________ ____________ ___ __ \______ ___ /___ /_____ ________ __ /_/ /_ __ \__ / __ / _ _ \__ ___/ _ _, _/ / /_/ /_ / _ / / __/_ / /_/ |_| \____/ /_/ /_/ \___/ /_/ _________ _____ __ ____/______ ______ ___________ /______ ________ _ / _ __ \_ __ `/__ ___/_ __/_ _ \__ ___/ / /___ / /_/ // /_/ / _(__ ) / /_ / __/_ / \____/ \____/ \__,_/ /____/ \__/ \___/ /_/ .___. | . _. _ _ ._ | \_|(_.(_)(_)[ ) ._| RollerCoaster Tycoon Hints, Tips, and other General Suggestions ver 1.0 (4-5-99) by Dan Simpson (manymoose@hotmail.com) If you haven't read the Game Manual and are reading this, I highly recommend that you read the manual first, since it has many helpful tips of its own that are not included here. In this file are only the tips that I came up with on my own by playing the game. Enjoy! Note: The game year starts in March and Ends in October (8 months) 1. Scenarios - a * indicates that these scenarios aren't immediately available a ** indicates that this scenario must first be downloaded from the official web page "http://www.rollercoastertycoon.com" Forest Frontiers - a forest area with no rides, passing the tutorial also counts as passing this one 600 rating, 250 guests by October Year 1 Dynamite Dunes - a desert area with one ride, a mine roller coaster called Dynamite Blaster, also has some large hills. 600 rating, 650 guests by October Year 3 Leafy Lake - an empty park with a giant lake in the middle. 600 rating, 500 guests by October Year 3 Diamond Heights - an already nice theme park that needs to drum up some new business. Starts with 2 Steel Roller Coasters, 1 Mini Rollercoaster, 1 Log Flume, 1 Slide, 1 Merry-Go-Round, 1 Railroad, 1 Wild Mouse. $20,000 dollars by October Year 3 Evergreen Gardens - a large and complicated Botanical Gardens with no rides and an excess of scenery. First thing to do here is to cut a path to prevent people from getting too far from the entrance (they'll get lost). 600 rating, 1000 guests by October Year 4 *Bumbly Beach - a very small beach front park, surrounded by houses. Starts with a Wooden Roller Coaster, a Ferris Wheel, and a Merry-Go-Round. 600 rating, 750 guests by October Year 2 *Trinity Islands *Katie's World *Dinkie Park *Aqua Park *Millenium Mines *Karts & Coasters *Mel's World *Mothball Mountain Obviously these aren't finished yet! *Pacific Pyraminds *Crumbly Woods *Big Pier *Lightning Peaks *Ivory Towers *Rainbow Valley *Thunder Rock **Fort Anachronism - a medium sized theme park with a large fort in its center. Comes with several rides: Single rail roller coaster, a Boat Hire, 2 Mazes, and a Railroad. 600 rating, 1250 guests Note: Whenever you pass a scenario, all the guests in your park will applaud, and also they will all let go of their balloons. Which means that they have to buy NEW balloons, so you get twice the balloon money! 2. Your Park -First thing to do in your new park is to set Research up to maximum funding and if you do not have Information Kiosk already, then uncheck all boxes except for "Shops and Stalls". (Information Kiosk is the most useful shop in the game, since it sells maps and umbrellas) -Next you will want some rides. Build a good mix of rides, some gentle, some exciting, and of course a rollercoaster. Place one, and only one, roller coaster by the entrance to get the guests' hearts pounding early. It also increases their happiness. (you build only one by the entrance since they will have to travel to the others, and will sometimes see other things on the way) You want at least one indoor type ride, like the Haunted House. Note: Forest Frontiers is the only scenario that sets prices as you build new rides (any ride already in the park has a price already), so be sure to charge the guests! -Third, hire one of each type of people. Uncheck the handyman's option to mow the grass. You don't need that yet. -Fourth, jack up the entrance price to the park to around $15-$20. You want it cheap enough to get their goodwill, but high enough to get you some money. Generally, for every 4 new rides that you build, add $5 to admission. $10 if one of those rides is a roller coaster. Note: Once you get over $30 million dollars, you don't need to increase your admissions price any more! Once you get the Information Kiosk build it close to the entrance, as your guests will want a map to avoid getting lost (and an umbrella if it rains). Common Viewpoint: Ever wish that you could visit your wonderful theme park? Well one way is to view a guest just before they enter your park, name them, and click the "i" button to receive updates on them. By following around several people like this you can get a new viewpoint on your