Nightshift Having got the BEAST running, the best place to stay is the paint control area with the three dials and flush chain. Moving up and down, try to position the scroll so that you can see both the colour in the paint trough AND the toy moulds in use. This way you can make sure that you've mixed the right colour for the right toy. If you're not careful, a couple of toys can be painted incorrectly when the moulds change. With good timing, you need never waste one. If your BEAST is set up correctly, the first part of a toy to go in for painting should always be the body. When you see the moulds being changed, run to the required paint dial (or flush chain, if necessary) and wait. You should see the last head from the 'old' toy being pushed out of the mould and enter the bin on the right of the screen. Then the first body of the 'new' toy should be thrown into the left bin. As the 'old' toy's head drops down the paint spray jets, quickly make all the paint changes needed. By the time the jets react, the toy head should have passed through and been painted the correct color, while the jets are now ready to spray the new color on the new body. Lemmings and lawyers are a pain. Keep jumping and they won't get you. In the later levels, the lemmings start meddling with the BEAST, unscrewing bolts and flushing the paint trough. Leave flytraps beneath the area at risk to deal with that problem.</p>