Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit Secrets FAQ Probester/Sam C. Playstation 2 This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners. Table Of Contents -------------------------------- 1. Unlockables 2. Bonus Cards 3. Easter Eggs 4. Legal Information -------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- 1.6 Added two new bonus card locations 1.5 Fixed a grammar mistake, added some bonus card locations, and fixed one of the website adresses. 1.4- Fixed some errors 1.3 -Added 2 easter eggs submitted by readers, and FOUND THE KNIFE!!!!! 1.2- Final Version Submitted ( Or so I thought) 1.1 Added A Section 1.0 Guide Submitted ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------ This guide can be found at the following sites: If you see this guide used at any other site, PLEASE NOTIFY ME! Thanks! ------------------------------------- ------------------------ 1. Unlockables ------------------------- Sequences =========== 1. Boxing --------------- A mini-game taken from the main game. This game involves Carla and Tyler fighting in the police boxing ring. You can either watch or play the sequence. 2. Car Chase ---------------------- A really cool action scene taken from the main game. You can either play or watch this. This involves Lucas Kane being chased by the police. 3. Shooting Gallery ------------------------------ Another mini-game taken from the main game. You play as Carla in the first person perspective, shooting targets from the police shooting range. R1 to shoot, L1 to reload the clip. 4. Basketball Match ------------------------------ Yet another mini-game taken from the main game. This one has Tyler facing down Jeffery on the police basketball court. You can play or watch. This games uses the colours on the analog sticks to play. 5. Angels --------------- A scene from the "Fallen Angels" chapter in the game. You are chased around the church as Lucas, by evil angels. You can play or watch. Uses the "simon says". 6. Da Hidden Dance Floor ------------------------------------------- A secret scene acessed after beating the game. Watch or play this sequence, involving some of the characters disco dancing. 7. Ice Skating Contest -------------------------------------- Another secret scene, this time with Tyler trying to out-skate Carla in a compeition. Play or watch. It uses the Simon Says, and you play as both the characters. Gallery ========= 1. Artwork 1 ------------------- An image of Lucas examining the murder knife. A sketch of his face is visiable in the background. 2. Artwork 2 ------------------ An image of Tyler and Carla back to back. There sketched faces are in the background. The words "Carla Valenti" and "Tyler Miles" can be seen. 3. Artwork 3 ------------------ What looks like an early image of Agatha's house, with snow covering it. Is done mostly in shades of orange and white, with widescreen bars. 4. Artwork 4 ------------------ An image of Agatha's human form. She can be seen sitting in her wheelchair. Her face sketch is in the background. 5. Artwork 5 ------------------ An image of Markus Kane. He can bee seen standing beside his brother, Lucas, and is holding what appears to be some sort of religous text. His face sketch is in the picture. 6. Artwork 6 ------------------ This picture looks like the early designs of the interior room of Agatha's house. You can see some of the differneces to the finished product. The picture is done in dark shades, with some white in the center. 7. Artwork 7 ------------------- Some artwork that looks like a desktop wallpaper. It has the game's other and original name on it, Fahrenheit. This is a picture of frozen New York. 8. Artwork 8 ------------------ Appears to be a bedroom, in sketch. This is likely to be an early design of Agatha's bedroom, judging from the furniture. 9. Artwork 9 ----------------- A picture of Lucas hanging onto the police helicopter from the car chase. A beta of the chase scene, perhaps? 10. Artwork 10 --------------------- Tyler leaning against his favourite car. His name can be seen. 11. Artwork 11 ---------------------- Sketches of Jano's room in the mental jail. He can be seen drawing symbols onto the wall. done only in blue and white. 12. Artwork 12 --------------------- Early set designs and sketches of the bookstore. Stacks of books can be seen in front of the bookseller, while he is working at his desk. 13. Artwork 13 -------------------- Another sketch of the bookstore. This one appears to be the outside of the store, and an image of the door. 14. Artwork 14 ------------------------ An artwork drawing of Carla's apartment, in colour. Sunlight is coming in through the glass door, and Carla is seen sitting on the couch, reading. 15. Artwork 15 ------------------------ This is a pencil sketch of Tyler's apartment. The kitchen and bedroom can be seen in two seperate portions of the sketch. 16. Artwork 16 ---------------------- 2 seperate sketches of the graveyard. Seen in shades grey for the tombstones, and white for the snow. A crow can been also seen. 17. Artwork 17 -------------------- An image of the statue in the park. A few people can be seen. There apears to be ice covering the ground. 