park, and it may help you solve problems that you didn't know existed! If you leave his window open you get to see how long a queue wait really is, how hard it is to find a place in the park, and if you really have enough facilities like bath- rooms and food and drink stalls. Money Making: Remember that you can take a loan. If you need a new rollercoaster RIGHT NOW, then take out an extra $5k or so (keep your loan under $20k total). Also use the Rides button (press "R") and slide the marker down to "Profit" to see where you are making, and losing money. If a popular ride isn't making money, it may be that you are charging so much for the ride that people won't go on it. You want to get all of their money, but you don't need it all at once, so lower the rates. (see sections 3 and 4 for a pricing guide to rides) Awards: Best Value Park in the Country Tidyest Park Safest Park Best Roller Coasters Note: If you click on a duck, it will quack. Note: To slow the game down, click and hold the right mouse button. 2a. Queue it up! I'll discuss Line Queues here, before I even talk about the rides themselves! The first thing to building the ultimate Queue is Ride Placement. Place the ride well away from the nearest path, at least 2 or 3 squares. Then start building the Queue, and don't put it near a path until you are satisfied with the length. Only after you have the entrance Queue to a ride should you build the path to the Exit. So, how long should your Queue be? That depends on the type of ride mainly. For example, a roller coaster is a very popular attraction, PLUS it loads a lot of people at once, PLUS its a short ride, and can also have multiple trains. So for a Rollercoaster build a long (10-20 squares) queue line. Long waits in line are fun for no one, so if the "people" tab on the ride window say a queue wait of 10 minutes or more, cut the line down. Here's the breakdown: Rollercoasters - 10 to 20 squares Exciting Rides - 6 to 15 squares Gentle Rides - 5 to 9 squares Log Flume - 6 to 9 squares Boat Hire - 3 to 5 squares Transport Rides - 5 to 15 squares (depending on the type of transport) Even if you see a very long line, don't overdo it and make it longer, then the people will wait in line a long time, and they will lose a lot of happiness, which if the ride isn't so hot (like the Log Flume) they'll have been worse off for going on the ride. Finally, don't just wrap the queue around itself, try to open up some holes to the side to place trees, fountains, etc. This will help keep the guests comfortable, and happy. Note: Entertainers can help make people in line happy. 2b. Maintenance It is my theory that for every 4 rides you build you should hire a new Mechanic. This keeps a "net" of coverage on your park, as there will usually be a mechanic nearby if a ride breaks. (for every roller coaster you build you should hire a new Handyman to help with the added vomit) As your rides age, their reliability will go down tremendously. To help alleviate this problem, swap the Inspection rate down to "every 10 minutes". At each inspection the reliability will go up a little. Also if your rides are REALLY old (5+ years) you need to take drastic measures to insure that they don't crash. Consider replacing the ride. Or, just reduce the number of trains on a rollercoaster down to 1. (this will avoid a crash) Finally, you need security guards to stop Vandalism. But since you can't always stop it, you need to know what to do afterwords. Vandals strike only 2 things, benches and garbage cans. The vandalized bench will be broken in half, and the garbage cans will be tipped over. Simply replace the old items with new ones to fix. (Don't right click to remove! That will get rid of the path as well) 3. Rides (non-roller coasters) Before we get to the Complete Ride Listing, a few words. All rides have many customizations in them. From the amount of time the ride will take, to the amount of people crammed into it, it is usually all contained in the ride Information under the Gears tab. Music rides influence the moods of people walking by, and make them happier. Indoor rides are popular when it rains every other ride is considered outdoor Custom denotes that you can custom build the ride Gentle Rides: cost: size: people: notes: Bumper Cars $440 4x4 12 Music, Indoor Car Ride $540+ ** ** Custom Ferris Wheel $450 4x1 32 Haunted House $340 3x3 15 Indoor Hedge Maze $216+ ** ** Custom Merry-Go-Round $460 3x3 16 Music Observation Tower $592+ 3x3 20 Indoor, Custom Slide $330 2x2 ** Space Rings $288 3x3 4 Exciting Rides: 3D Cinema $560 3x3 20 Indoor Go Karts $920 ** ** Custom Gravitron $580 3x3 8 Motion Simulator $440 2x2 8 Indoor Scrambled Eggs $360 3x3 16 Swinging Ship $387 5x1 16 Swinging Inverter $424 4x1 12 Indoor Whoa Belly $800+ 3x3 8 Custom Water Rides: a * indicates that many people per boat Boat Hire $205+ ** ** Custom Log Flume $1320+ ** 4* Custom River Rapids $1840+ ** 8* Custom Water Slide $1200+ ** 2* Custom Transportation Rides: Chairlift $1440+ ** 2* Custom, Indoor Miniature Railroad $1300+ ** ** Custom Monorail $1550+ ** ** Custom, Indoor Custom Rides: So what exactly makes a good custom ride? First off, each custom ride has a saved template in the game, so you don't have to start off designing them right away. The main problem with this is that it doesn't always fit into your park. Well here's some notes on each ride: Boat Hire - a station platform is all you need, you can build "Guide Rails" if you want to control where they go, but you don't need to. Log Flume - keep this one short with 3 or 4 drops. 3 minutes is plenty any more than that and people start to get impatient and unhappy. Water Slide - keep it simple, one uphill chain pull and then just move them around, use the complete circle tracks to keep them from flying off the track. Any Transport - you need at least 2 stations for these to go anywhere, Monorail doesn't need a complete loop, Chairlift automatically makes a loop. Build the stations at least 6 squares and more is always better. Any Tower - go as tall as you can! Note: on Whoa Belly if you make it very tall you will need to increase the launch speed to keep up, but go too fast and it will "jump free" of the tower. Oddly it may not crash, though. Go Karts, Car Ride - Up down, around, whatever. Hedge Maze - there's no good advice here, except to try to make a good maze, but not so hard as to be impossible. Some thoughts on Pricing: These rides fall into 3 pricing categories: freebies, cheap, and workhorse. Freebies are gentle rides like the Merry-Go-Round and the Ferris Wheel. You make these free to keep people happy, and in the park. Cheap rides are the other Gentle Rides, the Transportation Rides, and the Boat Hire. Cheap rates are .30 to .90 and keep people coming on rides that they would other wise avoid. Workhorse are all of your exciting rides and the other 3 water rides. These rides are consistently popular and you can therefore charge more. Workhorse rates are .90 to 1.30. Also be sure to remember that you can charge more for new rides than old rides. This is due to the "Novelty Factor". Remember that you get most of your money from Admissions and Roller Coasters so don't freak out about the costs of these rides. Some thoughts on Spacing: Some rides--the Log Flume, Monorail, etc.--launch many separate independent vehicles. Obviously you don't want to launch them all in one bunch, as that would be bad spacing (think of waiting in a line that either moves fast or not at all, and you see what I mean). To increase your spacing you need to edit how the ride launches each vehicle. The best way to do this is to increase the Minimum Wait time. This keeps each vehicle there longer, and increases the space between it and the previous vehicle. Another good way-- especially good on Monorails--is to set both the Minimum and the Maximum to the same time, so that it stays at each station exactly that amount of time. This keeps a transportation network moving. 4. Rides (roller coasters) _____ Wooden Crazy Rodent | Wooden | Steel Mini | Mine Train | Steel |______ Each is good, exciting and expensive! Standup Steel | Steel Corkscrew | Suspended | Single Rail | Bobsled _____| When designing your tracks pay more attention to Lateral G's than Vertical, as this will increase the Nausea rating of the ride--which you want to keep low. Also try to have only one steep incline w/chain per roller coaster as this keeps the excitement and intensity down if you are always slowly going up hills. To keep things interesting (and expensive) periodically shut down the roller coaster and refit it with something new. On a wooden roller coaster, try to add an On Ride Picture, on a Mini Steel, change the cars to Spinning, etc. Thoughts on Pricing: Roller Coasters are the big money makers, and are very consistent. When it is new, charge $3 to $5 (depending on size and excitement), and as time goes on, drop it to the $2 to $3 range. You shouldn't have to drop it further, unless you want to. On Ride pictures help to increase profits. Further Thoughts on Nausea: Some people just shouldn't ride roller coasters, but do it anyway. For them you need at least 3 benches right outside of the Exit, as well as a Bathroom right by the exit. It is also wise to have a Handyman on patrol by the Exits to popular (and pukey) roller coasters. Also sometimes a Drinks stall nearby helps. Note: The cheapest roller coaster (pre made) is the Shuttle Launch Steel Roller Coaster. Note: Spinning cars on Mini Steel Roller Coasters increase Nausea more than Excitement. 