stunning him then test fire the shuttle. The Stasis Slashers will not always give up their pursuit once the Regenerator is defeated, so continue to watch for them even as Kyne speaks. Watching out for the Stasis Slashers and answering their aggression with a force blast upside the head is the most important part of this battle. Upgrading the lasting time of stasis will help out for this area but it is not required. - (Commons) While the Infector infects Dr. Mercer on the second floor of the Commons right after opening the door from the Security Hallway, run past the lovely pair and take the elevator (to the left) to the bottom floor then run to the tram. No need to fight, just run. ---------- Chapter 11 ---------- * Be sure to carry a bunch of Force Gun ammo and/or Line Gun ammo to the Cargo Bay. - (Cargo Bay) Try to defeat the Exploder and Pregnant from the top floor when you first enter. If you accidentally shoot the Pregnant's stomach then don't worry much about the Lurkers that spawn - it's nothing a little force grenade to the face won't fix. - (Cargo Bay) When the enemies start to attack after the Marker is exposed, use the Force Gun to knock down the Dark Slasher in the nearby room then run inside. You'll need to knock back the attacking enemies with either force blasts or line gun primary shots. Shoot them from a distance with force grenades as they move down the corridors toward the room that Isaac is in. - (Cargo Bay continued) The very second that the Marker is placed on the other side of the tracks, haul ass all the way back to the elevator then immediately take it back up to the top floor. If you do this quick enough then you won't even have to fight any of the enemies. Use force blasts to knock back any enemy that tries to attack while Isaac is on the elevator if they try to attack. You are not safe on the top floor since the Dark Slashers will move through the nearby vent, so quickly open the door and step into the nearby hallway to get to safety. - (Flight Lounge) When the room quarantines, run to the nearest door by the cubbies then fire a mine on the middle floor of the room near the seats and this will hit the falling Slashers. Blast the Slashers in the legs with primary blasts from the Line Gun then fire another mine as the second wave prepares to attack. Keep firing primary blasts with the Line Gun then switch over to the Force Gun instead of reloading then start to fire force blasts and grenades. If you can time the mines just right then the Line Gun is all that you will need. Don't forget to open the door on the other side of the control room for some extra pickups after the quarantine. - (Hangar Bay) Be sure to collect the item pickups on the opposite side of the Hangar once gravity is deactivated. Use force grenades to dispose of the Lurkers and stun the Dark Stingers with stasis then shoot a mine at them with the Line Gun. Try to group both of the Dark Stingers then shoot them with stasis if possible. - (Control Room A) Open the door to this room quickly from the outside hallway since the Spawner inside will start launching tentacle pods when Isaac steps near the door. Shoot it with stasis then fire a mine at it. - (Hangar Bay [Runway 2]) How good are you at dodging with a sidestep? Run all the way down the walkway with the Dark Stingers and move to the opposite side that each of them is on as they lunge then quickly board the shuttle and interact with the door inside. If you're not good at dodging or don't like to take chances then stand near the doorway to the walkway and shoot force grenades at the approaching Dark Stingers. Watch for their sudden lunges however. ---------- Chapter 12 ---------- - (Landing Pad) While the Marker is on the loader, pull it all the way toward the shutter of the Gravity Tether Operations A entrance. Make sure that it is right up against the big shutter; we want to make a quick escape out here upon return. - (Living Space) Mutilate all the bodies before opening the doors to the freezer. Use the Pulse Rifle to quickly defeat the Infectors inside. * Stock up on Med Kits (Large or Medium) before leaving. - (Landing Pad) Right when you open the door to take the power unit out of the Living Space, take the power unit out the door then drop it. Shoot the Divider outside with stasis then quickly grapple the power unit and plug it into the red power plug. Rush over to the door to Gravity Tether Operations A and open it then step inside to completely avoid the Divider. - (Supply Depot) This room can get incredibly