Streets of Rage 2 (Live Arcade) - Xbox 360 _________ __ __ _____ / _____// |________ ____ _____/ |_ ______ _____/ ____\ \_____ \\ __\_ __ \_/ __ \_/ __ \ __\/ ___/ / _ \ __\ / \| | | | \/\ ___/\ ___/| | \___ \ ( <_> ) | /_______ /|__| |__| \___ >\___ >__| /____ > \____/|__| \/ \/ \/ \/ __________ ________ \______ \_____ ____ ____ \_____ \ | _/\__ \ / ___\_/ __ \ / ____/ | | \ / __ \_/ /_/ > ___/ / \ |____|_ /(____ /\___ / \___ > \_______ \ \/ \//_____/ \/ \/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created by Rob Lane aka Lanerobertlane (LANEROBERTLANE at Gmail * COM) *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* +This SofR 2 XBLA FAQ can be used Without Permission on 3 sites only: - + - - *WWW.GAMEFAQS.COM (gamespot etc.) * +FAQS.IGN.COM + -NEOSEEKER.COM - * * +If you want to use this FAQ on your site, e-mail LANEROBERTLANE at GMAIL COM.+ - - *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* CONTENTS *-+*-+*- 1. INTRODUCTION 2. VERSION 3. DIFERENCES 4. ACHIEVEMENTS 5. GAME OVERVIEW 5.1 The Story 5.2 The Aim 5.3 The Characters 5.4 Controls 6. MENUS 8. ENEMIES & BOSSES 9. ITEMS 10. SCORING (useful for the achievement) 10. AKNOLEDGEMENT *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 1. INTRODUCTION *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* "Xbox live arcade is one of the best features of the 360, and one of the games from the Sega vintage collection is Streets of Rage 2. This game is so cool, it was then and is now! This guide aims to take you through the new and improved version on the xbox live arcade, including the new fetures, differences between the games and most substantially the achievements. To search around in this guide just use your browsers built in FIND function (usually CTRl+F) and type the section number and press enter. E.G. "7.6". I hope you enjoy this game!" - Rob lane *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 2. VERSION *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-= =Version 1.0= 24.09.07 - version 1. =-=-=-=-=-=-= *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 3. DIFERENCES *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =You can no longer:-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1. Access the title screen 2. Input cheats as the title is loading 3. Enter the debug mode 4. Acess the sound test mode =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =But you can now:-= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 1. Save the game, at any point, and have up to 3 save games 2. Compare score with your friends on the Xbox live leaderboards 3. Stretch the screen and have pseudo-widescreen. 4. Complete achievements 5. New menu to incorporate the new features. 6. Have smoothing graphics 7. Play co-operative games and duel Online. *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 4. ACHIEVEMENTS *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Pipe Wielder - 5G= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Wield the pipe in single-player or co-op mode. Easily done on level 1. An enemy jumps out of a sewage man hole and has a pipe. Hit him and pick up his pipe using the A button. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Knife Wielder - 5G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Wield the knife in single player or co-op mode. Easily done on level 1. Smash up bins until you find a knife lying on the floor and pick it up using the A button. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Psycho - 15G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Kill 10 enemies without losing your weapon. Do this achievement on easy! Wait until you find the pipe, because this weapon is large and stops the ememies coming too close. Once you've found it, Save the game. Then walk very slowly along the stage and stop when ememies start moving towards you. Then clober then with your pipe in a methodic madness style. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Perfect Boss - 10G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Beat the first boss without dying. Save Freuently throughout the stage and if you die, load it back up. Do this on easy difficuly again. Beat the life out of his 'hood before he has chance to get serious and show everyone his uber-muscles by taking off his shirt. If your low on health, theres a chicken under the bin close by, but don't grab it until you need it. Using your special attacks are a great method of beating him before he does you some serious damage. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Fourth Boss - 10G= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Beat the fourth boss This isn't as hard as you think. This boss is easier then Jet, In my opinion. Just keep taking swings at him and using your specials and you'll do it in no time at all. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =First Versus - 10G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Beat another player on Xbox Live in a versus match. Invite a friend who has the game and convince him to let you win. Then play again, only let him win! (Fair is Fair) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Online Warrior - 5G= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Beat 10 opponents on Xbox Live in versus mode. Do First Versus senario 20 Times ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Online Co-op - 10G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Complete an online co-op game. Get a friend who needs to do this achievement and then put the settings to easy and the lives on maximum and follow the walkthrough section of this guide :-) Happy Days! UPDATE: You don't have to finish the game to unlock this achievement. After you get the game over screen, it will unlock! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =High Score - 25G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Score 800,000 points in one game with Game Settings set to Hardcore. This is the hardest achievement to get and you only get one life in hardcore mode. Play on single player and kill everything and pick up everything. Don't leave anything untounched. Save the game reguarly and use moves which give you more points. There are more lives you can get along the way: you can get an extra life for every 50000 points. on level 1 when you walk onto the screen in the bottom left behind a wall there is an extra 1-Up. Also on Level 2 when you come out of lorry go back behind it to get another 1-up. In Level 3 theres 2 crates in the pirate ship section and 1 of them has a 1-up in. Later in the level when you fight the monster there is a 1-up under his head at the very bottom ofthe screen. That should help you along the way, but most importantly SAVE THE GAME OFTEN. If you lose a life before level 7 exit and load a save because you WILL need then later in the game. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Kill Jet - 30G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Defeat Boss 'Jet' with Game Settings set to Hardcore Save the game before the fight and then just watch out for his party dudes and his flying grabs. The best time to strike him is when hes diagonally whizzing across the screen! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =Hard Win - 35G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Beat the game without using a special attack. Go to 'controls' option and set Special as a button you wont use before you start the game. Also set the game to very easy with 8 lives and save regually incase you accidently use the special. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= = Perfect Win - 40G = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Beat the game without continuing. A nice simple one now. Put the game on very easy with 8 lives. Save often and don't lose all your lives. *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 5. GAME OVERVIEW *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.1 The Story= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This Time It's Personal! One year has passed since ex-peace officers Adam hunter, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding broke the Syndicate's hold and destroyed its leader, the mysterious "Mr. X." Peace has returned to the streets, people are moving back into the once-vacant neighborhoods, and the city has returned to prosperity. On the anniversary of the Syndicate's destruction, Adam, Axel and Blaze meet at their favorite nightspot to commemorate the occasion and catch up on the latest news. Both Axel and Blaze have moved out of the city. Axel is working as a bodyguard, and Blaze is teaching dance. Adam has rejoined the police force, and has moved into a small house on the edge of the city with his kid brother. The three celebrate until late in the night, and make plans to meet at the same place next year. As he plans to check out of his hotel the next day, Axel receives a frantic phone call from Eddie "Skate" Hunter. He had arrived home from school to find the house a total ruin. He'd called the police department, but nobody there had seen or heard from his brother since early that morning. Both Axel and Blaze rush to Adam's home. Windows had been shattered and furniture smashed. Stuck on the remains of the splintered front door is a photo: Adam in chains, lying at the feet of the man they recognize only too well! Adam's disappearance marks the beginning of the nightmare. Criminal elements