4b. Crashes! If you are lucky, you won't ever have to deal with a crash. However, it is likely that you will eventually. Preventing: Constant Maintenence! On your old rides, decrease the inspection time down to 10 minutes (this may require more Mechanics). This increases your reliability rating on the ride, and may help avert major disaster. The most common crash is that of Station Brakes Failure on a Roller Coaster. To prevent this you can build more brakes by the station to slow the train down (UNTESTED), decrease the Maximum wait time so that the other train isn't at the station when the first comes crashing in (UNTESTED), or finally remove the second train completely. Recovering from a crash: The best way to recover, is to scrap the ride and build a new ride there. This is because crashed rides have horrid reputations and people will avoid it like the plague. However, it isn't always feasible to replace rides (cost, or you really like the ride), so there is a plan to save it and get it back to being popular. Close the ride for 3+ months. Give it only 1 train. Repaint the entire ride to a different color scheme (I don't know if this helps them forget that people died here, but it couldn't hurt), and if necessary, advertise the ride. Your roller coaster should be a big hit again! Also be SURE to give it a 10 minute inspection time. And if you feel like it, you can edit the ride a little. (add that On Ride Photo you always wanted!) 5. Landscaping Landscaping is a very important aspect of RCT, as it makes a park a theme park rather than a ratty old carnival. Paths: Place benches on every 5 to 10 squares of path, more if there is a shop or a rollercoaster nearby. Also place garbage cans on every 10 to 15. And although it isn't as important, place Lamps by all the benches. And for fun you can put "Jumping Fountains" on paths. (even more fun if you put 10 or so in a row) Trees: Lining a path with trees is a very good idea in the Summer to keep guests from sweltering in the heat (which contributes to them feeling sick). Also place trees around rides to add to their atmosphere. Gardens: Flowers, Gardens, etc. are the final piece to the puzzle, and make the guests a little happier. Rides: Try to build rides on hilly areas, and use the land to customize your rides. Have a log flume go down a hill and into a tunnel. Have a steep cliff by a sharp turn on a rollercoaster ("oh no we're going to hit that cliff!"), etc. 6. Shops The important thing here is saturation. What do I mean? You must have at least one of each type in every segment of your park. A large park would have 8 segments, medium 6, small 4, etc. In each segment place a food stand (pizza, burger, fries) or two, a drinks stand, a desert stand (cotton candy, ice cream), a bathroom, and either a Information Kiosk or a Souvenier stand. This allows the guests to easily find what they need when they need it. The longer they need it the more unhappy they become. Also buddy shops up, place a drinks stand by a fries stand. Finally by every shop that sells a food item of any kind, place numerous benches, and a few garbage cans. People like to sit when they eat. 7. Bugs! The only bug that I know about occurs after a daylight savings time time switch (who knows why) which causes your data to become "lost". Your saves will still be there, but your progress through the scenarios is gone. Fear not! If you have saved each scenario after having completed it, then go to the official web page "http://www.rollercoastertycoon.com" and download the small utility: "http://www.rollercoastertycoon.com/test/patches/rctrec.exe" Then merely run it and everything should be fine. Note: You name will disappear from the scenario listings. Online Resources: Official Page -- http://www.rollercoastertycoon.com/ ASCII Art created using SigZag by James Dill: (freeware!) "http://www.geocities.com/southbeach/marina/4942/sigzag.htm" Shameless Self Promotion: I have also written faq's for: The Legend of Zelda (NES) Ultima 7 Ultima 4 Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent Isle Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Ultima Underworld (keyboard commands) All can be found at: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ Questions? Comments? Mistakes? Email me about it! manymoose@hotmail.com Original Version (4-5-99, 20k) Copyright 1999 by Dan Simpson</p>