intense, so be sure to stock up on med kits to bring with you for this particular area. There is no clear safe place to stand since vents are near all corners. Stand near the railing across from the door on the back right side of the room from where you enter and run between that railing and the door across from it. Don't stand still for too long if you hear some yells behind Isaac. Switch between the Force Gun, Line Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Plasma Cutter while fighting the enemies. You'll mainly want to stick with the Line Gun for Dark Slashers, Force Gun (grenades) for Lurkers and the Pulse Rifle for Exploders. Use the Plasma Cutter on Dark Slashers that attack while no other enemies are in the area. If an Exploder falls next to Isaac then shoot it with stasis and run by it then shoot it. The Exploders and Dark Slashers can make for an extremely deadly combination. The other enemy waves are nothing compared to the first. Be sure to check below the railing for items that spawn from exploding enemies. - (Gravity Control) Shoot each Spawner with stasis then shoot it with a mine. You might have to resort to shooting off their remaining tentacles with the Plasma Cutter or fire another mine at them. Stand behind a column if the tentacle pods ever start to get too overwhelming. - (Gravity Tube) Stop by the outside store and exchange the Plasma Cutter for the Contact Beam for now. Shoot the first Dark Stinger with stasis then fire a mine with the Line Gun and switch to the Pulse Rifle then shoot him while the mine goes off. Use force grenades to defeat the first Dark Stinger. Once you start to journey back through the tube, run directly past the Dark Stinger and Dark Lurkers that attack and simply continue to stasis the fan blades in Isaac's way and run by them. Don't stop to fight the enemies. - (Gravity Control) Arm the Contact Beam and shoot the Brute with stasis as it reaches your side of the bridge. Run behind it and shoot it in one of the back legs with the Contact Beam. Try to get in two shots. Once it falls, take out the Line Gun and fire a mine below it then hit with the Contact Beam. When a leg is cut off, simply get far away from it and catch its acid pod then fire it back at it to finish it. * Stockpile Isaac with Force Gun and Line Gun ammo for the outside area ahead. Bring at least two medium and one large med pack - (Excavation Site) Collect all the ammo from both sides as Isaac enters this area then pull the Marker onto the bridge. Wait for the Lurker to jump through the vent on the left side of this area (while facing the entrance door) then fire a force grenade at it and then spam it with force grenades until it dies. A Stasis Slasher will pop through the vent on the opposite side, so knock it down then spam it with force grenades. When the Dark Slasher moves through the vent on the same side that the Lurker came from, use the Line Gun to blow off his legs and defeat him. After those three enemies, start with the closest tentacle and blast the first then the second up ahead with the Pulse Rifle. - (Excavation Site continued) Step onto the bridge and move the Marker after disposing of the first two tentacles. Move the Marker about halfway then turn around. A Lurker should appear in the back of Isaac. Try your best to take down the Lurker with force grenades before the Stasis Slashers appear. Wait for the Stasis Slashers to get on the bridge then fire force grenades at them and blast them back with force blasts if they get too close or stun them with stasis if the force blasts don't knock them back. Spam them with force grenades while they are on the ground. Turn back toward the last tentacle then destroy it with the Pulse Rifle. Move the Marker the rest of the way to complete this part. You've basically beaten the game now. - (Landing Pad) What you really need more than anything else for this final boss is the Pulse Rifle and Med Packs. You could actually take out all guns but the Pulse Rifle from your inventory. Use all spare power nodes to upgrade the Pulse Rifle (mainly for capacity and damage) and fill your inventory full of Pulse Rifle ammo and med packs then step outside. The only other weapon you might need is the Force Gun for Pregnants but if you constantly hit the boss in its weak points then it can't fire out Pregnants! - (Landing Pad) Remember that you can grapple the item boxes on the landing pad from near the large crates and bring them toward Isaac before the actual boss fight begins. The boss is easy