swarm out to reclaim the streets. Gangs roam the parks, and bomb-wielding biker make the roads deadly to travel at night. Beatings and lootings take place regularly and in broad daylight. Chaos reigns in the city, far worse than ever before! Axel and Blaze try to contact their old friends at the force, the ones who once provided backup with heavy artillery. But everyone they know has either been fired or transferred elsewhere. This time the Syndicate is in complete control, and the two ex-cops are on their own! Assisted by Adam's brother Skate and Axel's friend Max, Axel and Blaze set out to rescue Adam and destroy Mr. X once and for all. Standing in their way is the nastiest collection of punks and brawlers ever assembled. Add to that a force of professional fighters specially groomed to take them out of the picture! As one of the four young vigilantes -- or together with a friend -- you'll battle with your fists and feet, and attack with whatever weapon you come across. Once more, you walk the Streets of Rage! -From the Sega Genesis Streets of Rage 2 instruction manual. =-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.2 The Aim= =-=-=-=-=-=-= The aim of the game is to beat up all the punks that come to attack you so you can get to your friend and rescue him from "Mr. x". Do this by collecting weapons and power-ups and working through 8 levels as 1 of 4 characters. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.3 The Characters = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= AXEL ---- Power: ** Technique: *** Speed: ** Jump: * Stamina: ** Strength: Best attacks. Weakness: Slow and unflexable. Blaze ----- Power: ** Technique: ** Speed: ** Jump: ** Stamina: ** Strength: Great movement and throws. Weakness: Not so strong. Max --- Power: *** Technique: ** Speed: * Jump: * Stamina: *** Strength: Strongest. Weakness: Very slow and can't dodge attacks. Skate ----- Power: * Technique: ** Speed: *** Jump: *** Stamina: * Strengths: fastest. Weakness: Couldnt beat his way out of a paper bag. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =5.4 Controls = =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= D-pad: Moves character A Button: Jumps X Button: Attacks B Button: Attacks Y Button: Special Up + X: Land on your feet when being thrown X and A: Trow your weapon NB: Each character has special moves which create mega-attacks! *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 6. MENUS *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =6.1 Main menu= =-=-=-=-=-=-=-= |----- New Game Single player --------| |----- Load game |----- System link Duel | |----- System link Co-Op Multiplayer ----------| |----- Online Co-Op | |----- Online Duel |----- Smoothing on/off | Help and Options -----|----- screen size | |----- Credits Achievements Leaderboards Return to arcade NB: The pause menu has a return to game and save game feature instead of the single player and multiplayer options. *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 8. ENEMIES & BOSSES *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* Enemies ------- Galsia: This is the main enemy in the game, back in the day they couldn't use too may sprites because of the consticting space on the cartridge. He has little health and a week punch. he wears jeans and a denim jacket and sports a mohawk! Donovan: This dude is the same as the one above but has a little more health and usually has some sort of weapon. He has an uppercut attack also he doesn't wear a top and wears glasses...even when its cold! Signal: These are annoying little son of sprites. They slide tackle you more than the entire of the Barcleys premire leauge. They have quite abit of health but they're not too hard. He wears jeans, a jacket and a 6ft mohawk, Electra: She has lots of Health and has a long distance attack of her whip, which stings alot off your health bar. She also jump kicks and can electicute you. With a name like Electra, who'd have thought it! She sports a latex leather S&M outfit, Honest! Biker: These guys knock you down in 1 hit, grab you so that you cant attack and fly through the air on bikes to knock you to the ground. Equipped with petrol bombs means they are an annoying enemy with high health. Ninja: This enemy cause lots of fustration. They jump wildly around the screen and combo attack you and slice you up with there swords. Be-ware of these shinobi wannabes; they kick ass! Bosses ------ Barbon: He's a bartender that looks like he should be in a '70s porn flick. Hes muscles are the size of your head. Barbon is the end of stage 1 boss and has good attacks and can black your attacks. Jet: He's annoying ang looks like the scientist in Back to the future but with a jet pack on