18. Artwork 18 ------------------------ An early image of Lucas diving into the lake. A hand from the child who fell can be seen through a crack in the ice. 19. Artwork 19 ------------------------ An image of the police captain, Captain Jones. He is seen smoking a cigar. A pencil face sketch of him can be seen in the back. 20. Artwork 20 ---------------------- A widescreen type image of Carla, Tyler, and Lucas looking differnt ways, while standing in the snow. Snow can be seen on Tyler and Lucas. 21. Artwork 21 --------------------------- A widescreen image of the Oracle. He can be seen in his trenchcoat, holding his hood against the snow. 22. Artwork 22 ----------------------- Seperate images of pencil drawn Jeffery. He can be seen in both his basketball jersey, with a bandana, or his regular clothes, with his badge and his gun. 23. Artwork 23 ------------------------ Images of the church and an angel, which later tries to attack Lucas. The church is pencil drawn, while the angel is in colour. 24. Artwork 24 ---------------------- An image of a woman in a robed hood beside some sort of altar. The altar seems almost ready to burst into flames. 25. Artwork 25 --------------------------- A full screen image. Feature different versions of Tyler. He is in his underwear, his regular clothes, and his basketball gear. His name can been seen. 26. Artwork 26 ------------------------ Early, drawn images of the car chase. The helicopter can been seen, as well as the policemen lying on the ground. 27. Artwork 27 ---------------------- An image of Jade, or, "The Indigo Child". She can be seen in 3d, or in a face sketch. 28. Artwork 28 --------------------- Sketches of New York covered in snow. These are coloured. An early version of Lucas' street? 29. Artwork 29 --------------------- An overhead view of the amusmant park where Lucas goes to save Tiffany. Broken ice floes can been seen behind the roller coaster ride. 30. Artwork 30 ----------------------- More images of the amusmant park. The Oracle can be seen taunting Lucas. We can see Lucas making his way through the snow, towards the ride. 31. Artwork 31 ----------------------- Pencil drawn sketch of the alleyway behind Tiffany's apartment. The fence which we climb as Lucas is in the middle. 32. Artwork 32 ---------------------- A desktop wallpaper of the A.I. He can be seen conjuring some sort of fireball. This seems like it could appear in an ad for the game. 33. Artwork 33 ----------------------- An image of the shady motel room that Lucas stays in. The window looks like its been broken, and what appears to be a red fish is lying on the ground, next to the radiator. 34 . Artwork 34 ------------------------ Drawn images of the morgue. These can be seen in colour. A hatch appears to have been opened. The quantic dream logo and copyright are in the corner of the images. 35. Artwork 35 ----------------------- Yet another desktop wallpaper. This one is of the amusemant park, and Lucas is at the base off the roller coaster ride, which appears to be lit up. 36. Artwork 36 ------------------------ A pencil drawn image of the musuem. Most of the statues are in the middle of the picture, along with some sort of structure. 37. Artwork 37 ----------------------- Image of the bank where Lucas works at. We can see rows of cubicles and computers. These are all done in colour. 38. Artwork 38 --------------------------- A wallpaper like image of Lucas in 3 different heights and clothing styles. He is crouching, sneaking, and standing. He can be seen in his normal clothes, his disguise, and his "resurected" clothes. A face sketch of him in his disguise is beside the images. 39. Artwork 39 ---------------------- Early images and designs of Lucas' IT office. You can see that they went with the pencil drawn design for the final finished product. 40. Artwork 40 ------------------------- Wallpaper like image of a soldier holding his rifle. Snow can be seen falling in the back. Another possilbe avertisement. 41. Artwork 41 -------------------------- An image of Carla sitting in a chair, in her bathing suit. 42. Artwork 42 ---------------------- Images of the jungle and the temple, where Lucas wakes up after being killed. 43. Artwork 43 ------------------------ An image of what appears to be a public library, or a government building of some sort. People can been seen milling about in the street outside the building. 44. Artwork 44 ------------------------ The front of the police department. The metal dectors and the flag are in the middle. We can see the fine artwork in the department. 45. Artwork 45 ----------------------- A hallway in the archives department of the police headquarters. We can see the dim lighting and the old technology found in the basement. 46. Artwork 46 ----------------------- An image of Tyler's desk, with the flag pinned up behind it. We can see light coming in through the window. 47. Artwork 47 --------------------- A photograph of the production team. Movies ========== 1. Sam's Dance ------------------------ A video where Sam dances for Tyler. 2. Takeo's Hide and Seek ---------------------------------------- A video where the bookseller plays hide and seek with Tyler in the bookstore. 