if you spread damage on each of its five weak points at the beginning of the battle. Since it will pick Isaac up after three are destroyed, be sure to shoot each of the last three weak points a few times to weaken them. When it picks Isaac up, fire at its weak points - you might have to waste ammo here and spam the boss with fire in order to hit it. Once it drops Isaac, immediately aim toward a weak point in its stomach then fire at it. All you have to do now is run back and forth to the right and left to dodge its tentacle smashes a total of four times each attack sequence then blast off a weak point when it reveals them. If you keep destroying a weak point every time, it will not have a chance to shoot Pregnants. All you have to do is keep the pressure on with constant blasting of weak points throughout this battle and the boss will attack with a very easy pattern... and you, my friend will conquer Impossible mode! 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My known aliases are Berserker, berserker_kev, and Berserker93, though "Berserker" or "Kev" is preferred. If you ever surf the IGN Resident Evil or Castlevania boards or the Arctic Nightfall boards then look for me! I usually only post up info on my blog now however, but I still move between the listed boards every now and then. Here are a few other bits of information about me: -- IGN FAQ Writer of the Month interviews: July 2005 - http://faqs.ign.com/articles/637/637797p1.html December 2008 - http://faqs.ign.com/articles/941/941068p1.html -- My Gaming Blog My own site with game reviews, discussions of my guides (some), and random thoughts about video games. Feel free to post up some comments on the blog. I don't bite... well not that much... and not too viciously... http://berserkersblog.blogspot.com -- My other work can be found at both IGN and GameFAQs. 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Here's more of an explanation: http://berserkersblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/donations.html Be sure to email me if you donate, so I can thank you personally! If you don't have a Paypal account, then check out my items on Half.com and see if you can find anything that might interest you: http://shops.half.ebay.com/cadman-half_W0QQsellerZcadmanQ2dhalf I post up items on Half.com regularly and am constantly rolling back prices. My father and I share an account on eBay, hence the username. ******************************************************************************* CHEAT HAPPENS FEATURED GUIDES [CH00] ******************************************************************************* This is a list of HTML guides with pics that I have done for Cheat Happens. If you like my work in my FAQs found around the various gaming sites then you will find that these guides are similar. --> Dead Space A guide that will keep you whole as you slice your enemies to pieces! http://www.cheathappens.com/features/dead_space/ds_index.asp --> God of War: Chains of Olympus Before Kratos waged war on the gods, he was forced to serve them. www.cheathappens.com/features/god_of_war_chains_of_olympus/gowcoo_index.asp --> Lost Planet A frozen wasteland. An alien menace. An extreme soldier. The battlefield is set! http://www.cheathappens.com/features/lost_planet/lp_index.asp --> God Hand Have Fist Will Travel! http://www.cheathappens.com/features/god_hand/gh_index.asp --> Dead Rising Freelance photojournalist Frank West + a mall full of zombies + tons of stores where anything and everything is a weapon = the scoop of a lifetime! http://www.cheathappens.com/features/dead_rising/dr_index.asp --> Tomb Raider: Legend Lady Croft's next big adventure crosses multiple platforms and delivers on all! http://www.cheathappens.com/features/tomb_raider_legend/trl_index.asp --> Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones "Come, and I will tell you a tale like none you have ever heard..." http://www.cheathappens.com/features/two_thrones/poptt_index.asp ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ^^^ ^^^ | \ / | | \ / | | \ / | | (*\ /*) | -------- -------- ^^ ^^ / \ / \ \ | --------------- | / \| | | | | | | | | | |/ \ | | | | | | | | | / ----------------- ___ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ / __\ /__\/__\/ _\ /__\/__\ /\ /\ /__\/__\ /__\// /_\ / \//\ \ /_\ / \// / //_//_\ / \// / \/ \//__/ _ \_\ \//__/ _ \/ __ \//__/ _ \ \_____/\__/\/ \_/\__/\__/\/ \_/\/ \/\__/\/ \_/ T E A R T H R O U G H T H E G A M E! ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----</p>