his back. He has 3 different attacks and hurts alot. Zamza: Looks like wolverene and has the claws to match. Make sure you avoid the swings he takes as you. Although he's a hard boss, thanks to the save/ load stratagy you can analize his movements and make well timed attacks. Abadede: Kurt Angle eat your heart out. This pro-wrestler can uppercut you into next week and can do alot of damage. He also moves at super fast speed so you can't always move out of his way in time. R. Bear: Pro boxer! Watch out for his attacks, they hurt like....something that hurts! He also moves quickly across the screen, but has short range attacks so if you have a pole, bat or pipe then you'll find him an easy K.O Molecule & Particule: Robots will exterminate! They can fire lazers horizontal and have weapons. Craig Charles wouldnt allow them on robot wars. They also electicute you if you grab them for too long. They aren't the brightest sparks though so you can beat them easy enough. Shiva: Mega hard, and not Ice elemental as the name would suggest. This guy can dodge almost every attack except for jump kicking and specials. He retaliates to any other attack very quickly. oh, and you can't grab him. Mr. X: The big ass boss. eh? Well actually he's not that tough, although he has a semi-automatic gun (unfair advantage or what). Timed grabs and throws are esential if you'r trying to complete it without using your specials. *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 9. ITEMS *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* Apple: 25% health recovered Chicken: 100% Health recovered 1-up: Gives you an extra life. Money bag: Gives you 1000 Points Gold bars: Gives you 5000 Points *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 10. SCORING (useful for the achievement) *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* Galsia: 100 Donovan: 150 Signal: 200 Electra: 500 Barbon : 2000 1000 at Stage 8 Biker: 100 Jet: 3000 Ninja: 1000 Zamza: 4000 3000 at Stage 8 Abadede: 5000 4000 at Stage 8 R. Bear: 6000 5000 at Stage 8 Molecule/Particle: 4000 1500 at Stage 8 Shiva: 9000 Mr. X: 10000 Blaze's Combo 110 Blaze's Single Attack 80 Blaze's Back Attack 30 Blaze's Vertical Slash 120 Blaze's Embukyaku 70 Blaze's Kikousho 400 Blaze's Grabbing Combo 110 Blaze's Power Blow 200 Blaze's Throw 200 Blaze's Slam 200 Blaze's Flying Kick 70 Blaze's Jump Kick 30 Blaze's Downward Attack 40 Skate's Combo 140 Skate's Single Attack 80 Skate's Back Attack 120 Skate's Dynamite Headbutt 150 Skate's Stationary Special 50 Skate's Corkscrew Kick 220 Skate's Grabbing Combo 90 Skate's Roller Uppercut 120 Skate's Neck Throw 200 Skate's Migraine 180 Skate's Flying Kick 70 Skate's Jump Kick 50 Skate's Downward Attack 70 Axel's Combo 140 Axel's Single Attack 100 Axel's Back Attack 80 Axel's Grand Upper 150 Axel's Dragon Wing 50 Axel's Dragon Smash 250 Axel's Grabbing Combo 120 Axel's Power Blow 60 Axel's Throw 200 Axel's Slam 200 Axel's Vertical Kick 90 Axel's Jump Kick 30 Axel's Downward Attack 40 Max's Combo 250 Max's Single Attack 70 Max's Back Attack 80 Max's Power Slide 50 Max's Knuckle Bomb 70 Max's Thunder Tackle 130 Max's Grabbing Combo 150 Max's Bear Punch 250 Max's Brain Buster 200 Max's Thunder Body Slam 400 Max's Suplex 200 Max's Atomic Drop 420 Max's Super Hammer Punch 90 Max's Jump Kick 40 Max's Downward Attack 50 Pipe 150 Knife 50 Knife(Blaze)120 Sword 100 Clear Bonus: 5000 + (level*5000) (E.G. If level = 4 then 4*5000 = 20000 Thus clear bonus = 5000+20000 = 25000) Time Bonus: 100*time left (E.G. If time left = 35 seconds then bonus = 3500) Level Bonus: 5000 points - Easy 10000 points - Normal 20000 points - Hard 30000 points - Hardest 40000 points - Mania *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* 11. AKNOLEDGEMENT *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* I'd like to thank the following people......................................... Crazyreyn.......For editing and correcting my FAQ and enforcing me to do an FAQ ......................( GameFAQs.................for giving me the opportunity to post FAQs and reviews Sega........................................................................... Ascii Generator.................................They done my ASCII for the logo ..........................................( XBLA..........................................................For bring it back *-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+*-+* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= =And A final word!= The Legal stuff! =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= By Lanerobertlane ( This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their Respective trademark and copyright holders. --END OF DOCUMENT---</p>