3. Fist of Takeo ----------------------- An amusing video where Takeo shows off his braun. 4. Making Of Teaser -------------------------------- I guess that this is pretty self-explantatory. 5. The Motion Capture ---------------------------------- A video showing the motion capture action for the game. 6. The Settings ----------------------- A slideshow showing the different settings of the game. 7. The Voices ----------------------- A video of the voice actors in action. 8. The Characters --------------------------- Showing you how they made the characters, and they way they looked when they were unfinished. 9. Character Gallery ------------------------------ Shows all the characters doing different things. Soundrack ============== 1. Santa Monica ------------------------- Theory Of A Dead Man 2. Say Goodbye ------------------------ Theory Of A Dead Man 3. Now Way Out ------------------------ Theory Of A Dead Man 4. No Surprise ----------------------- Theory Of A Dead Man 5. Love TKO --------------------------------- Teddy Pendergrass 6. Street Tough ------------------------- Ben E. King 7. Hang It Up -------------------- Patrice Rushen 8. Try It Again --------------------- Bobby Byrd 9. Let It Crawl --------------------- Society's Bag 10. Just An Illusion ---------------------------- Leee John 11. Lucas' Main Theme ---------------------------------- Angelo Badalamentl 12. Carla's Main Theme ------------------------------------ Angelo Badalamentl 13. No Good Man ---------------------------- Nina Simone 14. Sandpaper Kisses ----------------------------------- Martina Topley-Bird Credits ========= I really don't have to explain this, do I? ----------------------------- 2. Bonus Cards ----------------------------- 1. Lucas' Kitchen Cupboard 2. Lucas' Balcony, on the side 3. Carla's desk Drawer, Beside Her Gun 4. Tyler's Bathroom, Beside His Toliet 5. Bank Bathroom 6. Lucas' Kitchen Cupboard 7. Beside Bird Cage,Agatha's House 8. Behind Counter, Tiffany's House 10. Room, Orphanage 11. Tracks, Hobo Base 12. Fun Fair, Left Corner Near Entrance, Beside Some Booths 13. Shopping Cart-Laundry 14. End of Hallway-Belleville Assylum 15. Credits End 16. Musuem Corner-Beside Statue Case 17.Carla's Bathroom Email me if I missed any. Title the mail, "Indigo Prophecy" or something like that. Adress is at the top of the guide. ---------------------- 3. Easter Eggs ----------------------- 1. Ironic Music ----------------------- All the music on Lucas' CD player is by Theory Of A Deadman. Ironic, espeically near the end of the game, isn't it? 2. Matrix Refernces ---------------------------- Matrix/I.P= Main Character is an average guy New Sci-Fi film found on Lucas' Computer News Lucas use Matrix fighting moves on Oracle End Battles resemble The Matrix Bullet Dodging Matrix Moves 3. Grand Theft Auto Reference ----------------------------------------------- If you view the news on the computer, you can see an article about killings in a high school because of a violent video game. This actually happened in real life, and that violent video game was GTA. 4. War On Terror Reference ------------------------------------------- If you view world news on Lucas' computer, you can see that America is at war with Pakistan. The Pakistani Government accuses the States of trying to steal oil fields as another motive for the war. 5. Basktball Quantic --------------------------------- If you look at the basketball which Tyler keeps in his office, you can see the words "Quantic Dream" written on it. This is also the one he uses to play Jeffery with. 6. Quantic In Game ---------------------------- If you check Tyler's EMAIL in game, you can see that he recieved an email from a company named Quantic. 7. Silence of the Lambs Reference ----------------------------------------------------- Female detective enters an insane asylum.The gate guard in both is a big, burly, black man named Barney {Thanks To Alan Joa for that last one} 8. Nomad Soul Easter Egg ---------------------------------------- Near Tyler's bed, there is a robot named Sock. He is a character of OMIKRON: THE NOMAD SOUL, Quantic Dream's previous game. Also "New Sci-Fi film found on Lucas' Computer News", it's also reference to Omikron. (Thanks to Killy for this one) 9. Knife Found! ----------------------- The knife nobody knows what happened to has been found! It's in the third bathroom stall, inside the toilet. Try flushing to find it. 10. Citizen Kane Refernce --------------------------------------- In Carla's apartment, a poster of Citizen Kane is found,except Kane is replaced with Cage, the name of the director of the game, David Cage. 11. Carla's SWAT --------------------------- A magazine called "SWAT" can be found in Carla's bathroom. Is she trying out for the team!? 12. Solar Powered Computers!? ------------------------------------------------ In "Frozen To The Bone", the radio states that the city is without power. Turn around, and you can see a cop typing on a PC. -------------------------------- 4. Legal Information -------------------------------- This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use.It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. All trademarks and names belong to their respective owners.</p>